The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 9, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THUBSDAY, JUKE 9, 1892. PAST flNDTRESENT By Mm B, V. A, ZOOE. tOopyrtght, 1WJ, by American Proud Amor in MUD.] "Bring the llyht, Hannah," he mid, as he punned thrawjh the hall. A door opened and a withered old •woman oanio in currying u lamp, its flickering flame serving littlo more than to make visible the darkness and shadows in tho dismal old room. As the old 'woman placed the lamp on a dark mahogany table at ono end of the room, a blast of wind blew tho rain against the window panes, and the loud crash of a fallen tree startled them IU. The men involuntarily rose to their feet, when at the door by which the old woman had entered wns thrust in an excited fivco. "Mr. John, there's a pony to ono of them littlo carta, run up tho drive front of tho house, and I think somebody was throwed out." Mr. Somers recognized the voice of Tommy Hweet, a hired man. "Go out and catch the pony, Tommy," he said, "and 1 will come," and ho hnrriod into the hall and opened tho heavy oak door. The lawyer and the old woman carrying tho lamp followed him into tho hall, and the lawyer Etood in tho deep arched doorway peeping out into the darkness whero Mr. Somers' figure was swallowed up. Then ho caught tho gleam of a lantern through tho wet blowing branches and heard voices. "Tie the pony in the ahed and hurry back here," ho heard Mr. Somers call. Then out of the darkness enmo John Somers, carrying something in his arms, and tho frightened voice of a child. Ho carried his burden up the low Btone steps, tho rain pouring down whorover it could penetrate tho thick shade. "Bring the light, Hannah," ho said, as ho passed through tho hall, followed close by tho child, and deposited his burden on a deep haircloth sofa, that had gloomily filled its placo for years at ono end of the long room. The lawyer took the lamp from t,he frightened old woman, and its light fell on tho motionless figure of a young girl, her face white against the black cushions. Tho child stood close to the couch, her eyes big with fright. "Oh, do you think Aunt Margery is deadV" sho asked, looking up at Mr. Somers, who was bending over tho girl and trying to feel her pulse. "No, child," ho said reassuringly, • "only hurt a littlo," then turning to tho others; "she lias fainted, I think. Hannah, bring a glass of water and camphor if you have it." The lawyer drew tho child to him. "How did it all happen, littlo lady?"— sho was clearly that—"tell me about it." "Aunt Margery and I took mother to the cars; it's a long drive, but we never thought it would rain. As wo were coming home the storm came up, and 1 made Bobby run, but it blow and rained worse and worse, and I was frightened. Then 1 told Aunt Margery there yius an old woman with a big cap and a kind faco lived in here. I had seen her in the garden when I went by, so wo turned Bobby in at the gate. Then this tree blew dowu and frightened him and he throw Aunt Margery' '"'d mo both out, hut 1 wasn't hurt. I expect he's sorry— ho is a good pony, only ho was frightened. Oil, Aunt Margery!"— and as tho girl u|>eiiod her eyes the child ran to her ami Idssed her, tho anxious littlo face dimpling with delight. "You aro not much hurt, aro your" "No, Rosa, I don't think BO. What has happened? Whero aro we?" And as tho color came back to her white cheeks sho tried to raiBe horeelf and look around hor. Tho two men drew back and left tho little girl to explain "Don't you remember. Aunt Margery, wo turned into tho kind old woman's house—there sho is—anil Bobby was frightened and ran the cart against a tree—then a man came and caught him and this big gentleman carried you in here? Oh, I was afraid you were killed." And she leaned against the girl with a sob. "Don't cry, Rosa; you have been a bravo girl" Then, OH old Hannah held a glass of water to her lips, "Thank yon," she said, and tried to sit up "You're just drenched, miss," said tho old woman, who had gathered up her wits, laying her hand on the girl's shoulder; "and tho little girl too. They'd bettor come with me, sir," turning to Mr. Somers, "and get their clotheB dry." Then us tho girl involuntarily gluuood towurd the window, "the rain is pouring dowu. It ain't fit for a dog to bo out in such a storm." "You aro right, Hannah," said John Somers dooidodly. "Porhaps you can And some dry clothing in tho house for the lady and littlo girl," and ho crossed the room aud opened the door as tho girl raised herself, and loaning on Han uah's arm and followod closely by thu child allowed horsolf to be led into Han uah's domains, "When you have made ou h them comfortable, bring coffee to us hero, and perhaps they will como and take Borne with us," said Mr. Somers. "You aro vory kind," said the girl, and ho closed tho door and came back to his chair. "This seems destinod to be an ovent- ful day," said the old lawyer. "What do yon propose to do with your guests?" "If this storm does not wear itself out soon they must try to put up with tho accommodations that we can offer them. Undo Martin must have had some habitable roomB. I am glad tho accident was no worse—it is a bad storm to be caught out in. I wonder who they are. I suppose they will enlighten us." Soon tho door opened and botli men glanced toward it. Tho young girl, leading tho child by tho hand, advanced into the room with a dignity ami line carriage of her slender fignro that impressed both men. Hannah hrid been won upon by tho Btranger, and hud hunted out somo long unused garments for her. A long, black dress fitted itself fairly well to her figure, ami over \\vi shapely shoulders Hannah had pinned a little crape shawl, crossed in front aftera fashion of her youth. The girl had soft, brown eyes, and light hair twisted high on her head. As sho entered the men rose, and Mr. Somers drew another chair in front of the fireplace. "I hope Hannah has made you as comfortable as possible, and that you will not bo the worse for your accident and tho drenching," Mr. Somers said. "Sho was very kind," answered the girl, her hand on the back of the chair. "I came to explain who wo are, and to ask if we may impose further on your kindness." "Will you not sit down and let us consider what can be done?" said John Somers, and as sho seated herself in the straight backed leather chair, the child on a hassock at her feet, the gloomy old room wore a more cheerful air. The evil and trouble that had como vividly out of the past that stormy evening, as tho darkness fell and the lawyer related the wicked deeds of the mon who had lived bad lives and died awful deaths in that same house, faded away, as if across tho dark post fell a ray of light, holding out hope of a brighter future. "My namo is Douglas," she said. She fancied tho little lawyer gave a start, but Mr. Somers, whom sho addressed, showed no change of expression, only his deep set oyes watched her intently. "I am viBiting my friend Mrs. Carleton; perhaps you know the property that they have lately bought not far from here." "I wonder if it can bo Jack Carleton, who was at college with me?" and he smiled as he spoke. "Mr. Carleton is often called Jack by his frionds,'' she said. "Ho was very popular at college; he greatly enjoyed a joke, and his laugh was so irresistible that tho dullest was forced to join in and forget his woes and ho cheerful while in his company. What property did he buy? I have not spent much time here the last few years. "I do not knowwhether I can describe it. It may bo a inilo from here, not farther, I should think; one hundred acres, and a long, low house, partly stone." "Aunt Margery, the hired people call it Josey Joues' place," interposed Rosa gravely. "Oh, yes, I knew that place well when I was a boy; it is not more than a uile from hero." The girl resumed her explanation, Rosa and I started for our drive with no thought of a storm; it came up very suddenly, did it not?" "Yes, and you were not under shelter too soon," said Mr.- Nelson, "There might have been trees blown across tho road, and tho thunder and lightning are enough to frighten any horse." "I am glad your mother is not at home worrying about UB, Rosa," she said, turning to tho child. "Yes, it is well," answered Rosa, "and father will start out on Peterkin to try and find us as soon as he possibly can, 1 know." "I would offer to send a man to tell Ma-. Carleton of your safety," said Mr. Somers, "but while tho storm' is so heavy I do not think it would be safe. I am very glad you reached even tho poor accommodations that this neglected old house affords, Are you sure you are not the worse for your fall?" "No," sho said, "though I muBt have been stunned, for I am not given to fainting. There must have' been strong provocation for my weak behavior, And the old housekeeper"—with a smile and the shadow of a grimaco at tho thought—"kindly forced on us both a quantity of somo decoction that will without fail prevent all ill effects from our drenching." "I hope now your docility is to bo rewarded by something more appetizing," said Mr. Somers, as Hannah entered and moved out from the wall at one end of the room a mahogany table, the leaves of which sho adjusted and presently placed on its dark surface a supper, served in a strauge medley of dishes, from heavy Btonoware to dainty old china. As the last two candles in heavy sil ver candli'stieifs, tall and of graceful shape, were placed on tho table, Rosa whose eyftl <|ls had looked hoavy in the firelight, roused herself and watched Hannah with interest us she deposited on tho table a lurgo silver coffee urn. "May I leave you, Miss, to pour the coffee? There's a skylight that always leak* when it rainB and I haven't had time yet to put anything undor it. I 'd like to go to see to it," sho said with an auxioUB face. "Wo should bo very grateful," said Mr. Somers, and tho girl quietly seated herself behind tho urn, Mr. Nelson plac ing tho child at his right hand and devoting himself to her comfort. "Some have entertained angels una wares," passed through John Somers mind—"this is certainly u more coin forUiblo stato of things than anything I had looked for in this dismal place." As tho girl poured tho coffee from the hoavy old urn tho half flowing sleeve of her old fashioned black gown fell back aud disclosed a wrist and arm that u sculptor might have been glad to copy She talked pleasantly to the two men, but there was a simple dignity in her cou- versotiiai that won the admiration of both. When they left tho table sho walked to the window and listened for a taoinont to the storm. "Tho storm does not sound so violent," sho said. "If Mr. Carleton does not como or send Boon, would it bo imposing too much on your kindness to ask you lo send a man to let him know whero wo are? Ho will bo so uneasy, and ho cannot know that we found such good shelter." As she paused the great knocker sounded loudly and Mr. Somers hurried to tho door to admit Mr. Carleton, whoso cheerful faco wore an unwonted expression of anxiety, which was lifted as Rosa ran forward and throw honiclf into his wet arms, with an impetuous rush that surprised tho strangors, who had witnessed tho quiet manner of ,the littlo woman. Miss Douglas, in the background, was perhaps ;is much relieved, though not so demonstrative. "So yon and Margery found shelter here, while 1 have been fearing you were drowned or dashed to pieces. Why, Somers, is it really you in Aha flesh, old man? Who would have dreamed of finding you in this remote region I" turning to the man who appeared to bo the host, and who returned his greeting with less amazement and equal cordiality. "My man, who is almost as good as an Indian on a scent, saw some tracks in a sheltered place that led him to think the pony and cart had turned in here. Aro yon both in good order—no bones broken? Somers, you must imogine my gratitude till 1 can express it bettor." "Nonsense, we did nothing; the obligation is on tho other Bide; the young ladies' company has been a great boon, I can assure you; has it not, Nelson?" It was soon arranged that the man who had accompanied Mr. Carleton should ride home and bring a carriage for Miss Douglas and Rosa, and meanwhile they withdrew to Hannah's domains to make what preparation they could for their drive home. "Thank you so much, "and good night, Mr. Somers," Miss Douglas said rather shyly, as ho stood by the carriage regardless of the rain falling on him through the trees, and she reached through the carriage window a small ungloved hand, which John Somers had time to hold for some seconds while Mr. Carleton and tho lawyer were exchanging last words. The carriage disappeared in the darkness, and the two men returned to a silent contemplation of the wood lire through tho smoke of their cigars. But before parting for the night John Somers asked the lawyer if he thought that the name of their visitor was likely to prove anything but a strange coincidence. "It is not an uncommon name," said tho lawyer, "I wish you would bo kind enough to make some inquiry through Mr. Carleton," said John Soiners. "If there is no connection, as is very likely, Miss Douglas need never know the Btory —it is not a pleasant one to tell where it will do no good," with a rather bitter expression on his dark face. f \ 'You are right. I will do as you wish aud let you know," said Mr. Nelson. But when he took his bedroom candle and made his way to the kitchen to ask a glass of water at Hannah's hands, she beckoned to him mysteriously to closo the door after him. . "Mr. NelBon, you know the story of this place as well as me. When I saw that young lady in that old fashioned frock with tho little crape shawl pinned across, she looked so like that picture up in the west attic that I thought I'd scream out. I was always told that picture was the livin image of poor MrB. Douglas, taken when she was first married. Comin in as she did out of the storm, aud just when the last of the Boultons was laid away, I declare it gave me a turn." "Nonsense, Hannah, you are nervous, and no wonder. The young lady is a' friend of the people who bought tUe Josey Jones farm. Go to bed and get a good night's sleep and things will look more natural tomorrow." Taking his candle, ho walked slowly up the broad old stuirway, but before ho fell asleep under the heavy curtainB of tho big bed in his dark old ^chamber he revolved many thingB in his mind, and wondered what would be the result of his friend's Quixotic resolve, for he could not help a feeling of warm interest in this man, who was bent on repairing so far as ho could tho evil that the men of his race had wrought. [TO BB CONTINUED.] '"v'SPs Nuturu's First Luw. First Freak—How do the skeleton and tho fat lady, recently married, get along? 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Rigs and harness new. J. II. M'Cl'jUItO, Prop. MIDLAND HOTEL. Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENflRELY. Patronage of traveling men solictcd. Rates, $1,00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. Be Beautiful! BEAUTIFY AND DEVELOP THE FORM. Oar Complexion 111 each Perform* Miracle* WilnkloHcanboubBOiutcly removed: also auper- flutma hutr, t rocltlus, ucuo, ocT.ouia, plmpioa. lame poroti, rauluB, ninth nau&ea awl black heads.wo are the only spoclallBt tbut successfully dorolopi and twuntlneti Uie puny Umbt* and buat luto woll>rounUt><l and beulthy onus upon tjclontlua prluolploe. Complexion Bleach {per bottle K?JM torSbottloa Rot* Pant*, to remove superfluous hnlr ja.00 Up llouue M) Crown Exquisite Face l'owder 60 Famous Toilet Miusk 5./JQ Medicine with full Instructions to beautify and develop tbe form., QoodB Bocuroly packed and trunsmltUnl by oipress on receipt of remittance, or if desired, cun forward <kO, D* KtK, ABA P. tVAHS. Complexion Bpoeiallst, US B. State street. Cmctoo, lu*

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