The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 15, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1977
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Want Ads Bring Quick Results Vol. LXX, No. 155 "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" ; THE WEATHER All New England States.— Fair with humidity nnd comfortable temperatures today and Thursday; clear and cool tonight, Eastport to Block Island—Gentle to moderate north to northeast winds. ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1946' Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents New Banking Committee LATE Agreement Reached Despite Failure Of Borough Board To Hold Session Wiirtliii) I.' 1 " 3, Brophy Hald to- dny hr would rrwkn an announce- rn'Tit within a few days concr-rn- |n>; tho pnrxonm'l of n committee '•i niTfinKc 'i Welcome. Home pro- j;rnm fni' returned Hm'vlcoinon and wnrnrn of .Vaujratuck. Thu Wfilrorrn- Honif program will In- hi:lrl sltmiltanr'ou'ily with a V-J Imy f'»:n'rnony planned Heptdniber 2 hy tho Veterans Council. • Although the hoai'd of warden nnd tinrK"KH' 1 M fulled to rm;ot la'it nlirht tirKiaii.'ic "f lju:k of n riuorum, U'nwlcn Kroph.V dl.'icussnd -thu qui'H- tlr>n of fiutl.'irl/atlon of the affair \viih Minority fji.iadiir !!urj;^s.»{ J. /Iiclolfifi Andi.'iV'in, ft wnn fiRrocd Ihiil niithnrlvtiiUon could be given fit the next mooting. finth airreerl thut vnlnnbl" time would tin loMt In the completion of iirningeraenf.N If the entire mutter WITH delayed until tho next meet- lux nt the hoard. The program will he shaped dlniu; the Imi'M -.f that held here I,'illy -I. I IMfl. In honor of .the men nnd women who nerved In World Win 1 I. Now.'ipapr-r uc.cnuntM (if Hint nffiilr reveal that thu CdiiHnUter net ii|i to hamllf |t nought a fund of 41,1,005 for expmuinH. Thuii far only SI.'OO haw hi.'i:n niude available by thin borough heiud f'ir the celehrutlon, but It In nxpi'OtM that the hoard will nnd that public: Mu-ppor-t • will bo- muiitht. In raising the tiriTiM.sary fundn. Wimlnn I'.i'dphy nuld today thiil tin WII.M al work nn the iiolouUon of Mm cutnmlt.ti'O. New Political Group Organized In Waterbury Wiilerhuly, July ;: i HI') .poltll- rnl le-idei'M :iri> nyrlng a new org'in- U'lMim In VV'nloi'Mii.v whloh ttiey MirVf ha.-i the riir-marks of a third piirty. The new group Is called tlin Tux- tmyiTi fjoor] f Jovernrtient AMMofla- lli>n. It wa:t fcMTiK-i! to support l'r,i|i;i'pin-t Mayor .Inspi-r Mct.rv.v'M Kiili'Triiitcirlnl r-ampnlKfi on the .So- rlftlliU iickel, It In not known ,|ii;il how many "f Hn' new ort;anl/utlnn's activities will I'Xti'tid out.-ddfi of VVatrrbiiry. , undr rilood howevnr, th roiiji IM riuiMirlorlng ra.ndldat lute i rpt'ejien UUtvo.'!, .'ifhato iniliati- Judgr.M, Urg-es Caution Violence Flares In Film Strike 'Welcome Home' Committee To Be Named Soon Borough Board To Approve (Date And Details At Next Meeting; Plan Funds Drive I'OUCM C1IIK1-" JOHN ,1. fiO'fiMI.K\', who todny iir^t-cl mo- Inrl.sls In exi'i'clMi- lUttillnn in l''(M;rth of July holiday driving, iind \vari'ii'd llr.ll. severe penalties wonlo! he aci'ordnl trafflt: law violators. More Details Of Atom Bomb Test Have Been Released (T.y United ITess) Morn details on (.he ,'i.r,om bnmh feitt hav'n hrpfi reloH;-ef| thi.M morning. A hlj:!i ranking army itpnkcy- niaii MMV.i tin; tcMtc. Hhriw one tiling, fie rinys they provf! that no nation not. "veil the United Stales --could continue lonj; in a war If its cities were suhjer 1 !r.- I to atomic: liomhln£TK. Thr> lipokeMman- army Jtround tci Admiral I5|an'!y. Anthony 'AIcAutlffe. onferenof. 1 that thn Hlklni lived up to a destructive forco, liVlflT-ilfll, U'hO {>.!- liiimli test, has forciis ndvlMi'i 1 Mnjur Gnncral •itoin hoinh at i-xi»(Mitiit Ion. 1 -! a N'iivy Secretory •••i> v,'i!neHfi»l I he •ihovi'd olT fi'iun I-'.iklni for a i round-the-world t.rl[>, Foi'1' will' fly to Guam, tho Philippine*, the i .Vliddli' I ; ;,;st. the Mediterranean: •ii'1-an nnd on to Swndon. From j Ih-ri- he'll take a :ihip hack to the ' '•'nl ((.•.-! St.-il"M. Krpdrti Dmitri) ffiirfffn-d. July ;i • (U !•> i'uli. Ihilii'd rrpnrtt] t h fi t I'ioonoinlc "I't Hi" guhnt natorlal 1ml nnt flnlilliw Chi'Mti'r f.towtt',1 wnultl lies' - H;i(firlul. iinmlrmtlnn hnvi; Ix-rn ili-nlPd l.y tf. S. Senator Mrlon Me- Muluin. fn i» tclogram to l/nltcd PITH.J MuMiihon df'i'lai'iid: "Mr. Howlc'i t"M nif unit he hiul made no nn- MiHliMicinunt HM to hlM plimn. lid Is Kn\nK mviiy Cor n v/uviMon. Hi> wll! "Hike no plan-1 until do han IT- turned mid conferred with piirly Rolioving- Pain In Heel Caused By Bony Spur VJE'LL HAVE. To TAKE OFF , VOUR SPURS / pain occurn In the houl fv «ty time hool strken tho fleitir or Kround an X-ray may show u llttlo "Pur nf hotto which 'hus grown on tfl(> snip surface of the heel bone. Thin growth of hone may he canned h Y rhniimiitlstm or other InfncUon, '} P<vd In hoel may give rellt-f. •"oniotlnio,M a spur is removed by j"i'-««r.v. A now method gives ro- ll(lf h .v injection of n fow dropn "j 2 pei' cent procalno hydrochlor- '"o Into hool followed In a fow •xlnutes by 7 dVops of sodium In r> per cent alcohol. hy Consolidated inc.) Union City Traffic Light Placed In Operation Again The traffic lil,'ht at the Intr.rsec- Mnn of t'lty Itill nnd IVorth M/iin Jtl'iiels ban heen placed In operation aj;aln at that spot, after local police had rr.movod It Cnr nxp"rl- mrnta! mciisuri's, It was roported ti.v Chk'f John Gorm'.oy todny. Several near accidents have occurred ninro the police removed tin; llwlil; thc.'ie neco.-isltatlnK MM return. C'rimplitlrttM wi-i'o rncnlvpd yeiiter- fluy, from pedestrians, that they were nr>t receiving Hulllclcnt pro- •octlon with the li|,'ht .shut off, ind a piitrnlmiin rcKUlatluK traffic. They said that frequently-they wore required t'.) run to avoid bclnp Injured. T!u- Unlit has been put back, Clhluf Oormley said, due to the fuel ttiat '.he expc'rlm^nt proved unsuocc.iMful, Senator Bilbo Appears To Have Been Renominated Jackson, Miss., July 3—-(UP> — Unolllclnl returns Indicate that MlH»laslpp!'a Senator Theodore G. Bilbo has won the Democratic nom- n.itlon for a third term In the U.S. Senate, But the margin held by the fiery little exponent of white suiprem- uey Is only some I'lOO votes abqrc a 'majority, and the ciucstlon of whether Bilbo will be forced Into a run-off election with Tom Q. Kill." may not be settled definitely until an olllclal count has been made. N'EVV CLASHES Bombay, July 3—(UP)—Thirteen persons have been injured and SO arrested in new religious clashes in India's, Bombay dock area. .—-oOo CUI'PEK BEATS BROWN Wimbledon, Enciancl, July 3— (UP)—A 80-ycur-old French Davis euppor who spent two years In a Gurmun prison camp — Won I'etni—hn.s wiped out America's last hope of winning the men's sln^lj's title in the all-England tennis championships. 1'etrn downed young Tom Brown of San Frimclsco in four sets, •l-«, C-3, 7-5 and 8-C.' TURXKR LEADS Oklahoma City, July 3—(UP)'— Wealthy oil and cattleman Roy J. Turner holds a commanding loud In tho eleven-man race for the Democratic nomination for governor of Oklahoma. But a runoff election seems to be assured. oOo—•— PETITION GKAN'TED Hartford, July IS—(UT)—Join Cappiali of Greenwich has HITII granted permission to discontinue his Greenwich bus line. 1'crsons formerly using the line told the Public Utilities Commission that they no longer required tho sery- I lee. oOo GIJANTED DIVORCE Bridgeport, Cor.n., July 3— (UP)—Margaret Howard Hunter of Fnlrfleld has been granted an ..imcpniyjstod dlvocce-JU'om Jajncs- Hryworth Hunter—vice-proslder of Columbia Recording Company of Bridgfiport. Tho grounds were intolerable cruelty. oOo I4ISQUKST OlSNIED IJrlArrmli:, July 3— (UI'l— A Yugoslav court ugaln hn.s turned down a reiiui'st to luive American aviators testify ut the treason trial of the ChetJiik Goncnil Miklmllovituli. oOo MK.SSAOICS J'KOM SJ5RVTCEMKN Tokyo, July 3—(UP)—The fight to save the OPA has reached Japan. American servicemen, spurred on by the Tokyo chapter of the AVC, have begun sending their conKrc.ssmen (iO-mnt form telegrams which read: "You are more than ever in my thoughts at this time." oOo • siin'MKNTS nrtor Chicago, July :t—(HI')—Ship- ments of hogs and cattle to mid- wi-strrn stockyards dropped slightly today. Hog prices wore up In several major markets und Senators Believe New Bill Of Some Sort Will Be Sent To White House; Early Action Requested West Side Club To Seek 15 Miles-Per-Hour Speed Limit Legislative Effort Follows Series Of Conferences Between Senators Alben Barkley (D) and Robert Taffr (R) The Naugatuck News Will Not Be Published Tomorrow, INDEPENDENCE DAY to protect himself us :i policeman wields !i club, >Tnhn Bcyn- olds, film studio carpiMiter, holds his hands over his head during- a riot that markod the reopening of (t studio workers strike in, ten miijor Hollywood film plants. The above photo was taken near the Warner Brothers JJurhank, Cal., plant where non-strikers tried to hreak through a picket line. (International Soundplioto) Borough Auto Test Report . . Crf* • . . JJ, .. , Ranks Eighth In State Kissane Names Rotary Committees For New Year At today's Rotary Club luncheon, the now president for the year of 19-10-17, James F. Kissar.c, named tho committees that will serve the organization durir.K'thc remainder of this year. Officers are: James F. Kissane, president; G. tester W.ipglesworth, vice-president; John J. Carr, secretary; Eni-tel V. Olson, treasurer; and Elmer F. Schmitz, sergeant at arms. Lack Of Quorum Cancels Borough feeting Xo meeting of the board of wnr- cler. ;in*f hur^cscM w;t.s hold nf^'I't hocaiisc of nb.scnce of a lubrum. Warden TJHO J. Brophy informed cuttle \very iinchnnfired points :iml higher at othor.s, sumo Quiet Fourth Of July To Be Observed Here members of the bourd in the .•ifter onn that tiiere wuiild he ,'i n in.stifll- clon! numhor ;i\'.';ihle to conduct the niontinK sch'.'diilerl for last night. Some members are away on vacations. The regular meeting will bo scheduled later, No date has been set. Picket Consulate Naugatuck will be quint tomorrow, the Fourth of July, with little or no activity scheduled locally, and with alt factories and .most business establishments closed for the day, or weekend. Factories that are already on vacation, and have been for the pnst week are Naugatuck Glaus, Peter Paul, U. S. Rubber, Rlsdon Mr/.u- fncturing, T. F, Butterfiold and the Rus.scl! Manufacturing. The Eastern Maloivble Iron will close today and remain closed until July S. while r.he Bristol Company, tho Nnugatuck Chemical and the Synthetic Division of the Rubber company have all announced Intentions of closing for the one day, July 'I, only. Public buildings including the I banks, library, selective service I and the Town Hall will close their doors, In observance of the holiday. Mrs. Ford Wulfeck of the Service for Veterans has announced that the organization will also be closed until Monday. July S. The post- office will remain open on a holiday schedule, but will make neither town nor rural deliveries. It Is expected that many persons will desert Nnugatuck this evening, In favor of beach or lake. —A full Ilillliir llci'MKi' Hi Ji-ff'it Ki-Mmir- imt. Churi'li Mri'i>t. Insiirr.t » full I'lmlrn uf conllnir drhik.. n(i cnJnyiibl* In tin- lint wi'iilhr* soiiiun.—Ailv. SEARCH RESUME!} Boston. July 3—(U P) — Coast guard craft again are resuming their Intensive search for the dragr- ger Francis C. Denehy which has been missing off the New England coast for five days. The dragger carries a crew of 11 men. ! Official Statistics Show 951 Cars Checked Here; 6,000 In Waterbury The official total of cars passed through the local testing lane, conducted by the local police department, in cooperation with a national safety drive, was 96'1, during y six W(.'cks period. Thin figure gave Naugatuck eighth placo in tho state, in regards to ;.hu i.ol.:il number of tars passed through testing Uir.cN, Chief Gormloy siti-lcd todny. The only repnrl;: outranking Nau;jatuc,k were thof30 of the h-u'goi" cities, Watcrbury and Stamford Icct the state, wilh over (5,000 c; being checked in each ol' -those two cities, Error Cost Man Front And Rear Steps Of Home Providence, F. I., July ?•— (UP) — An error in typing has cost Um- herto Tagllaforri the front and rear steps of his home. ricspiti' Mrs. Taglinferri's protests, 1 a workman nrrivod with a compressed air drill—produced a work order and proceeded to dc- moilsh the cement steps. When he was dor.e and wns =ur- veyir.;; his work of destruction, his boss arrived on the ?ce;ic. It seems the order called for tho work to be done at ninety—not sixty — What Cheer avenue. School Bus Request To Be Pressed At Board Of Education Meeting The "West Side Community Club at a meeting last night, voted to send a delegation to the next monthly meeting of the board of education, to represent the club in its request for bus transportation for the school children of the new development area. The members chosen for the delegation arc: Raymond Magas. Mrs. M, A. Houston, Mrs. J. Haas, Mrs. M. Ai Racki, Carlton L. Nelson, Mr, and Mrs. Earl Even. Mrs. K. M, Hj'dc, Mr. and Mrs. George Grohs, Mrs, John Lynch, Ellington D. Wade, Jr., B. J. Ruase-tt, and George K. Halg-h. The club went on record as favoring the continuance of the Bus Transportation committee as a permanent committee. James Andrea was elected permanent chairman of the building and grounds committee, of which he will choose the remaining members. Albert Lawlor was elected financial secretary, as a part of the procedure for incorporation of the club. G-eoge Aspell was named chairman in charge of incorporation plans. Boit/ida.pif.s Extended P.iul O'Brien, chairman of the Washing-ion, Juno 3— (UP)—Stop-gup legislation l.o revive OPA lias finally reached the Senate bunking commit toe. Senator Kohert Tuft, says OOP senators will ask the committee 1o start considering a permanent bill on the-basis of the measure vetoed last: week by President Truman, —1.1-t Chuck'* Frlrnillr Srrvlcf S(n- (lon. Nortli Jluln stri-H. iniip out your rntlra viirnllon trip, nclri-tlnc tlw hfwt rimd*, fflr iim.vlimim enjoyment.—Adv. Headed by n vcterun' of World War I, members of the American Zionist Emergency Council are shown as they picketed the British Consulate in Xew Vork city. They lire currying placards denouncing the British policy In Palestine. (International) Legal Action Over New London County Commissionership Norwich, July 3—(UP)—Another court battle is being held as a result of two men holding one job. New London Democrat Thoma-s L. Martin claims thai he should retain his post as New London county commissioner. Former Republican State Senator Maxsim Pepin, Jr., of Griswold. was appointed to the job last year by Governor Baldwin after the ieglslature failed to act. Pepin claims that Martin offered congratulations at the time of the appointment and gave r.o indication that he would contest it. Martin, however, states that he has retained the badge of office, pending determination of the dispute by the courts. ,IAMKS KISSANE 1'resldenfc Board of Directors. James K. KiG- sanc, Stanlon Glover, G. Lester Wigglpsworth, John J. Carr, Bcr- tel V. Olson, D. L, McCollum, and Hilding N. Olson. " Special Committee Work: Joseph Carlson, Jcru J. Murphy, Howard H. Bristol, Clarcmon'. I. Tolles. X. A. Towne, and George Wigglesworth, Special Entertainment: Elmer F. Schmlt!',, and Harold L. Free, Jr.; Aims anci Objects committee, James F. Kissane. John J. Carr, Harold K. Chittcndon. G. Lester Wiggle.swjKh, C. P. Rodcnbach nnd Pujdolph Hennlck, Club Service. G. Liestcr Wig- g-lesworth, Harold L. Free, Jr., Har- (Continued on Page SI Two Beacon Falls Men Join Army The last wcfik in June was a good week for Army recruiting, it was announced by Major Stnnley E. Lease, commanding officer for the Waterbury Army Recruiting Station. Of the nineteen enlistments ncceptcd at the Waterbury office, two were from Beacon Falls. The two men are James W. Woodward, Jr., IS, of 3 Wolfe avenue and Raymoncl W. Wood, 18, of South Main street. Both are graduates of Seymour high school Class of 1046. Each man selected "the eighteen month enlistment nnd will on completion of that service be eligible for 30 months of benefits under the G. I. Bill of Rights. committee to consider boundary changes, stated that requests for membership had been received from persons living below Highland avenue. It was votod 1o extend the southern boundary of the club to Rubber avenue. ( L/co Dowling, chairman of rccrc.i' tional activities, reported plans, for an inter-club bowling league for men and women, to be organi'/.ed in cooperation with the other chihy. nnd recreational groups, to'.' the fall activities program. President DcLuca, who presided, gave reports on efforts to obtain adequate street lighting, mnil service, stop sfgns. and fire protection. He reported that Fire Chief John J. Shoridn.n had requested two lire .•ilnrm boxes for the new development, one of which wns now being installed. Chief Sheridan w.i.s laud! ed for his adequate protection from j fires. Speeding ! Mrs. Karl Kvon reported that speeding on some of the long winding streets of the development was .-•o frequent and serious th:it parents did not feel their children were i safe outside. j Albert Scheincr said he had investigated the speeding situation and found it serious. He suggested that a letter from tho club bo sent to Police Chief John J. Gorm- icy, rcquenti;ig that a speed limit of 15 miles per hour be posted in the development. This was unanimously approved by the club. Warden Leo J. Brophy. who was a guest, answered questions con- corning the V-J celebration for returning veteran*. President DcLuca stated that as a high percon-tage of the new families in the section included ex-service men, it seemed only right that tho club should make a special appeal to all other civic groups to support the V-J Day celebration. Paul O'Brien was appointed chairman of a committee to investigate (be possibility of the club's participating in the celebration. Following -the business session, Two leading' senators— Alhen Barklcy (D-Ky.) nnd Robert. Taft' (R-O.), arc swapping ideas. Bolli arc trying- to find a way- to extend OPA in a Conn acceptable to Congress and the. White J-Ionse. Neither R-irkley nor Taft would reveal any details of the tentative proposals. E.irklcy would only admit he is trying to find that some sort of substitute for Taft's cost of production nmcndmont which was severely crHicized^hy-P-tofildent Truman, Tnfl's original amendment provided manufacturers » price adequate to cover the average unit cost of production during the October 1st (o J5Uj 1!M1 period, plus cost increases since that time. Rnrkloy appeared satisfied that Taf-t docK not scorn to ho insisting on his original pricing formula, without, change. The Democratic leader told report ors lie is hopeful the banking commitico can agree on a compromise one year O-P-A bill by the end of this week, and have it ready f'or floor consideration Monday.' It's genornlly .Tgrr-cd nmonff son.'Hnr.s 1.bnf a new" bill of some sort will be sent to the White House. And there is no Imrn^di.itc prospect f.hat u rent, control measure 'will bo dlvorcoTT from the gcn- ral price control bill. Compromise F,,ik<»Jy Chester l^owlos— who hns resigned us stabilisation chief—-is leaving Washington during tho d;iy. )3o\v)r$ made what he termed a farewell rndio broadcast night and said he resigned bo- cause he felt it would clarify tho jsKiie. Bowles added that the only price control law -strong enough (o fulfill its purpose is one which will enable us to maintain n stable economy and to defeat inflation. Prospects for a compromise OPA extension aro Increasing. And Bnrkley says he is not worried by Ihc threat of Democrntic Senator Leo O'Danie! of Tcxns to filibuster Ihc revival attempt, And while Congress tangles with the problem of re-instituting the O-P-A. officials of tho agency have conducted spot checks throughout the country nnd found evidence of spotty price jumps. The increases have occurred mainly in some scarce and perishable commodities. Because of the already apparent increnKcs, labor, civic and veterans' groups have begun agitating for restoration of price controls. The C-I-O United Auto Workers union has called for a one-day nntion-wldc demonstration by all organised labor. And In Chicago, the emergency committee for tho extension of rent and price con- Leo Dowling's committee supplied , t ,. ol has Kchc dulcd a mass meet- .—For v^rntlon fnshlotiM. *hoi» lit lt»- plwflS, Nauciituck'K FaHhlon Center u-hloli for iniiny jt-nrw hnH heen OHtfiitlns: Nnnpitiicfc'H simirte«e women. TRUMAN' WIIX REST Washington, July 3—(UP1—Be- ginning today, President Truman is going to try get some genuine rest. Tho chief executive will leave for Shangri-la, his hideout in the Catoctin mountans of Maryland. The president. Is expected to be away from the White House until Sunday night or early Monday morning. Mrs, Truman will accompany him. —Hot wriilhcr lime I* Mioi; tlmr. At Jllrk'n sbo* 'Store, 142 l$;ink Htr*r(. \VnlrHniry, tlirro ntc hundred** or Ktylet* for "'cur In tho Mimmcr f«ison.—Adv, refreshments. Much credit is due the following Boy Scouts of Troop 35, for building the fireplace, cooking and serving the hot dogs, which were enjoyed by all, and for cleaning up aftei^yards. These were Scott Conovcr, Chester Pray, Carl Bovay, John Haas and Allen Cross- waitc. A period of group singing followed refreshments. ing for this afternoon. AWAITING RRPI.Y -Warsaw, July 3—(UP)—Tho American embassy in Warsaw is awaiting a reply from the Polish government to a protest against the detention and brusque treatment of two of its attaches observing the voting in the E--:nday referendum. The protest was lodged by the U. S. ambassador at Warsaw, Arthur Bliss Lane. j Due To Arrive In New York Today (By United PPCKK) Three troopships and one wnr bride ship arc scheduled to arrivo today, sll in New York. The transports are the Kokomo Victory from Bremen, Germany, wilh 3,393 troops aboard; the Rons- scTacr Victory, also from Bremen, carrying 1,338 soldiers, and tho Snnta Maria from Leghorn, Italy, with 177 troops. The war bride ship Is the Bridgeport b)-inging some 398 war brides and children from Le Havre, France. —Mjin.v liunfJrnlH of Nfimsntnck onr owncrn nlrcndy hnv<* viewed the new 1047 SfudfbjikiT, on dlRpIny nt. ihr >"nu- vnluck Bnilorj- «• A.UK, Service.—Adv. —Fnr rrfiirnlNhlnir your linuKf, nnd flmt IN no time Flkv vacation tlm^. nttto nt KlKlimnn'H, NO Roufti Mnln \ViilTrlmry, for homo nrfd»,—Adv.

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