The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1942
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1942 ImprovementsrTo Home The residence of'Mrs. Jofe v Isaacs, 51* VV«$ Walnut 1 Street* is being irriprcfred for" Summer by screening of the large front porch' and other' minor repairs are oeing made. Construction of 200,000 additional privately financed defense Chousing' units recently allocated by the War Production Board'is specifically permitted under th'e board's order prohibiting new-construction of non-essential residences, roads and_ commercial buildings. The^newesr house ia^ the_block? No! 'it's just been' resurfaced"with' Sun-Proof "paint. With 24 colors to choose from^ it's easy to find a •* scheme -thit suits your particular needs*.-..:, btijtht, conservative, smirt. horney, or unusual. Sun" Proof P»int gnes Jong-lasting - beauty'in~d protection to'your home. CO. HATHES CWOBS IN USflNG BEAITY The effect -of the order on FHA's new construction business is thereby limited to that small part of current volume not covered by defense housing preference ratings, J, W, Kuhlman, district director of the Federal Housing Administration for the Eastern district of Missouri, reports. Exempt from the order are projects built for the armed forces and a group of other named Government agencies; construction to replace residences destroyed since Jan 1, by fire, flood; tornado, earthquake or the "public enemy," and petroleum producing and • distributing facilities which are provided for in earlier WPB actions. The' result of the order, WPB said, will be to allocate scarce copper, steel, iron and other materials "away'from unnecessary construction and into ships, planes, tanks, guns, defense housing and other essential production." No change was' made in existing regulations permitting construction' of residences, costing' up to'$6000, in defense housing critical areas specifically designated by the Government. The" "stop' order" is further- clarified by the following questions and answers: Q. Does the order apply only to private construction? A: No, it afreets projects of Federal, State and local governments as well. Q: Does it suspend construction already under way pending Government approval? A. .Nothing in the order halts construction already begun, but WPB Warned .that such uncompleted, construction might be stopped later, if the materials to be used arc needed for war purposes. Q. Does the order give any assistance in finishing such partly completed jobs? ' A..No.' Q. How" can a builder get materials to. finish a partly constructed house' then ; A. Any bililding -materials dealer may. .-supply,.them if he is .satis- .,. .. fled' that : the 'project- was 'actually started prior to- the -'effective' date'" of the order, April 9. Q. Can a contractor 1 take materials out of his own 1 ' stockpile to start a' new construction' job? A. No. Q. Under the provision for unrestricted residential 1 building up to $500, could a' home owner install a $500 bathroom in May and a $500 porch in Octoper? A. Not -without permission. No more than $500* can be spent in any 12-month peri'od, dating from the start of the'-'construction; However,, a $300 bathroom in May and a $200 porch in October would be all right. Q. If a- dwelling needed replacement of. its' foundation work, or a new roof, costing $700, would .special permission be required? A. No. There is no restriction on any repair or maintenance work actually needed to "return a structure' to' sound working 'condition without a change of design." Q. The order permits agricultural construction up to $1000, without permission. Does that mean that- a farmer can put a $1000 addition on his home? A; NO. Agricultural construction as defined by the order means any building "used in the production of agricultural products"—that is, a barn, milk shed, henhouse silo' or other productively useful structure—and residential construction is specifically excluded. Q. Does-~ the order prevent continued residential construction in the defense housing "critical areas' already designated by the Gopern- ment? A. No. Presumably the procedure- for public and private construction in such designated areas will continue" as".hi the past, witl the" existing; $6000 sales price limit on "such homes continued in effect to ; insure 'that' they will be within the"' means of war plant workers and the" families of enlisted military-personnel.' The L&bor : ' Department estimated 1942- construction at $10,750,000,'000; with' $3:650,000,000 of this uestions AflJ i^j—_ Answers Value Of Rehabilitation Program In Defense Areas Stresssed By FHA Q. How can I'be sure" that tiles on-' my bathroom walls will not oosen and fall out? A. See that the tiles are applied with a special binder of. pure ce- nent and water atop a'firm; well- scratched coat of cement plaster on : metal lathing. The saridless plaster will hold the tiles firmly n* place. .:... Q. What can one do to • prevent unsightly cracks from marririg the' appearance of plastered walls? A. Cracks often result from settling o/ a foundation' where poor drainagS Ls causing the ground to soften'. The immediate areas around the house should always be" so racled that surface drainage will- not seep into the basement. Whether the home is on a hill or in valley, the pitch must be sufficient to drain all water away'from the foundation. The rehabilitation of existing properties, and even whole areas in various communities throughout the country, cannot possibly be ovcremoha'sized, according to *FHA officials. Particularly is this true in defense centers, where 'the' need and demand for additional housing facilities are creating shortages. of lack of repair, eacli year thousands of good substantial properties are permitted : to become run-down, arid' suffer 'a- natural decline in value; This lack of attention to repairs is not'. always con- dow openings should avoid a window immediately over a bed> When this arrangement cannot 'be avoided; the" window location should be as near the foot of the bad as possible in order to minimize the danger from cioss drafts. year ago were dilapidated and rundown are today fine structures offering housing accommodations to additional families. Repair and property improvement loans can be obtained from lending institutions approved by the FHA to make such loans under its program. Those property owners who have availed themselves of this repair-loan plan have found that the investment they have made is paying c ; good dividend in the form of additional 'revenue' from Q. I would like to know some material other than tile that I can use to cover my bathroom wall. A. If you want a tile effect, there are a number of good : wallboards made in imitation of tile that are attractive and serviceable". If you do-not insist on having that appearance there are waterproof-' wall boards with plain surfaces that you can use. These can be painted, voti should use at least one coat of high gloss enamel' as a finish. Only the best grades of enamel and paint should be used as steam and hot water vapor are very hard on these surfaces. Q. I would'like to build a dining alcove in my kitchen if I ' can afford the space. What is the least amount of .space that can be used and s-ill allow for a convenient alcove? A. It depends on whether the table and chairs are to be'portable or built-in. In the former type'din- ing alcove the minumum desirable size is 7 feet G inches square. Irr the second type an area 4 feet 6 inches by 5"feet will suffice. . amouht' '-for non-defense work. WPB' gave' no indication of how much of the 1942 non-defense work' would " be" eliminated; A COMPLETE Building Service —ESTIMATES —MATERIALS —FINANCE HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Phone 729 ! Bryants Purchase New Cottage Here Mi'.' and Mrs. J.'J, Bryant have purchased the new house at 1525 ;West' Walnut Street' from' Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Leslie Fisk, who are mov- 'ing to Indianapolis^ The frame cottage, similar to a number of others recently built en the extended street, has five rooms, a breezeaway and attached garage, which opens onto the .side street. Completed in January, the house has such modern conveniences as numerous' closets, oak floors and a modern bathroom. The" Bryants plan to move this week. Q. When is the best'time'''of the. year to paint a house? A. The best time to' paint a house is either in the" late' Spring or early Fall. As for the immediate; conditions, it is best not to' paint 1 when the air is dariYp," for it there is any moisture in" the'wood the paint will be apt to blister. The temperature shoua not be lower than 50 degrees cr 'higher than 80, and the ideaf~tim¥MsV when'.it' is between GO and 70 degrees. lined to one or two houses in an area but often spreads throughout; the' entire neighborhood. It is as a result of this x la:-k of 'care that we see so many run-down and neglected areas and communities, with' lass of dollars to their' owners and the communities in which they are located. Loss Is Larg-e The toll taken in cash returns from rental properties wrich are rapidly depreciating in value because " of age and. lack of modern facilities could be checked, if not entirely eliminated, the Federal (Housing Administration officials point out. Concerted action of a group of property owners can check not only the depreciation and obsolescence of a group of houses but the neighborhood itself. Many can actually be salvaged, 1 and instead of the property in question continuing as a 'tax burden, to the owners it can be turned into a paying investment. The need for additional housing accommodations for workers in de- fence areas is acute, of that there is no' doubt. It' is equally true th'at the immediate need cannot be entirely supplied through new construction, for that takes time. However, the rehabilitation and" repair of existing structures can, in most instances, at comparatively small expense, lill a considerable amount of this need and demand. Provide Additional Homes There are evident, in virtually every section of the country, striking examples of such 'rehabilitation and conversion -work.' Existing properties : that even less than a rents. At the*. same time they have made a large contribution to the national program by providing badly needed' living accommodations to defense workers and their families. Proper Planning For Small Homes Much waste space niay be avoided in the planning of small homes by considering the proper disposition of wall space. Correct) j location of door and window op'eri- ' ings proyids the maximum amount of wall' space for furniture and thus gives far greater livabilty to the home. In the bedroom, for instance, the relationship between wall openings and \yall space should permit a arrangement of furniture which does not require walking around bed in order to reach the entrance door, closet, or dresser. If possible, wall space and win- Q. At what points does most heat escape from a house In Winter, and where does most heat enter in Summer? What are the corrective measures? A. Through windows and roof in each case. Storm windows for Winter and awnings on windows exposed to the sun will each reduce this' window heat loss and heat gain. Th2 roof can be insulated by van- jus methods. Clean Up Paint Up Fix Up There are lots of good tenants who wili pay -a g o o cl price for n e w 1 y decorated rooms. Eberson - L i n d s ley Paints advanced about 10 %. in price last October — no advance since. .-' We have"a paint for your purpose. . Phone 551, Privacy In the Bedroom Bedrooms that must' be darkened" during the day because' they face into a' neighboring house' can be given new light by the' installation of an outside wall'or) panel of insulux glass blocks. Such a wall diffuses daylight, throughout the room, but is non-transparent so thatT curtains need not be drawn across it to insure privacy while dressing or undressing. If curtains are desired to hold back the early morning sunlight, they can be hung- r across a panel of glass blocks in the .saine way that they are hung across an ordinary window Communities Protected Roofs of colorful, fire-resistant asphalt shingles are being used ii many 5 of the new residential communities constructed for wa workers and N:\vy families. The fire-resistant qualities o f the shingles fire of extreme importance' because many of these communities are some distance from established munipalities Q. Is it necessary to line the back of bookshelves with wood? A. No; just set the skeleton 'rame against the interior finish of he wall. ^ Q. I want 1 to build a garage on my lot. which is 50 by 100 fcet, and I should like to know what yoi think is the best place to locate it? j A. Without seeing'a plot' plan or knowing the character' of the' surroundings, it is difficult to advise you. However, speaking generally. If it is possible, attach the garage to the house. This" keeps the driveway short and leaves the back yard free for development. If this can't be done, try and locats it where it- will interfere least with the yard. Q. Is the method of bricklaying affected by the season in which the work is done? A. Good brickwork can be produced in Winter, but certain precautions are' necessary in freezing temperatures. The work shoum be undertaken only when the temper a lure is rising. The bricks should be thoroughly dry and kept protected by a tarpaulin or other weatherproof material to prevent accumulation of ice on the brick until ready for use. When ready to install, the brick as well as the sand should be heated to remove frcst, ice. and excessive moisture. Water should also be heated. All finished work should be protected for a period of 48 hours or more bv means of enclosures, tarpaulin, Change Dark Corners in Your Home to Bright Spots of Beauty . .. Your home is what you make it. Be sure it is a joy to all who enter. Make it humble or luxurious . . . make it lavish or simple ... make it on a fortune or a budget . . . but MA ICE THE MOST OF IT, NOW. Check your home for weaknesses and dark corners. A few dol- • lars spent judiciously will make - your home a bright, cheerful comfortable place in whcih to live. Consult us about it. "EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING" 1801 W. Main St. Phone 445 Paint-Up! Fix Up! GLIDDEN . , ,. ,. ... . witn ior other protective measures. organized fire-fighting services. As j the houses are built close together, AVcathcr Women Replace Men it is'imperative that each roof be GREAT PALLS, Mont. (UP)— resistant to sparks that might light T\VO on Uncle Sam's weather men on it from a neighbor's chimney, here, drafted into other emergency services, have been replaced by two "\vrather women." Read Courier News want ads. LUMBER CO. M : V^ » 4 4»W ' V-" , J> LUMBER, Mill To You No. 2—4 inch Center Match, Kiln Dried, Truck Load (10,000 to 11,000 ft.) per M S35.00 No. 3—4 inch Center Match, belter than most No. 2. (10,000 to 11,000 ft.) Truck Load, per M S28.00 2x4, 2x6, 2x8—per M .- $36.00 6 inch Center Match No. 2, can lie mixed with 2x4 etc., (5,000 ft.) Truck Load, per M S37.50 Better Lumber Cheaper. Windows, Roofing, Doors, etc. wholesale. C.C.CRAIG Leachville, Ark. . "Endorsed by Best Painters" Add beauty and protection to your home—paint-up with GLIDDEN PAINT! Let us show you how easy it is to paint-up and fix-up your home. F. H. A. Leans for Repairing Phone Us For Estimates DELTA LUMBER CO. "Blytheville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard" 204 N. 2nd St., Phone 497 ' Add New Beauty to Old Walls With New Enterprise— 4 510 New Patterns - - - by one of the world's most famous home designers - - - Enterprise! „ * We now have a most complete slock. However, due to the shortage of wallpaper it would he wise to select your .palUrns immediately! 8c PER RGLL--UP! We still have a few room bargain lots as low as 50c per room, and up! With— We recently received 2 car loads of high grade Tru-Tag? Paints; giving- us' the' most complete stoclc between Memphis and St. Louis. Prefect your floors with Truc's durable floor enamel, $3.30 per fallen, save wh'ilc our supply lasts! Velduro Casein Paint, the original Casein paint, for walls and ceiling-. One coat' covers wallpaper, plaster and wallboard. AH colors—S2.20 per gallon. Mix with \^ gal. water—makes your total cost per gallon after' mixing only—$1.65! H: A, LOANS We can help you secure F.H-A loans for Painting, Paper Hanging' and Repairing. / Cal5 Us for Painters, Contractors Many of Blytheville's leading contractor^ make our store their headquarters. Call us for information! ARKANSAS Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co, "Blytheville's Only Exclusive Paint, Glass and Wallpaper Store" 105 E. Main Phone 2272

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