Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1912
Page 8
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8 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER SATURDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 16,1912. NEW YORK. CHICAGO and ST. LOUIS Manufacturers and Dry Goods Jobbers have semi-annu^ Clearing Sales to unlj^ad to large Cash Buyiers, regardless of cost or value. tHE MEW rOftK STORE will place on sale Monday, November 18th at 8:30 a. m. $10,000 worth of New Fall and Winter Dry Qoods, consisting of Dress Goods, Silks. Ginghams. Sheetings. Shirtings, Suitings, Draperies. Hosiery, Underwear. Blankets and Corsets. All new, clean and desirable merchandise at astonishing low prices bur $1^5 Table Linens, Special $L00 Yard. ' This will l)p of iuleivst to jill li.>u80k»'('|»iM'H. \V«' aiv •«» jjio IM'SI ^1.(10 per varil Liin>u to Iti' liiul. 7'J iui'h jiras-H hli>iivlic(l INiro Liru 'H Danuisk—Kunruuteeil .nl)s«ilut«'ly puix» linen; six swell liatti'i-us; ask fur tbcni. Pin StrijM' Uosp. Fleur .de Lin, Row Knot. Tulip, Chrysautheinuiu. Plain Satin Damask Napkins to match. .")•)() yards Corona FlaannJs. tlo- |H>n<lahl(> patt «M *ns, L'.">i; ICft (|Uality, flow luu - Stamped f>iiest Tovel« with • your own i)eirmanent men- QCp pgram, each ^uu Linen Sirarfing for sid«»l)oar(}s and dressers. uOo quality, OQ A I»er yard £,*>{» * ?2.3.5 quality Double Satin Damask, the heanest and most i»er- fect woven flax thread; newest of patterns; Tiger hilly border with Satiu Strij>e, Dot renter; Violet, Hok Knot. Tulip, liluel»ells; viaVy priced, pex ^1 QQ yard' i ^lidU Xapkins to match; size 27x27, jyer dozen ^.98 Size 22x22, «lozen SWl.SO Solid <*<doTs also Check (JinR- liams, resul-:ir price I2''4c. 71«» siile price I 2u SlxltLS "Salem" extm size Tom and llennned Sheets. 01 AO on sale, each H^lilIU S(lx30 Fancy Squares, on sale, each 25e, SO^ "Al" jjra«le Pillow Casi's. ^Oon sale , lUu IIo|)e Muslin daily III yards to a customer) 1(1 yar«ls for .')llx:iO I'nion Linen Squai^s— hemstitch ami drawn work, ip.^ :{!)e quality, each I Jb Uemmed I'lnon Uleached p. .Muslin, yard Ju •Ttica" Hrand, 42x:}t;, QC^ on sale, each,.. LOlt "Camhrid^" Br;ind, 1 42x:j, each .......h • Infants" All Wool -Cash- 1 mere Hose, iwir luu 2(tx42 Linen Hnck Tow- Cflj* els, 8callo|)ed, each UUu 22x4.'» Imported Satin^ Damask Linen Towels with embroidery or drawn work, on sale, each .98i Children's All Wool I'ndei-wear now 3i}t to 50<! Bleached Crash, with bor- Cp der, 8i )ecial, yard Wu Stevens' Crash, extra 1fl|» gowl quality, yard lUw l{«»acon lU -jMid Crib Hlaukets— weiv rtOr; now on sale QQ#» only wub 18x20 fancy linen Uuck OC* Guest Towels, each £Ub Itarns^ lUeuclu'*! w l'ublea«-li- eil ('rashJ special. jM'r yanl' luu till Odd Portiers. values up to $i>..~iO pair, on sale 98C l.S inch Linen lluck Toweling, fancy patterns, ORp per yard uOlt St«<vens' Cyash. extra JUMMI 1fl#» qnality. s|K«cial, yanl ..lUb 22 inch Linen Huck Toweling, fancy {littterns, ROfV per yard , ulJb 1214c Curtain Swisses, 01- white only, yard U2u 211x20 heavy ^lercerized Napkins, fl.'i.'j quality. QRp \w.r dozen . .*. Uuu (Jennine Castile Soap. OCn 10 bars for .*. .tub (iermau Silver Bleached Lmen Danmsk Xapkins, very ffl "IC new. j»er dozen' ^Iilu Childivn's Buster Brown Bells. K'gular 2nc quality. 10M tui sjile. each iJb StamiHHl Ciuest ToweLs, <tf best grade Linen Huck Towels, OBp each UUb Broken ft\7.os of Perrius' Kid liloves. s]M>cially prii-ed. ."iO dozen I^sidies" Hemstitched llaiulkerchiefs. ivgiilar price ."ic. sale price, two for. U" 1 UMMI yds. Kven'tle Shirt- ^tkn lugs, l.-.c quality, yard I|j|u 00 inch Barusley Blcacheii Damask. itiU' ip^lily, QQf* KiMH'ial, |ier yaril Owu 7."»t) yards Suisi'tle, the 1Q|» 2.V quality, yanl lOu -10 inch BleachiNl Tubing. ICn 2lic quality, yaiil ....iuw ?I.."iO quality Satin Damask— heavy selected fine fla.K — fully blea<-lied. 72 inches wide, elegant as.<iortuu-nt of patterns; napkins to match; s|H>cial pric«', ^1 QC I»er yard ^ liZu 2.~)c quality Bleached Ta- 4Cp bl«> Linen, yard luu S-4xlO-4 patterns similar to the above, extra heavy Afl quality, price ^^•w*' 2."iO pieces fancy patterns Iflp Oil Cloth, yard lUb Slx'.H) Seamed Sheets, worth "lOc, t -ach 43c 12 inch Bleached Tubi'ng. 22c quality, on sale. yard.. i«lu 68 inch Bleached D .mask, new 1012 patterns. S."ic quality. CCp s|H'cial. jier yard Uuu (•('-.c qiiJiliiy Apron <;ing- hams, now f2u 2000 yards Shirting, dark patterns. 20c quality. IQl^ per yard iL'-ili \m \i\u\y> Snitiugs. iM'au- QC|» tiful slyh's. ."lOr quality Zwu • 72 in<-h fl.OS double .satin Damask, every thread pure linen.^od heavy quality, a wear resisting Damask. UMUtiful patterns: Fern HibiMM) Bow Knot. Tiger Lilly i»r Kose; s|»ecial prii-e^ (1 Rfl jter yard ip liwU Napkins to match, si/.i* 22.v22. |ter dozen .!f »-4.50 .Size l'7x27, |i«'r ib»zen $5.98 A. «•. .\. Ticking. 20.- quality, on s:i!e. yanl ISc Fancy«'r and Table .'scarfs each 25^, Siit, 50< l.~)0 yards all wool Divss Ooods. ~5r quality, yard.... 39c 72x!)0 S<>amless Torn Sheet* w«u-th .S"ic each, on sale ; 65c La«lii's' r.iiMv ll;ind'i-liii*rs. reg. priie IIIITC for...' Db l.'^xl.S RoiMid Batlenlwrg Doilies. 2.">c quality. IQn sale i»rice. ea<h lUb Best .><t:m(iard Prints. P_ jier y.ird Uu 72 inch Bleached .Mi-rcerized Damask. Pansy. Po|)py. Fleur de Lis patterns. 7.'ic quality. Clip sjiecial, jM?r yard uUu 22.\22 heavy Satin Damask S:i\>- kin.s—a most exquisite a.x.sorfnient of patterns. :j;4 ipiality. ^9 CH pj'r <lozen «PwiUU luion Linen ready hem CQM. med N.ipkins. do/.en. ..... .wOu .*<Ix!UI "hi<le|H-ndent" Torn and Ik'nuiied Sheets, on s:ile, 7Cp t'ach lUb 27 inch Satin i'ashiiiM-** De S«>ie in all shades. ?1 valns. 7Qf» ]H'r yard . I 3b S4.V.S4 Rose. Pansy, P.Iuel»>ll or Clirysan them urn pattern ^0 An tabieeloth, special i ^UtUU \Vi>men's high grade Black Cot ton How. spliced heel and toe; ivgular price in tlii .s Cflx sale. tlim» jKiir for uUu Stanijied I'illow Case«, QQ A »th- quality. *IKM- pair wJb 2000 yards Plain and I'ancy Satin Me.>4saline. $\ (jnality. CQn in this .sale, vard .....Uuu' New Stanip*'<l Pillow Cn #i Cas4's. .HjKM-ial, pair .uUb 40 in<h Cubleaclied .Miislin— regular jirice 7H!c yard; now on .sjile al ub 81x00 "Pn'miiim" Torn and Hemmed Sheets, on sale. e.'icli 89c 2000 yards Zephyr Oinglianis in stripes, checks ami plaids; Tip 12'-i;r qnality. now I2u 20x12 plain hemstitched oriscal- loped [lure linen Huck 25** Towels, each Suits, Coats, Dresses and MiUlnery handsome NOVEI^TY COATS, Chinckilla. high jgrade novelty cloths in beautiful shades of tans, browns ilud greys; flfl values up to ?32..'»0; in tliis sale ^ NMIU 100 1-adies' and Mis .se8' BLACK COATS; ?10 value; in this .sale, only .$6.00 l.'iO l^idies' and Mi.sses' BLACK CARAt^'L COATS; <^r QQ $10 values; in this sale, only ipUidU 7i-. SEALETTE PLI'SH COATS, shawl roll collar, deep cuffs, ^10.50 values, in this sale , $12.50 no GENUINE SEAL PLUSH COATS, sitin lined; shawl roll collars, G inch cuff.s, f2250 value, in this sale 2.10 l^KIRTS, all new 1012 models, black and navy, tf4 QO also exti-a sizes in this lot; |6..'i0 value; in this sale.. ..'.. .^tiuO 100 SKIRTS, strictly tailownl, high grade French QQ Serge, also new novelty mixtures, all sizes; $7..'iO value; at. .iPUiilU 125 SKIRTS, all wool French Serges. Pamfmas and M QQ Diagonals, black and n.nvy. values tip ,to flJ.OO^ choice yZiuO .iit) STRICTLY TAILORED SUITS in mxw tuid black French or Storm Serge, witin lim'd coat-s. $i,'i.00 values;' in this .sale, onlv 25 MAN TAimUED SUITS, beiiutifnl styles, in famr mix ture.s. Cheviots and Si«rges, all new 1")12 models; some •lO QC extra'siges in this lot; ?18.00 values; in this sale ^IZiilS 18 HIGH GRADE TAILORED SUITS, ctitaway ^coats of strictly nmn tailored guarsinteed lining: regular ?2ri.00 ~^1C QE values; in this sjtle, only iPlOiUu 2.-| PARTY DRESSES, regular ?20.00 vahies; CO now on sale, only ^lUiuU 8 Beautiful NET DRESSES; values up to ?20.00; ^IQ QQ samples, your choice, each ylUiUU 12 high grade SERGE DRESSES in navy and black; ^7 QQ $15.00 values, now on s:ile, only. ylidU It) l»eautiful SERGE DRESSES in black and navv; flO.OO value-s. HOW onlv $5.98 2") CHILDREN'S SCHOOL HAT.s. .siK?ciallv pri.-ed Cn^ each UUb 1--. ML^SES' SCHOOL HATS, values up to *.-..t»0; *1 nil now. each ^ liUll BIG SALE OF BEAVER HATS t \m TRIMMED BEAVER HATS, in white, brown, ^ Jl..!*.-', Ill »lll|f-. U|tl1>ll. 5 black, navy, itnl: all new distinctive uMHlels, eai-h \ FUR SCARFS, SHAWLS^COLLARS AND MUFFS! AT REMARKABTA' LOW PRICES. Scarfs si)et'ially priced as low as 98tf Muffs priced as loir as $1.98 Collars as low as 93.50 Shawls now i»riced as low a.s $6.50 100 new n<Al)y CHINCHILL.\ and FANCY NOVELTY C'OATS, golden browns an «l gii 'ys; iTgular $13..^0 values; in this .sale, only CHILDREN'S <'0.\T.< .sizes 2 to 0 years, in Novelty. <'ai-icnl jind PIU.SIH-S. ?2.."IO and '. ' . $3.50 CHUvDREN'S <'0.\TS in fatiiy cloths and niixtiii-es. 2 to 12 years, on sale $3.98 CHILDREN'S COATS, sizes 2 to 0 years. Silk on'.sale. .<1..">0 up to ' ; $5.98 COATS FOR'^HE SCHOOL GIRL.^. sizes 0 to 12 years, in Fancy Cl<»tli 3Iixture.s. at $3.98 CO.\TS FOR THE SCHOOL GIRLS, .sizes 0 to li' years, in StrijK'd <.'ai".icul, at $3.98 COATS FOR THE SCHOOL C,IRL.<. siz«»s r, to 12 yeai-s, in S«'alette Plush, at... $4.98 .lUNIOR COATS, ages i:{ to 17. in fancy Broadtail PInsh—sna^e collar, prii-e j $7 lUU •JUNIOR COATS, ages i:S to 17. iii Seal Plush and Fancy Camcul; pri<-e , $5.98 k MiSSES' CO.VTS. ages 14 to 1.^. in Funcy Canicul. Idjick linly. nri** at fi»..">0 to $8.98 MISSE.^' <'OATS. ag«'s 14 to 18. in pretty Niivelty Cloths, sitecial ." .$5i58 25 Per Cent Reduction on AU MiUinery. Nuf Sed! Take Note of Oar Prices in South Window.

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