Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1974
Page 5
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September i3, !9f4 HOPE (ARK.) STAR Page New Plymouth^ debut October 1 i Congress expected to lift §af ety belt rule Cordoba reflects proud heritage NEW SMALL FURY — Fury Sport is Plymouth's new mid-size, two-door hardtop entry. The Fury name replaces Satellite on intermediate models for 1975. The Plymouth features formal styling with upgraded ride, sound and interiors. Standard-size Plymouths carry the "Gran Fury" designation. The cars debut Oct. 1. Firemen continue slowdown LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A work slowdown by local firemen entered its second day today, and City Manager Carleton McMullin said the slowdown basically was in the hands of Fire Chief Jack Davis. Davis said he did not plan to take disciplinary action against the men because the slowdown apparently would not impair the department's ability to protect the community. The slowdown limits the firemen's work to fighting fires and answering calls for emergency help. McMullin said he planned to recommend salary increases for all city employes in the 1975 budget, but that he did not plan to recommend specifically that the firemen receive parity pay with policemen, as the firemen are demanding. "The police officer's job has its own special requirements, and the firefighter's job has its own special requirements," McMullin said Thursday. "The similarity is in the uniform." McMullin said he preferred to "not even discuss the question of parity" because it ob_ -ured h.is objective of seeing that "the Fire Department is'fairly compensated for those responsibilities" it handles. Haggard's jail record wiped clean SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Country singer Merle Hagg a r d had his California criminal record wiped clean when he was pardoned by Gov. Ronald Reagan in an unpublicized move in 1972, state records show. Haeeard was one of 513 felons who were pardoned, received reprieves or had their sentences commuted by the Republican chief executive in the first seven years of his administration. The popular country and western entertainer was pardoned by Reagan on March 1, 1972, although the act was never made public before. Haggard, whose best selling record "Okie from Muskogee" made a national reputation for him, served two years on probation for second-degree burglary and escape in Kern County in 1958. A pardon restores full rights to a convicted felon, Herbert E. Ellingwood, Reagan's legal affairs secretary, said Thursday. "A pardon restores all their civil rights and gives them a badge of rehabilitation," Ellingwood said. "They don't have to report that they had a conviction and, if it comes up, they have proof they went beyond that." Ellingwood said a record of all pardons is open to the public but Reagan does not publicize pardons as former Gov. Edmund G. Brown Sr. did. Oldest Object The portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, which hangs in the East Room of the White House, is the oldest possession there. Brought to the executive mansion in 1800. it was saved by Dolly Madison when she escaped Washing ton in the wake of British troops in the War of 1812 1975 Plymouth Fury is offered in two sizes DETORIT — Plymouth Furty buyers will have a choice of two full lines of cars in two distinct sizes for 1975—a completely restyled intermediate-size Fury and the standard-size Gran Fury. The Plymouth Fury intermediate size models will replace the Satelite line while the mid-size Road Runner will be retained in the lineup. Standard-size Furys take on the "Gran" prefix 'to their model identifications, replacing the Fury I, II, and III names used previously. "The Fury models have been upgraded to a new level of excellence in appointments, ride, sound quality and style for 1975; Chrysler - Plymouth 1975," Chrysler-Plymouth Di- Manager, F.G. Hazelroth, said. Hazelroth pointed out that the marketplace is in a state of flux and he believes the consumer is re-examing hsi size preference in automobiles. "The intermediate and standard segments are the heart of the marketplace and both cars appeal to approximately the same audience," Hazelroth said. "To those people re-examining their small car and luxury car purchases, the Fury and Gran Fury cars should be right on target." Extending the Fury name over tow distinct car lines simplifies the decision elements and reduces it only to a choice of size and style, Hazelroth said. It simplifies the name use and gives the buyer a broader choice of product under the Plymouth Fury name brand. "Car buyers now seem to be turning to the middle ground...• the intermediate and standard size car segments will make up about forty-five per cent of the domestic car market and we have the newest entries in both areas," Hazelroth said. The Fury will come in a 115- Midlands swept by cold, rain By The Associated Press Wintry weather crept into the midcontinent from the northwest today, but from Texas to Maine it was warm and humid. Widespread rain washed the nation's midlands in advance of chilling temperatures. More than 2 inches fell at Marseilles, 111., and more than an inch hit Tyler, Tex., and Grissom Air Force Base in Indiana Thursday night. Nearly a foot of rain fell in parts of South Central and Southeast Texas, driving residents from low areas and blocking some highways early today. Radar detected broad areas of rain falling at rates up to 2 inches per hour during the night and this morning, the National Weather Service reported, mostly in areas from north of Corpus Christi to north of Austin. The Weather Service placed all of South Central and Southeast Texas under a flood watch and warned motorists to be cautious at low-water cross- 'ngs. Still more rain was predicted over most of the state. A tornado touched down four times at Midland, Mich., Thursday but caused no major damage, police said. Showers also were scattered through the Atlantic Coast Stales. inch wheelbase two-door hardtop and a 118-inch wheelbase sedan and station wagon in eight models including the Road Runner. The Gran Fury series will offer 122-inch wheelbase sedans and hardtops and a 124-inch wheelbase station wagon in five models. Tucker is DETROIT (AP) — Congress is expected to lift soon the requirement that all new cars carry seat belWnteflock systems. But it will come tod late for about a million buyers of 1975-model cars. Auto companies are already into new car production and will have an estimated one million units with interlocks in dealer showrooms by late this month when Congress is expected to drop the requirement for the safety devices. The interlocks, first required for 1974 models, force front seat occupants to fasten their harness-belts before the car will start. Many car owners have complained vociferously about having to buckle on the belts even for driving a car a few feet into a garage. Late fall shoppers will find some showroom models with interlocks and others without them. The companies say shoppers may not want a car with the device even though it is relatively simple to disconnect and the government estimates 40 per cent of current model car owners have disconnected it, General Motors says the interlocks add about $30 or $40 to a car's cost. It said it would pass on to consumers any savings it realizes from eliminating the interlocks. But purchasers of cars with the device installed will have to pay the ex- tra money. Legislation outlawing the devices is not aft absolute certainty. But spokesmen tot the auto companies say they are confident such action is corning. And Senate action this week lii- dicates they are right. The House already has passed a bill which would eliminate interlocks on 1975 models. And while the Senate version keeps the device ( the Senate went on record Wednesday in favor of dropping it. The bill is now in a Senate-Mouse conference committee for revision. Industry sources predict a modified version of the House bill will become law. They say Senate supporters of interlocks now appear ready to change their votes, and push instead for legislation requiring controversial air bags for new cars starting with 1977 models. Industry observers see the the move as a calculated compromise: drop interlock to save the air bag. The air bag which inflates on impact to cushion passengers, could add as much as $600 to a car's cost. It is strongly opposed by the auto industry. The Department of Transportation, which regulates auto safety, said recently it is willing to abandon interlocks. But at the same time, the department released a study extolling the safety virtues of air bags. NEW SMALL CHRYSLER — Cordoba, an intermediate, personal luxury car, will debut in Chrysler-Plymouth dealer showrooms throughout the country Oct. 1, Offered are many luxury features normally available only, in bigger cars. Small Chrysler with a new name supporting Coal gag outlook g i oom y McLarty bid LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Atty. Gen. Jim Guy Tucker threw his support Thursday behind Mack McLarty's bid for the chairmanship of the state Democratic party. McLarty, 28, of Little Rock is David Pryor's choice for the post. Pryor is the Democratic nominee for governor, and McLarty is his campaign treasurer. Of McLarty, Tucker said, "I think he would make an excellent party chairman, and I could work well with him. "And, as matters stand now, I don't know of any other candidate for the job." The new state chairman is to be chosen Saturday by the new Democratic State Committee at Hot Springs. Mayor Dean Boswell Jr. of Bryant had said he would be a candidate for the chairmanship, but withdrew from the race earlier this week. He called on McLarty to do the same. McLarty declined. Boswell has been critical of McLarty's association with proposed Amendment 57, which would remove the 10 per cent constitutional limit on interest rates. McLarty is a partner in the Little Rock advertising firm that is handling the campaign for the proposed amendment. WASHINGTON (AP) — Government and industry experts say the nation should have enough petroleum fuels this winter, but the outlook is uncertain for coal and downright gloomy for natural gas. George Hall, fuels manager in the Federal Energy Administration's petroleum allocation program, said, "All things being equal — assuming it's a normal winter and there are no problems with the Arabs — the petroleum outlook is good." The FEA Reported in late August that stocks of distillate fuel oil, which includes home heating oil and diesel fuel, were some 10.5 per cent higher than a year earlier and 12 per cent higher than two years earlier. Stocks of gasoline were more than 12 per cent above those of 1973 and 11.6 per cent higher than in 1972. The weakest category in petroleum appeared to be residual fuel oil; stocks were about 4.5 per cent behind their level of 1972, but were 14 per cent better than a year ago. Tight supplies of residual oil could affect electric utilities, prime users of that fuel. Hall said uncertainties are posed by the possibility of a coal miners strike this November, when the curent United Mine Workers contract expires. Natural gas supplies are already expected to run short. The Federal Power Commission predicts that natural gas companies will be forced by shortages to cut off supplies temporarily to some industries, as they did last winter. But this year's curtailments are expected to be nearly twice as great as last year's, the FPC said. Homes and other essential consumers are given top priority for natural gas; and home heating and cooking gas are not in danger of being cut off, the commission said. But curtailed gas deliveries could force some industries to seek more expensive alternate fuels, putting additional pressure on fuel oil supplies, and driving up the price of their products. Some industries might even be forced to shut operations and put some workers out of jobs. DETROIT—A "small" Chrysler with a new nameplate— "Cordoba"—will debut in model 1975 as a fresh com- peitior in the rapidly expanding intermediate specialty car market, it was announced by F.G. Hazelroth, Chrysler- Plymouth general sales manager. "Cordoba, a two-door hardtop built on a 115-inch wheelbase, is a mid-sized personal luxury automobile designed to reflect the Chrysler name and heritage of fine road cars," Hazelroth said. The new entry, contrasting the 124-inch wheelbase of the Chrysler Newport, New Yorker and Imperial, is aimed at a market segment where the average buyer is in his early thirities—70 per cent are under 40—of upper income, and distinctive styling is a prime consideration. Hazelroth pointed out: "The intermediate specialty segment is one of the fastest ORDER SCROD AND WHAT DO YOU GET? BOSTON (AP) — There's no such fish as scrod in the ocean, "Yankee," the New England magazine, declares. "Scrod" was dreamed up by a Boston maitre d*. He was determined to serve daily the freshest catch from the returning fishing schooners. But it would be' anybody's guess which fish would find itself on the top of the hold after the boats had been out 10 days — cod, haddock, pollack or hake. Since menus were printed a day in advice, "scrod" was coined to make sure the very best from the latest catch would be featured, growing in the industry. It accounted for 2.4 per cent of industry's total in 1970, jumped to 7.6 per cent by 1973, and is expected to reach 9.6 by the end of 1974. "It is predicted that sales in this sector will reach 11.6 per cent of all industry sales in 1975." "The intermediate specialties are currently making up about 36 per cent of all intermediate sales and are ex- pected to total about 41 per cent in the new model year." "Our all-new Cordoba is an exciting departure from tradition for Chrysler and its dealers. It will be a top contender in this market." Cordoba is 215.3 inches IOIIK, 77 inches wide, and 53 inches high. Other dimensions include track, front: 61.9"; rear: 62"; head room, front: 37.7, 36.6; shoulder room, 61.2; leg room, front: 41.9; rear: 33.9. I RAZORBACK FOOTBALL FACTS In his sixteen years at Arkansas, Frank Broyles has compiled one of the most enviable coaching records in America. His Razorbacks have won 123, lost 47, and tied 3. During his tenure as head coach, the Hogs have made nine bowl appearances and won the Southwest Conference crown six times. Two of his teams have gone undefeated, and one has won a National Championship. Undoubtedly, the highlight of Coach Broyles' ^career was the 19§4 team that led the nation in defense against scoring. The Razorbacks held their opponents to 57 points, and they shut out the last five teams they played enroutc to a 10-0 season. In the Cotton Bowl Arkansas came from behind to bent Big Eight Champion, Nebraska, 10-7. Frank Broyles was named Coach of the Year. Coach Broyles' 1965 team ran the undefeated string to 22. This team scored 324 points and led the nation in that category. COMPLIMENTS OF - \t!$ First National Bank MEMBER F.D.I.C. Monthly Income Account Select the plan that suits you best. It's simple. Like this: DEPOSIT MONTHLY CHECK $20,000 $125.00 30,000 187.50 40,000 250.00 50,000 312.00 75,000 468.75 100,000 625.00 The above is a 4-year savings plan. Federal regulations require a substantial penalty for premature withdrawal of Certificate accounts. Hope Federal Saving* ft Loan A«*«x!ation OPEN 9-9, MONDAY THRU 600 N. HERVEY SQUARE HOPE, ARK. SATURDAY DOOR BUSTER SPECIALS! ONE DAY ONLY MENS TRACK SHOES $066 PAIR ZEBCO "ONE" REEL THE ULTIMATE IN SPIN CASTING MR- TWISTER 39° FOR THE WORM FISHERMAN 6"PAKAGEOF4 WHITE'S YO YO'S INCREASES YOUR CATCH FEDERAL GAME LOAD SHELLS $177 IWIT2 * I BOX SINGLE BARREL SHOT GUN •12GAGE 28" FULL CHOKE •20 GAUGE 28" FULL CHOKE •410 GAUGE 26" FULL CHOKE POLYESTER DOUBLE KNITS 58&60WIDE ON FULL BOLTS REG.l' 7 $144 FAIL FASHION COLORS

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