The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 15, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1977
Page 2
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PAOK 3—7VAPOATUCK NEWS fCONN.). WEDNESDAY, JtTLY 3, 194« DREW PEARSON ON e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew. Pearson Says: Truman Worried More Over OPA Decision,Than Any Other Step He Has Taken; Bowies' Stand Same As • That Previously Taken By Henderson; Probe Of KKK Ordered W«shln>;ton—President Truman did not oxaggeratrs when hq told his radio listeners that he, had given tho .price-control veto niost serious consideration. Accordl.ns to hla close advisors, he i worried .more and lonRnr over this than over any other step ho has over taken, Tho President's decision to veto was virtually made at a Thursday night conference In tho White House, attended by his cabinet sind economic udvlaurs, Part of thorn were opposed to ^he voto. Secretary o,f the Treasury John Snydor, Civilian! .Production' Administrator ; John Small', and .Secretary of'the Interior ."C$p" Krug fait'that President Truman'should accept the compromise price-control bill despite its unworkable features, and try to mako It work. Attorney {Jnneml Tom Clark ftt first ajfreed with them. Ho .viewed tho veto mosmago from a political «nf;le and told tho president ho hated to see him break with bin good friends on Capitol Hill, particularly Spo&kcr Sam .Rayburn and flc.iatn Majority Leader Berkley. J-Jttor, when, thn dcelxlon wns rondo 1n favor of tho voto, however, tho attorney general went to bnt vigorously fund helped While House ,ad- vHerrf writn thn message. Advisors who carried the ball In thn Inner Whlto House dr-bato Thursday night were OPA Administrator Paul Portor, who practically <;ampcd at the White House during tho work; Chester Bowles, who In retiring M economic stabiliser; John ytnolrmin, tho now war ro- convortor, who hns bocomn one of tho cloiost aUvUorti to tho preM- cleat; und r,ccrotary of Commerce Henry Wallace, Backing thorn up wrro tho <le- i partmcnt of Agriculture—though I wan not vigorous—and f-iou.ilng Ad rnlnlstrator Wilson Wynlt, who though jiot present at the meeting, sent hl« i representative, and who was vigorous, Break With tender*! Later, when President Truman sat down with his four congtfta- nlonol leaders on Friday, ho almost chnngod his mind. He told .friends tifterward that he knew how hard find loyally they had worked to pass p. price-control bill, and he simply hated, to po agajnqt their, advloe. However, his main "nrgiiment to them wan that the half-bred price- control bill would Tatt amendment, not work, The he especially In V.VMXI Barer TJ it tw. /»•«'-_• •• PIEHPONT'S Klmlrrrtl .If T»rlor«, Am trlfoii I, em »vr.tHf «BM MA.NK ft'l'HKKT Funerals ilolin Tli» runorn! uf John Humphrlnn w«;i held at 2 o'clock Ihlu iiftor- noon from tho Aldm-«on JTunontl llunio nt 20t Monclow Hti-nct, with flev, Wlnfrod tl. Ljinjrhornt, |-nc- tur, St, Mlcluinl'H Kpliicopnl chui'ch, oltlGintinK, Interment wan hold In Cii'ivc cnmetory, Thn bi-nroi'ii woro: Frank Bak rr. Horned Uukvr, Loullo Bdkor, Kfodnrlck tinker. Hnni-y Grlodar am\: .Theodore ({rludor, • Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 nrsuctl, wan absolutely impossible, and ho filtcd accountancy; exports of varlouii big munufacturlnR flnns, nil ot thorn agnlnst OPA, who brnndccl the Tuft coat-pluH formula i\.t likely to print' chaos to Industry. "I Juut havn to put what I con- tho country'* welfare first, " thii prcwldont told his conRresslonn.1 Inntlci'M. "Lot's not fool the country «-ncl Rivo them somothlnfr that won't work." Whon thoy told, him that thcj would not bo nbln to pcrsuntlc their rcluctnnt colliapuew to pass ' n'n> wort ot prlcn-control bill, the prosi- dont replied: "If It's thin or nothing, then we'll have to take nothing.." Amonj,' other things, the President flfrurecl thnt durlnp: the chaotic porlod sure to follow if the poly- Ktot prlce-Contr-ol bill wrro pn^scd, would claim It was his fault fnr not making the hill work, whnn ,ln fact, tho, bill was mwbrksiblo. Ho felt also that If did to £o home \vlth- oiu a , prlco-control bill, '.things would bn hotter for them In thoir cllstrlci:;' thun In Washington. Ho iilao v,irni?d that In this case he would call a special session .ot 'congress. , NO(I>--IU Jiuiny • rospootH, Tm- man huto<l to . acrcpt Chndtcr Ho\vl«V re.Mlcnwtlon. However, notvk-A mr/?f<l It upon him. part ly Ix'dfttiKo ho wiinted to leave tlip jeovui-nniont, partly iincntiHO he thnt the political rfipcrctiN- slnuM from lii» rxlt wonW help price control. Bowlr-* IIIM ' none too popiilur with inoji, and ho ndvl«nd the pro«l- (Innt thiht ninny neiiatorH would vote price control .if hn xtcpjKM.1 ouu TliiN vviis the »ume stsvnd tjikfln hy Ixion .Hendonton, the /)rnt 6"F\ )XHI*. Actuul f»ct Is thnt u.ny ndnilnlstrntor of OVA Is bound U> wwir out bltt welcome no matdsn how cood he Is. KanMiw Atomic Straw Th« Kimtmnn Kodak company him been hftvlnj? trouble as n reoult of the (Ir.xt atomic bomb test In New Mexico — one your n«o. Eastman found that, for some mystcrl- ou« rcimon, MOmo of Its film was turning bliir.h before exposure. Finally experts dlHCovornd that the film hud boon packed In .straw which ciimn from western Knns«s. Aftor the Los Alnmos Bomb tost, wdioactlvo dust from New Mexico sctUcd on Kunsnv when-t fields, and l» still so pov.-«rful that the Kodak company ho.n had to" stop u.iirip j Kanms utraw for packing film. KKK }776 IN CONGRESS. JVLY t iwammoi5?cfarotw)tt iH-r^r^i-ra^ --^~sl^ Mi'Mfav**** Dealers " Have Supply Of Fresh Salmon Portland, Me., July 3—(U P) — Finn dealers report that a plentiful 'supply of fresh salmon Is on hand for the traditional Fourth of July dinner of salmon and peas. About 60,000 pounds of the fish has arrived at Greater ' Portland "rhar- kcts-^and peas arc reported plentiful. Salmon prices start nt 69 cents a pound against O-P-A celling prices last year of 38 cents per pound. But, no salmon was available last year. Spanish Seaman Asks To Be Sent ta_ t i ' * ' ** To Argentina Ha'rtfjir.d.. July, "\— CU.J^) — Jose Cocta, ikartlnbz, , the Spanish ( seaman who, is lighting: deportation— has 1 requeste4 that-hci be sent to Arpfentina instead of Spain. Martinez claims that ,if he has to return , i tp..,Sjiain 'he would be liable to punishment because of his political leaning's. A federal court licaring: on the matter has .been ndjoiirncd without action to allow the judge to consider briefs. Cotton Hollow CorrenpondcntVi Phono 5328 Cotton Hollow Man In Auto Accident Wfllfam Barlow of Cotton Hollow was arrested or. a reckless driving charge in Mlddlcbury last night after his car allegedly struck an3 injured Ronnd Dcriaro, 20; of Middlehury. The latter, wna admitted to Wa- l.crbury hospital for treatment of a compound fracture of the right leff. The accident took place at nbout 8:45 p. m. nea Luke Quas- sapaug. Albert KImball, 68 Laval street, Waterbury, an employe of the W. J. Mcgin, Inc., who was injured here in. a fall from a roof July J, i? a patient at the hospital, under treatment for a possible pelvis fracture. ON STRIKE . ., A.-. F. of L, roooh»nic« Northwest Airliner struck o'clock this mornlnp, s. D T grounding mil planes on the n. tionwidc network. Founded on the (irinnipln that tiii.t is.ii'iwtlq'n of fre.ojnicn, the. Urijted,. States l c«Icb.r^^ Jl70th7bjl)jthday ' . . . . l . of the sljrning of tho Dor.luration of Ind^pfindmcc on j,uly 4 this j'PBr.,irfter.,,(ince.' more, dcfc.ridtaul thut freedom .by tho might of its urms and its, -tplrJ.t. \yhi\t. w,e. netuu|Iy.eeVbrnte .Is/the anniversary; of tho jorr jnal adoption of tho Declaration of , jiiUepemlon.c-e by- '.tho. , Seeped .Continental Congress.,. For,,,, thp first signatures were affixed to thi\hlstoric, documcpt. on. August. 2, iuui the, last, tlii»t, of ^lionias McKenn, of Del- awarp, WHS not nddcd until tho end of the Itovolutlon. But elates arid men tan transitory. The 'Declaration will live forever as the expression of collective will of n free people to be their own masters, to de- tcrmlno tlioir own fate, has decided not to apply for Irish membership in the United Nations. ..The pro-Soviet Mongolian people's republic, however, thinks otherwise . .about the United Nations. t has applied for .membership. Another vote for Russia.. .Marshal Tito and Premier Hoxa or Albania have just'hold ,1 secret conference n Bclsrade, whereby pro-Soviet Albania . has aprced to become a part of pro-Soviet Jugoslavia, thus presenting a stronger front npainst the anti-Soviet west... The . supreme Allied commander of the Mediterranean has .sent a highly important.. cable to London and Wnshing-ton asking for' .more..* Ah- plo-Amcrican troops around Trieste. He warns that Anfflo-Amcr- lean forces.on the Jugoslav border are dangerously • undermanned; To construct the national capltol in WoBhing-ton, D. C., a total of S.COO^OO tons of building material wns required. . ... - .-.NOW!' You Can Get An EMERSON 3 WAY PORTABLE Play on AC-DC-or Battery. Plays Anywfcere - No Outside Connections. 7 Tubes. COMERCIAL REFRIGEKATtON SERVICE Electric Appliance Co. .1244 DnMwln Rt. Wai. — Trl. 4-1242 Tlic famous British jniujcurn -.,, founded by Sir Hans Sloan* in w and WBB opened R ix years later f gcnci'al public use. Indiana is: believed to be the'onlv state which permits R proptMv owner to deduct the amount of"< mortgage when paying i*xcs'. ; mortijagc loans the U. S. at the end ot 1943 cd to $31,372 million. ^iMMMB-MMMBIB^^Z. WK K1C.1TURK COMl'I.KTB STOCKS OF VACATION SLACKS .IJpn'w — PtintN ,Sh<»i> — IlftiV ' 131 Xo Main DODGE 'SAL.ES — SERVICE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS -STRKET ToL 6J27 .T. k. MAZBLATJSKA8, (Copyright, 1046, by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME - 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS For All Oocnnlons FLQWBRS MELBOURNE'S PLOWKR SHOP WO IttTDBKB AVENUE Telephone 0225 _ Chairman John Wood of Georgia nnd R«<pre3ont(itlvc Kn.rl Mundt of South Dnkotn, of the House committee on un-Amcrlcan activities. hnvc quietly ordered a committee Investigator to begin a study of thn Kii Klux Klnn, Although -tho. full committee dlrl not seem to think the Klnn Important enough .for Its .attention, those two members avo aware of tholr responsibility to Investigate all Rroup.1 with un-American purposoti, Hiich as those .of. the Klan. After a prollmi.nary report In presented, the question of a full-scale rommlUce Jnves^lpatloxi will asain be put lo n voto. Note— Congratulations to 'Con-. o.inman William Bnrry of Brooklyn for demanding thnt tho House committee on un-American .activities .Investigate thi Klnn. So far, howdvnv, Barry has not demanded thn.t tho committee Investigate Iho eqimlly Christian Front, dcvnral -3f whose mcotlnga ho has addressed. Perhaps tho Klan does not have many votes In Brooklyn, while the Christian Front does. Dl|vtoinutlc Pouch While the 1/ Nations continue to nicker about the Franco EOvaiTiniont, underground Spanish spuKicnsH are Rcttinj- stronger. Heavy censoi-shlp has h.ushcd It wp but ,'<5jout ton days ngo «. powerful bomb exploded In 'the Madrid headquarters .of tho fnlanfro. Another was planted In the Plaza de la Cibolos, .one of. the main squares of. Madrid, but did not explode. Franco police suffered several casualties from the (funs of Republican .partisans before- they wore able to KOI -to It and prevent the explosion. ,. It's only been n short lime Hlnce the war but two. formpr enemies, It/iJy nml Austria, now earnestly. seeking l.o become democracies, -will be proposed by -the United .States f w - admfcsloh .,to the United Nations next September, Trumnn OK'd this move last. woek,,,Pr|mo Minister de 'Valera Individual-.desires for funeral services'-receive our most careful attention. . . . there's excitement planned for this heavenly cool sheer "Terri Green Jr."' with its come-hither neckline. In Black Sheer* Rayon Crepe ... 9 to 15, It is our business and duty to serve faithfully and well. No request is too large or too small. ALDERSON FUNERAL HOME, INC. 70 CENTRAL AVE. TEL. 8-5112 201 2VLEADOW ST. TfAUGATUCK TEL. 22S3 . . - and befoi-e you leave there will be various social obligations which you con best dischajge with an autographed photograph of yourself/ It is the you of TODAY that your friends will want .to remember and a visit lo our studio now will avoid much last minute hurrying, YES WE ABE TAKING A VACATION TOO.' WK WILL BE CLOSED THE ENTIRE PERIOD FKOM JULY 4TH TO JULY 15TH. Neary Bldg 1 . Church St. REPAIR! REMODEL! Exclui/vt tl'ilb ui 16.95 33-35 East Main St. Waterbury, Conn. $ 3 0 0 0 S T R A I G HT LIFE F OR . All ' to '53000," »o;'6S y*on.'..No Moil coupon, ' ' A DAY (At Age 10) NaugratciCK! Saving-s Bank 1 STKEET Cbn'ri. MMr MtrmtiM itMt tttttti Ink Irtt SPECIAL ALUMINUM WIRE SCREEN DOORS I W W«d« IN ALL SIZES COPPER LEADERS and GUTTERS PAINTS—HARDWARE—GARDEN TOOLS KITCHEN CABINETS BALSAM WOOL and ROCK WOOL INSULATION *** FLINTKOTE ROOFING SUPPLIES **.* • Metal Utility Tables • Gallon Picnic Jugs • Step Stools (aluminum and wood) For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Go. r. Junior College , , , Announces A Summer Tutoring School July 8 to August 23 Offering inttrucfion in the following high school subjects: •.-.•-•• Mathematics English Foreign -Langiiages Latin History , % -. Science REVIEW AMD REFRESHER COURSES for ^etJerahs and 'High School students, as a Brush-up before going to college, ^as amiaite-' up : for high school credits, or ks preparation for'-ithe ; State high school .equivalency examination. Classes 5-'afternoons .a week '-•'• ' - 1 Experienced Staff ' ' : ' • Allege office open.^altcrjiOQip.s f^r registration. - ; ^?^J-ji. >S.:L JiI ; :B : i.''_!•_ rfli: _.'!••- II Li^f of Commerce 24 Central Ave. Tel. 4-8772 WATERBURY . '-'^

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