Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1912
Page 3
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THE TOLA DAI1.Y REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 18.1912, SALEI THE STORE HAS BEEN CROWDED ALL DAY! THE CROWDS ENTHUSIASTIC AT THE BIG BARGAINS! h^said to "the clerk as he p'aced ovet -i to see the wonderful hat values, and his conversation was lost to the writer. Crowds Came Fiiday—Crowds Came Saturday—Crowds Will Continue to Gome for These Great Values! Not a whole price left! We Pay Mileage According to Usual Rules DUTFJnir FOR MEN. - !OLA.KAS. 3 and 5 East Madison, South Side Square KUNSAS HOODOO STILL BDSY (liil|)lu}od Xi'liniska iim! I<<)>it on T^wi l-lukfS—<Jiiriir wHIi riiicr-i .Ni-\t Sii1iir<l:i} Ww Hi» One. Nf\l .S.-iliinl.'iy (lie "TlKinhs KUiiig" loolball nam.' bcUvfi'ii Kaii.-iis aliil .Missouri will bn slat;i'il al rrni'i'. .ami it is ciiiifiiloiu !y ixprcii'il thai HHMKi will wiiiifss ilii' ^aiHiv .V|jiJ»' llic i-ec(ii(is maiii- (liuiii!; tin- '••Hsiin have favoriil .Mis>(niii. v.. miuli Miat 111!' Tlj;<'is looU inr a vviii liy a iiaiKlllof I\v<i Iiiilt liijiiu lis. I:iri iiilay'ki Kami' ui>si'i Un' ilni"- IN.UI-.I . •MKlilayt'tl Ni'liiasUa 111' ua> .iJi<i 'ail a :! to II vi.icuy in il^l'l \\> I'l 111"' lini:!i ulivti ivv.i ttuU''" flijays s;a\i' tin" lilrk.\ .\'. Ir a: liaiis luo • liiililiilijwtis allil a sii.i"' 111 M I'l'iU's /riu' liillovv llii; rMiat'l nl Uir siniv nl : ilii' Kaiiu' show-; wliai lia|'|i"ii> il ^Tliiii- Is nil Kltiniii in till' .lav |i;iu I..-I 'caiicii 'rin' haul, hiill licui |iiii up l.\ Katisa.s ami tl'.i Tmk \vlii< li laMiiiij iii. (•iivnlinsld'i's may l..- siiiiiiin il up as lul luxy • iiiaiii' liivt il.iuii lirli'- i''ii liiiHs 111 .Vi'lira.-'.a's tliii'i'. ami ciMiipIi'IcHl two Imuanl passi's. wlilli' llii'Cniiiliuski rs iliil ntii i;-'! a«ay «iili imi\ Alti'i- tln> lirs) quarli-r. iln- play Was onliroly in Ni-lirasUa tcniior.^. .and al nil tinn' was lli.- Kansas ^;.lal in ilanm-v I'M'i'pt in llu- last ftxi- iniu- uit's iif play w Iwn Tapiain I'nink ami Itifilit Knil Ilowani brnki' Inosf ami rntiipiyl I'hi" li>nptli of lli.' li.-M Im .\i- _^raska's two tout lulowns Twuf thi' ^ayliawki'f.-^ |iiisli..'<l tin- oval within the shallow of tlio ("urnhuskcis' >;(;al )n,>sts oiii-o Koinp a.« ni"ar as Hi\ inrlii's to tlif Nebraska soal Miir. but twicn till' Xi'briiska liin' stilTciipd ami Kansas I'oiinti it iniiiossiblo in lon-e '.In- ball ovt>r. On tlu' otlx'r liainl. N.-- braska diil iitil K''! •IH" ball . <'b st» I'liounU to tlif .layliawk.ns" uoal to •niT) atti'iiipt a ilrop kirk or p!a >-i' ki .k. Such a ganii'. al'ti'r tlir i|tiarliT a'ul half back stars had bfi-n ii<niov»"il, in- d rates thai Kansas will show .\!is- siiiiri n light loi- tin- cntiri- pi-ricii of p. ay. Nfhraskn beat Missouri at <"i'- Ii nibia 7 to n. Missoni-i. howovi-r, di- fHatoci Oklahoma and Itrakc which in ti rn bmit Kansas. Tliis svason's svi.ics show that Kansas scored lit! points and won tlirco !:aiM"S out of sfviii hf^r opponents srorin;: 41' points. M..-- soiu-i won livt? f-aim-s oiit o] SCMII. siorini; l.'fl points to hiM' oiiiioin'iits .'iT fiiT all iiiaiinor of hard Im k. th.' Kansas i>Ii'von si'oins to lia\>« »;.iit>'n down to work, relying on a Thaiiks- KivinK win lo niako np for t;; - .v.^ars disaii)io)ntiiiejus. Thi- siml.^nts an- c'ontribntin>: tlu' grcalcst roo '.iii;; tiy I'v.'r (irpanizod. dosiiiii' tlif ti-aiu ;• li^- iL 'Hts and if y«lls will b.'at shi- T:^ tlip pa»iir is (yit^r. riinci' 1S!>||. Kansas and Missouri liuve playod gaim's annually—tw.-tity lli in till. Kansas has won IM oi 'ln>sf>. four wiTo li .s. ami .Missouri has won tui'. Tht> total Kan-as sroro is -M' and .Missouri's lii )")'• t):i teams tii^d .'. lo .". and in n'll tiev lii'd " to I". > .s .vi.limi; . a.MUg that this weck'-i «;iim> will IM> a »>ni'. aiul the i-rowd will W a piituie worth seeing. [PEKSONM. MEWnON.) Mrs. G. Hlankhagen went to I'arlyle dii.-i'}tfteriioon for.a visit with frionds. —Dr. 0. L. Cox, Oculist .Mrs .1. W Uttrriss of Carlyle was in the city today. —Drs. Hull A Ilnll. Osleoputlis. IVIt 'iihonos 120, 061. \V. K. Carter Went lo ("liannle Ilii.- ;ifl>inooii lor ,i visit with frielidn. - Farm and City Loans 1! .M Cnn- i.ill-.;J'aiii. Iv .1. TorlMii (if Colony, was In lowii today Mr and .Mrs .1 \V Woodv. of Cat- Ivie Were visllois lieri this afienioon 1 iir coiiiiilclc lliii> ot niirsPF) htorV M-i- J. .>!. .Iiirksiiii. IMimic IISI',. i: O I'alduell ol Colonv. was in the' 1 ity tod .iv on business Mrs W If Wilson, of Cat in it. who' lia, be.11 h. re \isilitii: fri'^mls re-! tiiriieii home ifiis altimoon. W W Wilson 111 west of I'arlyle w.i sin town today 1.. H i;orri-ll, of Carlyle, was in the eily this afierno'on Mrs. 1. U X.ieuler, of Kansas City. arr\v<>d lore this afternoon for a visit Willi Mrs. I.. \'. Stout. —I>r. H. L. Ilendrlrks. Old fonrt Iloiisp. Calls nnsiverrd day or nlgbt .^Irs. C.ertrmie Parkins, and moth er. Mrs. Headb'. of Miiskope,', Ok. ;ir- riV'd hero this afternoon for a visit with friends. 'I'h.' .Men's Hihle class at tile Y. .M (.' A. tomorrow evening at ii:.'!0. All men are in\ited. — K\tra low jirires on new and user. i5a.s and Coal Stove.s. Kil Uennenger West .Madison. .MIS C v.. lUiiiiier, of Kansas I'ily. who has hei 11 hiTe visiting friends r.>li)iiied hotni- this afternoon. T'.ie next number on the Leeturi ('..•l^^e. .Vdrian .\ewen>. at I're^byter iai; e'.iireii .Vovoinher is. .\dmi.sslor and 1'< eents. \V. C \V;ildroii. of Clay Center, who has heel) here on business rt'turneil h'jlue today. 1.. K Stone, of Topeka, who has U< eii here visiting tri>';uls returned home this afternoon. ("> C \Villi;iiiis Went 1 (1 CoUinsville Ibis afternoon on business.- I O .Mei/g.r. «.f i:ik City, who has bi' •! here on business returned lioine this afternoon .•{,(1(1(1 .ifll .K .\FK «(A\ KOVn. XiiT \\m W A .Sroiilc Ii»n «T «v Thill N >Vorlh Willie. Ixindon. -Vov. 17—The plan of constructing a ;>,iit)0-it ile railroad across I'cntlal AfriiM lia:; been received by the conclusion of peace in Triiioli. The i> was orjcinall.v' made yearv ago by a linr. of hondoii eon- traoiors and engi;ie. rs biit i' had fo li/- .-ibandohed licciuse of the diftorenc ^ littween the IV. y t«f Tripoli :'.nd tie Siiltaii of Turkey. The success of ihe undertaking is conditional ujKin the raising of a capital of fifty million dollars and the coi'iseiit of Ital.v, France and Relgiuiu. through the territories of which the proposed railway will run. A London capitalist who was interested iin the original scheme declares that both the capital and the consent 'will be f/rtluoining, as i!ie Jine would provide for the great com- ttierci;»l interests of Euroix?" H ready access to the most fertile regions of Africa. Starting from the ciiy of Tripoli i the line will go through Fezze to Ti- besti and thence through the Fri-mli territory of i )arfur. From thi're ii will take a southeastern route lo the St.inloy falls liear Unke Tanganyika, where it will join the Ca)ie to Cairo .railway. It will art lis a very iin- jiortant feeder lo the Ihuer line. The . jolirney from Kiirope to Central Af- rira will taH,' one week and the traf- lU- over such a line would be eiiortn- ous. Vr«>ierre«l it Straiitht. .loluitiy and liis mother w'er,> dining with a friend, says Judge The first course was chlcketi soup with macaroni in it. • The hostess watched Johnny as he sat quietly gazing into his piate. Finally she asked: • "Whv don't you eat your soup John "I don't care tor It, jna'.im." "Uut 3'our mamma said you liked chicken soup." •'I do likp mamma's chicken soup, but she doesn't, put the windpipes lu.'" \V Uvadli-ld Went to I'iltsburg this ai: 'rnoon o!i business. I. n, C.ibsou went to Hutnboldl tJtis .iflernooii on business .Mrs I.. .\. Johnson, of Krie. who hof bet r. here \i>^ii;ii;: lur son, (Jeorge A. lolnison returnee', home this after- liOell. Jo.' I'r>s;oii. of CoffeyviUe, who hasJ b-en here visiting friends returned horn-- this .iftenioon Vewen'.- .erteitaiRuient.s please everyone. Itpn't fail to ':;e:[r him. .At !'re-byi. ri..!i chnrr-)i Xoxeiuber IS Aiimisslmi and 2'' rcv^Xji. Mrs. \V. H. Saunders of Cherryvale, who has been here visiting friends, reiuruei^ home this afternoon. .Mrs. O. Hill, of Pittsburg, who has been here on business went to Chanut>- this afternoon. \\'. S. Uaju W( lit to Chuniile this afternoon on business. Glothes! Suits Made to Your Measure. Suits Cleaned and Pressed. We have moved from 118 West Madison to 109 West Street. GUS KRANNICH 109 West St. Tailor ' C' .T. "SlcClelland went to Pittsburg this anernoon on I \V. J. .Meek of Fredd'iia. who iias; been here visiting liis father returned home this afternoon. (;. 1). Cillbert, of Cbiinute. who has been here on business, reriirned lioiiie ' this afternoon. yi. \V. Tt-at.-J went to ColTeyville ibis alteriioon on business (i. .M. Stafl'ord wi-ni to Jliimboldt this afternooti on business. (li'orge Coll dl•|)^e lo C|ianiile yi's- lerday afiernoiiii on lils nioioieycle lor a brief \isii I!ob Ilialiiard of Ciriyle. motoiiil to lola yesterday loi a visit with friends \\'.\.\'I^:i> .Man :i. wait on sick nan not fever but -litilit stroke ol ;.ll!l!\-is See i; M \i Isoii or K 1. ;i!!i:i;-. at l !i i;is:er ofliie or :•<*> S •\ I atei'i'i* at onee .Mr-^ W 11 Hoot who has beep \is itiiig h. 1 son Frank at .Manhaitaii r>'tiirued home this afteniooii. '.klKMHUS .MKKT AT HI .MIMH.DI'. ('liry-iantlieiiiiiii, 1 el do'ell PlliUl'- Creeliliouse to $:;i.i I'e. klel'- .\lis (JeorsTe Smith of Cbiinute. wb. has been here on business return'd home ibis morning. IV J. Chambers, of Yates C-nter. who has b"eii here on business left this afti rnoou for Uewey, Okla. Mr and Mr.= Jesse K. Joti's. o^ west of the river are the par»iits oi 1 baby l.ny. horn today T'.;e ;lif ye;n-oM en oV Mr>: 'owei-. I'l' iL't .\'or:!i Fniiiili siifi. Meii (his mernin*.: at 7 o'ele. k. Flitter- il >'-!\i<M"s will be held at tiie resi- 'eii.e lilis iMefiinu. Lieutenant .\ !••••VM n o' t'l.e Salvation .Army offliiat- iig .Ml." .1 II Paikan!, of Channt.'. win a> hull here visiting friends, went ti • lU .'^I'oit tii]s morning ^ W .Beaton. 1 )1 Kansas City, wlie .I-- l.e.-n here oq hiisines.-, returned oiue tills morning. Wall.-, of I.awreiice. was a liiisi •es- visitor here today «. Mrs. J I) Spriiigdale. of Cherry ale will) h:is been lure visiting will rii nils, w, nr to Colony Ibis after noon. P.T I'.arli.r drov.. to i;isaiiiie thi- tioruilig on leisiness W 1> C'lilders. of Clienvvale. vva I business visitor here (r>day. M: Chas I' Scot! went to llntchln- oti t;:!s afternoon to .-iitind the Kiin•1- ieulluni'. and Industrial Con re-^ whicli meets tliere tomorrow am' \ e. II --ilav. 'I'lie C.iii.:ress is a con • •rer^ee lor the disiilssi, n of policie •;| I'llniiples relating to aiiriculturi ai! .l.e (H'le'r industries of Kiinsa's m! il \s evjpeeied that three «ir fou' !:i'i!-an(l delegates will hi- in attend im .Mr .Seoli is »!• ' pn-iileiit o 'e I'euure-s fo; tiie Si iHUil distric ir.i! is en the program for an addres- • i:..i';rovv afternonn liltr InKtllute Mectint: Kooked for Thai riiire on !|k'i>v«>nil>er •J.MIi. I.« every otie ready for the I-'.iiiner.;'' Institute at Hiiniboidi? .A .-pb ndid ' program has been provided Th'-:e vvil! be something of interest for ev. rveiw • Kiisiness farmers, busiii--. - uieti i||,,se. who mean business, won.en aim i ai'd- reii. all should (onie. .Ask •iit-stii'iis ', lake pan in the discussion. Y-ei »-.ij| . add lo the entliiisiasiii and leeiiv.. helpful Inforiiiallon .\o ><:,'• \-..:\ ai ford lo slay .iway l(e|if. .:ir iJi.. dale. .Monday .\nveiiibei J.:.\.; \ Live slock is the basis o! o;i: ':iri i- ers' prosperity. .Mr \\ IK "I-r. at i':e fariiiers' institute, i- autlioi 'm liv. WHEAT IMPULSES KIIIKMJV IMI IW.Hi; \¥.\\S VKVSV. \IMM T .\ .STVMHIFK. l."..<i!m (allle iiiid IS,(MI« Hoir* on T»\o | Marki-ls ll.-ne .*<li|;lil i^illVil on < tlic rrire* Todiii. j "1 • mil •ibl , .sioek piodiiitioii- ami hi'jir liiiii .\lts Sliiiiniiii--. at t'l Itlte. Is a leituiel VI lie ~pi;atioii to . vei.v mil •sled In the proper iiiaiuii; home. I >o yoii waul to live . . uui.iiiie.illv I mil slill eat good tliiii!' ' \iiii >!ioiilil I .Mrs. .Siiiiiiioiis al Itie laiiie-is' ilistiliili • laieers' iii.ti slldllld give ih •. vv ;:o Is iii'er -•I'.eiii o! t!.. fHE STAR WLLEK REIJL; il'.y III- ,\";'"i:it. •! I'r-ns) J t.'liiiago. .\'in Is I'niavorable w.-atber in Argentina put >treiigth-in­ to wheat at tile oii.tsei The market f .-If ciimai.'f! later to the infliience of bi:; .• e:)ii . ill 11),. iiiiri liw esi' and south- w.'. ; T!ie opening was i^c lower to -.Il ',. higliri .May -taried at '.>W te '.ilt.^ til mu liaugi'il. ;o lii-.:.i>-i anil liieii sank to U ',e CIlicilKO ClOM*. \viii:.\T iiiu ">ssc. n.e. M;^;; .May ViK I oi;.\ lul .Mav r-i, I I.A rS - I tei Acorn and Hooslcr Smoke Burning Steel Ranges, Cooks and Heating Stoves. No others like them. Let us show you. :'.l'se; .Mav llee 47' SWEET CLOVER NOW PRIZEO L. 1!. ,-laii the vh-i anci C., 1 foru. an i to la eoiKin^r interesini ju ibe pension 1 of Frank Hellatny. who w,>nt tc Phili|i|iines front Cherryvale '.\- wrote his "pledge of allegi- luembers of the Kanstis W. 11 •d'by .Mrs. Homer Hendricks. I r department president, urged acrease. Uellam.v recentl.v re- the incn-ase :ind will be able ke treatment in a .sanitarium. »lireli Interest anil Mil") Chtnervioiw j riip Mceliiigs to' (oiillnue i I'hroiigh This >Veek. Tlie revival meetings vvliii'i hav" I ti lieid iliirin:: tlie past we.-k liv • l!ev t; \V Shepaiil at the Star X'alliy ' -t-;iooI house, h.'ve proven so sue. e-s- 'iil liiat iliev will be continued this 'Me!; l-'roni the very beginning t; •• interest has been very gie;ii and ilie results most encouraging, eir-hti . ii persons having professeil conversion At the nil—tins; yesterday alH rno ui there were ten conversion-, aiiioni !M ai beiti!; some of the be-i known ind leo.-t suli.-tanilal men <if tlie neiuii loilioir!. The mei-tings will be held •ai': •venini: this week and evervbodv s ir.ited haiiNji" ('lt> (.rain. K.m^a'- Cit.v. .\iiv IV i'a-!i ;i...ll,-l l.llrliallgeil ^4 • ; .\ • 7'i-./ s" •IV ' . xo ",. •ni'ii '.ir, 'i^::'-,; lie, 7!i--,: •I 'K.V Market li • •! i::; .\i .\ii L' hard. >i>''i No L- i;e I. 'ii;.'..''! Close liilv s-.:'-H May M'.', lower No 1! mis- • ::. 41: No. - white K.; Cl,,-e-Jlllv I.".-N: Her IL^'s. 'rolilir Vielil, liiiiiiiiiie lo Orj Ueiilli- er and lii«ierlN'il Miike* Fine lluy ur l^insllnge. Bcarl.ntJ Lon^ Wearing Mry M's^'L". ! I ' \TS .Market slow. No : :'.|:.>::'.'t : -.No 2 mixed. "I'.jfi: ,:;VI". r... il iir.c per busiiel Willi' Kv. ry lime ili of these stories ill I .•iboul the value ol bay .itid lor tilling ree;ii|..,| that evrv eiui.iiry "vv ••ell." tirlaiitly lIliTe is Ui oil- isii-r I K.iiisas paper.-^ i svvei -l clover as siios, the f.ict is \ dry summer ilo • roads ;ire hedged in by tlii.s That it will grovv here lux- i hen- everybiMly knows, .mil rea.son to believe liiat some M«in.i» II \STI:N TIIK cm \r. ')«'!ay in lielting Vote >la.» Inopire Cliaiige ill kan*ns "! ipeka. Nov 1.'. .\lmiist all of tlie if -r -ta'-s iif Cie I'nion have long ince leatineil the winners In the re- •ent election. vvMle in Kan.^as people ti!i a-e vvat.liing the bulletin boards nil -I antiiuu the newsptipers to b-irn lo eho.sen governor at the elee- ion ten days ago IJevisioii ef Mie •lietion laws in Kan^.is is )i« in'-' urg- il conseiiueti"iy i.n almost every hand nd it i- ve:y probable that the ne\t •c';!a;iire will uive tlie matter con• l- r-ilde consideration T.'ire-- met:.mis are -iigi;e-:.i| ;o i.'ei le 1 i - u't^ mere <piii kl.v 1 lie in^^tallation of votin'.; machines Having t'vii sets (tf e!i i- n Judges nil c'i-ik> ai ea-li preeinci. and count- ii; every !ioiir S'lortening the ballot by giving the •ove;ni.r luore aiipointive power T!ie first two silggotiens aregen- •rally ciiaiiipioneil bv people vvlie '.ink the Kansas election laws anti- •Uali'd ami in need of expert leiu.uie'- •ig Tiley ,;. lare that eiliier pla: Vv lilil give ii;u,h relief UOHhllAN SI'IMIN.S HVCK. . , hsiiio ;u (It; Liw-loek. K.n-as Ciiy. Nov IX -CVTTI.K. •:•.(";.S i;ii.eiie .Market steady to stronu' \atie r'eers $i "i 2r .'(I 1 K.ST.; <-()W s and 'le . .".i.iix lie; ^tuckers and fe-d- $; 7".'.( 7 biilU $1 iT.Tr.-. 7': .a • e> r.iefi '.I 7.-, Ml ICS I!ceei|.is '.i.i'iiii Mark-r p'.- lijv • :' lliavy 17 'i; 7 77'-..; iiiokei - ami I iteh'-rs i' '•'>''-i ' light $i: me^V Cltieiiiro l.iiestock. < licago. Nfiv. IS.CATTLK. leeeilits .Markei sluide liiwer [teeves :•'•'•/IJ mi; stoekers and feeders $;»'|';T;e; ciws iind heifers $2.7r.''i 7 111. day it will be valued highly. Henis the latest story from the Htitehiii- son .News: Two .vears ago - a we.-d. a niitsani •• which farmers sought to stamp on' Today - one of the most promising -le Lis;:.t $7.:M'II' heavy $7 ".e'J/ 7 Xll mixed $7 pigs' $4 7.-.T( Time T/;eka Ca|ii:a!' Friday the majesty of the law cruelly removed its pro- te-.iing mantle front tiiai iiretty. innc . 'nt little creature, tnephiti.- mcphlti- la. also known .as the skunk. How • .m ' e.rde of ni:uro<ls sallieil fori! MX that day to take advantage of the 1st opportunity ef the season to hunt this variety of wild game. In fact, thi • "ii ?iea-<'n on skunks seems to have bt*en jiretty genenilly overlooked. ' yon slay him. .md don't fill the hide 'e \".\\ i ,f holes in shooting and skin r:ir:.r !iiii. you cnn re.ili/e from seven iy-:ive cents To three dollars in cold iiisl! for the pelt at the hide dealers The skunk hide shows up later at cloalc stoics in $21111 dollar fur gar Mr. Sirkles Siii-runiUed Sonii .\fler the Airldenl. J T. Sickles, mill repair man at th- ola Portland Cement Plant, suffered 1 Very painful injury at the plant Sat inlay afteriHMiii In lifting a iiiH' '•racket he strained his back severe- y. .About half :iii hour later he sitd leiily sank to the iloor and was un- ible ;o :;;«ve. I.)r Held. Hie com]i;;n.v •hysiciaii. v, ;is taibd and .Mr Sickles is now doing nicely although it will le some titu" In-fore he can r'sunie lis work at the jilant. K:ins:i<. ("ily rrndue-e. Kansas City. .Nov I.x IJiitter and l -;i;i :s unchanged II.\Y—.M.-irket Weak Ciioi<-e limorhy ^1.": ."•ef; 1 ) im: ehoiee prairie $12 '•••''i/ 1I 'll l'.H(>i»M cons -$t'.ti to $11111 iier ton Lead iind Spelter. St. I.oul--. -Nov. l.x - l;j>ad. market is •/7'"'lv .It $1 ec; sn.-ller. market steady •A $7 .10. I.onil Mitrkefs. I Product unotaiions furnished dally j iv Cogbill CotiiiiiissioD Company: i Pl'TTKH—21c per pound. { l-'i;c,.--'_2 4c per ilozen. 1 I OCl.TKY—Hens, Si: coc'<s lnluiZs : ducks ;tc; gee.-e iiike.v>. No 1. 14<-; No 2. lOc; oius LIi-: miitiea-. 2fc each. IMIdO.M COIJN -$i;i^ *o Siiio per ton HOnsi-: HinKS~$2 0i' to $2 77.. ItKKF IIIDKS—10c. ic: tie; old SIXTY nKAHl> ItKV. >HH>1»Y. :irlpl'iil. hitereHlIng Tulk nt the Y. M. (. V. llutldlng. .•\n amusing feature of t'ae reeeii' lank ndihery ::t Ci helata. Okla . was he protest w-;uch a man living over he dynamited bank made from an iiii- tairs window to the robbers. .After he se(-ond explosion, he leaned from he window and called to an outer '.iiard. saying that he didn't care if hey robbed the bank hut urged the :se of si'ialler blasts ,-is tin- heav.v ones hreafened to wreck the building ."itid •ill l:;m and bis fiitnily. already awak- -ned by the jars. The robbers used •nailer ihntges afterwards Tiler" Here si-;tv 'h-ti at tie- Y 'S\ c. .\. V.-terday afternoon to hear <; I-: of the I'nited Hieihren •biirch. talk on the subject of "Tlie Man Who Went Wrong" The entire talk was enrii'lied with Ihe'speaki r's I'.eisonal experietu-es. vvhic-h made it interesti:;sr as well as instriictive Out ot the sixty tiii-n present, not more than live werf^ under 21 y.-ars of age, and it is hojied thar more of this nge will attend no matter how refreshing the Sunda.v afternoon air may he. I ern Kansas. Similar to alfalfa It is . .said to be exempt from insect p'-sis. ' it is easier to g-t a stand than alfalfa, rei |uires but little water, and makes PS good a h.'iy as alfalfa. I "It Ii-is been <iu !y real lately tha' 1 lb- real value of ibis crop M:is b-eii ri -i-ognizerl for hay ami feeii croiis." r .-n.arkeu A. L. Sponsb-r. who has l-.ei n p.iying i unsiderable atteiiiion to this '-rop Mr. riponsler believ»-s that it will be one i>f the big (roi >s of Wi stern Kansas where croiis must b" grown that do not require much moisture. F,d Finnup. of" Finney ootiniy. had eighty acres of sweet i-lover in tliis. season. 1)1 bottom land south of G:ir- di-u City, which r<-ceived no irrigation. The crop harvested about Lnno bushels of S"ed worth close to SS.'iil.i selling for $S a bushel. Thrte years ago an Iowa man who ow-pid this latid found the sweet i-lover growing wild on it and rtipidly siireartlni:. lie tried to stamp It out but witliout success.' and ^-aring the laud would ti.- ruined, got rid of tbe^ phici as .soon ;is he could, selling lo .Mr. Finnup. This "weed" inste.-id of ruining ihi- land, jiroduced enouth seed this seas OI, to |iav ihe entire uurehase price of the place. The ntiture of swi -ct clover pli'iii atakes it good for hay. also for lace and may be u.sed as a green nia'- imre crop. It is osprciaUy valuable IS a honey plant. ' TiK- -Needham farm in Finney county, produced ."lOO \tishels of seed this season whif-li sold for '57 ."iii a bushel P.iiyers b:iv.- been paying from .*7 ."lU •to $S ."! 'uslol tor the se-d. The Typexr'.kr tcilhout a Speed Limit. The escapen:cr.t of 1K3 L. C Today - one cii iiie most proiiiisiiig Smith permits t!:c currii'gc tc crops in Western Kan.«a.s. and likely get away fl -um t!.e lait printing to supercede alfalfa in Ih* ••siiori . ^ • ^ 1 ;:rass" louniry pomt SO instantancoii ::ly Tii.ii i^ the story of sweet clove- that no spccd of opcraf which i? alreadv coming to be regard- .• „ • . -J i^f e.l as on., of the great crops of west- l^'O^/S toO rapid. ^ The hair trigger touch of tlie ball bearing type bars, a carriage t'lat is nevershifted for capitals, a capital shift key requiring only one-third ordinary pressure, a combined one-motion carriage return and line space, •which spaces one, tivo or tiiree lines -with the same sweep, and the lightest possible carriage( tension — give an ease of operation that makes all day speed easy for the operator. Tlie tXmty ri^id curiajc. tUtiooarjr priclia| puiat. the arrangetneol of libtmn •hifl ud bacii •pace keft, and the fact thai no acccMfy operaiioa lakci ike baoda froa wriiiog pwitioa. corabio*.- ipc «d with accuracy ia iKe l_ C. Smith. Mail a poilalfot lileratvre lojay. L.C. SMITH &BROS.'nPEWRItER CC Kansas City Branch vie I>ela>«are St. KnnsiiN CWj, Mo. .VNo (Jrit. other lell()-.v Topeka Capital: Chairman .1. .\ Polley. ,of the Kepubllcan State Cell t -al Coiliiiiiitee. m.nde it cletir las' light that a recount will be demuniled "Vhere Is not Ihe slightest doubt Ihjit Arthiii Capper has 1 n eb-cied gov- « riio- bj at leisl :t.iiiiii iiliirallfy." said .Mr !i(ill. y. "It's a iiuestion of getting Ihe legal votes counted We already have evidence that several tllouS:in(! peiiectly legal ballots were throwi: out through tuisappn hension because they were marked in both the circle and the siiutire. There is not a lawyer or j-ddge In Kansas wh-i will dispute the contention that these ballots ari legal and should b.^ vounted.' -Oet the WANT Al) Habif ANTELOPE ill: I I-;cllp>'e are the new colors in Cranes Linen l..1*n Writing P.ilie» In tiiese and Hresden Wlilte we have tin- ni vv styles and paikai:es :V-lnce^ and Klvoll- are the very folds In Knvfli.'pes See tlieni In east wlliilovv ex- h.lht;. New lin-' Ini'ial paper in I-iiien Ijiwn. Evans Bros. BOOKSTOBE. HEM'S TII(»MI'St»'S tllAXCK. ('|i >si 'iH »s nf »;oi«Tiior '<i KiKht N Si-iiiitiir'o Kiivor. in "Isn't thi to propose?" "i guess nor: he's like an glass " . "How's that 7' "The more time he gets the less sand he has," —St. Paul Pioneer Vnss. C S. Ritter leaves fonieht for Paola where he is interested in a, lawsuit which is rather unique. The suit is • -'.z years old The action was starteJ\ ' in Ohio in IStlii. and has been handed^ . down to the second generation. There ^ ^ ' " \ are faint hopes that it will, be settled • l,„„r '; in the present term of court' Mr. and Mrs -M W. Heller, of Joplin. Mo., who have been here visitlnK fri* nd.-5. returned home this afternoon. With n giilx-niatoriat on j their hands in the coming session ol ' the leuislatiire, (he well deflned and shrewdly laid plan lo spring a dark horse for the lulled Stales Seiialor- 1 ship bus taken a back sint. In fi'et there will probably be tio bolt of , Thompson at all and all ihe craft and j running of the wise political leadern ' will be combined with the aeilvlly of , the political liil can carriers to iild and abet the llodgen cans - in the Sen .lie It Is In the 7.eal lo save Hodge:: , thai Thompson will be saved a tight , in his own party and unlesH there is ; a change In »he pfejienr allRnment. ' Thompson will BO to the I'niled States Senate without a murmur of protest, - Topeka State Journnt. SOME MORE WANTS i FOR SALK—WOOD. PHONK l"!!' i W.AXTF .n— CHOP AND BR.AN Sacks I at Clailxirne's Mill. Piione Ifi". Do Not Let cold weather find you with defeclivo healin.u: equipment. Let us .show you the hi.urh efficiency line—for forty years the standard— THE GARLAND Some E.xeeplionally Attractive Prices.

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