Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 16
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 16
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Sunday Morning, September 17, 1944 Brownies Again Lead American League] • ^—' REVERSES. PAST PRESENT. FUTURS BY RO6S PRYSOCK It, U estmated that <.000 persona were spectators at the opening football ga/iu 1 of the Icxral seaion on Friday evening, when Fort Hill high school WHS host to the Keyser (W. Va.) high Golden Tornados. \V8 looked over that crowd, which shown in the form of a. spirit of hard play that will probably bring | out more than 5n any other contest.] Then there will b* LaSalle on; the gridiron next Friday night and they will be at the Stadium with Moorefleld as their opener. The Sewell-Meii Pug Still Plugs The Manders Name Come Back As Yanks Beaten filled the western side of the stad- Vellowjachets took a bcalting last] By HAROLD V. RATL1FP AP Newsftatures Abilene, Tex., Sept. 16 — You'd have to go a. long way back lo find a fall weekend that one of Albert Manders boys wasn't on the favorite team of Mllbunk, S. D., whether it be Milbank High, Minnesota, Drake, South Dakota, the Chicago | j: Bears or the Brooklyn Tigers. Seven huskv Manders lads have and we saw youtl- and many (Friday evening when Thomas beat] Brownie Butters Snmck Hull 1 cavorted on the gridiron and one have still retained their youth- them 26-0 and it they have any-j Ki-mipr -VI- !°f rt«tn -still is going strong. Ideas of sports pleasures, de- thing at all. it is a suru thing they Hard Hfe Jack Kiamei -\1- ^ CIarenc £ , p MaBdcrs . e the years that, have been add- will come bact next Friday night | ows Cllbs Only One co-captain of the Brooklyn proles- who ful !.._.. spite the years that have been acld- rd since their school days, and on the pastern side, we saw youth in will come back, next Friday night with a sting to try and overcome the beating already administered. all i« glory,—the Fort Hill student! LaSalle will be making its first ( body enjoying the game. 1 appearance with a green team—a, H IRR a representative crowd of [light warn, and this is thc oppor- I un citizens of Cumberland, and spoke itunliy for the Explorers to do some t---.-- ;*--- —crrt.'. thr.t ~.psr" "{v^dy "^>^^.anri couot the game in jpatg school sports, clean sports, arc wanted by all regardless of age. Thai bis; assemblage of persons enjoyer their column. The Explorers arc; unknown as a team at this tlme..'j'j but they should produce, although co-captain of the Brooklyn professional Tigers, who trained here. The ! 190-pound. Pug is in his sixth cani- n with the Flatbush footballers. Pug played at, Milbank High and r-t i<ns TTET» I TT t n lalei ' al Drake - w " ere lie was fiuiteji? CLL'BS TIED LLAD a star. He wa.s in the college all-. ; |star snn\e ut Chicago in 1939 and 'went immediately into pro janks. Perhaps his biggest year was 1941 _. , Had ui £ a>&«;mujaKe vi !.«?* ;»"i *-3 *-*•' jv/j'-* -». s . • - , the game, which was a. gam* clear, the boys have been practicing un- of any taint or roughing in any way der great difficulties, as their equip- of an intentional nature. Iment has r.ot arrived and they have; The players didn't show up asibeen forced to do the best they, we expect them to show later m thejcould with what they had. But, it. •cason. Neither team was up to;takes more than that to win games No Part fere Idle- Arr Now Tied Yankees . Asi Phillies Dump great place-kicker of, the Chicago Bears for ten campaigns through; 1941. He was great at Minnesota. ; Pug is No. 5 among the brothers;: Jack is No. 3. i Oldest Is Francis, who played! tackle at South Dakota University j and now is lu the navy. j back at South; Q tt ' g Q u b Dumped r Free For All Retires; Bad Aiikles Cause Out O£ The Division by Heavy Onslaught Philadelphia, Sept. 16. W—The'Expected Duel Beh H 'c now" ^^""of'Philadelphia Phillies bounced the; Free For All and Pa\oi '^UcTaf interactional Falls, Minn. I few York Giants a game and a I I No. * Is Albert, Jr., who got ln<h»« «* °* «"• ««* division by; 'his years on .the high school team.(sweeping a double header from Mel :«»V „ t«,.l-ml*,i1 sorr/prmt. stationed Ott'S Club, 5-4 and .2-1 in 10 HI-, in Juvenile Classic Not To Be . : He's a technical sergeant, stationed , broth The u got off to a one-run; ° when he led the professional league' PUG MANDEUS One Of Seven Brothers By. ORLO ROBERTSON fork, Sept. 16 </Pj — v :the Milbank team together and^ 81 " 1 " 01 them. After the Phillies', appeared to be a two-horse t) hater were together in the back- tied the opener in the third, they: for j UVC mle turf honors too',-. 0 ~1 ! Held at Drake. Phil Ls now coach- ]*«£ ^"^^J 11 * 1 ™, 11 ^^^; other turn today with the J e Harrisburg. 111., highschoo] i jj mm y Y,'asdell and Glenn Stewart! : nounceuient that John Mari<.-U'» v:| leav5nfT Drake- 6 andonly re- ! ' inc ^nlte auneu single runs in the beaten Free For All would be - ; | renTlv was wounded In ection oir nfth and eighth. Hired for. thc season, and ;:-.o cemij. *as Bounded m ection on. A ^^ fay i Stewart with th c,expected triumph of Claud c. T^ won the sec- j ner's best effort in the 5; Sninan ifc,alpan. St. Louis, Sept. 16 <;P> — Tlie St. took over first place; in the tight American League pen-' i nant race tonight by walloping the Are Knocked Out Fighting Team pretty good Job. o W« saw Don Whitman perform The boys, some of them at least, played under difficultlej. due to In-1 , . . , juries suitaimvi before the season] And so it, goes an mrougn tne, cllicago \viilte Sox 9 to 0 behind officially opened, and. while they I district. In two weeks from no*'-, Kramer's one-hit uitchu,^ «-rr*d. and were sometimes unable!perhaps we can write of these teams •"»« Kiamers one nit pucrm.s in !«»t au-av a* fast a- thev mlBht'hi an entirely different manner, asl Tlie Browns Duu,tcd Ecidie I-opat h^« >-•" ejected to"do"they did i each of them will have learned from (and Jake Wade for 14 hits, including """' " ' actual contact on the gridiron of Don Gutteridge's home nui and j — — - ;M-CUSO c i o i l bat He and each should be muchidoubles by George McQulmi and :Ci,llJgan to Riffenbiirg, coach Ben Simoncelll of Port Ash-1 Green Bay Packers Clash SK«^ ^ < i 3 Downfall for Iowa •pj TVr 1 • Coming in Late After Early OV WoiVerilieS Season Indecision, Good .Headway is Made Pros Launch 25th HP 1 'jTriricfc, If * 1 2 0-N'rYhey, rt 5 -J 5 I ftflfl V : W'aub. Ib t -> 12 2 Waadell. !f 4 I a -•- VF*.«.!.» J ; L - V xs-i;;* o 0 0 0.Peacock, c 3 0 3 * jLom'di, c 4 0 1 Oisfart. 31) :i 2 1 I'iril G»mc ! New York AB tl O AThila. .VB 11 O I Ru'lter, c£ 5 1 30 Mullen. 2b 5 I ^ IH'tnn. 3h 4 1 2 6 E. A'ms. c( 4 .1 3 lot'., rf 4 0 0 OLuplen, Ib 5 2 9 o o .Myron Hayworth. Kramer did not ... i ,,<r shall be watching each one 1 walk a mrm and struck out six. 1* *-* or ^? ™ P ^".°L;.l —IT™:! closely and hoping that each ofi The Browns scored in the first! by Va.i high school football saw him do the thuiss regara-| less of an ankle that probably , him some aches At, times, yet he.' a captain—a co-captain of the! D _ i TT> ship, and he commanded by exam- oFaVCS clllCI DlllllSi pie and left his tcam to give a.s he teas doing. He played a. good same and gave the spectators toi understand that they may look for] real stuff later in the season. .Home Runs "Bubbles" did an excellent Job in the early part of last season, scoring enoueh points to outrank other city players, despite the fact he was Injured and unable to play the full jeason. Tills year, he them can produce the stuff that 'when CtUtteridge singled to open thc! frame. He went to third on Mike! Kreevlch's single and scored on Milt; Pre-Flighlers •squad, has been having some diffi- ! culty in filluig out his schedule. Due McQuinn started the second off with a double. Hayworth followed By FRAKK KENESSON Ann Arbor. Mich., Sept. 16 n n 00 Divide Doublet Game Boston. Sept. 16—{/Ft—Home runs' Kreevfch a fonner White Sox. j football game of the season. fourth )lit in tlie s i x th.| Culliean uncoiled his slingshot - " '..i * ' KUL Uw IUUI111 Jill 111 111*: ni.MIl.l VJluii^mi UIIWAH.VI i**o .jiu isj^iiwi* ---.- . proved to be the deciding factor asi Lftabs sinaled ,, nd K rcevich scored i right- arm early in the second perm's injury before the playing [the Boston Braves and Brooklyn | on Stci , hcu . s . i cft center hit, Laabsjiod for the first Wolverine touch- began, and we hope that(Dodg?rs divided their twin-bill to-. . ln h« will have no further injuries to day. the Dodgers winning the open-j interfere with his running legs. |er 5-4 on Dixie Walker's three-1 is and Stephens i down shot, throwing 16 yards to in?. The schedule to date: Sept. 22, Ridgeley, away. to third. the double steal, adding an-lRifenburg. who eluded, the Sca-| the Ph\ls tied the score on Tony !EUzabeth N Graham's Ma:~| Lupkn's- double, Northey's infield chunce farm in the Cowdin, Mar.^f hit and Triplet's infield out. i sa id that Free For AH would A | face the barrier again as a ; 3 ' year-old because of bad from ar.;:'j "' Winner of five straight rrices i\\ ^5109.575 to rank with \Val:t: ?1 o;Jeffords 1 Pavot as the onlv u;;J ijfeatecl two-year-olds of thc ihFree For All came out of thc rcul ° Ssarmi. "i o ! ''Washington Park futurity with \ 3i : already sore ankles botherins ' o; Totals 34 i;5T n.more than ever. 0 ° 1- i Nevertheless, he was sliippcc [. .New York with the Sept. ?.o o : ; moni Putiirity and a meeiii:; r.J U Pavot as his objective. _: ' Pavoi has seven straigl 1 /. S125.150. When the son o: Qi-J tionable failed to show improvcr.ej Trainer Burley Parke and ; him back to ~-\ • farm. Tiici? and pointed fo;- Derby. expected much c'. j| and one-half -~\ Cowdin. Bu r jinto high gear until Oct. 8 when L«£«.,. nry« .w^^f-,. "° evB " Vhr«! fighting "war'jeep for the earlv :••{ |all 10 members, including new Bps- b «Vhit-- WML- sacrifices - s^tcit.' today, the son of Challenger ton entry and Cleveland, resuming; Dcm bie p ia\-.— HausDiann. Ktrr and win-: weakened as the New O:'.•:.'.I jcompetition after a year's lapse,Uraub. tttt on bases ~ h: Jj^'_ Y " l jj ;n1 . 4 ,' l owjied Best Effort came from './.I mix in a five-game program. iS^J!?* 1 ? «.";„ s a "s?"ik™uts -"Barren j p i ac c to score by one and o:-.c-:-.l With the Brooklyn Tigers — League Opens Oct. 8 to a late start, when it was not known that a team could be handled. Fort Ashby was without a playing schedule, and by the time it was defi- Chicago, Sept. 16 (J 3 /—The Na-! nitelv decided to field u team, most :cional Football Lague launches Us Alltr.. p 1 ; Ci'dcllfi. x 1 \ Hansen. p 0 I Sloan, xxx 100 JTr'y. X.TXX 000 'A. A'ms. p 0 0 0 Totkls 38 I 24 13 ; x—Ba«e<! for Allen In 6th. x.s*—Rar. tor Lombardl in 8tb. BRCted lor Hansen in 8th. other counter. homer in the third inrung. and the] The Bro ^ ie , b]asted the HU partner in leading the Sen- Braves taking the nightcap 4 to 2 jagain jn the Eeventh after wade had cd untouched, nels. Co-Captain Don McGll!,| wh « n Elmer Nielman nomercd witn | gonc ln to pitch for the Sox _ adding jPon-sctto's tr>- tlnels. was also verv active in the came.' . . HP playM a "good same « did the! ™ Herring, relieving Starter ?-•• J •- C» O i m I *•»—! l*^»-«r*r» in t Vi a e-\vtt~t f\t t M A r\rTOTl - ot.her backfield players. Ralph Beard and Richard White. These two were in the charges and were their last, three run^c. ;hawk safety man, Don Waldron, on Sox i the prc-flight 30-\\\rd line and scor- Quarterback Joe for the point iwitie. Sept. 29. Keyser, away. Oct. 14. LaSalle. away. Oct. 21, Romney. away. Oct. 28, Open. Nov. 10, Moore field, away. No games are scheduled to be was | played at Fort Ashby. but thc te am ip ackers m eet at Green Bay and couch are well satisfied with the c i evclsmd taug ics with the" new .NEW YORK ux in a iive-gume pjusiuiu. iHansin ' Ba-reu S S:r\keouts — Barren, place to score Dy Tlie tee-off at Milwaukee. how-| 3 A A dam5 i. Hits ofr — Alien s m S!j erl g tns ni i : ia.3. ,-er. touches off preliminary fif- j innings: H ? n=cri l _in s^Adarns 2,1",^; Jn p i cking U p the purse 01' J20:l Effort paid his scattered S=.:| ever ing that will bring three more itcsts before the real get-away a ire scncQuieo to De nvwk from Sundav ,_ t he Bears and Ashby. but thc team, at" Green Bav and' octz and Jordil . Scco ,, d c , mmp ... IM ono oco icrs in the crowd of 29.860 HIP iOdas of 13 to 1] Ted Atkir..'o:-. ,! country's leading jockey. Hal Gregg in the sixth of the open- ; bumed but when RfllpV er. received crcfllt for the \morj' th - ew wlld to flrst> Chri5t when Eddie . the saddle for his fifth slvai:i.' Christman walked and McQuinn Coach Simoneclli says he doesn't 20-7 exhibitier: loss to - , j ^ ^ i threw wild to first. ChrLstman Doubled Eddie. ed nnd McQumn wcnt ^ t i-,tr Just as prominent in, the defensive Basmski over the plate In the eighth.j scorcd a ' s Hayworth grounded play, and this despite the injured:* 0 break: a. 4-4 tie. Cliarley .BarrettjQutteridge then got his home run.'end beyond Waldron again, throw- ankle that must have been trou-j™s the second game winner hold-, The Brott - ns rP a;ahied the lead j mg 28 yards to Uie target, and expcct t h e team to do much this fn^WaThmeton' "Red^k bline Beard as he ran over the Held! »'•<? t"c Dodgers to five hits one] tl]ey had neld most of tne season. 1 Rifenburp romped the remalningj ve ^ r but he is encouraged by ihe: r '^..,,^:," % "^ •,„, of nlay I more than tue'Braves coula get oU| They w . ere kriocfecd out on Labor'28 without having a hand laid on;' wav ' the ^^ are responding The' J - lU " ueauB r -*^<- i: > The big Sentinel forward wall; Rookie Al Z a chary of the^ Dod? p «- . A ;Day. him. Poiiseuo's placement at-1 tcam was unab ie to set to practice' 'tempt- again was wine. 'early and they are putting in hard! 1; McEvoy Pushes Hawks .«-ork now to make up for the loss of I big Sentinel forward wall, Rookie Al Zachory of the Dodgers. A: Day « K ,^o-,d to be sluggish at Umes. home run by Charlie Workman m, Linc score: although It held the" Kevscr team i the fifth, Boston's first hit, account-, chlcago 000000000—0 1 againM. practically all attacks. This led for thc Braves' other run. , Sl Lou i 5 12 o 102 30x—9 14 ' Oi The Senhawks started rolling bi ; ^ e " apparent sluggkhness that ahowed|_ .. AB I^O'A Do^n AB n o v Batteries: Lopat. Wade and Trosh.;a hurry after the half time rest.] -ni e lineup for the - - 4 3'Jordan; Kramer and Hayworth. jFrom the Michigan 33, Waldron j wi)1 lii£ely ^g. joe Powell and Ron-1 r fiv€ !a!d May. ends; Don Frankland ar.d; g^ 1 ^.'' (Btis); Gellc welch, tackles; Earl Borror,i-j • no .. ~ —-- - —— -^--w-w — -— ~\Xnv+nr- \-\St nn.<«i t £lf t f\V t k^*-i«l& *St\rl. - . i . 3__ T-V 1_1 -*••_ * A l(j ^-^ •'« nil'-' th e nrofe «Ion & 4 c 4 0 If 4 1 rf 4 3 1 ct H I 1 C only at intervals, will bo worked cnu and. we espcct to SCP. them es-lo»tn. prting their full power w " itnin jwa','!« 1 another week or ten days. That! D -',^, line presents great poyalbilitles Ujs'uitt. ii> s the lads that form U will jurt buckle j jj|wn. |« « J down and work. GrVig.' p 3 O JHtrrlr.E. P 0 The Tiflting team wouldn't have] had a chance had the line storxi its pround In the second quarter as it i Totals is did later in the game. However. *- B ' u '* f ? r » n . d u*Tn atV 6lb ' with few exceptions, the Keyser U^KLYN !...... ooi 001 trnm was not what, was expected. BOSTON <xx) ooi o D Game O A'Do^ton 0 3 Wxnn, in 3 0 H 1 Mftcon. Ib 3 2 1 0 Holmea, cf 4 I 0, It 3 1 t.wman. rt .1 0 i OH'ferth, c 3 0 S 0-l"lip!. 3b 4 0 0 : A'dre»'i, p 0 o 3 50' 0 3: Yanks Lose and DUCK PIN LEAGUE Deleon. Tex.. Sept. 16 Amazed fans gaped as ^ rhV A meeting of duck pin bowlers .stopped the De Leon-Straw: '-= interested In the Men's City League ball game and lined up bo'.:i .=] ..•are asked to attend a meeting of on the goal stripe, ^nr inrithR league officials and members. The 22 players walked cio*n .„. ,,,,_ .., lrrt „....„.. ^ acon nt ,d boa^t'to be held at the Knights of Colum-. field slowly arm in arm. I „„«,«, s»,,i S"as& as: •& ™j s ^™f^^z-.jsz^^ssd .well and-Ron-1 »,•;;„„ n,,™,,., =n PV«X infrrtinnJ terested in entering a team are ; Referee JUQ Sharps lo.- ^ •n-atch. as Thev ?or ° Make 3-Wav Tie yards. Fullback Bernard Mertes hit center for three andi then \Valdon laterallcd wide Smith, who raced 25 yards down the ! sideline for the Seahawk touch- •.=ing RII eve infection, •t start 'against thci" r sed to attend. ^ ^ , , ^. ...„".,, .,--- Ji-opped the' Dodger' .„.,„ Paul Davis., guards; Daniel ^Ia-; mouicker for fcar of being . asso . 10 lone at center, Donald Linn, quar- | ciated ^ th "den, bums" of base- terback; Donald Larson and Wilbert | to]1 fame However, the Packers T~\^+r~ K w\ n v% iCV O 1 fl^»»/»V t OTlH flfl.l Vtll ... — .. •. , ^ i^ i_». t ' t 3 —_ Totals 0 OlPoIand. — —:Rich. p 11 27 5'Wr'h:. I! Doshman, n o or 4 11 H 010—51 JOO— 4 i '"' • i j_yv«i iii icx 11, -yj-i*.i*ui*\,j I dip ami Brnwnir« |ciown ' Jim Mc& '°5" of Detroit came D s fv Tllback. I l M ( <UMI IJltFnIllC?.{ M t- Vv\,-.J * lid ftvrT-a rvnii^r nnr nilt . „. n.- and Calvin PI; Y •-hi Gtsnic with >ox for First New York. Sept. 16 (iP< (in to boot the extra point and put the Hawks out in front, 7 to 6. Michigan's final scoring march ''• started from the Wolverine 6, i where Culligan took Smith's punt Hate in the third, returning Coach Simoncelli says the lineup wj)1 fie j d a that includes 13 first team job. Bob Wiese alternated Irv Camp, Larry Craig, Ted Fritsch , and Lou Brock, veterans all. and might be changed by game time,j,. uch 5Cn , olled miemen as Babr- Ray, and mentions Edgell Long and Wen-I Cnarlje Broc - K Pe te Tinsley. and dell Bohrer, who are showing up' siil Muslsto fine and working hard for a definite B ro*oklvn which finished last — O»tn and Baslns'sl; D\.r- i .: adminlftprpd P 6 1 lickin" to nr.rrs. wie.rtm.nn ,nd letlcji adminLstered P. 6 3 lickm.. to , ** "" They were disappointing UnteMJ Bun, - ^^^^^^''^^AA^^^'^^^^ race went i to 'nl M ' ch % nnK \ 9vi thry had stage fright in the early g*^7*'vJ"_.V 1 ...i^ ! >nn nC.r.^ h»itrd!. . ....... i Fullback ^" K Wl mhr.ite.s ol the game, they might have stepped In and scored enough to have cut down the margin but! there was something lacking in| Double pUy« their charges, wid later In the game'r^u «nd Brown; nrc--. ...... -..their defense buckled, especially in "« on: nnU S ! ' v^ rl "",n" n R^-nn°«' £Zt thc the final period when the Sentinels! 0 ^ £|,Y T !r?«V H«r?£ - ™ And?".! _ Wlth Uetrmt I , clle - «« St. Louisj on , he 'first play of the final stanza! were awakened to th* knowledge H: Rich :. s-.rikrouti -_O"ss: 5-. .Herrin ? ; Browns can _ regain undisputed pos-, andi after Michigan was penalized! Basketball in the eastern division last season boasts a formidable backfield in Pug Manders. fullback; Cecil John.«on and Leo Sta^ica. halfbacV:s, and Bill Brown, quatrerback. Tlie Tigers' forward wail is built around Bruiser Kinard. an all-league tackle for several years. L^ll'^^^^r^^lRalph R. Webster Elected^^S' loop, bauie win to Presidency ()t Dis- , P^vWc the nrst woded to use what they had and!pi'.:hpr — iitrnng: Losing rn'.ch'r ._ Rich the drivinp force exerted carricd j umpirt* — p unn - Btrwan ind A?eriur:h, thrm far beyond anything tlicy had ; T!rnt ' ' shown at any other period In the 1 . stcond r;»m» COlllClt. i BROOKLYN 000 000 020—2 5 0 Neither team was up to what it!BOSTON-^ •• -^--^ A ° mieht have been. It miitht. havCi^p^*^ 1 *!^,:,; been thc warm weather, but It, look-- " _ ed more like a combination m-pr-catitlousn^ss and laxity on the! part, of the Fort Hill tcam. and. downright fcar by the Keyser lads. Kryser hn.s a Rood man in Bill ] Trenum. the six foot, 195 pound; fullback. Halfback Jerry Hinps. and: Dick Wheeler, quarterback, neither! o[ whom Is blR in weight or height.j but they showed thpy could get] around. On the Keyser line there; •urn.? Hal N'ewcomc. six fool, two. 1 189 pound loft iackle. who played i 3. stellar role in the came, and these boys have possibilities. the Yankees to • hits, givine up only i hosner by Frank ninth when Nick Etten hit his 20 Tne Seahawks drove mxidc thej At the regular fall meeting of the. O NE GAME AT HOME NATIONAL LEAGVF. Bronklvn J. Ho-lon < •!>. nnstoi*. 4. BroT^'.vn 3 '2;. rtncmr.atl 2. Pl!t"bnr^h 1 Cincinnnll 3. Pltlsburgh 1 Ph:lid-ip] 7. N>x Yorit Chlcaro fl. St. Lnul? 5. first victory over the Yankees, who I had previously beaten him five i straight. | Irv- Hull, Ford Garrison and Ed- _ '• ear Busch were among the Mack-| men who helped Newsoni get " ' lis fall. only one run, a|MichJ?nn 20-yard line twice In i western Maryland Intra-scholastic; Hamilton N Y. Sept. 16—Penn : orosetu. until thc| the last nllar tcr but both threatsjLeagrie. held yesterday afternoon at state wi ii furnish the opposition in] „,.„ „.•— - * ,, * taen hit ins -Otn. died !the offices of the Board of Educa-,Colgate's only home football game'; jn oox-4 4 j i homer of thr season after Johnn> Towa Pre -Fli?ht 0 0 7 0— 7 tlon ; n Cumberland, new officers - - •"• dr '" : B """!jd». rts .lhad single^"» ^;^_Bobc,'s Michigail ./, 0 6 0 6-12 wcrc elected and the WMI basket- Pre-Flight- scoring: Touchdown,;ball schedule was adopted. Arthur R. Smith. Point, after touchdown, JF. Smith, who has been president Place- of the organization since its inception, has retired as principal of 'A Faithful Hunting Dog AP Newsfeatures GInde Springs. Va.; Sept. 16—Because he Is strictly a oilman dog. "Crip" has become a heartbroken hermit, taking rci'j;' among the cows in the pasture while his master, Sgt. Earl S Warren. Ls away at war. When the owner of the four-year-old English setter wrr.'. in the Army last year, the dog refused to stay at the family farrr- house. He would not go to the house even for his meals, remain:'.: in the field and eating only what was brought to him. He t':fp: among the cows at. night. His master came back on a brief furlough and two shrills fr.--r.-. the familiar training whistle brought Crip bounding back to -.he house, where he remained only AS long as Warren was thcrs.^ When Sgt. Warren left again. Crip left too. returning to :!•.! pasture. Only once did Crip return. When the hunting season came ^ went- back, to the house looking for his old hunting compan.o:'. went among crowds of school children, and finally made a trip town. At last he gave up the hunt and returned to the pasture n:the cows. Then., while his owner fights somewhere overseas. Crip and listens for the sound of the familiar whistle. . McEvoy i sub for, kick. Michigan scoring: Touchdowns, Central high school in Lonaconing. i driven In. Oarrlson contributed a; 'couple of doubles, and Busch, two- singles. j A pair of errors by Bud Metheny > helped the visitors in the carlvi ^ loO rgCHUZe nduct tic o«ice he .s yes- jterday elected to the office of pres- ,Cir.f!r.r.ATI But the team, ns a :enm. was : ch:iMi?o di'appointlne; nnd we are sure that! jjjf" ' .^°^ "Tack" Clark, their coach, felt dis-; j^,.?^' 11 '.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. appointed in them Pridav ni2ht.!rh:Uri?!p!-.ii< ....'..'..'.... However. mo5t teams look r!l?an- pointlnsf at tlmrjs. and first zamrf. nrf excusable. Maybe the next 3ame. will show them as a hard hitting.. ffi5t ninnins and scoring ;eam. : Here's hoplnsr .«o. a.^ the pos?ibill- tlr? itr? there. \\'f\]. the first same is f>ui ol ; Tho way. Next, weok ?.~:d th?rr will! b» othfr first, tlmrrp. and porhap; ? rhpv will be showine not so vrrll. U'p : ml?ht be surprised however, and wp hopo so. We do not. at any.,., tlmo. wish to censure plnyors. Our'VjV- thoughts arc far from that. mav sometimes. h\it. in of-• "?' c. i f v ** i.% p a •IS SI 73 Tndiy'i Gamr* S'. Lou.^ a'. Clura^o O'. BrnoVr n M Br>.. r nn O. .'.-••v Ycr't n- Phi:»dflphli Clncir.ra'.i *'. Pitsvjur^h .: r.'S .*chrriiilrd. rhlUr.rlpli.i S. Nrx Yrc:< ). Bftjton U. U'nAhlr.ifva!! Ti S:. LOJ15 3. CJnrain 0 Oflrn-/.-c*.?vrlRnd r.c' •chtrriv, 1 , Mlndinc of fhii>» Tlie 1944-45 season of the Mer- W e »t emeritus. 65 ,;.=corln ? . his two-base wild th^jw!chants' Bowling League will start The^wprcseiKativesioT_il« ««"«. .saTlgave the As a run in the first in-i Tuesday evening at 7:15 p. m. onjelected Ralph R. \\ ebster of Alle• SS!1 :ninB. and his fumble of Hal Epps' ! tho Diamond Alleys on Virginia i gany high school, ^ho has been •IrsiL^e accounted for one Of heTsl^venu,. Person* not having been \ vice-presidem to the presiaen^ 4\.i three runs in the third I contacted by team captains and whojLcwyn C. Davis, principal of Bruce ••'» PhiUKlr.phla «ot another in thc h;Uh to take parc^inI^hi^organiza- higii^ ^f^^bert'c"^^ | ing. principal of Barton high school ; • 104 , fourth off Starter Floyd Sevens who 11>°" are requested to put in their lifted in favor of Atley Donald' Rppearancc the same evening. •in thr. fifth. Jim Turner finished; !for I he run in will be made up of i was rcclcctcd secretary-treasurer. nmi. jim tinner Jmisnoui AI *- i>-(»b**^ "»" ' j ^ •""»*^ -i- -- .Yank'; eivin- un tl-- list I the same teams which finished the! Others present at the meeting tl^nlnUi It was Nev=onv''l3«- 4 '» «ason. The teams are Lib-i were Victor D. Hcisey. principal of 13th win asalnst as many dSsi«»>- Mi!k Company. Post's Service!Fort Hill high school and Mr.,. Daisy 'and the defeat was Sevens' asninst two victories. Thill. ,\n II o A New York All IT n A iia;; 2n : ? ; is-r!«. :ti < i s On ;nn. \'. :i : n n M ri»ny r! f • ~ • - n nrrr>. if r, of fin- Station. Cement Products Company. CHne. principal Cmnbciland Cement & Supply Co.. | school at _Lonaconlng. , IUy«. <-:n S'Urr:. rt .1 n n'tini. rt n (. • McG>. Ib 4 l 3 I 2 0 n n p l i c Howell Coal Company Acccs-sories Corporation. and Silvrr Drfpat • ti. . it fin ••. 3b .T I O'rlinric c 1 :i HOVI-JH. p 1 1 p I . — T 1 3 Turner, p 0 1 4 1 I) n .1 o n n n o n n o -n-l n. 8 27 Chic-in a: r>"'.rrst a; No Today'* C'.. T.on!" I.indcl!. E:lr . » nill , r,:r ; .< - Cro 5 ri:i. criticism, we hope it will be 1 rhiind'-ipnu' taken lr. the spirit in which it, . . intended— for betterment of condl-' Vp ' a<hirii » <!m Hniis in the future. •• We are not beyond criticism, nntl wr havr be^n criticl7ed often. We don't mind it. We take all criticism in a manner Intruded for ?ocd and wp begin analyzinR ourself to fe if we havo bwn ^TOIIE. or If WP have rK'pn rrnrn'-Kifiii In n ninn- m •• w - - ; nrr to be mwunrierst(xxl. AH crit- M ffifOf^O V ICtOl' III iclsm Is recelvpd nnd thoroughly j-. ' ' _ _ _. n^^r.-! < n i mni"R- DOHMCI 2 in 4 '"" riigrsted with thp thoueht In mind t OJonifH' It fl lift IC.fl I)' rur "" * "' ' Pn«<fri'i'.iii].«-'-o»rb»'rit a. "' nf hrnrfitlnc. And whon WR appearj " I rn»i!iz pitcrnr - R<vm.i. Ump;tc< - MC- 1.8 to be rri:IcUmg. we nrc onls' try- Ing fo point out whfrr improve- Laurel. Md., S<>pt. 16 <,Tt —Mov- mpnt, can be made. ing nui of the pack around tho nnal .„ Inirn and taking the lead at thr A: Tho Silver Lam ii:a ifil-pin dcfici; 11 back in the |;match with thc ! u : crs to win by a !)."> Central high Beall high Auto : .school at PYostburg was not repre- 'scnted. Schedule Tlie schedule of basketball games for the member schools, was sub: mitted and adopted by thc members _jand copies were sent to member overcame i schoo]s SQ , ]m tney mfty arrang( , 'm ccmc ;thrlr winter schedules around the £ .' i \v MI |Di"opt"3 m. -in ""['-j Tlie schedule follows: aiein. inci Jan 12 _ For[ Hlll nt Ccn . r ,,i : / winners spilled 3.SM laaplcs while [at Barton; Bnice at ncall. the lo?er.=. do^Tied 3.901 during 'he; Jrin - ie — c>r,ii-»i at Aiiecti:y: i "v . .. uiu uuu oiu—j] 11 "- ' ' ° -Port Hill: aortcn nt Bruce. HnT] '_'. Ga.-riion. Epp.<. Bu<ch 3. .IliaiCIl. ! J an . 13 — Barton al Fort Hlll: / Erron-Mr:hcr!y| Tt\r. L. Bernstein rollers copped «t riruct; crmrAi it n.-aii. rrosfljl. Epp^ 3. J t [ lp rl rsl (\yp-same SCt On the Clllbj Jnn - 33 — B '-i!l ** M'.e?*nf, B l Eu,"n: 'Reel-cat inn alleys 2.000 to 1.129 pins.: r< £,,"^ : J^i™ $ n ^^. ; ' H. Martin led the winners with a!at Beaii; central at nn>cr. scattered 445 j _r>JJ_ 8 -_; f-'^ Ir "' f. : . Fort H " in the games piay- Modern! Economical! Safe! That's -Why You Should Open a Victory Checking Accouni AT THE LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY ic-'S — f!,.rrlsn Douh> plnys mm and C'ro<.?i'.i. .-.m cnt .., r .f, „„ ^-.-. i l)UJ SLl ' for the lasers. No Minimum Balance Required No Check Book To Buy You can open o Victory Checking Account at the Liberty Trust Company with as little as $10.00. The 'cost is only 5c for each check issued and each deposit you make. No other checking account service offers so m'.ich for so little. You'll find it easier, safer, more economical to pay bills if you have a Victor/ Checking Ac- Nnv-ntn 5: Donald 1. 0(1 on their home alleys the SllVCV-,,1 Ctmr.Vn Brucr at Binon. Aiicsanj . pultt. roared back to topple 2.067' eks to the L. Bernstein team's: .811. McKec splllecf 500 for the' ~:-rt while Myers was high for the. is - f-nr. B.rton: B,»II Frh. 33 — Allf(tiiny ai Fort Hlll; _. Cumberland or Lonacomng office or write for full information. Accounts moy be opened by mail. losers with n 392 .set. 'it Ontriil: Broil »•. Bsriort. N>xt wppk rnd (hcrr will br oih-i t)(> ' qcl of tn c stretch, thp Christiana • r game* played Allcsanv will h»vc l>ub ^ s ' Meanuo churgrd through 1>« Arrr. game at Somer.cpt f'Pa.i.," 1 '' iirrich to vln an cisy triumph That will br on Saturday night nnrli ln thp 26;h ninniiiR of the Potomac wp'II not me thrre tr> »e« it. but• Hand! '' B P ^"foro an <>st!mated 15,- wlll bp pUylnR thslr °°° -j-f / rr r . r(f IWI'hOY WlHS , „,' //f PJlOtO TK\ P/V LK.iCUE nl - Niglil SJiadow Wins Audtnin Handicap I A meetinc of ten pin bowler.s of Chicago. Sept, 16 !.-T;—Night Sha... .-.. Jtl - „,, rall „,„,.„, .j- Pawluckct. R. f., Sepl. 16 «'i — Cumberland will be held at the-clow, a four-year-old flily owned MMW "at Laurel Park totiav Paperboy, a slx-yrar-old owned by'. Roxy Center Wednesday evening, by Mrs. Robert McGarvey ol Jollet. \s CTR;' .slowly at thc start movie prndiicprs Hnrry Wniner nnd Iwginnlni? at 7 o'clock. The meeting : TI1., field on to win the $13.000 Hawthorne to- inci" thlT week will b? nc"pful to of the mile and one-«lxteenth racp. Mrwyn Le Roy. staccd a motion: Is railed for tho purpose of organ-, Autumn Handicap inr ™m l7 th* ol-^w ^-41 «l"iM««ofo and Jockry Kpn Scawthorn P»«tire finWi today white wlnnJn R -lrlnK the City Ten Pin league for ; day, defeatiriR the favored EQ Ifox «?Af atTcriUon 'o thA" coach anrt*'"* r»r back in the Held of Jl!"« «5-MO added NarraRansrtt B pp.-: the 1M4 season. Frank J. Blassl, by a neck, with Doftftone third, three tn-to r« o"?t aU chanre of dolnrthrep-ycar-olds until well nlon K by a length at Nsri-agRiwcit president of the City _Tcn Pin Asso-, length,, farther back thr urmitf they Thp follnwlns back niPctliiK Hill 'in thc nrst of two ssntnen '.oMf. We. tool; ovrr the pacr three- Dlllbrook rlwfi l wo will play, nnd then what l.iixtcrnth nf a mllr from tho .Mrejb?«t Max. MnrmorMem.s CaMlcman tram »ach haa v at that, lime will bfliand won going away. | for xprnnci In a photo finish. t.. elation uiircs that all tpn pin bowl- Althoush Night Shadow's efforts im at MIR finish wn.= 'crs who contPuiplaio bowllnp this'nt WashlnRton Park had hren some- PS AlpN Barth whirl)'season and who consider placlnp a, what spotty, .she wa* ItiAtallPd a; •.r;; strong For.orwl rhfllrp tn<\ paid' TRPST COMB Cumberland Lonaconing Member Federal Oeposi'f fnjuronce Corporof/'flFt imcrtmg. "UlJ.80, S4 and »" .BUY WAR BONDS,

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