Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1912
Page 4
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ft! Hie lola Daily Reri^ter . 1 ha Iota Dally Record and tba lota Dally Index. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER.: MONDAY EVENINC. NO VEMBER 18,1912. THE BE6ISTER FUBLISHHIGCO. CHAS. F. SCOTT. Pres. and ^Itor F. W. BREWSTER Hana«er ilntered at the lola IVMrttfrice as Second- Class Matter. A^ertlsinK Rates MiUlc Known pn Appli- ' cuUon. >.i- Oftldat Papar City lola. Official Paner CKy of Bataett. Offleiat Paper of Allan County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola, Cat City, Lanyon- villa, Concreto. LaHarpe and Banett: One Week , 10 enfs One Month ** cents One Year J5.00 BY MAIL: One Tear, lailde ounty S3.00 One Tear, outside county .-...$3.00 TELEPHONES: Business Office Society Reporter " Bindei Job and Bindery Dept 141 ho is tulkii::: cri'iiluiil nuniM'liDi'. Tu declare thrt ti:e "toilers" shall have all they lirodoce and that there shall be no margin of profit at all for capital, is only another way of demanding that all proprcBB cease, that civilization perish .'.and that manlcind rctro- RFiulc to that condition of society in which each man shall forage for him{^•If. having nothinf; to eat or wear btii what ho procures by bis own craft or skill or strength. fi05rPER.S' STKAXiK STATKMK>T. "The only thing that will end tho 'struggle l)etween capital and labor," said Samuel Gompofs the other day in a formal and carefully preparpil address before the American Federation of Jjibor, "is recognition of the rights of the toilers to the be9|^<ANI> AJAJ that is prddjjced.' Somebody recently went 4o Calhoun county. Il'iinois. and was amaied to see apples rotting on the ground. He inquired the reason and was told that after paying 4i) cents for the barrel. 30 cents for handling, and other incidental expenses, the $1 a barrel paid by the sbip|)er8 did not leave any mar ! gin of profit for the grower. And then I he vaa still more amazed, for he knew ! that Calhoun county .apples were sell- jing at $4.50 a barrel on the St. l.oui.s tnarket, and that when retailed in j small quantities they brought 50 cents a i)eck. And ho wiites to the Globe liemocrat to know why. And that paper sagely asks him in return if he doesn't know that it is the robber tariff. The tariff on apples is only 2."> cents a bushel to be sure, and It is a little difflcult to see how this rouM WHY NOT 9 It is a common thing to'hear an'ir-| arconnt for tho difference between a responsible Socialist babbler on th.'jdolhcr a barrel which the producer street shout that the workmen shoiil'! I gets and the five dollars a barrel own the houses they build, but it is | wliich tlie eonsumer pays, particular- KC IS pure. KC is health-^ ful. It really :doe*,>niake Ughtei^; i ]dcer biscuits, cakes and f^mr t&n tfie old fashioned single actiijig lei3S. Aiid ybu pay only a fair price foir it No baking powder should sell for more. WmL STREET SIMPLT WAITING How to (WPITAL ('A\ ALWAY.S WAIT. BIT HOW ABOIT THK DArs I,AROK{ ..III Ihr Cundilionii Favor i'OBtinuation | of I'nbonnded Pnxperity—But ! Wall .Street Is Waitlii{(. Stntcs. It is a fine compliment he! to the wilderness for another twenty IKiys to-tbe Journal, but as his Regis-! years, ter is orlnted on newspaper and not on .isbestoK, he refrains from giving h'l; opinion of the editorial page of I the Kansas City Star. I'OINTKO I'ARA<;RAI'H.S. From til" Chicago .Vcws. .-\ girt with dimples is always smil- difllcuU to understand wliy the fi- s |M )nsible head of the great Federation of I..abor should say substantially ilw same-thing. What does Mr. Gomperis mean wiien he s«ys that the toilers sliould hiiv.' ly when it is remembered that flier, is no tariff on apples going from Illinois into Missouri. lUit we have been .solemnly assured all throi'sh ihi.-? campaign that it is the tariff whicli is respoiisib!.' for ihe high cost of liv- nof only the brst. but all that is pro-, ing. iMid the peo|ile have said by tli«-ir duced? Does he mean to say Ui.ii the men who work in a factory shoilil have the.output of that factory? l)o<'s he mean that the men whose lalmr builds a railroad should own iluit i road when it is completed? Do's li-| vo!"s that it is so.— and therefori' 't must be so Isn't it strange that .i man should ask foolish questions? At a meeting of tlw New Haven railroad .\ew York a nil directors lasi mean that Ihe carpenters or mason.< j wfik. President Mellen made ili>' who build a house should own tliat statement that from January 1, l!ii»s house? ;o October !.">, this year, there had If this Is what he means what al- lieen H!> obstructions placed u|)on tin" lowance does he make for the capit|il track of that road for the purjHJSf of that was necessary to build the fa<- . di -railing trains. That is an average tory? Is it entitled to no return? of one in less than every twelve days. AVhat allowance does he make for Since the first of this year. "Mr. Mfl- the wages that are paid to the labor- len said, the average had been, one a ers who build the railroad and to the week. That is a startling statement, artlzans who erect a house? Are the it not only illustrates the difficulties factory hands to have the free use i under which railroads are oi^ipied of the mill and its machinery an.'. ] these days, but it is depressing evi- their daily wages and then to have i:i | donee of the growth of lawlessness, addition "all" that they produc<-?.nt least in that section of the country. Are all workers of every kind to bv ] — .—.- — supplied with their fools and to b.' j ^Vhen ihi- I'hillipine Assembly heard of the election of Wilson its paid their wages and then in n'hV.- tion to have the total output of their labor? If tljat is the arrangement Mr. Gni^i pers believes should be made for the benefit of labor, where does he think capital is going to come in?' Why should it come in at ail? Why should a man invest a large suni of money in a factory and pay out still larger sums in wages when he gets nothing in return? Why should m^n .raisr millions of dollars to construct :i railroad if they are not to own i' when .it is finished? Why should any man build a house if the workmen whom he employs and to whom he pays the current wage are to own i' whe nit is built? members cabled him a long message of congratulations in the course of which they e.xpressed the hoiie tl'.at liet would "redeem the jiledge lii.- -American i>eople had made to recos- nize Philippine independence." In the first place the American peopl<> never made any pledge to recogniz-- Philippine Independence. And in tin- second place tlie Administration tliat does recognize it, any time in thn ni\t fifty years, will have occasion to learn a new dnfinition of "troubh-." The pride of spirit with which .Mr. Wilson will contemplate t'le fart that he carried a greater proportion of the States than any i>rcceding candidate for President against whom there was a contest,^tnd also a greater proportion of th<' electoral vote, must be somewhat nmjiered by the further f:iit iliat .considerably fewer than half th»' voters in the i -ountry siguiiied their preferauee for him. It is nnlv nn the face of the returns that victory is "overwhelming." Ing. Kvery campaign 'furnishes a new crop of fool letters. Some men are so sur*' of success that failtir' is inevitable. Some wom«-n are known by the hus- lianils they sui >|K >rt. ir you ent>-rtain guests too well you are ai;t to retain them. A gossip is a wot-ian who tell.<? all she knows and then some. And every man admits to himself that he is ••ilher i -lever or good look- inu Aiywr.y -i woman can keep seeri-' the tliing.s sin- knows about liersi'If. . p ' ('hiM-ii|i! You don't have to go around looking for temfitation to yi<'ld to , S"i\ ow^ man in a hundred hay The artist who defiicted I'nelf Joe j'''•use enouuh to <ak.' eare of money .•ifter he iiili'-riis i' Gi.i- M girl* a dollar and she will i ^ |i< iid '>x rents of it for a mesh purs< evi-; lo ejirry -he rest of it in. Cannon as walking out of Congress! into retirement with his head down ' anil his cigar at a dejected angl. dently doesn't know him. The old ' man will go tripping down the steps of the Capitol that day willi his h>'ad up. his hat well over to om- sitle of his head, and his rigar at as g;i.v an upward slant as it ever was. Ami he will hi- back again two years from now if ih«-y don't watch out: On<' (if ili<> funny things we sonie- times see is-a woman who is built like a hale of hay trying to an si -nti- iiK lual. l.i.s gl'AKKK MKIIITAT!0\S, From the Philadelphia Itecord. Truth wins in the long-run. are generally .splinters. Kvery cloud may have a silver lining but the trouble is lh«'y are .so far away. "file coal dealer dp <'S his business e.xclusively with i>eople who have money to burn. It isn't till he swears off that the average man knows enough to get in out of the wet. At the ape of If, you can never tell Th;> (lefeud.'.nt was friumtdianlly a<- whether a girl Is suffering from nia- The first all-woman jury to be ini- pannelb-'d in Kansas tried a case out in Waubaunsee county th- other day. rii.- defendant was a woman charged witli stealing chickens, and the prose- tuting witness also was a womnn. quilti d. The last announcement .Mr. Wilson made b."fore going into rftirenieni was that he would call a special session of Congress April l.'ith next to the tariff. The \MVA hath ile- livcri'd him into our hands! . laria or is merqly In love. .Money makes' the mare go. If you bet on her she can generally be d*-- pended upon to run away with it. "All roads lead to Rome," quoted the Wise Guy. "Well 1 don't see that Rome has anything on Reno," added the Simple .Mug. Lawrence Gazette: Charley Scott gives it as his judgment that the etti- torial page of the Kansas City Journal, was the strongest during the Either Mr Gompers is misquotetl or _ eampaicn of any paper in the I'nitoil Soda crackers are extremely sensitive to moisture. Before the advent of Uneeda Biscuit the only persons who ever tasted fresh, crisp soda crackers were the people in the bakeries. Now that we have Uneeda Biscuit—we have perfectly baked soda crackers—perfectlykept. No moisture can reach them -no contammating influences can affect their flavor—their goodness is imprisoned only to be hberated by you for you when you open the package. Five cents. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY J <• •> •:• .> .> .> .> <. .>^ .j, .> •> AS OTIIKIIS SKE TIIIMJ.S. •:• VO IM»I(JK.STIO\, GA.S on A smu STOMACH •> • •:• •> •:• •:• <• .> •>.>. IVilsnn Another Parker. Globe-Democrat: (in the fa'-e • •I'ape's IMiipi-|t«iir Stuft ^K. Kerinenlu- (Ion and .Mnkeii Your V}tset Stomach Ki'el Fine In Fire .Hinntes. Wonder what upset .vour stomach— which portion of the food ilid the dani- ijfjage— do vou? Well, don't bother. 11 the figures as thus fartalVulated U'il-f^-"- =' r i,^ ^[L^-S,^:^.;^ in Ve ^t i = ;:rr i ;tt ^"i ,ia,!en^-iid -i^r;!;: sy.vani. H..>00 it. Ohio, G.U..0 in ,n- ; ^^^^J.^^-.f ^;,V ''\i:^rwo ^i;er "wL .liana. A.M>0 n, Illinois, and Ml.Ot-o ,„ ^1,^ indigestion and dis- .Missouri.. In those ^iteg the popular i Vote is absolutely or substanti;,lly; jVi,„„„, ^f men and women toda: complete. Some states give \\ llson , „,^,„ j, „eedless to have a bar more votes than Bryan obtained our ^ uia|,epsin occasioi- .vears ago, but in the aggregate poll of ..„^. ^^ j,,,.^ delicate organ regulat ihe states whose votes are at hand at :iresent Wilson's total falls short of Bryan's. Many states, most of thi m (d and they eat their favorite food: •.v.'ifiout fear. If your sU)mach doesn't take care c Zn Sut 'lh .f^r 'tTl 'kT ^r" h° ''^"^ •'-^^ -Y*^."".' »^hange,if^,.„„r food is a damage Instead of : mage the quickest, surest .no situation materially in favor of! v„,p. rememl-er Wilson as conirarrd with his pred.-l.^.o,, „ relief is Pape's Diape, C.S301 01 l.wK •i.jn j,^, ^.^jjjj, f^j. hstimates ba.sed on the votes of aP • • ^^^^ „j ^ „„,p„ ,r„, the states now tabulated lead " ' ' son's friends to assign to him, <i(Mi votes in the aggregate New York. Nov. 16.—Stocks appear :o be waiting the further. uMcoine of current eKenis before niAkiilg' |p >y decided AnvMnetft in either direciion. This week's fluctuationA were largely the result of strong loral manlpulatlonJ and net changes were unimportant, j In Intrinsic eondltieas there were j practically no' changes. The country , is still feeling the stimulus of tremendous crops, and from the Atlantic to the Pacifio. as from Canada to the Gulf of Me.xic:>. come encouraging n-ports of domestic trade e.xpanslon. In ' many cases the reports are exceedingly oplimistir, and beyond doubt t;,r , I'nitod States i>- enjoying the wirier, degree of trade activity in its history It cannot he said that profits are universally liberal. Some concerns. It is •fue. are en}cying the greate.-t pro.^- perity In their hl-^tory :while on the other hand some estahlislinients ar<not getting their full share. The fa 's that owing tc- tlie increased co<t o:' doing business many largo concerns ire not geitliiK their quota of prop- Iierity. This applie.-s partially to tlie railroads Their gross earnings shew most gratifying gain.-, htif ne; re.=a:t;: ire n .1 liy any mean.- f fiTe^iiondftini: i satisfactory owing to th". tremendotis ' IniTcase in expenses in brief, wiii 'c I he country is enjoyinz great prosi • •-; it.v. t!:e re-ults are mon- unevenly i;!-- tribiited than usual. The Kiiropean situation. whi "i; ' .•.s long been a vital factor - TI this mari -;»'i. <-hows de'-irle-l improviiH -nt. The I'.aik •jn war appears to I M - praeri-allv ••:i.I- <•(!. and diplomacy may .'^afel.v i,-.- i'.-- pendej uiion to work o'lt its re -u''.- witlriit serioii.'; ilifi'i-ii !ti "s l »'rw>". n 'he gre.Tt powers. Te'irorary fri-tioi may eii.mi'e. but it i^ very t -vident tliat j Bngiand, (J-rmany. Rii-.-ia and Fran ••• ire all strenuously r.i >|.o .-ed to wir r'alni con.'-ideration of tlie priiblenm o he .--olved pluiiiiy shows inadeqa:::•• •K'i 'a>ioti f4 >r any su<-h caUuujiy: at-.i 't .should not he forgrtten that all tlx- 4reat industrial nations of Kurope arf so preoccupied with industrial activii.v ind national d«'velopmeni that war i- iltogetlier too serious an interrupticn o receive serious consideration. T ::e ^reat, hankers of Kurcpe are in no way lisjtosed to finance a ruinous Kr.r<v- 'tean war. and they are likely to control the situation, for upon them lie- pend.-= the raising of the sinews of war..\s a result of more penceful tenden- •ie.< conditions have improved in tli'- 'nteniational money markets. There 's less fear cf financial disa-l .T and the "situation has been- materially strengthened by the liqiiiilation of iin- •.vMoIe.some speculation. Firm rate.; ire ruling in all the foreign money iiarkets. the great banks lieing disjins- ^d to maintain tire.sent high discoun: -ates: an attitude which of course di.<- •ourage.-« the .possibility of gold, ex-- •lorts to the Cnlted Sttaes. A l,etlev feeling, however, has resulted fr.m ICiirope's repurchasing .some of our rstock .s sold a inentli ago. In the If,.-ai :noney market somewhat more <-ciii- 'ortable conditions prevail. Good rates are likely to continue for .'onic "line to come, but no stringency is in ^ight. at bast before the usual prepa- 'ations for Januar.v disbursements. In two weeks (tc/fcress will rea.-- . • :« . ^ mi't;. I v.a::r. Sif: "lur < ::c<-, t!:c.n measure, .-liJ "i.-.l; an<J baking powder a;i I tlircc t;i:u-., ri;i) • liiirtcnirij; in with fork or spoon, n.)'! ;•.:'.! wutcr. nun i >'it on a well )?oiirc«J lioarJ aiiJ roll o:\.- i:iJ; it .rrk, ci:t ;;.:J b .;kc to l:.'tcv;ii tniiiuiis. :.)rn v.hTi t .' y o-io [ •; i: liiii liclicio To sec how de- ligljtful baking can get a can 'of and be. D.ikin_[>- Powder:i. recipe: r;,ii :rr.-t H«-,!nK I'..»iler. a quick uvcn about twelve lo: [:.•:!! the .--.vcn, light and tltifiy ami • 'i-Ti» I tc-:—-:. IZvcryiliinc h .ikt-d with Cslumct mui^ 1 -.r a i;t '.i; It .u.- ~U:j:i tiakinj;* in.idc wnh otlier brands. I in Vour ^^-^rt-v Luwwi - ^^ak Kittu RECEIVED iiiGHEST AWARDS World's Pure Food Exposition, CKicago.'lIl. Paris Exposition, France, March, 1912. LUMET BAKING POWDER lie guarantee Calumet to he pure and tchclesome, and to gt»e perfect results, i if, in Vour opinion. Calumet fails to give . salisfaclion, return the can to the grocer and get ^our mone^ back- CAiMMET BAKING POWDER' Ca iiilis for t::e si.fcial se-.sii.n of con;;re=s v.hicii I 'ri '-ideiii-elect Wilson iias >;ated he will summon to ment in -Vpril. D' III';; rati.' leaders have tieea tariff issue to an. imrneiliate trial and !MUch of the dc::ii! of rhe work of i>re- iiarin.u tin- liilis v .n.-- already ftnder way. .-\ young woman of Elgin, 111. ad-' xt -rtised in a S.'in Francisco paper that -h- and a fortune of $30,000 desired to :i;arry some man who is ' well-man- iier-'il and has styJe." Thus far 1,1 J C answers have been received al the l5l- gin postoffice. bat the young woman • lias not claimed them and -a corner of the office is (b'corated with the offers. this should turn out to be correct. " . I 'vonderful—it digests food and set; "• I things straight, so gently and easil- po.l. If I that it Is really a-stonishmg. Please ng- , 'for >•">"• s'ake don't go on and o> \\i.son would his predecessor atj„i,h a weak, disordered stomach; it; the head of the Democratic ti<-ket 13.000. And this is the only gain wliich the Demoj-ratic party has to show in four years. A glance behind these figures will prove that this is a loss and not a gain. Since th" ballots were cast in 190S the population of the Pnlted States has increased to the extent of G.400.000. which means that there are 1,000.000 more males in the country of voting age now than there were then. Ari- lona and New -Jfexico which did not vote for iiresident four years ago. being territories at that time, contributed lt)0,000 new votes to the- total this year. California and \Va8hIngton I have admitted .SOO.OOO voles to the elccteorate inthe- past two years, who j voted in 1912 for the first time for president. Yet notwithstanding these large additions to the electorate in the past four years, the Ii.^mocratic poll has remained practically staiionar.v. Gains were made by Debs, the Socialist, and bv Chafin. the Prohibitionist, but Wilson has shared in none of them. The combined \ote of Roosevelt .md Taft j will probably be found to be more than 1,000.000 grepter than that of Wilson, as Taft's was four years ago. Had the bolt in the Republican nartv been avehed. the- Reoublican ticket would have won In 1912 as it Md lin 1908. Making allowance for tje in• crease of over 2.000,000 In tho eoiin- i try's electorate since 1904. Wilson I was inherently as weak a candidate I as Parker. It was Wilson's good for- I tune to make his advent when the ! Republican party was torn asunder by a factional vendetta, all traces of which will probably be-obliterated in three or four years. Wilson will strut and fret his hour ufion the stage, and then win be beard no more. Tn 1916 the Democratic party will be sent in- .so unnecessarv. TIM'SKKTT I»K« L.VHK!) nS.Wt:. I 'oHrth Tria' 'lesullrd In V\s - .'-iurder Chan ". Esniphiu lnd.ei>eiitlence. Kas.. ."'v. IS.—A. A Truskett was acquitted Saturday nighi of the charge of murdering J. D. S .Veely. a IJmn. Ohio, oil promoter, am' was held by the jury to have hcer. insane at the time he ; liot and killed .\'eely. This was Truskeit's fourth trial. He .. oiifiil'-nt fi»r .'••(.Hie time tliat Ihf in- ^emh:e. It will Le but a short -session, j .i,in,in:...,rati<m would forc<i th» •-nd no important legislation affectin? uisiness is to be expected. The busi- iess world lias had enough of "trii-t- 'lusting" and 'tariff-smashing." Rr- orui may l!<» necessary in botii these "irectirns. Liit it should come grailaa!- y and not violently. Systems and t»-i | iencies uhicii have heen a> work for j vears cannot be overturne.i in a day vittiom injury to all concerned. Some •ffort may be attemt>ie;i a; bankiui, , •efcrm. wh!c!i, if carried out on soun.l tnd non-sensa:ional lines, ^hr.uhl l.e mcouraged. We have iiad alt.^getjcr oo much trifling with banking in:t:- Nothings equals S. S. S. a .<5 a cure for Old Sores nothingr equals iitions for luditical effect, and the it as a blood purifier.. The source .".n'l supplj* of every chronic sore i.s im- onner our po'.iti-.-ians learn the dan- pure bloo<l; tite circulation i.^ infected with gemis and i-.iorbid accumul.a- Ter of playing with credit t;-e better; ^jo ^g which are bcinj; constanliv deposited into the op«n place. Thi.* ':r all concerned. Noiamg is more i „„ , .,i i r...... .-i -i. •> • » - NOTHING EQUALS S.S.S. FOR OLD SORES ulceration and inflauiinali.m of the ilesh tissu.s and protluces a condition upon which salvc';, w .i: hc-^. lotions, etc., C.TO Lave no curative effects. The blood must be ptrrilicd of nil infectious mr.tter before the circulation can nourish the flesh ti.ssucs and stini'.tlate thtia to the healthy condition •lour.ced his decisirn as to the callin-i j necessarj' to heal the sore. S. S. S. heals old .sores by Roing down to the if a special session. lie is wi.«e!y i fountain-head of the trouble and dryrin? out the germs and morbid matters vaiting -for the consen .Mis of public I which are keeping the ulcer opi-:i. T!ien as new, rich blood is carried to sensitive thim crelil. The tariff prob- j em will, of course, remain fn- adjustment by the incoming .Admini.-tration. Presic'.ent-eleci Wilson ha.-; not yet an- I uncertainty. \ tnd manufacturers as Tariff revision is a certainly, hence i manufactuier and mercliani^ alike do- 1 sire to know when and how far rf- | vision will go. If .Mr. Wilson's wiyhf.s j are obeyed revision will be moderat? and of a character least disturbing to established industry. If ihLs be the case, the sooner the change the bettor. There is a general scarcity of laerchaii the benefit of the very best treatment for old sores. Book on Sores and Ulcers and any medical advice free. S. S. S. is sold at drug stores. THE SWin SPECmC CO^ ATLANTA, CA. was found guillj- of second degrct (dlse throughout the, country,.^ which i murder at his firsts trial In March 'he restraint upon production and im- 1911. and was granted a new trial bj portation im|>osed by uncertainty will the state supreme court. His seconi= -imply aggravate. When oui^ manu- irial resulted in a "hung" jury in Feb- j facturers know what to expect they ruary, 1912. and when Truskett. : j will be free to go forward with plan.-s month later, came before the court ir for enlargements and new enterprises, his third trial, the jurors again failei: i Until that decision is reached all im- to agree. . -lortant operations extending into the Truskett is in the custody of th< i 'uture will be largely suspended, sheriff, who is holding him pendliif , While It is natural that those enjoyine orders from the court. What will be | exceptional advantages fixrm the tariff I his fate was unknown today. ] should prefer to have revision post• wned as long as possible, still all PREVENT DISTRESS ' 'ractlcal reasons arc against unreas- A iyrV1> V A TlftSr' '< postponement of the inevitable. ii.r lEilV Eiillll^u j Vo great changes are anticipated in I he steel and cotton schedules. The Two or three' Dlgestit Tablets after; voolen Industry may suffer somewhat eating will prevent or quickly relieve '•at full uncumforlablc feeling—try it If it fails, your money will be refunded. Brown's Uigestit is a cer^?ln <|iiick relief and permanent remedy foi all stomacb upaets—relieves indigestion instantly. Little tablets easy U swallow absolutely harmless. 50c Uurrell's Drug Store; D« St. L.>iuu> l3Z*a W«l. i* 8 ataa Thur. If I>enwon 4 Mia Thur. u Dallas 1 2I »B •* »r. -San Antonio- 8 OSaa Fri. U San Antonio-. 8 SOaa Ir. .El Paso .. t 7 30 M Sat. Ir. _Demine..: 10 OSaa It. .Benson 4IS *M U XMXfoa 9 32aa Son. b LosAnseles 12 00«*« Son. It San Francisco 9 ISaa Hon. L. L. Place has purchased the Dav is property at 311 North Jefferson and will make that his home in the near future. '»y the inevitable cut in extreme rates, "lut the effects o fthfs are already be- j ng discounted, and it is believed that j io destructive changes can be carried hrough. 1IE.\'RY CLEWS. A Personally Conducted Trip FOR REVI.SIOX OF T.IKIFF. Clerks B UST Gettlne Data for the Dem. ocnttir Confess. Washlngto'n, .\ov. 16.—Clerks of the Mouse \Vays and Means 'comnflttee began work today upon tariff revision The True Winter Route An excursion agent accompanies each car. He is like''the man ^oij Cooks"—ra guide and interpreter—whose chief aim is to ^see to comfort and conveniehce of the occupants of his car. For any partievlar»—pr infomtatiom about thm chmap farm* to California—neamt "Katy" agmat, or mrito— Kotr BmUiog.

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