Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 23, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1909
Page 2
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OLENDORA MAN BUYS ACEEAOE. (From Los Angr-lfs Hpr.'iM.) fiLKXnoRA, .f'in. 10.— Henry 1-',ng]f- linrdt, n jiionr-f-r of tliiry ypnrr roii- drnff in f'lfndorfi, h.'iH jiiHf, n<'f|iiircd fi largo lioldin*/ in t\if I'lTinrnonf. vjillcy, tho rifw polony tli'it is !it tr;i''t ;ng nt- ti'Diion throuj.'li,)iil, Hontlifrn f'•ilifornirt through its great, irn-rr-fisj' in population nnd r.'ijiiil ponimcrcinl r-xpiinsion. Mr. F/n^lclifirdt li.'is fir'<|iiir<'<l thirty HITCH of irriftsiti-i] Innd in \.\u: <-'Iif-rry Vdllfy snhdivision, oiur of the Hfvcn farm yiiluli visions of tlio [V'aiimo-if, L;iinl and VY'itcr '''impfiriy, OWIIPI'H r;rid 'icvplo'pcru of flic Ijp.'iiinioiit district,. Thin tr.'ii-t nc.stlcn nt the fof)t,liiils of the S:m IScrnnrdino inoiu.'t;iiiis nt nn frlcv.'i- (.ion of fibont 2,Hf>n feet nbove the fe;i ;md within n mile, find n li'iif of the. town. Tin; .soil is ;i mellow, decomposed granite-, ide;i|]y adopted for tlio growing of jipplcs, pherrieH, jif'.'irs find other dcpiduon.H fruits, find it is the intention of Mr. Kn^lehfirdt to plant out at onee, twenty acres to variotiH vnrief.ieH of :ip- {ileti. Hn hfiH der:idr'd, after n. careful irivefitignf.ion, to UHO the Htark varieties, headed by the " Dclic.iotm," an apple that has achieved a reputation in the East for its tiizn and quality beyond the average grade nf. fruit. Mr. Englehardt will be ably adsidted in his enterprise by A. C. Htower, hi» non-in-law, who in well known in Glen- dorn, and who will have charge of the planting and cultivation of the Ueau- inont ranch. Mr. Htower and Mr. En- glchardt hnve incorporated the Hnglc- hardt-Htower Orchard Company for the purpose of taking over the new hold- ingH and likcwit<e in order that they may conduct a nurHery company to supply other farmers in the valley with fruit trees, vines and jilant.s. Contracts will be taken for care of young orchards, for varied periods of time, from one to five years, ami it, is saiil that they have already made agreements for liOO acres, involving about 20,000 trees. According to Mr. Knglehardt, the apple growing business in Beaumont, presents one of (lie most attriietive propositions in Southern '.'alifornia. He says that the profit.f; Unit can be nu';<]<'. from apples will equal or surplus those from oranges nnd biiseH Inn conclusions on the results old-timers in Heaiimont have; achieved from their apple orchards. A. A. Warren, one of the Heaiimont apple ranchers, is said to have taken sf<. r -,000 from a 7-acre orchard in 1!)07. Joseph Wilshire, just north of Warren's ranch, took !|i 12,000 from apples and cherries the same year, and there arc a number of nearby ranches Hint are said to show equally as good results. Boaurnonf is noted for the soundness, flavor and bright red color of its apples. The elevation of Jtcaumont, 2,000 to 5,000 feet, is what seems to give the fruit the soundness and superiority above that raised in the lower elevations. It is said that apple lands now obtained in Beaumont at .tKiO an aero, the price Mr. Knglehardt paid, can be planted to apples for #20 additional, and that in five years thereafter will represent bearing orchards worth $750 to $1,000 nn Apple trees cost about 20 cents against $1.00 for orange trees. The trees bear in three years anil require but, one inch of water for ten trees, as against, double that quantity for citrus fruits. Furthermore, the apple is a staple that is marketed close to home, whereas citrus fruits have to lie shipped several thousand miles away to oblniii best prices. These conch:.".!:!:! 4 ; have given rise to a great deal of speculation on Hie part of citrus raisers in Soul hern ' 'alifornia as In flic advantage of engaging in apple I'lilliirc, and not only is Ihe apple movement in active progress in the licauuionl valley, bill in several other loca lii ies in Soul hern I'alifornia, inrlud- ing l.akevieu-, Ifesperia and San huis Ohispo, in all :>f which places considerable .'irraM are being pla nl i'il. Mr. l''ng!ehnrdl also expatiates on Ihe advantage nf growing cherries in Pienii- Illlifll, whii'll at'i'iil'l I i II g to ri'pnlt plti dui'i' I'riim :f|iiu In *~JIMI ;in acre when the tree- 1 are full gmwn, a recm-il that is milv ei|iialleit l'\' tin- I'herrv ore ha l'i Is l n V.'H'i'a \ ille i M I lie inn! In in pa it nf Illis slate. wllfl-e .)'.!,."ill! I In $'.',, Ill ,'iri, 1 i •< a riiainiiia pure I'nr ma I u r< il i>r- rha i il -i. The I'hei rv rimmnm lii I ti'aii- nnnil i ii I lie I'.la.-k < Klu'iirl ain \ariet\', a large, l.htrl., iiisrimis I'ruii that en m ma ml-. I'mtn •' ••• nl-> In 7 "i-nK a IMHI ml, in the ,i I'hanls. liarlletl pears ami v;iriinis v:irn I iei nl peai'lir a ri a i-n l\ nn\vii In \ielii -,|,i, n,| i, 11' in lii Hi -.'in m,'lit di->trii'l ami iaiue sliipniftii i mail' 1 la-.l yi.-ir In Ihe ilnliiiiu 1','n'l, in'.; l uiiip.'inv HIM I nlher U lode-..'! lei -s ale -al'l In -lit>W prillle tjlial il\- ami u mi-u a I lla\nr, llms I'lililling t hi'in In prii'c- abn\ e I In- a\ i-r-ij/e. \ iiein^ I he i , NI,|, HI s ,,l (ileii.lnia, \\lln ha\e leiellllv lie, nine I II t e I e-, I e 11 III Iteaiiinnal, ,"H r MI--.I-. l.awieiii'e and S|n,\\iien, I!. I., tirant and Mi. Ni'l/lev. Se\eial nlhi'i'- an li:;iirini; nn ln.i|,, i IIM ,,>,,< i he l.-i n,I , ,1 I in- i nliin v ami lin 111 n 'n i >\ 1.1 n »1 l ',, • •' n t e r 111 i M' i - I ,e i e -^ !,i,,!>, ,| .-,11,1 l.\ l'i a ier >V f'plei . I l,e \\ i ! I I,!,-, ••, u l i! i M ,!, 11 :i 11 a I i . l ;i' e Ii i i n. MAI.LAUDS f'AI.,1, PKKY '!'() IHINTl'.P.S AUMP.O WITH t'l.UIUi PASO KOBLKS HOT SPRINGS On the Coa-t 'Ihe frjnal of any in the world and <•.<•( in the mid=t of siu:b I'lim.'ilic I'oiKlitioiri as roii-tatifiy invite tn the. open ;iir. A delightful pl;n:c for f"M, recuperation, c'in-Mtniiona! (real- nu-nts and n-ereation. '! ].<• ne\v b;ith hmr-f-, will) iti '-nperb <-'|iiipni'nt, is tin- rivalf-d hy anything it: (hi- eotintry. 1 fy- dropathie tn-atni'-nt-', mud hath-,, swiin- ming liallis. Tnrki-h liath-. Partienlar t at Sr^rniKRX l-ACII-'I-r; (Jl'MCKS. What nre yon rloing for the "gnrri fllHfas<'" in your orange, grove? Kver fiy si grnovliiK knife? !25f! sit Kellar- Thornason Mfg. Co, tf JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders for your photos. Hj ccia 1 prices during September. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND SUPPLIES Corina, Cal. ; San Joaquin Valley New Daylight Train Parlor Car Between Los Angeles and Fresno. From Los Angeles daily at 7:35 a. m.. arriving Fresno 7:17 p. m. From Fresno 8:50 a. m., arriving Los Angeles 8:45 p. m. Southern Pacific D. C. Schcnck, Agent, Covina Phone 144 1909 Model Kissel Thirty Motor—4^x4^—30 h. p. ' Wheel Base--107 in. Floating Rear Axle. I Beam Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs Y\ EHptic. Weight—2000 Ibs. Tiinken Roller Bearings. Weecls- 32x3;{.. Speed—-45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 CO VINA .! i I ;, . . I 1 . •.'. . I i • . :t I .i w 'i. n 1 !.i i. ,. in , . .1 i .-,, • A . • h • i • • i r 11 :, I l.i-i •• 1 M 1,111, 11 :: ' ' • ! : i . ;. ' . • l ' 11 i | ,, ,-* 11 •! • I MI- I hi-.h : •• 'I '. . Th,. • !.•(!,,,.. :-.|,|" •!. ' !. . . '•> l. :••!' ,, 1. 1 : ; , - <. ' > , i ; M ' i ! " i, 11 . ~, i i, i , j i 111 ,1 i,,i', i ii,,\ ., i ,- ;. i , , ! '. .,1 : . '• , u :, I U. I'll, .i... I. !,.,::•!. ,i :i.i •'. •<•• •' I; •• ••'• i- '! l u ' I - ' , I I ; • : l , . • i 1111 • 11: I -: i ,: .' ; 11 J ' ' 11' : 11. l I . 11 i ,• i -, . 11' • • 111 • j : ' i. i ij '-• I "i ' l •, i 11 i _; t i. <• , ;i I 1 '. i.,.,ii > -I I I.i- II ";: A -'!. ill I1 ii, •. .1 .1 :•. |.- u :i ^ j^.i' I"-i , n u I 'n- rrt' 111 i 111 - in, i i, 11, _' . i i. • i -1. i j • i' 111 i> lin ii! !,, 111:11 • k.-t. Plumbing Plumbing Materials WATER pjpi: St:\Vt:R I II L ALL PLlAUilNCi REPAIRS We contract to furnish all the. materials and do the work or furnish the materials only. Gt:T OUR P KICKS JAMES W.HELLMAN Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 157-161 North Spring St. LOS ANGKLES COVINA INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY. ARCHITECTS. C. H. Wedgwood, W. E. Allen, Chas. E. Paige. ATTORNEY9-AT-LAW. Andrew M. Pence. George L. Sanders. AUTOMOBILES. Covina Oarage A Machine Shop Association. Reo Oarage. BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. Clarence Allison, M. B. Folsom, J. L. Moxley, O. W. Coolman, U. G. Krlng, H. Van B'-ntlensen. BANKS. First National Bank, W. M. Griswold, cashier; Covina Valley Savings Bank; Covina National Bank, V. O. English, cashier; United States Savings Bank. BAKERIES, Home Bakery, Stevens A. Matney, proprietors; Warner, Whltsel Company. BUTCHER SHOPS. Covina Valley Market, Frank Kendall; North Side Market, Robert Crenshaw. BARBER SHOPS. The Owl, Marshall A Cheney; The Richelieu, Hesseltlne A, Lewis; The Stag, J. O. Talbot. BOOT A SHOE REPAIRING. Covina Shoe Repairing Co.; Llndop Repair Shop. BICYCLES. Covina Cyclery, Fran* Richter; Pioneer Bicycle Shop; The Bicycle Repair Shop, G. D. Davle. BLACKSMITHS. Johnson 6 Nigg; A. J. Rooks; J. N. Wilson. CONFECTIONERY. O. B. Evans (Palace of Sweets); H. D. Madison. CEMENT PIPES AND BLOCKS. Ben F. Thorpe; Patrick H. Tally; Bonham A. Ritchie. DENTISTS. Dr. F. J. Cllne; Dr. J. C. Barney. DRUGGISTS. C. F. Clapp; W. W. Nash. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. Pacific Light A Power Co.; Roy Winder. ORCHARD FUMIGATION. Stowell Fumigating Co.; Houser- Ohaver Co. FURNITURE. Covina Furniture House, W. Q. Custer, prop.; Brow A Son, New and Second-Hand Furniiure; Hull, Second- Hand Store. DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, GENTS' FURNISHINGS. The Broadwell Department Store; The People's Store. HARDWARE. F. H. Fabrick; W. L. Hurley. HOTELS. The Hotel Vendome. HARNESS. The Covina Harness A Saddlery Company. IMPLEMENTS. Twomey & Diller. IRRIGATION. Covina Irrigating Co.; Columbia Land & Water Co. EXCLUSIVE INSURANCE. F. W. Sherwood. JEWELLERS. F. E. Wolfarth. LAUNDRY. Covina French Hand Laundry; Pomona Steam Laundry. Pomona Sanitary Laundry. LUMBER. Kerckoff-Cuzner Co. LIVERY STABLES. Avenue Stables, J. V/. Keefer; City Livery Stables, Charles Smith. MILLINERY. Miss Sara Packard. MILLING FEED. San Gabrii'l Valley Milling Co.; J. H. Matthews Co. MACHINE SHOP. Kellar & Thomason Co., Inc., Manufacturers and Inventors of California Farming Supplies. MONEY TO LOAN. Oscar Miller. TRANSFER. Covina Transfer Co., Hutchison Bros., Props. NURSERIES. Covina Nursery, J. W. Armstrong, prop.; A. W. Pooley; Arthur Yarnell. OSTEOPATHY. Drs. Stevens & Bnrron. PHOTOGRAPHERS. C. W. Tucker. PHYSICIANS. Reed & Jennings; Roxie E. Bates, Dr. Lewis Thorpe. PAINTING. C. H. Kistler; S. E. Coons; A. H. Crawford. PLUMBING. W. 4 s Sides; F. H. Fnbrick; E. L. Jackson. i GROCERIES. ! Warner-Whitsel . Co.; J. F. Home; Robert Crenshaw. | REAL ESTATE. j Hazzarcl <£. Welch: J. M. Stnnton Pollird & Hut.ihinson; A. J. Reetz A. VV.iriu.-r i Co.; Samitrs R.-.ilty Co. Jerome Reynolds: Covina Lari ' & 1 Loan Co., William Clark, J. H. Mat- tlu-vvs Covina f-le.iitv Co.. Dotujlas & Miller tItlw.ird-3 & Wi:<K-y Co.; I. C. F.-irly George Covert Co. ROOMING HOUSFS. '. William McLcoci; J. H. Mann; J. H. Whitt.'ker. SIDF.WALK CONTRACTING. Bonham <t Ritcha. TREE PRUNING. William Summers. Goodnight. TA1I.OKS. D. M. Sutherland; Charles Harris, cleaning and pressing. TEACHING. Madame Van Vliet, voice culture; Robert Philleo, vinlin; Prof. Groom, school music and vocal and instrumental instruction; Mrs. Harry Damerel. piano; Mrs. John Brunjes, piano; Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe, voice culture; Miss Met.i Brunjes. piano; Bess Welch, voice culture. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF HEARING PETfTION FOR THE VACATION AND ABANDONMENT OF PORTIONS OF ROWLAND AND WORKMAN AVENUES IN COVINA ROAD DISTRICT, COUNTY OF I,OS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby given that a petition •signed by United Investment Co. and 14 others, asking for the vacation and abandonment of that portion of Rowland Avenue from Azu«a Street to the westerly line of the Phillips Tract, anil that portion of Workman avenue from said Azusa Street to the westerly line of the said Phillipn Tract, as per map recorded in Hook 9, page 4, Miscellaneous Records of said County, said avenues being situated in the Covina Road District, County of Los Angeles,State of' California, has been filed with the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles, and that said petition will be heard by said Board, at its office in the County Courthouse, City of Los Angeles, California, on Monday, December28, 1908, at 10 o'clock a. m, of said day. By order of the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, California, made December 7, 1908. C. G. KSYES, County Clerk and ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said Lo« Angeles County. by A. M. McPherron, Deputy Clerk. AmcHment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the directors, held on the second day of December, 1908, an assessment, (No 47) of 75 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd, 1886) of the above named corporation, payable immediately to the secretary at the office of the company at Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 5th day of January, 1909, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 26th day of January,1909, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale. B. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. Covina, Cal., December 2, 1908. By the board of directors of the Covina Irrigating Company at a<meeting held Jan, 6, 1909, the date of delinquency «in the above assessment notice was advanced from Jan, 5th, 1909, to Jan, 20, 1909, and the date of sale from Jan 26, 1909, to Feb. 10, 1909. iB. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Notice Is hereby given that In pursuance of an order of the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Ldu Angelep, made on the 6th day of May, 1907, In the matter of the estate and guardian ship of Lucinda Rockwell, a mentally incompetent person, In the matter of the above entitled estate, the under signed administrator of the said estate, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, in gold coin of the United States, and on such terms as may be satisfactory to said administrator and lawful, and subject to confirmation by the said Superior Court on and aftor the 1st day of February 1909, at. the office of Wm. A. Gaines attorney for said administrator and estate, room 401, Chamber of Commerce, 1,'!() South Broadway, City ant County of I,os Angelas, State of California, all I he right, title, interest am estate of the said estate of Lucinda Rockwell, menially incompetent, ir and l(? all those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land, lying and being ii I the County of Los Angeles, Slate of i California, and described as follows j to wit.: Lot. 17, In block .". of (lie Townsitr of Covlnn, UH per map In Hook 9, patrof I!-1. .Miscellaneous Keconls of Los An L'.eles County, Stale of California, an< all the personal property Remixed and described in said petition. Said real properly so described is recorded in tin- olllce of the County lie- ronler of Los Angeles County, Siate of California. Haled ihU Tiii day of December, 190S. WM. A. CAIXKS, Attorney for the Ks- tate. •lii I Chamber of Commerce lildg. Summons. In flic Justice'.-. Court of Rowland township, County of I,os Angeles, Stati. 4 of California. State of California l>laintiir, vs. .1. !•'. Jackson, and K. I'. 1 >avidnon, defendants. Tin 4 iH'u|)lt 4 of tin- StitU, 4 of California si-mi ifrt'i-linj^s to: J. K. Jackson and K. 1'. jlavid-Miii dc'fi'iuUuit.s. You an 4 lu-iv diivcu-d to appear in an action ln'niinht a-^aiiiMt you hv tin 4 above named plaintill, in the Justice's r.mrt nf K'..u Tuwiiihip, Los An- ;;elei I'oiintv, Si,ile of California, and tn an->\\i r li.'l'iiri' tile i\i-.tice at his otliee ill t'»vin.i, '.n >aid '!'• i\\ n.ih i p, tile I ciiiiipl.iin l liK.i! l i'l'iv: ii, \\ilnin li\e alter t:.' 1 ^er v ]>-.• 1,11 \\-\t i'I thi.-, .vmi- iiinii-. il -,1'i'ved '.Ni'.hin ! he "t'< • A ii.-hio, i in \* bich l lii-, .t.'t •. ,11 i-, liroii,.; h:. or, .!" : .-,e;-\ e.l , ,111 <•:" >.lii! T,.\\ n --hip « ilhin > i ill l'i MI n ! y . s>. i; ;s i u ten i!.i y- : "I' within tueinv il.i\~ il .- 'i v< d e':-ewhi 4 re. ' A lit', \.ill .il e he! 'ell', li, .i i lii-d t ll.'l I U 11 le^.-. y<>u > i appear ai.i! ;ui>^\er >aul eoiii- pl.iint. it^ almvi. 1 required, >aid plainiill ' \\ ill c.ui-,e yi'iir di'fault tn be entered ! and Like judgment l,.r any iiiniiey ..r i t i.i IIKIL; 'es den i a iided in the coin plai n t .!>; .iri-iiiL: up.'ii C'iiitr.ii-t. "i" u'il! apply t" j til'.' I'.nirt for tl:e relief ileiiuuided in ! the c..mpl.iiii!. tn.--i.-ih-.-r svith the co-,t ,'f -nit. liis'en muler ;;iv hand thii sec -m! .iav <'I Jmiuui'v. l''o>i. i \V. i'. M-ir^liaU^ 1 .1 u- tice of til'.' 1' i.f Kiiv\ l.iii'! 'l','\v n- i >liip, l'' 'iiut v ot !,'.'.-> An^eics. Suite i-t FOR SALE Five room house and barn, lot 5Cxl75, fenced, close to Citrus avenue and electric road. S1800. Lot 50x175 adjoining above, full bearing Washington navels. $8.50. Four room modern bouse, two porches, bath, cellar, electric lights, large lot 60x175. E. College St. S2500. Five room house and large lot 60x175, in center of town. S3500. Large lots, 60x175, full bearing navels. $625. Large corner lot 95x175, solid to full bearing navels, close to Electric road. S1500. Business lot on Citrus avenue, 55x155 with enclosed ¥ irds and sheds, 55x80, hauling way on either side, he finest site in town for any wholesale business. Close to electric road. Price $6000. Good terms can be had on all the properties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not See Yosemite This Winter? It is a magnificent sight, it is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cai. . V *AA**.*AAAA.**.*^ INew Pomona Double Plunger | Deep Well Pump Mead BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running deep wull pump because there aru no dead centers, no jerk or j;ir, and no danger of breaking the pump rods, lie sure and write for our Siy catalogue. Watch this sp-iee for further information. Pomona Manufacturing* Co. Pomona, California Covina Orange Groves \\'u have a laro'o clionta^e Inlying j^tn want a ijui>_k sale, list ynur o "IT l'AY-> T' l Si-:!- 1 ranjje proves. It you c with us. EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 2.^ I.aughlin Hldg-.. I.,us Angeles D. W. McDonald. Covina representativ,- Hutnc phone 12M5, Covin

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