Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1912
Page 7
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"THAT WAS THE TIHE WE NEARLY SPILLED THE BEANS," SAYS FEUX TO FINK. Professional Directoiy. \-> • * DR. r. M. UCS8 ? •. • l»«-uUiit • •> Extraction witbout pain by tb* • • use jf Nltrdi.> 0«iJ<* Ciatt • s> Rwm .><i. 1 >orthro}« liM«. • * lMK )ne» -OtI\d ;...;!; Kc*. 86J • WANTS—ALL jONDS | WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SAI^FOR SAJLE. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE bouse Washington.' WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL hoiue work; no washing; 3lo N Cottonwood. nut St., Philad<;lphia. Pa. WANTED AT ONCE—TWO perienced carpenters; 2<k per WANTED—PI^^CE TO WORK ON farm by niarrieJ man. K A .lonns. TOl S. Washington. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—GOOD 2>\, S. Third St MILCH COW KX- WANTED—ABOUT SIX RELIABLE! hour ••salesmen for vacanoies in Allpn and j FOR SALE-60 HEAD HIGH GRADE and board. w"k ifcHIH(contractor) i •'ig'ht nearby counties. Steady worlv or j Shropshire breeding ewe»; 40 iambs; Phone 106 Mofan Kans. ' P^*" time. Pay weeltly Brown Bro- 11 purebred Shropshire buck. Farm 1 ' : thers, Rochester, N Y. I mile east and hi with foal by thoroughbre*} ulre and ^ good driving horse Also two good ' spts of work harness Inquire J (1 ; Riley, (lard-Uure ^tore, .v.j i \ jMf- ferson WANTED—PARTLY FURNISHED : rooms for light housekeeping by cou- ; pie. H. Bagby, phone 708. SALESMAN—SPECIALTY SALES- man for staple line. Hard proposition in which one in ten succeeds. V.1U WANTED—AT ONCE. EXPERIEN-! W » business getter yearly, ced men In t-very department of brick j-Commission contract. Weekly advance manufactun!, such as shale pit men, I for expenses. R. H. Ide. Sales .Man- mile east and hi mile south of Carlyle. Kas. Phone 984-4. W. F. Weber. dry pan feebler?, tossers, setters, and burned brick wheelers. Good wages, steady emplovmeni the year round, and cheap house rent ' tlnental Brick Company. Aledo, III. aiter, Cleveland. Ohio WANT.!:D —TLVNER AND PLUMB- er Must know something about hardware A H Mines, LaHarpe, Kas. W.^VrED-WOMEX AND GIRLS at NNlieeler & .Motter Shirt and Overall Factory. Steady work. LADIES —WHEN DEI.AYED i OR Address, Con- j irregular, use Triumph Pills; al\|ay8 dependable; •Relief and particulars ; fr.»e. Write .National Medical tns, Milwaukee, Wis. WA.NTEiW-WORK ON FARM ' BY ni.-m with family E.vperlenred .1, W. W.vM, Gas. Route 1 WANTED—.MEN TO LEARN THE l>arb«>r trade. No limit to term T<x>lft WANTED—TWO NE.\T APPEAR-; piven Wasos while l.^irnlnj: You Ing young fellows.) If you are not'can join us with assunmce you will makliiR tS*- a week come over and,see ' succeed We have rereiv»>d praise the ).unch From 12 to 1 or 6 to S, i from thousands for our beneficial eifhf r at Y M C .K or Krause Cafe,: io\irse Iinestlpate now . Moler Bar- .\slc for McKltrlck , ber C O !1 PU .\ Kansas City. Mo 5X)R SALE—40, 80. 160 OR 800 acres nice meadow land; 5 miles from Tola; 135 per acre. Want no trade. See owner. S. W. Lust. LaHarpe, Kas. FOR SALE—AT A BAROALV. OITR 'acltson Ave modern residence Call ai 608 E IGraenie. Madison. W. T. Watson. FOR RENT—FOR RENT ; FOR RENT-MODERN FURNISHED ' • rooms for light houst; ke^rping; 2U W ', ' " • Plfnne 9.'4 .Mrs W R FOR RENT — l^VRGE. MODERN FOR SALE—.APPLES. 1.^. 25 AND per bushel, a H. Welth. l4iHari>e. Kansas. FOR SAIJ-:—ONE WOVE.\ RUG SxIO, 3 rockers, 3 chairs, I' Iron bed. mattress and springs; 40S S. Walnut. Phone 649. FOR SALE—1,"M)0 BUSHEL GOOD apples, 10 to 50c per bushel, at Nevltt farm, H mile east and I mile south of Bayard FOR SALE—DUROC JERSEY MALE pigs of March and .\prll farrow; good, strong individuals; will weigh from 2'»<> to 2.'i> pounds Farm IH miles east and south of Carlyle. Pfione SS4-4 W F Weber FOR SALE—A FINE BLACK MARE 6 years old; wlH weigh about ICO*) work any where: Ju«t north Concrete Junction. G T Prather. home close in. ruiiable for boarders- W K .<5farks FOR SALE—A FINE BLACK MARE 6 years old; wlH weigh about ICO*) work any where: Ju«t north Concrete Junction. G T Prather. FOR RE.VT—SEVEN ROCM AND A four room modem house or will sell on payments. R M. Cunningham. FOR RE.NT—FURNISHED ROOMS; 604 N. Jefferson. FOR RE.VT—SEVEN ROCM AND A four room modem house or will sell on payments. R M. Cunningham. FOR RE.NT—FURNISHED ROOMS; 604 N. Jefferson. FOR SALR-OXE MINNF„\POLIS 3." h p steam traction engine 2 F Sproul Phone 14. Gas FOR SALE—ONE 30 H. P BOILER, on.' 0!ds gas engine; one butcher outfit <x»mi>!ete. Inquire Otto Illnze. FOR SALR-OXE MINNF„\POLIS 3." h p steam traction engine 2 F Sproul Phone 14. Gas FOR .«?ALE—12 YEARLLVaSTEERS and 4 yearling heifers S E. McGlonls, l.aHarpe, Kans. LOST AND POUND. LOST—GOLD WATCH ON WEST river road. Phone 1212. FOR SALE—WORK HOKSE, ME- dluiii w.-icht. in fair i-onditli>i) Will sell cheaii; S:!C N. Jefferson Phone LOST AND POUND. LOST—GOLD WATCH ON WEST river road. Phone 1212. FOR SALE—WORK HOKSE, ME- dluiii w.-icht. in fair i-onditli>i) Will sell cheaii; S:!C N. Jefferson Phone IX>ST-IMDY"S GOLD WATCH and fob. Edna Cline engraved In case. I.etter E on (roiit of ca.'?«. Finder return to 31.1 .\. Washlogtoa or •phone 602 Reward. KOIt .-JXI.K OR TRADE—ISfi ACRES 'II \T!i.m »njnt.>. Missouri; 12'« acres iimler i-nltK.nion. plenty good water an<! tlniher This i.« all good land, .lose to raliro.-id town (J C Parlasca, l->Ilari >M. Kans. IX>ST-IMDY"S GOLD WATCH and fob. Edna Cline engraved In case. I.etter E on (roiit of ca.'?«. Finder return to 31.1 .\. Washlogtoa or •phone 602 Reward. KOIt .-JXI.K OR TRADE—ISfi ACRES 'II \T!i.m »njnt.>. Missouri; 12'« acres iimler i-nltK.nion. plenty good water an<! tlniher This i.« all good land, .lose to raliro.-id town (J C Parlasca, l->Ilari >M. Kans. LOST—ON .NORTH JEFFERSON Street gentlemans brown leather fiockefbook containing two $S lillis R^^tnrn to nyt S Jefferson. Reward. POTATOES! Two cai-s of fancy Northern F'otatoes just in today. 65c Per Bushel in five bushel lots delivered to any part of the city. Bigus Fruit Store ^ast Side Square PHONE ^.3 MOSFY TO LOAXt Will lend on 1/ousehold goods, pianos, urisBDs, sewing ni*- ckioeti, diau !0ud.< and Jewelr/. J. W. rOFFEY Office. >o. llu >vrU 8tr««t • FHILLIP HEltiELI « • FHILLIP HEIOELI ]IAK>ESS AX!) 8ADDLKBT 'tiencral Kepalilav llOVi Booth Btre«t-^Iola. F. L. 8. LEA TELL, X. D. Specialties: Otaeageaor the Cheat Diseases of Children X-RAY Pk«ne »-Of»re 147; Rea. 147 lulu Sute Bank Bldg. • T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tnninf and Repairing. Witk Boberta Music Co. Savonbure Record: It is star»»il : young men are so scarce in S»v- j ^ onburg that a youni; lady of this iisiit when her tr.ind wiis sii\»—-i«-d t>y ; ;i clothes wrlng'.-r tli*' otlur day , .> • • <f ^ ^ <r <'<••><> ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ W r Teats w-nt to Yatei Center tills morning ou t>usfn>ss FEa BllOir TflOillf? ALfTIOVEER! A. D. Collin.'* General Farm Sales; Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. A I-lreas, Carlyle. Kaa. • • • • \ CitSHS [0NI6HT IRA B. FRANTZ THC eiiToiiicTiiirr umn NEWS Foe —I 'A fOSPIRArY AGAINST HiUSE. HOLD HAPPINES-S OF MR. HERK. 3fr. and Wrs. John Haye* DMnt Like It In Florida and are Glad to he Back Home Again. LAHARPE. NOV. 16—Everybody has troubles of their own. especially married people, and although "wedded bliss" is the expression VOUNTAIX PEXS * •? \o more Inky flnrers when •? •r yon Qse a g«od fountain pen. -r •V We carry the best # 3; WATERS * DA>FOBTH ^ •r DmiTs and Jewelry -:- ' * , Thursday from Oil City. Pa., for a often' vjsit vrith their daughters. Mrs. C. H, ^ V V • + •? # * ^- •? * ^ A * V 4•:• •?• <- U Yon HaTe v f PHTIKES TO FRAME -•' tiriiiC r':ein in ear!.*' to .ivoli! •E the h.-'iiiiay rush. Framing a ir picture is the only sure way to preserve its beauty. They also * make' ni.-e holiday presents •r We carTT a complete line of * picture frame molding * THE * V LUIARPE FIR .MTniE STORE 4- H R MARTIN. PROPR 4- THE DAY'S D0IN6S III i»S GUY Keel Badly Today! (':i>.raret.« tonbcbt No He.-idarhe. RHI«ir>ne'>o, Mnind.«h Liter. (ou^tipMled HnweU ur Sitnr .Momarh by .Morning. Javcliy Btorv HIMEKS WERE OUT I> FILL FOIM F YF.sTERDAV AFTER QIAIL 4- The FlnNhlnr Tonche<i Are Belnir Pnt Ipon -PlnaforeT Which Will He Staiced XoTcmber 2«. KFLLIM^G'S -r TOISTED WHEAT BIS! TIT -Si The Delicious »w Cereal Per Pkg. lie -;- • C \ Kl. X U K.\TE K (;A. S ilTY. ^•0V 16-R. ii'on wii: preach tomorrow . nnd >v-ning at the .Methodist church. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ X, :^ ^ A 4, iTh.-s- <.'rvjie .s are the beginning of a \i Cul- morning : beard, yet there are few families whose marital career rans as smooth as the name indicates. In the case of W. W. Herr of this city, married life has been the cause of numerous and unusual troubles. y\r. Herr is an exi>ert blacksmith by trade and is at present employed at the Vates blacksmith shop. He formerly lived at Osage. Okla.. and Tola. Kans., and has been a resident of this city only a few weeks. Mr. Herr and seventeen year old wife together wiih their infant babe were compelled to leave Osage on account of a conspiracy to wreck his family, incited by meddUng r*!stires. Mr. Herr is an eighth blood Oaage Indian and at the age of 21 will be entitled to an allotiment of land in Oklahoma valued at $30,000. f^.:'lll^Trli^V^z^lz\?.li '^''^''^^^ K^'sk""s "ci 'tyr;;;;r;s foul means This i« the root of «H "'"(l*^ . , ,v. „j {.'^^rh ".ntil^°^n"Kt !:^rd^r •^";n "^.J^rda ^ofX dea .r^r hU 'l^ *«r.^^'^i\>,V„«- „.K n i o'««««- ^roih^r. F. N L. Mitchell of Aus H^r^ a orw W T^crr cfme P^tlculars accom,K.n- . n f ;„t nvi»h„;^« ^nH vir" ,iiv ' teWram but Mr, Mitchell c.x- "^.i'i 'T. °^'^.'lT,v?i P-c.. the^rvmain. to be brought back,-«mer Olsen of this city and Mrs. H. G Ridgeway of Ida. K. * L. of S. will take in another large class this evening. Befide.s :he children • of -Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Hartzog who were all h?re for the funeral of Mrs. Hartsog. the following ont-of-rown persons were summoned- Mr. snd .Mrs. George Reed, of California, Mo . and Mr. and Mrs Joe Douglas. Mesdames Reed and Douglas are sisters of the deceased A number of local hunters opened j'? the quail season yesterday. [ _ Master Warren Waters of I'nion- town win be here today to spend a week with- his sister, .Mrs Ed Dunforth. Dr. PrP. Stapleton returned yester- rf I s'-.-j,..i (,f r.-vival meetings to continue ^ indefinitely Sunday school at the ^ [ usual hour ^ Van Smith came in yester>iay fror.: ? . Olsamu'.sra. Oklahoma, for a short visir 4^ I with his Tuother. .Mrs .V .M. Smith 4- • .Miss Frankie Forrester haa acoei>;- ~ "d a iK).~;tion as saleslady at Frish- 4r man's dry sroods store. -•- ' .Mr and .Mrs Ben Boss went to Col£ ony t. 'iay to visit their pa.-ents bef.ore. c(>,i jn 4r i leavics :or their new hon>e at Inde- nip-i'. *! t>c-n<!eni e 1 .\ laruo numi)er of friends and rel- ^Sr*^'***^******! atives sd.\- .Mr and .Mrs. W. P. I>ong. I of Tra\:s Addition, a pleasant surprise ; I last evening in honor of their t-nth building recently vacated by Bartlett j weridinc anniversary. Marion I. Smith, pastor of tlie i'^lj THAMiSfilYIXO POSTAL TARDS ?» F. .\. fooksey'* Dme Store IjIIarpe. Kansa- A bfir lot le r.irh. Another bunch i for fri«-nd.-. At le^rit twenty from her>- went Ttir.i! : --irg y.-•.'.;.(>• j: t.-n^ ih- . I- :i\ '. •.. -e-tin .••..;s .Mary iioward. wi!i cr.«ini; •.(^••k-»iid W.Th ;.>-r -i.^t-r. Mr^ -\lv:n I.- ;>r. of i.)'a .^li«= ?(;•••.•.ja ?\.>r. p-ir^ii^al rf • high sc.ioi>l. will v;?:? 5ier parents )r Kinrai'I. SatJinay and Sunda.v. Tile principal- in Pinafore, rehear- fhe hieh sxliool building last !(-reafTer nij,'hl r-'hearsais will l>*» h«>!d in the or^era house . The production will be stai:e<l .\".:veiiil,er I't'ih. N<> Low bad your liv-T. stonn- ! ac:i«-s. how misTab'.e and uacom- ac!i>>s. i,o \v:n:?erab!e and uncotj,- ?ort8bI<» you ar» from ron.-tij.arion..! indigestion .biliousness and .-!-!ggisb • Intestines—yoit alway.- get the desired • results with Ca.-rar'-"jA and quickly.' I>on't yi.tir stomach. liver and' bo»»-!s luaite you miserable. Take! Casrarets toni^h* waw an end ttr th>-j headaehe. bil:o-i---n»-.-s. dizzine-s-s. nerv f i otisnes.*. silk. sour, gassv stomach.' •backache and a!l fjther di»rre<-s: i '•!-ansf your in-it!*^ organs of aii rh>- • i bile, ca.-'-- and coDstipared n;atte.' ; which is pff/vliicing th* nji.-ery, i .K 10-cen; box means healrh. l.appi- ! n»-^s and a rl«-ar head for months. .No! more days of gloom and distress if you wii: tak- a ':'a5ca.-«-: now and then -All drne?!.-;.- <eU Ca.- get The r;'.:;f;r>-n—th'-ir '.ittle insldes 1 V\> need a good, gentle cleansing, too PNEUMONIA left me with a frightful cottsh aud •ery wt-as. I bad spells wh «a I could hardly breathe or speak for ID to 20 miaulos. My drx-ior could not help me, but I was completely cured by DR. KING'S New Discovsry Jir*. J. E. Cox, Jollet, EL- 50e AND $L0O AT ALL DRUSeiSTS. Declare War on Celdt. on I A crusade of education which alms "that common colds mar become uncommon within the nest generation" has been begun by prominent New York physicians. Her.? is a list of the dcn'ts which the doctors say will naiied Mra. Herr taking her to Osage. ^^^^ .Neosho countv for The relaUves there have successful- burial L^«?^r ?r"^H?rr 'tnd ".lot the "'"2 ! ''"'^ Tbaaks-F N Hart.og and ^,*fJi« O ^l 'ge <iun "r ,'hat Mrs*'f»-n> -i^hes to evpreas their sin- u v- f ^l , ,tu „J and frietms who have expressed their of LaHarpe. Kans. for a divorce on ^ t.telr kind dee.l< brothers. The game will soon h in full swing Hereafter the M. W. A. will meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. • Heretofore the lodge met on every Wednesday night. J. H. Wilton, of lola. spent yester- j day with his daughter Mrs Thomas derMm. of northern Leighty. ! town oa bufine^s yesterday -* "Iton i sl>^ep in hot rooms" Harlev Dean, who has be«-ti trav.;- j A nuu'.b-r fr^ tu here a:tendwl Ui." ' "Don i avoid the fresh air." ing for a firm In Pittsburg, Pn,, re-, dan..- :>t l.aMarp" last night "Don't atuff yourself at mealtime turned here yesterday to spend th«-' The high ^cho^^! boy* are busy toilay i Ov.-reatihg reduces your resistance** I'laulinc chairs from the varlou ! To which we would add— when you I necji chu.-<h of .Monegan Springs. .Mo. ; is visitins here this week. ' .Mrs L O Mitchell returned to Mo- I ran last nigai .Miss Rose Corn.s ai ' comtwnied her to \!stt until Sunday • prevent the annual visitation of the W O l..-nhart, of lola, and Mr An. cold: were iti "Don't sit In a draughty car" —S. R. Mas-H, Benchley. Texaa. says: "My baby had a dangerous attack of croup, and we thought we would lose; now and then ; tin, But one of Foley's Honey' ^c:irr-ts. Don't for ; & Tar Compound pulled him through.' wouTfi not be without It in our house." Barren's Drug Store. that win undoubtedly show the state., . « —u i_ V.,- «.^.t.i.^« ' I nomas I .^IKUI * iiii«.-uut-u tur ments set fonh in her petition for di- ; v^nihn P-.!i. i*sr ni»t.r nn.i Torce utterly without truth, and when ' at Neosho Falls last night and Leighty attended the fall this is proven Mr Tlerr intends to Indict the conspirators and punish' them to the extent of the law Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes, who left, some time-ago for Arcadia. Fla.. wi;]i' the intention pf making their home. \ rteuraed here yesterday glad to se; foot on LaHarpe soli again. Mr. and Mr*. Frank Stoddard, who also went to Florida are now located at Tampa , where Mr. Staoddard is employed In a grocery store. Mr. and Mrs. R H. Colley. are th' proud parents of a son born Thursday morning Mr. and Mrs William Roe arry*^ Mr. and Mrs. O D Hartley. Mr A Hartley and Miss Ix)u Hartley went to Pleasant Hill yesterday to enjoy a visit with Mr. Hartley's brother Th^> ' will visit In Kansas City before returning home. -Cabbage II per hundr.'d {>o\.noo ' at J A Brown's Mrs C Bortn and daughter .Miss . Lillian are spending the week end :ir I Yates Center with Mr. Borin. ; Misses Gl.vnna Bpennan and Mary i Malcom visited the Lincoln school in churc he>i and eleot'lr p.nrk auilltortitm pr.'imratory for t!:!- itrtnlurtlon 'of V L Co.^.lrlch. tlR' Pvanselbt. wll! pi.^'-': tomorrow niomlnc and even- 'nc at th- (""i-tstlan church i -•'.-)! at St", a m. take a cold get rid of it as quickly as possible To accomplish that .vou will find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy most excellent. Sold by all dealers. The Savonhurg ReconI warns Hum iKiIdt not to Ket too- rhestv over h «T Mrs E E Wright accomjH »nl.vl her i victory over lola, when W.^lt..r John- IroJher. H R Awbrey. to St. Josep-i ] son pitrh.fl. and intimates that Hum- ve^terday to visit until Monday wlt>. {boldt is to meet Hutchinson with Joe cave his chalk talk to a large crowd 5retftodL«t t'linrch. , , x .,ur«dav Sunday school 9:45 a m. ! Tnursday. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30 p m Junior League 3 p. m. u ^'fnlL^^^IPwht'W n ^t ,T ,»nH i Toulght. if you feel dull and stupid ?ll.:^!'*'.-'?w.°°--!l\t?J?; > or bHlous and constipated, take a dose anorher brother. M. .Awbrey Riley Gregc was reported somewhat te'ter yesterday. .Miss Effie Thorapscn. who is known ^y a number of this city, and Mr. Ros.* Rusby were married rhe first of the we- k -a! 'he bride'* home in Bronsoo. J W Carl .after a weeks visit with Wood pitching and may^recelve a beat I ing Johnson and Wood are the stellar pitchers of the country and if the two Kansans face each other anywhere they will draw a big crowd. —Mrs. Grove, 114r. Dayton .Xv*. his hrother. I.^aac Carl. wlU leave to-i Wichita. Kas.. states: "I suffered with Tou nieht for his home in Douglas. Okla kidney trouble, with a severe pain For ' \ Brown, of lAHarpe, was in . across myback and felt miserable and T..Bn shaking hands with old friends'al! tired out. but after taking Foley . yesterday. • Kidney Pills for a few days, the pain i' Sirs. G. T Prather, of Concrete, if l«^ft my back and I.felt full of life Uovd Lenhart went to Yateg Cenrer reported quite ill ' and activity. Gladly 'do I recommend j ball Mrs. M. Pool is .spending the week- Foley Kidney pjUs to all whom have • j game between the Yates Center amd end with Mrs. Wnu Cox. of tola. j kidney trouble '* Burrell's Drug Store The high school bo»s and girls are southern Kansas- Academy, which ! R H Collev. of LdH^rpe. was over, ' yesterday shaking bands with old i -Get the WA.NT AD Habi" ing Sunday school to this insplrmg Chamberlaln*a TaWets and PnKhrferUM Thareh. i tomorrow PirsbyterUa rharch. , ^ „ ^ealera. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. i Preaching 11 a. m. and 7: 30 p. m. Christian Endeavor fr:30 p. m. Subject for morning sermon. *On I this monUn? to referee a footi the Level." evening. "Selling Out." The high school boys and girls ai ._ . putting up basket ball goals in the' played here yesterday afternoon. piMiiMWiiliii • cUtM.u.1 MM .wi<fcB««atlnmef ceaw •rOMMMrr M I M I M ] r»kkh c »»fs I!M it«n> cf th« c«*« of •asMa' M B tlM iMtarr. <iM«kiai. cWk isir* ui4 •wHvr wmvt EX?SMSS 1 M T, I; TIM S4.00 I » New- R WCBSVnUA!« It 1912 greatest 3:.-l!-..r;:ic5 :- • i !• .dir.? tr:rer$j»ies; is bound ia „ K mCnONASYf.:n Unp Leather. ! : : . sti-:-:^.{ i .n goid oo back and XL sj>?-?s, printed r;t p -. \^i:h rr^l tdgss and cornets 21 'r^n Limp Leather, f •: '.'. sti::-:f{ i.T goid on hi sidfs, printed c-\ T.X.\r: r^T''"'' rr^l 'dgss and Vt rounded: beautiful, strjng. d;;-:!.;-. K " t!;- crncral contents, (here if yL are maps arU over 6oo subja^rs o.-rii .:!:..• i'.': :ra:>l by three- color pli::-:. r-JTirr.,us v.xV<x:z^r •at this oS'.-rs SIX Coaiecctiv* Dscliocary Coupana aad the pli.:;-:. r-JTirr.>-.:s sut t::'^ >• r: n?-;. pri'.;c3 of educaf:cr.a' -hjrf i zr.i ths lat. -t L*- ^rd 5:.:« ' VnPresent ;i ii Mir-tT the u^--(Tatt $2-G0 11 :: I *''AJ U."^. ei-'».«:vr _ zrcc ie the txj'.s el i lVEB«!TEKrAN bfaek: ti' .Ur -e — wiich is BSt291? " * cirir. m BEST' iiss;:-™"-- w»th tonare com..-*. 5JX • - $3 .00 WEVSTEEL'-N 191S T*. «»avor io toMkf las tMtatg^ '«J9iSt c-i-zT, suse wftS tonare com..-*. Six* C-f.^ c-»—, i— cn—-cl. 5Dt • irfi^'S CoMfOCTa C»ii,iij«i mad th« Q J.C i C<>nif«c-.iB» Cooanci and th» ^OCS

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