The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 17, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE \— NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1JM6 Published Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONN. RUDOLPH M. HENNIC:;,'ProBldont nnd t-uollflher Telephone* 2228 nnd 2220—All Dopnrtmcntd Entered us aecond clusa matter at tho pout office In Nauftatuck, Conn, I month SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable in Advance $1.00 1 Yuan $12,00 Tho American Nownpupor Publlshero Tho N. E. Dolly Newspaper Pub. Ass'n The Conn. Nowppapor Publahore Asa'a ritm\y, JULY c, IMG Governor Baldwin Ready To Act iii nskiiiy Ihe Coiineelicnt It-^isliitivr council to Ui'iirn'rRliiUj iviil control bill, (Joveinor Bnldsvin has revealed that it is liis intention to call-a special session ol 1 I he- legislature if Cwitfivss docs not take action on that matter in I he meantime. Tin; UOVIMIKM- said: "IT hiyh rents aru charged and people; are evictod, tho \vliulr economy of tho state will be upset." Ho sn^-c.Ml/'d that tin 1 proposed bill be modeled after the New York law which was in effect when Ol'A expired. The Legislative Council has discussed the possibility of doin# some-thin^ about. C(;ii I rolling food prices. Speaking of that sub.ji'Ct, the ('hief ('Jxcrrlil ivc; said tin 1 general feeling is that not much can In; done about it since most food comes froin. outside tin; state, lie expressed Hit; opinion that if a price conlrol program were instituted in (.'onnec'cicut, it might cut off supplies. However, he offered the surest ion (hal Die ('oimcil consider drafting an aidi-profiteerin.i;- law—prescribing penalties for bfisiuess men who rruike iiiiretisonabli 1 profits. (iovernor Baldwin is well aware; of the danger and evils of inflation if prices tfet beyond control and intends to do what he can lo protect the people from b"m,if vic- limi/i'il. 1 f is efforts in their behalf shonl'd be Driven public supjinrt, Sensilile self-control in the matti-r of buying is not only called for but, should be used in the present situation in which tin; nation finds itself. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck Newi 20 Years .Ago John Schmuclc played Tnomus iveary In the open- inf,' round ot thu annual YMCA tennis tourney. o_O—o A. N. Squires of Hlg-h struct sold his florist business to Andrew M. Culver.• o—O—o '-.. 30 Years Ago Mr. iind Mrs. Menry McDonald returned from their wudcllng trip and took up residence In Beacon Ful la. o—O—o Gooi-fc'e Donovan wns employed by the Nnugatuck Drug company, to sers-e as pharmacist and cleric. 'SADDLE Of BEEF 7 ' Around The Clock I ONLY SAY GOOD NIGHT They say there are no bashful men, As In days of yore; But I am sure I know of onu, . Though there may be no more; I've courted many pretty girls, And novoi 1 thought before, I'd part with one and only say, "Good night." whim nt the door. Chorus A bashful man, oh, sorry state, I novL'r thought to he. In such a sorry, sorry plight, But that'll this name for me; I've courted many pretty girls, And left with footsteps light. But since I've met the girl I love—• I only siiy, "good night." Thin llltlo t'irl has nycs so clortr, Thcv read you through and through, But. she has dimples In her chin, And roguish laughter, too; I wrir.t to ask her to be mlno, To pop the question right, But when I leave her at the door— I only sny, "Good night," FLORA BROWN LEE WALKER "THE GREEN YEARS" SHOWING NOW AT LOEW POLI THEATER Now at the Locw-Polj the/ur* i that truly wonderful motion m lure. "Tho Groen Years." starn' is Churl CB G.ihurn and Tom Drake i unforgc.tnble roles. A motion J* turn that required 71 Individ'« tn-sts of players before M-G-.M co,, be sure Its casting would C, with the approval of an exactin public who Imve read A j c K nin's best seller of tho same 'nam*" His heartwarming novel, read h millions and beading -the best-selL cr lirtts for months -each *.,£» may have his own idon O f- w i, the beloved characters inthiscrp*! story looked like, but all will acr that no more perfect ca:(tinir <•«,» be found than -the "TWO SISTERS FROM BOSTON" NOW AT STRAND THEATER A merry jumboroc of song, dance, romance and comedy is offered now on the Strand theater screen j lure. "Tho Green In "Two Sisters from Boston which M-GrM has gathered a galaxy of entertainment talent In the persons of Kathryn Gr.iyson, June AllyKon, Lnurltz Melchior, Jimmy Durnnte and- Peter Lawford. Backgrounded by the story of a girl who makes a hectic and breathless climb from a Bowery beer-hall floor show to the opera stage, the -picture offers an opportunity Pjr each of its stellar headliners to make the most of his or her specialty. Miss Grayson, ns the spirited Boston sister who entertains in n Bowery honky tonk in order to i group of players who hting'ti^m earn money for her opera lessons, again proves her singing: and acting versatility and is a delight on l.-oth eye and. ear whether she b doing such amusing comedy num btrs with Jimmy Durante as "Down by the S.;u" and "Two Sides to Every Girl," June Allyson, as the prim Martha shocked by her sister's gaudy theatrical environment and endeavoring to bring an end to the scandalous situation only in the end to find the riotous Durante, is completely captivating. As for Durante, his role as the piano-playing "Spike," is -the most hilarious in which he has yet been seen. The famous Durante slyness, affability and dexterity at putting over a sons are all present—nose and all —and his every appearance brings do'vn the house. What with LausiU Melchior bringing his incomparable Metropolitan Opera voice to the screen, and younp; Peter Jjiwf-ard malting both Miss Allyson in the picture and all the girls in the audience sigh, "Two Sisters from Boston" offers cnturtaimnent for every age and every taste. * Thrift ll is doubtless (i ,i;'('f)d idea to save money u'hile t.he saving's easy, as it has been Tor most penile lately and will probably continue to be For some lime. Hut if the experts know what they're talk- in.H' about, there is no need to be jn-ettin.i;- excited about it. The sensible tiling- is the slow, steady saltin.U' dou'n of money, in the I'orm of hanking or careful investment, while there is more money available than usual for this purpose. Trices are .y'om^ up, ami will doubtless j;'o higher forborne lime. Hut experts say they are not ^oinj; 1 through the roof. That is, in the natural process of things, Of course if ten or Iwenly million people decided all at one.e, from some tip or "intuition", to lake all their money out of the bank and spend it, or to put all their money in the bank for safe keeping, and refuse (o spend a nonmil amount, it would be different. Hut fortunately there are feu 1 si^-nx pointing (<> any such foolishness, OIK- people in general know that this is the most safe and solid country financially that there is anywhere in the world, and conduct themselves accordingly. Up and down Church street . . . Very few people on Church street these days . . , vacation-time is here Walter Quist, of Olson's; has taken a- few -days off The only activity on the houle': vard occurs when Joe Pinke occasionally rushes out of the Fulton market, to clean off the windows Red Smith seen, early in the morning, coming out of the Neary building Claghorn says, "-Good morning," as we walk up to the Town Hall, . . Chief John Gormley tells, us that" Tony 'Malone and Dick Ostrom have left on their vacations, all of which helps to add to our general feeling of laziness, for the day .... Legs Carlson walks out of Rubin's with a new pair of swimming trunks, as we duck out of the office for our daily lunch. WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946, by The Hearst Corporation) TYPEWRITER DOODLING Tho deutli of OPA. reminded some of us of tho socioty who wns indifferent to inflation threats and money losing its current value. . ."Oh," he oh'd, "le* prices seek their own levels, and thing's wi:i right themselves again" . .. .Look who's talkin 1 . He dines at tho best places en the cuiTl. .. .Repeat warning: "Your dollar has foot In the same grave where OPA is buried. .. .When Congress killed the NOPA (as It should be named) it -marked the 1 first time Congress voted for a depression. ...J. Elinson says what this country needs is a Congress that can figgcr out what this country needs. Checkers As Exercise "You need more oxerciso," snid (ho dot-tor. "Try playing-cihoclcors." This is 710 joke, hn|. n serious recommendation for OT's with jirltfu'ial le^-s who need to strengthen", llieir baek muscles. Tho checkerboard (fjiant si/,e) is pniuto'd on tlif floor of (lip ^ymiuisium. The checkers, made of willow wood, weiyli Hvc pounds. .Tsn'l- spiotif-e wonderful? Soon doctors may be recommending li^lit oxerciso like foundry work. Or playing croquet, with •the old cannonballs to be found in so .mrmy Public. Squares, Fourth of' July is and tiic local population is g'radually seopinju; back into town. Wo know because wo saw Artie Smith, home on pass; .Rosemary Dunn, liume from the .shore; "Otis" Clark, touring t'liurch street on patrol; "Sonny" Uiiinzdou'ski, Jack Oomilcy "Horse" Swiderfki, .'Joe Finkc and Clag- liorn sitting in the Green; Kiddie Noide instructing liis American' Legion Juniors iit (lie h'ccroution Field; Al Menr/llo, l>eaf:un Falls Mayor, up from the little hamlet «,n an inspection tour; Jackie Cnr- tin and .Hay Currier, issuing- forth from May's Canteen and Ma jr. and Fran Feeley tooting' the horn as they drive down Main street. More Vacations.... Mr. and Mrs. How- nrd Schwartz and Mr. and Mrs. John Mambrino of Scott street are spending a few days in New York City,.. .Mr. and Mrs, Ray Dinkle of North Main street are Boston-ing, following which Kay will move to Washington, D. C., and a new post with the Government Printing- Office. .. .Best of luck, Ray We know you "11 make the grade. . . Kiohard and Howard Schwartz, Jr., 379 Rubber avenue, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Harrison in Lowell, Mass., for two weeks..,.Tt' Jackie Kingslcy's coffee, grinder holds itself together from now until the middle of the month the intrepid Jack and bis pal, Ed FaFrron, will he off to Montreal. . . . This reporter respects thn N. Y. Times editorialists, But its attacks against the OPA and its claims that everything v.-ill bo hunky-dory without price controls don't convince us . .The T'tnes' opi'iio;; boys have been wrong before. Several days after Germany attacked Russia, for instance, the gay.ottc? editorially opposed sending military aid to Russia because "the govern rr.ent of the Soviet Union is notoriously incompetent. A citizen dropped into the offir. of a smoll-i'own gazette . . "1 see, he remarked, "you've hired a bodyguard." Admitted the editor: "We decided that wn needed ono." 'What happened?" quizzed the visitor. "Well," explained the ed om- barrassedly, "a wild-eyed fellei st-ormocl in the other rfay with n shotgun in one hand nr.d an axe in the other and demandc-d to sec thu guy who's been writing articles on how it's possible to support a family of five on $1,800 a year." .ibout 73 per ceil', of Americans favor a. itrona 1 OPA. wri'cr I ^' e ' ; A moncaris blast Russia bos- I cuuse one man named Gromyko | blocks tho will of the majority! Hoy, Senator! Have an inflation note: In June 1939 the Hungarian pi?ns j o was worth 2!),12 cents. Today it ;s worth Juss than 1-100 of a penny. 3ri othci 1 wordage a.n American dollar is worth 100 quadrillion ., The Senate has nixed plans to probe Bilbo's attempt to ' deprive citizens of their civil rights. Senators announced wilh a straight, face that-'such a jwobc wMill be an insult to the citizens o:" Mississippi" . Such horse-radish! Bilbo's record is an odious insult to the citizens of Mississippi. And .the refusal of the Senate to do something about Bilbo is an insult to the citizens of the other 47 States. Why this namby-pamby attitude toward Bilbo? Some time ago the Senate refused, to seat a. Senator from Illinois because of a corrupt election. must have been sleepy indeed who didn't jump like aycared dog when Madame Curie threw on his desk the metaphysical bomb called radium. There remained no hole to hide in." NEW CLASSES Write, Phono or Call for 13JC Uulletin JCX1OB COLLEGE to life in M-G-M's « version. Here are some of uTo'm" Shales Cohurn as the unforccttabil Grandpa Cow; popular Tom Drat! us the youn f ; Irish hero of ,h! story: Beverly Tyler, a new "find"' as Alison Keith: Hum,- Cronvn Papa Leckio; Gladys Cooner !! Grandma Jackie; 'Dean "laving Kobert Shannon as a chilli i Selena Roylc as .Mama Lcclcio- j« } sica Tandy as Ka:e. ' c£ ' • How many families recall \vh(i n ' little Bobby had to fi H ht the touch !• csl boy at school in order to cahi ' his self-rc-.pect? Wlicn h c ,„ ; ashamed because he had to go a ™ !' in public in Hand-me-down clothes''! When he became involved in hi« ' first puppy-love affair? All iW j half - tragic, half--humorous i nc i' I dents of the aveiajje boy s child" ' hood und adolo.scence on iho screen. are rc]i . w Us for ^'our { *' : VACATION LUGGAGE; ' Umbrellas Rooovprad, Repaired FISHERS S..Muln ,SL. Wnt '.\l 'i One Senator named O'Daniel planned to block reconsideration of the OPA bill via a filibuster, One Congressman named Wolcott stopped reconsideration of tho bill In the House by his objection—because unanimous consent is needed. But public opinion polls reveal that Those who are usinff the Bikini experiment to pooh-pooh the power of the atom boom, should rush to 'the nearest alienist. It is the most dangerous osti'iching of all....Remember it took two A-bombs to knock Japan out of tho war—something: all our other weapons coLildn'!. accomplish in four years. Thousands of words were penned describin,'? the atomic explosion at Bikini. Every objective in the dictionary was left -rasping. Do you know how long the explosion lasted? Ex/ictly one-tenth'of a millionth of u second! The gimme-gangs who just heaved an economic bean-ball at Uncle Sam are the same goons who invited the lajst depression. And when they were down' to their last million bux those jittery chumps scurried to the White House and pleaded with FDR to save them. Rosevolt informed one of them: "J am not so much concerned that the rich should sleep peacefully in thfcir beris as that everyone should have a bed in which to p sleep." In our colyiunlng adventures we probably have used this pafr at least 11 times ..It usually pops .up via press agents for actors. .. .It's the quip about the ir.Rrate who was •asked: "How could you• do that to 1 me after all 1'vn done for you?" and the heel's retort: "Yeah, but what'vo you done for me lately?" Whatever became of that "one, you wonder? It was just featured j in an interesting 1 magazine story ! on Chief Justice Vinson. 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STREET * It isn't the atomic bomb that ruin civilization—but the men who- misuse it. It must, never be forgotten that wnrs ore made by men— and can be stopped by them.... Other scientific achievements have also caused a crepe-hanging spree. After Madame Curie discovered •adium, famed philosopher Henry •Vdams wrote: "The man of science Our Girl Friday says this alcady ran here, but we wanna read it ag-ain, so go away. . We grot it from a Boston editor who reports a Club in Minneapolis was slajring n nylon luncheon. Thp cluo had 230 pairs of nylons and distributed only one pair each to members. .. As the la-st pair \vas handed out the man'in charge said: "And now we want to remind you that cards announcing this event were also sent to your wives." To which a voicd in tho rear boomed out: "If that's the case, I war.t to chanfre my pair from size 0 1-2 to 10 1-2!" No'Ceilings On Their Trading Afraid Of Shadows It is a sign of the tangle into \vhi'eh Congross has #ot itself Unit a project like the St.. Lawrence waterway, which has boen discussed for years and affects so many states, cannot l>c voted up or down. If tho present Congressmen will not reorganize Uio national legislature to make it more efficient, how about putting- in some who will?- Vacationing Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hill, (wlio recently bought a home on Johnson Street) are in Williamsport. . . and John Zbowski is in Wilkes-B'arre. . . . ."Walt Loman is with th,o home folks in Scranton, Pa And Ernie Pichulo, Rubber avenue suds baron, is enjoying the cooling breezes of Keene, N. H Hope all went well over the Fourth of July. ., .Seemed awfully quiet in town, didn't, it?...No fireworks—except those smuggled in by the kids....Oh, wcTl, wait 'til Labor Day, V-J Day and Welcome Home Day, -September'^' A minor State I>cpt official (no- tod for his kid-glove handling .of Spain) was defending himself to reporters: They Called him a Fascist ."You fellows have me all wrong," ho moaned. ."Why, ever, my father fought in the Spanish-American war!-" "Zatso?" taunted n reporter. "Which side was he on?" I'rof<>ssor Runyon witnessed the , now film, "Caesar and Cleopatra" ... .We inquired if he liked it, and lie wrote this: "Yes, and I think the people also liked it, It is good movie entertainment. Claude Rains Is marvelous as • Caesar, and Vivien Leigh gives a most extraordinary performance. She is a different agined that lady. But maybe that Cleopatra than I have always im- makes her all the more attractive. The Technicolor, I thought, was not too good. "A fellow named Stewart Granger is quite a hunk of guy who bears watching—especially around your woman."' •. - Brighten up your front door! Protect vour frontdoor against rfie vveatner. ana brighten up tne entrance to your home at :ne same nme. Morpnv Airplane Super-Spar Varnisn ;s famous for its Casting quajines—ana it dries :n 4 hours co a nmsn tnat does iustice to the Hnest woodwork or furniture. See Our Large Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also • All Kinds of Fertilizers rS FOR GARDKN and LAWN SHOVELS (lone and short handles) GARDEN RAKES HOES — SPADES PRUNING SHEARS GRASS SHKAUS Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 !! P O U S T»S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 Curs Called For and Delivered AMERICAN SAW & MFG. CO. Hack Saw Blades Hand and J'owi-r liond Saw Blades Wood ami Metal Cutting (jantrs JA T I O _N_ _ CANS, Inc. MIU SUPPLI K • PdWER TOOLS ~ 22 SAVINGS ST.. TEt.S-Z:4l , NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, I'rop. Wlnslow Court Tel. SSSit AUTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS BASEBALL BATS Maple St. Tel. 3507 Spirited bidding: in tho middle of apparent confusion marks the first opening of the Chicago Stock Exchange since end of OPA! restrictions. One bidder seems to be waving' his fist, but the meaning is lost In the general uproar, Llvestoclf and. many commodities Immediately soared to new hJffhs durinff the trading. (International Soundphoto) Then there's the ono about the Englishman'who drank Pimm's— a British drink. He wandered into a Third Avenue bar and said: "Have you any Pimm's here?" "Shure," said the Irish barlceep "there's two of 'em at th' nml nf th' bar;" ADIRONBACK CHAIRS CROQUET SETS NAUGATDCK HARDWARE SAVE 10% CASH & CARRY If You Bring- Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICA / .1 / \ /> A* I I. 4 I'\ttlf I VENETIAN BLINDS 5lork, Th liny Deliver LEBON'S I VK.VKTJAN I HLIM) CO. I -'TO ffa, Mnln II Trl. B-Ti2l H~~1\VuHTliur.v E QUASSY BEACH I.iikr QimNKujiiiUK • AllinlNNlon to Ilrncli A11EI..TS 30r Cim.DUEN lot Ts\x Inrliulpil BASKET CIIKCKIXO soc BUNCH Run Direct in Itcnrh PHILCO CAR RADIOS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Jfaugatuck, Conn. SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAFAUG DICK FINLEV, Mgr. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Boating ^ Bathing 0 Picnics R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. HAIX STREET (Rc»») Expert Welding of AH Type* Forging, Sheet and Ornamental Steel Work Telephone 0377. f •: WATCH FOR OUR NEWLY RENOVATED STORE'S GRAND OPENING! CORNER CANTEEN 892 No- Main Street ' * "Dan" Tell«lro. Trou. PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 155 MAPLE STREET KUN MlSfl rhlnrxi'-AmrrlcHn HKSTAUMANT 14< BAST M.UN.STRKBT C1IOW MK»N Am) Olhrr Cliln Komi To Hiikr lloiiir. Onrn iluil.v II u. m. (o 1 »• Siiliirilay la Z n. in. Sundn.v 12 Xotm lo 1 u. al. \

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