Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 23, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1909
Page 3
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TRY THE COVINA FURNITURE CO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF or FLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST PLACE TO TRADE W. Q. CUSTER, Manager ' RON' HOT SPKFXfIS \\'i(!iin o;i<y reach \N underfill nir;itive mud and mineral Keachcil fnni) I.I San Jnai|iiiii Valley. sor IIIKKX r.u M-i «f San Frann.'co. prnperties of the lialh- and waters. i". thrcuii'ii tin: Infoniutinn at. o|.-| SEN. N. W. THOMPSON AN ACTIVE MEMBER In Senator N. .W Thompson the people of this district has a capable, hardworking and conscientious representative at Sacramento. This if*his first session in the Senate but his long service in the Assembly has eminently fitted him for the work in the Senate. His past record as a legislator at once secured him recognition. He was appointed on the- following committees: County Government (chairman), Education, Irrigation, Judiciary, Prisons and Reformatories, Rules. The following bills have been introduced by Senator Thompson: An Act authorizing the regents of the University of California to hold farmers institutes, and making appropriation therefor. An Act to amend Section 1576 of the Political Code, relating to the formation of school districts, providing for the addition of territory thereto and the taxation thereof. An Act to add a new section to the Political Code to be numbered 1840, relating to the levy and collection of special district school funds. hundred and eighty, section thirty-seven hundred and eighty-one, section thirty-seven hundred and eigli- tv-five, section thirtv-seven hundred and THE SMALL INVESTOR'S OPPORTUNITY. This part of Southern California Is dotted with Eucalyptus trees planted for beauty, fuel, or to 'break the force of winds, but none have yet been planted in past years for commercial use. Small tracts are much less apt to be given the care in planting and cultivation, and are far more difficult to put on tho market. For none but largo eighty-eight, section thirty-eight lain-'tracts would justify the establishment dred and thirteen, section' thirty-eight of wood-working j plants to ^ turn the hundred and sixteen and section thirty- ^"g ^j "~'~*"" '""' eight hundred and seventeen; and to repeal section thirty-seven hundred and seventy-four, secKon. thirty-seven hundred and seventy-five, section thirty- seven hundred and seventy-six, section thirty-seven hundred and seventy-eight, section thirty-seven hundred and seventy-nine, section thirty-seven hundred and eighty-two, section thirty-seven hundred and eighty-throe, section thirty-seven hundred and eighty-four and section thirty-eight hundred and eighteen of an Act of tho Legislature of the State of California entitled, "An Act to establish a. Political Code,' approved March 12, 1872, relating to tho sale of real property for delinquent taxes, and the redemption and re-sale of such property; and to add to a new section thereto, to be known and desig- trees which, for fuel alone are worth $15 to $25, and for finishing lumber, posts, ties, wagon material, insulation pins, and clothes pins, are worth many times such sums. Planted eight feet apart each way there are 680 trees to each acre. By watchful orenlght during the first year and by careful cultivation during the first three years, there is every reason to expect practically this whole number of trees to be brought through to maturity. The Etiwa Eucalyptus Company has a half section of the best land yet devoted to Eucalyptus. Fifty five-acre SEN. N. W. THOMPSON An Act to provide for tlio purchase of additional hind at the State Pathological Laboratory at Whittier, and making an appropriation therefor. An Act to provide i'or the continuation of investigation:-) on the culture and utilisation of eucalyptus trees by the University of California, and making an appropriation therefor. An Act providing i'or an appropriation of $3,500 for the purchase of a Merganthaler linotype and equipment for tiie Whittier State School. An Act providing for an appropriation of $1,1100 for the purchase: of hooks and periodicals for the Whittier State School. An Act providing for an appropriation of $3,500 for repairs on the main building of. the Wliittier State School. An Act providing for an appropriation of $5,000 for the erection of a manual training building on the grounds of the Whittier State School. An Act providing for an appropriation of $12,(I'M) for building ami equipping n hospital and receiving cottage for the Wliittier State School. An Act providing for an appropriation of $20,000 for building two cottages on the grounds of the Whittier fcitate School. An Act providing for an appropriation of $1,SIHI for the purchase of a cylinder printing press for Whit tier State School. An Act to appropriate the sum of $lo,iliiO to pay tiie claims of Harvey (I. Waterman. An Act to amend Section 'M'.\ of the j <"'ivil ('ode, relating to the election of! directors of corporations, etc. j An Act to amend Section ]o;u of the! Penal Code, relating to the number of: peremptory challenges. j An Ac! to amend Section .'117 of the; Civil Code, rehiting to waiver of notice, bv stockholders or ineinliers of eorpor-- ate meetings. ! An Act In amend Section 05 t of the! Penal Code, relating to pleadings in 1 criminal cases. An Act to amend an Ac* entitled, "An Act to create a fund To I.e known as the I'nited States forest reserve fund, and to provide for the payment out of such fund to the treasuries of the Several counties entitled thereto of certain moneys received from the government of the I'nited States, and also to regulate the n aimer of expenditure by the counties of the moneys so paid,'' approved March 1%, 10u7. An Act to amend an tracts are to be planted and put on the market. Oscar Roessner, accredited by the State Horticultural Bureau as one of the best qualified growers of Euca- nated as section thirty-eight hundred j lyptus trees in this state, will select the trees and have exclusive direction of the work of planting them out and caring for them during the first year and the company stands responsible for two years thereafter. The Savings Bank and Trust Company of Pomona will act as trustee of the entire tract, collect the payments and guarantee tho fulfillment of every contract obligation to the purchasers. The taxes, interest, and all charges for cultivation will be paid, by the Trustee-, and it will hold in trust the deed to tho property delivering deeds to the small tracts, free of all encumbrance and charges as soon aa the payments are made. NOTE THIS: ALL RISK OF LOSS AND ALL COST OF CULTIVATION conies during the first three years. The tract lies immediately west of Etlwa station on both sides of the Southern Pacific railroad, and will bo open at all times to the inspection of purchasers who will have no need to take tho word of anybody but may see for themselves how their investment progresses. The tracts will be sold at the rate of $20 down and $5 monthly payment for 36 months for each acre. All unpaid payments may be discounted ut any time, 10 per cent, being allowed for cash. If for any reason it becomes impossible for the purchaser to continue the payments till the tract is fully paid for, a deed for a proportionate acreage will bo delivered on application. A guarantee of 000 living trees on each acre sold at tho end of thrco years, will be made in the contract. Suppose now that only the guaranteed number of trees is matured, and that it takes twenty years for tho trees to become worth $10 each. Theso figures are extremely grotesque, in the face of growth of eucalyptus trees to and one, also relating to the sale of real property for delinquent; taxes, 1 ' approved .February 25, 1S05, all relating; to the sale of State lands. i An Act, to amend an Act; entitled: "An Act to establish a Civil Code,", approved March 21, 1S72, bv adding! thereto Title A'XI', of Part IV, of division first of said Act relating to and providing for'the incorporation, organi-: 130 foulul a11 through the Cucamonga ' ~ * > l"l | -I T74, J . v rn*irln rtt nt-\*4 St4- TJ 1 » 4- 4- n }f n 4-11 rtt_'rt xation, management, and co-operation of agricnlt" -al and horticultural nonprofit co-operative associations. This last Act is of particular interest to many of our readers. Tho Act particularly provides that, "Three or more persons engaged in the production, preserving, drying, packing, shipping, or marketing of agricultural or horticultural products, or both of them, may form a non-profit co-opta- tive association under the provisions of this title, to carry on said business, and such association shall have, exercise, the powers authori/.ei title, and the powers dental thereto, and all oilier powers granted to private corporations by the laws ot this state, except such powers as are . inconsistent with I hose ".ranted by this title, "Such association "hall not have a capital stock, and lis business shall not be carried on any number of the original inc members of such as-o I erins a nd con.I it ion- and subject to -uch rules a tious as to iheir. and each ot' contract and other riyjht ami iial bet ween it a inl i he nienib'-i 1 . a- t association sha II p'-ovidc in it - by I The a-^ociat ioi' -ha I i.--ue a ccr'ili of i;iemlier-liip lo each inen:li -.aid membei -hi |.. or t he -a id .1 be ;,--i^H' <i el 1 per-on. nor -h; lie entitled I o Ilii iciatiori, or to any intere-.t t here! n. er al MI wh law or le-a-i of r-hip. and Etiwanda district. But take theso •figures ax a possible basis: Each acre will then be worth $0,000, a net return of $300 psr acre annually for that time. There is no reason to believe but that the trees will be worth that sum in less than half the time mentioned, YOU ARE DEALING WITH HOME PEOPLE. If you are interested in a proposition, big with promise for big profits with onlv a small amount invested, and that under your very oye, write or cull on • Win. Clark or Andrew McAllen of The DELINQUENT TAX LIST. of lamis and lots tn the rlty of Cox-Inn, County of Low An.nolcs, Stale of Callfol- nli\, for (lie list-ill ye.n- I'.ms. Hi'Wlt M. Abbott, llosteltler'tt Add., lot 7, lilk. 1; taxes, $I.;;T; penally, I le; eosl, iiiV: total $?>.:*I Tliurston I.. Itlancliai d. Sherwood Tract, lot ;VJ; ta,xes-, $1.1:!; penally lie; cost. fine; total *2.i>r Herbert II. lilnnehard. I'ovina, In! IS, blk. ;<; W. .M) ft. (if lol IS, lilU. II ; lot 111, MU. lit; taxes. $lS.mi; penalty, $|..M'; cost, $l.,'iM; total $'Jl.."n Mrs. I'has. A. Daniel:-!. Covina, lot !>, lilk. f>; taxes, $7.SI; penalty, 7Se; eosl fiile; total $!>.r_' Arthur ,1. KeUlea, N'etzey Add., lot in; luxes, $l.iil, penalty -trie; cost, fi'V; total $:>.., , Jno. H. Hunt, Add. I. Town of Covina, Jots 7 and S, blk. 1; tuxes, $-l.(ii>; penalty, 47e; cost, $1.01); total $11.Ki Ceo. W. Griffiths, Covina, K. GC> ft. of f.n ft. of N. 75 ft. of lot 13. 1)1U. 7; tuxes, $l.Sf>; penalty, 19e; cost, fide; total.. .2.5-1 W. L. Uoodrlch, Hlchnumd Tract, lot IS, blk. 1; taxes, IG.S4;-ponnlty, 5Se; cost, 50e; total »«.!>2 Alex. A. Houghton, Covlnn, lot 13, blk. R; tuxes, $5,99; penalty, fiOe; eost, 60e; totnl $7.011 James W. klttleflelcl, Covlnn, lot 8, blk. 10; tuxes, $5.70; penalty 57c; cost, 60o; total lfi.77 Pei'.rl S. -Malcon, Hostettler Add., lot Ifi, blk. 1; tiixeH, $6.13; poniilty, Glo; cost, 50o; total $7.2-1 Pacific Light & Powor Co., Covina, lot 16, blk. 2; taxes. $68.64; ponulty, B..S6; coat. $1.00; total , $76.50 Mnttlo T. Rico, Add No. 1, Cnvlnu, lot 20, blk. K; taxou, $1.00; penalty, lUo; cost, 5()e; total $u,59 Luelndu Hockwoll, Covlnn, lot 17, blk. 5; taxes, $10.21; punulty, $1.02; oost, liOe; totnl $11.73 E. II, Smith, (irl.swold Tract, lots 5'J and 60; taxes, $10.55; punulty $1.0li; cost, $1.00; total $12.ill Morris II. WIlHon & Co., Pnlin I'luee, Co- vlna, lots 1, 2, 3, li, 7. S, II, 10, 11, 12, lit, 17, IS, Ml, blk. 1; loin li, 10, 11, 12, blk. 2; tuxes, $3-1.IS; penalty, $!1.-I2; eost, $!l.5(); total $ hi.6(1 Grl.swold True! lot !(; tuxes, $I.4S; penalty, Ifie; cost, ROe; total $2.1,'! 11. 10. Wilson, Richmond Trace, lot 311, lillt. 3; taxes, $l.7S; penally, llSo; eoM, 50e; total $^..|ii K. Mears, personal properly; taxes, $2.S, r ); penally, 2!le; cost, fillo; (olal $3.64 Notice In hereby u'lven Unit default hav- liiK been iniide In the payment ,if taxes due City of Covina, In I ,os Aimcles Coiinly, stale of California, for the ilscal year UH.IS, upon the properly hereinbefore (l.-serllicd, I, M. I,. Melnierl, Clly Marshal and ex-olllelo City Tax and l.l'- con.s:.' Collector in and for (he City of Covlnn, by virtue of the anlhorlly hi unvested by law, unless the tuxes delln- MMcnl loKelhcr wllh costs and poreentiiKes aiv paid, will sell the real properly upon which said taxes are a lien, on M'omlay, Fi'hrnnry IH|, P.IOII, at. tho hour of JO o clock a. in. of Hint day, at. Hie olllce of Hie Hoard of Trustees of the Clly o| Covina, Heed l.iloeli, In su Id Clly of Covina, in Hi,, iijamier provided by |,,w. Dated this ilth day of January, lililtl. M. I,. MKIINIOllT, Clly Mnishul and e.x-ollleln Tax and License Cnlloclor of tin- City of Covina. Mo. 13.273. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORDER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY SHOULD NOT BE MADE. In the Superior Court of (he State of California, In and I'or Hie (,,'onnly of I .us ' . In (he Mailer of the Ksinlo of Gilbert D. Davis, Deceased. It JH in-dried, by the Court, thai all persons Interested I,, || H . e-'lale ,,!' said deceased, appear before Hie said Superior Court on Monday, the Nth day of |-'e|,iu- ai-.y, l!iii!l. at. In o'clock a. m. of said day, at the Court. ICooni ,,( KM |d Superior Conri, De|i.-,rinii'in 2 thereof, In IlieConrl Iliiiis.-, In said County ( ,f I ,os AiiKelis, !-'lali' of California, to show eaiii.e why an older shuiild not he ^ranted |i, ||,',. oxeelllors ol' salil estate In .-ell all of DM ''••al e.-lale and personal properly ,,l ;:;i|d deci-ased. And that a copy of Ibis order be puli- ll.'-lled^ III |ea;<l four u,i, ee-,si\e Weelis III Hie Cin'liui AIKUS, a n>-ws|iaper PI|H!.M| and published In xild i 'oiinly ol I o •• \n Holes. .IA.MKH C. IMX'I'IS .liiilt;! 1 o| UP- Supi-rlur ( 'nii'rl. Dated Jniiunrv ,"i, IliiiH A I!NKU AI.Kl:i':i) DAVIS S\'. M. GICISU'iilJ), A. M. ..KNC,,.^"" ....... "" : '-"'' '• : ' 111 ""- Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Qqdcn Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the East without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '4'), and across Great Salt Lake — "going to sen on a train." D. B. SCIIENCK, Agent. Covina I Itiiiio phone M4 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial, Pomona Home. phone (>1; Sunset Main 70 Southern Pacific I<os Office, fiOi) S. Spring SI., cor nor Sixth POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If yon want the MKttT WOKK ut the MOST KICASONA1JM3 PRICES give us a. trial. TWENTY YICAKH' experience, ban taught us the CHEAPEST and BEST way to do your laundry. With lirKl-clasH equipment our work and our methodH arc .sanitary and iip-to-dato. Leave Bundles at McLeod's Restaurant hoK 1 MEEK' MKOS "bv '("I'i'i's ' Govina Land and Loan Company, room rioccss'irilv ind-'' J Eccd l)lock . exclusive agents for Co- 1 vina. These gentlemen will gladly givn you information concerning contracts and other matters in connection with this enterprise. 11. takes a jLfuod deal of Machinery AN ERRONEOUS IDEA CORRECTED! t hereof, shall iier to any otli assigns | her' of s 111 p III t 11 e city rights shall a pur any othei pcrs- ope rat ion ot' property I it led to mend lier of the a-sociat ion by virtue of su transfer. The board of iliiectm- may, however, bv n.otion duly adopted by it, consent to such assignment or transfer and to the acceptance of the ir--igni'C or tran.-ferec as a member of the association, but the association (i.VMtoi'H, '.Uli: n du/eii nl, ('ruiiHliiiw'H (irm-cry. Home Bakery Stevens ,v Mainey, !'ru|jriei(jr*> Bread, Cakes, Pies, Tarts, Biscuits, Doughnuts A SS() K'l - K D Co N !•' !•,( "I' I (• ,\ 10 K V Daily (leliverie-, in C.,vina and vi- i'i ni I y in on r IH-'.V \va;; on. riTKrs A \'i'.., cnx'ixA E E. WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , ;e ,'./id complete itoek ol every- 111 i 11 >; i 11 1111: I i 11 e. g of all kind-,. Fine v.atc.h work n iiiecialt y. (Citrus Avenue «,i/vina. (.'.al, ' to run your r;nn:h, doesn't it? Soiiirlhiiitf m-i-d lixiti^? That's what wudo - WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly c(|uip|)c.(l I'or nil classes of iiiachitic work. I'attcnis made. Kstimali-s I'liniishcd. We inaiHil'acturc the "KT" valves and ^ales. THE KELUR-TIIOMASON MFG. CO. Slioji ;iii(l OlTn-e opjiohitir S. I'. Depot Home I Mumi: 2H'J Covina, ('ill. WE.PAX5 /* rtf OH ONE W/° TWJM-. ON MOW BALANCES' J -— WELCOME accountn of any amount from $5.00'«p.v Currency rrmy ho Hufoly n(-nt through the mail by regiatoredjj lotUsr, or r«'rnittanc« may ho made ry exproM money ordcr. n«ed not bo ngiuterw). ::* ;:? ::} 4» "•!-' «>" i*MK»*«<l ra*l n»,iil« PRO^DENT . &K.IT Mrf M*r. ** m tU fc. M*r. ** m tU fc. Mwy. Ut Amlii. CU. have mean- his -hurt hami and typewr:! in value in i,i,ting down lecture-. In the San I'.eraanlino Uu.-.i nc..-. C leiie and Civil Si r\ ice In-.tilutc of S I'd na i -ill no, ('al., student-! narn IIOL jii-epini/, banking, etc., by actual t.u T-. t ra n-.a c 110 n.-.. 'thcv learn to •', n IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. Moving Heaven and Earth And also anything else that will move. Transient)^ furniture, pianos, delivering express jiacka^i-s, carrying I'tilled Stales mail, taking out partie-, to llic canyons and licarhes. Hauling oranges and all kinds of lit avy teainin; 1 . OKFjCK: With Wel!s-Farj,'o on Citru , Aveiuu- Covina Transfer Company Ki:s I'horie I \W Home I'hotie HU All v/ork guaranteed and [trice-, ri.-a ,ona M<:. I'hone "1. C. H. Kistler Smooth Surface Roofing An uli .i/lutcly new IIIIILC . , ii'ii •>I > al! wfathers Kerckhoff-Cu/.ner Mill and Lumber C<>.

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