Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 17
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 17
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, >ID., SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1944 SEVENTEEN liming Rallies Win Two for Reds McCormick and ,,„._._ Stop Pitch- C rs Duel—Mueller Catches 137th w.Kbiirgh, Sept. 16 W>—The Cln- j ra"i Reds took two of them the t Jri -jay—by ninth inning rallies— • i.i"z the Pittsburgh Pirates to^2"'to 1 and 3 to 1. ""u'oirc rl '- ns by Frank McCormick " jiic" Tlpton climaxed a pitch- r." rivel between Clncy Veteran ;,,. ctair and Buc Rookie Arnold C=r'.cr to give t)™ vKUnrs their liruunP^ fl]st gameT Tomas De La nllowed the .Pirates only one a triple by Frank Colmnn to the Bucs' only run in the first ......E Max Butcher was solved for j'h'i r 5 Catcher Ray Mueller mak- l;c I US of them winning run. and scoring f or A S OpOTlS Nation's Sporti Editors Pick Baksi to Repeat; Cardi in S or 6; Football Tilts Sports-Week's poll of the 1,724 sports editors of the dally newspapers In the United States resulted in a 65% tally favoring Joe Baksi to repeat his win over Tainl MP.U- rlello when they come together In the featured ten rounder at, Madison Square Garden next Friday; night. ! Though Baksi captured the na-1 tlonal tabulation, he wasn't favored' in every section of the country. The West South Central States • (Ark., la., Okla., Tex.) only registered a 48% vote for him, and the Pacific States (Wash., Ore., Cal.) split down the middle in the voting. The Wilkes-Barre heavyweight scored heaviest frWo) in the Middle Atlantic States, which include his own Pennsylvania. He only won 90% of the votes in the Keystone State, which Isn't bad either. No matter how the American League pennant race turns out, 91 of the country's . sports editors figure the <pards to romp off with the pennant in either five or six games. There was a 49ft tally for a five game series, and -52% forj a. six game series. Less than aj dozen votes were cast favoring the i Browns, Yankees, or Tigers to win| the series, in the event any one j the & 136th and 137th games >cai. of arnes gave the football country's sports c: 30 4 3 J 3 0 0 •mi *B H o A>riu»iiurfh AB ii o A: editors much irou'oie picking •vvin- '---•- | Jjners, apparently. The season being 3 i-as young as it is, teams not belni? •z a\ tested on all fronts, especially those * ? I among the former top notch elevens o ^,uo>...^ - a! who are now relying on 'teen-agers, ..03 3-Loper'.""c"" 3 o o ojtlie sports editors must have relied P 3 i o i Buicner. P 3 J) J-- _*| pretty much on pre-seascn observa- rt 4 o-3 th 4 Q 13 - r 4 3 S "ll 3 1 3 3a 4 1 0 < 5'Cos'art. M 4 0'Russell, If 2 O'.B'reu. cJ 2 O'Cnl'nn rt * 1'D'Rrcn, lo 3 0 Ru'iing. 3b 3 3 Oustms. ss 3 T ,.,;s 33 10 =7 13| Tcl»ls 27 37 H tion in/ormatlon to make their ! selections, oio 00l-2i Dufce Gets 99% Vote 000 000—1! to _ Mueller 2. Russell. Error —i doubt that Duke will take Rich"-. r . nuns batt'eo. in — coiman. j m ond, perhaps as Grant did. Eddie Two base hit — Mueller. Three, r-;nrnp>-nn'<; RIUP rtovlls nnllpd nn !<>.« Cameron's Blue Devils polled no less than 99 r ; of the votes, with perfect tallies in six of the nine regions of the nation Fritz Crislcr's Wolverines at Michigan are a 95^ choice ,to beat Marquette when they clash, and Dell Morgan's Horned Frogs at Texas Christian are a 94% choice t --rv-rv"" i to beat the Kansas Jayliawkcrs. "ci'-i*: and Mueller; SUrr and Camci.i.- The university of Virginia Cavaliers aren't expected to encounter move than mediocre opposition from Hampden-Sydncy. if the 93*> vote in Duke's favor may be taken as a criterion. '— Colmaru S»crl!lccs -- Clny. j Double plays — Bsirett to Gus- beltriE to Dnhlgrrn. Oiissiiie to r Left on linses — Cincinnati 6. l-'.'.'rTih 3. Bases on balls — De LaCruz |r " s'-'iieouis — De L* Cms 3. Umpires— .;•; nKllsntant Riid Bogsess. _Timc — •i'." tetUmalcd) - - 5,000. Second Game -.-Cl-Nvn ... 000 f>IO 001—3 6 0 : ' - ' • ' 001 000 000—1 " ' {cds Expect To Defeat Firemen [strong Effort Will be Mnde lo Win lo Make it Two Straight Years HOW THE EDITORS VOTED v C ff 1 I iliil** , Event Baksi to beat Maurlello Cards to win in 4 games Cards to win in 5 games Cards to win in 6 games Cards to win In 7 games California over St. Mary's Cornell over Syracuse Illinois over Indiana Michigan over Marquette Mississippi over Kentucky Missouri over Arkansas Miami over Oberlin Pitt over W. Virginia' Clemson over Presbyterian Great Lakes over Purdue Worcester over Renssalaer. Duke over Richmond Texas Xtlan over Kansas USC over UCLA U. of Va. over Hamp-Syd. Wash, over Willamette Chicago over Green Bay Card-Pitt over Cleveland he ^ •f. 60 8 42 50 — 54 100 58 82 65 83 74 83 62 82 55 96 92 58 96 78 42 75 < 1 Si 83 5 51 42 2 69 84 47 92 54 74 62 82 94 82 58 ioo 94 83 94 70 57 73 jj "3 o 72 13 50 33 4 86 82 45 91 62 86 72 73 96 86 71 100 94 64 100 81 56 65 .e 1 7, W 62 3 43 52 2 68 78 59 95 58 89 83 89 93 71 68 100 95 65 92 87 62 69 _- a W 67 8 50 25 17 94 85 43 100 25 85 85 67 100 92 100 100 83 67 77 64 58 67 $ L. O £ 74 8 50 42 — 74 81 56 100 44 85 61 76 95 92 55 100 95 74' 95 79 43 65 5 3 £ jc 48 5 65 30 — 76 86 43 95 52 42 95 SI 100 85 61 95 96 64 90 75 62 52 c 1 a I 56 — 59 41 — 72 50 55 78 50 89 70 82 89 95 65 89 100 83 89 70 56 65 • "v £ 50 — 14 86 — 88 75 63 100 7b 88 75 75 88 100 71 100 88 75 86 57 75 75 v* c 3 rt V. 66 6 49 42 3 74 78 52 95 57 81 73 81 91 86 62 99 94 69 93 77 55 79 IBig 6 Champs Have 10 Vets For This Year 'Oklahoma, Like Rest of Bij; Six, Expects lo Have Good Pooliiull Tins Season By F. \V. CRAWFORD j AP Newsfeatures Kansas City, Sept. 16—The Big Six may be missing on a couple of cylinders but don't count on jit unless you're prepared for the i backfire that comes from unex- Kifth Of A Series pent-up gridiron ex! pected and 'plosions. | That's the gist, of the warning I voiced by Reaves Peters, conference' commissioner, who says the loop will show Improved football in all quarters. . In spite of Peters' optimism, [Nebraska and Kansas State, forsaken when Uncle Sam parceled The powerful Great Lakes aggre- 1 gallon 'Tony' Hlnkle has assembled Is an 86To choice over Purdue, although the editors in the East North Central States, with only a 71 r ' a vote for Great Lakes, look for a reasonably tighter battle than do their brethren through the rest of the country. Pittsburgh's Panthers are expect- jd to beat West Virginia without much trouble, and Missouri is expected to have no difficulty with Arkansas. Cornell is only a 78 Tr national choice over Syracuse, despite the fact that New England's sports editors voted lor it soUtt. California Is only a 74^ choice over St. Marys and. peculiarly enough, the Golden Bears are an Illinois-Indiana, and Mifi&issippl- Kentucky meetings. Illinois drew only 52% of the votes. Harry JJehre's Rebels only collected 57 c c. of the nation's votes, and only 25% of the tallies In the East South Central Stales (Ky., Tenn., Ala., Miss.), where the sports editors ought to know something about the relative merits of the two elevens. If the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers in one of the two pro games scheduled, only 55% of the nation's sports editors will be able to say "I told you so." Only in the Pacific States did the Bear.? •poll better than 70%. The same applies, pretty much, but, not to the same degree, to the Card-Pitt-Cleveland pro affair. Cai'd-Pitt is a 69% national favorite. 88% "choice in the Pacific Stales,! which isn't too strong a. margin lo and a 54% selection in the New- England States. Two Tifht Games The really tight games looked for by ihe nation's sports editors are the write home about. The accompanying chart cives the percentage vote in detail for each of the games, by region and nationally. Tr.e Cenierville Reds be try- LaSalle and Allegany Each Open Grid Season This Week Each School Had Difficulty in Receiving Equipment, Causing Delay in Scrimmage Work for Teams —LaSulle Will Have Scrimmage with Alumni Team On Tuesday Afternoon Nortli Carolina Has Difficulty DERALD LEBOYV Oklahoma's Ace Back :.: to extend their championship : O"'TO straight years in the playoff [waning Sunday. The Reds won th-: series last year in three straight The CenterviUe team hasn't '•p.-'-'' "playing as good ball the sec- Ud half" as they did the first half liVrough the batting has been about -'= same. The kids batted a .302 With LaEalle and Allegany high 'ter.ige the first half and ended the schools looking forward to the com- with a .299 average. Man-hug week end as the beginning of said his team would have their fall sports programs, there is out his naval "V" students, are wondering where they will get -manpower to contest the Navy- Coach McEvers Scraping Blessed schools. Missouri, to some • ™ nvfaMfr it w/^lirt(*rintr C Bottom of Barrel! for Talent This Season wondering about the same thing. Down in Soonerhmd, Dewey Luster colorful coach of Okla| Chapel Hill. N C, Sept 16 (7)— 'homa's 1943 Big Six champions, has ! Big Gene McEver, beginning his !° l««ermeu back including Derald i.. B Lcbou-. considered by many the | first year RS head football coach bac ,,, m tlle conference last year be here for the Explorers to try j at the University of North Carolina,. The bantam - si?.ed Oklahoma higher the second half but much to cause local football fans to IhV-.^cd a lot of the boys that didn't talk about. Neither school has made o play much the first half. The any public appearance and will not iv.v; aiso had a lot of errors in!be opening their seasons until the litvcval games that could have been lend of this week; e^ch has tinnoun- P .' : nnrl 1 l^ n + W,O1* An Vint- nv'r^<sr*f T f\ Vl o VP then- speed tactics against Scrimmage with Alumni The two young coaches at'LaSallc have a squad of 36 players working out daily. With -the amount of equipment that arrived yesterday, the team will be able to have only won. ced that they do not expect to have — <, r, r,io-L- nfr rnnv an any i teams comparable to last season, i:ie coming play-ofl mav go any ^^ ^ ^^ ^ nnAfr ^ nm 1inlpq Rrp 3.- and whichever team gete the r -caVs should win the series. Nave b'ir.' on having his team made up Jo' players who hit around .300 or Ita-er during the regular season and If ihey get any pitching at all they|«< |»:i: be tougli to beat. T;c veteran, Pete Cook, will be at i::-t base; George Cook, who played hni-tstop for Hyndmau High School r\\\ be at second base: Glennls and the fans wonder how holes are going to be filled that were made vacant in the spring by graduation. The coaches. W. L. "Bill" Bowers at Allegany, and Phil Minke and : Ronald Palmer at LaSalle. have no I idea what the answers will be. Each jteam has been greatly handicapped 'through lack of equipment and the full training has been limited as a result. Each school has received -i.. wt **" . ^JilUr ptu I tircctt. the star center fielder of; Coach Phu some pnrt of the equipment, but has literally scraped the bottom of .mentor, however, retuses to ac- the football and baseball barrels "^ lne !oop ' s aow ' n - be/ore thc an effort, to come up ivith a pre- : season starts. Adolph who leadi sentable team to replace last y«ar'su- u T • ^ ettanQOV>i ^ WI . l ° e ^ better than average eleven. i Nebraska s once proun ana mighty ; Cornhuskcrs expects an improvea. but one letterman back 1 . team hended by Ken Hollins, a 201)- to put day to have a lineup made up of Harry Ways and Tommy Ford at ends. "Butch" LaNeve tind Bill Lovenstein at tackles, Charles Cumiskey and Art Beaulleu will fill the guard positions and Bill Nelson will be at center. In the backfield they will have "Buck" Carter at quarterback, Clay "Red" Ingram at left half, Lou Baker at right half, and "Doc" Dougherty nt fullback. honor student and undefeated er Jast year. - :more 17 _ and is-year-olds and some -seasoned 4-F's to help his cauto. Tom Lane. 210-pound alternate! Chauncey Simpson, at Missouri, at tackle last year, remains the; who finished in a tie for second only other certain starter in an, place with Iowa State last fall, otherwise completely green line, i expects more manpower but Being groomed to team with Lane at tackle are John Kinsey, soph from Miami U., and Bill Smith, ex-all state high school player from Lexington. The flank posts ap-'best back in the conference. quality may be slightly below par. Simpson's warn leadei Don (Bull) Reece is gone but Bill Dellastatlons. triple-threater, may -become the He! The squad will be formed into two|P ear to be fairly well taken c.ire of. has recovered from injuries sustain- lowa Kansas! enrollments. They are Johnny The coaches have voted to ask T?av Mickey, who played in right | SQn aL Somcl . set next Saturday ev-jwill be over the ball^ Jack Kauff- time at guards. *.c:d most of the first half, will be, ening and La SaHe will Vnind the bat and Ray Cook W"'^^! stadillm on F ' KnS«^ is very much inJArthur. Collin, of Rock>Hs.>;22 ^n-confcrence foes ^scheduled, ?rnz, Glenn Evans, Alton Nave ana! Tllomas (W Va , by a one . s id e dj T:nimie Burns. The starting; pitch-|, score> 26-0. That can menu either will onen at the man John Nesbitt Tommy Geatz| Walker, who played freshman ball-their directors to rclnx thc no-. Fridav even! -lei snd Bobby Mattingly will round out I at Davidson; Edwin Golding. for-.scouting agreement but they didn't. e litter was de- ! the backfield l mer Pelham, N. Y.. high player; i tamper with the rules. They havc : The other team is very much in I Arthur Collins, of Rock Falls. 111.. 22 iion-conlcrDnce foes scheduled doubt At the end posts will be Blll| an d Ed Towhey. who plnycd foot-;and see only confusion if the code' Moener Joe Becker, John Pettit or ball and was mayor at Boy's Town,;is changed. '• ,_,_._ «I i._ -m-~ * i.i_.. TJ^V •/-.„.- K T ph Thp srniitmp rulp vprommendcc U not be announced until game (the yen o \vj a ckets were not fully John Esposito. For tackles, Pot Gar- r-»«mr* f itn^i 1 • tl\ rt'flfVt _ Ji * * i.i >_ __ ».„-. vdM- on ^4 1f\t* /^rttin^Vio Y1 f\T Tllplr "P^"n T"- The scouting nile recommended The starting backfield probably 1 would allow "spying" on each a reserve conference opponent once during handler and the season. It -•I'r'ta 11 ...350D. Ro.'t. H .. '.:.,, oi, IB-a'Warnick-. 3b . •••",' "b ..227!Hor»-pnh. r! . s--ven!<on. c J15-V. S»vf. c! .. r - c :^ r 162 : A. Nflvc. 2b . -•'\rn.inn, p ..3-1 O. Coo'x, :b . ;r-v p 4-2 A. Nave, p ... p 7-OjFliU.. P s-.rvenson. p 1-2 Ev»r..«. P Burns, p Field'. P - ••• Cr pires—O. Dyer ipinte-: \V. ..333 .5-<i .1-1 .'.l-oi Trotter Is Treated Roughly ^ ^ _ ^ soph from fnVnVaVbe expected to play: Frank'Randolph-Macon. on the wing; Nlland at quarter back, John Car- J «ck Poster, ex-Missf«ippl State ney and Casper Ottlero at left half- trash player, at tailback; and Bob ; (.Vrxt: SnuthwesO back, Carl Natale and Tommy Dougherty at right half and "Rus- Tj', i IK' Home Runs Loads for Cuhs to Win Easily, 9-5 !ty"Bazen anday Shaffer at full- .back nil • Warren, whose previous experience ] was at Goldsboro high, at fullback.] r> 1\IUI Scor r> *-• r (( lOl j|jtpj H.J »» ••! J_^nc7iij5 -^ -*-*• j Chicago. Sept. 16 (/P)—Bill Trotter veteran St. Louis Browns and I Washington right-hander, was 't expect to have H plonshlp club." McEver says. "The i jboys just like to play nnd feel lucky Great Lake?. II!.. Sept. 16 '^i — fitifl T?Vc/^>ic lto be P la l'lng in wartime. ButiLleut. >jgi Paul Brown's new 1044 a atlll JjtAW/ta lgi ve them a little experience under! Great Lukes Bluejackets ran up thc their belts, and they should be a j highest .score ever assembled by .1 '.Will Lijieilp 1 oda.V fast, versatile, and interesting outfit!sailor team when they toppled Fon * J to watch—and mnybe tough tO;gi ler idan by the score of 62 to 0. '1IC Washington right-hander, was caiuiuuic.ocyL. "•—-m/—*»« wT -. e'- eetccl bv a three-homer barrage. ^ International League pitc Tn/-7«V ! as he nwde Ins National League Red Embree of Baltimore and 1 UllU-y | Lou . s cardj^iOrrell of Buffalo, were slate Baltimore. Sept. 16— iff}— Two lead- International League pitchers, slated to r:nn Firemen and F r os tb nr Sicago Cubs a 3 to 5 victory. i today, and the blows gai'e the Chi- square away tomorrow when the Orioles and Bisons tangle in the IK rHuIULU iiliU A I '-'•a ^ *J « • D I UtXKU V^ULK) 0 J IU «J ViUUUi^. -- — , ....-•rican Legion baseball clubs ofj Rookie Frank ' Secory and Don first game of their much-postponed :•••• Victory League, will play the-Johnson hit homers in succession! Playoff for the Governors cup game of the playoff scries this: m the second inning nnd Secoryj Errfbree, with 19 ^vlctories^ngainst •>nioon at State Teachers Collepc] followed with another with two on H lo Mrnond in Frostbuvg. Thc pame ! i n the fourth. Iking. •'•'. be started at 3:30 o'clock. Eachi Johnny Hopp and Danny Lit' the teams tried to play this game 1 whiler homered for the Cards, the st Wednesday evening "but were! la tier's 13th round-tripper knyoing rcerf to stop in the fifth inning, ! jjm Lynn in DIP sixth. Paul Erick'.<• to darkness. The managers of:son finished. Ihe two clubs then agreed to tryi .Trotter reported to the Cardinals |t> play it off today. The victor will yesterday from their Rochester Viunmatlcally become league cham- farm. beat." Not more liian n half dozen plays from Ihe Blue Jacki-t bag wore T> t t- needed to pile up the 62 points. I\eS 11 IIS, p ass interceptions, line bucks, re-; jttirnPri punt.s nnd fumble.' 1 , and i WHEELING RESVI.TS ;pnf5c> comprised the entire scorini: nRST — Cherry Boy 12.60. $<.SO. 13.80: : attack. Rollicking 3.60, 3.80; My Colin I3.4C!. (C5RFA1 SECOND — jockrtte =1.50. 7.80. CM: ""• - ' Prison Ship 460. 3.80; Cimpmeetlng 420. TUJVI DAILY DOUBLE — 36 JH4.80. • TollCllOOWU-S THIRD — Siiccale 26.40, fl.40. 4.00: Bn«'y o uel, Dclaney, )!on for 1944. •j *' Si, riiiii* /IB II O .V(hirj t o Oarmi, rt 4 1 1 O'llnrfc, : 2 4 I 8 1 -I i I D 0 1 3 0 .1 Hopp. cl S'rtrf;. Ib 5 ' ;W. CT. c S il.iflrr. If 4 j. \rrlon. ss 3 , A'nrlll, 3b 4 iV'bati. 2b 4 An rt o A > n 2 0 0 ,< 3 0 C 3 jvvalloper , 80 SIXTH — Kmi Joy 7.00. 3.20. 3.SO: came to Baltimore after a month FOURTH'— ship sigv.Ri 6. of the season had gone by, but led st*n».i sun s.eo. .160: AIKI*. the loop In total victories. Orrell had the best loop percentage, with eight wins agalnit one defeat. Hare Caup Jnuiorg Play Broachvayitcs Tlie Hare Cane Juniors will battle Hiblnre 3.60. UO. «.00. 2.80;- Si the Brondwav street grldders on the <Rll The Aanclalcd f ihr«er 13. Il-nsffiaiT 0. " rrcfjtcr Poly 12, liiilun 7. ' .-inn^ 13. Svarlhmore 1. 1 i". Guard Academy 33. Bates 0. :; ir 1 . flrtl 1^. ^ lifts 12. P :V.nfll -J5. HuhlrnbrTR ~. •-•rjinon G. Pr«nklln-Marsh*ll 0. Mldireit v -«trrn Mlchlunn 20, Wabanh 0. : ; *nnon 7. Oherlln 7 (lid. R"v]|n? Orfcn 13, Ohio Weslrysn 8. 1- diana 72, Port Knox. Q. f'-r»'. Liko 62. Fort.BherldiK 0. ..noli 70. Illinois Ncrmal C. South , "..chmond Army AJr Baur 0, Humpden- G iottfr. D 1 p 0 XX 0 fl fi 0 0 0 0 n o n 0 n n 1 n n 0 srut'-e. ..._--n CTi-un. it> s 2 B H 0 n the gridiron this afternoon with 1 Nlc'son. rf 4 " " "' - - • 0 p.ifko. cf 4 1 Sccory. 11 4 2 Jo'son. 21) 4 1 \viiam.". c 4 '2 I.ynn p 1 0 F.rVson. p 3 0 .. — ... TotRis ' 35 U 27 n 2 i olQuem City field. -The game win 2 2 3'start at 2:30 o'clock.The Juniorspro- ; * "jmlse a pood game and expect to xvin n n o 1 by a decisive score. 0 f: 0 Total* 3fi 10 24 '• \~B»ur<! lor Trnnrr In sih. xx — Hatlcd for Bycrly In ~tti. xxx — Batted fnr SclunLrlt in 9lh. xxxx— Ran fir O'DrA In 0th. ST. r.ODIS .............. 000 221 000— J CHICAGO .............. 021 MO OOx— 9| Flnn« — Garms. Hopp !. W. Coopf r, • Limh!!er, HBCIC. HMgliP.v Cavurctla 2, i NlchoUo;;, Sfcory 3, Jolmson, Lynn. Krroril — Marlon. Vcrban. Pafko. Rum Vjattfd ! In _ Hopp 2. W. Coaprr. Lltwhilcr. Cuvar- i i MI« 3. arcory 4. Johnson 3. T»-o bn«t: — Litwhikr. H»clt. Ovarrflin. ;iome . . . . '• p nnry and Hfnry 20, Mooro Ocnerrl runs — Hopp. Lliwhller. Secory (2t. John- 1 6. ChiMham Plclrl lOa.) 13, Ncwb'rry 1, n 'conn Romrwood, 111., Sept. 16—The 70- ion. Stolen bA*es — >lopp. Wllllamk. S»crl(lcf5 — !lui,r.;;.. Paflto. Doiihlo pl»? —CftvnrrpttB »nd Hu?h«. I.fft on bRKen— St. LoulK B, Chicago 9. Rnvfs ott buUx — Trotter 4, Byerly 1, Lynn 3, ErlckFon 2. SCrlkrnnn — nyirlj 1 1 Hcmldt 2. Lynn 3, . , . . ,. • ... . , Rrlrknon 3. Hm — of! Troltrr 7 In 4' combined Arlington-Washing-|i nmn »n; nyrriy 4 in r, schmtd'. o m s: Park mCCthlp established rec-h,yrui l.l" S inonr out in dtln; Erlcksnn! with an .attendance of 1,062.172 8 m 4.' \vnn pnch« - nyrriy. ^--i .,. .T • . Jl, «r tfc nnr WliinlllB pltCllPr — Linn. LfllllK pltchpr ' pari-mutufl jiandlc of $66,706,- ._ Tl ,„,„.' O inpir« - narr. ap«r^ »nci. Conlan. Unto — 2:14. Attendance— 7.113. Collins Thankful Suiiipson Is Not In Eastern Sampson. N. Y., Sept 16— Ripper Collins, Albany's playing manager and former first baseman of the Cardinal Gas House Gang, congratulated thc Sampson Naval Training Center baseball chib on "winning the Eastern Lecgne championship." and expressed himself as being duly thankful that thc bluejackets were not going to compete in thc play-offs. Collins was commsntlng on Sampson's victories over six Eastern league (Pfunfl. including his own. Thc .'.nllors won 26 nut of 27 psmes. ledn 2.80. 7 6—62 o n— o Younc. FnrrelS. Palladino. Dudririripr. Points after touchdown •— Mcllo I.AKF.S . ..14 35 0 0 Avery. FIFTH — My Pal Bill 5.00. 4.00. XOd;' (7) • Pallnriino lO'i. Flying Count 9.40. 6.80: Valdlna La»s 4.30 HfV-TTT V,n» .tnv 7 Oft T 70 3 8fl Z»c P»m 4.00. 2.80: \Vortho»nlnsc 2.40. n f 411 SEVENTH — BucXryp 16.30, 7.00. «.«0. liOOlil 111 All »nk Pilot 5.60. 3,«0: Sciurl L»d 2.80. EIGHTH — Talent 11.80. 5.00. 3.8(1:' Spring Sonnet r-3.80. 3.80; CheMnut Bur! 3.40. j ! Newport News. Va., Sept. 1G Wi— ;''Tills nation is due for the srreatr.'-t in .sports history aftfr tho I.AfREI. RACES — Rita Jane 48.80. 19.80. 11. T»-lnlc Shot 6.30. 460; Got There 6.70. i ,._.-... . , „ „ ,,,, , SECOND — Five Thirty 6.40. 3.60. 3.90:, WflV. Br.K.-CrfMI. John R. Kllpr.t- Vlctory Maid 4.70. 3.40: oreat Divide 3.70.; rick, commanding KPnernl of ihr — smokr Putt 9.20. 3 e.n. on:. Mndifon Square Garden, said here Declared 3.40. 260; Soma I.assle 4.20. : tOdav FIFTH — Hornlit-ain 4.40. 2.MI. 1.10: • • . . _ ]ln , , 0 rrM , mr Wist Advi"-- 2«o i 10; Overhn 2-in. i ' llp K^nrifli. wnr. pinns to rr.Minu SIXTH — Mr'snitn s.70. 3.30. 3 JO; Tiij: iho prr.<-irirncy nnrl dirpctor.'hlp r-'. ruvh 31.30. 20..10: cnminanciip Pr«k isvo. : || lf fjnrdeii after the war. prrdlCiCf: >n~» so*" 8n- !! ""iey"ii"so ' 8 °'-also n resiirpcn'/e !:i woman'?, sporl. 1 — i,er'«' .n'minir i't iw' 7 ;o wi'il'i women beins active both n. 1 • 3840 j-.iMtct .sn;i 3-Z'.• pailiripnnt.- and ?.p«ctatoi's. All Year 'Round! Old, Proven Monasterj Fermoli, Makes Delicious Wine .. F.ASY TO MARK. 1 NGRF.DIF.NTS CAN Bt Pl.'RCIlASr.. ANYWHERF. •• at dru» or irnc«rj itorra. rlc. -- Th« •^" VT '?™r ron to mikr 1M »illon< a rrtr -• H-i frrr -• (or your own u«r. '"»*' ronltnl. Kudy lo drtr.k (n i» d«y»i No mr«i. no trotihlc. Thf ciaar lon* mul,^ wlnr.m^Uinff • Pl.P.ASl'RR. For emty, dtluiltd directioni. PRINT name end addrtu plainly, attach fl.OO cath or manry order *nd tend to: THE PUBLIC f m *.*• • 114 MAMKKT STMKKT DtPT. NO. 23 rH11.ABCI.rHIA. First Choice of the Discriminating! The Stetson Royal 810 STETSON HATS Whatever your persona! taste in hats . . . whatever the shape of your face . . . the chances are that one of these famous Stetsons will give you the flattering distinction you want. The Schwarzenbach and Stetson label is your assurance of lorvg lasting satisfaction that comes from fine quality and expert craftsmanship. ^ "'• r1 '' f -~\'\;-yi-..V,-.0 Up all u""" ; The Stetson "Three Way" Sg.30 The liat that's scientifically designed to he worn in three different ways . . . wear it ihe way thai becomes you best. And whatever way you choose you'll get lonjr-lasling sniart- nos. ; : because the "Three Way" is made by the exclusive Stetson Vita- Felt Process. The popular Stetson Stratoliner 8-7.50 The Stetson Eagle The Stetson Premier "Ployboy' s »' 50 Since 1868 — Cumberland'* Traditional Quality Siorn

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