The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 17, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1977
Page 6
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VAGTC «—NAUGATUCK NKVVS (CONN.), FRIDAY, .1CLY 3, 11VIO On The Air Today 'V W (III r "Kn Ililli 1 ><ji»,.|.nll NI-I 11:1,-. • Nj-li.n Tim.,. WKAK--S"i..nif.|., u> . VY'J'li- -I'HtT Audi',- .Hi'l Will;— KM II.,- I'i'Mliiry W.I/' ...Ktlu'l i, ii'l AII..TI VVATK--/.I VHHH-II. Np., n:'ilj p. WA'I'I: I'lirlil.ill HIM-. Hi, i WIIUV •!•;. f!hi WAlu: -Lurry VVATU-- .'.Vtvi*; WTlr tu,t» M' WJK N~tv«; Ki I'. UT'K- -Hurry ,fumf"< O W.I/.WA'I'U--TIH: • Hhor W K A I-'- WTIi ' — WlilU II:.',.'. n. W.I/.-y/ATIt — WlHnHM'H lu;IIO p. H'l-.KV-WAlK' — Mi-n-iiry WKA f-'-WTh '.-M.VMl'Ty W.I/:-U'A'n: — Tiij-I.ii'-Uri WOU -'I'liniiny I'urw.-y ID.'.'llI |i. WHIIV-WAHC:— To in- wj-;,\.i''-w:no--Mi.i,i-t« Win; •-Myriinlii,ri"Uo- WJ/.-WATH— HmirlH I "I I I MM) |*. Al.,1, .Mt.ttloni, — ,N>WH 11,1.-, II WIIItV-WAHO — HuhnnlH WJ'/.--Jv" Itufl. Mixirl. vVKAI-'-WTM'— lllirkii.jn \V, il: ,\,'\MI ll:.'lll |i. U'JIJ! V---.S'li;lil MA HI' .Muiiriii \"> JX-'.S'ATU- -U Coach Peter Foley Forming League For Town's Youth ' : •;. • ' '' ,'' • '*' '•• ;'< -Snr " . Giving Boys, Under 16 Opportunity To Play Ball GOING PLACES By Jack Sordfs Calls On Townspeople, Organizations To Aid In Forming Of Group I,'|UD .if Mi,, Air — .Minn r.iirn.i'C WATH --I'li-n-iir,- .iii.l I'M.fil W.I/ . -||i-r»'» Ati.rirnii 7;IH> |i. In. Wlinv-WAIIf I'ulll Cluyliin \VCAI''- WTl< ' Miippi-r I 'luh WdlfU'ATi: • I'MIKm 1,-iH". . w,(/ n, i, 'Him I-:, mi. in V:l'i (,. Mi. WflltV-- Ill-il-l I'HV l.-.-l,.|.,l,.H W,U»' Mhvlli.,. )j,,i.f WATIl Ailv,-liliM"'i ,11 KliVlln WKA f-'.WTM' Win-Ill ,\',.\v^ W(jJ(- -Aluwwr .Mull 7:'JB ti, IM. WATIl ..N-w-t . 7:HII p. in. Wild V-1VA lit • • TIKIIIITV ( \VJ'/,- -Lull,. lt,im:..-i- WK/U-'—Tu I/- niiti.iiiu ..... I WTIC --IJUU i.f Tw,, Cit|,'« I .'Mill .Mhl.ilj.-ht U'lllO'— Nl«!il i.'lub nt Ilia All- WATIl- WKAK- -Miil-K WA'I'K- W.ill WUK -In-Ill" WlmV-U'AM' HMlll Al.lrl, Attn. Ail Area Softball Teams By THOMAS I-'ITI'.VTRICK The organization of a Junior Ease-ball Locife'ue, un Idea that has liccn the dream of several local or- crnnlxationn, has at last become a voiced reality, it WUB learned by THE NEWS today. ; WATll Wi...ily II- WIIIIV- WAIH WKAI' 1 . WTIl' 1 Wrill -I.;,,,;. WJX WA'l II • WllllV-WAIIf N..W.-I I'. Mil -l-i,..., WIIHV-WAlll- WKAI-'-WTU: W"ll .\.-WH wjx- WAT/:-- iir.-,,k II,ink ALCAZAR Today - Saturday THEY RIS&C JAP SAVAGERY AT ITS J' first itorllinj jtory of rtttlcsi young anil a linndfiil oi Yanki China I Wll]|(L«t E. floyle. Stutn Softbal Commissioner, today announced thut the duto for league entries 'inn tin' C'cm noetic tit Amateur Soft bull Asuocliitlon hn» beon uxtund «d to Wednesday, July 10th. Thin uti.'p wns tukim, Cnmmis- Kloni'i- Iloyle tixplitlniid, Iv accom- inoiluto the many -teams now tuk in>; part In liiiiKut'.'j, who tiro inter- i-HU'd !n ([iiulifyinK for tho throe SUiti' Ch[i;i)|ilonship tournaments which will LII h«UI uiulur thu uus- plc'd.i <if -the Coiiiivcclcut Amateiu .-iultljull A:::ifJCliition throughout the month of August and early Sep- ^(.-iiKiU'K und LL>:LIIIM which Iwv'i not i-i'CL'lvud t-atry Munks may jroi 'In-ill by wrltlni: illmctly to: William IS. lloylu Wtulo Coiiimlfiuloni!!' Cuiini'f.-tlcitil Anuitour Softbmll Assn. •>'< l-tiVI.'I'VlcW PIlLCL- Sii'iitfonl. Conn. l-'KINCO SICNS KKYWrCKI San FriiiicUico, July n—(U P) — Moutommt Wlllium "Bill" Krywlcki Is out uf tho Nuvy und hu« Ml^ncd with thu Sari 1'Yimclyco ''I9ciu In tho iMl-Ami'rcun pi-o plft«liln loop. Kt-y- wlekl wim <L former :itar ut Ford- mm, and played with St. Mnry'n Nuvy Pi-o-I-'lifrht while In thu ser- if.-u. Baseball Standings AMERICAN LEAGUE : Yesterday'* Results Wiishlnt'ton 2, New York 0 (1st) New York L., Washington 0(2d). Philadelphia 3, Boston 2 (1st). Boston y, Philadelphia S (2U). Detroit. 8, Cleveland 4 (1st). ClHVtliuid 9, Detroit 8 (2d), S-t. Louis -1, Chicago 1 (1st). St. Louis 3, Chicugro 2 (2cl). The StunUlntr W. L,. Boston ...:• SI 22 New York ' .15 29 Detroit . - 39 32 Washington 35 34 Cleveland 34 39 St. Louis 33 39 Chiuagu '27 42 Philadelphia .• 21 48 Today's G:imi's, I'It<;hfir« New York at Washington (night) —Queen (0-0) vs. Newsom (4-7). Bosl-jn iitPhiladelphia, (night) — Dobson (7-3) vs. Fowler (0-C). St, Louis at Chicago (nlg-h-t) —• Muncrlcf (2-3) or Fannln (0-0) vs. Hamr.«r (1-2). Cleveland at Detroit (twilight)— Embrce (0-5) vs. Trucks (9-6). Oklahoma City IH the center of onu of tin.' world'» largest hlgh- ,'i-uvky oil M'nlls with about 1,000 lhi located In the oi'.y'H immucll- llf; Vluilllty. M'JUITlONAr, STOUTS ON 1'AGK ON 1'AGK EIGHT DUCKY LOUIE "»~7=-- .- **F -t-- r— r—-v» — Srciiiid (,iiiid — "MKKT MK O.V IWOAIWAV" TWO SISTERS 2nd HIT PiiSSKEV TO NATIONAL LEAGUE Yoslorday'H Results Philaedlphla 7, Boston 0 (1st). Philadelphia 3, Boston 2 (2d). New York 7, Brooklyn 5 (1st). Brooklyn 8, New York G CJd), Chicajju •!, St. Louis 2 (1st). St. Louis C, Chicago 1 (2d), Pittsburgh e, Cincinnati 1 (1st). Cincinnati 4, Pittsburgh 3 (2d)'. Pet, .C57 .057 .054 .485 .465 .414 LoeujsPOLI JVtcr J. Foloy. Athletic director f the NuuKuluck High school, and ne of -the iiios 1 ; outstanding ath- r>tic tlln.'Otors in state cii'cles, lm» nnoLincu'cl the orj;anii'.ing of u ju- lor league ol' baseball teams, and s asking that all local athletic or- anlxatlona cooperate with him in hl.s ven-ture that %vill prove to be, not beneficial to the children Involved, but in the end will aid the town immensely. The oppjr- iur.lty for all youngsters to play In an organized sport such as baseball, will Instill confidence in many of them, and will in the future, make better citizens of most of them. Air. Folcy stated- the following rule that will decide the participation of a youngs-ter In such an effort end thut rule Is, that he be under the age of 10. It is his proposal thut various organizations in Naug-atuck, Prospect and Beacon Fails, form these junior .teams rind enter them in the league which he iu forming. Ho will then schedule games for them in the Recreatior. Fluid, running « competitive Jeayuo. i Already several organisations I hnve been approached by Mr. Fol- ; ey, in relation to organizing a team, and placing -them into this nowly ; formed league. Al Brewer, presi- ' dent of the vary active Millville Association, when asked his opinion of the mutter, pointed out that oni; of the original objcc-ts of that or/'anlzation was to form, or aid in forming, a league, such a« that which is now suggested by Mr Foley. Mr. Brewer has stated that his orwiniiuition will cooperate io the fullest in aiding Mr. Foley to make thlH organization a success. It Is believed that other organizations will also wtint -to coopqnite with Mr, Foley in this matter; especially aui'h organizations as churches, community clubs, and veterans' groups who have- repeatedly put themselves on record, as wanting to cause a be-Uerment .amongst the youth of our nation today. Any organizations or groups or i»iu or the 1947 season with the oven Individuals who feel UK though ! Dons. He wants the court to dls- Two League Games Scheduled For Action This Sunday Joe Healy Hurls One-Hit Game In a thrilling (jame, played Wed- |j eon nenday evening, the strong Merry Highlanders Travel To Bea. con Palls, While The Ran. grers Meet Millville Her e Morticians the Bristol company 3-0, at the lullcr'.s field, in Wnlorbury, behind the one-hit urllnfi- of Mortician ace, Joe Hcaly. Heaiy was deprived of a no-hit effort in -vhe third when one of his out-fieider.s misjudged u ball, and it sailed over his heud for the only hil of the game for Bristol. The winninK run was scored in 'he sixth when Kd Nolde singled to start the inning, went down to Vor^plly "t^u *• » duy , in lhc , CI . ontion PieIU _ tfeh( , j^ ; faoe ofr afjainst MiilvijJc' at ]-3Q while the second «ame bm weei ; the Crusaders and the Highland ors will be played nt the Athlete Field in Beacon Falls. League President Frank Shu has promised us a doublcheadw for this week's play at the Recrea tlon field, and has invited thp Sacred Hearts of Waterbury <j OW n to pluy the strong St F .t eam , in the 2d «amc of the , second and on Leary's single took T j )e Highlanders and the third. Then, on a force play, | ors will be favored to take .pitcher Hcaly made a complete j i.-auuc Rames, but it is ^™,,° f _^ m . i l elf ',_^.'" yi "?_l 0 "'"^ that the Beacon Falls C dribbler in the infield, forcing the play on him at first, and bringing in Noldp from -third with the only run of the same. Billy Rado was not able to pitch, but did a marvelous job afield, and also shared batting honors •vith N--)l<Je two apiece. Leary, Titus Moody, and Sullivan , . Crusaders on their home field, will give (],, Highlanders more than a run tw their money, and w/> would noi be in the least bit surprised 2 see the mighty Wcissman HKgrt. gallon upset. The Millville team ii Kiven very liulo chance >~ — Sunday's fracas with the win but is a funny also hit well for the Morticians. I we all know. After all the Phil" CJiigborn was ill und could not dolphin Athletics beat'the N y Yankees, twice in a row last week and so, whg knows? President Shea has slated ih-,! 0000000-0 1 0 if any team does not show u « ,. Ba-ttories: (winning: learn first), play Sunday's league games Uiw J. Hcaly Rowley; Constantino, Yar- will forfeit it and it will go do™ play V/ednesday's game. Score by innings: Morticians Bristol Co. 0000010—1 7 1 The Standing W. L. Brooklyn 46 24 St. Louie 39 31 Chicago M7 31 Cincinnati 32 34 Boston 33 38 Philadelphia 3330 PittsburKh 2940 New York 20 41 Today's Games, J'ltc.Iicrs Brooklyn at New York (nig-ht) — Barney (2-3) vs. Fischer (1-2). Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (nlglit) —Sowell (5-1) vs, Waltres (3-2), Chicago ut St. Louis—(night) —Passeau (7-3) vs. Brecheen (4-8). (Only games scheduled.) Bertelli Claims Misrepresentation Springfield, Mass., July 5—(UP) —The main figure of ccontroversy between the J^os Angeles Dons of the All American conference and the Boaton Yanks of the National Football league has appeared in court -to tell his side of the story. Angelo Bertelli, a former Notre Dame football ace, charges fraud and misrepresentation in signing him to a contract. He made the charges in .answer to a temporary restraining order brought against him by the Dons. Bertelli claims the document is "void 'and unenforceable" because it was signed on a Sunday which is in violation of Massachusetts and California laws. In fact, BcctellJ says he signed no agreement to play el-ther the 1946 or the 1947 season Phillies Vs. Brasscos Yanks Will Play This Afternoon, Wby. The amazing Philadelphia Phillies who yesterday took a doubleheader from the Boston Braves, and are now threatening to break into the first division, will break away from the major league temporarily this afternoon, when they .420 \ engage the Waterbury Brasscos, at 4:20 p. m. in the Municipal Stadium. Joe Samoska. Brassco owner, has signed Walt Ofathman, sensational Yale pitcher of this year, and may use him in today's contest. A few remaining ticke-ta will go on sale this afternoon, prior to jfanie-time, but it is believed that there will be ample accommodations for all who wish to a-ttend. Male Waves Tonight Wililam -Dunn's. Softball Yanks will play Carl Miele's Male Waves tonight, 0 p. m. at the Recreation Field, All members of both teams are urged to attend, Louis Quinn and Frank Johnson are expected to find their hitting eyes in tonight's contest, while Sonny Gniazdowski reports that "Star" Tangredl's mask will be taped on for this evening's contest. rison. Umpires: Feeley, Usirkas. - .on league records as a loss. About 90 per cent of American homes are of wood frame . NOW BKEH SALESMAN Seattle, Wash., July 5—(U P) — Ex-G.I. ex-ballplayer Al Niemiec is Setting- them up for Ms r,\t\ t-o-.s Emil Sick, of -the Seattle Rainier— but not -jn the ball field. Niemiec was hired as a full time beer salesman for Sick's Brewery, after finding he was unable to play trlple-A ball any longer. SHOWING "IT Ji A WONDERFUL MOTION PICTOJE!" A Gro'cf Aoflior'i Wait Engaging Story —Suporfaly B/ought To Lif» To Mako 'A WONDERFUL MOTION^. PICT USE* I hey would wish to orfjanlxc at to pnrtlclpntt In .this venture, or think they could aid In any way, urn nski.'d !•:> contact Coach Foley, «t their c' possible convenience. Mr. Koh:y inuy bo round at thu Recreation field, any week- miss the suit und award him dum- tijfcs and counsel fees, The Dang obtained the ros-traln- ing- order after Ecrtolli signed a four-year contract to play with the Bostvin Yanlts. Ht aaid that If he is ruled the day, an h<; is thn din-ctor of that I °. f lh i-' Dons, he'll retire from recently property CHAS. COBURN DRAKE • TYLER HUMECRONYN GLADYS COOPER DEAN S70CKWELL FKEDDfE STEPS OUT Freddie STEWART Charles BARNETT — WEDNESDAY — OLAUDETTR COLBEET 'In "Without Reservation" r.ncl "BAMBOO BLONDE" during the summer. Dnnsity of popul/uion In New York city's uiiHt side tllslricl l-.iid tli>cn«:jjii;il by about SO per cent In thu prixt -10 years. SALEM PLAYHOUSE TODAY - SATURDAY vi; play and accept a coachine berth with the Yanks, All Kinds of Trucking—Ashes. " Etc. Removed McNamara Trucking Co. 31 Nnucatuck Tel. 3052 Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 108 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4O99 Bingo TONIGHT H O'CLOCK ST. MARY'S HALL I'mnn City AuNiilo^H of Altnr nnd llol.v .Nnrnff Sorietlcn •4-1 GAME* I'ulillr Inrllrd DODGEKS SIGN BAJS'GERT I the U. S. for 19-10, acordinff" New York, July 5—(U P)—The j department of commerce a- Brooklyn Dodgers of the National ed -to almost $10 billion Pro f-jotbal) circuit signed BID Ban- est figure since 1930, srer-t, 'all-around athlete at Purdue and Missouri, for the 19-JG season. Bangcrt has been clocked running the 100 yard dash in 10.l, and will be UBec' at end where his speed will be a valuable asset. STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place .CLOSED JULY 1st TO JULY 15th FOB SUMMER VACATIONS FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. ICHi South Main St Phillies vs. Brasscos Friday, July 5, 4:30 p. m. MUNICIPAL STADIUM Waterbury MJMISSION $1.20 (inc tax) 3HILDREN 75c (Inc tax) Wednesday Night, 8:45 BJ-IISBCOS - Atlanta CrackorH WATERBURY PAKK Largest Selection of Kiddy Furniture In Town on Our Second Floor O FULL SIZK CUIBS • YOUTH BUDS • SAND BOXKS • SWING ON MJETAL STA2S Y t» • HIGH CHAIRS • METAJL BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S ISO SOUTH MAIN- ST. Our Diamonds ara farifluj for color, maiffht, fluu /r"< j/ . . . » your guarantee of Lon» xiac uftlit yo . YES, We Have the "SAIL BUG" This sensational new Sail Bug Is equipped and operates just like a regular sail boat, It has a sail, rudder, sturdy mast, inflatable tube with carivas seat. $13.95 BEACON KliDDIE CENTER It GRAND STREET Waterbury f WILLIAM SCHPERO ISO CHURCH ST. Nauc-atuck, Coon. FREE DELIVERY TO ALL PARTS OF NAUGATUCK J. K. STORES COT R.ATK, LIQUORS, WINKS, BKKUS S96 N, Main St. Tel. 4B79 Free Delivery Anyw.Hero In Borough Also Zane Grey's "WANDERER OF,THE WASTELAND" Uf Yon Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Sprlnc St, Union CJty Tol. Nnuff. CHI — Wat. 4-9520 I'liLIX NABDEM.O, Mjfr. J-'ulI Hlwk of Hlirl nrrt wood lill IlllniU n-niilrvil, rv-tiinnl, tic. ANCING SATURDAY and SUNDAY NIGHTS LAKE QUASSAPAUG BALLROOM CUFF SLATER AND HIS SENSATIONAL NEW 13 PIECE ORCHESTRA "MUS1W AS YOU LIKE IT" ADMISSION 60c (including tax) Bun Service to the take FULL LIQUOR LICENSE DINING. BOOM and BOOTH FACILITIES Friday aiid Saturday "Nite" Specials CAPE COD CLAMS ON HALF SHELL — STEAMED CLAMS — — CLAM B'ROTH — featuring- MIDDAY MEAL of HOT DINNERS and SANDWICHES Served from 11:30 to 1:30 Also Open Sundays, 12 to 9 P. M, EALLANTINE'S J. RUDOLPH ANDEKSOV, Prop. RESTAURANT !M BRIDGE STREET TEL. 4967 FOOTWEAR PLANT EMPLOYES ARE NOW ENJOYING A TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION Work Will Resume On July 15th UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. Pumps 10% More Water ^••PM^HMWBBH^MV^BB^^H^H^^^"^"^^^*^ • For your dt«p wtll w« «commtnd BURKS Educ«r WiUr Syittm. It wili $iv* you *t Itttl 10% Riot* w<t*i thtn «ny olhtr tytltm. U coib l*» to mtlnUIn «nd If built for lift-time perform«nc«. It hai b*tn uicf-tnt«d for tO y««r» wittiout • »lnsl« Ittiuif, Onlr Ont Moving P»rt CoiU leu In th« •|*rt| rtin.-Com* 1 ln'-*nd »t*'lf Prlctt and OtUiU Udly fuinlihcd. Montambault's 532 NO. MAIN ST. TEL.

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