The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 17, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1977
Page 2
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S— 7VAUOATUCK TfKW.«t (CONN,), FRIDAY, JUI/Y n, 1946 Warship Damaged During 'A' Test At Bikini DREW PEARSON rs*. ON °the WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson' Says: Congressman May Of Kentucky Aided Mysterious War Profiteer; War Contractors Hac Code Name For Kentucky Congressman; May Go $4,000 "Expenses" For Handling Lumber Mill Purchase Washington—-It mny bo noww to the Congressional colleagues of thn Chnlrnrmn of tho Houso Military Affairs Committee, but to certnln v/fir contrttctoi'd who mudo million*! from the Army, pious Rep. Andrew JnckHOn. Muy of Kentucky wan known as "Yicchel," ConKrofl.irrmn May probably doo.nn't know It, but "Yicchel" !a Yiddish nnd It mean* "anybody," ThlH undignified, numo happened to be the cotlo mimo which oxnqutlvfui of the Erlo B;isln Metal Products Company UHnd In I'fifci'rlnj,' to their chief ConKi'osHlomil friend In Washlr.jT- ton. Without him, It IM bcllnvod tho Erlo Basin Company never could hnvo mntte Itn lu«h war profits. i > /«i i'ift 1 ^) A<i hcrul of the poworiul Military i Affairs CommlUoo, "Y/och<->l Mfiy j V/MM In ri position tf> bo oxtrcmoly Hurtful. Ho could Influence prorno-1 HoriH of Army odlcdrn. Ho '"could | ImVH certain o/Jlnorti kept In thn UHA lnnLund of bolnj,' jn-nt ovorsonn, And ho could huvo rifflcnm trumi- forrful who did not cooperate) with ICrUi Badln, At one tlmo. I3i-lo BiiMlrt" oxrtcu- Uv«rt. cvon hnd « Hat prepared of different omcrrn they had hud pro* motfld or k<spt In trm USA OH n rn. nult of "YlonhQl" Miiy'.M Influence, 'Jt totaled uhciut fifty mrm, J'luintom Company Thn lOrlo Bixflln Metal Product:! company, clOMpJto I t tt Impcwlntf imrnri, tiprnnj," up from nowhere. Jt didn't cxliit before thn wnr. It hadn't cvon. Incorporated nt thu tlinc It wot Its t>\K wur contract Ynt It WHH given a .$3,000,000 ordo to manufacture -1.2 mortar shollti foi 1 th« AiTiiy. !/!!> HANK ,1'I'HKKT rnwn O'KJ'JIJFK, Miir.v (niJu:I>t>jiHld) of iiftfi Hr:dtt Htrc(!t, July 5, Jti'lti. Kunnral iVfonflay mtu-riln m S.-30 o'clock from f.liicikmlllrr F'uneral Homo, !iii I'arlt pluoo to St, -I''i7uicl.'i' chiirol) n.t f) ii, m. Hurlnl In St. Jnmcn' ccmctet-y. I''rUmr|» may dill fit KuniM'dl Homo HutuHdy. " to 10 p. m. and Sunday 2 to 10 p. rn, Orjranizcr» of this amazing war baby wore two almost unheard-of brothers: Murray Garsoon and Hunry Ganmon, Murray Garason first become faintly known in Washington whan ho served In the Laboi Department under Hoover's 'Secretary of Labor, William Nuckela Doak, He had nn FBI record as a former associate of Dutch Schultz and Owney while his brother Henry was once chiii'ifod by tho Treasury with ac- coptlni; " £5,000 brlbo while nerving as a revenue agent. Although acquitted by n. Jury, Garsson was dla- ohurRod from tho Treasury. Working with the Garsson brothers wns onu Joseph Freeman, who operated the WiitihinKton ofllce of the Erlo Basin Company, It was his job to take tho generals and- the colonels of the Wai- Department out to dinner, and to dnnce with, Lhelr wives. Ho did both to pnrfootlon. One diner cornme'mor- atlnff an E-uwurcl to Erlo coat $16,-! 000—all p«.id for by the tax payer. .enough, Homo of Freeman's checks, to the tune of $46,000, wore cashed by Snm Beard, famous Washington Knmblcr, Some people uro wondc:-infr whether letting (t man win In n gambling was one way the Erlo Company helped out its friends In high llUCG!!, Another member of tho Company's Htarf was Louis Sarclas, whoso real name was Suroluchoua, and who served In the Army only 8lx weeks, after which Congressman "Yleehol" Mny got him out on a medical dUchurgc. Mysterious Ijotter Dl»;ippfiir.i Onu of the ofllcor.s \vhom Con- tli'OiSTnnn May had Lr«i,' inferred out of Wfl«hlnfrton, ncoor-JlnR- to a forrnfr employe of tho Brio Basin Company. U-EI.H General Pnu! X. Kn^Msh, Procurement -hlof of the Ch-jmlcal Warfare S< rvlco. Gen. English originally awurdad the moi-tar-shcll contract to Erlo and,. In testimony bnforc tho Mead Committee, claimed they hnd done an (.'XCrllont production job. However, on Fob. 1, 1!M<I, Gen, liiiKlloh vvtiH suddenly transferred. Anlcntl why ho \vns tronsfej-rcd, the General said he did not know. He Hcrn Is it viuw of the damaged aft section of the battleship PemiKj'Jvania, after the world's fourth, atomic honili hud be«n dropped on tho guinea pip target fleet in Bikini IMKOOH. IVotd that the fjont planes were JcnocJ«u! out of place. Joint Army-Navy Tusk Force photo via Navy nulio. (Internntlonsil Soiuidphoto) Ornahn., Neb,, to n relatively unimportant job as Chief of Staff of the th Service Command. Shortly before his transfer, Gen, English had suddenly -discovered an 18-month-old Jotter in' Army flics, which, If he hod seen earlier, might have prevented the war-contract award to Ere Basin. The lotto.f was from Col, A. N. Kuhn of the Now York office of Chemical Warfare, quoting: Louis Sojs'nl of the Scfral Lock Company as saylnj,' the Erie Bs.flin Company was not a subsidiary of Segal. Earlier, when the Garsson brothers first contacted the War Department, they claimed to bo a subsidiary of ScRnl Lock company. This letter was dated Feb. 23, 3fM2, but. G-encral English did not discover it until the end of 19-1 Shortly after, discovering- it, he was transferred to Omaha. "Yicehel'.V Lumber How the Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee happened to tic up with these war contractors Is secret. However, his tics with them went Into many ramifications, The Congressman, for instance, received -"expense-money" from the Garssons in connection with a lumber mUl they purchased In Kentucky, The CJarssons gave their friend a check for $28,000 for the purchase ;of the Cumberland Lumber Company in Pikeville, Ky, May has been able to show investigators canceled checks for about J2.1.0CO. These canceled checks, indicate that ho -turned that amount of money over to the original owners or the lumber company. The remaining $4,000 he kept. This, he informed investigators, was t-a reimburse him for travel Und other expense. Just how tho Congressman from Kentucky could spend $4,000 for using his Influence with the-War Department, Thus, indirectly,. the Congressman's .$4,000 of "expense and travel money" camo from Gov- ornmcn-t contracts, ... It is against the law and a criminal offense for a member of 1 ' Congress to receive a fee for using his influence in connection with n Government contract,- or .any-other typo of lobbying. CongrcsBman Gene Cox of Georgia pot 'Caught taking a $2,500 lobbying fee-in con- niic-tlon with a radio station, and it required all the influence of Capitol Hill- to keep the Justice CHAIUJSS O,, nf |f> C'rrovi- ylrnci, July 4. HMO. Ku rinnil flrrvlcen Siiturdiiy ut 2 p, ni o'clock from Aldrnmn Kunoml Home. Hurlnl In Grovo cnmotory. l''i'l(intl!i may cull at funcnil homo rrldny from 3 to .1 line! 7 to !' p. m. Buckmiller Funeral Home . mild lie h:ul wanted to go overseas. ( travel and expenses In helping to Inntoad, however, he was sent to | buy a lumber mill for his war con, tractor friends is another of Mr. May's scoots. Presumably he did not have far to travel since tho lumber company and Mr. May both arc located in Kentucky, The Garssons. in buying the Cumberland Lumber Company, borrowed the money from the Eric Basin Metal Products Company which j Mr. May had helped to enrich by l-'.M.I. TKKM OIM-III Hi'nl. a THE PERRY SCHOOL Ai-rnMllli'cl ft Annriivi-il fur Wit-ran* TnUnlnc lirinvir HIilK, Wtiicrliiirr "Tin- I'rrry Wny .MIMIIII Hinli-r I'uy" Department fi-orn -prosecuting-. : The Kentucky-Congressman's lobbying- may or may not bo in' a different -category. Certainly it would be Interesting—,-ind important— to know -what the Justice Department thinks of a Congressman who helped a company with war contracts and then received •?-l,000 in expense money for arranging- the purchase of a lumber company. Whatever -the law, "Yiechel" May is a very versatile man. i SaJtonwtaH's Wit i Harvard-bred GOP Senator Lev- i crettSaltonstall was dictating some I .'fist-minute correspondence before departing for Bikini . as a Con- tfi'Rssional observer of the atomic energy test. Among the letters he signed was a "thank you" note to woman admirer in Cambridge Mass. She had writ-ten: "I understand President Truman has appointed you to witness tho atomic bomb experiment on those ships over there in the Pacific. -I would rather the President had appointed a Democrat." The GOP Senator blotted the letter to the Cambridge woman and remarked: • "I'm getting BO important since coming to Washington, that my constituents are afraid to expose me t-o -radioactivity." The Extended Weather Forecast For New England Boston, July 5—(UP)—Extended wcalher forecast, for New Enp land: The temperature during lt\f next five.-days will average non'i the seasonal normal. Moderately warm with -rra '-important changes. In i the day -to day • temperature Some normals for the period are: Eoswm and New-Haven, Conn., 71 'deg-rees; Providence, R. I., 73; Nantuchct, 67; Concord, N. H., and Portland, Me., -68; Burllnjfton, Vt;, 70;.: Eaatport, Me., 60; Greenville, Mo., 64; and Presque. lelo Me.. 65 degrees. - i Rainfall, -will-.'Average -light less than one-third of n'n inch occur- ng ns scattered afternoon shower? principally during- the first of next week., .>-•.,. , • ,. • , (Copyright,- 19-JG, Syndicate, Inc.) by The Fire Caused Heavy Damage At Savin Rock COO&ED A DINNERfTHEN THREW IT TO DOG One lady r«certly stated that she used -to throw her i own -dinner to t!ie dogr mout of'>th« time: R made her-sick, justito.look at anything to oat. She : wa3-"swollcn.with gae.'fui: of bloat, >had .-headaches, .felt .'worn out and . was badly' constipated Finally -she grot- ERB-HJELP- •' and says she- now eats • evorything- in sight- and-- digcsta it perfectly. Bowels -are rcg-ular n.nd normal, She 1s enjoying- li-fe once more and feels 'lilcc "some other woman 1 since tixlting this New Compound. ERB-HELP contains 12 Great | Herbs;-'.'they cleanse bowels, clear KJJ.S from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffennf?! Get ERB- HELP Sold by al] drug- stores here in Naugatuck. _ HAVE YO0B AVTO KADIO ' In » ' TOP -CONDITION Tor Your .July •ith' Vncntlon and I^ong- Aftcrwnrdfi Prompt Itcpnlr Work All Make* WILLIAMS RADIO 2i No. M»ln 81. S-1SB7T GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DEUVKRV Your WII,L.YS-OVBBI.ANI> Ix-nlcr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. Off on Avcnur inrf, \Vnlrrlntry i REFRIGERATION SERVICE i Electric Appliance Co. 1244 IlnldwlD SI. Wnt. — T«l. 4-1242 DOUGHT SOLD om Spcclnt ICntcn on Tralleri For Vacation Due ORANGE THAIKKR UENTATx SERVICE O.Vr: .*,.„*,,(„,* SOOT lu IJnlnn Cllj- K.ir4wnr* BU(, DODGE SALKS — SEKVICE Eotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOrCItKJSS STREET Tel. B727 J. L. MAZILAtlSKAS, prop. Vacation & and before you leave there will be various social obligations-vliicli you can best discharge •with an autographed photograph of yourself. It is the you of TODAY that your friends will warit to', remember and a visit to our studio now will avoid much last minute hurrying. YES WE ABE TAKING A VACATION TOO! WE WILL BE CLOSED THE ENTIRE PERIOD FBOM JULY 4TH TO JULY 15TH. West Haven, July 5—CU P)~A fire has caused damage estimated at $50,000 n.t Savin Rock. A holiday crowd of 7!i.OOO persons watched the Virginia Reel and the. adjacent Siesta restaurant burn. Cause of the blaze wns believed to have been hot grease dripping into an electric motor—causing a short circuit. CESSPOOL CLEANER KAUN- K1CD PAI.VT SHINGLK STAIN PlTTSBliKGH. PAINT Q GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPI.E STKEBT (ACJ-OHS from City Uakery) Fruo JOnlivurj' Telephoue 5044 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Tor All Occiinloiin TKM'IGUAVUKO KVKRYAVHEKE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 130.RUBBER AVKNUE Telephone 0233 Forever to be cherished nnd forever dcnr i.i thn bridal silver sen-ice when CT« International Exquisite in design, faultless in execution . . . Iiitcrnntionnl Sterling is rich in dignity aod tradition welcome adornment to tho tnost fastidious table. • ' . . MINUET TATTERK (iUtalraitfl DIVIDED PAYMENTS Six piece place time,.,. t&.17 MAY BE ARRANGED JEWELERS .-, 68 BANK SILVERS.MI.THS. AT CENTER STREET FURNITURE STORES ARE CLOSED ALL THIS WEEK WILL OPEN EXT TUESDAY MOrlNlN WILL CLOSE, EyERY DAY DURING JULY and AUGUST Carlson Furniture Co . INC. v ••;..; " •' 175-185 CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK GOOD JOBS — GOOD PAY — AVAILABLE AT U. S. RUBBER CO., NAUGATU<JK NOW! You Can Get An EMEJRSON Neary. Bldg. Church St. 3 WAY PORTABLE Flay on AODC-or Buttery. Plays Anywhere - >'o Outside Connections. 7 Tubes. 1760 WATERTOWN AVE. OAKVILLE T-off in this precision cut. .. cotton chambray by "Kay Dunhill" . . . with the perfectionist details golfers require . . , Maize, pink or grey ... 12 to 40. DRESSES — SECOND FLOOR 33-35 EAST MAIN ST.. WATERBUR^i .' ^«v:i7.>.v-v'i : .i.^j•:.••«:•;•'.•••% • --; ; - ,ctt I ^ :v ^i^^^v^^^sJa?^i'W^^ !:SS ' 8v

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