Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 23, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1909
Page 7
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CALIFORNIA rmeel success here than he is followed bv his friends, who in turn do their missionary work, thus mnhitaining a system of ool- Many Farmers in Frozen Sections Are Coming to Sunny Land. By John D. Reavis. John D. Reavis, author of the article below, is one of Southern Call- fornla's best known 'operators in country property. Climate Supreme. Demonstrated beyond contradiction by -the teat of time, climate stands an incontrovertible asset to make Covina and Southern California supreme as a habitation. This attraction being of its very nature, as immutable as the laws of gravity, serves as a constant power to accelerate the growth of the city, and whereas in. the past the erstwhile facetious critics of Southern California were prone to cite climate as the only claim to greatness, they are now silent as a tomb in the fact of the acknowledged permanency and great scope of the commercial and social systems. Like magic, the climate entices and then enthralls the visitors, making them captives of their own free will to live, invest and boost Southern California in general. Absence of soft, weather under foot, freedom from the necessity of the golfish habit and sundry other self- evident weather advantages, soon turns them into walking advertisements for this sunny land and its real estate. Optimism, the outcome of content and sunshine, puts thorn cnrapport with the native, and before they realize it thfly are dyed-in-the-wool converts to our re• gion. • Creates New Wealth. The next step is the conversion of their eastern property holdings, either by cash, transaction or trade into Southern California dirt, which accounts in a great measure for the high tide of eastern exchanges. Momentous in extent and volume, the system of creating new wealth and population bids fair to double the population in the next five years, with the assurance of its proportionately greater increase in property values. Predictions of growth, no matter how optimistic, based on an analysis of the foregoing and other known and tangible influences for the advancement of Southern California, will in all likelihood have to be advanced many notches to keep abreast of the ultimate magnitude to which this city is destined to rise. Serving as an added influence for Southern California's growth is the kaleidoscopic variety of attractions nearby cities provide, for they couple with salubrious climate other natural aids to health, such as curative springs, mountainous elevations and natural mineral waters—all of which serve to add met- ropolitism to our environment and vitality to our growth. Noted resorts for health, many already on trolley lines and others soon to be, include Arrowhead Springs, Murietta and San .lac, in to Hot Springs for medicated baths, Benu- mont, Idlewyld and many other places for bronchial troubles, and Catulina for relaxation. Thus with nature virtually m our captivity for the benefit of those who i!«.n l.nvo converts are as easy to hold veritable endless chain | oiii/.aHon. With thosp known forces working continually aiiii successfully for the Sjooil of Southern California, as evidenced by tables showing steadily in* creasing population and wealth, Los Angeles, the huh of Southern California, becomes one of the most favored towns in Ihe United Staves, and Covina, its subsidiary, a place of greatest promise. Real estate, easiest amenable of all commodities to the march of progress, is thereby deriving singular strength and added viihte, and if over a time existed that \vns propitious for adding to property holdings, either in ranch lands or city property, it is now, just in advance of the big business (hat will opon up after Taft's inauguration in March. Ranch Life in Califoniia. A lar»e minioor of families and young men in the United States and other countries are without a home of their own. They are using up their capital or income either by living at a hotel or boarding house or by renting. The policy they pursue is not only an expensive one, but it deprives them of many comforts and pleasures, which can only be experienced by owning and occupying some land and a house. A piece of land of sufficient size to meet the requirements of the industry engaged in, a cottage or mansion, to correspond with the means of the owner, the fruit orchards and vegetable gardens, either largo or small, should be possessed by every man who has a family or ever expects to have. The "farm" of the business man may be only a few town lots or an acre or two; the man who desires a small piece of land that will make him a living in growing the most profitable crops will find five to twenty acres sufficient for his needs; the grain grower and stock raiser will want from fifty acres up, as his taste demands, but all should own their lands and not rent. In a word, failure is quite possible to a man who lacks the elements of success—sense, industry .ind economy. The most important capital required is a stock of energy, industry, economy, common sense and practicability. Of course fruit growing is the usual industry for a small tract of land, and a period of a few years must elapse before a profit may be realized. But in the meantime there are many things, such as poultry, eggs, butter, and vegetables, which, if produced, will help wonderfully toward the living expenses. ops rapidly during the early p;irt of the trip, while the fruit Is warm. In R car in which the fruit Is cooled to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower before shipment the temperature remains nearly constant if the car is re-iced regularly in transit. In cool weather It remains fairly constant without additional icing after the car loaves California. In warm weather the re-icing during the first half of the trip can be avoided, but the car may need re- icing during the latter half of the trip. G. HAROLD PCMYKLL. COVINA Shoe Repaid (o, • j FINE SHOE REPAIRING REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue A. J. ROOKS General ElleicksrriltHIng AH kinds of general and heavy Blacksmtthing. We manufacture Ridkers, Orange Racks and Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone lOj? Shop West Bndillo St, Cavina Coll and Sec Us If you need anything- in the HARNESS line and we will give the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. ovinei Harness Saddlery o. Phone Home 1170 H BAUD'S 614 South Grand A**nu», Lm AnioUi, California. The greataflt business training institution in the Muth. Open during the entire year. Write for narticuUrg. J. W. LACKEY. Manager. Clarence Allison Building Contractor Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA, CAL. PROSPECTORS STRIKE CAVE FULL OF HONEY SAN BERNARDINO.—A cave of solid honey, estimated to contain no less than four hundred tons, is the find reported by two prospectors named Johnson and Stringer, who have just returned to Needles from a four months' prospecting trip xip the Colorado river. They were hunting for gold, and digging about through the hills came on this strange cave, inhabited by bees. They finally smudged the bees out sufficiently to explore the cave sufficiently to determine that it was nearly filled with the sweet stuff. They claim they arc in communication with honey men and expect to dispose of the entire lot at a price that will be almost as good us a gold mine. live here, converts are as^ as they arc to make. Verily YOUNG WOMAN AUTHORIZED TO WEAR STAR OF CONSTABLE One of Southern California's wealthiest young women has been sworn in as a deputy constable. Miss Fannie W. Hixby, MX West Ocean avenue, member of the probation committee! of Los Angeles county, mat- J. W. Proprietor of the COVINA LIVERY STABLES Home Phone 30. Covina, Cal. t AAAAAAAAAAAAAi can never cease prospering and growing any more than the increment, in her real estate can stop multiplying. Thousands Are Coming. Tiona fide, records of the splendid results achieved by Southern California ranchers have served to arouse the eastern farmer used to, but tired of the work, worry and climatic, drawbacks of farming'in less favored sn-t.ions of the United States. Combined with the f.nv^dng reason for expecting a steady and growing in- tlux of home-seekers is I lie energetic work of the l,os Angeles Chamber of Commerce, whoso indefatigable secretary, Frank Wigginn. is a marvel of continnitv in his efforts to spread the fame of California to the world at large. 1/iteratiire in vast rpia nt it ie.- ainanat- ing from quasi-public bodies like the local chamber jj;nes forth ciothed with legitimacy and conviction, anil i c.fiy making California conveits thousand. Then again, the smaller Southern California are emulating example of Los Angeles by cal board of trade, chain mci-ce and similar nrgani/'i exploiting of their own section*. 'II thus demonstrate the old ada^e, that unity -t relict h exist- publicity is borne e, ron at the city jail of Long Beach, • p(n '"' l | raised her right hand yesterday, sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States, the l:\ws of California and the ordinances of the board of supervisors. Then authority was k'iven her to wear a star of tin or KO|I|, as she sees fit; carry a "^iin 1 ' and dandle a pair of handcutl's nl her side. Miss Hixby is the appointee nf \V. L. Hawkins, constable at the bench town. Miss I'ixbv is one of the best, known philanthropists on the I'-icilic <'oast. She was appointed a member nl' (lie oro- bation committee six weeks a<_'-> by .Inline \Vilblir to fill I he lille\-|iirei| lel'lll of. Mrs. \V. .1. Washbnni, leaned. The. power acipiind by Mi--- 1 I'.ixby n* an ollieer will be exercised in conjunction with oilier duties. Start Right 1909 S^ Own 5 Acres and Independence at BEAUMONT The Apple Paradise of Southern California Hay, Grain, Cereals and Fuel WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Delivery^ Every Part of theJValley SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING COMPANY Home Phone 19 COVINA, CAL. CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. W. Badillo St., on the new electric line. Darn Phone 2-10 Res. Phone 198 COVINA, COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made dally. Orders In town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Pboiie 36 Soil water climate rind proximity to a home market are very prominent feature's of Jleaumoilt's leadership a-, a homese, l<ers' colony. I he prools ol I he money value-of the.-,c adva nlai/;,--, arc be ,t -diownm a sold. " The '.siouoy they yield the rm.' the llrsl n-a of IJeamnoiit ranc.hiiif; '•' i» 'I' 1 - f;ic:t ". l;i1 '' ls "'" "'"' "'''' fornia that raises apple-, and oherrie-, eijii.tlt pound of the fruit is sold at ho:;.e here in South* OITRUS TREES Nnveln. Vnlnncluii.Eiirclca I-.flinoiM. hurlH noUiotfti! from ,.:l.i.ii:n Imurinir - oramto Kff BED 8TOOK. I'ulmH. c»m|>lior», ucaclaa, roHim, ole. WrIU for SOUTHLAND tlUltfCttiff, K. H. I)l»lirnw. I'ropr.. It. F. I). No. 1. Pmmmdmnm, Oml. I mi I cro|i-. ra iseil a nd ,011 for the liijc prof: t s • one -,ec.l ion of Son! hern ('a li • ,, the world'., best, and every •rn I',. i li I o r n i, i. Your Winter Trip East JL I;K VIA One Crop of Apples or Cherries will be Worth as Much as the Land Sells for Today. Sunset Route VV hale Refuse for Fertili/.cr. V.'ecan show you notiilile i;i n -r^,'iiHJ worth of •ipples from 7 acres soon throii^hoiH t lie i-.ect ii ,n, J Ir.uieM to |.;et ill colllIllllllie.'itiiMi uith US .-ooll. reiereni.e you v. i-,'u to s;iii->1y yon ol a thousand pi ojde v. ho h;n.-<: liern buyer- •-, win-re rancher-, tin, la -.1 -,ea ,on, tool-. •2,lint i worth o! ' herrii -, fnin "i acre-,, and •i<i r-, eoniinj.; to CalitoriM.i will do well V.'e offer you any haul! or mercantile ir Ihiam.ial respoii- tin! i I v and in nearly a-, to oi;r si nan- dealing and honor. Southern Pacific It is Important to Buy Now While Lands are Sel'mg at $125 to $175 per Acre, OK VIA The-," price, colony juility many w' not boh! mm h li a -.1 ill adv.ii re ri^'lil n Ci,n:-jideri n(.' buying at I'. You better ;i(.t no',-. v. j i I h dome-,' ic v, a t, a lot. The be-.l in . m. a nd 2: -o ,1 South llro.-idv.a f : rce Lectures Thrive Daily NEW ORLEANS TO Washington + <i, Chicago JV Cincinnati THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPERS '!< 151. Al .MOM I.AM) AM> WAI I. If UJ.VU'AIN V )\ I,I'!,D IJ VI, ( O. K , •KINK \l\',:.l>l.l> I'!' KANINNK 1 '." I-..M.M V i;KT.I,/,K -, TIlKorUl Till', JjKI.AM V SO I."I'll Cheap Homeseekers' excursions Every Thursday and Sunday. free to Buyers. SOUTHERN PACIFIC

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