The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 9, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1892
Page 2
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4. HUTCHINSON DAILY HfEWS, THURSDAY, JUNE 9j 18»2. m THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OFFICIAL PAl'EU OK TUB PEOPI.K. THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. held on Thursday, July wineordered L liy ^ ie ^j nday, July ai. ini)2. unless oth liy [lie precinct committeemen By order of committee. A. I>. SPOSHI.BH, Chairman. Morrrox AuiAiKiii. Secretary. A. L. SPON8I.KU, Kdltor. TEKMH OK SUUSOIIII'IION. The NRWR IS delivered by carriers In nutchlnBon. South Hutchinson, and all HUD- urns, at Ifi cents a week. The paper may be ordered by postal card, or by telephone (No. :r>. and will be served early and regularly. Please report any Irregularity of service or nite of address to the NBWS ofritc Immediately, and It will be rectified. 8 J chan DAILY—BY MAIL. •I 00 •> 00 .",0 One copy, one year One copy, six months One copy, one month WEKKI.Y. One copy, one year.. J1 00 One copy, six months 00 Advertising rates made known on application. Telephone No, :i. in ordering the NKWS by mall, stale Issue wanted, dally or weekly, giving name, city, county and state. If subscriber changes place of residence, give former address as well as present, and state Issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. Chicago office, ,">T0 Itookery building. C. E. SIDLINGER, THE Y DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson. ANNOUNCEMENTS. roil DISTRICT cr.EllK. 1 hereby announce myself as a candidate for the ofilce of District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention which meets July li.'l lWi VV. S. YBAGEH. Sylvia, Kan. Poll DIHTKH'T CI.EItK. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the oftlce of District Clerk of Ueno county, •ubject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. Si. VV. WniNF.HY. FOR DIBTItlOT (1LKIIK. I am a candidate for the office of clerk of the district court of this county, subject to the decision of the Republican convention J. A. LKWIK. FOB. COUNTY HUPKBIKTEHDRKT. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. GAHPEH BDWAKON, Grove township. FOH HIIPKHINTKNDENT OF i'UHLIO INflTU TION. To the Republicans of Ueno County: 1 ain a candidate for the office of County uperlntcndent of Public Instruction, sub- Jcct to the decision of the Republican county convention. W. W. PATNB. REPUBLICAN CONVENTIONS. Conjrressloiiftl. he Republican Congressional convention I the nomination of a representative for T for the Seventh district will be held in Kingman, June in. lHnti. State Convention. The Republican state convention will be held In Topeka, June 11(1. IKIIU. County Convention. Tne Republicans oi Ueno county. Kansas, will meet In delegate convention In the city of Hutchinson, on Saturday. IheSilrd day of July, lHli:!, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of placing In nomination candidates for: l.'lerk of the District Court ProbaleJudge. ^ Counlv Attorney, County Superintendent, One Commissioner from the Third Commissioner District. Delegates to the convention shall be elect- by the several wards and voting precincts at primaries duly called by the county central committeemen of . their respective wards and voliugpreclncts. The basis of apportionment of delegates to the said county convention will be one delegate-at-large for each voting precinct In the county, and one delegate from every twenty-live (25) votes or Iractlon thereof, and one alternate for each delegate, cast for Hon. Prank L-. Marlon for Judge at the November election, mm. Under which rule delegates are apportioned to theaeveral voting precincts as follows: Albion :i Arlington "i Hell :i Castlcton Center 4 Clay :i Enterprise Grant 4 Grove (I Haven 5 Hayes :i Huntsvillc :t l.angdon Ill Lincoln.."... Little River Loda Medford..,. Medora NinneBcah. Plevna The committee recommends that the primaries in townships be helil on Thurstfay, July '.ilsi, 1K0|», from 11 to •! p. m., and In the cities of Hutchinson and Nickerson on Thursday, July :llsl. IWi'J. from V::10 to «::10 ii. in. And It Is further recommended that at the same time and place, the voters elect the same number of delegate! nominate one member of the legislature from the Seventy-sixth legislative district; and one member of the legislature from the Seventy-seventh legislative district, and as the Third ward of the city of Hutchinson is In the Seventy-sixth district, that the legislative convention be held in the city of Hutchinson on Hatnc day, viz: July till, lK0!i, and that each voting precinct elect one member to serve on the central committee for the ensuing year, By order of the Republican County Central Committee. JNO. It. VINCENT, Chairman J. V, STOUT. Secretary. The Republican county central committee having recommended In the above call that the beventyseventh district Republican convention, comprising the townships of Hayes, Sylvia, Grove, Hell, Loda, Langdon, Arlington, Westiniistcr, Plevna, Huntsvllle, Kntcrprlse, Salt Creek, Reno, Grant, toed ford and walnut, and the Third ward of th city of Hutchinson, be held In Hutchinson Saturday, July yard, we. the commltte elected for the old Ninety-third district, rat- Ify said recommendation and hereby loin in the call, and name the hour of 1 o clock of said day as the hour of meeting, and that the various townships and wardsshall be titled to the same representation as they have in the county convention as above. A. 11. CHAIIDH, M. 11. POTTKH, GEO. AVEUY, Committee. Senatorial Convention. A delegate convention of the Republicans of the Thirty-sixth senatorial district Kansas will be hehl at Hutchinson on Mon day, July Sfi, 1KII2, at u o'clock a. m. to nom iuate a candidate for stale senator from said district. At said convention each voting preelnctin said district will be entitled to one delegati at large and one additional delegate for each 100 votes or a major fraction the cast for Hon. William Hlgglns for secretary of state In 1K1I0: Provided that no del^gal can give a proxy to anyone outside the pr duel for which he Is elected. Under said apportionment the varlou: precincts are entitled to the following num ber of delegates: K1NGMAK COUNTY Allen 1 Belmont 1 Bennett a Canton 1 Clticaskla 1 Dale 1 Dresden I KaglL- 1 Kvans 1 t SUFKIUNTENDENT OK PUBLIC INSTRUCTION. I hereby ancounce myself as a candidate for the otllce of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county enliven. Hon, to be held July *_':!, 1H0S. CnAB. P. DAWRON, Abbyvllle. Kan. Westminster township. FOR PROBATE JUDCK. 1 am a candidate for the office of probate | Judge, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. J. A. FONTRON. FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY. I hereby submit my name to the Republicans of Rentt county for a renominatiou to the ofilce of county attorney, subject to the decision of the Republican convention. Z. L. WIRE, Reno North Reno South. Roscoe Salt Creek....Sumner Sylvia iTroy Valley Walnut Westminster Hutchinson— First Ward 1 Second Ward Third Ward K Fourth Ward 11 Nickerson— • First Ward r. Second Ward 5 Third Ward 4 Galeshurg 1 Hoosier 1 Kingman .1 Liberty 1 Nlnnescah 1 Peters Kureka Rural Richland Rochester Union Valley Vlnlta White City of Kingman- First ward Second ward.., Third ward Fourth ward — I'llATT COUNTY Haynesvllle 1 Carml 1 Iuka --.'2 WeBt Naron 1 Bast Naron I McClelland 1 Logan 1 North Valley 1 South Valley 1 McPherson 1 Saratoga.. North Center.. South Center.. Richland Banner Springvale Grant Blm Paxton Gove ItK.NO COUNTY. North Reno.. South Reno.. ROHCOC Sail Creek... Sumner Sylvia. Troy L'roy— t'alley. Albion 1 Arlington s Bell 1 Castleton 1 Center Clay Enterprise 1 Grant Grove Haven Hayes , x Huntsvllle 1 Langdon Jl Lincoln Little River I Loda J Medtord 1 Medora 1 Nlnnescah.,. 1 Plevna li The primaries for »alil convention will Walnut Westminster Nickerson— First ward Second ward.. Third ward Hutchinson- First ward Second ward.. Third ward.... Fourth ward,.. idea of reciprocity. It was unnecessary to do so for nobody thinks or ever claimed he was. Hut he was the man to whom it was left to practically apply it that the nntion might reap its benefits. Whether JAMEH G. HLAINE is nominated or not. he cannot be belittled. The newspapers are not objecting to the tedium of the Minneapolis convention. Millions of extra copies are sold all over the United States every morning.—Wichita Eagle. Kvery morning'.' Its the evening papers that are supplying the public with the convention news. The slow going morning papers only rehash what their more enterprising contemporaries give to the people twelve hours earlier. The morning papers are no longer in it. The action of certain federal office holders in Kansas to make it appear that the sentiment of the Republican party in this state has changed from III.AI.NR to HARRISON is not warranted by the facts in the case. The mass of Kansas Republicans, while willing to support HAKIUSON in case of his nom ination, are still enthusiastic for the man from Maine as their first choice. Presidents are made by conventions and not by the people. After all the source of all political power in our great goveVnmont is the little party primary in the country school house and town hall which is so often neglected. A NEW DEPARTURE. In appreciation of the patronage we have enjoyed, the management of The Grand wishes ...... ...„ t ,. to reciprocate. Therefore we have inaugurated £y "umu- a .new system by which all who wish to take "ad- 1 - 1 ' ^ " ^ —. . — -* 'm-vriYij-k. nvinna Ann It is a mistake to suppose that all political interest is centered in Minneapolis. Kansas candidates for state, congressional, legislative and county officers are vigorously working up their respective booms. Mrs, II AiuusoN thinks if she is permitted to occupy the White House four years longer, she will be able during that time to have it enlarged and rebuilt. Ho one claims that he is perfect, and in times past grave charges have been made. Hut Btill he in a man of marked ability; a thorough American, with a genius for hustling and for keeping up a fire all along the line. Ho excites people, and they cither adore or hate him, but are never indifferent. Too lll|E a Mftlt to Ike Hnllbllpll. From the Minneapolis Journal. Mr. Hlaine has opened a new chapter in our commercial historj ^^^^^^L vantage of buying at mpney-saving prices can Reciprocity engenders trade. Trade „ v j] fJinmSelVCS DV VlSltiHg demands transportation and stirau- " 1 ' lvl1 " ^ '-' Intes American ship-building. Commerce is a eivillzer. American commerce with the nations of this hemisphere will surely permeate them with the spirit of our institutions and make for the permanence of free institutions among them as well as their substantial commercial prosperity. Mr. Hlaine is too closely identified with this chapter of our histor3' to be deprived of the honor which his career has given him. He had the boldness to break the monotony of traditional usage. He saw an opening opportunity. He availed himself of it immediately, with the approval of the nation. Such men ciin neither snnbbcd nor I dropped at the instigation of jealous | politicians. l.oynl Almost to n Fnult. From the Philadelphia Inquirer. Mr. Maine, has never been disloyal to his chief. On the contrary he has been loyal almost to a fault. He declined to be a candidate so that his chief could get the nomination. He has kept himself in the background at ] nil times, but he is a man of too much spirit to be coerced into a false position. President Harrison has no right to the presidency any more than the I several million other eligible citizens. It was Blaine alone that made Harrison's nomination possible four years ago. If, in spite of all Mr. Blaine can do, the people prefer him to Harrison, he can do nothing but accept, and the charge of disloyalty or double dealing is not only false, but is the outcome of 'personal disappointment." At Minneapolis. The developments of to-day in the Minneapolis convention show a growth of the Blaine strength. While the vote for or against adjournment thii morning may not be a test of the strength of the two factions, it is a straw showing the direction of the sentiment of,the delegates. The action of the committee on ere dentials so far taken, gives the advantage to the anti administration crowd, hile the fact that mostof the contests decided so far have been by unanimous votes prevents the HAIUIISON men from setting up the claim that the BLAINE majority on the committee is being used to seat BLAINK delegates unjustly. With these evidences of the weaken- ng of the HARIUBON forces, it is quite probable the leaders will soon begin to play for some new man, evidently preferring a dark horse to BI.AINE. In that event the chances of MCKINI.EY, who has stood by the administration, will bo materially advanced; and it is believed that the governor of Ohio will not be unacceptable to the BLAINE men, if they see they cannot nominate their man, without engendering dangerous enmity. MCKINLEY, we believe would be very acceptable to the party at large. The Wichita Eagle is one of the papers that is not insisting that great men have no right to change their minds. "We love him (HARRISON.) for the enemies he has made.—Judge. JAMES (<. BLAINE is loved for the friends he has made. The American Federation of Labor transferred Miss MARY KENNEY from Chicago to New York that shu might bring the women wage-workers of the latter town into an organization for mutual benefit, and for relief against the sweating system. Miss KENNKY finds that the voice of nature cries out the loudest against her scheme The greatest trouble I find my work of organizing womc is the fact that they arc always figur ing upon marriage. You try to induce young girl to join the union and she will invariably give that as a reason for keeping- aloof. She will not put it in words, hut will give that kind smile which I or any other woman un derstands, a smile that ineanB 'I ex pect to be married some day, and th union will not benefit me then.'" The woman who rejoices in her youth slow to exchange her dream of a husband and a home for the reality of membership, or even office-holding i a female league. No Man Has a l.len on tho I'rosIdeno3'. From the Philadelphia Ledger (Ind.) Mr. Blaine could do no more than he did when in his letter to Mr. Clarkson e cleany and decisively expressed what his personal wishes were in respect to the presidential nomiuaiipn. Nothing but his assumed obligation to his own pleasure or desire rendered necessary for him to do so much, and his party, through its duly chosen national representatives, should now demand that he shall sacrifice his 'personal inclinations to what the majority of his party's official representatives consider its best good, what should estop him from complying with a demand so imperative and authoritative? His candidacy under such circumstances would be not less honorable than that of the president, or of any other Republican called by his party to lead it through an arduous and doubtful campaign. The theory that every one who accepts an office under an ad ministration is thereby disqualified as candidate for ony other office to which his chief may himself aspire is un-Democratic, un-Republicnn and uu American. The question of political loyality, except loyalty to party, has no part in the matter of Mr. Blaine's willingness to accept or to reject the presidential nomination should it be offered him. No man has a lien or claim upon any public office except such as the popular will and power give him. It is said several of the eminent gentlemen now conducting BLAINE' campaign were formerly opposed to him, and that Is urged as a reason why Hi.AiNK should not be nominated. But it is illogical. Men who have b< for Hlaine are for him yet, and these notable accessories only tend to unite the party for hirn. Should the great statesman be nominated the party will support him with remarkable and unprecedented unanimity. The HAIUIISON people arc talking about "HLAIN'H treachery," in resign ing. We dare say the half has not been told In regard to that resignation, and when it is somebody will be made appear mighty small, and It won't be HLAINE. __________ The Ulobe-Uumocrat labors to prove that BLAINK is not the father of tlv Koom for More Than one (ireat Man. Detroit Evening News. . - . it is ridiculous to think of Mr. member that the only place where Blaine being under any obligations to ' Mr, Harrison simply because one was chief and the other a subordinate. The appointment of Mr. Blaine wns not a personal matter, but a proper regard for the wishes of the Republican party. Mr. Harrison could not do otherwise. It is'babyism of the president I to be petulant because the masses | think more of his secretary than they do of him. It is a pordonable weakness for Harrison to think himself a great man, but he should be rebuked for thinking himself the only great | man. Every man has the right to want to be president, and Mr. Blaine is not excepted. - which we have 1 designated as BARGAIN DAYS. You will find in every department attactions which will prove money savers for you. Re- ACTUAL BARGAINS And NO SHAM, is at A. J. LUSK, Pres. A Disinterested Observation. From the New York Sun. General Harrison should not have had himself interviewed to hint at his imaginary grievances. That was not a dignified or a wise course. It was a j mistake for certain members of his cabinet to proclaim his titles to re- nomination, it has been a mistake all along for some of his fool friends, in- eluding the astounding Russel Harrison, to nag Mr. Ulaine, instruct him as to his duty, and try to force his hand and direct his conduct. It was a mistake to assume that Mr. Hlaine was or is under any obligation to Gen. Harrison. The obligation is the other way. It was a large mistake to take it for granted that Gen. Harrison had a preemption upon the presidency, and that nobody else need apply. Gen. Harrison may yet come out all right at Minneapolis, but it will not be on account of any peculiar tact or discretion shown by him or his friends in reference to Mr. Blaine. That gentleman has been bullied and badgered most unwisely and unnecessarily. Nobody has any reason to blame him if, tired of being pursued, he turns about and becomes pursuer. The Two Men. From the New York Herald. The difference between Harrison and Blaine is painfully vivid and thrilling. Harrison has no personal following. In no single instance during his administration hits he created enthusiasm in any quarter, unless we except a few office-holders. We have never heard his honesty impeached; and it is generally admitted that ha has acted according to his light. His four years, however, have been filled with commonplaces and political insipidities, and it would be as impossible for even u Republican to give him n hearty cheer as it would be to grow warm by lying down on a cake of ico. Blaine, on the other hand is a sort of coufiugration. He has made friends by his courtesy and tho spirit of cainar- ; aderio which pervades his public life. The Hopes of the Wast Are All with Ulaine, From the Denver Sun. From the'very first James G. Blaine hits been the unanimous^ choice of the Colorado Republicans for the presidential nomination. He has ever been the Sun's candidate. This paper has known no other choice. If nominated and it is hardly necessary to use the contingent phrase—he will carry this state by an unprecedented majority, The Democrats will have the heart to make no more than a formal fight against him. He will also carry all of the Rocky mountain and Pacific coast states by large majorities. His candidacy will take Montana from the list of doubtful states. The hopes of the west are all for the nomination of the statesman of statesmen. ( The Hating of the Candidates. From the Pittsburg Dispatch. Viewed in the light of the wishes of the Republican masses, it is plain that that the availability of other men sink into insignificance beside the immense superiority of Blaine. If he could'not be secured as a candidate Sherman or McKinley might be rated as a little better than Harrison; Depew or Alger as somewhat weaker. But the ques- sion being only whether tho desire of the people forBlaine's cundidacy Bhall be satisfied or not, the talk of a com- 1 TTTVEiaTT T i ni VTZTXT promise candidate is so futile as to be I \ UJJJiOlljlj & JUAIKiJN, plainly a device of the Harrison forces' • • - — to let themselves down easily. C. H. MENKE, Cashier. JNO. CHAPMAN, V. Pres.. HUTCHINSON NATIONAL - BANK, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. C Capital, $100,000. Surplus, $20,000, An Impcrlfihable Itecord. From the Baltimore American. As to Mr. Blaine's eminent services there can be but one voice. He has been one of the greatest premiers in the history of the world. In spite of ill-health, which happily has improved, and in spite of death in his family, which would have broken down weaker men, he has given to the eountry a breadth and brilliancy of statesmanship that all classes of citizens admire and appreciate. For this the country will remember and bless him, and for his previous career history has a long chapter of record And praise. Prouil to Follow the White Plume. From the Wheeling Intelligencer: If the national convention considers | it the part of wisdom to nominate Mr. Blaine the whole party will fall in line I and proudly follow the lead of the [ greatest living statesman. Th* First Fly or Summer. TJ* the Ural fly of summer Comes bu/./.lng uloae, All Its million coaiuanlons Will come later on. No beaut of Its kindred. No imwut Is nigh To associate with It— TftlB one lonely fly. . I'll not leavo thee, thou tone one. To lay nil thy eggs. I'm on (o your system, Your on your last logs. Thus gently t scatter The powder around. And soon In the dustpan Tby lMHly '11 be found. So soon may they follow ' Thy brothers anil friends. I 'll treat I hem to powder. And compass their ends. When screens fall to stop them And vicious they grow. I'll give them a dose that Will lay them all low. -Detroit Trlbua* K Wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Cutlery, Lanterns, Fruit Jurs, Etc. I I Close prices to dealers. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. 11) 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue EaBt. B ALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods. "No. 10 Second Ave. East. Close Prices to Dealers. UTOHINSON HARDWARE and IMPLEMENT CO. Wholesale Dealers In SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE Farm Machinery and Salt Supplies- orth Main Street. Telephone 17:1, rALL & WALL, ~ Wholesale Carpets and Draperies. Only Exclusive House of the Kind West of the Mississippi River. No. 24 South Main Street. H I i E.VAU< 1 Manufact tl Extracts, ill plieB. 40 UTCHINSON WHOLESALE GROCER CO., Wholesale Groceries. Second avenue eaBt. Telephone No. 79. E.VAUGHAN & CO., .. . Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring T?.vti.a 0 ts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Sup 406 North Main St. Sffl^ffj^g^S &nd^ rOODRUFP &' SON, MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS DT THE WOODRUFF G-UITARS & MANDOLINS Office, 11 and 11« bherman Street east, Hutchinson, Kansas A ^ ° Agents wanted In every town in the United State* J, H. WILDEN, WHOLESALE DEALER IN i ICE CREAM AND CANDY. Mafl orders prom to.„te^ quM ui, WllrIfc .

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