Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 3, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1954
Page 4
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HOPS STAR j H OPE, A N S A S , February 3, 1954^ CLASSIFIED .*IuSt &6 & fctoce Day Sefote Publication : W«W» Aa» Am Pwsbto m ' Bitf'A* Will B« AtotUttd Tel«0H6n* Arid Aeeorjp- Mjurita, Allowed With Th* /IHd Th* Account It P«fy f SMemtfit It Rendered. On« »*«« Bl* OM Dflf D«ya fiajn Month ,45 .00 1.64 4.60 .60 120 1.60 1.60 2.10 2.40 2.70 100 160 8.00 8.50 4.00 4.60 *.00 0.00 160 0.00 10.60 12.00 13.60 16.00 SOLEY'S Cburt; fill new "safer" Two people $100 Pour people $5.00. Panelrny heat, innerspring, and foam pillows. Jan. 1-lMo. DISPLAY 1.05 1.20 1,89 1.60 „*.,.« 7«c »« ,.... mi .. 60c per Inch ,'* 60c per incto f above are for «»n* _llv* Viiertltfrtf. Irfeiuldr or skip- (t odi .Will take the one-day rat*. I 0dlly,,cla»s!fi«>d advertising copy 64 dccepted Until S p.m. for lleotlbrt- tho following day. ^.publisher* rotary* the right to tt of edit, a|l ddverifiemenfi of- r%* -fbfpublication and to relect I.' ,ob)edtlonobl« advertltina «ub- lU, ot one or more letteri, ",<Sf flouru tuch oi houtM 1 number» count at one Mop* Star will not be r*tport» fof*ffor« in Want Adi unlen t ore- cdllid to our attention •(FIRST Insertion of ad and ' ONLY th» ONE Incorrect i£ J»HONE 7 r 3431 iIODERM S room house. Furnlshad water.'' Patfnos School. Phone 7. 2007. 1-Ot BEDROOM unfurnished housn. 1118 Park Drive. $45.00 per month Phone" 7-2441, 1-ti DAIRY Feed. Hog feed, meal hulls, mixed. C. S. Meal. Salt $1:15 per sack. , DANNIE HAMILTON 21-lmo. BEST Quality. Johnson Grass Hay, at 50c per bale. Inquire 1105 West Avenue B, Hope. '. 1-31 IbPE STAR If 4 of Hope .,1899; Preik 1927 £ej>n«o|l(Jotecl January 18, 1929 wllihed BVfcry wcekdoy afternoon by '•" v StAR t PUBLISHING CO. J( . C. £. Palmer, President •Alex H. Washbiirn, Secy-Tret. At The Star Building 112.214 South Walnut Street, ; Hope, Arkonsol 40 ACRE farm near Emmet, Arkansas, .Nice modern five room house. E. M. Broswell Prcso'ott. Phone 683-W. Feb. 1-lMo. H Woihburri, Editor & Publisher tt H. Jonof,' Mar.aglng Edltot etga W. Home', Mech. Supt. irW "Dqyl«, Advertlslna Manager fcrtfarod' oJ second class matter at Pott Office at Hope, i Arkansas, he Act of March 3, 1897. of tha Audit Bureau s Circulation* of Subjcrlptlon Rotes (poyabl* In od- *i' "' ^ n\tr In Hope and nelghbor- mall . In Hfimpstead, Nevada, itte, Howard; and Miller coun- ...; .',' , ...„ ' .85 i^Morjthi •'• 1-60 #to0th» «....-. ............... -2,60 ., 4.50 _ i „, ..'. ;. i jo |>r>r«* " Morith» 3.25 -y Month* 6.50 i*/,Year ,„ 13.00 IjNatJI, Advertising Representatives: *"'->M«,DaHl/es, Inc.; 1602 Sterlek , 'Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texas Bids., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Myon Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 6. " St., New York, 17, N. Y.; 1763 ~ Sf Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; lb Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Member of tha Associated Proas: •jTAwOcJoted press Is entitled ex- twery to the use for rcpubllcatlon oil 1he locol news printed In Ihu ap?r, as well as all AP newt PAPER lianging, painting and repair work. See A. B. Osburn. Phone 7-4433. 29-Gt Wonted ilshed 3 or,4 room fur- t. Close to town Deferred, Call Charles Benson. •|one, 7-3873, i-3t f'tbe l'950 U. S. slates showed a is,in population. IE LOVELIER fe" with expert beauty care. Soft, long • lasting permanents. «Edna Beauty Shop [lEIm Phone 7-2615 I WJSTERN SHARES iPf plverslfled Income Fund j f tl pno 1 Dallas Fund ji^r«v»ppctU8 available from &.&..MATB, Agent Phone 7.4454 ... The I \ k , «.fEy?rything new. fii[M WARDLAW Highway 67 West 'S USED FMJRNITURECQ. ledfl, of Qity Limits West ' find Sell gaetf Furniture Md RB an Blind*. Picture All types of Floor 7.3445 ""Mlllf For Renf UNFURNISHED five room House. One-half block from business district No children, Phone 7-3602 1-tf ROOM unfurnished apartment. 410 West Division Street, Private bath and garage. Phono 7-3708. A. H Eversmeyer, 2-31 4 room unfurnished house. Hardwood floort}. Venetian blinds. Immediate possesion. Phone 7-5850 after. 3:30 call 7-4306.'. 2-3t For Sale COLUMNS, heart Cypress tbneue and groove. 18 feet high, dianv eter at bottom 24- inches and top 20 inches. See D. D. Ellis, Nashville, Arkansas. 1-Qt 'LAIN and fancey quilts. Ideal for, gift. Call 7-2737. 2-3t HOLLYWOOD bed. 3 quarter size, good condition. Slip covers. Mrs. George Robison, Phone 7-4303. '••-- .•' i ' . 2-3t REGISTERED Angus bulls, 4 to choose from, your credit is good. See A, J. Israel. 1 mile west on. old 07. Phone 7.-2850. 2-Gt IHILDS nice Aize baby bed. In- jierspring; mattress. Call 7-5850 after 5:30 call 7-436(5. 2-3t TWO good mares. Suitable for farm or logging work. Weight 2200 Ibs. P. H. Stephens,- Blevins. 3-3t HAY, Johnson grass & lespedeza mixed. T.. S. McDavilt. Phone 7-2116. , 3-tf Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and innei: T spring work. Cobb Mattress Co, 316 South Washington. Phono , 7-2022. FCb. 1-lMo. IALL Payne Brothers. House Movers, insured contractors. Public Service Commission number M-1425. 313 central Avenue Starhbs, Arkansas, Phone 3-4481 in Stamps, Arkansas. Feb.2-lMo. Female Help Wanted STENOGRAPHER with : one or more years,,, stenographer nx- perienee. Five day's 40, week, air- contlifioried offices. Apply only to letter; giving 1'ull details. Lion Oil Company, Personnel Director, El Dorado, Arkansas l-6t Salesman Wonted WOULD like to hear from man with car ,who wants to step into businqss o£ his own in Cityi of Hope, -Buy on time— pay as\you see. Also other localities available. Write Rawleigh's Dept. AICA-611-TC Memphis, Tenn. 3-3t Wanted to .Buy ONE row tractor and equipment. W. B. Ray, Rt, 2, Hope. 3-3t Notice INCOME Tax Service. No waiting, Two accountants. Farm Bureau Office 101 East Front street. Phone 7-3700. 5-lmo. Texas' Lead Almost Too Much DALLAS VP) — The University of Texas Longhorns h»d an almo-H insurmountable lead in the Southwest Conference basketball race- today after a hari'.-fought 75-69 win over stubborn Southern Methodist. For the Mustangs the defeat, their third in tho championship driva, meant viituaj elimination and sent them tumbling into a tie witu Baylor anu Arkansas, ahead of only' wlr-Jesu Texas AIM. The Monies, Bears and Raid-backs all now have lost three games. The Longhorns made it five straight wins agr-jnst no losses in Conference competition with two great scoring buri-ts last night by forward Fred Qopse Saunders, a U-£pot, 7-inch giuta. Saunders made his 9 field goals and. It! point.8 at the most opportune moments. The gamp Jast nigbt wound up conf^ri-'uce play until Saturday night when ell teams see action| ThJ weekend contests match SJWU apaingt exas A«J¥ at Colle|e Station, Texas against Buy Ipr at Waco and TW ag ^toowi? 'at Fwt Wi'r% Pice ft" no^cpjplerettp^ game ' ' Political Announcements The StAt is authorized to announce" that the following ate candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections^ for treasurer HARRY HAWTHORNE CLIFFORD BYERS DW1GHT RIDGDILL Fof» County Clerk ARNOLD J. M1DDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff arid Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK Alderman Ward 3 B. L. RETTIG ARKANSAS iCARL BELL By CARL BELL Aeoodated Pres,s Sprots Writer Tha University of Arkansas had a couple of.'.uneasy moments Mori- day when' it was reported that Bowden Wyalt was being considered for the football coaching vacancy af. Mississippi State. Miss State snut oft the speculfi- tion quickly by hiriit£ young Da'> rell Royal later in the day. There was never any official word that Miss State would like to have Arkansas' Wyatt, but it's doubtful thut his name was just pulled out of the hat by a rumor* monger. The Razorback mentor wouldn't confirm or deny that he had bet-.n contacted. Neither would he s;iy whether he'd be interested. As short-lived as it was,, it was an unusual .situation in which Arkansas found it.Jnif. ; "',... ' Not since late 19Sl' or early 1937 has a Raaorba'ck football coach been wooed by another college Then Tulsa reportedly tried to lure Fred C hpmsen away from an Arkansas +eam that has just won the Southwest;. Conference championship. . Of course, no Arkansas -coach since then hai -set the football world afire, although John Barnhill's i!)46 andi94 7 . teams stayed just rai- enough on the winning side of the ledger to share a conference. title and earn bids to two bowl gomes. Arkansas can't squawk anytime .some ether school starts tempting one of its coaches. Just a little over a year ago Arkansas tried awfully haid to get Bear Bryant away from the Kentucky people who wanted to keep him. Unsuc- ce3jful in that effort, the Arkan* sans made th:> Wyoming grid following mighty unhappy by grabbing Wyatt. • There's an old saying'that the pot can't call the kettle black. In that respsct, both Miss State and Notre Damo arc to be con gratuiated for picking their new coachej without weeks of 'speculation-prompting search. And both are to' be commended for filling their vacancies without raiding an other college — Miss State having obtained Royal ' from a Canadian pro team and Noire Dame having promoted assistant Terry Breiv nan. . , It would hurt the Rakorbacks TO lose. Wyatt now or in the next year or so. We're noi saying that n better coach couldn't be hired that certainly is a matter' of coiv jecture. But Wyatt has a rebuilding pro gram well under way, at .Fayette vil^e. That program which should begin bearing a few more vie tories in a year or two, would bo set back by a • chanfc of coaches even if Wyatt were replaced by one of his present assistants or by another single wing cor.ch. That's: one way in which Arkan sas would htunrl to lose, And, »s has been noted previously in this column, U. of A. officials are well pleased with Mr. Wlatt and would like to keep him around. he haul-working youn,? coach exhibited his ability to win with «cod material at Wyoming. In his first year at Arkansas, he showixl he couM get the most out of tho least through a little intangible known as spirit. He is extremely popular with his players and with fans generally — although some of the latter may havo IT en offended by his refusal to k'l them dk'tftle to him. Tho'i'3 qualities may be the an swer to the questior of why another school would be interested in a coach whosj last team won only three game!; and lost seven. But, for the time being at least, Bowden appears happy at Arkcmuc.s and intent on carrying out his fivo-yeir plan. STRIPPED OF EARRINGS—This is auburn-haired New York model Jeanne O'Connor, 23, looking sad. ; She's sad because, she told, newsmen, a stocky, stick-up mart stripped her of her $8000 diambnd-and-emerald earrings while she was walking her dog, Ballerina. Ballerina licked the bandit's hand throughout the robbery. Mystery: Why stick-up man neglected to take her mink, coat, 6evo Scores 113 Points for Redded fey F.D CORRIGAN NEW YORK UPI — Bevo Francis of Jillle Rio Grande College smashed the small-college baskat ball jiwring /ecord for a single game l^st nighl with an incredible 113 points. Actually the statislicians won't have to change'the name in. the record book, just the figure. Bevo ulsb .lUc; the ol.l mark of 84 points. He collected 88 field goals and 37 foiil shots last ni^hl while leading his Rio Grand cjuii.'el to a 134-91 viclorv over Hillsda. for its 16th triumph in 20 games. In 20 games, Bevo has scored 1,942 points, an average of 52.1 per game. • That is exactly on a par with his performance last season, v/-hnn he finished with a grand total of 1,954 points in 39 games. Basketball By The Associated Press Princeton 68 Temple 62 Niagara 90, Syracuse 70 Slippery Rock 97, Indiana (Pa) 79 Kentucky 99, Georgia Tech 48 N/ C. State 80, Wm Mary 70 New Orleans Loyola 78, Dayton G8 Marquette 74, Detroit G8 Western Mich 55, Washington (St. Louis) 53 Rio Grande 334, Hillsdale 91 Maryville (Mo) 64, Omaha 55 Ottawa (Kan) 59, Bethany (Kan) 57 Kansas Wesleyan 95, College of Erhporia 79 Empo'ria Slat" ' 64, Southwestern Kan. oQ Kirksvillc (Mo) 79, Wa'rrensburg (Mo) 58 Quincy 74, Carthage 63 Drury 64, central (Mo) 63 Central Okla 96, Southwestern O'lcl'a 65 Concordia (St. Louis) 57, Shurl- leff 53 Okla Baptist G9, Northeastern Okla 53 McPht-rson 72, Baker (Kan) 62 Southeastern Okla 96, Perrin AFB 53 Texas 75, Southern Methodist 69 Arkansas Tech 116, Southern State 89 Austin 92, Norman (Okla) Navy Air 80 Oregon 66, Wash State 51 Seattle 82, Pacific Lutheran G4 Colorado 70, Kansas 62 Idaho State 82, Colorado College 44-. r, . : K Hope Cagers in Double Win Over Nashville Another win was added to the Cats' victory string, as they downed the Nashville Scrappers GG-54 in the gym last night. The Cats really got the ball rolling in the initial quarter when they tossed in 25 points to 11 for Scrappers. The second period saw Hope hold Nashville to only 4 points as the tallied 17 to lake a 42-15 half- lime lead. The'.last half saw the subs take over and Hope kept pouring it on to local 57-33 at the end of the third period and then kept a sizable lead the remaining quarter. Griffin of Hope led all scorers with 10 points, followed by Garnie Hatch with 15. Bradford dropped in 13 for the visitors. In the preliminary game, the Lady Cats downed a tough Nashville sextet 42-41. Hope trailed 118 in the first quarter, but caught up as the game was tied at 19 all at halftime. Hope managed to lead 34-33 at the end of the third per- od. The final quarter was nip and .uck an dthc victory for Hope was lot decided until the last five seconds when McBay,tossed in a field goal. Berlic Allen with 20 and McBay with 14 led the Lady Cats. Hope " , G T TP Hatch '.. 6 Griffin 7 Halbert 2 Mitchell 2 Bruce 3 Russell * 3 Mangrum 2 UNHAPPY FAREWELL—There will be two unhappy grandchildren in the Turkish "White House" when President Celal Bayar and his wife leave Ankara for their trip to the U. S. later this month. The girls are the children of,the president's daughter and Dr. Ahmet Gursoy, a physician and a member of parliament; To keep the children in good spirits, they have promised to bring back some real American dungarees. The president and his wife will tour the U. S. for one month before returning to Turkey Fights Last Night By the Associated. Press Los Angeles Cisco Andrade, 134, Coitvpton, Calif. outpointed Carlo's Chavez, 137, Los Angeles, 10.' Miami Beach, Fla. — Billy Kilgore, 163, Miami, stopped Jimmy Herring 163, New York 2. Chicago'— Bobby Bell,. 131, oiingstown, Ohio, outpointed Ron Slribling, 127, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 8. SPORTS ROUNDUP , By QAYLE TALBOT. NEW YORK </P) — The most significant thing about the big player deal between th« Milwaukee Braves and Now York iants is that two contending National League clubs wore smart enough to get together and try to do something about stopping the Brooklyn .Dodgors. Although there was nothing about it in the official announcement, a sound guess is that the thought of putting a crimp in the club which! throatjmti to demoralize the'folder leagti'e 'as\-'thoroughly"as the Yankees havo demoralized the American unless measures are tafc- During the years of heavy immigration to the United States, more men than women were Immigrants, but since 1030 more svo- men than men have entered the country. It is doubtful wether whales have asen^e Of Eremmar May Be a Real Coaching Find BY JERRY LIGKA SOUH BEND, Ind. Wl— Mil. waukoe had its miraculous baseball Braves last year and now it has tii^.- boy wonder of college football, the new SS-yi'.-Eir-old Notre Diunj aeaJ fot.tball coach, Terry Brcnn;>u. Notro Dame partisans well ve- mcmbi-rcd Brenn;.n ur, a four-yenr regular left halfback at the school of the Golden Dome from 1945 through 1048. But then Brennan H name dropped from the "national prints except for a paragraph now and then on how his Chicago Mount Carmt'l High School team was bcatng the daylights out of city rivals. Brcnnan'.-; selection as Irish fre.shnijn coach last September certainly got less publicity than, for instance, when Johnny Lujack quit tJii. 1 Chicago Bears a few years ago and became ;i Notre Dame assistant of the now resigned Frank Leahy. There were rumors to be used that Brennan was a coach of ability far beyond h's >cars. But to the c a s y a 1 observer, Brennan seemed a boy amoni; men in the coachitii? profession. 'ferry played football at Mai- quette High As a matter of fact he won seven athletic letters at the school and captained the foot- bull team in his senior year, About 3,712 million acre? of 1;he earth's 30,480 million acres arg ,en lay heavilv over the Giants Braves negotiations. It also is wovth a bet that, as a result of the playei swap which was contrived, the Dodgers will not run oft' and hide anything like tho 13'/z games th»y did last season Probably they will win their third straight flag, tut we have a strong feeling that the gap has been r.avrov/ed by this; and a couplo of other deals amon.c; their rivals lurir.tj.the wlntev. Charlie' Grimm'j runner-up Mil- wauk'eo team has been immeasurably bolstered by the addition of such a distance hitter as Bobby Thomson to its outfield. The Flying Scot can be counted upon to knock in better than 100 runs. Add bin' to JDtirny O'CanneU, the grea! young infeilder obtained earliei from Pitsb'urgh, and there appears a chancrj that the Braves may be in the fight to the final day. As foi their part in this stop- Brooklyn maneuver, the Giants gave up nothlnj they ically needed and thoy acquired in Johnny An> tonelli and Don Liddle a brace of yourig southf.uW pitchers who should make them much more difficult to handle Uian they were last year, when they finished a listless fifth. Ley Durocher's dub will not mis Thomson for the reason that it has relurnod from tho strviqe a re- nowne;] young Negro center fielder n'amad Willie Muys. With Willie back U 1 give them the spirit and drive they have lacked since he helpod them win the '51 pennant, plus stronger pitching', the Giants shoulj again do iheir part in hold ing the Brooks at bay. The Phillies, 'another first division outfit, have added the veteran Murvy Hickson to then double-bar- reled pitching staff cf Curt Sim : mons and Robin Roberts. The Rt. Louis Cardinals figure to have even greater depth to their pitching, ard if Tom Alston, their Ne- gr o J'ookie first baseman from San IMego, lives up'tp his-clippings, they could be very rough. It all udds up to what looks like ^ concerted efforc to move in on the Brooks, whose ftring of post' war successes h&ve become s large pain to the jest of the league Jt scarcely can be said that the seven other memoeis of the American keagug have dloplayed a jla^ 1 cojnrnwijist spirit ^ Hollis Huddleston Stanley Bright Duke 3 2 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 o, 0 0 Totals 29 E Nashville G T Yates 3 0 Robins 2 2 Sheffield' 2 1 Smithson 2 5 Johnson 3 4 Anderson ' 0 1 Bradford 5 3 Wesson 2 0 15 16 4 4 7 6 ' 5 3 2 2 2 0 66 TP 6 G 5 9 10 . 1 13 ,4 Totals 19 16 54 Cage Player Took Money Falsely KANSArS CITY W) — A former star high school basketball player charged with bilking a' Kansas col lege of $110 o.i false pretenses of enrolling, said he took the money because he thought, it "was, jus! the same as mine." Percy Edward Barnes of Kansas City was arrested yesterday. Basketball Coach John Lance of Pittsburg State Teacher's College said Barnes received $10 from him and $100 from a trainer after the boy promised to enroll at Pittsburg. Barnes did not return to the Fights Will Depend on Manager By MURRAY ROSE?. NEW YORK W — Manager Al Wcill's health will determine} whether heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano has one or two title fights by summer. If Weill, convalescing from a delicate operation, feels that he can get to work soon. Marciano wlll^u sign for a March 19 or 26 titles defense against lanky Dan Bucceroni of Philadelphia. If the rotund manager feels he needs more time, the BrocWon Blaster will wait until June for Er/.ard Charles. International Boxinj-; Club officials pressed Weill for an answer oday. Truman Gibson and Harry Marnson of tlu TBC met Weill at the managetr's office last night and scheduled i'urt'.ier conferences for ,his afternoon. ™ Tho IBC chieftains want to get going immediately of Weill agrees to tho Buccero'ii fight. They have to iron out details for a national :elecast and broadcast and six- weeks' preparation isn't much for a heavyweight title fight. If the match is made and Marciano wins, he is a cinch to take on Chailes, the former champion, outdoors in June. If the Bucceron match is not made, Danny will be^| bypassed for the June Charles fight. ' , „ Rocky already has reeled oil many a mile <n roadwork at tho upstat-j Grossingcr Country Club, where he usually trains for his big fights. He's ready to start boxing at a n'.-inute's notice. Weill won't permit Rocky to fight unless he is around to supervise the camp's training activity and healthy enough to work m Mareiano's corner on fight night.V Since his opention several weeks ago, Weill has been taking things easy. Bricker Plan Hit by Sen. Fulbright WASHINGTON W) — Sen. Fillbright (D-Ark) opposing the Bricker amendment, tola the Senr.teM yesterday, it is no small thing to "drastic-ally alter the Constitution by an amend tha t in effect throttles the President o£ the United Stages in his conduct of foreign relations." "It is indeed bewildering to see the Constitution which for so long has been the bulwark of our liberties and the primary source of our political strength come under such a violent attack as we have not(*£. witnessed since the 1850'a," he declared. school after taking entrance exams and working out b riefly on the otiyketball court. Lance said. The boy is free under $1,000 bond pending a hearing Feb. 1. Copyright, 1953, ky Elizabeth Selfert. Distributed by KinK Features Syndicate. svNorsrs . • Dr. Stephen Carr .and his wife, Shelly, are on their way to a family dinner party honoring ala rene:al,le mother's birthday. Though oolite to her always. Shelly well knew thai the very social Carrs had never really accepted tier: She was a stranser to them and: to .the. little mid-west city of Norfolk, where the Carrs resided, a night club singer of uncertais oaca- ground whom.the whole Carr family believed Stephen had married Impulsively. Aware of their subtle snubs. Shelly determines to prove her metal. As slje and Stephen drive to the fashionable home of the senior Carrs. Shelly pities the Itinerant workers who linve come here on new projects, many of them living in pathetically squalid quarters. CHAPTER THREE NOT BE lonely I Shelly said nothing. She got out ol the car, shook out her skirts/ felt tier hair and thought swiftly ot Stephen's family. Probably she had done wrong in not pointing out to him Just how the Carrs regarded the girl he had married. "Married Impulsively," they always said, even in her presence. Well, tie had done just that, out the family made it seem as if he had come to regret that impulse. They made so many truthful things sound—odd. Even when Mrs. Carr spoke ot Shelly as beautiful, it was as If vivid beauty were a little—well, a little Ill-bred. Ostentatious. They'd been shocked at the marriage of their younger son to the lovely, golden-haired girl. For eighteen months, they'd continued, to be shocked. And Shelly understood why. The Carrs were rich, and they were conservative. Pillars of f society, ot church and of industry. It was a shock when Stephen married a cafe singer., Glad that she had changed her froctf, Shelly now could enter the gracious house with no feeling of being on the defensive. Perhaps this time she could <?°me into the family circle, Instead ot settling on its Hm like a—like a barnacle! In the big drawing room a dozen well-dressed people sat and stood about. This was a family party, but there were always certain friends included in such intimate gatherings, the honor nicely rp> tated by the Carrs. Tonight it had been accorded to the newspaper publisher and his wife. The WftJshes were there, ot cpurse. The bank's president was Everett's crony; his wife and May Anna Carr had been schoolmates. Eleanor was like a chlld °* the family. A beautifu) gtrl, d,erH, groomed, beautifully other guest, a young man In a clerical collar, the rector of the Episcopal Church. He was a' bachelor, newly come to—town, and Shelly was somewhat put to It to explain his presence. Of course, to balance the table, a man would be needed Cor Eleanor, but the ;arrs belonged to the Methodist Church, by far the largest and richest congregation in Norfolk. While she was still saying her birthday good wishes to Stephen's mother, the Reverend Prewett came across to Shelly, and said bow nappy he was to be her dinner partner. She nodded. Of course! And Stephen had been allotted to Eleanor. It did seem a little foolish, in a family group, to arrange things so formally, but, in Norfolk, the Carrs set, an example ot formality in every detail of daily living. Any dinner party above a potluck supper would have Its thick, white, gold-edged, place cards—and even a single maid must be In a uniform proper to the standards set by the Carrs. As she went in to dinner, Shelly studied her mother-in-law. Mrs, Carr would like to be the woman she looked — motherly, a little dowdy and kind. Had Everett cast the mold into which this faded, plump woman had grown? Or perhaps Everett's mother? The pictures of Stephen's grandmother .Indicated the latter explanation. A rigidly handsome woman in choker and high-bust corset. "Aren't you with us tonight, Mrs. Carr?" asl?ed the rector's voice in her ear; there was a gmije within the tone. . Shelly Jumped and colored. "I'm sorry," she murmuredr "These family parties are apt to set me to exploring among the branches of the tree." "I'd think so!" he agreed heartily. "They are an Interesting group, aren't they?" Shelly looked around the big table, with Its fine appointments. The interesting Carrs. Stephen sat diagonally acrpss from her, with Eleanor to one sitfe of Wm, his sister to the other. He had said he woujd (elj them tonight, but he waited mitil the beautiful birthday cake was Brought in. The cake was cut, an.d Verqon, took She pUW »F9VWK»- Everett • proposed % toftst £9 t>la wife-rbu.t when everyone «»t agajn, "The only reason I'm doing this tonight," he answered the lifted eyes which questioned him, "is that we're all together—and 1 don't think we will be for another few days—and, well, my orders are for a week, Monday, so—" It was Eleanor who made the first sound. "Stevie!" she moaned. Stephen looked at his father, then down the table to his mother. "I've decided to go Into the Army for a year of active duty." He sat down, as if that were all there was to say. Ruth looked angry. B. ^,, watched his father to see how he would feel and act. "You didn't have to—or If you did—I mean If you were called up —1 could have got you out. STour service to the plant . . ," "Yes, Father, but—" "I suppose it's this Korean thing, you consider it a war." ; "I'll bet the men being shot at think so, too." "It's not going well—whole thing will have to be abandoned," Arthur Prewett made a sofjt sound of protest, and B. J. looked at him in affront. "I'm sorry," said the young cleric. ."It'a just that America has never lost a war —1 don't think the project will be abandoned." "Well, maybe not," blustered Everett; pushing his Ice cream plate violently away from him. "I spoke without thought. This' fopl thing Stephen has in mind!" "It seems to me, Dad," said Stephen thoughtfully, "that you're, harnessing the horse backward. If this war—or whatever yoti want to call It—Is going badly, the need for trained young doctors Is much greater than If we were sure ot victory and a quick end to the matter." "But you were not wlledl" "No, sir, I asked for active guty. Three mpjvtHe ago. I've Known when I would be leaving—oh, since Wednesdly, vpasri't It, Shelly?" ghelly nodded, and tried to smile? "And al| this time you didn't say a thing to me!" Everett wag seething, and, watching him, fi.J. felt it wag safe to glare, too. Mr«. Carr b?gan f? weep, and WilJard, he,r son-tn-iaw, put hi? hand com. {prtlngly upon her shoulder, «*J knew? you'd be upset," 8te» phen was explaining. "And I thought it best to keep still about j| until fine last possible moment," »-, 'v f « • ' '-S '' ; l "^r'W

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