Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 23, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1909
Page 1
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Mrs. H. M, F. H. FABRICK PLUMBING F. H. FABRICK-HARDWARE LEADING NEWSPAP GAB COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. JAN. 23, 1909. iNo.e PROFESSIONAL CARDS QR. WILBUR H. CLARK (Successor to Dr. J. C. Goodell) OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175. Hours 9-4 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. S. STEVENS AND BARRON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays Dr. Emma Barron Mondays and Thursdays & JENNINGS, ' PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. t>. REED G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, ft. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA. CAL. p. J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. , W. W. SCHIFFMAN «VV' ! -- Qver'&rgUB Office \ - «?' CovinayCal. j '-./ ^, * * J- > «' ,- ( 'j*"' ' '"- / f*«54 A HI <J 4 H. -,^X ARCHITECT AND 1 '•'*" BUILtDING CONTRACTOR Residence, Cieneya, near Grand R.F.D. box 204' Phone 3065 ANDREW M. PENCE , ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT L,AW Offices 32S-333-33S Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL,. * * -*• * # We Can Sell Your Orange Grove •*• Our branch oftlce in Los Ange- * * * * # les, 525 So. Spring street, en- ables us to get in touch with buyers. List your property with us. t Covina Realty Co. The grand final touch to thd Sunday dinner—W.VV. & Co.'s pastry. Look in at Hull's second baud store. The dirt is out. Cbarlea H. Morris for Implements. Tel. Azusa 4. tf The meal seems incomplete without Premier Blend Coffee. And it is. W. W. & Co. A true coffee with it true taste and a true aroma. A coffee that keeps up iu quality—Premier Blend. W. VV. & Co. You may talk about the ruLy winea of Minny Italy and Fiance, hut what can compare with tht- uroiua (jiid fcx .luiiiu- llan.r ui I'leuiit-r likud (.'o(!'•«•. W. VV. .v Co. MUCH WATER IN WASHES Baker and Rural Mail Carrier Have Narrow Escape. The great storm which was contra! off tho 'Orpgon coast on Thursday reached us on the evening of that day, when the rain began falling gently about (i o'clock, and during the night developed into a steady downpour, fn San .Francisco the storm has been one of the worst in the history of that city. Telegraph and telephone wires were blown down in all directions, tho wind at ono time reaching a velocity of 05 miles 'an hour, accompanied by a tremendous rain-pour. There was a very heavy sea running nnd tugs were kept in readiness all along the water front ready to assist any vessel that, might be in distress. Sacramento reports heavy damage nnd car lines tied up. The Sacramento, Feather and Yuba rivers aro full, an,! the worst flood in years is boked for. Modesto and other' points in the San Joaquin Valley have all suffered from excess of moisture, but in Los Angeles county and as far south as San Diego the storm has boon welcomed by the orange growers and ranchers as the advance, agent of good crops, comf'.irt and prosperity. THE STORM LOCALLY. Thp continuous heavy rain on TJmrs- . „ f«nuL „,,,. , „- r-,— J and'two *pcrsoftW trying to 'croatf the 'WaMi at different places had narrow escapes.* Mr. How-?ll of the Azusa Bakery attempted to crona on Cypress avenue, just east of B. F. Thorpe's, and the rush of water carried the horses off their feet and overturned tho wagon. The driver filially succeeded in getting to the bank with the team, but the wagon was wrecked and carried down stream. Mrs. W. C. Hibsch, the well-known mail carrier on Route No. 1, was more fortunate in crossing the wash near the Hempstend & Curtis ranch, Olendora. Tho water ran into her buggy and reached almost to the horse's back, but the stout little animal plunged through in safety. On tho Pacific, Electric a washout occurred Thursday afternoon just east of the big bridge crossing the San ('»- briel, and traffic, waa delayed for three hours. The official rain gnage at Covina at the time we go to press gives the rainfall for the storm as> inches and 10.18 inche.^ for the season. SUPERINTENDENT VISITS SCHOOL The assistant comity superintendent of schools, Prof. T. ,1. Pliilliiist, visited the Covina grammar school on Thursday. He expressed himself as well pleased with the excellent work being by the principal, Prof. Kail I,el- brick and his corps of teiichers. The school he says will rank with the best in the countv. CLA5SY BALL GAME. Covina Defeats Pasadena In Closest Game of Season. Last Sunday afternoon Covina defeated North Pasadena in the first real baseball contest held on the homo grounds this winter. The close score of If to 1 furnishes an idea of how even the game really was. The exhibitions furnished by Kl Monte and Pomona on the two previous Hnndnys had made the fans a little grouchy and a thoroughly classy ball game was received with decided favor. Ping Fairly ami Smith were tho opposing slabsters and both pitched fine ball. The home boys landed oil the Crown City heaver seven titnea while, Ping allowed them to gather only four bingles oil' of his delivery. It was in the strike out department that diet showed his real class by fanning ten men. t.o hiu opponent's two. The run gelling was started by Covina, in the second inning. King drew a walk; Bab Fairly sacrifici-d nitn to second, then Shirley got to first on a fielder's choice, advancing King to third. Montague the next, man up laid a beauty past .-second base scoring King. Shirley was scored on a short infield drive to first base. Again in the fourth round King encircled the bags by the assistance of Slrirloy and Montague, and completed the run getting for'Co- vina. The Pasadena boys did not get, a look in until the ninth inning and then the one tally they squee/ed across was verv questionable. The umpire on the buses lefused to give Shirley credit for an easy put-out at third the man scoring. All the boys played high elans hull, proving beyond a. doubt that Covina can turn out a ball team that will up well with any of the minor teams in the southland. ' King appeared with,4he breast plate a,ad handled him«'& _ r __. r jfc successfully apdfrwith Stewart and Libby pulled oft' a uoat double play. Stewart played consistently at" Hceoml. Shirley won applause several his clover stunts around third. ,'Ifo received seven chances and got'fivo of them. His two errors wore bad but did not count in the run getting, The outfield consisting of Montague, Bab Fairly and Wallace, was a good combination. Montague, and Fairly played their usual steady game. This'was Wallace's first appearance with the team and ln> made, a good showing. The Pasadena boys cannot be given too much credit for the stylo and sn:i|) wit.ii which they played. They were adepts at bunting and worked the s.pieeze play successfully. Jn the preliminary practice their clever work made the local boys, warming up, appear liln* a bunch of dubs. The game itself, however, told a difl'erent. story. It is probably interesting to know thai this team has only lost thro;] games out of twenty-five played this season, Covina taking the third game. Following is the lineup: COVI.N'A. A I! U 1HHHHM IT) A K Hughes, s.s. . . I II 0 Libby, I b. . . . I (I 12 Stewart, 12 b. . -I (I 12 M. Fairly, <-. f. I o L! Shirley, '.'! b....'! I I Moiilagi-c, I. I'. I! II 12 Wallace, r. f. . .'! (I I .\OlfTII I'ASADK.VA GUILTY AND FINED $ r )0. John Smith wan found guilty of disturbing the peace by a jury in ice Marshall's court on Tuesday. Smith imbibed too freely on Sunday and made things HO uncomfortable for his wife and daughters that they found it necessary to (Muse his arrest. The court fined him $50, but suspended the pav- rneiit of the saint* [tending his good behavior. Smith got into hiuiilnr trouble a few months ago at Beaumont. The Beaumont jiiMtic ( . gave him twenty-four hours to leave town. \V. Shi-ad, L' I'npe, f. f. . . < 'mils, A t-o-t H, Smil h, fierce, .! b All . I I P. Sli Sll PO 0 D n n I M n n I I (I 12 o :; '» 12 u l; ff Smith l,v Smith EEBEKAH8 INSTALL. An installation ceremony was held on Friday evening, wlven District Deputy President Klledge, installing officer, wn» assisted by Mrs. K. Crawford, O M • Mrs. D. A. Hhearer, G. W.; Mrs. H. K. King, G. H., and Mm. P. Arrael, G. T. The officers for the new term are: A. P. G., Mrs. A. Want-hard; N. G., Mrs. Ksta Lewis; V. G., Mrs. N. .Spencer; secretary, Mrst. If. M. Faultier; treasurer, Mrs. K. Crawford; chaplain, Mrs. r. rroiiHe; warden, Mr*. M. Hib- •ich; ••oiiilm t.,r, Min.-i K. Hunter: f <i Mi,* r. .\-,-,..n; i{. s ,\ (,. Mr*. A.' Murp,-*-: I.. S. \. <;., Mr-. A. L--MI.TC- I.'. >. V. (,.. Mr-, -v .-.r^npf: I.. >. V. (, M'- •-•- K. K,i,_'- 0. (i . Mii*.,., A r! i,-, A> ;,... .-! ,-, ..i >..,. , ,,.,..;.;. . ,..,,. .,. SI'MMAUV. Two base hits-- H. Shead. H.-IH.-H nn balls-- F;iirlv I ; Struck out Hv FairlV 10; Double playn---K. Shead to VV. Shead to ('out*; Hughes t.» Stewanl lo Libby. Hit by pitcher--King, Time of game — 1'<(, hnur<i. I'mpire.s--Goodrich and Mendcth. The locals will play with Riverside tomorrow if the ground-! are in condition. GYMNASTIC EXHIBITION Excellent Entertainment Provided by the C. C. C. & A. C. On Tuesday evening the opening of the Covina Christian Culture Club wan held in the club gymnasium. The board ! of directors, coUMisliug of 'Messrs. Col- Jins, Atvvood, I'otter, Matthews and I Houser, arranged the social side of the evening's entertainment; but lo Athletic. Director l,ogue and Assistant, Director Sprot.te belong unstinted prnise for t.heir untiring efforts in arranging | a pleasing program of gymnastic work. j _ Professor A. II. Collins at, the begin, uiug of the evening gave a short, talk joutliimig (hi! work thai, has been done so tar in promoting interest, in the new enterprise, also telling of the future hopes ami plans of the club. In his address he staled thai, the athletic slunlH , to be shown wore not intended to e.xein- ; plify the work of lirsf class gymnasium , teams, but rather lo show the progress 'that has been made in the very short , lime since the club has started, i'l being oujy six weeks since the hull was ob- taine,.! for occupancy. Director Login* was a busy mini ' f hrouglmiil. the evening. For one week he htid been training men on the various apparatus for this event, and the successful manner in w'lii.-h everything front; oil', speaks well for his Illness in this capacity. U'il.h Fabrick and Douglas he pill, on a series of .stunts in tumbling that, were enjoy. .I by (ho tuidioiice. it was on the liori/.oiit.ul bnv that ho g.ivn n rei>l exhibition, for no RESIDENCE BURGLARIZED. Tin- residence of Prof, and Mrs. It. M. Groom on .Second Htrect WZIH burglarized on Sunday evening. The, intruder Hc.-ureii a gold watch belonging | to Afrrf. liriiiiin, HO/ne small chungc in ;t piiric which wax lying mi tin: b«-droom •l)iir>-;ni ;iiid a n.-; ( rf. The lo-,» wa-t ie,t . di.-.--'c. <-re.| uiitil M jnduy inor/iuij,'. i'prmahfie. Hopner, tyifitw and wmruuvu Fabtick ajso performed vory uroditafily on tho horizontal. On tlio parallel bars Fred Fabric.k miide a decided hit by coming to the shoulder stand from a swing, Chapman and King likewise did very good work, Walter Heardsloy was clever in this department, and on other apparatus, Tho high jump from the springboard was spectacular. When the Hiring got, high enough for sonio of the contestants to drop out, Login; did a diving somersault, llepner and Douglas jumped in Hie neighborhood of six and one-hull' feet. Middaugli and Stowarl, gave a classy exhibition of bag punching that, was much appreciated. Assistant Sprotte put tho juvenile class through dumbbell exercises and drilled the seniors in calislhenic move liients with wands. In a fair measure the audience were made to uudcrHlaiid the vast amount of good thai, physical training will iiccouiplirth. A/.nsa IIIIM had a gymnasium for about, two years, nnd two of their crack HII-II came over to help out tho perforiiniiice. Their work on the different, apparatus was .-level', especially on the I'iugH, which are lillle understood here as yet. The acrobat,)*- work was not by any means the, extent of the program. The Lyric Orchestra rendered a number of pleasing holoct ions, the orchestra being engaged by the club to play at tln-ir i \aii.ius entorlaiiiliienlM. MCHHIV. Draper and Wellx favoi'.-d ihe aiidieni 1 .- wilh I several apprecialed vocal solos. j It svits whl-n ihe l:i-t e\ent liad been ; completed that the audience were able to delect the fragrant aroma of hot c'dl'.-e iii tho air, and when word wan given that was expecled to stay and oat, the people gathered around in jolly circles and gave the re maiiider of the evening over to a j'div uncial time. i When interviewed tin- pn-hidcnl. of the- board of din-dors state.I thai the club hoped to ntai't. Hundnv :tfl*-niooii | in.-elings after the flrwt. of I- ebruaiy. Local Mpeak^ri and poHMibly well known 'lecturers from outside places will be i obtained. Mlif>ic. will be t'uniiHhed by the ort-hitHtra under tin- direction of Mr Chilli o. After the annual i/ieeling of the di n-'-turs tho flrnt Tuesday in l''ebruary it in leijicd that ft ladies' auxiliary can be organizfcd to take charge of the Hocinl work and Hf:ti that r'-ading m;u ter in (irovitled for thi; parlor. Maga- y.ini-M and books will be highly ap|ir»- ciul.-d, a* will also any other aid, financial or othdrwittts. About $300 nan l.-oen t xpended HO far in fitting U|> the fcyinnaHiu/n, Then- in I at. present a »;ryi»g n.-t-d for lockem land ihtrnfc will bo provided an subxcrip ! tiona art; rt-'-i:ived frooi .'fit-intier-diip f'e. •» j and donatiorn. The t-jjti ^ii'-e fee li:i.« i been redu'-,-.l t.o |1. Tl.l-l I- V. J i | ),/. f! I,;, |,( |.< • '. I II OU 'I'-- l '"-'- V '- '' < '••••.>:'•:• -;,;-,- :•.,, ;,. I ,\|,,„.,.-,,- .....,„,' a I Hot,-: Ve,.d - I,, 'I'-" !-':•' •-..' ,cd.-;V atl'-i:..,.,,, i.,-t.,,e li,. I",,-'!, f.-,,., 'I, :,,.-,,. ol I '., I,..,.,;,. 1: -" ' '" "•' ' '•'••'' "I '•!• I.-ioiu .,;, \/ . ,, \l ,i ,-, . ... ;,,.-! I ,,.,,,:, n, ;. ,, ,,, 1 ' : 1! •••• •••-•' ••"••-. , I,.: I);. I :....-. i I , ,:. \ \ •,,.,, master, Mr. Clifford, making Visit Our Sanitary Bake Shop at any time you may desire. We will be pleased to show you through our bake shop. We wish the public to see its cleanliness, perfect equipment and the Doughnuts, Crullears, Parker House Rolls, Snails, Buns and Top Notch Bread You will then know why our pastry is praised as it is, and why it is as good as home baking. We have found it pays to use the best material for baking products. "If you ain't come, phone." *w$53$$«$$$«$$33$$S$$$$$$5$$*$^ DIKKGTOKS OKFLCICKH 0. B. Amlerwm Mum- II. Ifnllman W. II. IIOU.IDAY, I'rrnldiml. C. P. Clui-p ||. M, Ili-uiiiir MAHCO II. MKM.MAM, Vli-i* 1'ren. .1. It, Klllolt ,1. O. Vliuimii* ,1. It. KM.IOTr, Vlcti I'rti-i. W. II. lltillliluy C. Miiiu-foo W. M. (HtlSWOM), (Jutihlor A. I'. Korokliiiir .). (',. IIDTCIIiNKON, Amil. (Jmilili.'r Capital and Surplus $<X),()OO.oo Covina \Dallcy Savings ©anh Covina, Cal. DIKKCTOKS OFFICKKS Cn-'i. K. Anili'iwin W. II. llolll.liiy A. I'. KKKCKIIOKK, J'ni«!il< nl; J. It. Klliwl.l. II. M. MIIIIH.M- Jl. M. IIOI1.SKK, VI.-n l'n*nlil)-iil: Marcn II. Mdlirinii A. I'. Kiirchliotr J. C. IIIITI :|IIN,-it)N. I'.'imlili-r W. M. fJUIHWOI.I), Aunt, fiinlil. Capital and Surplus $42,0()0.oo BONHAM & R1TCHA Cement Contractors JJCT (IS KKJHKJO (JN ANYTHING IN TIIK (JMMJ'JNT IJNK SIDKVVAKKS AND CUKHS OUR SI'J'iCIAI/rY We urc experit-nci-.d c.tniiciU HUMI ;in<l employ only sldllrd lielp. Jloiilt: I)||(;M(; \0(>7 Where Do You Trade? We have a full stock of SWIFT'S Premium Mam at JH. ptr Ib i ]| Wincbentcr Ham at it Atlau Ham at i c Premium Uncoil z'i \ | Winchester liucon ;><,„ i i T,-2 bcul that money can buy all stridly <:us,tcru. FLOUR ' Cream of wheat, mauufai-.tiirL-d of htridly eahtcru and Austrian wbitc wheat, per Muck il.'/o. Inifted Snow, Hpcrry'n pritie, »l.i,'.. A iiuiiil<er of other good bran'li. Home's Grocery f I foiiu- \>ln I ^ •••*••»«*»••••••••••••••••••••*•««•••••••••*•««•»••«

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