Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 16, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1943
Page 4
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I t FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE,.ARKANSAS- Friday, r,^ f Hope Star o«». ; r »» • Censothfcted January 18, 1929. A ..... i luirr »f nl-inff r -^- - -Hr T--TM r > > im *v*jy jStWfHA . rt. «S« 6. Calmer and Alex. H. WoshbUWi) At ttM Star building, 212-214 South Wal street, Hope Ark. afternoon t>r . lrt«. h Walnut C t. PALMtR. l»r«lo«nt AltX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and PublUMr fi C 8 s t XcTof'Morch 3^897. 6nt»f»d os second clois matter at the ' at H«pe, Arkansas, under th« «pe , 18 CAP)—Mean* Associated Press Newspaper EnterpHse Ass'rt, JubKll0tlon Rat* (Always Payable In AdVdnift). By city carrier, per week 15c; HemBstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Lofarttte eOunti«, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $4.50. v M«Wb*t of The Auoetated Preis: The r i Audctated Press is exclusively entitled to , th* Us* for republieatlon of all news dis- f f patches credited to tt or not otherwise ' i credited tn this paper and also the loco * news published herein. . * "" National Adrertislng Representatives' Arkansas OolRe*, In*.; Memphis.. Twin., " " Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich , " taan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison - ' Aw." Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd. s ! Oktohoma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New ,. o Orleons, 722 Unlbh St.. Hold Everything HJ \»iw «.* «t>viet: me. f-». at. u.«. PAT "I think yoli make the best contacts!" SIDE GLANCES ByGalbraith RELEASE NO. 5 Guadalcanal Diary Based on Book-of-the-Month « 1 « HftR ? Y .TWASKS "A Jap ship blazed up ..." "A waterfall of Marines slid over tho side." COPB. »43 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. HEP. U. S. PAT. OFF. . . . . '"But what lias a woman of 40, finding romance, got to 1 - do with me. Mom? I'm hungry I" mediately the davits began to clanlc as the boats were low- seeping waterfall My turn came and 1 swung down into a boat, ducking li.VerVUUUY Was wauu «*• w**.»•«»«"• - momem sve probably were passing under the Jap shore ^"-H'^",.^- ^nfthVgrav shape ot' a cruiser on guns. But the fact that we had got this far without any fl. sh ot l.glI com n fe yncil-llncs of the shells Sction made us. feel strangely, secure. Up on deck the situ- our sa boarc^ bow ^ ^ ^ shcd arion was the same. The dung that was happening• v« ^o arcl d 11 ough^th ^ £ n .^^^ , y struck . ^ t it seemed like a dream. We w ere slippinL on h-rroom-boom of the cannonad- unbelievable that it seemed li *. ^ itum Syndicate In cooperation with the Book-ot-thc-Month Club. Ine. FUNNY BUSINESS ••awfOft:"" ^'M%z- '~&.-s--s,: /'? ,. m&$, lfem%&.w,. ^ m^^^P^^^^' i >£f,y r ^t&ti&&J * OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams 18 ___„,.._- ^ .- - VJ- ___^. ___-.. COH. H43 BYTTtA SCHVICE. INcrT. M. BtC. I). S. PAT. OFF /EH, BUT YOU'D fsVXKE A. rAE&S' HAVE /N \ OF THAT; TOO-- VOUj BECA.USETH WAV THIM(3e <] "We got loo close to the horse barns—now we're in the cavalry!" LISTEK), SOM, YOU KEEP YOUR EYE -, OM THA.T BIG PLAMER OVE^ THERE — WATCH EVERY- THIWS HEDOESi AWD WHEW THEY YOU TOOK VJOULDBETH RIGHT FOE THEM TO CAM SJE\\( THRU KSEEO A MAW, YOUU.BEIMVJKSE Wash Tubbs Tough Luck, Bombardier By Roy Crane T..M. 5(0. U. 5, PAT. WB THE 5ECOMO 4-lb OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople ! 3\S l VJrAfxT X , OME DP^N OP HP\<=> AGED MB 2O UKE A 5AP COrAMOV./ MM 6ETS HE CAN'T NO M.ORE GO To \MORK TOOAV BROKEN! SO BUT I'LL PRETEND\THW^ ^ 80LL.TFRO& lXeO|K*&TO far CASi <=>ISi&. , OR. JAKE'S Y;\ <5OPR/xMo/ CROV41MS WOULD OOT P« \ JOINTS ' AR.& LOCKED V \M Ps VISE/ Red Ryder Persuit? By Fred Harmon •^:, rftOWBBAV T»OR5 OPEN-Ft STHE OLD PLANE BAN<SIN<=> AROUWP LIKE A CALF AT MILKING WHEN A PLANE MUST ._ IMSURE ACCURATE BOM8IN6 (WE MISSES 0V A HUMPREP VARP5. W SOMEONE EL6E WILL HAVE TO THE LOCK 6ATE5 THAT WILL BOTTLE UP WEARLV 20 U-BOATS !>3KfT 5HOOT, RS.D R.TDE.R.' IT PO-KO ANDf^e-' \N!£ BRlNG-UAA FOOD .NM-D YOLiR. e>E1CHU. s \.' Donald Duck Dinner For One! By Walr Disney .OH,DEAR I'M TOV1NG TO CUT ^ 'PUT THIS DR>ESS R\TTE!?N AND .THERE'S NOT A TABLE HEt?Ej ^ BIC3 ENCXJGH TO WORK — • — (OH, NO! THE FLOOR'S TOO — DIK-TV! LOOK,TOOTS, \F I FIND A PLACE BIG ENOUGH AND CUT IT OUT FOF?v; HOW ABOUT SWIM' T' DINNER? THAT'S A GO RIGHT AHEAD AND TRY-' LITTLE AND i THOUGHT YOUR. CHIE ., POKO • THIS SURE IS GOOD, t. (.' Popeye -A Bone and a Hawk of Hair!" Thimble Theater Blondie Double-Header! By Chic Young WHETHER 160 OUT ANP WORK IWTHEGARPEM WU CASTA6PELL. OM MV VOU HUSSV/r BEOM&'STOME A LOCK OF 'VOUR HAIR. ^LBReA^uT^ eP HE !L.^ ET1T! y^/M-M./1 QOODVJ TriE«5PELL IS Alley Oop Sounds Interesting . T. Hamlin Boots and Her Buddies Now, Rosie By Edgar Martin PREHISTORIC BUM IS TO MAKE CHUMP BRAINS OVER BRAWN.' VEZ2IR/ BUT THIS IS 60IN6 TO TAKE A BIT OP •DOING/ FIRST I'LL HAVE TO SET MV STAGE/ THAT'S RI&HT/YOU SAID VOU WANTED A WAR ..„. , JOB SO VOU CAN JOB \ START,KNOCKING WORK] HITLERS EARS DOWN RIGHT HERE/ ALLEY... OON7 AWAV NOW Freckles and His Friends Serious Offense By Merrill Blosser 600O "feOV ! 6O^ i O? V AND YOU'D HAVE PLENTV OF TIME iM DIDN'T HAVE AN VALV& AND IF 0" WASN'T" ABSOLUTELY UNLESS THE TANK HAS THE- REQUIRED AIR.-VALVE AND THE GASOLINE HAS BEEN . DECLARED / PADDV, you USED ID BE- CHIEF OF POLICE — SO TELL WE —IS IT ILLEGAL TD HAVE GASOLINE STORED ON YOUR, PROPERTY ? \^j \\ i| ^^j~»—-it i i IHtN M THEN WHAT? I JUDGE CDULD ' y THROW THE , BOCK AT YOU / JAIL TO READ ^.CCiPB. 1fl43 BY NEA 6ER t>

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