The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 15, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1977
Page 8
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PACK 8— NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WKDN15S13AV, JULY n. lolfi BEACON C'orrpN|i(iml(int,. TtiomitN l-'il FALLS Upright Urges Caution In Use Of Holiday Fireworks No Ordinance Prohibiting Discharge Of Independence Day Explosives Contrary to tho bellnf of mnny , .'•'Bitl rr.Mldonl.M, It IN liiKal In lion- I f.nn KiillH, to not tiff fli'fjwnrlcN on Inflopnndnneo Day, Durlnc tho punt few ywu-M, duo to wiM'-tlrnc rrt.tti'U:- tlnnii It hud bonn nneo.MHnry to cur- tall thn dlHtclhutlon of explo.'ilvo matoclal.H mich n.s fireworks, and many lonul rpHlclnntH wore- nnd Mtlll urn, laborlnK under thn bailor thut It IK no loncor Infill to have flrn- workH In tho town, Klrnt .Selectman Ralph Upright r,tmt->nn loenl roxIrlnntH to bu curn- ful. fin many ucclclnntn uro ntin.inil on thn Kourth of July, In thu bundling' of flrdworltH, i Mr, and On Vacation MrH, fetor Knmln.'ikl, Mr. and ,Mr:i. Charles [Civil, C'harlos Kcvlt, Jr., and Patricia Kevit arc till .'ip'Ti'lInf,' u two \vi-fi\:n' vacation 'at Indian Neck, In liranford. , Craduali'd frnm Schoul : Ponuld MHclicll ni North Circle ! liii:i illumed from WashlnKlon, whurc he rt-ci.'iitly Kraduuti'd from • u schri'il of hoti^l management. Mr, 1 Mltchiiir.-i fiiiuru |)!ar\;i uru not formulated a.t yet, j IJoy Scout News 1 I.ant l-'i-lday cveninKi Troop 1. met at the Recreation club and held their regular weekly nu'ul- lri>;. I'atrrjl meetings were led by [ J atrol leaders Matyjasilc, Monnillo mid Wlsnlew.'jkl, The trr>op thru fnninrcl a rmirl of honor, which wa.-i In «:harj,'u of J--)lj Sht'I'hrid, who vvas aswi,stf;(l i by Hob Khcphi-rd. Jr., and the ! purcntu r.nd frli-nds of the btjys i and cornmitteemcn. I Charles Pllkewich nnd Frank r;rr>n were made lendei'I'oiH ncouU; and |)re.seiited l.holr budneH by Mr. Shepherd, William DuniMchoH r,:>iiis Mennilio, Tlenry JJcnw an' i'C.'ilp.'j Crosby .'ifl'.'anced to second '•|M;:M Scout rank, Tlinir .second rl?'.4s hj.-ul^r'.s \vere j)jnnerl on them hy Mr. John Kill, Mr. Edward TJimd, j.Tr. Mennilio and Mr-. Charles Mitchell. O":ilmlr .Malyj.-i'jik tni'l n.iy .Suj- livan were jn-esehled j^erfect fLt- tcmlancr jilm; by Mr. Miityjn.sik and Ii/ih Hhephcrd, Jr. One year service piiUi' \vore .cr;v- en to those boys v/hn h:td been in tlio trooj) a full year. The phis, \vhch were preseiHed hy the Scout- nuister, wi-re jflvcn 'to tlu; following: Ciisimir Mntyjsxsik, Henry fji-n.i, Ceorcc Afltchull. Victor Ro- rnani, Richard Kouir/.. I lichard Wi:;- nifwfkl. Xt'illiam DumKChott, Joseph Usaklewic/.. Gcirdun V'.uighl, mil Raymond Sullivan, , A hrluf addi-ess ^^'a^i Riven the Mviop by John Hill, past commander of American Legion Post, 2"i. It was decided hy troop rnem- hoi's to hnld incctiiiKS every three wcc!'.s di!rin;r the summer. Big- Airliner MaKes Crash Landing On Track — NOTICE! ! — Store Closed for Alterations Thursday, Friday, Saturday CITY BAKERY ^*A A Jl JLVX1* JV&fliMiAv, JL B. P. STOPPANI, Prop, Maplo Street Telephone 3678 Sl:iti|p.v S-/.i"/.mI«[ nis'*li;iri;i>cl C'ji'pfifjil SUmlyo S'/.c/.i.'.slul of Corporal Stanley S/.o::r;;>iuI of ni-pc'cl 1'i'im the United Sl.atcs Mnrim' ("'ii'pn aflur ovoi 1 lhn:c yuars of service. Library Glnsrs Tmlay ll w!i:i annnnnciHl hy IH.SN Mamie ^Kl'-st'^n Lnclay, libr.'U'inn of the; isvn's public library that the. li- rary would bi; closed until the th of July. Forced to make an emergency crash landJiiK, Pilot Grucy, Astoria, N. Y., brought down hLs biff TWA Mainlincr on—of all places—tire Chicago B<:)t Kaihvay. Tin; pilot and thr<;(; other* were slightly hurt, hut IS inixscngrrs flying from Chicago to Now York cs^aprd uninjured. JJoth cnginifs of thn plane (|iiit a few nioiiiciits iiftijr tin: talwoft acid it iva.s flying tt>~> low to fret back to the field. (International Sound- photo) Kissane Names (Continued from Paffe One) ok! W. Brown, Herbert M. Eii:- iriKH, Sttinton OloviM 1 . Harold E.. r'l.'rry, \Villiam .). Noble, Jr., and C'.arenci' K. Jones. Community service, Hiirold 12. Chlttenden. Elmur F. Schmit/.,'"Johi- U'ririi), Arthur E. Anderson and|E, Theodore Jiusscll; Intern;i>ional Service, Rudolph Her.'nick, D. F. Chittenden, Rudolph Smith, Kenneth E. Johnson and Gunntird P. PeTorson. Program, Harold J,^. !• ."eo. Jr., Joseph C. P.aytkwich, Jr., Donald L. McCollum and Milton B. Lent; Public Information,. Harold W. Brown. William M. Chittcndofi, Herbert H. Billings and Roy Johnson. Magazine Committee, Herbert M. Billinfrs, Glenn P. Noble, Harold Roberts and Clarence Frecdman; C. T. McCarthy Student Loan Fund, John H. Schmuck, William G. Boies and Harold_E, CFittendcn. Servicemen, Veterans Activities, Joseph C. Raytkwich, Jr., Clarence Jones and William G. Boiea. Classification, Stanlon Glover and Harry A. Anderson. Fellowship, Harold R. Perry, Idris Aldorson, liev. Winfred Lan^- hoi'st and Edwin J. Melbourne; Attendance, William J, Noble, Jr., Edward J. Sodiosky, Everett T. Rogers, Charles N. Parker and Lucius N. Tomlinson; Club History aiufRotary Information, Clarence 13. Jonc-s. Vocational Service, C. P. Roden- btich, Harold W. Ttirnblom, Ar- >.hur V. Swan, J>)hn M. Sutherland, Edwin J. Melbourne, and Al,on W. Bui-ke. Ninr.bLi- of horses on U. S. farms in-; darlincni tor 3fi Ronsncutive years, from 21,-131,000 in 1915 to .iXn.iCOU .>i« "KUimitccI n.t the be- of 19'll. Bristol Challenges Morty's To Game The Merry Morticians have been .challcnRed to a Softball same thit ovcniiiff, by the Bristol company it was learned by THE NEWS today. The frame will be played A' (i p. m. nt the company field just behind the Platts MJJls organization. Al! members of both teams arc urjrod !•'> he present. K a (I a will probably toe the mound for the Mortys while Jack Garland may pitch for the Bristol boys. Claphorn will play lonoifrht. ISTABLISHED 188J TAKE SUMMER IN YOUR STRIDE- HITTING ON ALL EIGHT AND GOING ALONG ON HIGH. It's all a matter of the proper- breeze catching clothes that keep your body temperature normal and yourself on an even keel." Tropical worsteds are the deluxe edition of summer town clothes that keep you fit as a fiddle with their smart tailored lines and unusual fabrics that make summer groomng 1 a comfort and a pleasure $40 to $60. VEKCK PURCHASES TWO Cleveland, July 3—CUP)—The now president of tho Cleveland Indians, Bill Vcock. Jr., announces !he purchase of two more ballplayers. They are pitchers Lee Webber, a 2S-.vear-old rijTlUhundcr formerly with Brooklyn and Montreal; and Charlie Cassawny, a big lefthand- er v.'ho served with the Philadelphia A's last year and winner of games with Oakland this season. In reionsir.R Webber to Cleveland at the waiver price, ihc Brooklyn management explained that it had "enough pitchers." Most important industrial product of Chile is nitrate of soda. To Classify O GRKKN ACRES —Barn dancinf? Sat. m'shl. .Louie Di Zinno'.s Orchestra. Irving Andrews, prompter. Keeling bus D p. in. Catering to outings, wedding parties Wtby. S-OGG1. SWIM SUITS PEDAL PUSHERS T-SHIRTS And Many Mori- Kcnis For Summer and Vacation Need QUALITY OF PRODUCT =£>Kft IS ESSENTIAL TO CONTINUING SUCCESS r^~yj3 NAT'S 410 North Main St. ADIRONDACK CHAIRS CROQUET SETS %£z^;^^K ' :^^^^&^^ NAUGATDCK HARDWARE Wood cngruvioc by li. McCormick b&acd upoc Uio caauwl. For fujrmnirci 1 . and wood- 532 NORTH 3M.-VIN ST. Union City - Tel. 2683 TCI Save a definite portion of your Income', and stick to it! More and more people are learning the value of planning for financial .veciiriiy. Build a reserve fund— protect your fanuly wilh low-cost Savings Hank Life Insurance, a combination lhat w future with confluence. We will help yun work oiif a plan. help you face tlic > ; ; Great Oak Farm i I OXFORD ROAD Tel. 5040 \ PEKFKCTLY PASTEUXIIZEI) J MILK and CRRAM »fllvrry To AH I'lina'tif Nnninitiirk STRISIK'S Id Ccntftr St. Watcrbury, Conn. FACIAL TISSUE BOXES — SJ.25 E D D. J E ' S Corner SprinR & Diamond Sts. GKOCERIKS - VKGKT..VBI.KS FRUITS - ICE CftKAM SODA FOtlN'TAIN SJ2RVICK Fret; Dclivory Tel. 4319 Edward Viaskauckus, J^rop. LAWN MOWERS SIIABPISNED & KErAIRED |2< A XTr3'l?'T>T>C' N«t Tn W«hr. feAJNZJb-Kl'fcj tS,,vln B « Kl.l,k 20 SAVINGS ST. DIAL 5-0347 Try NEWS Want, Ada— They Brine Results. fffff-tfffffffffffrff-ffffl-f*-f^ •• Little Hof Brau •JOfi NORTH MAIX ST. "Al" nnd Vcr.i Budris, Prop". Daily I,unclicons, Dinners and A I«a Carto Menu Full Liquor License DAXCING FKIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY Open Dally Until 1 A. M. sr* *v^ V % J J S J i 1, V $ > J *•• ff**<*f*<r**f* i J Evei * V i !> r. \ \ \ I ] | RE » \VA ^ Music { G. I. 1 | Highland Package Store ; !),'J Illghl.-ind Avo. — Tel. 398S Anthony, Frop. FREE DELIVERY Part* of Nnufjiituck DANCE Every Saturday Night M. TO 1 A. M. at DUFFY'S RESTAURANT \VATER STREET The Famoim WITH THE HONEYWELL DAMPER CONTROL Tho Honeywell Eloctric Janilor cJampor cjcnJrol, mado for bend iirod boating planla. cutB cocl consumption up lo 30%1 In addition. it provides 24-hour hoatin? comfort during wjnlflr monlhc. Wo hav« Eloeiric Janitor coniroU available lor installation now. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 1

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