Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 3, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1954
Page 6
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J^wJL. I >Sv. i ,«5 *K j, , --,1V. -t MOPI STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Wedrieiday, February I>..19f4 r/ VOTE _, WIL'L TELL -- Baby kissing has helped put many Iiffcal espdiajsites in office, and Temus Bright, of Baltimore, Md-, > that j»s one planH w his platfqrm as he plans his campaign r governor sOf Maryland. Here the wealthy car dealer demon- tfejl ,hj$ iechniaws' pn "baby" Rose 1 Monchena. H« announced : _ plans to kis? thousands of young ladies from 18 to 90, and if g^^i, tq gut more women into office in an attempt to lessen •-' "-' "corruption" in --••• * el Javtfto* W^MWV^ •«*• JV"-! /J ,J -t:) 1 ^) J^'SSI'/i?'*"-^? &/ISife"fe.i v t r M* U. S. SOLICITOR GENERAL —Judge Simon B. Sobeloff is the hew solicitor general of the U. S. Formerly chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals, he succeeds Philip B. Perlman, who resigned. PAVING THE WAY—Just the right thing for walking aroum* on dark streets are these sport shoes with tiny light bulbs on each flap. Batteries hidden in the sole furnish power for the lights. Designed by D. Coore. the footwear is on exhibition at a Paris, France, leather show. . * JANE LAW — New England's only full-time lady cop-on-the- beat, Mrs Edith Carlson, makes out a parking violation ticket at Concord. N. H. The Engdsh War bride joined the force last October and vas assigned to a downtown traffic beat. ^ t ^ , -. » -y> y/ '^* "*'* ~,\\ ' V t ^\ i t,^< ' * v '. WW* / f *•> >. '. »•* < v # v> OLD pej f 01 mer poor a cuic He taught Flippy to being Flippy _. v ,- _. -„ . r needle which hdd to pierce Hhicihaif;:inch;|aycr';f-'ol:'{bi^b',i^ mat lies undci his skm. The slin£^n4^the;/mctf|' Flippy is back;m ; &hapV:again;' '• '' ' ' , A $ •.-. ^ •. ('•''Xwv' -st' ' "' i ,* 1 ^ ', V V .~" .. " . '^. >' V.'v.^'' *14X^», ' ,*>L,"^ ; <« >'vC.?«»4fJ^*St* , , S'NO(W) FUN—Making this cow comfortable is a difficult task ioc the citizens of ^tlons; to Aystria's Walserthal "Death Valley," so named because of its recent disastrous avalanches, jThf cow was buried in a snow avalanche, and hay to packed around the' animal to keep her «»m , until help: arrives, to pull bossy out. J V4^. '-^'-.'jf^-s 1 ^t s »' r-- -\«^ -Rep. Craig Hospner, Republican of paMfprnll, i? , ,v «.,« a cartoon report home to Ws constituents. In' a committee report \vb,ich he thought was too vmm«, show voters back home the way )a\vs are R>W?- *» GUESSING CAME—Here's a parlor game for those long winter evenings. This abandoned cart .'WJlh its once-gay messa'ge, was found at the bottom of a small canyon in the Big Sur country, 30 :; miles south of Monterey/Calif. Of a model apparently dating from the late Twenties, the hulk "<has been there for some time, judging by the height of the shrub growing through the front floor- .boards. Let amateur scenario writers give their answers to the questions it poses: Who were 'the presumably happy newlyweds? Where are they now? How did the car get there? Those small .round holes, three between the "U" and the "S"; one on the crossbar of the "A"; another between ,:•-- '/u'.fmd "I 1 : and three in a line below the word "Married"—are they bullet boles? If so, who was the "heavy" who fired the shots? PRESS OFFICER- HaTlan Loga.n, 50, of Stamfoid, Conn', is the new chief of the International 'Piess Service of the^LT S 'Information Agency He" brings to his new asbign- mpnt a vast experience in edi- tonal work, public relations and Advertising The agency's oper- a,titon services 77 foieign posts throughout the wot Id. Its edi- tohal and pictorial output is ttt^rled m foreign newspapers, magazines and pamphlets in 'O than 40 languages. FAN IT AND COOL IT — Since the signing of the Korean armistice, Seoul, the capital, has been recovering slowly but steadily. Among those making a popular comeback is Miss Kim Paik- Pong, shown executing an authentic Korean fan dance An ROK flag serves as the backdrop. his , changed Laotians' peaceful way ot life, Ibis \yom- an ind her neighbors carry <r1flf>s for protection against Communist attackers. bA;^THE ; MACHINE BEADS'' RUSSIAN --Russian isn-tl Greek to: this ielectrc-hic)"b'rain," being put through Its paces -itl| New York-by Thomas;'J;''W"atsqn, : president 'of International Buslii ness Machines ;:C6rppr^tioni ; ;Kussiajf) messages, recorded by holesj punched ift cards', ; are' 1 fe^.Jrjtb the, rriachinp, which reads the'- en-| coded copy, aijd :swor>ds. later turns up the translation on the! printer in English: .Watching the demonstration are, from 'rttij irecor of BM's lied Science Divl- . Dr. Cuthbert C. Hurd, director of IBM's Applied .Science sion, and Dr. Leon Dostert,. center, of Georgetown University,! Washington, D. C., who originated the practical approach to the! •_..'.'' idea ; of electronic translation. I ! I ¥ «v '^* *'^"V ;> - r I f f ',"• ^.. "• s ^ % '< " ti& : '^~f'^'^'^ • .•, * i CAT-A-PUULER-'Terry Thayer, U, of Auburn, Wash,, seems to be enjoying his one-lion power ride on his sled. Little Tyke, a vegetarian lion, also seems to be enjoying the stroll, Mr. and Mrs. George Westbeau, owners of the seven-year-old lion, were surprised when their house pet took to the cold-weather sport. TBAFFIC TRAILER Rucker,H§,pwbabJy ihj bad this piay-.tranler mads lo,v P when

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