Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 15, 1943 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1943
Page 6
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*V V " i lit si* HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 'ankees Still Considered the •v^v Team to Beat ,-• By ORLO ROBERTSTO New York, April 15 — (i& —The Kfew York Yankees lost three- lourths of their infield, the best l&rt of their outfield and the dean tit their pitching staff to Uncle Sttm but they're still the team to . beat fof the American League pen- i i natii in the opinion of the sports scribes. Fully realizing the war might change the complexion of any team ot teams on very short notice, 56 dt the 4 writers participating in the Associated Press' annual survey named the Yank to top the junior circuit for the third straight year. And not one of them placed the champs lower than fourth as they polled 569 votes on the basis of eight for first. seven for second, six for third and etc. But after-voting the Yankees the team, mostly likely to succeed, the \vrtters became widely seperated except in the opinion that Connie Mack's Philadelphia Athletics would land in the cellar. With five of the scribes naming them for first place, the St. Louis Browns received ballots for every position except seventh and eighth to nose out the Cleveland Indians dnd Boston Red Sox for second place. The Browns polled 437 votes to take the runnerup position, one notch above the spot in which they finished in the pennant race last season. ' The Indians and Red Sox each , received six first place votes but ? the Tribe showed a little more 1 strenc'h in the second and third , place ballots. As a result, they fin- x ished third with 418 votes to the Red Sox')nx. Cleveland was mentioned for every position except last as were i the Detroit Tigers, who with one first place vote, finished fifth with 331 tallies. The sixth slot went to the Chicago White Sox and seventh to the Washington Senators, who received consideration for all positions except the top rung. ' New Cord in Old Deck w\ //V ST.iOUIS~ CAPMfU LINEUP. STAMP? H/M AS SUITABLE WC&JTEf? P£U) /HOOGf, NOW B4TTMG Mix Work, Fun For Balanced Day Major Teams Get Ready for First Games By the Associated Press Pirates, Tigers Open SeHes Muncie, Ind. Prepared for today's opening contest of a live game series with the doughty Detroit jungle cats, Manager Frankle Frisch of the Pittsburgh Pirates announced he plans to use Rip Sewell, Hank Gornicki, Wally Hebert and Johnny Lanning in turn against the Chicago Cubs in the league opening 'series next week. Delay in B r own, Card Series St. Louis — The annual city series, originally set for seven games, has been cut to six. apparently, by the weather. For the second consecutive day the Browns and Cardi Tom Harmon Missing in Latin America B PAUL CHANDLER Ann Harbor, Mich., April 15 TPl— A Mom and a Dad and a campusful of shocked students waited tensely today for a scrap of Three Southern Teams Beaten by Amateurs By Rex Thomas Atlanta, April 15 — (/Pi — That pinkish tinge you see is the glow emanating from the embarrassed counternances ot three Southern Association baseball clubs. Three of the league's stalwarts bowed in defeat to amateur teams yesterday. One of them for the* second game in a row and another for the second time in four starts. The Birmingham Barons, beaten twice in their four games, suffered their lattest loss with the University of Alabama but the disconcerting score of 8 to 1. The conqueror of Johnny Riddle's Barons was Ollie Mathis, big righthandcd junior college transfer who gave up only 1 four I.Its in the full nine innings he worked. Nashville looked to the acquisi- toin of another pitcher and a catcher lo bolster its prestige after | Camp Wheeler's Spokes humbled | it l(i - 9 yesterday. It was the soldiers' second consecutive win over Larry Gilbert's pros. Gilbret breathed easier as Pitcher Bob (Dutch) McCall icturned from the Chicago Cubs on option. G i l- bert announced earlier thai Eddie Fernandez, a catcher, had been purchased from the Los Angeles Angels. The third casualty of the day was Atlanta, which lost a 10 - inning contesl to the E'ort Bcnning infantry school, 5 - 4, Allhough New Orleans managed to 'put over a 4-1 win at the expense of the Camp Shelby, Miss., team Tuesday, Manager Raj- Blades was dissatisfied with his Pelican' hilling, and yclerday sent inem through a long balling drill. A greal first baseman — if he can be located — was in prospect for the Challanooga Lookouls. Bill FBI Joins Hunt for Missing Girl in Murder Calico Rock, Ark., April IS (A 1 ) — Sheriff J. A. Hodman announced lodny that the Federal Uureiui of Investigation had taken up thu hunt for pretty Mary Durant, 21, charged with first degree murder of her step - father, Charles Durant, 43, whose body was found in a shallow grave at their former home here two weeks ago. Hodman returned this morning from Michigan where he failed in an effort to extradiatc durant's widow. Mrs. Armanda Rose Durant, who also is charged with murdre in the ease. The sheriff said he was unable to comply with a Michigan law re'iuiring that he prove Mrs. Durant was in Arkansas when the murder was committed. Exact date of"Durant's death is unknown. The man disappeared about Dec. 1 and officers have pro- ceded on the theory that he was 'Daily Care' Is No. 1 Hair Rule Of America's New No. 1 Blond news that would say Tom Harmon is safe. nals failed to get terday. The Cards together yes- refused the header next Sunday. Rookies George Munger and Fred Sanford were slated for mound duty for ', do AIARJORIE CREWS: she relaxes. By AUICIA HART NEA Staff Writer | There is so much to be clone these days, and so little time in which to do it, that many women are giving up small pleasures. Better Pastures Mean More Milk and Beef for Nation Prout, who showed flashes of brilliance with Richmond last year, Lieur. Thomas Dudley Harmon, j missed out on his chance to play session y< one of the great football players | with the Washington Senators Chat- ' exercises, of all time, is missing in the Latin- American area. The War Department informed his parents of this — with no further detail — in a brief telegram last night. Stricken first with grief, his parents vhen swallowed the news and insisted immediately Tom was not dead, chat "old 98" had not scored 1st last touchdown. Harmon, 23, an all - American at Michigan in 1939 and 1940 and a gridiron star since his high school freshman days, left the continental United States two week ago in a bomber inscribed with his familiar jersey number — 98. "O1-98 Little Butch," he called the plane. From the Caribbean area he wrote his parents April 4. The War department sadi he had been missing since April 8. "We're praying," said his father, Louis A. Harmon, "Tom is strong and knows how to take care of himself." Tom was the best • known fool ball player in University of Michigan history. He scored 237 points in throe years ot college competition, more than any other player. killed at that time. Mrs. Durant had left Calico Hock several weeks before her husband disappeared, Mary Uurant left here about mid- December and has not been reported since. Rodman said Mrs. Durant denied any knowledge ot her daughter's whereabouts. The sheriff said an FBI agent was entering the case under the federal law making flight from one state to another to escape prosecution for murder a federal violation. Fats and oils arc an indispensable part of the human diet. tiinooga President Joe Engel was informed, and has been allotted to the Lookouts. Prout left San Dl- cgo a month ago and has not reported since. Meanwhile, the club signed J. D. Langlye, former University of Chattanooga athlete. Memphis' Doc Prothro continued efforts to land a catcher, an infielder and outfielder in time for Sunday's exhibition game w i I h Little Rotck. Knox,ville devoted its practice yesterday to limbering up By ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer Screen star Janet Blair, named America's "Number One Blond" by International Beauty Show, is the first ot three winners—blond, redhead and brunet—to tell you how to keep hair healthy and lustrous. * * * "Constant care, though it may not amount to more than 15 minutes a day, is the only way to keep your hair healthy," says Janet Blair, of the lovely, lustrous prixe- winning hair. "I speak from sad experience," she continued. "Last year while on tour, there was so little lime to take proper care of my hair, it became dull and thin. And I had only three weeks to do something about it before starting my new picture." Every day Janet brushed it'brisk- ly for five minutes ,thcn massaged warm oil into her scalp until it tingled. With a big bath towel pinned in tent fashion over her head, she would steam her hair over a basin of hot water until the oil penetrated to the roots of her hair. Then she would shampoo and set it herself. "I can highly recommend this treatment." says Janet, "for in throe weeks my hair was back to normal." JANET BLAIK: pin curl user. Thursday, April 15, J943_ ^ No Interuption in Normal Cotton Trade VVasningtoii, April 15 (.<V> •— OP A S!licl in " statement today no announcement regarding cotlnn ceiling prices "will be made during the course of trading in Ihe cotton market in order that Ihere be no interruption of normal trading." The >tatemcnl was issued, apparently, In counteract reports that a sudden announcement of government control on cotton price might be made today. Price Administrator Pronliss Brown said last week that, under President Roosevelt's "hold the line" order, he was preparing controls on cotton, and Ihe principal question of the hist few days has been the date and form of the anticipated order. The OI'A statement left o p e n the possibility of some announcement is made, it will be after the close of the market." The announcement was confined to two sentences. Conference between the Wi.r food administration on details were understood to be holding up the order. —*» 4. <•»»Three live babies were born every minute in 1942 in the U.S. Governors' salaries range from $3.000 to $25.000 a year. ( - and nis 33 touchdowns were two more man the 31 made by Illinois' famed Red Grange. Harmon entered the United the Cards and Browns, respectively, today. Griffith Predicts Good Season Washington—The Senators swing to the north today on a four - game jaunt which may give some advance information as to whether owner Clark Griffith is a baseball progonstigator — or a politician They play the Phils, the Newark Bears and the New York Giants twice. Griffith told the Washington Board of Trade yesterday that i the Nats, who finished seventh last j "Sacrificing a few good limes lo su ; tcs Army Air Forcos „ ycar , KO j -» , a better job is really commend-1 and was macie a pilot and a _ scc . able, but don'l overdo it," warns Marjorie Anne Crews, a medical studenl who averages a 16-hour day of sludy. "You musl lake lime lo relax, keep well-groomed and have fun." And Marjorie praclices whal she preaches. If she has lo work lale al night, she comes home to relax a half-hour before joining friends for dinner. Then she goes on back lo Ihe laboratory. Antiseptics are hard on her hands, so while she is massaging them with cream and aplying a new of cameo-pink polish to her favorile symphony, and Ihe time is doubly well spent. ond lieutncnat al Williams Field, Ariz., Oct. 30, 1942. Arkansas Boy Wins Fight in California year, were in for a more successful , ,„ , * ' ... „ ... ,,t ot .,, nails, she 11 lune in her season Ihis year. Replied Maryland's Senator Tydings: "When Mr. Griffith promises a better ball team, he sounds like one of us politicians. When a politician gets in a tough spot, like Ur. Griffith, he makes promises to better things." Dodgers to Face Montreal Brooklyn — The Dodgers, with .the Metropolitan "Championship" safely stowed away as a result of their victories over the Giants and Yankese yesterday, entertain their farm cousins, the Montreal Royals, at Ebbets Field today. Weekends she puts aside all work and beef for our nation. "It is just mow pastures twice each year as lo cultivate a field of corn," said Mr. Riley Lcwallcn. Supervisor of the Torre Rouge- Bodcaw Soil Conservation Dis- Iricl." • Mr. Lowallen also slaled that 'mowing pastures twice each growing season would increase the value of grazing al least fitly per cent." i 'Pastures loose fifty to seventy-j five per cent of Iheir value when j weeds and bushes are allowed lo I remain on Ihe ground unmowed Oakland, Calif., April 15 — UP) — through I h e summer months. | Jackie Byrd, rough, tough welter- ; Weeds and bushes have a deeper; weight from Blytheville. Ark., scored a convincing 10 - round decision over Terry Gibson, flashy young Los Angeles Negro, in the Better pastures mean more milk i live capacity of the experimental i pastures from three to five limes over that of the unmowed grass. Hereford cattle, carried for two years on native pasture mowed twice each year, weighed approximately two hundred pounds more than a similar group on native pastures withoul mowing." main jven of the boxing program at the Oaklawn Auditorium last night. Byrd wegihed 148 pounds, and Gibson, 145. The boy from Arkansas combined if possible, sleeps 10 hours each night, lakes brisk walks and goes dancing. Result: Balanced living and a happy girl. Fights Last Night Elizabeth, N. J., Al Guido, 130, , , , , . New York, outpointed Freddy Her- to the h ^ » nd kept continually root system than most pasture grass; therefore, when allowed In i remain on the pasture, moisture i from the deeper soils and subsoils j is used by the weeds and bushes before it reaches the grass root system. So during rainy seasons all! pastures arc generally good and; better, but as soon as a week or] two passes without rain the pas- j superior experience and crowding j t u 'i"es'"covered by "weeds and bush"cs ! mann, 126, Elizabeth, (8). The columbine is the stale flowei of Colorado. tactics to win nine of the rounds from the speedy Negro. Byrd slowed up Gibson with left hooks THIS NEW SENSATIONAL OIL PAINT COVERS MOST ANY INTERIOR SURFACE IN ONE COAT READY TO USE JUST AS IT COMES DRIES QUICKLY-USE ROOM SAME DAY EASY TO APPLY—MO BRUSH MARKS CAN BE WASHED WITH SOAP AND WATER NO OBJECTIONABLE PAINT ODOR NOT A CASEIN PAINT-NOT A WATER PAINT Hope Retail Lumber Yard Mope, Arkansas Phone 178 on top of his rival with a two-fist- ! ed attack. Gibson fought only in j spurts and his usually sharp left ! jab was ineffective. The first round was fairly even | with Hyrd taking the ret of vary- i ing margins. There were no knock ; dcwns. Gates receipts were $2,- ! 728. j Sports Mirror ! Today A Year Ago — Warren Wright's Sun Again, derby candidate, beat Stable Mute Whiraway. in >ix - furlong. Sisquicentennial handicap. Three Year.s Ago--Cleveland Indians sold pitchor Johnny Brouca lo Jersey City. Fiv; Years Ago — A very Budage, to return from I. O. C. meeting in Cairo, disclosed rnodifie olympiac to be held elsewhere in 1U40 if Tokyo abandoned games. German Radio Says Schmeling in Hospital By the Associated Press The Berlin radio said today Max Shrneling, former heavyweight boxing champion, .jtill is receiving treatment for wounds he received as a parachute trooper in Crete in J941. It said he was in Berlin. The brocidust was recorded by the Associated Press. fail to produce a continuous growth of luscious grass," said H. B. Vineyard, Work Unit Leader of the Hope Unit, Terre Rouge-Bodcaw Soil Conservation District. The Experiment Station of Angelton, Texas states that "mowing twice a year increased the produc- FOR SALE NEW SECTION HARROWS 60 or 90 Tooth Arkansas Machine Specialty Co. Your McCormick-Deering Dealer. TELEPHONE 257 Hope, Arkansas Ladies SHOES DeLAVAL SEPARATOR SERVICE DAY At Our Store Bring in your DeLaval Separator for inspection and adjustmnet. A Factory expert will be at our Store to inspect and adjust your DeLaval. Regular charges for parts and repair work. Inspection Free. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21st Duffie Hardware Co. Smart colors in new leathers and patterns. See our most' complete selection. 2.95 and 3.95 Sizes 3 to 10. Widths AAA to EEE THEY'RE ALL AT REPHAN'S At Popular Prices Dresses for Easter Wear them everywhere; in a crowd they will stand out—as leaders in style and beauty. 4.95 to 9.95 Jacket Dresses, Princess, Boleros, and Pleats in the newest Spring colors of lingerie, navies, blacks, pastels and florals. Cotton House Dresses F'or Spring and Summer wear, just what you need around the house — in tiny prints, florals, dots and checks. 1.98 Tailored or Lace SLIPS Slips that fit without a wrinkle . . . perfect 'neath your Easter Costume. Slim-fitting tailored styles for your suit . 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