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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, JUNE 10,1892, FREE IMPORTATION OF ANIMALS. A Complniitt Hint It Discriminate* Against American Trotters, WASHINGTON, .June 10. —Complnint has been made to the secretary of the treasury that tho regulations of that department in regard to the free importation of animals for breeding purposes discriminate against Amer- can trotters. The complaint was made by the Hon. Walter I. Hayes. member' of congress from Iowa, and was referred by the treasury department to Secretary Itnsk. To Mr. Hayes 1 complaint that these regulations, made "upon cNpert advice of the secretary of agriculture," strike a blow at the only distinctive type of American horse. Secrc tary Husk has replied that the law requires that no animal shall be admitted free unless pure bred of a recognized breed; that no discrimination is made against any breed: that the only requirement is that au animal, to be imported free of duty, should have five-sixteenths of the blood of its breed, and that, if evidence to this effect cannot be produced, surely such animal cannot be considered pure bred. "As a matter of fact," the secretary says, the standard trotter is purely an American production, and consequently breeders do not need to import trotting horses to improve the American trotter, while animals so imported, on the other hand, will doubtless be found to compete with American breeders."' In connection with this subject, another complaint in regard to their regulations came from a Mr. W. I<\ Todd, from whose letter addressed to Senator Hale, it appears that this geutlcman has purchased and fitted up a stock farm in New Brunswick, Canada, where he is raising standard trotters, and he desires an exception made to the regulations in order that he may sell the product of his stock farm in the markets of the United States without being subject to duty. To this complaint the secretary has replied that if Mr. Todd's stock is not sufficiently pure bred for him to furnish the evidence necessary to secure their free entry under the regulations they should be subject to duty the same ' as any other horses imported into the country to compete with the products of our own farms. "If Mr. Todd," says the secretary, takes advantage of the cheap land and cheap labor to be found in English provinces, spending hismoncyfor tho improvement of the community there located-and paying taxes for the support of a foreign government. I do not see how he can expect an exception to be made In his favor so that the produce of his farm can reach American markets duty free."' NO DANCES FOR JOHN, ters docs not seem to have had any appreciable effect. According to the sexton of tho church of that denomination in Philadelphia just as many gold rimmed glasses arc being worn at the services If not more, while some of the younger members of the flock have taken to wearing gold eye-glasses in order to give themselves a distingue appearance. HEIRSTOIHACF"A MILLION. One of the Bennltclarlos Missing Tor Many Years, NKW YOIIK, June 10. —Lawyer Samuel 1!. Higinbotham, of Brooklyn, and Samuel llenson, for whom search is being made, have fallen heirs to an estate in Australia which is said to be worth half a million dollars. The story is somewhat peculiar. William Mells, before 1840, was the head of the llrm of Mells & Turley, wholesale elothiers, of Manchester, England, which about the date named went into liquidation owing to failure in Hobart Town, Port Philip and Melbourne, Australia, To the shore of Mells, 8100,000 of bad debts fell in 1842. He went to Australia with his wife, formerly a Miss Benson, and their young son to collect some of the money. Though reduced to straits which necessitated his tending sheep in the bush for years, he eventually realized a considerable sum of money from the debts due him. A large tract of land was deeded to him in settlement for one of these debts. The land contained fine brick clay, and he engaged in brick making and prospered. Mells, who died in 1870, left his property to his widow, who, upon her death, which took place not long after, left her estate to her son, Samuel Benson Molls. As the latter died recently without issue the property goes to Samuel Benson and Samuel Benson Highiubothnm. Mr. llighinbotham, who went to Kngland in 1857, brought back with him to America Samuel Benson, who was then 18 years old. As young Benson was rather wayward he gave him a sum of money and the liid started off' to seek his fortune. In 1800 Benson found employment with Robert Lethoridge, in Indianapolis. He work there for a week and then went away with a circus company. Since them nothing has been heard of him. Soma of tlie tjlrls Wanted to Dance, but tlic Chlmtman Kttlri No. been made trustee. More than forty families which had hitherto held the highest positions in different parts of the country have been reduced to pauperism by Wallcy's frauds. lie was for many years a prominent member of the house of commons, and posed as champion of tin- Tiehuorne claimant during the celebrated troubles of that individual way back in the seventies. THE PRIZE FICHTERS. I lie Nn\v YOKK, .lune 10. —Undisturbed by the Republican convention at Minneapolis, the Hoods in the west, or any of tho events which agitate the citizens of New York, the good Chinese who go to Sunday school went on their annual excursion yesterday. The Grand Republic \Vttfi at the fool of West Twenty-second street at 8 o'clock in the morning to receive them. The first to arrive were the Sunday school teachers. These were women of all uges between 20 and 00 years, and they had all brought a little lunch with them. Then in small groups the Chinamen began to arrive, each man staggering under big bundles. They all wore their prettiest blouses, the predominant colors being purple, dark brown and pea green With happy smiles and sheepish eves, each man untied one of his bundles and awkwardly presented his favorite teacher with a bunch of flowers, a fan, or a bag of something good to eat. Then the teacher said, "Oh, how nice, John," or "Thank you, Chin!" and they boarded the boat together. At SI o'clock the Chinaman at tho foot of the gang plunk cried, "All ablawdl" and the boat started just us two belated Chinamen came running along and frantically tried to climb over a ten-foot railing. They missed the boat, but they hud the sympathy of all on board. The trip to Cornwallton Drove, on Long Island, where all the fun was to be, was monotonous. There were nearly 1,200 people on board, but they all split up into small groups and talked or sang hymns. A few China­ men who had brought queer instruments with t hem played horrible music. When the grove was reached baskets were opened and lunch was spread on tables under trees. Many of the men had brought mysterious-looking Mott street delicacies with them, which their teachers could not apprciate. After lunch they playedomusie and several giddy girls started to dance, but they were promptly stopped. One of the Chinese ollicials said: "The public has made so much fuss about female teachers for Chinamen that we think it best not to have any dancing. It would only cause a lot of talk." Corbett Hull Sillllvaii ilk Training for Coining Fight. NKW YORK, Juue 10.—Jim Corbctl has gone into training for his contest next September with John L. Sullivan. His training quarters ure near Ashbury park, and he occupies the Redding cottage near Loch Arbour on the north side of Deal Lake. William Brady, his manager, had previously secured the pretty cottage belonging to Capt, Edwards of the life saving station, but whou the latter found it was to be occupied by the pugilist, he re- txirncd the rent money and insisted on the lease being canceled. Rather than have any trouble Brady complied. The residents of Loch Arbour, about all of whom own the (property they occupy, are not at all pleased with the new visitors that have come amongst them, and have established a rigid boycott. This, however, does not matter to the pugilists as they infinitely prefer to be left alone. Corbett is firmly of the opinion that he can whip the Boston big man, and says that if he did not think so he certainly would not fight. He says that his advantages are greater height, longer reach, and that he is also more scientific and quicker. He. admits that Sullivan can hit a good deal harder than any other man, but thinks he can keep out of his rench long enough to tire him out. Corbett evidently looks for a sprinting match for the first few rounds. He expects to go into the ring weighing about 205 pounds. His trainers are Jim Haley and Dr, John W. (libbs of this city, and the latter says that from a comparison of Corbett's present measurements with those of Sullivan as recorded by Dr. George F. Shrady, Corbett is found to be by far the better man at the present time Dr. Gibbs says: "Sullivan is abnormal. He is fifty pounds overweight, and his waist measurement is eleven inches in excess of what it ought to be. Sullivan's extra weight is just where it is hardest to get rid of." AN INCENIOUS CLOCK. A Womlcrrul Piece or Mechanism Warsaw Cloukmakor. LONDON, June 10. —A letter from Warsaw says that Julius (loldfaden, a clockmaker of that city, and who has been at work for nearly ten years on a remarkable piece of mechanism has decided to send it to the world's fair as a portion of the Russian exhibit. The clock represents a railway station, with waiting rooms for the traveler, telegraph and ticket offices, a very pretty, well lighted platform, and u flower garden in the center of which is a fountain of clear water. Past the railway station run the lines. There are also signal boxes, signals, lights and reservoirs, in fact everything belonging to a railway station to the smallest detail. In the cupola of the central tower is a clock which shows the time of the place: two clocks in the side cupolas showing the time in New York and Pekin; and on tho outermost tower is a calendar and u barometer. Every quarter of an hour the station begins to show signs of life. First of all the telegraph official begins to work. He dispatches a telegram stating that the line is clear. The doors open and on the platform appear the station master and his assistant; the clerk is seen at the window of the ticket office: and the pointsmen come out of their boxes and close the barriers. A long line of people form at the ticket office; porters carry luggage, the bell is rung, and then out of the tunnel comes a train, rushes into the statiou, and after the engine has given a shrill whistle stops. A workman goes from carriage to carriage and tests the wheels with a hammer. Another pumps water into the boiler of the engine. After the third signal with the bell the engine whistles, and the train disappears into the opposite tunnel; the station master and his assistant leave the platform, and the doors of the waiting rooms close behind them; the pointsmen return to their boxes; and perfect stillness prevails till, in a quarter of an hour, the whole is repeated. AN ELOQUENT HOOSIER GIRL. the national subscription and of the sales of the two books mentioned above will leave a surplus, which will be devoted to a home for aged Norwegian sailors similar to tho well known Sailors' Snug Harbor in New York. The Plenty of Flowers. Rev. Dr. Cuyler was seventy years old a few days ago, and received gratifying tokens of regard from many friends. Tho drawing room and study were fragrant with roses and flowers and were a bower of beauty. It oc- cui-red to some ono to bring a faithful servant who had been knitted by interest, association and affection with the life of the household through years of tender and trusting service up to the drawing room to see the evidences of tho loving remembrance in which the good man was hold. She examined the gifts with great interest, and expressed her delight in these glowing words to Mrs. Cuyler, "I toll yon, ma'am, the doctor couldn't have had more flowers sent to him if he was dead!"—Brooklyn Eftcle. Fnil to Do Our Duty, Everybody has at times failed to do their duty towards themselves. Hundreds of lady renders suffer from siek headache, nervousness, sleeplessness nnd female troubles. Let them follow the example of Mrs. II. Ilerbechter, Stevens Point, Wis., who for five years suffered greatly from Nervous Prostration and sleeplessness, tried physicians and different medicines without success. But one bottle of Dr. Miles' Ner­ vine caused sound sleep every night and she. is feeling like a new person. Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler, Laramie City, Wyoming, who tried all other remedies, declares that after three week's uscof the Nervine for Headache, Nervous Prostration, etc., she was entirely relieved. Sold by A. & A. Drug Co. Trial bottle free. Beggs' little giants are the most effectual pill on the market. Safe, sure and certain. Sold and warranted by A. J. Batimhardt. Is your hair falling out or turning gray. Try Beggs' Hair Renewcr. It acts lige magic. Sold and warranted by A. J. Baumhardt. Accused of Hollcltluu; it Itrltio. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., June 10. —Yesterday there was a sensation in the superior court when an attorney in a Chinese case accused one of the jury of soliciting a bribe. The juryman, J. 11. Squire's, a fancy goods dealer, was arrested in the jury box, and to -day he appeared as a prisoner in the police court, and there was another sensation when it was Baid Squires was a train robber and an ox-convict. November ft, 1800, it is alleged, Squires, in company with a gang of desperadoes, held up a Central Pacific train at Verdi, Nov., securing $40,000 in coin. It was stated the robbers were all caught und sent to the penitentiary, Squires' sentence being the heaviest, twenty-three years. A vear'luter he escaped in a bold break with all his confederates. He was caught, but was pardoued in 1883 For a number of years he has been in business here. The Wlolednes* ol Uolcl Spectacles. PillLADKi.l'urA, Juno lO.'-The debute at t,Uo recent African Methodist Epis- copal conference in this city on the wickedness of wearing gold spectael by worldly minded lirethyeu and sis-1 all due to estutes of Assaulted Two Aged Women. JIAUTKOHII, Conn., June 10. —Three New Britain roughs, Herbert Saunders, lohn Dillon and Walter Abbott, the last two jailbirds, assaulted two aged women, Mrs. Sarah V. llausen and Miss Ellen Smith, at Kensington, in tho town of Berlin, six miles south of here, Saturday night. Mrs. Van Hauseu is ill with eon- sumption and will die from the brutal treatment. The two women and another old moman, who made her escape to the upper part of tho house, lived alone in the old Washington Winchell house on the main road from New Britain to Meridcn. The three men were captured, and ure now in New Britain jui> to await the result of Mrs. Vanllauseu's in juries. Two of the men were arrested in Berlin by Constable Taylor. A large drove of men attempted to lynch them. The third man fled to Now Itritain and was arrested there ufter u hard fight, Not Illegal, but Huprcheuslhle. LONDON, Juno JO.—Home Secretary Matthews In response to a lengthy memorial has decided that the practice lately brought into vogue by many saloon keepers in this city of giving presents to every child purchasing beer ut their resorts on a certain day of each week, is not Illegal and cannot be interfered with. Blie Wins the Oratorical Prize at an Interstate Contest. Miss E. Jean Nelson, of Greencastle, Ind., is tho first of her sex to win the championship for college oratory. It y an honor indeed. Ten states contested at this, the nineteenth interstate oratorical contest; each state was represented by the orator wholiad won state honors, and Miss Nelson was tho unanimous choice of the six judges for first place, Mr. G-. H. Qeyer, of the anss e > J - NELSON. Wesleyan university, Delaware, O., receiving tho. second honor. Miss Nelson represented De Pauw university directly, Greencastle beinn her home, and the state generally and the students of De Pauw manifested their pride and joy with cannon, bells, songs and cheers in tho most enthusiastic manner. She is a tall and graceful lady of nineteen, with short hair, a pleasing, intellectual face, Boft and winning voice and an earnestness in delivery that carries with it a convincing impression of bir sincerity. Her theme was "Industrial Freedom," and her criticisms on all forms of paternalism, though rather sharp and aimed squarely at such organizations as tho Knights of Labor and Fanners' Alliance, and indirectly at protection and other forms of government interference, was received with great applause. Her main objection to such policies was that they lessened the demand for and consequently hindered the development of self reliance and individual forethought. Mr. Geyor spoke immediately after Miss Nelson, and was evidently handicapped from the start, but he dealt with "Tho Optimism of History" so forcibly as to win honors. The honor is not a little heightened by the high standing of the judges. They were: On thought and composition- President P. B. Angell, University of Michigan; Chief Justice H. B. Elliott, of Indiana, and Hon. John M. Thurston, of Nebraska. On delivery—Hon. A. H. Young, of Minneapolis; ex-Governor "William Larrabee, of Iowa, and Horace Dalton, D. D., of Chicago. The Handsomest Lady in Hutchinson Remarked to a friend the other day that she knew that Kemp's Balsam for the throat was a superior remedy, as it had stopped her cough instantly when other cough remedies had vci effect whatever. So to prove this and convince you of its merit, any drtigist will give you a sample bottle FREE. Large sive 50c and 81. French Tunny Water*. 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It is intended, however, as far as possiblo to accept the services of nono but educated men, who may be able to take part in tho compilation of an account of the voyage. Another literary project in connection with the interesting experiment is the issue of a pamphlet on the Norwegian Viking ship aud the discovery, in A. D. 1001), by the Viking Leif tho Fortunate, of Viuland, the chief settlement of the ancient Norsemen in America, a territory comprising the present states of Massachusetts and Rhodo Island. The Viking ship is described as a memorial of tho days in which Leif Eriksson was tho first European to set his foot on American soil. Tho pamphlet on tho Viking ship will also contain a brief account of the Norway of today . , , , ,, j It will be published both in Europe and three-quarters of a million of dollars, I Amorica i min „diately after tho ship " ' lie had I starts. It is hoped that tho proceeds of Democrats, Take Notice. The committee, on transportation of the delegation from Kansas to the national Democratic convention to be held at Chicago June 21, 1802, have selected the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, as the route by which the Kansas delegation will make the journey, and have authorized me to publish this announcement. W. C. PKBUY, Chairman of Committee. In connection with the above, we beg to state that the rate will be one lowest fare for the round trip. Tickets will be sold Juno 10 to 20 inclusive good to return including July 0. We will arrange a special train, hand somely decorated, on a schedule which will enable parties from all points in the state to Join at convenient Kansas junction points, or at Kansas City. The exact date and time of the train will be announced later. Additional information can be obtained from the nearest Santa Fe agent. The celebrated Bandana club of Leavenworth, the Democratic Flambeau club of Topeka and other prominent Democratic organizations will accompany this train GKO. T. NICHOLSON, G. P. andT. A., Topeka, Kan. W. J. BLACK, A. G. P. and T. A. KtreugtU and Health. If you are not feeling strong and healthy, try Electric Bitters. If "La Grippe" has left you weak and weary, use Electric Bitters. This remedy actB directly on the Liver, Stomach und Kid ueys, gently aiding those organs to per form their functions. If you are afflicted with Sick Headache, you will find speedy and permanent relief by taking Electric Bitters. One trial will convince you that this is the remedy you need. Large bottle* only 50c at C. E. Sidlinger 's drug store. -0 grass. A. M tt PROFESSIONAL CARDS, FHTSKJ1AN8. SIDLINGElC Physician und P.urgeon. RS. STEWART, 327 North Main. DR. J. E. STEWART. Practice limited to Surgery and Diseases ot Women. DR. R. A STEWART Eye, &»r, Throat and Nosi. Glasses properly adjusted. J. W MAGDIRE, M. D., Treats Eye, Kar, Nose anil Throat Ureases Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence. 008 North Main. J G. MALCOLM, Physician and Sur^aon (Homeopathic) Office 112 1st avenue east B. J.» WETHERBY, Pliyslcian aud Surceoo. DlseaseB of w men a specially. RAILROAD TIME TABLES- .Kock Island. imr -ABT <v _ 8:60 ajf ft: 50 pft 11: J r !J'-l4 OKPAliTSr 0:20 a. m t):55 p. m\ 11:00 p. m i ,.; Missouri rui'lllc. WK8TWAHD. 0:00 a. ml 0:.'10 a. ml 4:10 p. mi 0:45 a. m| 11:45 a mi 7:2'J p. ml Hutchinson & Southern. AKR1VES. (1:25 p. m 11:30 a. m OHPAUTS 7:20 a. m. 2::io p. m. Close connections made at Hutchinson and lngman with diverging lines. Atchison, Topeka £ Hnnta Ke. In effect on and after May 22,1802. WESTDODNI), Leave Hutchr lnsou. Trains. o Leave Hutchinson. Arrive Kinsley San Franc'co & Teaas Ex Ac tlon :i :i4i 0:20pm 8:20 a m 12:50am 1:20 p m Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutch- sou. Arrrlve Kansas City. New York Limited Kx. Accoin'd'tion 4 342 5:00 a m 2:25 p m 7:50 a m 8:10 pm 4:40 p m No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeping cars to San Diego. Loa Angeles. San No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers epe nni Francisco and City of Mexico. tin ' ~ . and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Spi and Denver, making connections at Pueblo and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Francisco and Portland, Yla. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. No. 0 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chaii cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TKDVOUDi Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. BOARDERS WANTED At the old reliable barn of J. H. M'CLURG, Corner of Second and Walnut, adjoining Brunswick hotel. This barn is neat and clean, having all been overhauled and white washed, and is well ventilated, conveniently located and the safest barn from fire in the city. The proof of this is that insurance companies give the lowest rate of insurance on it than any livery barn in the city. It is also furnished with electric light, telephone and water. Horses delivered and sent for. Satisfaction is guaranteed to nil our patrons. We also keep a few first-class rigs, safe single and double drivers. RigB and harness new. J. IT. M'CLURG, Prop. The Celebrated French Cure. Warranted " APHRQDITINE " ° r ^S. Is SotiI> ox A POSITIVE GUARANTEE to euro an vform of nervous dis- easo oi my tlls- orderot Jio generative organs of either scx,' whethur arising from the execs- AFTER sivo use of Stimulants, Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indiscretion, over indulgence, &c., such v.a Loss of ft rain Power, Wakefulness, Bearimr down Pains in tho back, Beminal Wcakncr.n, Hysteria, Nrrvons Pros- tratiou, Noctunnd Emissions, Lcnccrrhooa, Dizziness, Weak Memory, horn of Power ana Impotonoy, which, if neglected often lead to premature old ago and! usauity. Price $1,00 box, C boxes for J5.00. Sent by mall on receipt of^riee, Ofllce in Montana block, First Ave.eutrance. CONN, Den tUt. Parlors corner of Main and First aienue over RedderBen's store. ATTORNEYS. fNO. W. ROBERTsT Attorney at Law. noomB 2, S and 4, Mo. a South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. AttorneyB at Law. Successors to Swlgart & Crawford. Penney Building, opposite Court Houae. jgDWAKD A. HARRIMAN, Attorney at Law, Office In Hutchinson National Bank Building "Y^M. WHITELAW, Attorney at Law, Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. ""»uv.c w HITES1DE Si GLEASON Office, 1, Attorneys at Law, , 3, 4, over No. 21 South Main St. WKI.TTEN GUARANTEE is ijlven f every $5.00 order recuived, to rotund tho roon if arermuiicntciirclf*noteu"c..;ted. Woha thousaudB n? teatlinunlnlijf rom old und young of both BCXCR , who lmvo been permanently cured by tho UBO C >? Aphrodttino. Circulars tree. Montion jinper. Aildress „ THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. Western Branch, P.O.Box 27. MRTI.SND, OREGON. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. MILLION DOLLARS . 1 Would not temnttbe busv Would not tempt the busy bustling, brainy American to part with the price rpAYLOR & TAYLOR, Attorneys ut I.nw, Office, up-stalra, Masonic Temple. t less treaHure of good \ health, which he can gain 1 and preserve by the UBe of tnoHe .Bafe, effective and unfailing CHINESE VEGETABLE REMEDIES with whicn the great Dee Wing Brothers apeedlljund permanlentlv core every form of uervtuo, chronic, Iprlvate and sexual disease, loa manhood, Keminal weakness, errors of avth, urinary, kidney ind lUer troubles, alBcises of Tpie heart.* nes/.." throat, dUeisvH of the lMpod orBKifi • of the Blnmu'h ano «F neuralgia, paryysls, fli* syphilis, ghontrxicii, gleB and diseases of h\y org-3 LEE WINQ 'S lViu'illfl er means fall. ConsuVl Hon free, and only a snl edles. Call tar consult;! turns fully, enclosing sUj LEE WIN< 1513 Larimer BtrJ

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