Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 16.1912. m SPECIAL SALE W ft Everything in the store sharply-reduced. Two-thousand dollars worth of New Coats and Suits bonght at a big reduction in price and will go,to you in the same manner. 31^ .shipments of the New Mid-Setison Styles direct from t^erdesigntppr^^hands^./^e^ advise you to ^visit this Handsome 'Cdat/and Suit s^ctidn before you buy a&d see the splendid Styles and the big reduction in prices- No old, out of date stuff'to show you. A $8,50 Kersey Coats, ?. styles in black S4.95 $15.00 Caracul Coats, satin Venitian lined $9.75 $20.00 Novelty Coats, snappy styles in 15 different patterns SI5.00 .'?27.o0 Coat.^, handsome garments^ ail .«;atin lined, on .-.ale at $20.00 ••^oo.OO .-^strican Coats, with Skinner i ^atin lining, now on .^ale $25.00 .S22..'.0 Salt Si -al Plush Coats, (til sale $15.00 Suits Big price reductions on the entire line^—a suit to suif fancy—Suits particular wo­ men will want to wear now. The best effok.s of skilled, competent tailors, who are e-unsiantly tiying to produce the be.^^t in TaiitMvd Suits for our store. Every garment can rightfiili^v be termed hand made and all go in thisj)ig sale at the.-e big {)rice reductions: i?15.(Ml all wool Serge Suit.s. satin lined... $10.00 .$20.00 Suits, the best values ever shown. .$15.00 $25.00 Suits, high grade Whip Cords .S17..50 .$.ri.00 Suit.s imported materials .$2.5.00 .300 Handsome New Skirts Co in This Special Sale. $10 and $12.50 fine imported Whip Cord Skirts in the new shades...... $6.00 And on down to $1..50 in price. If you want to see the best line in the city look at this splendid stock of new styles. 11 are included in this big sale. $1500 WORira OF- fiEW FURS INCLUDED IN THIS BIG SPECIAL SALE. Come expecting the gr^test-values you've ever seen in Furs-^-and we will guarantee you a ; saving of 25 per cent on this new up-to-date line of Furs. MILLINERY! MILLINERY I MILLINERY! Never before have we had the plea-siire of showing you so many exquisite styles. Every Hat included in this big special sale—at a big reduction of 25'; di.«5count. $1.00 Hats:. 7.5c 2.00 Hats $1.50 .$3.00 Hats $2.25 $4.00 Ffats .$3.00 $5.00 Hats .......83.75 .$6.00 I^ats $4.50 $8.00 Hats $6.00 .$10.00 Hats $7.50 Children's and Mi.<s- e.s* Hats all included. Big Special Thanksgiving Sale of Table Linens e—everv Commencing Monday and lasting for Three Dayt • piece of Linen, Napkins and Towels included in this fbig sale. Remember—Monday, TuQ .«5day and Wednesday. 19c 85c Linens, on sale.. ....65c 27c $1.00 Linens, for... ....8.3c 42c S1.25 Linens, for... ....970 45c S1.50 Linens, for ..SI .23 63c S2.00 Linens, for.... ..$1.45 20^^; discount on all Napkins and Tow-els in this great Thanksgiving Sale! A SPLENDID LINE OF UNDERWEAR The Style That Fits So Well! Ladies' Vests and Pants, silk embroidery finish, splendid values, on sale .25c Ladies' Vests and Pants—the best values we can buy... .50c Ladies' 65c Union Suits, silk embroidery finish, special. .50c The best grade of fine Union Suite we can buy, special; .$1.00 Every size in Children's Underwear you will find here at piices that will please you. .' ' STAPLE-DEPARTMENT 100 pieces (»f new Standard | 18c Imperial Chambray .1.5c •Print.<. 7c quality 5c ; 10c Muslin '^ViC 7c Apron Ch'k Ginghams.5c i I2V2C Bleached Muslin.. .9c 10c Ginghams 7V2C | l2iZc fine Cambric 9c 15c Ginghams 10c ; 15c "Cheviots, best, .... .10c Everything in the store at sharply reduced prices in order to effect a complete clearance of this big stock of fall merchandise. \ This Big Sale Opens Friday Morning, November 13th. Extra Sales People to Walt on Yon. We Pay Car RICH ARDiSON^lS 113 East Madison [PERSONAL MEWIOH.) .V 'orman Parker, of Bartle-svillt- a vidiior in the ciiy ytsuTd:iy. -ibr. 0. L. Cox. OcnUst .C. E Smith of Baynvill-. K:.? . b"usin>'ss visitor h»'r»- loJay D. "VS*. Jones of Chanut»^, was a busi ! Mr Slater, of Humboldt, who has nrss visitor h'^r^ this aftprnoon. • b»-en directitif! th«' chorus ar rh» Chris — I tiaii church in the special m«?''tlnps ••II S'-r »!ils wvfk nturiit-d home today to fill is im- I his pulpit Sunday. H*- will be in lo; la iK-xt Wffk. «a3 Tl.^ \Vilk-.< ihild, wh.i h:is 1 IbUsly ill with scarlrt tWer. l>ro\iija Miss U-lIo .McKinn.:y. will l.-avo Mr. Moomav.-. pastor of th.- I'hris- n-X! Tuf-sdav for St. fvtersbura. Fla..' rian church goes to Ft. Scott this <?v- -Bfs. . Hnll * Hull, OstMpaths. /vphones liO, ML C J. P-'i-rson "w.'iit to Toi>-ka '.his Hiuruing on busiU'-ss. I wh«'re she will sppn(f th»-,winter with r^lativ*^. -Dr. II. L. Hendricks. Old Conrt nonsr. CMHS answered daj or nlfhU Mr UaCT.^r loH for Yat <>s Contpr t;ii> .'uornins: on his iuororcycle for a :;iy- iniotins trip .; T Kaaiv.- u^nt Fort i.:n;tis >>n Lius :n »-ss •.)tt .\" ,N"iirti n «>n; ta dr'-.-tisljurs M.ri.ltit; for :i hrit'I" biisicos* vt >;t , —TCvtra l.'iA ;>riivs "n r:*» a:;d u.^f-d Gas and «\»at S;i»\<«s KJ H<?nnenger. I ^Ve^•t .Matliaun ; f[ — jtii:- -Mrs iJot Jon.^s of ('ofr-yvil!.>. tvhOj — has.b*»«>n h»>r<? visitnig. fri-nds, return- • cd homo last C!j:hi ! H .v jo!.*,«, <if S!.r:n;:::»>li!. . u-^.i — a- '.><-\'n •••••Tr fri' nd-. wpnt :o Fi .r- .<rv!: —Farm an.'. City K -M •••ir- Tiinebi.tai. R; M runc.-.r.sham drove his au-o to C^'-anu;-? y«?g:.>rday afr.-rriaon for a -'bri*'f business visit. Ci-v (i^lw-': '.-as sTrn-' k a-fte-r '.ii> tarra TO Kansas —T:;e n--\: nuraL^r :".»- l-e'^fire ^•"•irs*. .Adrian .\^::.-. at Pre.-ijyt.-r- 3.". and 2." cent.-;. Mrs. R. pliv.^r. of Ft. Scott, who has-.b«-n h*-r»» visitinp r»-!aiiv<rs return*rd tome last evening. —For complete line of nnrEerr stock see J. 3L Jackiion. Phone 118«. Mrs D. W Patrerson of Altoona. •v:.o has bt-.n here visitine frier-d^, Uft.for Kansas City this momic?. —.Ne-Avr.-- ori'-.-rtaiaments i-lea.-e ev- <-ryon<i I>mt fail to hoar him .\' Pre-jliyt'^ria.r; churc-; \ov.-mb^r 1»> Adcjission J5 and 2' cen:.- I.. Ryb«'rg, of Humboldt was a bus! [ —Hear .Adrian ness visitor her*? this morning. —ni»nh(= Mr an.; Ni's T T Cn'.ifr of Yater,n^,-7. who .hav.- b^-u vUitinz friends ir. Chanu:-. i>;isse>l ihroueh here yes! aftrrnoon on their way home. Fr-.'.r.'k HoaslHLd and \V .1 O'Don , :u-;:. o: YaTP:-- Center, who have been i aon. at:.-ndinsr t::e Ranker-" .Association | :/'.'•-'-['ni: a' Chan';:'-, :--;i;rRed hou>'- ' tr:- :!i<jrn-r;r 'nini: to pr.ach in tii-» Christian church ther.- tomorrow. Pastor \V Y. Allen of Ft. Scon will continue the meetings in the local church. Garn^tt R>vi.w: .Mrs Mary I>irk- .y cam,- up from tola today to visit Mrs Ida McC'reaand otlier friends for I .1 f> w days She will go from h,*re to J San .\ntonio. Fla., to spend the win-; • i-r with her daugbi.'r. Mrs. l.'harl>'s ; ^ l.o^ali. ' I —••'.:a;^ S H.'ds.>. \K K -Jnd St , j Ha-Mi^-. .\' !ir , writes : "I ha\e be*:!!. •r -.v.i i^Ml with .'.•>-..>re jains In my i 1 bai'k • and kidneys, and pains wert"' • ;;:<••.:aiiy .-evt-re mornings. I have; •.isfil tiiree boxe* of your Foley Kidney ' I'iKs and the pains havo ^ntireiy left n>" I now fi^el w^i; ai ever." Bur-' •.e;r.- Drug Store. ; I.illi- B^at^ian wnj granted a di-l . \orr.- from Ki D^aman in district court this morning on the grounds of, .« ru-l'y. Th-^y arrang«-d th^ir prop- , , .-rtv ,n'.-r-sts and thvir child will !)••' -ntru-tpd 'o th»- custody of. Mrs U«»a- j matjs m6th*-r. .Mrs Baker, of liroii- O I. Hin'-^<.a. r,r Fort P.o-t. ' ;. iizs i>«-"^ii ;:'''re visitinu' friend..^, re- •-irne'J homo this morning. .Mr.- O \V .-'Tcno. of Hutchinson. A ho ha.- b»-en !i<^ro ; i~i;ing friends, rf- umec ho.Ti.- tlii^ morning. .Mr« n \V Pri.-e. of Nevada. Mo. who has been hore visiting friends, T"- ;u;ned home this morning. .Vewens -Ten> the MJioIe .^itory." —T'j say that Foley's Honey & Tar ''omyiound is bo.=t f</r ciiildren and =rowa persons and contains no ojda'es • •.•-lis only part of the tale. The whole -tcry is tiiat It is the ie.-t" med(cln» ' for coughs, cold.=. croup, bronchitis and cth»-r affections o.' the throat, rh'^i: and lungs Stoj».= la grippe. ' <j::«.TS and has a healing and soothing Romeinber the name, Foley's H'jn>-y fi Tar Compound, and accept no sub.-t::ufe. Burrell's Drug Store. ELITE! Home of Good Pictures, SPECIAL! The stupendous production by the Vita- graph Company of America. CDmplcte in three parts, of Thackeray's masterpiece— "Vanity Fair" No Advance in Prices! .5c — 5c — .5c — .5c — 5c KRArSF 'S TAKE A\D HOTEL. Sunday Dinner; Baked White Fish am! Chicken. .Siinday Sup ;it -r: \W w:!! >ervp a fr»-ji oyster stt-w wit!i each meal. Tft>-.-e meals are 2.V. Merchant iiin.h, rrast beef or i>ork. brown gravy. t«o vf-s. and hn-ad and butter, ten or >offee. l."c. Kat with the only re- liab!.' lafe. man: one that alway- >er-.»»:; the he*t Short orders, fresh oys-.'rs and fish always on hand. Fj.uit-rs, »e want yixir business NUe ladies waitinl: room joining care Cali on us, 112 Kast St.. half block east of s.iuare l.<^k for big EAT sign Your monfv back If not jiatlsfied. Regular meais 2.'c: 21 for I4.<nv 1 ANTELOPE aid F^'lij>se are the new colors In C.-mnes Limn I-awn \Yritlnc Paper* In rh.'s*' and Dresden \Sk"hite we have the nrw style.-; and pa<-kages .-i Princes hnptTia! and ,Ul\<^!i are tl;e very lati-st folds In Jvnv«-I(ipi's :See Thi-iii ;n • ast window i-x, Ultilt Xfw iin>' Initial paii«-r in IJneu IxiwM. Evans Bros. BOOKSTOBE. sive The -t.-rv rf Elizabeth Stuart Plelps ".\ j Sinjniar l.ifo " At Pr.'sbyterian I'hurch .VnvPuiljHr 1? .admission 3 -"t and 2' t'-nts. ilr and .Mrs C \ Fontaine, w.rnt Tc Hurnliddt this aftermoo to visit fri«-ni:s ovt-r Sunday A message from Roche.ster, Minn . y.-sterday stated that Roscoe Clark i had been operated on for appf ndiciti-j , ^j,^^ ,^ Humboldt at the sanitarium conducted by the j ^j..^ ^ ^j^i^ ,fiends. ) Mayo Brothers and that he rallieil > most encouragingly from th»- op»-ru- — Irion. Within a few days he is ex- Warner wpnt to Toronto this ( ^..^-i.-d to b«* beyond all dane»-r niul r J nic-nins 'ar a bri.-f" vi.-it He has heard fp^n -oti;e .-ource, so he sars. that th^rv are t!:ree or four buffalo . Toronto, and he Is very desirous j al getting one or two ! Jim Campbell, of Tola. Clark Thom' as of Moran and F,d Bussing, of Cha; ntite are amonv the grand jurors serv i Ing ill f>-d <-ral court :,t Fort Scott who ar^ known to Keglnter r^aden. —.Ii >8eph McCaffrey, Vice Pre? for Vel.r Greeters of American, Omaha «fates: "I clievrifully recomtnend Fo- lev's Honey Tar Com|X>UB <l as a ?^iire lure for roughs and colda. I • Ii!«ve 'liMHi It rfiyself and have recom- Oiended i» to otliers who have since told me of iu great curative power In dlso<ui/> nf the throat and Itints." Barrens Drug Store. , fBrouiH to beit«»r h»-alth than \n ••njo>ed for several« Loss of Appetite U loss of vitality, vigor or tone, and Is oftrn a forerunner oT proatralins dis- It is serloua and especially so to !>euple that must keep up and doinx or t*\ behindhand. The b«it medicine to take tar it Js the creat conatltoilonal remedy Hood's Sarsaparilla ^Vhlch purines and enriches the blood >.nU bullda up the whole systei .-t. Get It to<lay In usual liquid ram or I.. oUited tablets (.oiivd SarsatSLbs. .Mr; W H Hixl»-r :»nd n.-phew .Mar. I:i\ltr. w.-i.i lo Chanute this after- IKHJU for a visit with tri»'nda. Mrs. F r v ;o«d cf Coffoyville who hiis b»en her^ visiting fn-ndu r'-turn- .-i! h'luif this aftt-rnooi. Mr.- -l.i (' Cnenfy, of lndi-;"nd'ri<-« v> ho has l>r.<-n li-r.- listting frlcnUs. reiuru^-d bunu- this aft«*rnoon Mrs K Adams of Humlioldt. who h.">s b^en h'^r- vltdting frl«nds returned home this afternoon Mrs R. A. Ewlng wvnt to Humboldt this aft.-rnoon to si>end Sunday witii j fri> mis .Mrs. O \V. S>'«-ton. of Ch'Tryval--. who has be.-n here visiting fri»-nds return»-d home this afternoon. X. \V Tf -ats. of lndep''nd-ni'\ whc has b-on here \ isiting his hroth>>rs. rt't irn-d ho:ii»- thi* aft>-rnoon Miss Julia McClure *t ^l 'nt to Humboldt this afternoon to kpend Sunday with .Mrs George TromboM f (• Thomas and his two Sf.ns w»>re h-re from Moran this morning on busin<ss. Thomas s-rved a short time as a f.'d>-rril court juror and •h-'n was excused. Virs t: T Barh'T. who was taken to the hosjirni 3om»- tinj'- ago lo un- d.-r.ifi an .>iieration, was suIBcien'ly recjvpred to be removed to her home today She is believ<^d to be well on th^ way to complete health now. .\s soon as tho automobil.^ bandits h:He had th-.:r turr. in court, it is s;';id H T Barber, of. the Palac* Garag'. will hav.. a grand jurv inquire :if -r Hok- and Heater They have be< n drawing" money as expert auto r»-pairers and drivers, but their own btatemonts now confront ibem to the • ff.c that 'hey cannot repair a busted tir- nor operate any car hut a F.rd, To the A. t». r. W, <;i-»*t!nir You are rt-speotfully no:i- —1 (;ran<l .Master \V<.rkrain I i;rabi:!. will be with loltt \xA%« ,\3 '.n .\londay ove. .Vovember ISih. II- to nieet all of the members lit the hall and get acqualnte<l. The lode.- also extends a cordial invlta- fion tho whes of our brothers to <-rini>' to ttiH loilge ro?>ni at '•Si', to ac- iap> y.iur husban.ts safely home af"..r tht- chefs of the totlge have ?-r\eri rwrreshraen's. C0.MMITTEE Mrs. F,. N. Gllltlian this afternoon fur a tivea. vk>'Ul Iu ('ll:i:iUl \Ult with rela- I Mr<. W I. Bradv. of Karl'on. who ; has been h^r* visiting friends returned home liiia uft>-rn^>on Tn.- huni 'Ts' license business picked up some yi sierday and the total 111 us lar Is 38.1 From the rt- v»-rber.i- 116ns of the shots audible yesterday all over the countv. practically all of the 3 »5 .1 were out after the birds The fact that MO many farmers »iav.» re- fus-<d SMrmisslon to hunt on their places is givfR as a possible explan i- i«uin of the d^cre.-ise in 'h. !s?ue of [licentes Mrs. \V. Smith, of Chanute. is visiting -Mrs. L. Williamson. — I Mrs. \V .\ .Murr^iy w.-nt TO ltaril»-.s-; ille. Okia , this afternoon lo mak- ' ler hoin>- R. E f'uUiso!! w.-ni to Columbus his a ::.-rnoon on busin-ss. E. Short, of Chanute. was a business visitor h-^re today. C F Cole and W F Laundron of t^hanute. who hav,^ hv^n here visit- ng frit-uds reiurnt-d home this morning. Jo^ Dresse went to Humboldt this jfr.'rnoon on bu«iu«"s3. C .\. Osborne went to Joplin, Mo. his afternoon to ot.en a rug factory. T .\dan;s. of Humboldt, who has Ven here on business returned hom» h:s afternoon. G \V. McGuIre. Ipft for Perry. Ok . \ 'his afternoon on business. ] Mrs J. M. Jackson, of rherryT2le. ' who has been here visi'ing friends. w.>nt. to Chanute this aft<^rnoon Mrs D F. Munday of T.lnwood, Ks, who has b»—n liore visiting her moth- - er. .Mrs H .Adar..=. r^rurnod hom*' to- d; > Th i ii--r;odical .-ffo.-r :o secur-- i' now passenger train each way daily on the -Neoshc divition of the Katv between Parsons and Junction City, has been revived and the commercial club of the latter city has appointed j a committee to fake up the matter j with business mens clubs in cities; between these two terminals, and to make a concentrated effon to secure another train .each way. At present the Katy is running only one Train ' each way, and the business men's ; clubs are convincttl that it w;;; be j^for the ben«r:r of al concerned to have another train. .\n invitation to enjoy the opening day of the nuail season ou Hoover Kerr's farm several miles southeast , of UiHarpe was gladly ai -crp'ed ves- i terday by John Uoshorn. F \V Brews Iter and John Kohler, of LaH.'.rpe. .K I br«—zy auto ride, an abundanee of • game which permitted a lot of action if few casualties, and a big dinner at lite farm house, made the outing a i most delightful oite Thirty-fivf» quail ' and several rabbits were ih» n»»t re. I suit of the hunt, but all adroit that on- I ly poor marksmanship prevented all 'getting the leital limit, twelve birds. I It should be added that Tip Williams who lives near the hunting grounds* I loan<-<: a dog and Ms own prrjwess, he klllinc more birds than any of the I town boys. Note—Half the vxcuse for prlntlnc this storv Is -he ji,v of scooping Mrs Hattie Gulleii. rh- Rrg- i isier re |K )rter in 'hit baliwi.k W'.t-n 'you can beat Mr« (; to tli. hai>- penings in h>t vuini'y voit h.i<- ••< •• go some. BUCK'S Hot Blast Heaters will save you money, as they consume less' coal and give you more heat. We have on our floor a complete line of Buck's Hot Blast Heaters and Buck's Round Oak Heaters Buy a Buck's—then you are .-ure to have the best. LSleeper&Son Fnrnltare and UndertaUif ClotlvesI: Suits .Made to Your Measure. Suits Qeaned and Pressed. We have moved from 113 West Madison to 109 West Street. GUS KRANNKH 109 West St. Taflbr WANTED—A C .ARPEXTERTO PIT; on rubber roofing . J. B .Gosbora. 1 FOR SALE—PEDIGREED-BOSTON- Bull Terrier, classified. Phone 708. H Bag by.

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