Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 30, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rntered at the PoatofTicc Covina, Ca.l., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. .1. L. MATTHEWS Publisher SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Bix Months Three Month* Single Copies fi.WJ .75 .50 .O.S A DV I'.H TISKM K.VTS: y advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liner* 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, January 30, 1WJ. LOSS OF THE REPUBLIC. Tho thrill 1 /ig 'Iratnii of tho sea enacted ofT tho New Kngland coast on Hatnnlay last, when the incoming emigrant Kf earner Florida rammed tho White Htar liner Republic, outward hound on a pleasure cruise to the Mediterranean ports, ivill long live in navni annals as the first, great, proof of the value: of wireless telegraphy in summoning prompt aid in eases of marine disasters, nearly "000 persons owing their lives in thifi case to the wireless system. The collision in this ease appears lo have been one of those unavoidable, aeeidents which all vessels (.raveling on the great, ocean highways are liable to meet with during heavy fogs. The olh'ccrs and crews of both vessels behaved after the accident, as seamen should. The Italian captain, having (jiiieted the panic, among his passengers, and finding that, his ship would keep afloat, caine to the assisl.a nee, of (lie crippled Republic, and aided in taking oil' her passengers. The passengers of I,lie li'epnldic, rousi d from their sleep by the shock, faced death with calmness and fortitude, like true Americans, the women proving themselves vciitalilo heroines. AH for I he liritinh crew of the liner, four little, words sullioe: ''They did their duty.'' lint if the palm be given to any, surely it must be to those half naked, begrimed men in the stoke hole, far down in the bowels of the giant liner, where in the semi-darkness of that, swaying, surging, Kinking hell, amid the fearful roar of escaping steam and with the murky water waist high, almost sweeping them off their feet as the doomed ship rolled on the long oc.ean swell, still did their duty until they had drawn the fires from the furnaces and thus prevented an explosion of tho boilers that would have hurled all hands into eternity. "Let others sing of those who fell On many H wtdl-foiighi. Hold, Of. those whoso . daring deedA were wrought With spear, and sword, ttnd shield, But here we tell of heroes 'bold, The bravest of the brave, Who fought for neither fame nor gold, But others' lives to nave." OOOO BASEBALL (JAflE. Covina Is Defeated by Riverside In t-leven Inning Contest. Riverside won the baseball garno last Sunday 5 to •!, but any man that did not gel two bits worth of thrills arid Ken«ation during the eleven inning matinee, has a decidedly blunted sense, of appreciation. ft was baseball every minute and not until the last, out was made in the eleventh, could either side fee] assured of victory. During the firsr. four innings only one man reached third base. KvoryHiing! was fielrle caught a bench at the beginning of this round, that won merited applause, fi! the fifth, things looked dangerous when Lippin- eiitt, of Riverside rapped out a tv/o- bagger, but as he remained on vecuiid Methodist services: At the Methodist Church the pastor, Rev. H. \V. White, M.A., will preach fit 11 on "The Church's Answer to the Nain dean, snappy style". King lion's Need." The Church choir foul back of the players' ,, r]f i cr the leadership of Prof. Groom will sing, "Uod ne Merciful," by DnnkH. At 7:;)0 the third of the illustrated talks on the "Life of the Christ," will be given with stereop- tienii viewH. The section covered in tbiH lecture will no "The Miracles THE STORM. On Wednesday Covina was vi«itod by •i severe electrical fitorm which came from the northwest. Shortly after 12 o'clock noon heavy masses of clouds appeared over Mt. Wilson, moving rapidly toward Covina, accompanied by sharp crashes of thunder resembling the discharge of field gi'ns, accompanied by gusts of wind and rain which culminated in a heavy downpour of hail, the hnilntones being the si/.e of large peas, Covina seems to have been the center of the storm track, as no hail fell west of lower Aztisn school house and very little east of Grand avenue. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ENDORSED BY DENTISTS— Euthymol Tooth Paste PHONE 12 I'ing dispose Sh a ud to watch \Vihon by (!)'• strike-out method, no bad results followed. It wan in the latter j wan 11: this frame that the, hom< bovs i nnfl Parables. " Hunday-school and ! PRACTICAL WIZARDRY. Messages J'rom departed loved ones are conjured out of tho darkened air of night by Hie necromancers of the "tilling table" kind and Ihe "spirit- rapping" variety. More or less doubtful communications arc translated to the credulous ones of the enchanted circle, to the benefit of no person on or above Hie earth. Hut, in this tremendously wonderful century, I hero are wi/.- ards nl, work, Hashing messages through ether and through solids, that save lives •---save precious human lives. Think of it, O deluded spirit-rapper. Leave the darkened room of thr trance HUM I 'nine nut into t he light of (!od 's and rend the wireless message, Mivod Ihe livot on a crowded c greyhound, fur al sea, where no I nor land nor helping hand could li lied upon; lar in Ihe murk nl tho pilch ing .sea, where a cry for help surmount- i'd but the en-si of | h<' nearest wa\e. A hurried, startled cry in lln> dark; the rushing to and fro of Ihe watch-the sickening impact of one great ocean liner against another, and the surge of water inte the vessel's hear). What then is to be tin- fate of Hie rapidly filling ship? !t is the matter of the hour. And that hour was the great hour of the wireless telegraph operator nl board the wounded ship. Out over the tumbling waters he sent his messages, pleading fur speedy help, scut them from every point of his apparatus, ami a ship a thousand miles dis taut, ships a few hundred miles away, the mainland, and a vessel fortunately nearer at hand, caught the thrilling words. The nearest ship responded and arrived to lake the passengers safely from Ihe settling hulk. Thai is wireless telegraphy of today. A few years ago Maironi could not sell Mock in his company at ten ,-eiits the share. Wireless telegraph companies Were looked upon as exploiting harmless mechanical toys. In this one ser vice to hi'.manily, tin i TV has now its speai il N two thousand \ of many sorrows said al wa vs e\ en nut | half of j took a brace and went after (he big i Indians' j_"iat. Montague leaned up ! against his first offering for a nice sin' gle through second, I'ing then placed | a ripping drive over the first baseman's head, pui'ing Monte on third, then King was safe on a slow one to Hhane, who failed to prevent. Monte from scoring. Libhy made a neat, sacrifice, scoring J'ing, and ended the run-getting for the time. Riverside came back strong in the next inning. An error, a two- bagger, and a pair of .single;; netted the visitors two runs, tying the score, but the, second half of the same inning put Covinu again in the lead. ffughe.H took one of the big child''s benders in the small of the back and went, to first, went to second on a. passed ball, stole third and was safe home by a costly juggle of Montague's grounder to shortstop. The final tie-up came in the eighth. Workman got, on by Stewarts overthrow lo first, was advanced to third, and came home after the catch of Cross' long fly to Montague in left. The ninth and tenth innings were classy. Everybody was on their tots. I'ing and .Shirley made too pretty one- handed assists at critical moments, though the latter hail it slipped lo him, that bunting the third strike was a bonchead play. Then came the fatal eleventh. I'ing eased np just a trifle. I'reslon by means of a, Texas leaguer reached first, f'ross hit, lo left, Hhirley relired Church by spearing a fast liner, McDonald wont out, Ping to Longheed. Then Lippincotl. put a beauty over second base, I'reston and Cross ((coring. With the score 5 to .'! tho enthusiastic crowd called for a, batting rally. Montague was up and reac.iict; first, by Wallace's error. Monte promptly stole second, was sacrificed to third by Ping, anrl home i-y King, making the. score 5 to 4. I.iibby pinned ono out of reach back of second, and King was put in to run. lie stole second suc.c.essfiilly, then Lougheed walked. Fat .Stewart came to the plate and everybody called for a two-bagger, but he did not got the opportunity to try. King took a daring clmnco at stealing third and wns out, ending the game. It was a warm contest and no one was disappointed. The team was up against tho fastest aggregation they have met this season and gave them a good hard rub. Captain Preston, of the visitors, displayed good judgment and by his timely hitting won the game. Shane had tiie better of the pitching end. Three hits were annexed oil' his delivery, while diet's slants were t (inched up nine times. The latter, however, walked but one man, against four passed by the Sherman brave. Three errors were registered for each side, and they counted materially in the scoring. h'or tomorrow, Manager (leo. Covert has arranged a game with the Kvcning N'ews learn of Los Angeles. They have a. high class tiain and will put up a good fight. Covert has signed I'ileher appear game, usual. ('ovina- of San I >i mas, and i n a < 'ovi na uniform Kink will lie behind the l! "< ! King, c l.ibby, cf I .oughi'cd SI e wart, It. l.'airly, I1 ughes, Shirley, .' Mou! ague C. Fairly, Totals Riverside Work man I'resloll, Cross, cf Chur. Mi-1 loiiald I, i p| n 11 cot t Shane, p Wilson, it Wallace, : Totals lit :"> Summary: Two base ctitl. I'reston. Sacrilic l.ildiy, ('. Fairly. First Cov ilia .'i. Riverside li. e will i this >at as A F. ii :t:t 10 i' l-'anlv Hughes Shane li Shirl.-v. base on Struck by liire appin- King, errors out Wondrous discov- and shield. And ars Mnre a man im with i of the TO EXTEND ELECTRIC LINE. '..'7 A n engineer of mpaiiv states hours, attend servifeH fit the regular are cordially invited to ; services. Christian Church: Sunday-school 0:40. Preaching by the pastor at 11 o'clock. Duet by Miss Doyle arid Mr. Draper. Junior 3. Intermediate, and Senior Endeavor 6:30. Preaching 7 :HO. Male quartet. Cordial welcome to all. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity- -Fourth Sunday after the Kphipany: Holy Communion 7:30 a.m. Sunday-Hchool 0:45 a.m. Morning prayer 11 a.m. Subject, "The (Josriel o! tho Kingdom." fOvensorig 7 :30 p.m. Subject, All Souls are Mine." the I'oMO.NO, Jan. :.' I in- I'ac ilic Fleet lie thai within two weeks grading \\ill In' stiiricd on the el -ctric line from Covina lo I'liiuiiiia. I'lans are under consider.-! lion to feature liaiiesha I'ark as an ex lei .iiinal. F.xaminor. PAVI: THK AI.LUVA. SUNDAY SCHOOL PRIMARY UNION A very f^dod westing of t.ho ,'iljovrt vviis held on 'I'licsdiiy nt't.c.rnimn lit thr: I'rcsliyt.crinri church and in spite of tho rain (hern was a laryrj attonrlancn. Much interest is lieirij^ shown mid there is [irospeclH of a rapid growth of inisrii- IKTH, who nre intcreHled in the moral development, of the young. ATisH liessie l-'lter led the meeting with an mtereHt- ing exposition of Ihr: lesson for tho coming Hnndny. On Tuesday, Pebruary f), Miss Manic Hrockvvay, tho district superintendent, will give onr> of her splendid addresses and all who arc interested will he welcomed cordially. 8800 to lo'in on Rood security. H box 4.'52, Covina. No. 13954. In the Superior Court of Hie State of j £9 California, in and for tho County of OQlQ!QaQ£QQQlQ& I,OM Angeles. In the Matter of tho Ksfato of Orvil L. Maxlield. Deceased. Xoliee is hereby given by the nndor- «igii("!, exociitrix of tins estate of Orvil \i. Maxfielrl. deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against, the said deceased, to exhibit the s;nne with tho necessary vouchers, wititin four months after the first publication of this notice to the said executrix, at the office of R. B. Bidwell, Oleridora. Los Angeles Co., Cal., which said office is hereby designated as tho place of business of said executrix for said estate. Dated this 30th day of January, A. D. 1009. MRS. EMMA MAXFIELD, Executrix of Said Estate. R. TJ. BIiAVKLL, (rlendora, Cal., Attorney for said executrix. Buy it from W. W. NASH Prescription Druggist COVINA, CAL. House Moving: McCRARY BROS, are prepared to' make contracts to move buildings of every description, heavy machin-, ery and tree moving- with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. ARGUS BLOCK Phone 5008 Covina, Cal. This Tool can be used either single or double' fwomey & Diller The Implement and Vehicle People of Covina. We Are Placing ON SALE thousands of dollars worth of goods at cost and less. The stock of J. A. Edwards at Hemet was bought at 45 cents on the dollar and we can afford to sacrifice some goods to get cash to pay for them. Note the prices: Good Shoes at Low Prices Women's (loodyear welt, kid, blutcher shoes, all sizes, at $2.00 Women's nurses' shoes, rubber heels $1.65 Women's kid Juliets, $2.00 grade $1.39 Women's patent leather oxfords, all sues 85c All W. L. Douglas $.1.50 and $4.00 shoes $2.05 A new line of the handsomest turn oxfords ever seen. Street and evening goods, regular $3..So grades at $3.00 Kven the Acme shoes in one style meet you at.. .$3.00 All Crockery one-half off. Hoys' clothing one-fourth off. Men':-! 1'riestly's rain coats at cost. Several $30 overcoats one-half off. Hosiery Several manufacturers of guaranteed hosiery have advised us that, parties in Covina have written for their goods. We sell several makes of t hole-proof hosiery, as well as other lines of advertised goods. Why not try your own town before you send away for goods. Lace Curtains New nets at cost. Prices mean nothing on tains. See them. Yes at cost. :ur- Bed Spreads $1.25 bed spreads 85c $1.50 bed sjireads $1.00 $2.50 bed spreads $1.05 Special prices quoted on large bills. THE BROADWELL STORE

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