Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 30, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1909
Page 5
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local Events, Mrs. D. E. Huff returned last night from a visit of a few days with friends in Los Angeles. Cleaning and pressing. First, door east corner Citrus and Italia. Chas. H. Harris. 2t Mr. nr>d Mrs. C. L. Warner, who arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. ,T. Warner, are spending a week at San Diego. Mrs. Anna Eeynolds of Barry, 111., is the guest of her niece, Mrs. Ames, and of Mrs. C. S. Beardsley. Mr. A. W. Poolcy was the dinner guest last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. PIntt of San Dunns. Dr. find Mrs. E. E. Eire of Ax.iifn were guests on Saturday and Sunday c,f Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Griswold. The Misses Ethel llouser and Ethel Keofcr are spending a week with friends at Ocean Park. Work done by me is done right. Chas. H. Harris, cleaniug and pressing. Just east cor. Citrus and Italia. Phone .1026. 2t Mr. and' Mrs. Wm. Hutchison of Long Beach spent, the week end at the home of their children, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hutchison. • Mr. and Mrs. ,T. O. ITouscr and daughter, Miss Mabel, spent, Tuesday and Wednesday with relatives in Los Angeles and attended the automobile show. Mr. Van Ritchn. of Nickerson, Kansas, surprised his brother, W. M. J. TJitcha, by his arival here on Wednesday. The brothers had not met for eighteen years. There will be a union meeting of the. Juniors at the Presbyterian Church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. All children are invited. Mrs. Ludwit.k of Los Angeles will address them. Joseph Sartori of Cedar Falls. Town, who is spending the winter with his son, Jos. Sartori, proaident of the Security Savings Bank of Los Angeles, visited old Cedar Falls friends in Covino, this week. Mrs. M. Pettus of San Francisco, who is spending the winter in Los Angeles Miss Miller of Davenport. Iowa, and Mrs. Kinner of Disart, Iowa, were guests from Sunday to Tuesday of Mrs. C. F. Aschenbrenner. Mrs. and Mrs. A. J, Warner were guests at two reunions of over twenty from South Bend, Ind., H. Harris for cleaning and 2t old friends which were Thursday at the homes of Mrs. Geo. H. held on Wednesday and and Mrs. A. P. Carder of Pasaderra, West of Los Angeles. A bevy of fair ladies were gucats of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller last Sunday including Mnies. Emory and Berg of Ontario. Mrs. Chester Smith and Miss Kitty'Bashore of Prospect Park, and the Misses Helen, Flory and Mabel Stellman of Los Angeles. Wesley Nigg, who a few months ago recovered from a long illness caused by typhoid fever, was operated upon at his home in Center street on Wednesday for appendicitis, being too ill to be removed to the hospital. The operation was performed by Dr. Brandt, of Los Angeles, assisted by Drs. Rued and Jennings. Mrs. C. F. Asehenbrenncr entertained last Monday afternoon with an old-fashioned quilting bee in honor of Mrs. Chas. Kinner of Disart, Town. Refreshments were served. The guests were old friends of Towa days and includes Mines. Fred, John, Win. and Goo. Aschenbrcuner, linger, Senler, Walters, Kinner, Pettus a:"l Miss Miller. Mrs. nnd Mrs. Marion Coltrin were agreeably surprised on Tuesday evening, when ,'i number of their friends came in to play whist. A merry evening was spent, nnd refreshments were served. Those present were: Messrs. and Mines. St'.nnpf, Spencer, O. Vincent nnd Watkins. The Misses Lottie Stancliff, TCfJie Wise, Owe Spencer, ' Messrs. Guy Garrison, \Yill Kmerick and Daly. An accident which might have had serious results befell Grunt Chapman ;iad his uncle, Mr. C. (.'. Chapman, of Fullerton, on Sunday night whilu driving from Glendora to "Palmetto ranch. The late raips had carried out the bridge over the upper wash on Grand avenue, and the road overseer had placed a rail across the road which'be- came blown down during Sunday night's storm and in the darkness Grant drovo over tho embankment, horse, buggy and occupants turned a somersault and landed in the bottom of the wash. Mr. C. 0. Chapman pitched on his head in a heap of sand, the only soft spot in that part of the wash, and beyond a severe shaking both he and Grant were none the woire. The horse was pinned down beneath the buggy, both shafts of which were broken. Assistance was obtained from a neighboring housft, temporary re).airs effected and the journey home completed. It is pleasing to note at times the close personal friendship which HO often exists between teacher and scholars in a .Sunday school class, it-is impossible to overestimate the influence of some teachers over their class. An instance of this is the class presided over by Mrs. .). K. Heath in the Christian church Sunday school. She has a Mass of bovs and to them her sw>-et counsel is law. Never a boy being ].res- Chas. pressing Mr. nnd Mrs. A. A, Tngalls of Vineland have moved to Ashland, Oregon. Get that happy look by having .your clothes cleaned and pressed by Chas. IT. Harris. 2t Mrs. Maleomb, formerly Miss Pearl Rarron, was the guest of Covina friends last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mnrtie of Covinn have removed to 134 South Main street, Lns Angeles. Mrs. W. II. Pettit, of Belvidere, Til., i? expected next week to be the guest of Mrs. A. Merrill. Mrs. A. ,T. Wilkins nnd daughter, Miss Beatrice, of Highland, are visiting relatives in Covina. Miss Geraldine Asclioiibreiincr spent \Ycdncsdny in Los Angeles with her friend, Miss Gladys Kntekin. Before you attend the ball game be sure and get your suit pressed by dins. H. Harris', Italia street. 2t Miss Lottie Hughes of Los Angeles, formerly of Covinn, was the guest last Wednesday of Mrs. II. IT. Cushmaii. Mrs. A. H. Collins returned on Friday in time for tho debate nfter a pleasant visit with friends in Pasadena. T. J. Meador of Covina, who lately moved to Whittier, has gone to Modesto to reside, having invested in land there. Miss Phyllis Brunjes returned last Friday from Highland, where she has been spending three weeks with relatives. Mrs. Nellie Blnnehnrd of Sacramento, who has been the guest of Mrs. B. F. Thorpe for the past week, left j'ester- day for tho North. Guests on Saturday and Sunday at, the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. N. I). Mussey were Messrs. Bruce D. Musscy, Corey and Hubner of Los Angeles. Mrs. II. A. Ransom of Los Angeles was the guest on Thursday and Friday of Mrs. G. N. Atwood, being invited for tho Country Club reception. Guests tomorrow at the home of Mr. and Mrs. IT. 0. Kring will be Mrs. Middleton and daughter. Miss Gertrude, of Lexington, Neb., and Mrs. Crane and daughter of Charter Oak. Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Bulkely and daughter of Glendalc left for home last Saturday after a pleasant week's visit at the home of Mrs. J. M. Smith. The Misses Lota Rich of Hollywood and Emma Bollninn of Los Angeles, old friends of Ft. Wayne, Ind., were guests on Sunday and Monday of Mrs. Milton Ann el. Stanley Jocelyn, the celebrated miniature portrait painter of New York, arrived on Wednesday last to pay an extended visit at the home of his friends, Messrs. Jialli and Rubie. . Some,little girl chumg who enjoyed a pleasant afternoon last Saturday at the home of Fernita mid Rosamond Home were Lucile and Genevievo Matthews, Edna Stanton, Fleta Bisbee, May Casey and Elsie Asher. Games were enjoyed and refreshments served. Mr. E. B. Milncr and wife, who for two ^ears owned part of the Runs ranch here, and removed to Columbus, Ohio, have returned to Covina to reside, by Mr. Day of doubtless settle OUR AOMTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's tirotery Pomona Sanitary Laundry They are accompanied Columbus, lie re also. who will SURPRISE PARTY. If, upon retiring to rest after n hard day's work on the thirty-ninth birthday, you were to. be suddenly awakened from your beauty sleep to find a preacher and an undertaker standing grimly by your bedside, "Wouldn't thnt jar you I'' This was the condition of thiiujs that confronted our i'ellow-cil i/eii, .1. N. Wilson, nt his handsome new bung.ilow, on Thursday I'ight. when foes to his 'ace and rest to the ominous number of thirteen were treacherously ndmilted to his domicile by a wife in whom he had placed the most unlimited confidence. In consideration of his general good conduct and great usefulness as a cit- i/.cn it was decided to postpone the obsequies indefinitely, on condition that he would hurry up, carry wood for the fire that hla/cH so merrily on the hearth, and otherwise do his level best; to entertain his uninvited guests. These guests were Messrs, and Mines. S. W. Gage. W. Q. Ouster, O. W. Mitchell, O. Miller, M. E. Clifford, J. II. Matthews and Miss Lucy Matthews. Successful Missionary Meeting;. The Christian Church wns crowded to the doors on Thursday evening to hear Roynl J. Dyo of rJolenge, Africa, and UI'H earnest young speaker kept his hearers breathless as he took them in imagination to Africa, down the Congo and to the station known on the maps as Knnator- ville. where so much good work has been done during the lust six years by he and his wife. Sl.erooptioon pictures showed tho great contrast between the present and the pnaf. Yesterday nu nil-day meeting was held nnd in the evening was addressed by n returned missionary from India, A largo sum was pledged for the support, of Mr. Moon, who was sent by th<3 church here to n new mission on the Congo, his wifn being supported by Mr. Waters of PouiOLa. JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAM, AND I.IST VOt'R I'ROI'KKTV Office with A. M. Pence, Reed Blk. COVINA, CAL. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For Solo— One ton of fine oat hay. Phono 253. if. Indigestion will never bo brot on b.y \V. W. & Co. 's pnstry. Implements nt city prices. C. II. Morris. Tel. Azusn •!. tf For Sale — Good driving horso. Phono lf)7. Wagons mid buggies. C. II. Morris. Tel. Azusa 'J. tf Furnished room to Kent -FiiKniiro nt, 121 West College Hl.reot, Covinn. You'll know why it's BO popular wliiMi your cuip is Mllerl with .Premier IJlcnil Coffee. W. W. & Co. Dinner guests nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. K. II. Bailee last Hut'urdny were Messrs. C. II. Albcrs of St. Louis; Ben .Jewell of Keeokuk, Iowa, and Mr. Henry Alhers of Los Angeles. On Sunday a pleasant day was spent at. this hospitable home by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Koberts and litttle Miss Adele Smith of Los Angeles. Complimentary to Mrs. A. A. Ingalls, who left this week for Ashlatui, Ore., a most enjoyable reception was given by M men. Paul Stevens, M. L. King, <'ar- iiahan and ,1. M. Smith, on Tuesday evening at the home of the latter. Over fifty persons were present in spite of the threatening weather. (iames and music were enjoyed and refreshments of coffee cake and sandwiches daintily served. A delight fill social event of the week was the afternoon "Darning Hee ' ' given last Saturday afternoon by Mrs. Warner in honor of her mother, Mrb. H. Baldridge of Lou Angeles, who has been visiting with her for two weeks. Twenty-one ladies were present, old friends of this charming pioneer dame, and a verv happy afternoon was spent.; A novel occupation was the painting of! paper butterflies with oil colors, pri/.c.s | being given. delicious refreshments , wen; served. i Miss Whiting of Minneapolis is a g crest, at the Seeley residence. For Sale — Good Barley hay. Meat- Market, Puente. .Tel. 4228. Miss Mary Holt of Los Angeles is spending the week end with her friend, Miss Cora MoKirahan. Candies made to order for parties, ice cream bricks arid tamales, Cummiug's Confectionery. J. D. Thompson, a prominent merchant of Lnngmont, Colo., en 1 1 oil on his old friend, (!. N. Atwood, lust, Thursday. Wm. Clark, of the Covina Land it Loan Co,, reports the sale to Mr. Taylor of a strip of land off tho c-nHl side of the Walters tract, facing on Ciirancu street at tho rale of 82fiUO per acre. In connection with the lecture on the Life of Our Lord" at the Methodist Church next Sunday evening, Mrs. ,1. M. Whitse! will sing, "The Ninety and Nino" illustrated by the steieoptioon with tho pictures of parable of The Lost Sheep." For Kent — (idod flvo mom house on the San riurnnrdino road* Jerome Drink lo me tlire.o or four times if it IH Premier Blond Coffee. For mile by W. W. & Co. NUHSU--Mrs. Fred Hyde, IToa- tetllcr, (ipiiuHltn school house, Citrus avenue. Itp When you are hungry nnd don't know what you want, try W. W. A- Co. 'B pantry. Oysters all the time at Crenshaw's Grocery. Fresh and flno, 20c a dozen. If Placo your spare cash in tho Covinn Valley Savings Bank, a safn investment at 4 per cent. Jf Mary is left nlone with three apples ond four W. W, & Co.'s dougbnuty, what will she have left? Three applen. Wanted—Cultivating »'.]. 50 a day, preferred in, Charter Oak district, Good team and outfit, Addrens ].{. If. D. No. 1, Box 207. lip . All your troubles will ho wafted uwny upon the balmy southern xepherH when you drink Premier Blend Coffee. W. W. & Co. Tho Southwestern Brokerage Company will buy your orani/os fur ciiHh. K. O. tSimpNon, agent. Oflloo wJth California Cilruu Union. If For Sale • Leghorn young laying IIOIIH. MiinlJontild, Haranc.a street. I). W. Phone VVANTKU -All kinds of poultry; also hoof cows and calves. Hend postal card to .Ins. II. Sanders, Him the The "Missc- Bessie and Ruth L'-ebrick very pleasantly entertained at dinner on Tuesdav evening in honor of Miss Letitia Breakev, who is to lie one of Covina'.s February liridcs. Later in the evening a party of her young friends surprised her with a. miscellaneous shower, many useful and pretty gifts heiag received. Delicious refrcsnments consisting of ices and cuke were nerved. Those present were the Misses May Coflinan, Mabel and Allie. Smith, Leora Hiixton, Xiua Cady, Mattie Hreakey and Mrs. Geo. Stnrtevant, Messrs. Kd and Almon Seiwert, Guy liriidlcy, Karl Miss iicakard will sell any hat trimmed or nntrimmed; II|HU fancy feathers for one-half of what they urn marked. Stiff hair ribbon for 'jrio per yd. All kinds of braid and material for the, ladies of the Hrcl.hren Church; also cap goods. It A pleannnt social evening, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Walls, was enjoyed hint evening by Messrs, and Mines. Ben F. Thorpe. S(:elej, H. C. Head ley, Mines. Yaw, .1. .1. Morgan of L-uig lieach, and Ulan chard of Sacramento, and Iho M!HH(:H Whiting, (iilmun and Majgnrel -Soo ley. Miss Josephine Widney's little children of the second grade gave an interesting Longfellow reception yesterday afternoon at which it number of their parents were present. Cute invitations, curoo shaped and decorated with Indian hieroglyphics, were made by the children and the rof.rn was decorated with aeeacia and ever and Sam Leebrii-k and K!mer King. A jolly surprise party greeted Mins * ree " H - H"«K«"»"1 recitations Bertha Vollowell and her sinter and ; Hiawatha were enjoyed and much ,'ood of Beaumont, j Interest was shown in tho drawing* jolly surpris ertha Followeil est, Mrs. .}. 1'. at the family home on Friday i s-ening. The t vventielh l,irtii'lay of tl and models made by the, Kor Sale 2 thoroughbred Leghorn cocks, S^.OO and 811.0(1. A. M. Uicburds, H. W. cor. Pucnto and (Jrund. 1 tp KggH for KettingH- Tliorouuhlired White Leghorn, White Minorca and lilack Minorca. 7 fie and 81.00 per netting. Mrs. J. Wheeler, (/'yprchH avenue. Phone 1 0!)H. It 1 p Kor Haln Fnrly Howe need pola , toes, three inciihnl orn, a brooder and i thoroughbred poultry and eg«s for hatching. H. C. ('.\S.\D, Phono 1 I'JH. tf Kor Sale KucalyptuH wood at iii.fiO per cord. Two Monks went of j grammar school, Covina, on ranch of J. H. AdaniH. Bert II. JlotidrlokH, Phone I 117. If [ KOIt HALF The flni.Ht driving "mare, in California. Young and I guaranteed sound and .safe. Also lone phaeton, with storm curtains | complete. Can be seen at my ranch | ill Duarto. Arthur W. Savage. i j Fit/fierald & Barry of Pasadena | loan money on ranches and hnprov i e,d real estate at lowest current niton. j Write or telephone them at Pasadena or call up J. W, Prentiss, Covina phone 'Jl'il, and ask to have a repro 'tentative of the firm call on you. If Sale at Hroudwell'K Store. Men's clothing at, your own price. I have :",0 men's suits worth fri.m 'f \'l dovii, to 310 ;it. i'l.ti',. The pants worth v<hal. we ;i",k. 100 l« < 1. 00 »:iieh. 1 <)0 men'rt bat-, < 1. 1'j. 100 ji-tiiH n.enS The White Season is almost here and we arc offering a few early arrivals in white goods. Cross-Bar Madras, which have been worn so much in the past season, and will be worn this season, fancy striped white lawns and Egyptian mulls. In a Few Days we are going to offer the largest assortment of ladies' muslin uuderwcar at the best prices ever offered in the history of our business. Watch our windows for opening display. Covina Peoples Store (iNCOKPOHATltn) Valentines M Y line of Valentines has arrived and rtill ha placed in the h>indon>s the first of the h>aek. Thin year's creations arc especially good. My assortment n>lll meet all tastes and also pocket books. Don't forget that the early chooser tfilt haOe the best choice. "Nuff Sed' z&»&&&&&z&&&i$&^ SEASON FOR DECIDUOUS REE PLANTING Get your trees now of Armstrong (ovina Nurseries «/ Peach, Apricot, Plum, Apple, Walnut Half a million Kiiralyptus Triu-s rc-ady for p A I! kinds ol' berry vituvs. We can supply atiytliiiif^ you wish in the orn;iinciit;il line. CAM, US MY IMIONK OK COMIC IN AND SIM US Home Phone 125 222 East College St. The Last Issue of Government Bonds bear 2 per cent interest. Your savings account with this bank will pay you 4 per cent interest. You can start an account with as little as $1.00. The Covina National Bank Capital •.'oO. GAS ^\ T11 u S a l*e a r i c 1 Reliable Kuel

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