Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 16, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1909
Page 7
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ANNUAL MEETING OF COVINA IRRIGATING CO. Reports Are Very Gratifying to the Stockholders. Faithful Services of Secretary are Appreciated. Five thouHnnd nix hundred find nin ety-nino HhnreH were, presented ;if, tho annual meeting of Uio f'ovina frirgnti f'X f.'imipany on Tiiendiiy. Thf! rnport.H which appear in full h clow show a very satisfactory yn.'ir'H business. During the year many subs t.anf.ial improvements havf) been mnr'Jc to tlif! iniiin ditch. Tho newly elrjctdl directors arc: A. P. Kerckhoff, J. K. Klliott, .T. O. Houser, ]•;. If. Lahee, <i. If. Kngellinr d, '.'luis. Meriefee, J. II. Coolrnan, .J. B. ''oiiJHton and M. f>. Reynolds. Thf: board organi/.cd A. 'P. K erckhoff, president; .f. M. Collision, vice- president; Firnt. National Hanli, treas urcr; H. K. Kdwards, secretary; J. R. Klliott, superintendent. The secretary, I!. F. Edwards, wli o has served (he company well and faithfully for a. niiinber of years, rece ived a well merited recognition of his services by a raise in salary of if 1 0.00 11 iiionth. AUDITOR'S EEPOET. Coviria, <:»]., Jan. 12, 1009. Covinn Irrigating f'ompfiny, f'ovina, <'al. (ieril|emeri : I hereby submit the report thai f h.'ive earefullv examined Hie bodl<H of the (,'oviiia Irrigation Company for the, year 1!(OH, also the see re- la ry's annual report, and balai:ec Hheet Cor the same year, and I hereby cerfifv In Iliem ;iy being correct in every part i eiilar. Re spec! fully HII bin it ted, K. II. I.AHKK. SECRETARY'S REPORT. f'ovina, ''al., Jan. 1 2, I'.IHO. 'J'ii the Slorliholil'TH of the ''o vina lirigation ''oinpanv. lienl lemen ; | herewith my annual report Cur the year IllOH. CfiHh Rnccipto. lialance in I {an If Dee. .", I , I!i'i7 ..................... , .............. fy L',II7.."!I Hills Receivable ................................................. I, Oil I. I") .Hills Payable; ................................................... ~,,~i'iii.lin A "-tens 1 1 ten I. ......................................... ............ | .", 2 I S. IS Water ................ ' ........ .................................. 7, SI', 1.7" Han Mimas i\o. I Kxpense 'Kxpense Oi'lieo ' 'on H! rue I ion .! 1 1 1. e rest I'.ills Payable Mast Side f 'o I n in it t ee l,o n I si . u rg Well 10 x pen HI- Coupons San l)imiiH Plan! No. I Sau l)im;iH I'ianl: No. I Kxpense San f iali/'iel River Water ' 'oinmil Ice K'epairs Expenditures. 4,050.(>o 5H9.45 1,051.71 Disbursed as follows: Cleaning DiMi ............................ $ 45.80 'leaning Hand Hox ......................... 1^7.77 Ditch Repair .............................. 300.40 Printing and Cards ......................... 10.00 Hrnithing and Tools ......................... 3.00 Telephone .............. . .................. 8.00 ................................... 078.04 Total disbursements Jan. I, 1909— P.alanee in treasury thin date $(,233.01 392.f>1 $1,020.22 $1,020,22 Respectfully submitted, W. H. POWKLL,, .Secretary. SAN GABRIEL KIVEE WATER COMMITTEE. Secretary 's Htatemenl, of the receipts and disbursements of the Han Gabriel River Water Committee, from Jan. 1, 1908, to Jan. 1, 1909. Balance on hand J;ai. 1, 1908 $ 209.50 Received from the Azusa Agricultural Co 172.00 Received from the Azusa Irrigating Co 390.44 Received from the Heardsleo Ditch Co ]20.00 Received from the Contract, Water Co 80.40 Received from the Cuviiw frrigating Co 400.78 Received from the Duarte Mutual I. & C. Co 240.00 Received from Mrs. V'osbtirg and Macneil 40.00 Received from the Pacific Kleetrie ''o 250.25 Total to account, for ........................................ $1,975.49 Disbursed as follows: Attorneys Fees ................................. ». Conduit Repair and Protection Ditch Repair New Measuring I'.nx Printing and Card- Pat nil, to [ire vent moil nl a in fire Kent of Committee Room .Special Commit I e 10 x peases ................................ 29. '10 Special Commit tec Kxpenscs .............................. 100.00 Trail Work ................................. .. . ........ 17.25 'I'u rning Water .......................................... 45, ^9 Tools ................................................... 1.55 Xanjero- - -oii'.-t hinl of his time ............................ .1 73..'!!! 100.00 812.05 12.50 350.00 1S.OO .'570.00 L'1.00 Total ili.-diiiisemeiits Cor year £2,051.17 Treasurv ovnlra wn ihis date .*2,05I.17 .t2,M54.1 Respect full v Ktibmitted. . . W. 'it. POWKLf,, Secretary. LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS Ollic,. Kxpense ....... ; Idinlsbnrg Plant, No. ti Kxpense Construe I ion I lltorcsl linlance in Hank her. 31, MIOS -I00.7S ;{;t |..'{,H /| ,.177. (HI I .-IS KoHOiircos. hnrdsbiu'g Well Piunt 21,037.44 " 130.87 12,951.30 174/18 T.illH Receivable Reservoir I'urnituro und Fixtures. . Han DimiiH Well jNo. 2 3,332.fl!) Knalty 11,170.14 Han DimiiH Developmenl (i.SOO.SK) Han Oabriel Canyon l-'iirc.liiiHi; 0(1,500.01) Tools and 1 inplemenls Han l)iman Plant No. I Lordsbnrg !'lanl, No. L! ,< 'onutrucf ion l!alanc<; in Kirst iN'iil.ioniii Maiik l)ec. 31, IlldS 8,S83.. r )") l,(iOII.O|) '10,!!)(!. IS 8S0.51 Liabilities. Capital ,4; L'S,I9H.I5 Hills Payable 10,<)00.0l) Ponds 14(1,51)0.00 Respect full v Hllbmil I ed, H. !•'. K I) WARDS, Secretary. SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT. To the Stockholders nf the Covina Irrigation ('n. Cient lemen: I herewith submit my annual report for (he Vear ending December 31st, I'.JOS. During the year we made .V_'L' feet of .'Ill-inch pipe, L',300 feet of 30-inch ami 5,3lil) feet nf 12-inch. This pipe has all been laid except 2,250 feel of 111 inch whidi we have on the yard. We now have Hie main ditch piped from the lower end In (J ladsl one Ave. (with the exception of -loo feel), a distance nf alioul 'J ' •_> miles. At the San Dimas I'laul No. I we put down ;•. II inch well III feel deep and installed a deep well pump. The plant Mas run 150 hours, pumping an average ol' oil inches, costing about one cent an inch per hour for pumping. Al Lordsliiirg the small plant was run I.'IS hours, pumping IS inches. The large plan! was run 1,3,">5 hours, pumping ,111 average of I hi, indie-'. The ,-ost nf pumping was S III nf a cent an inch per hour. Expenses. K'epairs and cleaning ditches and lescrvnir. IttWINDALB. Mi". Daniel I'eichard spent the first of I lie week ill I/OS Angeles. Mrs. (i. .1. HeynoMs han been ill for Hie past, week Tvith la grippe. Two ear'ond-i of potatoes were shipped by Robert Kdgar and ('harles Cordon the lirst nf the Week. Mis* Davisson of Los Angeles was a. week end guest of Miss May Coll'man last. week. Charles Cnllrin is the proud possessor of n splendid new span of draft horses. Mr. and Mrs. William Rcitz are rejoicing in the birth of a son who arrived Hunday, January 10th. William Watoi'hoiiHe spent tho first of the week in Pasadena attending to interests. Mr. and Mrs. K. Williams have moved into the property on the corner of A /usa and Cypress avenues that was recently vacated by F. W. Sherwood. Mr. Mulf, who has charge of the Crow property on North Irwiudale avenue, was nut from Los Angeles overlooking the property the first of tho week. Relatives who have been entertained this week by Mr. and Mrs, L. M. Hwal low are: Mrs. T. I), .leffcrsnn of Buffalo, Kan.; Mrs. Clarence Jefferson and daughter id' Complon. Miss Ana Sprntte spent a few davs the lirsl nf Hie week with her parents. After her visit she returned to the (iooil Samaritan geles, where she is a nurse. Mr, and Mrs. Win. Waterhnuse were called to TaMadena I'Vidav to attend San Dimas Plant .\n. I, const met ion 2,55n.s5 San Dimas I'laul No. I, running expenses ird.sburg, const rud ion U'.is.n'.l LonUbnrg, running expenses I ,ti."i l.7u ('oust i net ion Ci,~> I I. IS Respect fully submit ted, .l'. R. KLUOTT, Superintendent. Covir.a, California, January I2lh, 1909. TREASURER'S REPORT. Covinn, Cal., Jan. I", P.IO'.I. To Ihe Hoard nf Directors of Ihe Cnvina Irrigating Cnmpanv. (ieiil lemen: We herewith our report as vour Treasurer for the vear ending Dec. ,'(1, I'.H'S. Hills Receivable 1,091.15 i la I a m u hand Jan. I, 19ns ^ •.!, I I 7.59 I ii•pi'-ited by ynur Sec ret a rv ,",ii.s;is o l Pa ill on your v one hers .*!',:.', IT, "'.i Ha I a n,-e De,-. ,'! I, I in is ssn.ol ospital nf Lns An- WALNUT CENTEE. Mr. Mntice of Klixabetli Lake, Antelope Valley, is visiting' his old-time friend, Krnesl: Mu-artx. Mr. Mini Mr*. K. C. Hrewster ,.,,-e ^pending a month with the latter'H lir.i'hcr in Lmig J!each. .Mr. Hoy Took is building a barn on his sixteen acre fract and will soon begin the erection of an attractive bungalow, Mr. Hoberf Dancer was called ,tr> Hierra Madre this week by the serious illness of his brother's wife, Mrs. Bert Dancer. Mrs. W. C. (irnves, who hns been the guest of Mrs. Robert Dancer for the past two weeks, returned to her home in Han Jaeinto, Tuesday. Mrs. R. T. Clark of Covina ha* purchased of K. E. Cook ten acres of walnuts. Consideration $4,000. Mr. and Mrs. Cook will move to Long Beach the first of next week. Two new houses have been erected on the Covina-Puente road. They are tho homos of Mr. Tlilding, formerly bookkeeper for the La Puente Co-operative Water Co., and the residence belonging to Mrs. Amanda Weed. BALDWIN PARK. C..C. T5ix of iVovi, Mich., is making an extended visit at the home of his brother, M. K. Rix. Judge Cochrane of Los Angeles is building a comfortable bungalow on his ten-acre trad. Dr. ('. H. Power of Kncinado, Mexico, visited his parents, .Mr. and Mrs. K. I A Power last week, f (ienrge Miller, an old i Mr. H. D. Tiff and familv. who have resident of Hint city. His daughter, Miss Klla Miller, h.'is been n frequent visito'- at the hoine and is Rev, D. H. Miller of Moiinl Morris, III., will address the Hrethreii church Sunday morning on the s sinus. Mr. and Mrs. Miller will be the gucsls nf Rev. and Mrs. (ioorge I'lioni- bei leu al I In ir home mi Soul ii Vincent sired over Hie week end. Mr. John llnslev is serioii-lv ill with is Mrs. Ciane's sister and uilh her hus gtnii, Kansas, the tirsl nf the month In spnid tin- win- I er in Sout resided here for the past two years, moved to I,o.s Angeles tliis week. D. J. Shullis has been confined to his home for the past week with an attack of la grippe. Mr. Kd wards has erected a cottage AZUSA IRRIOATINQ COMPANY. Annual neetlnjt Brings Out Good Representation of Stock. Will Construct Reservoir. January 9th the Azusa Irrigating Company held its annual meeting for the election of officers. The directors who will serve for the ensuing year are: K. F. Badger, O. T. Brown, \V. C. Hendriek, W. W. Heth, W. R. Powell, William Watorhouse and Daniel Reichard. Members of the committee of nine who negotiate with members of the Covina and IJuarte Water Companies are W. R. Powell, Daniel Reiehard and A. P. Griffith. Two assessments of 75 cents per share were levied to pay the indebtedness contracted by the recent purchase of the pumping plants belonging to the Cypress Avenue Land and Water Co., the Orange Avenue Land and Water Co., and the Trwindale Land arid Water Co. In the near future the A/nsa company will build a reservoir on the two acres of land adjoining the Houthern Pacific railroad traek which was purchased from Nelson Snodgrass some time ago for that purpose. The noon-day lunch was served to the members of the company by the ladies of the Order of Kastern Star. The b'jard organized as follows: W. R. Powell, [•resident; K. F. Badger, viee'-president; F. A. Carpenter, secretary. Assessment Notice. Colombia Land and Water Company, principal plaoe of business, Covlna, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby given tbit at a meeting of the directors, held on the eleventh day of January, 1909, an assessment of 400 cents pet share was levied upon the capital stock of the above named corporation, payable immediately to the secretary, at the office of the company at Covina. County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 14th day of February, 1909, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will be sold on the 7th day of March, 1909, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the cost of advertising and expense of sale. J. H. MATTHEWS, Secretary. Coviiin, Cal., January 11, 1909. THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacoa. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty "*" Yard West Cvpress Avenue Telephone 4037 Anii.iig the n cent improvement s 'u; Ihis vii-inily are Ihe new hmne.s built The ,leath of Mrs. Loroiie Do ran of Riverside occurred I'Yiilay night at Ihe residence of her sister, Mrs. Ammon nf The foundation has been laid and ' iV! ! ll "- V , Vi '' W ' „„""': (1 " at , h W!l ? dl1 " to cellar excavated fo, , dern luostorv i ' "'"''•'•" l "'"<- '"' "mcnil services were bungalow ,o I,., built at the corner of , 'I"", 1 *' 1 ",',";' : " ''"' ""•'"'•takiiiR: parlors nt A/.usa ami Cvpress l,v Mr. and ' ' ''" ' attl ''' s "'' " ' <"'"» 1 ' 1 - M". Dnran Mrs. J. H.Simpson. It is exp'cded that "* , sl "' v ' v ;','! ''>'. ""' I'"*'"""!, who re- Ihe new residence in this splendid I,,. I""'"" '" K 'vrsi.l,-. cality will be oiiu nf the beautiful! homes of this part of the vallev. | Mr. William Roil/ narrowly escaped AZUSA. serious injury to himself and the loss; Mr. 11. D. liriggs is spending several . exam- davs al Camp Rim-on this week. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur K. Candy and daughter of l.os Angeles were weekend nin•-;(•; al Ihe home nf Mr. and Mrs. Dana King. Miss Kdnu (learhart nf Pasadena. nf his new home lust week. ined his gas plant in Ihi* evening l.v ! the li'jht of an irrigating lurch. The escaping gas exploded and Mr. Reil/. ; was badU burned about Ihe fa.e and hand-. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, We carry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every description Washing Machines end Mause Furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire Matting and Pottery Ri--.pi.i 1 full v submit),-.!, FIRST .\.\Tlii\\l, H\\K OP inVIN'A. Hv W. M. liii-wnid. Cashier. A bolll I ell of I he b ,\ - beli :i"ill ' to , . . . ^ , 111' " ~ . "ho was lormerlv a l.acher in rlo , In- sumlav -eh,i,d da-s were LIU--!- nl ',--, u- , .. , ', , , \, ,,- . , t< • i i Mill-, llloil Schoo . spent the Weekend I i S -, -.,-,-,, , ,- .... Mr, \\ :,lei house last Hi,lav al',•! noon. - - . ,T , ,, ' ,, ,. ., . , • T >. >,. i I >.,..., I...lili i .1 • ii ,1^1-1.111.4 'ir. and Mrs. p. (. Dallies. ! I lie boy-; and their g. nial host i,a--ed ' the alt, moon plavin^ ouldonr ',,';, mes '^'''• "• ''• 1!| i.s^^ and son K'ayuioiol and lakiiig a ride in Mr. Wat ,-i ',~u-e '- ' '''' ' I;|M1 Urrk '"'' S;| " '- llis t'i'isp,,. big whit, -learner Maiatv ici'r. sh- - vl "' r '' R:ivnn,n,i expeds |,> take a meats were served bv Mr-. Wai, i l.-ni-,- ''""I's- i'i •'•:'. i i ".dt ui ,• at the San Luis i)l,i-p,, Polytechnic School. Next l'u.'.-da v evening an enteitain House Moving: McCRARY BROS, are prepared to make contracts to move buildings of every description, heavy machinery and tree pulling- with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. ARGUS I'.LOCK .. l t I -|| M- l i , , , , , • -»i' e.-i eelMI'' all Cllrltaiil , urs of ''.", iiieics IIWMI Lile Misce aliv « ub. I., be led ,, , • , . -. ,. , ,, ,,, , ' -n i ,, m<¥| " "'"'1 be gixeti al the opera hou-e ""• s •". -•• V"- 1 " 1 * . '.'ir il:i> ,"';•' '•'";• , U| " '"• ^.''''"""^i.v n,,. A,,,., .i,,,,,i,,,. , lt - .•..(„„„.,•,-,. "V s :;' -'""•'"" V"" 11 :. ';;'." : ;;" 1 . i ';,'""" :? N1 ': xi< :" ! an,i ,h,. w,,,.,.,,-, ,-i.,i, Mr . A . p. bei. hard : '' St,,i v ZANJERO'S REPORT. Wai er run as l'i.lln\v -: Slock water In, i nut ract \v at er .",•_'.9n'.l ho Alien 711 | P. I,. NASH. X:injero. EAST HIDE REPORT. "I Pr,-ent M,.\IC..." Mi-- M;,rv M, Secretary's S|,-,l ,-n:, nl of the 1,,-eipts and di-bur.-.-nienl s of the past Side ! ^ ' bb.-u ; Mexican u,..-i. ; !:-,-'•--. M : - Siib CDIIHIIII lee f mm I . l'.iii>, l,. Jan !. I'.'ii'.l: Jan. 1, I'.ms Halanc,- m, hand la-l slat,-in, nl ll'ecel V . d II .'in I he I 'olllUlil lee ,'l N Ille RecelXi'd ll,,lll III,- A ^ I i' II ll 1: I 'I : \\alcl I o. I \ , -,',', \ ' . i I l ,, 11, I i,, - \ . i .: i I I l l ^: i ' l !: ^ I , R- ,-i-i v , d I 11.11: I '.e l i,\ i i,a I u i ^a I i 114 i 'o . . . . R. ••e:v , 'i finn. Mi- \ .-l-iii^ and M:,, n- :: . . . l.'e.'l : . ' i 11-'". V, .,' i ! - | , I ,!..-.,,.-.. I'hone 500S Covina, Cal, It takes a good deal uf Machinery SI'RIXi'.S to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing? That's what we do- - WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MEG. CO. ite s. i'. l>cjot Huiae Phone 2 Covina, Cal.

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