Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1912
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 16,1912. MIDGETS SMERED EOREKH lolans RompfU All OTcr and Throu((l> the Visitors Winiifiijr l».v Score of 6» to «. .IHOUaAHDSiOBI iPANIO STBIGKENr TDBKS ELEE ODNSTANTQfOPLB BOB 'AS£A UmOR AS OHB YI(m}momBmjaARIANSI(BAR<Jrjr! 'CHILDREN mm mm The best crowd of the season wit- n^sited the football game between the Mf^ts and the Bureka Academy- team at the Fair Grounds yesterday afternoon. All the local players were in'{He best of form as shown by the 65, to b score. Manager Thompson'of th'#^-Midgets who has been Vol!"'for the past few games, was decidedly "on" yesterday and led his team to victory, in a brilliant manner. Taylor, Badgely, Dorsett, Coffman, Lenhart and Powell played exceptionally i good games. Taylor and Badgely made a number of 60 yard runs with | the ball. The oinly play which Eure- j ka worked with precision was the i forwafd pass. This they worked a I number of times, yet were unsuccess-; ful in. crossing the goal line. Prof.: Dollispn of the academy umpired ihej game, and not once was lila decision [ qtiestloned. The only had ffaiurc of j tile game was iis onc-sldedncss. A ' return game will lie play.'d ai Kurc- ka ne.vt Fridjiy. .\\(»TIIK1( ItlU KtM»r II VI.I. DAY. l.inrtilu KaiiNiiii-NeliniKka t'ontcht ul Will He Wiitciicd. Today Is anotlior lili; day in <'<I II CKI' fm)t ball circles and I I K- outcrnn' will •make the ultimate uhaniplomililps ii bit more certain by elliiiiiiatInK half ilu-, contestant.". In tlie easT cliU-f into;-• ••fit attaclifji to tlie Ynli>-Prlni'iSnn ' Kame. Thus far this year Yale lias not been .'••tori'd i .n and lln' odds were i W »o 7 In her favor, ilioim'i Prlnc< ton i is known to have a l>oweiTul team.' Harvard today tussles with the unu- ; sually Rtrcng ieai'i from Uartsmouth. ' The Kansas team, repeatedly humbled this .«ea.=on. tackles Nebraska at Lincoln, due, accordinij to the dope to : .sustain a hard fight and a defeat. Tlie ' Kansans hope to make a .>-trong -allowing even though licked as this is their last game before the Mis.^ouri giinie. ' Missouri today play Washington I'ni- versity of St. Ixiuis. Nebraska beat \ ' Missouri some time ago and the re- • suit today will give some idea of what I may be expected whet^ .Missouri and • Kansas meet. I PAIKrUlLD LECTrBES «X A >EWr DEPAI {T.nEXT OK SCHOOLS. ( Iota Fir^t Vitf on LUt ftWch Will' Hecehe Talks TImt Inspire Child KettermeDt FtirXI) ALLEN rorxTY's Foru. .\rlliiir Caliper Corrects Fipures—Both j Claim Election. Turka ieavl.-ig Conitantlnople. Durlatr the past few treeka man y thousands of Turkish residents Lave fled panic stricken from Constantt- liople across the Helleapont Into Asia Minor. Some have taken their belonglnss: others have abandoned aU im order to make good their escape. In the accompanyins picture panic stricken Inhabltaou •with their household •JTectB are seen before the great mosque of Sultan Siileloaolcb. ready to flee from the dty as the Pwiir 't!? army }a storming its doon^ — I The fact has just bf^en discovered at ; the first count, but most of these have Topeka that Arthur Cai)per was mak- , now been correctp.i The race is zo- ing an error when he used the .figure j ing ,„ be mighty dose and when the 1.9 to represent the Hodges majority I vote is canvassed ).v the state hoard in Allen county, a.s Hodges liad 1S3. j he,:;innins Monday, ii be ,ipf,„i,e;> A\hy Topeka was so long m discover- Ji.^.overed. which <an.ii.laie, Cappei" mg'thls difference cf four is hard to ; H-M I KO-S will have to contest understand. The morning papers -=ay that 102 of the 10.". counties arc nowi ~~ officially in and the new8iiai>er men ; litid a 2S majority for Hotlges, though ' Capper Is claiming the state by a jim- i jorlty of sixteen. Half a dor.en conn- I <i \l. narrow ties discovered clerical errors after' afleriioou for a BIG STOCK OF WHEHTONHANOlKn HELD A BIG MLIY THE KKsri.T OF THAT RFI'OBT i WAS TO HKPHESS THE HKICE. Parlies and Factions Obliterated In Pledgini; Support to the Wilson AdnilnLstnition. Archie R.iir \v( nt lo ifteriiooii for a visji wjih (ifiita \hi> frleiids. wi II! 'o Carlyle ilii.- visit with friends Corn \l>o Hits the Tobogirun,' Hut Cattle mid lloi.% Show Little Hon nward Teiidencj. HOW TO PRESERVE YOUTH AND BEAUTY. Ooe (rest ietfret of youth and beauty (or the youn|( woinun or ilie mother is the proper undentandiag ol her womanly system and wcll-hcmii. Every woman, youof or old, shbuld kmtw herself and her physical make U|^. A liitud way to arrive at this knowled|(e is to get a iooii doctor book, such fur inslance, as " Tlic People's Common Sense Medical Adviser," by K. V. Pierce, .M. 1)., which can readily be procured by sending Ihirty-ooe cents lor cloth-bouiiJ copy, addressing Dr. Pierce, at Buffalo, N. Y. The womanly system is a delicate mactiinc which can only he cumparcd to the intricate mechanism of a beautiful watch which will keep in !<(:iid nmniiul order oMy with good care and the proper oilinit at the rit<ht time, so )hii( (lie delicate mech* anism may not be worn oat. W-ry ina::y titim voun(i women tJH old or run damn before tlictr time thr(i(i;;!i ifinorance and the improper handlin;! of this h;;maii mechanism. .Mentat depression, a confused hc»d, huckachc, iicadache, or hut flashes and many symptoms of deraiificmcnt of the womanly system can be avoided by a proper undcrNtandin;* of whet to , dO| in Ibose tr>'ing times that come to all »omen. M RS . G.H. W ILLIAMS , of Lynnhivtn. Va.. wr. ;.r: "It is t\x years si- ce my health iruvv wav. I \\w\ fcrr.-ile IrouMc nnd all the doctors (I «fnpl(»-<jd three> taki I »uui'l die. 1 vvm not ahk- ^< <Jo my wwit, had to hire someone ail the tirr*'. Ffu.-illy, I n-ut\ in the pajwrs about Dr. Pierce"a Fawrite I'r«*Tii>tiun. ar..: i;.-; 'jtl.-.l to try it. 1 had not talcen hut one l>t>tt]« until 1 ft 'urU it l:.->.il it >Ta* tT-.« ;r <Kiil. I ttiok. in all. five buttles of 'Favorite Fri:^:ripii<in' .•»•;.'. i-.v.> of 'Colil.rn Moiiral Discovery.^ and now 1 am ahie to J'l all ;nv .'u.j. > wi><l have ^ir**! fdurteenpounds. 1 ndvi^oal! wumca v 1,. r-if.r rr .>;r. fi-niale tri,-iW: Has. WujJAiis. to try your * Favoritu Pn?«:riptiiiii.' li'-i tbr ^mly me!iciCcoa«3irth.' c»v 111.' .\s-a>«-HI.>-l n.>-.> .'hicano.- Nov. Reports ;!iat the ictuuiry elevator stocks in Die norih- \vt-.-; werjr three rimes as lame us a vi'.T!- a:;" had a (lo|ii-e.-i.-;|n;; .flei-t on •v.iea; <'i- to The opeain .i? \va.'^ "i ft •'S.e 4<- up Dereiiiber ."larted Kinraid. Ka.<:., Nov, 1."..—Kincaid is a ((i»n «iihoiit a sorelicail. In this pos-t electi-.n time that Is a distinguishing ciiaracteiistii' <>!' which few if any towns in t!ie t'niied-Staes may boast, iteiore elonioii It was in Kincaid It wius elsewheri'. Parlisan feeling was bliter. Taft forces v.eie ready to celc- iirate his election: Koi)sevc!t follow- el•^i pn-pared to ratify his election and W^l.-'im men iiuietly arranged f<ir a join \o a shad"' to >4 \c down, Coached and sank to 's. Chicago CNise, \Vlli:.\T liec. s.-.i^fi-v; May :.^;s. rt U.; .lulv \M.,-. _('()U.\-^ Me,- 4Tt.'.i 'S.; Mav i'^^'^t r,K: -luly 4 .si;. O.ATiJ- !>.<:•. .-.•"••S.'Jj >•..; May :'.'J: .Mav ".•<. POUk—.liin SIS TO; May $],<(:•..-. r.Mill—fan ih'-l-i-.; .May $I<i..";n. Kansas Cjlj Crain. Kan.-as Ciiy. Nov. It;.—Cas 'i Wheat, market, rrd unthansed. hard 'j'Tiir • !ow<?r. .No 2 hard. SKfiS." ;.N(> So-^i .No. 2 P 'd. :t7T .':i!i: .N«.. ::. !>::'..•'.'7. (•!,,.,—I),,-. :;«•; iiav su^r:!-,-^: -Inly \><V'i; ! . (.'OKX-Maiket, mixed un(han:;ed to •.;_c lower, white 3lfi )c I OWIT. all uuo'a tMiiis on new corn. .No. 2 .mi\<il. -It: NV. :;. -12: No. 2 white 4i;'-:-: No. -t.' Corn—Dec 4 :!H <i ='4: May 44 ^4 : .Iu!y '.rAift^- OATS—Jlarket uncliansed .N,) 2 wliite. 4.1T /v 'i; -No 2 ml.M-d 2 I 'L.^I::2. It YK—Unchanged. Perfect weather, the finest surf bathiiigf, yachthi^^ flshiiij^-— you'll thoroughly enjoy thti de- lig-hts of a Galveston Winter. Motor aloiip; llic beach, play Rolf or tennis or jnst loaf in a roller chair on tlie .-^ea-wall i)ronicnaile— the simplest diversion takes on an adiieil charm in the fresh sall-Iaden air and j^ilorious .stin.shiiic. (Tbc U. S. Covwnrocnt roporla for IS;: slow Hi days of sunshine in Gul.-e. Ion.) Splendid hotels, one the new million dollar hotel ovorlooking the f ulf,' theatres, open-air cafes sui4 quaint bhopd add to yoiir cotn- ort and pleasure!. Write now for {ares, and free Booklet W. S. SU George, Gen. Pftis. Agent. St. Louis. Mo. To reach Galveston teke "The Katy" Kan >H >i Cljy l.lieslock. Kansas City. Mo . .Nov. It; -C-XTTI.K. receipts C ,l<li Market steady. .Nalive steers lO.-'il'Ti I" 7-".; cows and • lieifer-^. $H ."lO .rt.s.oci; stockers and feo;!ers $4 -".H 'iilTii^: bulls $1 •iii'f/.'i.Ci!; valve.- I-'. li 10 .Ort. llOflS—Receipts :i.r.ert. Market, i.^ steady Heavy $7.7-'>'5} 7.S.'.; packers and butchers $7 0("!77.SO; lighi Ji;.<H;f( Chicago Urrstork. Chica!:o. .Nov. It;.—t'ATTLK, receipt-! l.Oiiti. .Market steadT. Heeves :t.".(f/ II.'P O ; .slockers an<l feeders $l.lOi !r 7.1.">; cows and heifers t2.'Ttf!i' 4i). II()(:S-l{<celpts i:t,0(Mt. Market Is .••low. weak lo r.c lower. Light $7 low- i licaiion meeting to. be hclil as soon as I'le result 'vas known certainly. With KUeh conditions what else ciiir.d be <\pected then that the Deni- 1. ;at.< would have the stage all to t'.eiiiselves at their jollification meeting ',' Hut Kin<aid laid aside factional feeling the nicnnenl the result of the election was known and Hull Moosers. standpatters and Peiiiocrats gathered side by sitb' to join iu a ratification ir.eotiiig. celebrating the election of V.'oodrow Wilson. The meeting was oiieaed with the singing of ••America;" a prayer by the Rev. C. K. Sitilenber- K'-r. pastor of the Methodist church, 1' llowed. Tiieii .liidge Irwin. who pre.«ided, -aid since the electiim was over everyone siiould forget party lines and bend t :^i 'lher to <!o all iiossii>le in the ca- yM;iiy of liiiiiible citizenship to assist ucoming administration in the-j successful handling of governmental affair.- • ' Tiie st;i ;:e was decorated in bunting and pictures of President T.ift. Colonel Rooseteit and'Woodrow Wilson were fiisplayed. C'lairman Irwin a-sked if liiere wa:- anyone present to represent liie Republican jiarry. V<>\. John 1). lirviiges ari>se. •"Do you know what happened No- liie TS"; mixed |7.4ti^/7 !M»; heavv $7 .:!iKi 7'.Id; pi^.s $r, oo5i(;,:!o Knii '^as Clly I'roilure. Kansas Cliy, .Nov. Iti— Hiitler. Kt:gH liny and Uroomcorn unchanKed Local MnrketN. Product quotations furnished dally bv Cophlll Coimiilsslon Company: "niTTTKH— 21c per pound. KCiOS—24c per dozen. I'Ori.TKY—lleni', HUj-. cockx, 4c; s\)rlng8, si^c: ducks, '-'c; jii-ese, c,,-: turkcis, No. 1, 14c; No. 2. 10c; old tonis ISc; guineas. 20c each. HROOM COR.N—$60 to $100 per ton. HORSE HIDES—$2.00 to $2 75. BEEF HIDES—10c. \enibiT ••?•• asked the chairman. I do, • resp <mded Colonel Itridges. "You may tuni the President's picture lowanl the wall," Colonel Bridges adii'vt. gracefully. II. r. .McConiiell, responding for the Prif -Tcssiie.--, ,Trose and said he knew wiiat Impiieneil Nwemher . He was invlii'i! lo turn Coloni-l R <K )«:ev'eU's pic ;iire iciwani the wall, which was done. Tiiai left only the i>lcture of Woodrow Wilson facins the audience. ,ludRe Irwin then pal dtrluhte lo each of the lliree. praising'them for tlie good there vvas in thcni TI K' Rev .Mr. Rice spoke in iipprcclnti.m of the adoption of the •suffrage aineiidiiienis. A dinner fol- !oWed, at which men of all (lartles plertKcd llolr leally lo the new adniln- iiiatlon. "D-:d" Rore was arraigned in district ' court this afternopn and Informed that his motion i for a new (rial had been overruled and thtt the verdict of the police court that he pay a $50 fine and the costr. in the case, ws>9 unheld. This is the finale of a difficulty of seme months ago, wiien Rose w;iii recused of "kicking" a .vouBg \<oroan aut of his place of business • Is There Any Good -Reason why you should not start'that set of DIN N ERW ARE tocJay? When you see our patterns and prices we believe you will decide that Ihere are Mighty Good Reasons - whv you should buy Mr .Milton Fairchild Director of- In- iitnu-tiun for the National Institution for .Moral Instruction, Baltimore, M"d.,j lectured last evening at the lola high school to teachers and parents to urge thorough jnoral education in public; schools, and t«) explain-what is called ' '•Visual Instruction in Morals-" Mr.\ Fairchild is making a trip through nine of the cities of Kansas, on tfaei invitation of the State University, giv-l •ng a cours){ ot five visual lesson.s to public schoil pupils and one lecture lo teachers. The cities in the circuit ; are Topeka, lola. Emporia Newton,; Hutchinson.: .-Vbilene. .lunction (.MtyJ Kansas City. Kas.. and I.rf'avenworth. The tltlesiiif high school lessions are , "The True Sportsman." 'Thrift In I .St^hftol" and "Conduct Hi'coming In a j Centleman." For grammar pupils the! titles are: "Whjit 1 Am C.tdng to Do! When I Am (.'rowh I'p" and "What Pi'ople Think About Hoys' Fights." Al! are profusely Illustrated. The grammar lessons are given to mass meet- ing.s In the high siju)dl hall. Mr. Fair child aaid that th*. tiggregate aiidl- enciv .tor the Uilrteen lessons given this W^k had been C.;t"0. The wtuk in KatMns is the mo9f extensive yei 'acconiik>ll!>hed in any state. .Mr. Fairchild argue^, that moral ed iicailon was the lupst iiiiporlani hut the least developeti jihase of education. The explanation set;uis to bi that people have considered moral education as a part of religious work They did not want to have ihf children taught an ••earth morality ami did not see how a religious iiioralitj could be taught in public school .s. .Mr. Fairchild claimed that, by t«aching from photographs of real life and arguing with the children the right and wrong of things that have actually hnp|>ened. we can teach in the schools the morality in which the churches believe, provided no definite reference is made to, religious beliefs In practice this plan is working admirably. It is hoped that the result of thi .s introduction tour will be that the Extension Department of Kansas Cni- versity, of which Dr. Richard R. Price is director, will decide to furnish these '•Visual Lessons'' to the schools of the entire state, and that a permanent "special instructgr in morals" can be appointed for the State of Kansas. Mr. Fairchild is the oldest son of Prof. Geo, T. Fairchild who was i)res- ideni of the Kansas Agricultural College from 1879 to 1S97, and Kansas Is his home state. SIXil.K .ME> GO IXSA.NE. Vnd Only Three in (•ormiment Hos. pilnl Were DrunkardN. Washington. Xovl l.i.—Insanity seizes upon "the bachelor with greater ease than upon the benedict, despite the worry the latter is supposed to undergo, aocoriling to the report of the government hospital for the insane, just .-ubmltted to Secretary Fisher. .Another fact brought out by the report Is that out of nearly three thousand patients In the institution only three are being ir»>ated for Insanity'bnmght on )iy Cie. generally nrcepteil theory which attributes to alcoholism a large proportion of the unfortunates. FlaCKod Tniin With Shirt. —Tearing his shirt from his back an Ohio man flagged .a train and saved it from a wreck, but H. T. Alston. Raleigh. .N. C. once prevented a wreck with Electric Bltter .s. "I was In a terrible idlght when 1 begai; to u.-'e them." he writes, "my stomach, head, hack and kidneys \yere all badly affected and my liver was in bad condition, but four bottles of Electric Bitters made me feel like a new man." .\ , trial will convince you of their match- i less merit for any stomach, liver or; kidney trouble. Price .'lO cents at! all i druggists. j Card of Thanks. I We desire to e.tpress our gratitude and appreciation to the friends who so kindly assisted us at' the death of our dear husband, brother and uncle. .Mr.s. G. A. John-son .Mr. J. C. Phillips. Miss Anice Phillips. liyron Scott of Geneva, was In the; clly today. j NOS[ STOPPED OP Common Sense Treatment for Colds and Catarrh, Gives Instant Relief., And when we say price* ve mean it only •what yo;i pay, but what you get for your mone;. yrxi'll hedoiih'y satisfied with the value the G reat Western I' >rty g-i ves y o j. You'll say so see it iTiiero is a Loauty to the body, a brilliance to the finish, a luxui'y to th3 upholstering that marks it an a .!?N )crat. And when you examine the mechanism, aie powsrfiil. silent roller•valve engine, the Vanadiuin steel spnnps, the periVct construction of every ixirt, deraonsti-afes tliat here's a car that justifies your laghest enthusinm. The $1585-^FiilIy Equipped looks &nd runs like a $3,000 car. In fact, you could T ot 'g?et better service, better value, more pleai^ure out of: T autorr.obile at any ^rice than you can out of the sturdy, tried and frueGreat West--mat'^i -j^. See All Yon €ret for Yowc Mondy SM'StfvcterSeetrie Lights—Quiet Hanning filotor Nickel snd blsck trimmlni:* throQghout Strwart & Clark Speetiom- eter Silky mohair top FaJiSeld nibhtr dtut hood Itain viMon ventilatliic WUM I shield Dediountabl** rima Etednc stimal Foot and robe raiU Tool box and to^Ia Full Hon^ Pow^r AcrcsMble unit or riant Kncl<»ed vailed tU OU uu:* - sitie 11^ ir.i'h who-.l ba^o Tire iron.* ar: I ei- i nm Gajohoe tar .K caurfC Deep tjplio!..t.-nnj[, bacd- InvfsiHe -.-oii with lock swifh Jnrk.pump »tia Ure r- rair kit Full flotttias rear --with Ur^e \t Departure and Ily. tUsj.irup* larte^ t>owerfui '.table iatcc- .'•y .>anditur t>rake<« Tl.'' '•hind front jkxla CrIIwIu frort rmdi»t:>r _ Latest -ny zDacncto witb Etsy r * %; Vaaadhsm Aeel •; r: H *f>a; • body, d*vp fc't: • Cf. ,jr. . '=ck walnut tnm- n -ntg, , pruceue* of U M I/ fill ah. Sm tk GraU W«Un Tint aad yaa MC I C futW. Aik M for utalor mr JtmaLMinijaa^ DICKINSON AM) Demonstration on reiiiiest KKIJ.ii HuwUo' lOLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock .... Snrplus PAY INTEREST ON ,.. S25,0u0.00 ... c (2,500.00 ll^TR DEPOSITS L. E. HOBTILLE, Pieg. W. S. KArFXlS, Sni Vice Pt«fc J. H. lA3UT.Kf.L, i 'fstii r. 1. W. BECK, Tlce-Pres. K 0. UF vsOSi, A«tt CMklef SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES ion BEJfT. THOS. H. BOWLU^ PrnWest J. K SCOTT, CsfiUer Atien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS XSTIBLISHED 1 <JCAi£TEB <>i' i CT.S'nUJ. Capital . Surplus . Deposits . f30.000.00 . 94u,U0O.0O 5^550,000.00 OITEBEST PAID O.V TIME DEPO.SITS . SAJtETY DE! OSIT BOXES FOB Ko mattrr how ml-wrtkMo you nra with eatarrb or a ciiht in t)ie iii'nil, UCMK ito]>i><><I Uji, throut iK>ro, oyi» running, dull poiu ia I ho licuil, dry rough, fever, (mil broath, Eiy'* t'reum B«lm' will givo you iuHtant rclit-f. It Reta right at the root of the trooMo, clpuito!!, h<^ ftud strengthens the raw, tore moml>r »nrH, stops, the noaty dischikrcu so that vou ore not cons{antly blowing tho hose and spitting. In a tew minutes attrr applied you run jnst feel it doing its'work of clearing the bead, tlie pain and sorene «:i are reliered, the breathing becomes natural and' the stuffe <i np feeling is gone. Tbi < cleansing, healing, aiitiseptic Balm contains no mercniy, cocaine or other harmful dmgs. It is easy to apply, pleasant to use, and aerer fiuls to give relief, eren in the wont cases. Hever neglect a cold, and don't suffer the miseries of catarrh nor disgust your frien J j with your hawking, spitting and foul breath. Get a 50 cent bottle of Ely's Cream Balm from yonr druggist, and start tba treatment at once. You will find that it will be tba best inreftment you erer made. Specfal^Agent—S. R. Buvell. .1, D. AKNETT, President JOE .liiKlXrE^, Cashier J. K. .\HJII. VJciuPresMent, K, V. VrU v ».V. .\.'>,L t'lish. ('0 I .0 M;I . l .AMO>. 'Jud ViM .PrrsWtot. State 8aviii&;s Hank CAPITAL #io.O(N) .SIKCLCS •-V't'O lOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time l''->posits a:,J Si-^'inps Accounts. Safety Deposit IJoxes tiee to O;..' Customers. John J. I.udlum. who usfd to be .i frf(iurnt visiror lo Io!.i wii-:ii was .servinc as a county iommi -'i.-ii .n >T. w;is li-.Mv from ih - south <-nii ot ''r<- ocuaiy lod:iy tii »nt- of his r;'.r.' lis- its lo ihf i-oiii!ty s 't -H- v> is t >..iiMi! for ihf ii'-i -i ;r.-r. n.'.'.- ."ii i^'^- I'iiyiiiL' ia:.-:M'm. CHICHESTER SPILLS J

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