Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 15, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1943
Page 4
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ttt FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS (it Hope Star r ff < Staf of H<**, 1899; P«» 1927, ' ':• ', CenWdWotBd Jarmory 18, 1929. Hold Everything Kibttshocf every w*«k-ddy anernoon bf Star PubttsMng Co. Inc. fSf *(C 6. fcslnwr and Alex. H. Washbum) " <? a* th* Stat buildiria. 212-2 M South Walnut street, Hope Ark. C, E. PALMER. Pr«lo«nt AlIX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher Entered as second- class matter at the Pbstoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Associated Press (NEA>—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rote (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Aliottofed Press: The Assdcloted Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to rt or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National Advertising Representative— Arkansas Dallies, Inc.: M«rn p l? ls . T ,en n u' Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New Yofk City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St.. RELEASE NO. 4 Guadalcanal Diary Based! on the Book-of-the-Month BY RICHARD ILLUSTRATIONS BY I B, HAZELTON "I told you we were digging this fox hole too deep!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "It didn't sound like an easy-or safe—terrain to assault." "He thought they'd be praying "One lad was doing a war dance, a lowel for a loin-cloth." S UNDAY, AUGUST 2-Licut. Evard J. Snell, who is in charge of iiiudi of the paper-work involved in this invasion effort, told me that we will probably be faced by very strong Jap forces at Guadalcanal. Probably one in three of our boats, he estimated, will reach shore in our attack attempt. Probably three out of four of us svill survive the assault, he said. When I saw the memorandum which had been prepared on the terrain which we are to take, 1 could understand his high estimate of casualties. "From our landing point," suid the memorandum, "our forces will have to cross a stream (the llu) about 20 feet wide .,. On the south bank is high grass which affords possible positions for machine guns and riflemen ... Another river which our forces will have to cross is the Tenaru." That did not sound like an casy-or safe-terrain. There was a meeting for platoon leaders in the wardroom this afternoon, b'or two hours, the roomful of men sweated and steamed while orders were read. Then Col. Maxwell rose to deliver the final pep talk. "There's only one thing to do," he concluded, "Get out of the boat, say 'Follow me,' and run like hell." WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5-Thc clay of our landing is to be Friday, August 7. The /ero hour is not yet known. This morning at breakfast, Lieut. Cory said, "Two days more to go." And we all remarked that, amazingly, there arc no cases of jitters evident anywhere. THURSDAY, AUGUST 6-Dr. Malcolm V. Pratt, senior medical officer aboard, told me an amusing story this afternoon. "1 went below last night," he said, "expecting to find the kids praying. Instead, I found 'cm doing a native war dance. One of them had a towel for a Iwin cloth and a blacked face, and he was doing a cancan while an- anothcr beat out appropriate rytluns on a tomtom!" As the afternoon wore on, 1 saw Marines tying up their packs. Men currying armsful of black-cased hand grenades hurried tip ami down cnmpuniomv.iys. On deck, working parties were breaking out artillery ammunition. It was announced tonight that breakfast will be served at 4:30 A.M. U'c will reach our landing point at 6:20. The Zero hour has not yet been set but it will be somewhere near 8:30. Twelve hours to go ... (Continued tomorrow) Inc. UUtrlbuted by KinB Features Syndicate in co-operation with the Book-of-thc-Month Clul>. Inc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople Drawing copyriuht, 1313, by Klnit Features Syndicate. Inc. Text copyrliht. 194S. hy Random House OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams FUNNY BUSINESS f WELL, " OOR NUMBER TREE: SLOTH IS NOD 1 THE LP-9.T 8OOKEMO IMTHE , CLODHOPPERS/ t WORKED OM TH.NT C/XPTAIM ' EMERSTH.IM6 BUT SPINES A^ EG&BEPsTER. TO MAKE THE TOB &0 / X'M. BETTlN' E.VEM TH(\T AMOS DON'T GO BACK.TO THE. 3OB TOMORR.A/ WWWT '6 SOUR IVE LIVED LONG ENCHJ6H- NOW IVE SEEN EVERYTHING/ HAH-HAAH HAW- MAW HAR-MAR.' ARE: V /OO DOIM& INMTATIOKS GLEEPIMG OR. <3?TTING BULL '< COPB. i»J BY NE>. SERVICE; INC. f. M. BEC. u. s. PAT. OFF Joe's big brother broke his leg doing a parachute jump in the Army, so we're flying our kite over his house lor a kind of salute L" i»;..,w.»N»«.v«t-.«. HEROES ARE MADE--NOT BORN •" It 7EG. U. 9. f*T. Off. "Your honor, this camoullagc expert is unduly inllucnc- ing the jury!" By Fred Harmon Proceed at Your Peril By Roy Crane The Big Moment Wash Tubbs HORSES.' , THOSE SCUCN OF A CHIEF FOR. TORTOR.E T>.V*CE , BUT-- r 130 TOO SMELL, THLWDeR,OL' BOY.' ^THAT'S THE OLD EA6LE EYE, BUT I THINK WE'LL BE OVER THE TAR.6ET BEFORE THEY'RE IW POSITIOW TO ATTACK! 'THREE O'CLOCK'; LOWER \sooo l FIGGE.RED THIS LEAT5 PLANESJHE RAM0LIN6 ROBERT. ELEVATION 4% MH.ES..PISTAMCE FBOM ' SIX MINUTES... THE FIRST NAZI MTERCEPTORS ARE SISHTED L'ES<:AR60T DEAD AHEAP) HAVIW6 TROUBLE WITH i THEIR. ARTIFICIAL fo&... TOO MUCH BREE2E! HERE'S THE RUM! 6LOW 'ER POWN! T. M. BEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. COPR. 1~9«_BYJ*EA_SEfiVICE. lfis Thimble Theqter "Angel in Disguise!" By Walt Disney Surprise Ending! Donald Duck •POPE4E \<=, UNDER ^ POPBWE, I AM HERE TO HU6SV, V-5HS HAS CAST AM HHR-5PELL.HE MAM [EVIL'SPELL OVER POPE4S, I MUST THE UJICWED lOITCH, OH. DIDNT El? MOPE! r OUST REMEMBERED, I F?EAD THE DOMT GET SO VVO(?(?IED HIS GAL DIDN'T DO IT! l€ HALF- BRAZEN _ .,/„ .. '<********£ , Copt. 1V11, lOnjt Fnluin SynUiutr, Inc. Woild nuki inerved By V. T. Hamlin By Chic Young A Lesson in Child Training'! Long Time No See YEH, I USEP i THAT ONE-TWO PUNCH YOU SHOWEP ME WITH THE HIGH LEFT HASJP ... MV OL' MAGIC BELT/ PAGWOOR ^U\\\' YOU'LL HAVE TO ' WELL.TMEU, WHAT THE IS SHE << KICKIMG ABOUT? SON, YOUR f>- MOTHER TELLS ME YOU WERE FIOHTIN6 TOPAY/ / HERE SHE BE... A LITTLE DUSTY BUT... HELLO.'/ DANGED IF I HADN'T FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT... O^N-'lACK TO N MOO P" C| W THAT'S\^GHTA S1 HAY| AN .„ MOT WHILE I /WELL, T WHAT HE \ QL 1 HAT HERE GOT WORK ^\B L ^^, \ THIMKS J IN THIS mgi5£ W WE <;EEM \ i NO, SIR, I'M NOT HOW PIP IT WORK SI/KELV I CAN THINKM^ . WAV OUT OP C W/S.... tJ1 IT VORKEP SWELL! I HIT FROM RISHT HEREANP I WONTHEFISHT EASILY By Merrill Blosser Coming Events Freckles and His Friends By Edgar Martin Boots and Her Buddies ARE YOU SURE YOUR. PROPERTY I OP INCLUDES THIS /COURSE LAND RIGHT / IT DOES ' HERE ? How MANY TIMES DO Z HAVE To TELL you To / We WERE K£EP OFF MY i—AJUST LEAVING, PROPERTY? r-f MR..SCUTTLED

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