Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 6, 1969 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1969
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 1969 THE REGISTER-NEWS MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 3—A Mt. Vernon White Shrine Initiation DEAR ABBY Serious Views On Sex Today Abigail Van Buren (Hilliard and Myers Photo) The Mt. Vernon White Shrine of Jerusalem No. 66 initiated forfy-two members in a December ceremonial held at the Masonic Temple. The new members are pictured above as follows: seated, left to right are: Elva Fulford, Shirley Hertenstein, Mildred Hunt, Elizabeth Schwartz, Evelyn Wilson, Nancy Sodders, Carolyn Iryin, Martha Ann Plota, Norma Thomason, Grace Justice, Norma Rainwater, Deloris Yarbrough and Sharon Yarbrough; second row, left to right are: Virginia Hutchison, Marjorie Wingo, Neva Adams, Betty Adams, Mildred Cross, Flo Durham, Mary Salyer, Sue Donoho, Lois McBride, Ocic Yarbrough, Linda Yarbrough, Mildred Richards, Edith Eater and Juanita Cox; third row left to right are: Jim Hertenstein, Letser Fenton, Donald Durham, Paul Sammons, Herman Schwartz man Thomason, Marjorie Lewis and Herbert E. Cox, fourth row left to right are W. Salyer, Delbert Richards, Robert Hutchison, Max W T hite, Olen Eater and Owen Rainwater, Nor- Francis E. Dare, "Kill Hallie Lewis. (Olan Mills Studio) MISS VICKIE BARKER Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Wood wish to announce the engagement of their niece, Vickie Barker, to Bill Clark, son of Mr. .and Mrs. Emory Clark, all of Wayne City. The. bride-elect is a graduate of the Wayne City high school and is a freshman at Rend Lake College. The prospective bridegroorn is a graduate of the. Wayne City high school and is attending schooi in Evansville, Ind. The wedding plans are indefinite. SOCIALLY YOURS By NADINB Society Editor Sew aod Save -0- -o- -o- Printed Pattern 9450 SIZES 12'/a-26'/6 Nancy Jarrell, gamba player of 423 North Tenth street belongs to a group of Southern Illinois University musicians — students, faculty, staff, faculty wives — interested in the performance and preservation of rare and ancient music. This group, called the Colle­ gium Musicum, will present a concert of 14th, 15th and 16th Century motets, masses, dances and ballads January 6 at 8 p.m. in the Lutheran Center Chapel, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. -o- -o- Mr. arid Mrs. i Donald Reid, Master Michael House and Master Paul House spent Saturday afternoon in Albion visiting with Miss Emily Reid and Miss Lorena Reid. -o- -o- -o- Mrs. Phyllis Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Ruth Nichols of Christopher visited Frdiay afternon with M'ss Sadie Lustig who is­ tient in the Good Samaritan hospital Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Kirkpatrick and children, Mark, Debbie and Brenda called on Misji Lustig. PACK KNITS FOR TRIPS Planning a vacation? Don't forget to pack some crease-resistant clothing or some knit dresses. You'll find that when you unpack you won't have to press them at all. You'll be able to wear your favorite knit the minute you arrive. Quick Quiz Q — How many regular-season perfect games have been pitched in the major baseball leagues? A — The present record stands at 11. The last pitcher to accomplish the feat was Jim (Catfish) Hunter of the Oakland Athletics, in May, 1968. Q — How many times a night do people, usually dream? A — Scientists have found that everyone dreams four to six times a night. Each dream lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Q — Which state in the Union has not adopted its own state motto* A — Alaska. SERVE THE BEST Of GOURMET FOODS From The Prime Beef People Every Sale Cut And Trimmed To Your Particular Needs No Precut Packages CALL 242-6411 Free Delivery 3 Times Dually Smoked Oysters Kippered Snacks Herring In Wine Sauce Reese Cocktail Sausages Underwood Liverwurst Paste Marinated Artichoke Hearts Imported Italian Peppers Cocktail Mushrooms Easy-see Diagram WHIZ thru busy days in a j skimmer that curves cleanly ] away from your waist. Make Chelsea collar same fabric as dress, or contrast color. Printed pattern 9450: Half Sizes 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%, 24%. 26%. Size 16% (bust 37) takes 2% yds. 45-in SIXTY-FIVE CENTS in coins for each patten —add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Marian Martin, Mt. Vernon Register-News, Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Name, Address, with Zip,. Size and Style Number. What's new for now? 107 answers in our Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog. Free pattern coupon in Catalog. Send 50c New INSTANT SEWING Book —shows you how to sew it today, wear it tomorrow. Over 500 pictures. Only $1. Scott - Draper Nuptials Held Miss Linda Draper of iJQ5 E Jefferson Street, Effingham and Martin Scntt Jr., e x changed wedding vows at a double ring ceremony performed- at 2:00 o'clock December 28, in the First Baptist church in Effingham, with the Rev. Mathis of Watson, officiating. The bride is, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Draper of Effingham, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Scott of Haywood. Calif. 1 The bride chose for her wedding a ballerina dress of Chan- tiUy lace over slipper satin. Her headpiece was fashioned of Mother of Pearls and held a shoulder length veil of illusion. Ste carried a white Bible, a gift of her grandmother, Mrs. Jessie Draper of Wayne City, which held a cascade of white carnations and white for-get-me-not;;. Phyllis' Draper, sister of the bride, was a maid of honor. She wore a ballerina gown of red velvet trimmed with lace and carried a nosegay of. white carnations tied with long white satin streamers. Paul Seidel of Wayne City, was best man. ' A reception was held immediately following the ceremony, at the home of the bride's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones. 912 Glenwood, Effingham. The bridegroom is a member of the Armed Forces. The couple left December 29 for New London, Conn., where he is stationed with the U. S. Navy. DEAR ABBY: Sex is an animal instinct which is normal in All animals. Man is an animal right? So when man feels the natural urge to have sex. what is wrong with following his natural instincts? JUST CURIOUS DEAR JUST: All animals have a natural urge to procreate. The rawest animals "mate" by in- *v:nct. Man. the highest of all animals, "mates" not only to pricreate, but to express the ultimate in love. Animals have no capacity for :'>ve. One mate is as good us the next. Casual and promiscuous "mating" among civilized people (or simply suing another to satisfy one's own selfish sex tuge) is not only immoral, it's Meaningless. It is for lower animals. It's also for the birds. DEAR ABBY: This- is very important to me. I am 24 and Bobby : s 29. He is smart, good looking and has a great personality. Bobby started gambling back in college. He played cards and r.--t the horses and would win at everything he gambled on. At: first it was for fun and now it is his fulltime occupation. Bobby has read extensively on the psychology of gambling, has stu- oied the odds, and claims he Ire's "scientifically," so he can't lose. Maybe he's been lucky so far. but he always seems to have plenty of money. My question: Is it possible to marry a gambler and be heppy? Some people say gamb- fjng is a disease. Also I don't think I'd be proud to say my husband is a professional gambler. Bobby is not lazy. He's a college graduate and could make a good living in many ether ways. If you or your readers know anything about this subject, please help me. ! BOBBY'S GIRL DEAR GIRL: The "psychology ; of gambling" is not all that complicated. It's the "science" of trying to got something for nothing. Don't bet on & gamh- : ler. You're a cinch to lose. DEAR ABBY: Does a young i w-wnen have the right to tell ; an intelligent, eligible, highly • successful professional man that ! ph:' will marry him if and when . he loses 35 pounds and quits smoking cigars? "ME" : DEAR "ME": The "right" to j .v\v what one chooses is one I of our cherished freedoms. And j don't forget, an intelligent, eligi- II le, highly successful professional man also has that right. DEAR ABBY: You have bcsvil- dered some excellent advice. She was married to a man who did- i n't want his family to know i was married. 1 hope she ' listens to you and finds out why | he is so determined to keep ! ihoir marriage such a big s<>! cot. I wish that I had had the MISS ('IIAIIU)TTI SHANNON Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shannon of Route brains to ask somebody what Venion ai . p announcing the engagement of their to do about n husband who did-: char|otte S|Ie (o Ro dney Whitaker, son nt want his family o know • ' „, . r „ ' . „ :,•»,. „„„„ ;J.»t he was married. When he ! Ml ' s - °- • ,>;i ^ "« Route , ' Mt - ^ ernon loft me, 18 months later, I found Wedding plans are incomplete. {out he had wives living in Mon- : | tina, Wyoming. California, and W>) U «.no1hcr one right here in the ft^' | name town! Yours truly, ' • NO LONGER BEWILDERED Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a persoanl i.'T-ly write to Abby, Box 69700, i Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and en-' c' a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Hate to Write Letters? Send %l To Abby, Box 69700, Los Angles, Cal., 90069 for Abby's Booklet, "How To Write Letters Fnr All Occasions." ::, Mi. daugli- of Mr. Veronica's Views... By VERONICA VOSS him T would probably see thorn sometime next Spring -o -o- -o- When we first moved to Tennessee,' I decided to get th> car washed not knowing which service station would do the job, I started in the yellow pages, dialing the first number. A man answered and I said, "D you wash cars?" He said, "Watch scars?" I said, "Ne, wash cars. He asked, "Watch cars?" I again said no — and he said, Some of the most confusing, and funniest situations come a- hout by dialing a wrong num -j ber — and I would be saf;j; in saying I win the crocheted j bicycle for doing this. Recently. I dialed a jewelev who had a watch to repair for me. (I though I called his number.) When the lady said "Hello," I told who I was, than asked, "Is my Wwatch ready?' She seemed confused, so I illuminated her, saying, "I left a watch to be cleaned, is it ready to pick up?" She said to wait a moment, and a man answered who I assumed was the repairer. He said, "What is it now?" By this time I was feeling sorry for the entire bunch. So I retold my story and he said "No, it isn't ready. We have been realy busy with other things like piercing ears — selling cosmetics — coll ecting phone and electric bills—". Now I was certain he had taken leave of his senses — and then he said "We do fill prescriptions now and then," and simply yelled with laughter. I knew then I had a local pharmacy run by a man with the same name as the ieweler —but not even spelled alike. He assured me they had thought some of cleaning watches, along, with all their other: if he has the place he wanted; activities. 1 before *he conversation starts. | After much laughter I told May 1969 treat you well — j (Hilliard & Myers Photo) MISS lmMNDA JIOAN AN DERM ATT and Mrs. Leroy Hamlin are announcing the so in a loud voice I said, «'D -ii vi]le ni S h school and a 1f»6S graduate of Rend Lake yen shampoo automobiles?H-J | College and is presently a junior at Eastern Illinois said, softly and nicely, "Lady! University in Charleston. the only thing I shampoo is' The prospective bridegroom is a l!)(j7 graduate my head and don't do that un- 1 of the Waltonville high school and is presently a less I have to." | sophomore at Rend Lake College. .__ Now I asked if it was a sor -j A j une wedding is being planned. vice station, and he informed | r me i and sound sleep.' I apologized, hung up hurriedly and was glad I had.Vt given my name. The service station I called had gone out of business and tills poor fellow had inherited thoir number. TIP ON HAND CREAM Applying cream to the hands should be done as if you were putting on gloves—rub up toward the elbow. Smooth the cream in as you work it into each finger, over the wrist and up the arm. The same thing hap- a.a.u.w. to Meet Tiie American Association of University Women will meet Tuesday, January 7 at. 7:30 p.m. a the L. N. Cafe. Dr. Rebecca Baker, professor at Southern Illinois University will be guest speaker, -o- -o- -o- Pcstpone Dorcas Class Meeting The Dorcas Class of the Wesley United Methodist church has been postponed. There will be no meeting this month. -> -o- -o- Hnppy Homemakers The Happy Homemakers Unit of Home Extension will meet Tuesday, January 7 at 12:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Bon- IK ^^"SS 1 ^! Named Head Produce Buyer Barbieri Promoted By Tri City Grocery Co. The appointment of J oseph J The now produce buyer and P ...-W. „„„;,, , r . . <•• , "Joe" Barbieri, as head pro- his family reside at. 2142 Wator- Pu>nn ought to fmrl out. iirsl duco buye) . of fhR Trj Cj , y Gro . j man G ,4 i1p cily _ minois Hp eery Company was announced i has been manager of some of today by S. E. Pershall. Jr. j the Tri City Supermarkets and president of the 22 store food I chain. ! Barbieri, who lias been with j the food chain since 1929, suc- '; eceds William Lange. Lange retired after 38 years as the head produce buyer and Vice President for Tri City Grocery Company. Lange and j his wife, Grace, live in Collinsville. nadine Eater, Waltonville Road. Barbieri is married to the for- All members are urged to at- mer Agnes Zydel, and they tr/'d. Visitors are welcome. have three girls and one toy. has handled the job of merchandising and display of 1he produce departments for 1he chain. pens to the face when we pull tissues downward. Downtown Across From City Hall Free Parking In Back Announcing The Opening of DOROTHY TALBERTS STUDIO FASHION TWO-TWENTY COSMETICS 101 014 Salem Road Open 9 A.M. to 5 P-M. — Monday Thru Friday 9 A.M. to 12 Noon — Saturday / Phone 244-0044 Dollens Shoe Store JANUARY SHOE SALE Our Store Will Be CLOSED ALL DAY Tuesday, Jan. 7 In Preparation For Our Annual January Clearance Sale SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY, JAN. 8 DOORS OPEN AT 9:00 P.M. DOLLENS SHOE STORE Southern Illinois Leading Shoe Store 1003 Broadway Mt. Vernon FASHION NOTES Brought To You By Albert Parker The spirit of the times is reflected in fashion . . .. Since l u c outlook for '69 is quirk and exciting . . knils which can i^a 1 the active life and look smart at the same time cire the answer, -o— --o— —o— Speakng of knits ... if the bump of your supporter shows under your knits . . . and you still spurn pantyhose ... try turning it against your leg and fasten it . . . It won't be seen . . . That's a promise. — o— —,o— — o— Unsure as to the proper length of overblouse over pants? . . . There is only one basic role to follow . . . and that is that the top is ALWAYS below hip length. ^-o— —o— —o— Don't be deluded by what you read . . . Women will NOT dispense with their undergarments to satisfy the whims of an ovant garde desigr\er . . . What is hidden is more enthralling, — O— r-O—" . —O— Remember, fashion is your best SOCIAL security. Albert's

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