Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 23, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1909
Page 8
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IRWINDALE. ^fr. \V. 8. Havvyrr h;nl :i« liin ^neMt, Iliis week -I. If. I'ribiriKiri of Kl Monte. win vi.sitod rel- Mrs. Jnmos ;irnl atives in Cornptori over .\fr. arn! Mrs. VV. Nprotf.o entertained Ji party of IXIH eH friends fSuridny. Mr. William Hit/ has sold the orange, crop from his seventeen a.ercs grove for $1,.JOO. Mrs. Maggie Hall wan a luncheon guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ooffrnan on Tuesday. Miss ffelen Lawton of Pomona College. i:< a week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Abrier Miller. Mrs. Alico Judson Htnith was in Irwindale Saturday for the purpose of renting her land on Orange avenue. William Waterhoiise. left the first of Ihe week for Cedar Kapids, Iowa, where lie has business interests. Mr. and Mrs. Ifoss of Lark Kllon avo- riue had friends from Los Angeles upending Sunday with them. Mrs. Hollo K. K.'ipson of LOK Angeles •was Hie guest, of Mr. and Mrs. II. If. Haraldson on Hunday. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Hwallow of Los Angeles spent, a. few days this week with Mr. and Mrs. L. M.'Hwallow. Mrs. Jnlia. Lewis, who has been a The Woman's C'liib Field its meeting on Wednesday afternoon in the l'reHliyteri;in ehnrrh, which wan erowd- ed with friends of Ihe Hub and those intere^tvd in the work of educating and renriiirig the young. Thn address of tho .•ifternoon was given by William ft. (ieorge, founder of the 'ioorge .Iiniior ({(•public nt Prof-ville, Xew York. Mi', 'leorgo spoke of the, experiments that led up to the humble starting of thr: republic; the Hplendid business sneeess that. has been attained by the vast majority of the graduates of the republic; arid the widespread that, has been taken in this work. Beside the republic in New York, othnn! have been established in the District of Columbia, in ''onnec.ticut and one at Han Fernando. It, has been considered advisable to change the location of this last republic and those associated with Mr. 'jeorge have selected n site, near Pomona. WALNUT CENTER. The monthly business meeting of the La Puorite Co-opera ti vo Wator Company was held Monday night Jit the residence of W. H. .Sawyer. Mr. i\. S. AHchenbrenner is drilling a well on his thirty-acre ranch. He will begin the construction of an attractive and up fo-date bungalow on this properly soon, which he plans to guest 'of M'r. and' Mrs. Cory N( . vv | (pr , ,'"''•'ipy during the s (1 ring months. for SOUK- time, hns relume o aui- _vi rs. VV. r. firaves of Han .lacinlo, bra. who has be< n staying wilh her sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. To/er w< re out. ;M™. Koberf, Dancer arid who left last from Los Angeles the first of Ihe week j weelc, for her home, was -ailed back by Hlaving with their daughter, Mrs. Nor- j H'" death of her sister, Mrs. Hart Dan nia'n Anderson. ''''''< "•'"' M!IM been at the lfol>"rt, Danci'r home until Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. I!. 'Maxsom and W. H. Sawyer attended the funeral of M rs. j The funeral of Mrs. Hart Dancer of liar) Dancer, which was held in Kl Hierra Madre was held Monday afler- Ihe funiiiT residence of the family in Kl Monle, Kev. Webster nf Monte Monday. Mrs. ''. I 1 '. AcHi"Mbreniier and family of Covina were dinner guests Sundav ! .... ,. XI .. , ', : i hiding the Hervici 1 . In erinont was al Ihe home ol M I'M. Lager on Lark h . ,.,, made .'it. Ihe Monrovia cemetery. Mr. l.llon avenue. . .. . ,, . . . and M rn. Dancer lorni'M'ly owned thr 1 Miss Vina. Sanders, who has been C. .1. llursl properly and are well visiting her diuter, Mrs. l''red Shirk for known through this part of the valley. Ihe past month, relumed Io her home in Mrs. llancer had been a Hiill'erer from Kansas the Mrs I. of the weelc. I I ubcrculosis for some lime. She is HUH- Mrs. Aided IVolcy an.I Mill,. dau,di- i vi V (M| ''>' ll( ' r '"''"'""''I ; l '"'"' «""'» ler arrived SVedn.Mday from Moulder, ! ''' ll1 ' 1 "'"' Colorado, to spend the winter at Hie I (•,.„,.,„, |;| ;| ,„.,.( ( _ ., „ ,, x |,., IM j Vl . j,,..,;,, home of Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Leech. I ( . ;|i , (i| . ,;,. Washington, has purchased Hi,Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mend spent Ihe Iwonty-aere laneh of A. A. Ingnlls and Week elld ill Long lieaeh With I'l'laliv.M. h.V-l l:il(ell po-i.'es.,iotl Ihi.-l week. Mr. Mrs. Flmer Thomason han been eon-'nnd Mis. Infills will leave next week lined to her homo by illness for llmi 1 '" 1 ' Aslilnnd, Oregon, w lie re they will i.asl. week, iodide uulil Ihe opening of I.he Seal tic exposition, which I hey will visit, on Charles Cordon is building on soul I, ! ,,,,.; p w ,. ; , 1S| _ A ,,,,;,. Ulo| . 01l ,,|,| v in . .Irwindnle aviniio. He will vacate the , V( . h| l|r;|| ^ |,,, |( | |l|1() ( . ( , tl , ti ,.i ( , nH ',„'Ore- Anderson y/operly which was :-u,ld re- \ , ()I1 .;,,,, vYasliingtoii and upending Ihe eently to n. A. Kllison, of M i nnosoUi, | HM ,„„„.,. visi( ^ ,, ( ,| lltiv( , H •„, Ul( , |,;. IH ,, by I he first, of ii">:l, wr'ek. Lasl Friday Mr. and Mrs. C. \. Liinn ontol'lainod lit dinner Mr. nnd Mrs. Jos- cj)li J lentil of Covina, Mr.s. II. I). Briggs of A HUSH, Mrs. I 1 '. DovcndorJ' and Mi'H. B. F. Miller of Irwiiidabj. Mrs. Wadey nnd Minn Irene Wadoy of Los Angeles \vero visiling the family of C. T. I'.rown the lirst of Ihe week. Miss Myrtle Kellar, who has been spending the past nix weeks wilh her Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls think thry will be sclidy to ducidi! as to where they wish to inakd their pe.rrhanorit home. bister in Snn Frauc.isco home ii"xt weelc. is expected Mrs. William Itil/, is very •Iniigcroiis- Iv ill at her home at Ihe corner of San .I'ernn rdi no Uoail ami Irwimlale avenue. The friends of M INS Mallie McCoy will rejoice to learn I hat her sister, Miss Kllen McCoy, '.vho spent some time in Irwindale last fall and whose condition was regarded as most serious, is rapidly recovering. Miss McCoy is spending the winter at the I'nlui Springs Sanatorium in Coachilla Vnlley and owes her recovery to the desert air ami thi' mineral waters. AZUSA. !•!. K'. .lell'rev has purchased three acres ol' land adjoining his properly on the south nnd owned by II. I), Hriggs, Thr price paid was -t I,•'!".">. !,'• v. nl' I hr Foreign M issioiifi ry Hoard of Ihe I 'i i"-b\ I ei in n ehiil'ehes, will address the Mi-.sii.nnrs' Society of the l'resl.\ I ei iau cliurch m '\l Mondnv a I I eriiooii. BALDWIN PARK. 0. .1. Hhullis anil family wnrn guests of relatives in Los Angeles on Sunday. Mendos Ames and wife have moved into the properly on Los Angeles street- recent ly vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Roc.k. Work will begin at once on a. well to be put down on the properly belonging to Charles I'ogart. The ollicers ami directors of the Segura Company are Milton /ugur, president; D. I 1 '. Wade, secretary and I reas- urrr; Judge Cochrane, Mrs. Kulledgc, L. Travers, William Munch and Mr. I lehoog. Dallon and Leech, who are drilling a well for the Hegura Water Company, report Unit a good (low of water was struck on Wednesday, The well is situated at the sand box of the old Yine- laud Wain 1 Company aboui a mile north of 1. N. Khodes' property. It is the plan of Ihe company to use Ihe Vineland pipe line ill the distribution of the water. About ."illil acres of laud will br supplied by the rompniiy. Soliu lime ago Hie Yiiieland NS'nler I'ompany alKev of New York, secret ary | was ''^'ided, Hie |.r rly owners to the north and ens! ol Italdwin I'ai'K lorni iug the Si'^urn Water ('ompany. The original company tins reiio\ at ed Hie pumping plant jusl north of Ihe Southern I'acilic railway and install.-.! new macliinrry t lirou^lioiil. Mr. Linnard and n parly of Ihe l^ue.-xl-i of the Maryland Hotel \isiled A/iiMa Sunday in I lie Maryland special. The lirsl of the Tillon Trolley Fxcur sions came to A/iisn Monday nnd were met at the A/usa station by tally hoes which look the excursionists Io this A/usa packing houses and Io some ol the most beautiful homes ami orang.' groves about A/usa and lileiidora. The l.'Ui'isIs r.'luiln-d Io Los Anjjcles bv ihe ( ' ( i\ ma blanch of I he I'acilic Klecl l ic CHARTER OAK, Miss llerlha Kobison of (ianleu (ir i:i visiting her t'riend, Miss Mm ma SCHOOL NOTES. j For Sale—Good Barley hfly. Meat The (|irl-' basket-ball t.r-am hns ber-n j Market, Pnente. Tel. 4228. I Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Stanton were ! dinner quests last Snnday • of Mrs. FI. 0. Heath. Mrs. Jrene Toby and Mrs. Wm. j Hartley, sisters of Oeo. 13. Soofleld, came f rom LOS Angeles last Tues | f] t , , oelebrato }l j 9 birthday. , ' The Epworth League of the M. E. j church were delightfully entertained mplete) report, of our last Friday evening at the home of pr.'tetiHng hard this week, when the wefither prrmittod. The next number of "The Cardinal," published by tho students of Covina High Hchooi, will be out early in February. A very enjoyable ni'-eting of tho German Club w.'is held nt the High Kehool Monday afternoon, January 18th. Mr. C. .1. van Vliet gave an interesting and iristriictive talk upon Holland, N>xt week a debate with Pasadena will bo in theso M r . Chas. Gass, and, in spite of the colurnnH. The r<!iiort, will fontfiin some, . , . . 1 rnin, n large number were present. ; Games and mnsio were enjoyed and ! refreshments, conelsting of hr>rae Mrs. I,. I'. Mitchell, who wilh her hiisbaihl leaves this week for Corcoran to nialie her futur e;uesl of honor at Mr. (!. L. Yarbrnugh has pure hasr.l Ihe HO acre ,1. A. Stowell place for Se\er:i f Ih Ladies of Mie li. .\. K'. Tuesday ^ in (ilendoia. Miss While of her residence in home, has been I everal farewell at' M he puslolllcc, \> he. e she e Xpert s to In ill^ fairs, aiming which «as a shown ^ivenjher inolher sum;. in her honor recently by the ladies m I lie \Voinaii 's Club. l.asl Thursday Mr. .lo>eph Walker and Miss l.eltu Sell were quielh uialiicd in l.os A n^;c ....... . , |les Tllesdav of this \\eeU. They Will tv-live ol her Inends who spent a most . • ...,.,. - - ,, Ilia \e ( hurler Oak tin ir home lor tin de ightlii atli-riioon III spi e or t l" . . rainy weather. 'The hoii-ie vacated v r. an rs. At a nieclinu of Ihe Hoard of City | ,,,,,.,. v A|ll . n h .,, i,,.,.,,'!,^ Io Messrs. ' nresc'iil. ' 'The hoii-i Trustees held last Monday an action was passed pruviding jfl.'JiMI yearly for the support ol a public librarv. It was also decided to .secure a sile for the libiarv building on Hie properly re- e.nllv purchased for a city par I.. The I'.'I^M n;_ r ..I Hose actions assures Ihe do j,a'i..n of .110,011(1 for a librarv biiiMinu liseineiil Andr.-vs' I arneyie. This IMI'I vva.s other . .. Wl|1 ' W( . h| h ,, r| , ( , (1 \Valson and K. Taylor, wl ..... \i'c,-i to make Charier (|;l |. , lu . u . „,„,..,. h , ,,,,,, c:,ll aiteiition Io the advcr- l'v,,,inrv \ hill.-r HI an u. who l,a\, m,,\ ,-d "classy" illnstratirins by Jin able artist of our High School. The mid-year examinations will occur next week. Pupils getting over !d) per c.ent, in their . tudioi! will bo oxcilHod from taking them. After tho oxamin.'i- tions the school work for tho. nr;w year will begin. Kl Morifo High has doHdod tho qtios- t.ion for debate with Covina. Tho do- t.fl will tJiko pluco sotrio time in tho part of MarHi. A number of students have signified their willingnoss to take pJirt, and u try-olit for dof)!itnrs will occur soon. The first two gamtm for tho basket- )iill c)iJim[)ions)ii|) of the High School lave been played. Tho first gamo was pljiyod Fri.lay afternoon, Jari.Uiry loth, | heinf? g(lthcr<;d to meefc Mr8< j_ j_ botwi'i-n the Sorihomores and tho I 1 re-nil-t,, , T r> u mu i- * men. The Sophomores won u decisive I M « r K an of Loll « Bfiuob ' The cblef victory over their opponents, tho score j feature of the evening wns the oun- boing to to 10 in their favor. The, sec- inert given by Mrs. Watts' new Victor oud game wan played Monday afternoon, January Nth, between the Seniors nnd Ihe Juniors. The former won by a scor" of .'10 to 111, made candy and nuts, were served. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Prouty of Council Bluff, Iowa, who are on a California wedding trip, were gutsts on Monday of Mr. aud Mrs. Oeo. B. ScofleW. Mr. Prouty is an old school-mate of Mr. Hcofleld and Mrs. Prouty was a pupil of the late Prof. Fitzgerald being in his baud at Cedar Falls. A pleasant evening was spent on Monday last nt the home of Mrs. W. P. Watts, n nomher of old friends Silk at "a million dollars, •'hipped in bond from Vancouver, 1!. C., to Xew York, was desl.royed by firo at Swift. Current and two brakomen lost their lives in the collision. The cause was an open switch. Switzerland, the Rhine, and Paris. phonograph, including solos by Miss Yaw and other operatic favorites, and ninny splendid musical numbers. Delicious refreshments were served. TLoeo present were Dr. and Mrs. Heed, MoHfra, and Mines.'I Whitsel Wtirncr, (jriawold, Douglass, Prather, and Miaa Lilian Douglass. MUSIC AT PRESSBYTERIAN CHURCH, On Sunday morning the quartet will jsing, ''Send Out Thy Light,'' by Cou"Tho nullities of travel without nod, and "My ils inconveniences" would bo n fit j Thee," by Schnecker. f'liiinicl.crix.atidii o' 1 the lectures cf Dr. Faith Looks Up to Miss Maud Victoria Thompson of Pasadena will sing the great, soprano solo, "Oiliest 'Thou , 'Thus, O Master." The music, of this his huicpoan travels through these Sn( , K W1IH w ,.i,. t( ,,, )iv ( ;,, 0 . A . Miet; laiidH HD rich in bintoric arid r.rtiHMo to the beautiful words written by Helen (l(;o. A. Hough of Hun Frnunlaco, on i, in the company of u man prepared by (jduciilion to apprecinLc and expliiin thrjni, ia indeed an opportini- ' ' ' , , .. . ,-,, ,, . . , . | bv Hni'ri-Shi.'l levity. This r.lianoo IH to bo given our j' 0 | n| ( . Warre'u. peoplo l''riday evening, Jan. 2.0lh, ivbfii Ke.v. (ic.n, A. Hough, i'h.D, , pn.s- tfji 1 of Ilia Ciracc M.K. Chui-fh of San Francisco, will deliver bis celfibrated ; on ",Swit'/.erland,t.he Rhine and Marion fiiirnsido. Tn the evening the cpiartet will sing. 'The Shadows of the Kvening Hour,'' Parif," at,, (bo Wonmns Club House, under the auspices of our locnl M. E. Church. After the delivery of this lecture before the California Camera Club, with over a thousand members present, the 217th Hterooptioon lecture in tbo history of this greut club, tho president said: Tbis is tbo finest storoopticon looturo I have beard. Tho views could not, bo excelled, The orchestra, under the leadership of Prof. Groom, will furnish music and add-to tho attractiveness of whut bo a most; enjoyable evening. INTEPvMEDIATE'S SOCIAL. 10 I ul ermediato League of tho Methodist, Church will give a birthday social in Ihe ehurc.h on Friday evening, .fun. 20, under tho direction nt Mr.s. Andrew MCA lien. All tho members and friends of the, church are cordially invited l.o attend and contribute a penny a year for the time they have lived on tho earth. A .program and refreshments will bo given by the members of the Leagfio and a good social time is as.-iiired. Come yourself and bring your friends. It DELINQUENT NOTICE. Office of Ihe Covinn Irrigating Company; principal place of business, Co- viua, Rowland 'Township, County of Los Angeles, State of ('alil'ornia. 'There are delinquent on the following described stock on account of assessment No, -17, levied on December "ml, I'.Ml.s, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders as follows: No. No. Name. Cert. Shares. Anil. Cecelia Feel..'..... . . I!UU' (in *!.">.MD And in accordance will, law and an order of the board of directors, made on the "ml day of December, A. I >. IIHIS, so many shares of each parcel of •Mich slock as may be necessary will In' sold at public auction al I lie ollice of Hie company in Covina, ('alil'ornia, on the loth day of February, A. I >. I'.Hiii, at the hour of 'J o 'clock p. m. of said dav, to pay said delinquent assess in.'lit thereon, together with the costs of advertising and expenses ol sale. H. F. F.DW A I,'I is, Secretary. Covina, Cal., .January -I, IHO'.i. POSTOFFICE SAFE LOOTED. After having spent some time drilling a hole in the safe in the (.flendora post- ollice, robbers discovered the combination early Monday morning and secured JPIII".fill in cash, :t,.">l)l> ".-cent stamps, ",")!)() I-cent stamps and two registered letters. 'Then they appropriated a horse anil buggy belonging to H. F. Blankenship and are thought to have driven toward ('ovina. An entrance to the postollico was effected by prying open a rear door, the robbers using u chisel stolen from a blacksmith shop in the neighborhood. A hole was drilled near the knob of the safe, but it showed no evidence of having bein filled with explosive aiid the door was found ajar. Schedule For Electric Cars, Leave Los Angeles Leave Covina 5:5(1 a. in. 5:50 u. in. 7:( 15 d:55 ,f Christopher*s "Cream of Quality' "Oh How Good" is the praise that has given Christopher's Cream and Ices an international reputation. The dependable cream for formal and informal entertaining. Try it. c. r. CLAPP Sole A*jt nt S:1U l ):M) 1(1:5(1 12:10 1.30 2:50 .W 5 4:45 5-.15 6:45 l »:(>0 11 :M> ( >:50 11:10 12:30 p. m. 1:50 2:35 3:45 4.35 5:45 6:35 H-.OO 10:00 Brave Fire Laddies. often icceive severe burns, putting out tires, then use lUicklen'.-, Arnica Salve and forget them. It soon drives out pain. For Burns, Scalds, Wounds, Cuts and Brviises its earth's greatest healer. (Juickly cures Skin Kruptioiis, Old Sores, Boils, I'lcers, Felons; best Pile cure made. Kelict is instant. 25c at C. F. Clapp s. Don't Get a Divorce. A western judge granted a divorce on account of ill-temper and bad breath. Dr. Kind's New Life I'ills would have prevented it. They cure Constipation, c.iusiiiir li.ul breath and Liver Trouble the ill-temper, dispel Cold, banish hc-ad- ai. lies, conquer chills. .Vc at t'. F. WE HAVE A DOUBLE ACTION DISC HARROW We also are agents for Williams & Sons Goose Neck Cultivator EVERYTHING STRICTLY GUARANTEED Call and see us ifl our new quarters. Twomcy & Dillcr The Implement and Vehicle People of Covina Pratt Block, Opp. Hotel Vendome Phone 29 THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET will serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sixes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yarr' W"e*t Cypress Avenue Telephone. 4037 Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. We carry a full line of ., .... Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every description Washing Machines end Hsuse furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire Matting and Pottery House Moving McCRARY BROS, are prepared to make contracts to move buildings of every description, heavy machinery and tree pulling with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. ARGUS BLOCK Phone 500S Covina, Cal. Rich Delta land in Kings County $45 per Acre We have for sale in tract to suit purchaser f>40 acres o f rich delta land near Tulare Lake. Soil is deep sedimentary deposit, bestgia the world for alfalfa' which grows to perfection here. Land is subirrigated. Alfalfa land in vicinity produces $40 to $50 per acre without irrigation. Only 3 miles from growing town and million dollar beet sugar factory. Near one of the largest and most successful Jersey farms in the state. If you want to buy rich land at a price which insures handsome returns, investigate this proposition. J. H. flatthews REAL ESTATE

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