Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1974
Page 8
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HUPfc (AKK.) STAft 1-riday, September 13, 1$?4 SIDt GLANCES By GILL FOX "At the rate your prices are going up, it won't be long before the era of (he Great Supermarket Riots!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN YOU WOMEW USE IT- WHY CAW'T I? RUBIMTH' VANISHING CREAM AM' TH' PIR.T PISAPPEAfcS WITH rr.'.Aki' iT PO5EP TO KEEP VOL) VOUKJG-LOOKIM'.' I WAWTA KEEP yoUKJG-UOO TOO, YOU KNOW.' 1 ALSO K.WOW VOU'LL PO ANJV- V. THIWG TO GET OUT OF USIMG A \ WASH RAG! YOU'EE STILL IW THE SOAP-AWP-WATER CLASS AMP THAT'LL KEEP VOU VOUMG- LOOKIMS FOR A LOUS TIME VBT.' YESTTERPAYS 1-fi OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE PR. POWERS,! V^/^NN^ TELL Y* MEET1N' YOU PUTS A BIS HOP ON PULSE.' WE SRUBBV SCHOLARS PON'T 6IT MUCH CHANCE 70 MIX WITH EPUGKTI0NA.L BI66IE5. 1 VER BOOKS JES' fiREATT! VJHV, PROFFE550R HOOPLE, I HAD NO IPEA MY REPUTATION HAD PRECEDED ME. 1 HE COPIEP IT FKCW A NOVEL I HEARP HIM SPEECH IREHEAR&IN' THI& M0RNIN'. 1 SET JAKEiS OUTFIT AND THAT AKE LEAVES NOTHING TO EEK&MEEK Delight Answer to Previous Pu&le ACROSS 1 Entertain 6 Be agreeable 12 Defeated person 13 Bring back to former state 15 Close (poet.) 16 Restaurant 17Signofcwsent 18 Purpose 20 Western landmark 21 Conclusion 22 Owns 24 Brought joy to 28 Presidential nickname 31 Assistant 32 Foes 34 Spanish city 37 Lyrical poems 38 Diminutive of Samuel 39 Charm 42 Sty 43 Individual 44 Armadillo 47Delaware(ab.) 48 .Short pin 51 European country (var.) 54 American novelist 56 Pleasantness 57 Russian distance measure 58 Foot joints 59 Make happy DOWN 1 Wolfhound 2 Single (comb, form) 3 No longer new 4 Great number 5 Short trip 6 British vehicle CARNIVAL 7 Monetary unit of Romania 8.Superlative suffix 9.Small particles 10 A certain number 11 Periods of time 14 Greek letter 19C'yprinoid fish 21 Garden of delight 22 Biddy 23 American humorist 24 .Stops from speaking 25 Italian currency 26 First mortal 27 Kind of tide 28 Verdi opera 29 Vegetable HASH GORDON "THE SUPERCOMPUTER-BRAIN RECEIVES A rHOt/GHT WAVE FROM FiASH... 30 Being (phil.) 33 Change place 35 High card 36 Jacob's son (Bib.) 40 Pedal digit 41 Filled with affection (2 wcls.) 42 Mischievous trick 44 Constellation 45 Cougar 46 So be it! 47 Time segments 48 Brazilian estuary 49 Formerly (obs.) 50 Fence opening 52 Nothing 53 Noun suffix 55 Loki's daughter (myth.) V/H/LEAf THE r/ME-t6WEt- Its CIRCUITS HUM... CONTROLS CttCK,.. LIGHTS LEAP AND OANCe... THE ROBOT GUARDS ARE IMMOBILIZED/ jy PAN BARRY WAt"LEAVES ME 1 FREE TO FIX THS | TIME-HOPPER, VICKI.' f •^ LONS.' THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM By DICK TURNER ALLEY OOP By DAVE GRAUE l?74 by NEA. Inc., T.M. Reg. U.S. Pii/OH. - I THINK THOSE JASPERS IN TH 1 WOODS WILL KEEP THEIR DISTANCE.ORVILLE ...I OVERHEARD 'EM SAY THEY WERE UNDER STRICT ORDERS TO AVOID ANY ROUGH STUFF/ 9-13 RIGHT, MR. LURCH! IF THEY GET TOO NOSY/ WE FIX, THEM GOOD/ SUPPOSE YOU LET MARKO AND ME WORRY ABOUT THAT LITTLE DETAIL, ORVILLE. 1 BUT WHAT IF THOSE ORDERS ARE CHANGED? , .. <S 197^ by NEA, Inc.. T.M. Replu.S.Pal. 00.. CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE IWPEEP I PO WMS^M$t.M^lgi REMEMBER PEVOW '^^•^^•^ v ^ a ^^ i CAR 0H£ HIREP WA5 FOUNP NIGHT WEAK. HYPE R0 "Why don'tcha leave that stuff you bought in the garage till I go to bed, so my favorite TV programs won't be wrecked with a lotta noise?" BLONDIE A ruler is someone who's made the best of it when someone gave him an inch. Lifting a mortgage is much harder to do than to carry one. By CHIC YOUNG Money talks but makes very little in the way of cents these days. Good intentions die unless they're executed. •" BOSS, MAV I LEAVE EARLY i TOOAV? I TMIMK I'M SUPPER IMG FROM BRAIN STRAIN 111/TH E ONLY STRAIN 1 V YOUR BRAIN GETS IS WHEN YOU PUT YOUR WAT ON 9-/3 By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI EACTEAJD6R, i-CT ME HAVE A IUHAT THE HECfc A GRETA SARBO OXfcTA/L WIL.L. YOU WALK HOME WITH ME, PAVEY? * I I OONVLIKETO BE ALONE ON NIGHTS LIKE THIS. I WHEN THEREfe A RJLL MOON. I TURN INTDAYVEiRewOt-F. FRANK AND ERNEST By BOB THAVES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS I'M THE VICTIM Of TECHNOLOGICAL THE BATT£g|£* WENT DEAD OIU MY CALCULATOR. BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHl & STOFFEL ClSARS, ClfiARETTES... STUDENTS WANT THE PR/V/LESE OF S/MOXlN^[ HM/M... IN THE CLASSROOMS, /ALL fcl<3HT. UNDER ONE. BLOOMiR /\ CONDITION PRISCILU'SPOP ByAlVIRMflR HELLO, DESIST IN E5MMS// YOUR DEFAMATION' PLEASE OBSERVE THAT C&DK.IC IS CARRYING A BRIEFCASE WHICH ICCNTlFlES HIM AS A SUCCESSFUL &USINESSMAN.' WHAT'S IN ] IT? THREE FINANCIAL JOURNALS AND A CLEAN PAIR OF SOCKS/ ) TODAY I LEARNED THAT ON THE DAV I WAS

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