The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 15, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1977
Page 6
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I-AQKO—NAtJOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY. JULY 3. 1040 On The Air Today (1:00 ar v (>rn 11:11) i>, in. WURY— riiiwtiull Hi-mirit WATh — <iil«rlu»l" ftrt,"> f». ni, <V/mV---.V>-|f/n Tlmr: !,«|."a WAIir:-~W*pnl I-'rorn Country WHAT— H«r<Tiii(fii WTU'— I'fnf. Hi-h'nlo.r WJ'/— Klhul li n. I AlliiTl WuK — on ifi" Oniury WA'I'ft- -At V-nlrii. HIM, ft* f.i'JII II. III. WATft— Cnrklnll H-n-n.ul» \VATIS-Wjy.--W... tin- 11:00 ii. WHIlV-WAIir— NI'WII 11:1" ii. WIIUV-VVAI!!. 1 — Tl. I- in. linuunvil V/tlftY — K, Chrl'lf WAhr — f.nrry cnrr WI-JAP* — HTi-nmtt'. [/. Ill, . WA'fft— N«iv WOtl— Villll|i' W|iriV-WAIIt:~ WUK — X..WM WATIl-W.IV. — Tiiv..-rn Orth. I1:;)U n, ni. WIWV-WAHC— Invitation to Muslo \VTIC-WKAI-'— <.'u va I li-rci Orcli. WATK-WJ14— Cli-inii: On.-hi'nira \voit-- Wen ini.r Cfaet Usakiewicz Hurls One-Hitter For St. Francis Dowling Singles In Winning Marker In Seventh Inning UMK— I-Y, <l fur ].'n:vU»li| I'UyC'm f'lud W.I'/, — M«ri*'H M«n:iiii Wdfl — HI/I/I ;,dimi.x WATh— Pli-amir.. iirul 7:liu u W UK?- WAIIO--- I'll m WI'IC-WKAK— Hii|i|i..|. U'ATH-WoU- (••iilCiin UMX— Mi-ailllhv Nrw» 7) IS l>, •WllllY.WAlK!— WKylln. Wf!,M''-WTll'--.S 1 iiWM W(.'K--'Afi«wi'r Miin WJ/'-ft.iymontl HwlnK \VAVJt— -Ailwnliiri'fl in •>!« ii, WATH--NI-WK WllltY— llmorl lu (.'mill. WAflfr— Klli-ry <Jtli~ll WWAK — To tjn itmifiuri'''''! W»ll--llitllli< (if f:i-ifi>in"ii(iiliiri tt'A'Ple — Hum- AimiVKi- WJ'A—lMiu' KKIIKIT W'ri<,'~ Klfu Tl-l.'i II, Ml. WftHV— To lh« fiiiinly f'urrn writ?- Mii.-ii.- WA' r K— Willis Tlrin. H;IH> |i. Ml, WKAf- 1 — A. V, Klillunli'irii WllllV-WAHI 1 Tin- WliimiiM- WHA (•'• WTII' -Till, Xnrlhn WA'M-W./X --(.inn i. ml AI.MI.I- WliF(..-('.iii YI.II Tup Tlilii «:!.'. n. in. W/,.- K. IT. l.uiliiiii-iliu WATfc — WiitiTliury Mliti.ikn H.-.'Ill », in. 1 -In-. t'luHluii con- pace IVHHY-WAIli 1 WTIC-WKAI- 1 |.<ln>ii H:M WATH-WJ/ ./y, WIHNI.M--.I N ...... H Wdf( -.fKMi! .HIIM-I, ..i H):lio n. in. WHIt f. \VAIK '- -Ac-,,,l,.,,iy A „.,, ,.,| WTHMVMAI' 1 - kill- K\ ..... , WATit.wjy. -v,,un,i KI-V ..iv Wl III-.. t.;iHll,|-|l,,|| l.y |,,, r ..,. v niiiio p. MI. •'VrilCV.lVAIIi: - .\|,|-IM- Shea, One Of Best In Coast Loop Frank "Spec" ShcA, if ho tinue.M along at Ms pre.sent should Liu back with thn Yankees in tlin ntiar future. The local fire-ball hurler, who re- C'jnlly tfurnnrud his llftli victory has only bu(.-n defeated twice, has hurl- (.•c! tu-ti .'ihiit-oiit.s, and anotherfirame that niltrht have- been one, UK the tinly run cuored u^'oinst him was uncurnKiI; hu.s struct: out over SO In .'levun Kumcs; Ma.'i finl.ihed e^'ory K'uinii but thrnn, and hn.s won every Kamp }\f.'fi finished. Me has fumed i-iin averii^e aftuinst him o approximately two runs a. Kami wlilcli any oltchor will tell you, ii ivoocl. His latest vlctoiy wn« perhaps hi; nidxt imprii.M.'ilvu hiiflinfr chon.' thi yi'iir, IIM hi: liurlod a four-hit, four IIDlhlllK MllUtullt. Ill 111* lUSt K prior to thlH om 1 , he hud suffered hi.'i Ni.-rond clffoul of tin- cumpalyn St. Francis Practice Tonight The-.St. Francis' Amateur Leagrne team will hold a viiry Importune r>nu:-!lf!i> iiKiHlon tonlfjht, it wus unnouneed In/ Mumper Jirn Ki;n- ni'dv todav. I-lf urxQx that all team rncrnbiM'N be present, Tim Hi. i'VancIs tuarn Is HChcd- nl"<l >.'.i play the strong Saci'i.-tl Ifuart af,'x'rt!j:iitlon next Sunday to riiimcl out Ihi- 2d half of a double '••.•iili-r. The first »ra;no svill 1'lnd tin- Aumtour League teams of Mlll- villc /IIK.I tht- Hungers facing off <\> play a loiifftie Kame. St. Francis Tied For First Place As They Topple St. Lucy's , SPOUTS ON PAG]' ON J'AGK Usaklowicz pitched ono-hlt bull last evening as his tcam-ma-tos cume throuEh with u single marker In thu seven-th inning, to give tho St. Francis CYO team a l-O victory over St. Lucy's of Waterbury, and to place them in n tin with the previously undefeated St, Iiiicy'M for first place In the league. A single by Joe DILeo, Chefs •ipposltlon. in the fifth inning, iipoilrd the local hui'ler's bid for recognition in the local baseball hall of fanin. Outside of him, only ono other St. L,ucy man reached first, and ho, on an error. Tin: winning run was scored in the last of the seventh when Ga- banl started things with a single, took second on DeCarlo's sacrifice, and, with the hit-and-run on scurried all thft way into home, on a blooper single, garnered by Dowl- inj?. St. Brancis Briefs: St. Francis have run their streak up to three straight. Titus Moody, Claghorn's cousin, started playing for the CYO last night. Only throe hits were given up In thu bull game, with DILeo of St. L,ucy';< pitchlnp; )iitlc.s.s bull until the final frame. The lone run was disputed by this losing IHUIM, 'who claimed that home plate was not touched. The ump iakl yea. Score by Innings: it, Frnncic 000000 3—1 2 ,1 !t. I ucy'a 000000 0—0 1 0 .Batteries.' (winnin;; team first), -Ts.ikiL'U'iez, Snn Angela; 'DiLeo, Cuputo. Amateur League Teams Will Forfeit Games States Shea Frank Shea, president of the Amateur League, In n statement to Tf!K NEWS today stated that In noxt Sunday's tongue firnmeN, If uny team scheduled to play does uot show up at tlio field on' which tliey are playing they will forfeit the contest. Games to be this Sunday are, Hungers vs. M1J1- vlilt; at the Recreation Field und the Crusaders vs. the Highlanders down in Beacon Falls. PHILADELPHIA STORY - -Jy Jack Sordj g ra sSCOS FaCC Busy Schedule During Week INWIMNIMcJ I80FUIT 2VGAME5.IKCORMICK 15 PlAVING BETTER BALI NOW THAU HE DID FOR REDS THE LAJT TWO 5EA50MS Baseball Standings AMERICAN LEAGUE Vpstnrdav's Kusults New York 2, Boston 1. Cleveland <t,'St. Louis 2. Chicago 8, Detroit 7. Washington-Philadelphia, rain. Boston The Standing W. L,. CO '20 Now York . Detroit . .'. , Washington Cleveland . • St. Louis . . . Chicago ---Philadelphia 43 23 37 31 33 33 32 38 31 38 '27 39 lit) 4S Pet .714 .G06 .044 .500 .457 .449 .409 .303 Billy Moore and Wi " |)ntro! l has By Thomas Fitzpatrick A. J. CRONIN'S The Cfreen Years starring CHARLES COIBURN with TOM UMVKHI.V IfCJMH DRAKE TYLER CRONYN GLADYS COOPER — DEAN STOCKWELL KlC'l/AHl) HAYDN The story of an orphan boy's struggle to be a doctor . . , and the love that inspired him! I.OSIN'C STAU 1'I.AYKRS "SloomiuKloa, Incl,, July 3—(UP) -Robert Kavonsburj?, star end for he- University of Indiana football uil.s during the Inat throe: sea- UI:K, luui beer, inducted into the i-my. Coach Bo MoMlilin, bemoaning Is loss, says that he now haa lost ghl of the enda who played with he 13-15 Big- Ten champions, 'He ,nna to shirt several backs and other lincmon to end posts fur the 1D-1C campaign. LITCHFIELD SUMMER THEATER July 1 - Q WINTERSET with KuirrmciiAKris Scuts: 75c, S1.0I), S3.50, S2.1K) jilu.s tax CURTAIN 8:40 ICftSorvuliuiiM Tel. Lltcli. SSO Ni-.\t Week: SKI' LAKK Today's Games, Pitchers Boston at New York—Hughe-on (S-'l) vs. Bevens (7-E). Washington at Philadelphia — Leonard (0-2) or Hudson C5-5) vs. Kowlur (D-U) or Mai-childon (3-7). St. Loiiiu at Clovi.-liind ^Galehouse (3-S) vs. Feller (13-5). at Detroit--Lopat (5-5) vs. Ncwhouscr (14-3). NATIONAL LEAGUE V/'.stcrd.a.y's Brooklyn 3,'Philadelphia 2. Cincinnati 7, St. Louis S. I'-iston 5, New York 4, Pittubureh 0, Chicago 0. Tlio Standing 2nd BIG HIT: KOI.LICKING MUSICAL TUNKKUI. FREDDIE STEPS OUT Freddie STEWART — June PREISSER LOEW POtI STRH Waterbury NOW: HMBMHI 2nd Big- Week! LOVE Special Holiday Program At The Today - Thursday Also "The Days of Buffalo Bill" i Tonlclit-I.lnditn (POLKA LlBZm^ i I i^. f **> ••".:. JjfJ'^ > ,-.-.,•:•«.'».*(•&•.£ 2ND "PASSKEY TO DANGER" with Kane Richmond W. L. Brooklyn - ............ 4C 23 St. Louis .. . -- .......... 37 30 Chicago ............... 34 30 C'incinnu-ti ............ S3 32 Vos'.on ................ 32 36 Philaciulphia .......... 28 35 PKt.sburfi'h ............ 28 37 New York ..... ........ 2S 40 Pet. .062 .552 .531 .492 .4.71 .444 .431 .412 Today's Game;;, Pitchers Philadelphia at Boston (night) — Kaffcnsberjfor (3-4-) vs. Sain. (8-7). Cincinnati at St. Louis—Heusser (0-5) vs. Barrett (1-2). Pittsburgh at Chicago—(2)—Hoe (2-6) ar.d Albos-ta (1-3) vs. Erlck- s-on (-1-0) and Boi-owy (2-0). (Only games scheduled,) DANEURY KACINO With ('Oinp.ntition at fever pitch at the Dun bury Speedwny and many of the up and coming mld- Kct auto race pilots looking- to dethrone the reiffnins favorites at the raceway, the bift holiday card or spood scheduled for tonight at his quarler-mile strip, looms as one of the hottest speed sessions to -tike place ut this track this year. When we grazed at the calendar 1'or this week, we enjoyed the vo*rd." inactivity" ettnbia/.ohed across the cover of it, which indicated, after consulting- our local dictionary, that there were vo>ry few sporting events taking place during the current, or next, week. "Why'"' We voiced in a chorus. Until a few moments later we realized tat this was the week that most law-abiding citizens chose to take their summer vacation. And- so. this week, we shall turn to national sports, and see if anything is f;oinff on outside or tfjfs little sphere of "inactivity." "We suppose it's about t.imr; that we noticed just what those persons called the Red' Sox v.-ere dolnfc up in Bean -Town. As we look at the baseball standings now, the Red Sox seem to be run- nintr away with the league. But what's this we seu down in Quaker-state; it can't be. Oh, but yes U is. The Phillies have risen out of the cellar and an? now taking a look at what the world looks like. Believe' me, those fellows must feel Kood, as it's the first- time they've seen light, sinco •Grant took R'ich/rnond,.'' Well, perhaps that is a slipht prevarication, but they have been in the I leacrue cellar for quite sonic limp,; nnd- -besides, ahy place in the j e, aside from last, for the I Phillies, is an improvement. ' There was talk down in Philndel phia of givingr Ben Chapman, the nomination for president, but his only comment was, "Let Harry keep it. I've grot a good job." Speaking of the Phillies, thosa sensational Blue Jays are playiny in this area Friday afternoon at the Municipal Stadium in Waterbury. Joe Samoska tc)ls us that most of the seats have frone, but they are arranging it so as to bring in more seals, and give every person in this locality, at least, a partial chance of viewing this sensational team. Up in Canada, we noticed our friend "Dutch" Harrison shooting par on every hole, and although George Fazio eventually won out in the contest, (we're talking: of golf now) "Dutch" shot the best 18 up there. Still though, it's the greenbacks that count. We served with "Dutch" down in Greensboro when lie was a S-Sgt. and we were a private. Incidentally we saw him take the National Open, being held that year at Durham, N. C., or was it Charlotte. Perhaps it was Haleigh, who knows? Anyhow the name of the course was Pine-Crost. Does that help? And before we sign off, here's some local stuff. A] Brewer, secretary of the Amateur League, stated that a!) Amateur Leapuc team managers will have to present their sipned player contracts as soon as possible, and he 'reminded- these team managers that the limit of players on a team, is fifteen. So Ion);', fellows. P.S.—Who is Oaghorn? Phillies Gatne Friday Highlights Local Baseball Season The famous Atlanta Elack Crackers will furnish the opposition when the Braascos open their busiest w«ek of the' season tonight >H i ity to purchase ducals""ln the Municipal Stadium at 8:-15. | and avoid the long lines at After the Crackers, the Brasscos I Stadium Friday. All adult Ed-,, for A special ticket booth nidi: -the ; Friday's 8 »«V.«5 will be sold go Urn patrons of the B««/ bfi afforded un ^ tickets the PI the cos will entertain the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday afternoon at 4:20 and will take on the world famous- Alabama Red Sox Saturday night in another arc-light tilt. The Crackers have one of the strongogt independent teams In basebull today and boast some of the most renowned players in thi? colored ranks. The Crackers joined the Negro Southern Association for tlie first time in 1940 and ihc first crack out of the box won both the first and second rounds to clinch the season's honors without a play- Oil. "Bozo" Jackson, one of '.he most popular of all colored performers, will play shortstop for the Crackers tomorrow night and will have as his' keystone partner anothei I classy Jnflelder, "Dusty" Owens The pair form one of the most | cla?sy double play combinations ir. the name today. Other outstanding stars in the 'ineup inrMirte M u vv Terrell. Divi Harper, "Butcher Boy" Davis, Jim my Stroud, Monk Favors, Lee Wyatt and several others. Mgr. Joe Samoska is anxious la preserve the Brasscos' winning streak and will send Eig Bill Kufta, -the New Britain Teachers Col- egc hurler, to the mound with Jimmy Shechan, former New York "iant, behind the plate. With Tom Kilcy still out wit!! an injured hand, either Tom Hef- ermtin or "Whitey" Kunkicwicz vill star-i at first base. Bobby Greatorex will be at second, Luddy Jasllunas at short and ••Whitey" Piurek at third. Johnny arc $].20 while for 75 cents. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Thursday - Friday Saturday H hi I'J n. in, mill hi« Kuillll X Un-oriilllK Orrllnilni f| I-.'vi-ry MYrf. l.imN'n 1'itrk, Unf»n Oit.v K»ln iir Shim-—Hun Si-rvlrr till lii^ll m Tluirxilii.v, .lul.r I. Whlli- Ktil."li> Hull IHTliy S Kvrry I'rl. IllII (irrrn SI. Hull. Wlby. Evrry Sill. IVIilli- Kiixlc Hull, Wulltl. A ltlvi>r.i Sun, TulUli <:|uli, Kt-iiKlni:Eiiii AJso Zane Grey's "WANDERER OF,THE WASTELAND" ToSay: "Advent.ure H of Marco Polo" and "The Phantom Thief" Highlanders Lose To Middlebury In a thrillir.e; exhibition game played in Middlebury last night, the Highlanders were defeated by the Middlebury team, 5-2. Rush,, for Middlebury, pitched a "nlendid three-hit eff-jrt but one of those three "was a home run off of the bat of Johnny Nordby. "Doe" Curran who furnished the pitching: opposition allowed only 1 seven hits pitching: a good ball ! game, in losing. I Srirp by inning's: \ Middlebury 010211 x—C 7 0 Naupatuck 0100100—231 Batteries: (winning- team first) Rush arid Netejn; Curran and Swan. • Umpires: Claghorn Phillies vs. Brasscos Friday, July 5, 4:30 p. m. MUNICIPAL STADIUM Waterbury ADMISSION SI.20 (inc tax) CHILDREN 75c (inc tax) Wcdiinsday Night, 8:45 Brasscos - Atlanta Crackers Largest Selection of Kiddy Furnltui-c In Town on Our Second Floor • FULL SIZE CRIBS • VOUTH BEDS • SAND BOXES • SWING ON METAL STAND • HTGH CHAIRS • METAL BABr CARRIAGES BENSON'S ISO SOUTH MAIN ST. Our Diamoijcla or« varffiaj for color, •tfffffll, qua/ity,.. Vyouz-^u*r*nU-o of Lori* tide qu*lity » your **»uranc« of WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CHURCH ST. Naujjatuch, Conn. I, FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. JOO South Main St. YES, We Have the "SAIL BUG" This sensational new Sail Bup is equipped ar.d operates Just like a regular sail boat, It has a sail, rudder, sturdy mast, inflatable tube with canvas sent. $13.95 BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 73 GRAND STREET Waterbury STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place CLOSED JULY 1st TO JULY 15th FOR SUMMER VACATIONS HOLIDAY LIQUOR SPECIALS AT J. K. STORES CDT KATE, K.1QUOBS, WINES, BEERS SOfl N. Main St Tel. «9T» Free Uellvery Anyw.'iore In Boronch SPEND JULY 4TH AT BEAUTIFUL LAKE QUASSAPAUG Band Concert 3 to 5 0'Clock Thursday DANCING THURSDAY NIGHT LAKE QUASSAPAUG BALLROOM CLIFF SLATER AND HIS SENSATIONAL NEW 13 PIECE ORCHESTRA "MUSIV AS YOU LIKE IT" ADMISSION ,60c (including tax) 'Bus Service to the Lake POLKA DANCE TONIGHT, "ZIG" BONOWICZ : AND HIS ORCHESTRA NIOOELING WITH BRAVES Boston, July 3—(U P>—Ancient Johnny Nlggeling who twirls a knuckle- ball—and sometimes effec- tivesly—will try to bolster the Boston Braves weak pitching staff. The Washington Senators' castoff was snatched up by the Tribesmen and now is flying; to Boston from his Iowa home to aid the floundering- olub. Last season the veteran . righthander won so frames while losing 12 for the Senators. During his eight years in the majors he has compiled a record of 09 wins against G2 defeats. All Kind* of Etc. Removed McNamara Trucking- C&. 31 West Naiiffatuck Tel. 3953 PLASTIC nnd GALVANIZED SCREENING G. 13. ELECTBIC CT-OCKS STAINLESS STEEL KNIVES and FORKS PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPXK STREET (Acrou from City Bakery) FOOTWEAR PLANT-EMPLOYES ARE NOW ENJOYING A TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION Work Will Resume On July 15th UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. It Yafa .Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring St., Union City ! Tel. Na«e. 81U — Wat. 4-95X0 ; FELIX NAR.DELLO, -Mffr. Fnll. Btbck . of. >tnl. «ni) wood, blind* BIJiHjM',-ri>piUrr<]/-;,r0-ta[»cd,- etc. • Refreshing moment AUIHOW.-OI'.-mi'-'eOCA-COlA CpMMNT BY :• -. • ' .-.

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