The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 15, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, lOlfl STljc Uailp PubllHhcd Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONN, RUDOLJPH M. HENNICIi, Pi'OHlUorit and t-uollshor Telephone* 2228 und 2220—AH DdpnrtmentM Knterod (in second claim mutter tit the pom office In Nnugatuck, Conn, SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payable In Advance 1 month »1.00 1 Your $12.00 Membor: The American NoWHpupor publishers Tho N, JE, Dftlly Nownpftpor Pub. Asm'n The Conn. Nowspiiptir Publahora Aaa'n WKDNKSDAY, -JULY H. 11MG Independence Day Tndc-- Tomorrow, tho Fourth of July, pcridenct; Day, will he (•(.'Iclinilctil throughout the initidii. 'It will he a tf flit-nil hotkhiy and its ohserviuice will take on mtiiiy forms. Tliu joy ol' our people will hi- iiiK-ont'iiicd, now tluil the war is over. To a very law unrulier of Americans it will hf! a day for the enjoyment of oul- iritf.s and amusements ol'. various kinds. '.By u much nrnii'lkT nnmhcr it will he regarded n» an occasion for serious rel'lee- tion on the principles for which America stands, and for xriiU'l'iil iiekiiowled^mont of heroic sacrifices made hy millions ol' heroic, liherty-loviii^ nu-ii and women to whom tin. 1 words contained in the Declaration of fndepcndence meant everythini; 1 that immortal dociimcid stated or implied. .For many years, il is iv^i'tltahlo to note, Fourth of .July celehrations have not hecn as patriot ienlly s|iectacnlar as they wore in the old days svhen special parades, commemorative exercises and pii^eants were ils top features. The advent of the motor vehicles, which made .holiday trips to the seashore, lakes and mountains an irresistihle attraction to many thousands, hrou.u'hl ahout a great and popular change, .Bill it will he well t'oi- all of us to take in and ahsnrh al leas) some of the true fpiril ol' I he holiday. For if ever tl\it spirit is lost, theti (iod help America. Golf Now Respectable Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck Newi 20 Years Ago Charles Kevlt pltchod the fame between thc^Bea- con Falls firemen and the Shelton Echo Hose company, In Shelton. o—O—o Eugene Sullivan of Scott street enlisted In the U. S. Cavalry, o—O-—o 30 Years Ago Harold Johnson, son of Dr. and Mrs, Johnson, left to nerve with the U. S. Army on the Mexican border, 0—O—o Edward O'l-otighlin of Cherry street visited friends In New York city. WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To-Coast (Copyright, 1946, by The Hearst Corporation) Around The Clock RADIO When I turn on rny radio, This is what I hear; Buy candy-bars und shaving-cream, Buy vaseline and beer; Buy cigarettes and tooth-paste, Buy chewing-gum and wine; When I turn off my radio, The silence—Is—divine. ELINOR C. WOOLSON Mrs. "\Vally Gesseek spent the past couple of days in Gotham Wtilly will take off the latter part "f. tlic week for Xcw Hampsliire and M.'iine Mr. and Mrs. Loo Carroll should l>e writing post- cants from Lake Oeor^e about this time. Mr. and Mrs, John Grant arc in Maine for the enrrciit two weeks. . . . . (.'apt.. Gary Grant is signing all his cor- respom.lenc'e "Kiny Bnck" and refuses _ to tut us in on the secret and significance of tho name THE NEW YORK SYMPHONY Silhouettes In the Night: Fan- nlc Hurst and her pup in the Park at the crack of yawn .. .Tony- Eden, the diplomat, checking his luggage at LaGuardia Airport.... Frank Trinatra devouring a meal (at "Howie's) that would fill two heavyweights George RaJt among the other Sardines at Sardl's . Andy Russell and the Rltz (Raff) Bros, dining at Olin's.... Ann Sheridan (and her filler) at the Riviera ringside. .. .B.^.Baruch (the United Statesman) quitting his Central Park bench to amuse the tots at the playground.... Mees- haaa Aucr thrilled about being cast for the radio version of "Tovarich" ....Mrs, John Mason Brown (wife of the critic) looking refreshing despite the whewmidlty. . . .Mrs. Wendell" Willkie at the Blue Angel .The man who makes you pause and say: "Oooh, there's Mr. Molotov!" He is Bill McKamy, executive, at the J. Walter Thompson agency, Sallies In Oux Alley: They were arguing about the importance of money. "Oh, well," said the first, "what If we have inflation? The poor can enjoy the stars in the sky as well as the rich". .. "Yeah," said a cynic, 'but you get a much closer view from a penthouse than you do from the gutter". .. .Dorothy Gulman sums it up neatly: 'Money," she observes, "may not be Everything, but don't let our country become a place where Money Isn't Anything!' 1 got his stuff about romance. . '. .And way....Then I started home...The opposite way. .. .1 turned into my own street. .. .And there coming toward me....She was again. This time she smiled....As though to suy: "We seem to be doing the same thing tonight. .. .n'est-ce pas?" .. And I smiled back. .. .And hastened into my own house.... Without once looking back... Lest she think. .. .1 was no gentleman— T. Weatherly. PICK UP TAKE 2 Curtain-Colls: Universol's "Dead of Night," a thriller. The critics hugged it. .. .Carmen Cavallero's album, "Dancing in the Dark" (a re-issue). .The >hot atmale revusi- cal ut the Havana-Madrid. .. .Iva Withers, heroine of "Carousel" and her song- witchery, .Connie Haines' thrushing on NBC. .. .Andrews Sisters' platter of "Love You Like I Do"....Noro Morales' rhumband via WOR (Mon. and Thurs. 1:30 avem 'til 2 and WEAF Tues. and Fri. at 12:05 midnite),. .Spika Jones doing "I Dream of Brownie with the Light Blue Jear.s." VICTOR ZEMBHUSKI PLAYS TONIGHT AT LINDEN, PARK America's No. 1 Folka King Victor Zembruski "The Drummer Boy" and his famous radio and recording Polka .and Modern Dance orchestra will play tonight and every Wednesday at Linden -Park, Union City, Polka and Modern dancing: from 8 to 12 p. m. The dance will be held every Wednesday, rain or shine. If it rains, the dance will be held in the inside dance hall; if it doesn't vain, the danoe will be held in the outside dance pavil- •jn. Free Parking for 500 cars, also bus service to the foot of .the Park eyery 15 , minutes 'from Waterbury. with the last bus leaving the foot of the Park at 12:30 for Waterbury; also ••he last bus leaving the foot of the park at 12 midnight for Seymour, Ansonia, New Haven, Derby. Tonight and every Wednesday, it's dancing the Polka und modern tunes with Vic- r Zembruski and his Polled Kings. Manhattan Murals: The 3,000 Ibs. of ice delivered daily to the W. 45th St. theaters, which are hotboxcs THE GREEN YEARS" CURRENT LEAD AT LOEW POLITHEATER Starting today at Loew's Poll, Waterbury, are Charles Coburn, and Tom Drake in poijrnant M-G- VI film version of "The Green Years," a wonderful book,, und picture a now n, wonderful motion Sterling portrayals 'on the part of ,1 superb cast; the discerning dir- until it arrives ...The public ]]..! ection and production by M-G-M brary where you may sit and do . have turned A, J. Cronin's best.- nothin Midnight Vijfiietta: If happened in the Krols Eulc the other nitfht. Our ruporUii- was.none other than the boss hisse'.f, Shoim Blllingsberg-i;So low-f!yin f!olf was once lliou^hl a sissy ^ame, and the player on his way to the course protected himself from ridicule hy sticking to the hack streets. How limes have changed is shown hy the fact that over 'I',', 000 people paid to witness the 4(!tli Nalional Open f!o||' Tournament al Cleveland, (Joir is now a people's spnrl, and everyone knows hy now I hat. real success in il is one of the hardest things in the world to attain. Miss Amelia Gallucci, recently of Central Avenue school, is in Boston taking 1 a summer course preparatory to entering Boston University Mary Lawley is vacatior*«^at Silver Beach Dot Bean of ^ie News editorial staff is spending- her two weeks of nothing-to-do in Maine Haven't had any cards yet so the weather must be fine. . .. .He was touched' by the episode . .. .An army ofllcer asked that barkeeper Tony B'utrico join him a: his table for a drink. "We server together overseas," said the orticer ...He reminisced long with Tony and then insisted on having- phcto taken of their meeting. The officer made a terriilc hit with the staff and patrons by this dern onstration of democracy and being- a nice yuy. . . .His n;une (and mark it down high on your lisU is Gen oral H, F. Kramer. but where you may not sit and read a newspaper. . .The little pooch in the park sporting a tiny sun-bonnet. ..NEC staffers watching the thermometer because when it hits 91 they may i;o home if they labor in not cooled offices. . .Six- footer songstress Ann Castlfi whose umbrella tip has a tiny amber li^.ht. planes won't hit her seller novel, "The Green Years" into one of the year's most poignant und heartwarming fiim dra- Mike Lawley and Moso Claft'ey stopped off a(. Lowell, Mass., cnroiito to their '.Maine vafntion.'and, to renew, accp.mmt.- atices and enjoy the. Massachusetts scenery Mr. and Mrs. Tim Onliahan are vacnfionin.n 1 at Virginia Beach Lit- He Millie Hyan will celebrate another Lirlhdav July 4 Happy holiday. Veterans In Politics "While he was on a I'-T hoal in the Pacific, .John F. Kennedy determined lo Into serve his country us honestly in peace as ho had tried lo du in war. So, out of the war, wounded, with his brother, .Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., and his brother-in- law killed, In 1 took up his pledge, ran for Congress from (he tMassacl'iuselts districts that include Boston. I To appealed to voters amon^r Boston's M7 nationalities hy emphasi/.ing' local problems such as restoration of (.lie porl of Boston, N T cw JOiitflmid industries and aid for veterans of the district. Tie won. The nation, as a result, has a iiD-year- olil bachelor war veteran lu-presenfative who will look at the nation's problems through youn.i;- eyes. Bid |buy are experienced eyes. Xot only war, but life in England while his father was U. S. Ambassador to (ho ('onrl of Si. James, has ^iven the yoiin^ Kennedy an international point of view. He is a graduate of Harvard. Iff 1 stands strongly behind (he .British fjoan, the I'X, a stroiii;' army and mivy, Tt seems the utmost in lo^ic 1 that "World War TT veterans should be interested in national polities. The more Kepresenln- fives there are in the House who are informed and experienced to such a de.- j;'ree*as Congressman Kennedy, the better the future of America 15 likeiv to he. The rotary at the junction of Cherry street and Rubber avenue has been removed and a stop sign has been placed there instead. However a safety circle has been painted at the intersection and motorists should go around this just as if it were a rotary. . . .". There have been many complaints of speeding along Cherry street, and the stop sign is the latest method which the police are trying out to prevent speeding in this area. Henry P'loski and John Kuc'/enski. both of firccnwood street, came home after bass season opened Saturday, with one of the biggest fish stories we've heard of late br.t they possessor! proof of sume. They returned homo with CM.n'ht. bass, two less than the limit and also a 21 inch pickerel "What was outstanding about the calch was not the number hut the weight, as each bass weighed well over two pounds ,with one tiltin."- the scale at four and a quarter pounds. The pair made the catch at Lake Waramaiin 1 , near "Washington. Meiiins of a Midnightnr: Her ex- husbur.d says Rita Hayworth isn't at all proud about the Atomb being liaised for hoi* and her film, "Gilda,'.' one of the best press agent tie-ups (we thawt) in history. He says it wasn't any tie-i:p—that they ically adore Rita and so christoucd it after her. He wished, however, their child, P.ebccca, could one day say: 'My mother'.-; name was on the very last atomic bomb:", .. .Hedda Hopper brought the Queen of Eng- lar.d one of those hats. .Is it true Hixzoncr (the Mayor) will he Mrs.' Cornelius Vanderbilt's Summer ;;ucst at her Newport, Rhode Island foxhole?.... .Tex McCrary and Geo. Wolf (the NBC exploiter) arc huddling on a musical with a husband- v.'Kc radio team as the hilarious theme. .. .The Eeverly-Wilshire Hotel in Celebritown has followed our suggestion about having the bill- boys show guests the ne'arest fire escape instead of the nearest corkscrew....The latest gimmick for hams is match books with their pitchizx on the covers! .in the head, we suppose. ,. .Lee Joyce, the March model, who looks like Linda Darnell, talks like Irene Dunne and has a fig-ger like Venus. ("Gee, what a plug-! He probably has a date with her. Those columnists don't give away free ads like that fcr nuttin'.") The Late Watch: Many Broad- wayitos hope that vaudeville will come back via television... .Joan Crawford is Playing the Field- finally getting smart. ,, .Movie title changes tell unintentional little stories. Frixnmple: 20th's "You're for Me" is now "If I'm Lucky," and "Hollywood Story" is now called "Falling Star". .-Maureen O'Hara refused to do the bathtub sequence In "Homestretch," the Zanuck film ....The Constellation that brought Mary Pick ford East ran into an Oklahoma cyclone. Thirty passengers got off oof'ly seeck.... James M. Cox's book" is due Oct. via S&S....J. Elinson thinks they oug-hta call him Hooray Truman .The bookie listed for a snatch by that fang- (just caught) is a E-klyniti!—initials: J. S Poor Kike Jacobs._Af!er al! the things sports writers and others have called him—He is being sued for slander and libel! The new picture, traces the life of Cronin's fictional hero, Robert Shannon, from his arrival a« a tot into the forbidding- atmosphere of his Welsh foster-home, through the problems of his childhood, adolescence and grow, th into young- manhood. The youngster's attempts to adjust himself to the conflicting demands of such eccentric members of his family as the domineering matriarch Grandma Leckie, tho moralizing Papa Leckio, the embittered Kate and the opportunist Adam, (jive rise to situations which vary from comedy to tragedy, but the boy is g-iven solace and strenfflh in his touching friendship with the understanding Great- Grandfather Gow. MARCO POLO FILM SHOWING NOW AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE The screen, which lately '"is focused a majority of its btKfjor productions on biographical subjects, has seen many , rcmarknble portraits of characters taken from the pasl. Few of those historic personalities, however, enjoyed n life more romantic than the Marco Polo so i few people seem to know, whom Samuel Goldwyn has chosen as the hero of "The Adventures of Marco Polo," his rollicking adventurous romance which brings Gary Cooper lo Snlem Playhouse today. Mahco Marco Polo's journey to the Thirteenth Century court of the Rroat Kubiai Khan in Kambalu, Peipinur, had as. his object the extension or private commerce and the development of new trade opportunities for the Polo Brothers, A'icolo and Maffeo, Marco's father and un^Ie, who were Important merchants in the city 01' Venice. Thus, as the world's first travel- 1'np salesman, Marco set out for distant Cnthny — a three years' journey through deserts and moun tains, beset every mile or so yj brisrands and perils unknown to Western civilization. Marco was then 21, a young Hume-cock, skilled in the use o; arms, an excellent horseman and athlete, fearless and persevering in the pursuit ot trouble, trade and amours. The second lead in "The Phan loin Thief." ( 0 WTI.T, GrvK ADDRESS Hn.i-lfo.rd, July 3— (UP)-- s cna . tor Thomas C, Hnrt will deliver the main address tomon-ou- at annual Fourth of July exere| SM at the State Capitol. The proj> rajll will ho hiRhliKhtcd by talion of twelve decoration Connecticut servicemen. One the awards will be post-humous Spanish deposits of cinnabar have a JO per cent mercury content while domestic cinnabar half of one per cent. Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 !! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel, 4935 Cars Called J'"or ,'ind Delivered STATE, HARTFORD CLOSED NOW FOR SUMMER RECESS The S;ate Theater, Hartford, announces thai it will close during the- months of July and the early par! of August, during which period decorations und impro"emi;nts .'ire contemplated. The State the- .iter Hartford \viJJ usher in the season with the nation's groat- "name" band attractions and outstanding: personaliiies of stage screen and radio. The opening d.-ilu' will be announced in the nwar future. Hoadley Street Lots Change Hands Madeleine F. Caine sold a lot on Hoadley street -to Michael and /The Arbuckle mouiHaiiis in Okla homa are said by geologists to be among the oldest .surface forma, lions in the U. S. AMERICAN SAW & MFG. CO. Hack Sau- U!:id<>s Hand and I'ownr Band Saw Blades Wood and M^ta) Cutting i arm -Uatnrx Milt SUPPLIES • POWER TOOLS 2 2 SAVINGS ST.. TIL 5-2241 Eve Urashka and the latter a lot on the same street to Caine. sold mt QTJAS'SY BEACH A<]mls*]un AtJff.TS 8()r> Tilv lli to Hpnoli Clln.DKKN rhtdnl Kl-n 1 CIIKCKINO 2<) Hun Jiiri'cl lo licii One big city has had 4(5 traffic deaths in the first five months of the year, as against only 30 for the corresponding period of 1945, Five words tell the story; more drivers and worse cars. A good many people have been thinking tpo much oi' the prices they could charge if government restrictions were romovod, ami. not enough.of the prices -'' ' Jeanne De Carlo and "Phil" Mariano members of that organization known as the Jay Dees recently had the misfortune to celebrate another birthday. They say misfortune because lilce" any young woman they hate to see another year added to their age. When queried as to just how old they were they would not answer, but merely smiled and said, "Guess?" Our young friend, T)arT>y Welch, left Xat'^ntuek last week for a month's stay at Camp Lionhenrt in Stamford. We're hoping that you're having a good" time down there, Davoy, and if yon get a chance, -drop us a line. We'll see if wo can answer. Pan! E. Buckmiller is going around highly elated these days, since Racke lias told him that his new Pontiae is np in the local dealer's showrooms. Buck should be driving it within a few clavs. Now York Nocturne: Last night I was lonely and restless .. Ar.d the rain splashing against the pane . . .Only mado me more so. .. I decided to walk it off ,. .In the stonm .Aimlessly I went. . . .First along- the lighted avenues. .: .Then down the darker side streets. .. .In the middle of one of these Just as w.i both camo abreast the light. . . I passed a girl....The golden gleam of her hair. ...The exquisite "curve of her lips...,I saw.. .All else faded away into the shadow....Of her umbrella and the rain. .. .Thnn she was gone.. . .And X was more lonely than ever.. .1 kept or....Inwardly cursing conventions. . .That held me from speaking to her... And wondering where O Henry adventure.. .In Bagdad-on-the-Sub- 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate Delivery) WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 132 CHURCH STREET ! Sounds In the Dark: At the China I Do!i: "She knows all the answers. It's the questions that confuse her" . At the Mermaid Room: "He's lost weig-ht. but he was once the big'g-est jerk in town"... At G;Imore's: "There are four S's in Mississippi and one •?. o. b.. At Monte's on the Park: "She has the load in his next flop".. At Leon & Eddie's: "She's saving- her husband's money for a Reno day" .. At the Carnival: "The reason Jane Russell got the part was that she fo(. there fustest with the mostest!". . .At Chandler's: 'Now that thorp's no OPA people should be reminded that a fool and his money are soon worthless". .. .In the Cub Room: 'And. now ta po fromx tnie ridiculous —to my place," WATCH FOR OUR NEWLY 5 RENOVATED STORE'S J GRAND OPENING; < CORNER CANTEEN \ 392 No- 'Main Street 5 "»>mn" Tcllrilrn. ]'n»), } KfN MINT, Oilni'Sc-Amt-rh-iin KKSTAfKANT Ml KAST .MAIN STHEBT CIKW .MKIN Anil Illhijr fliini KoiMl To lluki' lldini'. Open ilitil.v II it. m. to 1 a. Sttliirdny lo » u. in. Simdiiy l 1 ^ Noon (u 1 :l. In. SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAFAUG DICK FINLEY, MRT. Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Boating 9 BathLns: • Picnics EXTERIOR & INTERIOR All Grades See Our Uirpe Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOES FOR GARDEN and LAWX SJIOVKI-S (lonu and short handles) C.-\KDEX RAKES HOES — SFAOKS PRUNING SIIHAUS GKASS SHEA US PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 135 MAPLE STREET CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 Between 1930 and 1940 the urban population of the U. S. gained 7.9 per cent, and th was G.4 per cent. o rural increase R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Hear) Expert Welding of All Types Forging-, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work . Trk'phnne OB77 STORE HOURS THIS WEEK 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Today and Wednesday Store Closed for Alterations Thursday, Friday, Saturday CITY BAKERY B. P. STOPrANI, I'BOP. St. Te |. 8 8 At least now no one is prevented from doing- whnt^.lie ^y.ants to do. by .lack of ' ~'~-"•-••••-'--- SAVE 10% CASH & CARRY If You Bring 1 Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICAKJ \ • ^ • / I / \ l> K ) • E PL _ _ 1U PHILCO CAR RADIOS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAEV ST. TEL. 6162 Nausatuck, Conn. VENETIAN BUNDS (n Stork. ThrrC Ony Delivery, LEBON'S VENETIAN BLIND CO. 170 No. Main St Til. 8-7X31 SBTWaterburj- li NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "BUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Wlnslow Court Tel. 3394 '' AUTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS ; BASEBALL BATS NEW TERM HAS STARTED DAY and EVENING THE PERRY SCHOOL Accredited and Approved ~ Grieve, Bisset & Holland, Inc., brings you this full line of scissors, shears, files and nippers. Embroidery Scissors, 4" $1.80 Embroidery Scissors, 5" $2.00 Sewing Scissors, 4" $1.80 Sewing Scissors, 6" $2.25 Shears, 7" $2.75 Manicure Scissors $1.75-$2.50 Pedicure (nail) Scissors $2.25 Cuticle Pedicure Nippers .... $4.50 Tweexers 40c Files, 3Y 2 " '.. 20c Files, 5y z " 40c

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