The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 15, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1977
Page 3
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Personal—Social—Fraternal Frank Butcher I Elsie Hulpa Weds Barbara! \ Honored At 1 Ann Saivyer In ti pretty wodcllnj,' Saturdfiy (it Recent Showed Miss Elsie Hulpa v/as gueKt of Vt., Knink Donald j h ' mO1 ' at a miscellaneous shuwer . given recently by Mrs. Gladys Hal- Butcher. -ion of Mrs. Normn Hutch- 1 , omn an(1 M|!m Mal . y Kcrskli IT. 367 High Htreut, NitUKivauck, | A mock wedding ceremony was took tor his brldi? SllHa Biirbimi funturu of the evening's enter' Mn ™ nt W ' th MI " Koraki . | n j, p Hcnnlngton. | tn( . yirst. Irene Konas acting as WllhernUtx Suwyor, Hcnnlngton. tn( . p^oom, und Mrs. Beatrice PI- Thc iloublii-rlnK wucldlntc ceremony [ per, thu bride. wan pofTomiml In thu Second Con- Among those church by the Hnv. Stanley Ciirnmlngs, foofoni un altnr bnnkcd with greun roKugu and frc-wh cut nnrt)nn flownrs. Thfi liridi', iitllnid In u while oyr- l»t dreM.f caught tight at the wul.'it, with »aUn trim on poplin u.nd uleeveM. wu.n given in rrmrrlaf;n by haf brother. Charlie; Stiwyor, She worf fi whlto nyiilut and Hatln I'lc- turu hut, whltn ucc'jHuorU.'S. n.nd u corsHC" °f nrohlils untl buby's bl'uutli. Thn mutron of honor WIUH Mrs. Hnnry yhanahun of Bunnlng- ton, ri jil.-itur of tho brldo. Mr. Butcher had u.s his bent man, Filbert AteKunnji, Till Ku«t Mdln fllrmit, Wiitiirfoui'y, a cUi.'mrmilo ut Arnold ColluKB. Now Hnvon. Dai- roll Sawyer nnd Hornurd JHynn, botli of Bunnlngtoti, worn u.shurfi, Thfi rmitron tit tioitor won.' n ;>ltik und black love lott'T print dr<»i!i with black ficccHHiirliis. n Muek jilt:- turu hut. and u iKn-iHntn of plnl: 1'Ofion and buby's brtmth. Tho ^roum f/ari' (i wtiltf fjfilni bunch "iiit find white nhoiiu. The brlUi 1 '.*! rriotln'r WIIM drcfi'ii'il In u yellow mill bliicli Jnrniiy v/llli black iiccoMsorli.j'. nnd won; a ror.MHKo of \vhU*. 1 I'fmun uriil baby'.-t bn-'ath, whlto Howiircid pi-lrit Jnniiiy, whltr* i nnd a ubrsa.f(! of whlt» und bfiliy'H lu-nfitti, A roC'i'ptlon for ubotit 100 jjurntM followdd rhf (ipriniiiiiiv. Att'indlii): W(irn' >;u«Ht» from New York city, Hchonoctady, flltsiliilil. Went SiUnl Ijike, N. Y., W;itcrvllft, N. Y,, Trny, N. Y., I.cb.-irion .MprliiKs. Wii- li'i'tniry Now Ilitvan. r.'t'ldcvijifirt, Knrtrorcl, I>'nlrl)(>lfl iinfl Naugiiluck. The brlfln fjrc'Hfntpd a ycliovv ;.?okt iltirit nnd the urnoni pn-Mnnti'd Inll.luli'il tin elit-'ipr. to the b(t«t iriun nnd unhi'i'M. FolluwInK thr I'liciintUin Mr, nnd Mra, Uutc.')inr li-i> nji n .trip to Selirotm fjiku, ,V. Y Thi- hrldu worn a IlKht l»liif> find whltn ttnissi with whltn iirr.TMi!orlii.i. Tliry will mnki' Iholr tibiiin ut ;U17 High vtrui.'t, Ndii- frntuok iifti'i- July ft, Mi: Eiutchnr Hvrved four ynur.i n» n putty offlc-or uljoard u T'T boiLl 'luring thn wnr. Hi- Is a graduate of Niujgiituck High nchool, uuondud Trny BiMlnnwH Collnsrc, and in now »nro||u(l ut Arnold Cullugu dC I'hy.'ilgal Wrlucntlon <ind Itygli'tiu, Ttio bi'Ulo IH u Krnduiitii ol i.',ni\- nlngton tflu'h Mt'hocjl, inul nttcndfd Arnold fJollcgo Doth will n-turn to Arnold In thn full. Arc. fiiitchpi 1 ha« hunn »p;i»lnt»<l (IN filiyylc/U IriHtructor lit Krcniiitlon J'"lt'ld for till! mimrni:r. attending were: Mrs. Ann Kunu. Mra. Sophie Hul- Talelr, Mrs. Dorothy Kerskl, Mrs. Sophie 51-jpkfi, Mrs, Eleanor Ker- «lfi, Mrs. Annntasla Kerskl. Mrs. Gladys Hallorun, Mrs. Beatrice Hlpf-r, Also. Mrs. KatherlncNorrls, Mrs. Irono Honus, Mrj. Minnie Ash, Mrs. Lillian Schunck, Mrs. Anno Aqua- vlti, MlHB Mury Kcr.iki, Mlsa Ann [.iiskowskl, Miss Veronica Hulpa, Miss Lol.s Piper, Miss Doris Halloran, Miss Betty. Piper and Miss Hulpa. Capt.,Mrs. Cuddy Visiting Here/ and Mrs. James V, Cuddy are visiting Capt. Cuddy's mother, Mrs. Jamea Cuddy of Cherry street. Capt. Cuddy, now on terminal leave, plans to enter Columbia University In the fall to complete a course for a master's degree In physical education. Capt. Cuddy's wife is the former Jane Washburn of West.Ha- ven, , Family Sleeps On City Hall Lawn Richard Sullivan In Virginia Richard Sulllvnn visited the ginia, tjvor the weekend. Evarts-Drapko Double Ring Ceremony In a .double ring ceremony performed this morning at St., Fran- els' rectory by Rev. Albert Taylor Rita A. Drapko, daughter of Mrs Charles Drapko, 68 Arch street, was united in marriage to Russell B. Evarts, son of Mrs. Lucius Evarts, 1-19 New Haven avenue, Mllford, Conn. Attired in a street ler.g;tn white eyelet dress, with round neckline, sort puff sleeves and lilted bodice, .. a small hat of white flowers and wearing a corsage of white roses and stcphanotis, the bride was attended by her cousin, Mrs, Harry Wright of Milfo'rd as matron of honor The latter wore a pink eyelet dress, small white hat, whlto ac- ct'Morles and^ a corsage of pink roses and blue delphinium. Harry Wright of -Mllford was best man. j The bride's mother wore- a lifj gray and white print dress with white accessories and a corsage of mixed flowers.- The bridegroom's mother wore bclgo and brown, with brown accessories and :i corsage of mixed flowers. Following tWe -ceremony dinner was served for the Immediate families at the Curtiss House, Woodbury. The couple left on u wedding trip to Finger Lukes, New York, Ihu bride wearing a pink suit with white accessories. Tho bride is a. graduate of Nau- gutuck High school and Is employed at the U. S, Rubber Co, laboratory. The bridegroom, a graduate of Mllford High 'schbol, was recently discharged from the U. S. Army after five years service. They will make their home at 149 New Haven avenue, Milford, Driscoll-Daltonf Wedding Today In Middlebury A wedding .of local interest tcok place at 'the. Church of .St. 'John of the Cross;- Middlebury, today, when Miss Esther Dalton ' of Gal-, pin street was married to Francis H. Driscoll in a ceremony performed by the Rev. H. C, Carrig. Mrs, Prank Haney of New York dty, a sister, was the bride's only attendant. Mr. Driscoll • had 1 -as best man his son, Walter F. Driscoll. The wedding ceremony was performed at 9 a. m. Tha bride'wore a-street-costume of linen in a natural^ shade -with black accessories, and a corsage of deep blue delphinium and baby's .. , breath. The matron-of honor wag I Refused a two-room Tiome In the Rodgers Young Memorial Tillage in Los Angelas because liin family was "too lurffe," ex-Nuvy cook, JUIIIOM A. Nelson «Iept with his homeless family on the lawni la front'of ''the City Hull. The veteran Intends-to make his home on the 'City JIait fawn until allowed to live at Memorial Village. (International Sound- photo) attired in a street costume of linen, in lug-fi-ag-e shade, with- black access-Dries, and wore 'a corsage of yellow roses'and baby's breath. Following a weddlnfr breakfast at Wavorly Inn tor. the immediate families, the couple •left, on ; an unannounced wedding-trip. Announce Birth Of Daughter June 30 . Mr.- and Mrs. John E, Callahan, •I Meadow 'street, announce' the ilrth of a daughter, Ann at S-t. Mary's hospital June SO. The baby B a granddaughter of Mrs, Ellen lahan of 'Ansonia and' Thomas "Duffy of Naugatuck, Mrs. Lukaitis Party Guest A surprise birthday party Now At Strand 1520 3-8 yr«. Yuur young duughtur will adore little party dress that's thl;i MO cuol and summery looking. Note ihi: lovely -HU lines, Hide but- Ray Kralis Home From Rensse.laer Ray A. Kralis, son of Mr. ond Mrj. Stratton Krulis, is vacation- Ing here with his parents. He is a Junior at Renssfilaer Poytechnlc (.rnstltute. Also visiting Mr. and Mra, KraliM are the iatter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickerson of Crowe, Virginia., Amatos Return From Waramaug Mr. and Mrs. Sam Amato of Pond toning and porky unp sleeves, And street, untl family have re-turned aa n flnluh. iniriow lacu of ruffling. | fiom a shore visit to Lake Wara- Jiitrbtirn JJell Pattern No. 1520 is mnug, To Spend Fourth In Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. 'und Mrs. Theodore Clumllu ' of I'onil strent urn |iiunnltig u trlji to firticiklyn, N, Y,, -tomorrow, DID J''mirth of July, PROMPT WATCH J and JEWELRY \ REPAIRING J duMigriud for wines 3, 4, 5, C, 7 and 8 yoar.M. Sl'/o •! reciulrus 1 7-S yards of 35 or HP-inch material, For this pattern, sitind 20 conU, In coins, your numo. itddrcsa, pn-t- tnrn number and size wanted to tiarlmra Bull, Ntvugatuci: News, 'P. O. Kox ()9, Station G, New York 19, N. Y. An additional 2, r ;cont.s brings you the exciting SUMMER Issue of FASHfON — chuck full of Ideas and patturn.s for every home sewer — freii napdlmvorlc Instructions — free ldiir pad pattern und directions printed In book. (K»lc!itiL'd by Thu Bell Syndicate, Inc.) i GUS' SMOKE SHOP i William Schpero .JKWKUCJU 1»0 Church Street Nnucutuck i I ]' 102 North Main St. Union City ; '', Gus KIlmimzuwHld, Prop. . ,! Wo IIHVO your fuvorlto newii- * 11 pupor, miigii'/.liio or other 1 iiL-rlodlenl. Spend Vacation . In Akron,. Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Krullkow- ski und their son, Stanley, and Mr. nnd Mrs, Henry Rynechi, and their son, Henry, are vacationing- In Akron, Ohio. Anne Lukaitis, 15 Park Place, .at home. Mrs. Lukaitis was presented many gifts and 'a purso by those present. Those who attended jvere: Mrs. JAnne Johnson, Anne Caine, Anne Praiuus, Agnes Stevens, Catherine Lukaitis, Catherine NorHs, Helen I Gron. Also Mi£E Bernadotte Lukaitis, Lukaitis,' Mary Lukaitus, Olga Nutolezio, Catherine Na'to- lizio, Eleanor Johnson and Richard Lukaitis, Mrs. Radcliffe In New Hampshire Mrs. Katherine Radcliffe of 20 Hotchkise street is visiting friends in Boston and New Hampshire, Vacationing At Lake Waramaug- Mr, and Mrs. John Mancuso of Pond street are vacationing at Lake Waramaug. Weekend Guest At Bryant College Miss Eve Abucewicis of 17 Crown street, Naugatuck, was a weekend guest of Miss Ruth Adamson at Bryunt College, Providence, R. I. Scheibers Return Prom .Tiffin, Ohio Mr. and, Mrs. Robert Scheibei- NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY,-JULY S. 1M#-J>AGE S Raymond Hugheses At Winnipesaukee Mr. and Mrs. .Raymond Huffhcs of Southview street are vacationing at Winnlpcsaukoo Luke, Wolfeboro, NCM- Hampshire. William Kesson Has Tonsillectomy Williain Kesson, son of Mr. an Mrs. Robert E. Kesson of 204 Quin street, was taken \o St. Mary's lios pital yesterday afternoon, to havr his tonsils removed. Following 1 th operation, he was restinff comfort .ibly this morning. Complete Trip To Montreal Mr,, and Mrs. Charles J. Wa.« cowicz and family of -S5 Walnu •street .havn returned to their home after a trip to Montreal. Jouple Apply For Marriage License Application for marriage license as been made at the'offlce of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. Jolm by Ian-Is Fitch, 62 "Atwood street iVa-tertown, and Dorothy Palmer 0 •Pearl street, Waterbury. and daughter, of Cherry street, mve returned .from Tiffin, Ohi?, A-here' they visited Mr. Scheiber's Barents, 26 PC. Service for 6 LIFT TIME STAINLESS STEEL 6 KNIVES C FORKS 8 TEAS 8 SOUP I BUTTER 1SUGAK $9.95 Complete With Chost SCHNEERC ** CREDIT JEWELERS^ 1*2 South Main St — FRED'S IU-WAV GRFLLE SOI South Main St. Regular Dally Dinner' 50c up A JL» Carte Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Loun(f e Full IJquor License WEDDJHO OrPT BPECFAt ELECTRIC PERCOLATOB8 —• with, chrome tray, micnr 'and creamer, -. (fO complete". <D<w M. WOLFF S3 GRAND ST.. WTBttY, BOUGHT SOU) Special li&lcn on Trailer* For Vacation t)«« ORANGE TRABLEB RENTAt SERVICE TRI.KrnONT: .V«ar»(u<-k SOM OMce In Uolon Clur U«rdw»r* UMc. For $400 you can get-a FURNACE and OIL BURNER 86 Months 7V> Pay, The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Leaders in Home HeaUnr S4-SO SPBING ST. i forFURSTORAGE OS. N. Alain »t,. ~B llelil St. Watrrburr Tel. S-3Ti7 ur 4-513S ' THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson BufldlB* Conn. Over a long period or time, Paraguay residents expect an annual average of 214 clear days, TO rainy days and 72 cloudy. : WHITE PISH MARKET; JOSEPH CABBAL, Prop. ; 8 South Main St. ; Choicest selection. AJf salt and j /rash water fish at loxvcut i prices. ~" " ' "•( ', Muytie this isn't exactly what the vt'i.'11-dressed hou.sekwper will wear this season, hut-pretty Juno All.vson finds It adequate for clcunlnsr out her dressing .room butxvecn scenes of "Two Sister* from Boston," now M-G-M musl- CJil now lit the Strand In VVater- l)»ry. The companion feature Is "Passkey to Diinirc-r' nnd features . Kane Hiolimoml. BURGESS IO fll All INHBUMINII SWAN ELECTRIC CO. Church St. Nuuffatuck, Conn. Teloplione 2674 STORE CLOSED THURSDAY, INDEPENDENCE DAY CINE-KODAK FILM IS * HERE AGAIN ... in 8-mrn. and K>-rom. siz«» ... for home movie* In bUck-nnd- white or (uii-coloc- YOTJE KODAK DEALER SWEENEY'S Neary Bldg. Photo Finishing Photo Supplies Developing- Tanks Kodaslide Projectors STORE Naugatuck ART and STATIONERY Church St, Pepri-Cola Company, Long lAand City, N.'Y.. ANNOUNCING Naugatuck r s New Radio Repair Service CHAPEL. ELECTR|C COMPANY 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET (Opposite Naugutuck Furniture Co.) ;• y$ * v: ' FACTORY REPAIR SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OF RADIO SETS. PROMPT SERVICE AT REASONABLE PRICES. LATEST EQUIPMENT FOR RADIO' REPAIR WORK. ' . KrJ' T .7hat is this day? A day for flags flying and Church picnics? It's far more than that! What is this day? A day for closed stores and'crowd- ed-beaches? It's far more than that! What is this day? A day for parades and speeches? Yes—that's it. .July 4th, the Anniversary of .America's hard-won independence is a day for parades in honor of every .dembcratic principle by which we live: a day foiTspeeches to waken and reawaken; us all to the fact that we best fight for democracy by working for peace. , . , . .- Agency for Westinghouse Radios and Electric Appliances '. Admiral Radios and Phonographs ";..''"-'.. Stewart-Warner and Sonora Radios '."'\ . Philco Car Radio's Sold, Installed- and' Serviced '191-199 Church Street Naugatuck, Conn. (M, Freedman Co. pledges itself to a continuance of 0. -Pi A. prices just as Iqng as, possible in full co-operation with the appeal of President Truman in His fight against inflation). _ ,. . .. ; . .... , ; „',..„,^zJ^.'.-.^i^^.,

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