Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 23, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1909
Page 6
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V 4- ORANGE AND LEMON $ 10 per Acre and Cheap Transporta tion to Eastern Markets. Situated in the famous Ilucsteca Valley on water transportation of the Panuca River to Tatnpico, the rapidly growing part of^Mexico. Regular steamboat service to and from property. In the La Bolsa Colony, consisting of 20,000 acres. A townsite has been laid out and tracts of 5 acres adjoining al $125 to $135 each, and also subdivisions of fifty acres each at S10 per acre. Terms, one-third cash and balance in 6 months and 9 mo.; 8 per cent on deferredjpaytnents. Discount given on tracts of 500 acres and up. Fine hunting' and fishing-. For further particulars apply to MATTHEWS & COMPANY, Local Agents, or MOATS, FOWLER & DIBBLE t J Box 168 TAMPICO, MEXICO LORDSUURG HIBLI- SCHOOL. I'nlliiwiiii; Assessment Notice. .'itleiiil Ihe meel iiije-i, ;itu| notifies t.lic I h snlcrs ;:s ID llnir time for taking' tin- Cnspel M,H., ,.„.„•«, „,,,,„ ,,,,.,. l in«s; , he M issiona ry i Columbia Land »m] Water Com- lo mans' nl' our renilei n: 11 was my privilege lo alleml a mini- lier nl' Ihe Hessioiis of Ihe special Ilililo \V.'IS Well MHSl ;ii ll.'.l, :i ! WlH'k W!lM 1'i'om oilier cone |-i-ua I ions in Ihe district. In MHIIM! iinmlicrs Ihe Dislrirt of Snnl hern ( 'sili I'lirnisi ami A ri/.ngin has n memln rship nl' nne I hniisa in I. l-'iir- inerly I he I >isl rid Innk in I he enl ire Slate, lint a year m- I Wn a^n Ihe North- ein liislricl of ('a lil'iirnia WIIM I'linm .1, with a meinliei'shi p nl' .some three hull lire,I. 'The work in Ihe Itilile schnnl was in liieh sjiii'ilnal cha I'sirl or. The varimis topics ili..i-,issei| Were I'llll n!' ill),-res) .-mil Were helpful lo all who wen- ill al I emla m-e. During the term two vminjj; men came mil. on Ihe Kuril's sole ami Were leceiveil illln chinch fellowship isiliinu " :i special slmly ni' Ihe li'-l'd a I. I""!}') priiioiptil nliioo of ':"": ;il " 1 ••' l '!'"/" 1 ' '""' '" l"'"'»"'<' a (;,,viiin, Kowhaid Township, County iihi-miisi ry HjHi'il siiiinii^ !he iiM'iiihi'r.s >f I, o.s Atik'olc.H, Stato of California. Notioo in hercljy ^ivnn Mint at a The M issiiniai-y |);iy look up liolh Ihe liislrii'l Mis'-'mii w'H-k sis well as I ho work nl' Ihe (ieuilal I'.n.-ml. I tro. ''I'ms- ""' ( '' ' »« " f Ul " (l ' l>(!Ct ° I-H - I'l'llll.ll tllOJ lie nave an inh-n si iiii; n-view'ol 1 Ihe eleventh day of January, 1!>(.)0, un j pean,| Ilial j, I w',,,-1; is l,e',n u - ,1,,'ne, ' «HH«'H8iiii;iit of -100 cc-ntH pel iiml Mini Ihe llnanl is pushing out as . was luvicd upon tho capital utcick of I'SIM! af it can olilain means In carrvl., i , .. ,, o work. A review nf ,he genera I \ L ''° llbovi1 " lllm "' 1 "<» i l»"'»t .-..n, payable mis-sinn work of the church was e;iven, ' immodititcily to tho .si-creliiry, at tho "." l| "''• i ,""' r " s , t "'I';'". 1 " ""' "VV 1 '"'«'..fllon of 'tho company ah t'ovina. sho\ve,| thai Ihe missionary spirit, is al.i'.iail in < 'a lifui'iiia. 11 wm'ilil lie e.,,,,,1 Comity of Los AllgeleM, Wtatc of Cflli- i f such meelines were In U \". everv nri'li i n I he I In,I h-'i'lionil. The res KILL THE COUCH AND CURE THE LUNGS WITH New Discovery FOR 1 U " Trial Battle Free AND ALL THROAT AND LONG TROUBLES. GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OR MONEY REFUNDED. fornia. iiarv s.-nt'ini nl <>l tin- chnreh. Society (ilrl Mils. wonl.l lie :i lar-e im-ieas,' in Ihe mis- j Any st oek Upon wllicll this MHSOSH- inent, .shall te.'nain uni-ii,l on tin- D I, M I ! ' | Mt!i day of l-'ntirii".ry, l!Ui:i, will he i I (ii-l iininetil. an.l ml vei I ise.l i'lii-Hiile i\l j i pnhlii! and ion, ami unless payiiienl' *'' "' in niitilu hetoie, will l:o s-'olii on thef Schedule For Klectric Cars. I<eave Los Angeles Leave Covinn 5:50 a. ni. 6:55 $50OO TO LOAN in sums of S500.00 up on clear improved real estate at 7 per cent up for one to 4 years privilege to pn.y S500.00 at ;iny interest paying date or all at any time without bonus. I buy trust deeds, mortgages and contracts for deeds. At 130 East Puente St. except Mondays and Thursdays. Phone 194. OSCAR MILLER. p£ig E «iLif n t&fe. Baxza ^ V) LGF.'S EGG MAKER SUCCESSFUL POULTRY RAISERS USE Los Angeles Incubators EVERYTHING IN POULTRY SUPPLIES Acme Roup Cure—SOc Postpaid HENRY AU5ERS CO. 534 S. MAIN ST. LOS ANQELES Sec P. K. DOUGHTY for p in. 12:.^ii p. in. 1:50 , -n • i. i- i • i- M, i i i i i , • Tth dtiv of .Matoh, l!Hi!l, al 'J o'clock 1 e, ,| su\v U \\ i M, 111 I mil s uw n i: I I line, I i n A 11 inli nsi, has a ha m In in-, I, I einpura l i • ' I,lie;; I'm 11., finil. ||y, a trip In i;,,,-,-,- l,o u!n,-h si,,- has i" I ll" uftcrn i, ntthcotllco of Hie \IIIM ne/ tlnise who Ini.l: an .n:i\e pail I IH-I-II \ei\ eii! hu-iasi i , an,I is n,,w lni.y cmnpaliy ill Cnvilia, County of in Ih •I' loiine. aclin:; as \,,|- An^eleH, Stsitc of (.'a I ifoniia, to i n.V ' .-,--,.'' lh" del inipieiit, assessment, Inp'tlit r J i,:',.^ . \vilh t he ciisl ol' aihoi I isiiiK ami i-.\-! <,-r(\ I'l-iell.U ill I'a, na Iml.-iV liv letters |iellHl. of Mile. .lam,- /.. I,ill,, it, 11. A. Nincr.iss, \V. I'. | I'mm llo- liahan capital. Miss White ,1. II. M ATTI1 KU'S, Secrelary. I !iii;lani|. I'!. T. Kei-ei.S. \\ . I -'u n L. a lol ; i -, a inemln-i- ,,| Ihe I nl ernsil imisil K'.,l Cuvina, Cal., Jtinnaiy 11, I'JD'.l. it he i •-. Sis | ,.|- 'I'ea ,; 11 e, I'm nn i ! v ,'I , l 'i,,-. s -.,1,- ;,-| y. a in I I In • l oneli 1 y is M.innt Murris, a|s,, i,,,,| v Maxwell Automobiles COVINA, CAL. Territory: Covina, Axusa, Monrovia, Glendora, Charter Oak. Drop postal for demonstration. Nut I lie least ill) el'esl ill;., pal I ill' I ll PI.IMI-,.,!,. were Ihe Smi.liM s,-|,,.,.l, HielNVII.I. HSI-: NVHAI.H IHRIIU/i:U. ( liri-,1 i;m \Y..i'Kei's' an,I \l i-si,,na r\ . Hays. The topics present,,| !,,, ,1,', Tl.e 111 it e,|, -| earner \ n,|s,, ;,i m , ,1 ;il * en-si,ni I,IMIIM|,| ,iul almie.l ,\,i\ plias.-iSan I'.-ilr.i \l la\ t'lnin I'.iili-.l "I Ille s,, \e|a| lines ill' Ihe i-lilllell s ae |,j.^ uilll a cal'^n 11 I' -OH !.Ui. ,il' whale * 'f # * *- * -f •* # * •* * •* # * : r -||,,,,| Se.-i-i-lai \ , |,r,-si.|,-,| a! I h lierleii y;i\e a innsl i nl, -vi si i n..; i e\ lew ] mei.l . «'. I'. I'hapiiian will have a c,,u- •# ul the Smiilav sell,,,,I work 111 Ihe ,|i- , ,;,, I, i|,,-n i ,,|' this ,-au;,, sin,I \\ill use il * "'"• 'I''"- lil'st llretliren Smolay sehMi.l , ; ,. 1]U ,,,.,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,.,. 'II,, mat ei ial is * Light, Sweet and Wholesome X Say! /IRr, URancbcr: i FKKS " KVKRY I)AY . AT I :i * ; " * T J. N, WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. \\Y. also carry a line of . Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, B R E A F) "6^ •*"*• ^ and if you are thinking- of purchasing a vehicle Oi any kind we invite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We & \ \ will u-uarautee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. You are conducting' a s nune inoni-y than many bii-uic:,s in (he stile \\ a s ,, i;.; a n i.' >•, I at < '. i \ i n a | t w .-111 \- \ e; i r s ; i,. 11 a 1111 |! i, i. l h i • 11 i 11 e i I e 11 | Sl " '' " " ' 1''' ' ' ~ * , . . ^ -. . ,- i i was ,,„-„,,, sMpeiinten,|,,,l. The his ; ,i is uilh small wnaU I -. l.|,.,,| ami ^ busmess nune money ,„- ^ /,• Cake and INI. Se,-ie,,'iM .,,1,1 us that uinelN lw,,| :MUma | nun',-,- . ; e,,,-,.,lh. |..,i experts * vested than in.uiy bi.Milev.* # ,i^ Confectionery »| the I" si p,,ssil,|e Ian,I soil, y houses tlo u goul .leal of * /I i\ >., I.est ,,i' staii.lanl leitili- # eorrespunilence, ilon't you.' * ^ \VatfOn through valley daily. 0) * Do you always have suitable Sniolay I am w iiiolemi/ Imw ',-is. KiiHertnn \,-\\s. nrtnv Slate I'istii.-l-, in the ll.nlhei | liiinil can make as ^mnl a si|,i ,\ i n L;. I KIM \\' I''. \\ ei t, -nl,a ki -i h.-nl chaise i A u -ii U l J I I MI il,. I inisn.u, \V,,,k,',s' meeting a«,,l: A MoPPlblf Mold-Up. -' ^ l siieetin- il was. |;,,,,.ii, w...,- ; .. Ahuuiu . n v^.n-^ . IL ,,,, 11V |,|-,,th er was M i \ en I'roni a nil mli.-i >>l clou , In s. hut | ., J hat .'l' Sister l.'.-s,- I h pin-i , .ill ', i na el,II I eh. The I':-' I : : -".'. '•' ''' I ha I \s , ; - > t • ' a 11 ;. • , I w 11 I, li'' e u «11 i. n . _' I M |,, I n I I I i e W , I • • M n e ' -t : .<\ _•> \ - ' II. , ! ! i: -J - ;, I: , I | i I , i 1! ' I ' - .' • • : ' ' ' ' \ •' lie lit i>p" in ''is win U , healt h anil ha p- pine ;e.-,s I'liiisinnptii'ii," w i ites W. K. I,i| r,|i,ui w as li|u , ss ,, v w | 1;it w ,,.^ |,elivcil tn be hopo- JL * paper handy when you wish ^ to write.' l>o you know that ^ ^ we can furnish you with the * «• very best of writing' paper # * and envelopes, neatly printeil * * with ynur name ,>r the name * * Dt >,.ur vaneh. p'ae.'ut' resi- all KimIs of remedies and treatment ileiuv and ilate Une. cheaper tr.iin si-\ ei al d.,cl:,i », Sul ti.iin.l n,, help thaii\.,u -an eccu l e l.l! 'let s ^ lil! lie used Dr. Kin:.:'-. New Dis.-,\,-r\ i i -, ! a ! 111 e r, 's M ;;;. U 1,. * tllie- r -.\ e -i'-. - I * c - l : , - : pe- i n iji'.an- •$• '.- '.'. i!'. :r..1 he ', , -ill' * ;. : •;'.-i ::-.'s-:i;ve * ^ )l "' Patrick: H. Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work tjuaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT • ; Large or small quantities. J . O IV I • Yards, Axusa Avenue, just north of San P>erna r dino Road SlinSSn Gfe» I llQQ/Pelr-phone, Home 324') I'ostoffice Address, Covina BLACKSMITHS | = sf all Kinds Are You Going to Build? Ir -,i. it will i>ay to let me li^ure with YOU. First class | ' \surk. prii'-s riuhi. satisUiCtioti guaranteed. uMlUulIlg M. B. FolSOm, Contractor and Builder ^ * ; Shop on Citrus Ave i'iu::,::- COYINA, CAL.

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