Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 13
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 13
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 19 H THIRTEEN Around The World With Our Men And Women In Uniform 'Savage' Lasldeys '.The Lashlc.v brothers are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lashley, Mt. Savage. Cpl. Charles E. Lash- \f\, left above, has been in the army "over-three years without a furlough home. He is now in Italy with a bomber group. Pic. Joseph W. Lashley, right above, has also bccji "furlough-less" since Where's That Old Dining Car Now? Zapf Brothers Two Sullivaiis DoJans on Dut Germany, there, tombed »-.^ ...v-.~u.t* i.u. i^.j ii* i iiiiuiifH lilt* ror*>*;r. nr I TruniMocyiAn *T/%;*.-- I-.D .-i*,-— n *-r] : —».. • " Pvt. George L. the side, Ls with the i William recliH^rewi^a'medlc^lw,,""! 110 ' 1 "* U™ 1 ^ ^ Worlci j di » eci °« the luscious -peaches and i under the pale straw hat at the. "ianarBrtwm thenavv edlcal ' ^r I was signed in 1918. and which creum" of France's surrender. llett belongs to the editor of this ? LlrLL*"' "' l ' ei . haule ? out of Par ' s( Hack to When the above picture was taken:page. The hat wu saved from bc- i*or seventeen months Pvt Ten, ; F hompies 1( r, a ^- m ^ ime " 1 of; twenty years ago "that o!cj dining' coming a museum piece by a capri- - -* Heme ! 1 Tel V WiHers!^ **%**??* ceremony four years;car" was a museum piece in the cious wind which blew it into the KiSBt^i^ has been c"m- ! f,? Br .nP U" m ^ f P ayl £ S lhe dom-; courtyard of the Dome de Invalldes'Seine river moments after ius inwae n^i Tafrfc — TTI i uu; > uccn L<.un-..matme role. Thn cai- Vins nrnHnhv n\ r»nvtc Ti-v,nY-n *u~ ~« n -i.~.i — „.-„' ,_.* . ~ .. • Tiie Zapf brothers of Shriv- avenue, are scattered all around. Sgt. George F. left above. Ls in France: Pv "William E. Zapf, right above, is attached to a railway shop battalion at Camp Millnrd, O.; T-Cpl. Leo Zapf. to the side, is Loo street. Frostburg. have two son. 1 a chief headquarters operator in the in uniform. Capt. John C. Sullivan,! relics of (South Pacific war zone. They are left above, Ls stationed in England. : Mr. and Mrs. George E. HLs brother, William "Red" Sulli- 807 Shriver avenue. • van. Ls wiiii ihp Pacific ileet. dipt. | John has made several tri|xs overseas, all the way to Calcutta. India. He's br-on in England since June. _ <v=:-; Tho Doiiiite-iii-iiuilann are children of Mr. and Mrs. Alexandra Dolan. of Oldtown. Pvl. Virginia B. Dolan if servim,' with the WAC al Edpewood Ar>onnl Hospital. Hoi brother. But. Cnlvin 1, i:>o!iin. Is in England with an ouifii ol arms engineer:;. Cliffs in U ii if or in Mr. and Mrs. Jolui Sullivan. Entl Lois And Don Lee : ;« n ^i«« -*i »m. *_ in thei'hi S ii • ™ c fcav hfls " r out Qt , .. • ly ,n Paris where the mortal remains 'was embalmed for the ages in the into of_Uic_Emperor Napoleon lie en- camera obscura of a Brownie No. 2.: .-,011 of Mrs. Olcltown. area. He start* ed off with the fighting in Nonh. Africa and has been at it ever since with the Fifth Army. Pvt.' Walters joined up in November. 1942. He is the Lewis H. Piper, of Soldier Uncles-Sailor Nephews Priva tes Yoither Trio of Bridges '• V'>™^i! Tlie soldiers above the the Blacker brothers, sons of Mr. aud Mrs. Joseph B. Blacker. Sr., 412 Cedar street. They are Pvt. William W. Blacker, at a Kentucky camp; Fvt. Athey W. Blacker, Camp Swift, Texas; and Pfc. Mathew W. Blacker, in Hawaii. 'Their nephews in navy blue are Edward E. Blacker, S. 2-c.. with the Pacific fleet, the son of Mrs. Gladys • Blacker. 436 Virginia avenue, anrf Robert F. Blacker, • S. 2-c.. also with the Pacific fleet, the son of Mrs. :Fairy Goshorn. Centre street. Pvt. Athey Blacker I is the husband of Mrs.. Ann Blacker, 55 Thomas The soldier on the leii in Uie pictun- nbovp L> Cfil. Civile M. Sipe.s. husband u( Mrs. Wllda srin-s, Hedloni road. On the rijjht is I'U". Elmer Stoukmyor. husb.xnd <>t Mi?. Violet Stotilemoypr. now rr.-ldmi: in Philadelphia. The twn .-.nlalPif wr-ie inducted, nn June H. llHii. and .Me i:nv. <m tin- iMnnd of O.ihil in H.i»- Seaman William has missed few ., porus o'call in the Pacific sinct; Pearl ;^,j;.;;\. J:'"'; I Harbor. He was (here when the Japs **^''-*"''"•-, ilew u\. The. Cutf brothers are sons 01 Mr. and Mr.---. P. H. Cult, of CreMiji- Carried t1if> Titnf><i iow "- Thfly are - 0>1 rhe lcft ' Pk ' l^tff I If U ffir .1 UH(f j, ;m c. t p. cuff, who is now hospitalized after being wounded in battle the MVOIUI lime m Frur.i'r. and Paul E. Cuff, with the Pm'ifii- fleet. Pei ins v/ ranians LI. LoLs S. Leo and Pfc. Don Leo : are children of Alex Lee. 621 Shriver avenue. Lt. Lois is a member ol the ' I Women's Army Corps, now stationed •x'at Tinker Field, Okln., where she is ;.-./.'..'; i supply officer in the quartermaster 't department. Pfc. Don Lee is in the Pacific war zone with the siRna! Hyiidtnan 'Deneens Pvts. Riley and Charles Yonker i •.ire sons ol Mr. and Mrs. L. L.I" _— Yonker. HO Hinder avenue. Terra One of the first American soldiers Alra, \V. Va. Riley is stationed atito march into Rome Pvt Charles is \V. A n was inducted Ociober 1, 1942, The Bridges brothers are from Mt. Savage, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bridges. T h e y are, left above, Pvt. Raj-mond C. Bridges, with the Marine Corps at Cherry Point. N. C., the husband of Mrs. Evelyn Bridges, nnd Robert L. Bridges, B\f., 'i Seabees Onci' upon a time Ssit. Lionel L. corps. At 'Allegany high school he and Cpl. Calvin M. -Bud" Carder captained the basketball fain. Vindex Pauglis In the distant land of India Pvt. while working at .lames Donalrf Smith Ls on duty 1 the Celanese with the army's-plant. He is still air c ° r P^- He at the Ita Man has been there' front where he for a year, and has earned a in uniform for: campaign s t a <• two years. He is; and the Combat a graduate of; Infantry Badge. Be all h iph 1 Pvt. Anderson is school. Frost- the son of C. K. burg. His par-' Anderson, Bedford road. ents. Mr. and Mrs. James From Keyser. W. Va.. came LI. Smith, lived at, Christine Murray to become an - •". '&*&•• •;,--X^,:H* '::. -. •: -V«§ 1 .:-*>. -' ••;> ; ,-" ,V3T>' Clarysvilic. fav-y Cousins "angel" to many ,,.,. . wounded dough- >'•',•*'- b o y s of t he ••' '•' French fighting '•'. front. She. Ls >v stationed at a base hospital in f'\ , England as a " ' '.member of the . 5 Army Nurse Corps. Lt. Murray Ls the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Murray, of Keyser. completed three- unit training at Camp Howze, Texas. He entered the army la-st October and took his basic training at Camp Gruber. Okla. He is attached to engineering out lit. Cpl Seaders Ls the son of . and Mrs. R. E. Seaders, 1002 Mich-. igan avenue. • For exposing himself to poinl- ')lan!c enemy fire while repairing radio antennae . to m a i n t rfi n c o mmunications in the battle for Clsterna In Italy, Pfc. R ay- mond L. Fisher was recently awarded the bronze star decoration. He i.s the husband of Mrs. Betty Anderson Fisher. i he uenupii brothers above hail carried the Evening and Sunday jTune.s nn Ridgeley, \V. Va.. routes. Sui. Lionel has been overseas 1H ; months and is now stationed on the Island of Corsica with an anti-aircraft outfit. Cpl. Calvin has been trained as an infantryman on land from Hyndman. Pa., the sons of Mr and in the air at Camp Picked. Va.. and Mrs. Walter E. Uenecn. Pfr and Camp Stewart, Ga. Both were Leroy M. Deneen. leit. Ls in En^haid apprentice machinists at the B. & O., with' t.hc air corps, ihe husband ol 'Shops before climbing into khaki. Mrs. Annie Deneen sgl. Walter E. Troutmnn. Wclleisl.Mi: c Pa. He ! They are sons of Mr. and Mrs.. Deneen. is in Italy where he has re • now stationed in Florin :i Thomas M. Carder. Route 1. Ridce-' reived ihren citations. Both brothers s-.ivu-h of two years' service in tf are Conner B. .V O. cmplnypF Caribbean arra. Case of h Maiiy Corricks'* In {'niforni Tlir 13 a k r r brothers above art- sons of Mr. :\n<i Mr.->. Henry Baker, Pocrthon- in.-. l>;< T-Sst. Glenn L. Hakrr. on ihf Id i. i- 1 ^ .smtinni'd on the island of Corsica. Earl E. Baker, F.. 1-c.. is with :lip P:ic!fic fleet Their inri->d to <lir> .Mdf Ls T-Sj;'. mun son 01 Mr. Vcrnon O Tn.' :tnd Mis. Ru.'-: ... , _ , - , In times of peace Pvt. Harold C. All are former Celanese employes.' Pau gh. left, above. "carried the Pvt. Raj-mond was a sergeant in ' local State Guards. From Cresaptown Walter J.. and cousins. Walter class, the son of Ross F. Thorpe.j *j" : _ Sr., Borden Road. Frostburg. He is 1 - a member of a gun crew aboard n merchant marine vessel. JacA is a j f^'" 1 fireman first class, the son of Mr.' and Mrs. George Thorpe. Borden Mines. He is stationed at Cal. 'The father of three children, Waiter „. Bakei- i s a recenc arrival Staff S K t. Jam« O. Dohm ha, mail" at- Vindex. Now he's pounding :a military police beat at Alliance.!Neb. His" brother, Sgt. Lyle W. Paugh, is a former coal miner, and is now stationed at Camp Picket!, .with a battalion of engineers. They, are sons of Mrs. Myrtle Paugh Beeman, of Vindex. Midland is the home town of i Pvt. Patrick Stakcm, Jr.. v/ho is i now enrolled in ! the gunnery •school at Buck- I ingliam Field. ! Fla. A former [carrier of the iCumberland i Daily News, he : Cpl. Clifton Shears, left above, is' entered the army on duty at Scott Field, III. He is ten months ago. i the husband of Mrs. Sylvia Me- : Prior to that he :Kenzie Shears, of Cresaptown. His: worked ac the brother, Raymond Shears, S. 2-c.. ! Celanese plant, •is serving with the Atlantic fleet, whence thou- and is now in waters about Italy.'••"ands of other workers hnvp t:cen Cpl. Shears has two children. :i called to the colors, and many nf 2-year-old daughter and n son whom have won distinction on fm- The first man in uniform above is William I.. C'orrick, S.M., 2-c.. sou of Mr. anil Mr-.. <;. U'. CnrrirK. SO Oak street. Tlie three men on his left are grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. Cornell. They arc Willbm Cm- rick. S.. 2-c., in the South Pacific: Pvt. Charles F. Corriok. srr%-iiiK nvprsons: and Pvt. John F>. Clopcrtv. ,tr.. in the South Pacific war lour. Tlie last two men in thr series ot slv pirlurr-t are sons-in-law of the Corrirks. They are Cpl. Willinm U. nrake, in New Guinra, the liuj-liand of .'Mr-i. Ilclrn Brake; and I i. Albert A. Bfan. reported to he ahout to ship fur ovorsras duty, tlir hiishanri of Mi>. Anna M.iv Hcnn. OVERSEAS EDITION whom he has never seen. At •: Frederick, > C Oul »Vl!lcr ^attached to a radio SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER IT. 1344 mine battle fronts. Another member of Cumberland'.- ., -_ T _, . colony of mon i:i uniform 'HoillC iN'CWS KvClllS FriendlY hlieillieS •^~-~£ in-England - He; of Mrs _ James Q _ Donm> and ,,, e| taking ship he , . , ccntuated for ita ' A termer worker in tne textile cie- . importance in • partment at the Celanese plant. Pfc. i prosecuting the * I>aull , E - Tl ?omp- m^masjj&mm | lightning speed' clown New Gut" HHI^ " f modem ^" Qr a year. He was called to the col- ••^^^K ' crick. Lincoln &. ^i s s-e Ei^H : s?& entered the; I son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dell , 5,' a s trained at Fort Leonard . f . v ,-, ;i armed f o r c ea; D h f ^ naconine. ;•.;- last January 19.- Wood, Mo., Camp i V .^ a n d t o k h i s In the arm since ]a£t October. '. Sa » Lllis Obispo, basic training L C K WHH!lm A at Camp Croft. ; Bro(Tn ^ f C-. and Camp duty t nB N ™ Shelby. Mis. ? .: Guinea at the i husband of 1 Frederick. Mrs. J Thomas Burton i B a r u a r d. He | graduated from • Allegany h I K h | school in 1936. nnd Ls one of • the several thou- .sand oversea? .soldiers on the list of Allegany Jane Homan i Co11 ?"', Let1tf>r " - the son Over In England Pvt. William and three chil-' nrrnvnlr gorps Before his T r 7 r.- -i Uncle and Nep I riren HVR at 1001 j induction into Shade s Lane. i the army hewas employed at the ew. '**""* pl « nt Cal - and several other domestic military posts. Pfc. ! Thompson is the son of Mr. and j Mrs. Ernest C. Thompson. "1 : neck Graduating from Allegany in 1943, William H. Harden entered the army the following October. He is stationed in the South- wife, Mrs. ; E va S h r o u t Brown, and three children live nt 411 Lehi"h west Pil «fic war street. ' zone where he was recently In the army for about thirty i P r °moted to cor- months, Sgt. John P. Whitney tuni- poral ed 38 years of age on Septem- *•;.-. ber 4. He has ; • been oversea? seven months L . Sprjngfick , Tire Company, Ernest I,. Ganne, P., I-c, is with at the front. | He has sent I home hLs Purple ! Heart award. . According to last j reports, hLs re. covery was said t to be progress, ing satisfactorily. Pvt. Hudson narri. Is Barnard, ,„ Fo ,,, of Mrs. 44 Goethe street. months sen-ice as a weather observer on the islands of Trinidad and Barbados in the British West. Indies. He Ls now in Falm Beach. Fla., for a new assignment. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James . . _____ _ is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P l!X ' r - of Mld " Hudson, Second street, city. land. _ ncl is now on -Pfc. Robert C. McMillan, left! duty at the above, is attached to a hospital unit; French fighting in England. He Is the son of Mrs. front. He Is a M~innlc McMillan, 19 Blocher street,- former employe Ridgeley, W. Va. HLs nephew, right., of the Commun- 1s Sgt. James P. Morgan, son of.ity Market. A Mrs. Ann Morenn and the husoitnd! r-?-?? I dent of of Mrs. Rase Morgan, Baltimore. He I Johnstown, Pn., Is also attached to a hospital unit! before coming to Cumberland. in England. Whitney Ls the husband of HLs parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Harden, reside at 724 Greene- street.- B cnn ' n K. Ga . with an iuftu;- A former worker nt the Kelly- tr >' outfit. He entered the service in 1D41. He has three brothers and one sLs- the naval force.s somewhere i n the Pacific war :zonr. He has i b e e n in n a v y i blue since lost Theodore W. Clyde, A.M.MC,, 3-c., Is the sor. of William Clyde, DuBois. Pa., and the Ivjjband of Mrs. Charlotte Spross Clyde, of I^a- Valc. After his boot training he -f Tyaj trained nt the Jacksonville Naval Air Technical Center and at the Yellow Water Gunnery School,;• nd was Ituer -'•- Mar- ter in uniform. They arc chil- '. dren of Mrs. .Maude E. Wills, 52s» Avirett ave- had-a - furlough club" Ls P v t. Samuel T. Rowc. He has been in uniform for two years nnd on duty for one year with a quartern! aster unit In India. A former worker. Fvt. Ruwc Ls the mis- ir /, band of Mrs. " ^ Hnzcl ROWP. R Blocher .\neel, ley. Vice President Henry A Wallru-p w:»s a visitor in Cumberland. September P to collect data on postwar employment and reconversion plan 1 Col. F. Eccrton Poivr!!. this ritv. has been retired after 27 years mn- tinitous service in the army. Victor D. Heisey. principal o! Fort. Hill Hich School, was rlened president of the Allecany Co. Bar- Teacher.. 1 Awn. to .succeed Haro!': Io!a c wickarri. Indicating a decrease 11; Selective Service inductions, the threo loral more in the first September call. Bishop J;\me.s E. Walsh, siip'-rioi general of the Maiyknoll Missiot:- arie.s. and a native of Cuml>erlnnd. is on a tour n f the Chinese missini: field and was received in Chuvm- king by Chiang Kai-Shek- Staff Sf;(. Snul Goodmon. SfC-i North Centre .nrept. Ls amonp the 1100 Allied fliers released ns prisoners in Romnnin following I'aai nation's surrender. A niKii arrested foi rirunkcnne.^.'- last Saturday tried to hanR hims<Mf in the city jail. Commander Frederick B. Warder U. S. Navy, of Graf ton, W. Vn.. 1^... soldier who been appointed head of the U. S never- Submarine School. New London Conn. •SS. Pe;i'i and Paul Cutholu church parish ha. 1 - started a drive to rai"-p S10.000 toward building a new convent for the PrMihnf Sisters. Total cost v.'il] be in excess o! $75,000 Thomas E -Stakcm, Midland, ha:- Turk.-v been appointed tn succeed thr lute The Allrsany C''Hintv George E. Jurdnn »-•• io«l.-|p|- nl Ciipplfrt Cliildrcn 'ir cinit ii v.-ci V:-fiir! i.. Ill>' UMllll Illnoiinl iiv:ilrv Fur: Hill r.i Frli!.-i> cvpnnr.' wish Of i r 111' el '\V.\':> fki [iv Ihr ,T ' : -tr:-.'.? l'i:i' Fun ili'.l Si'mmcLx drfra't'if ;' r.-.iuo. SI '.ii t). in a V..O)-." «.•-':- Mtmliir In '<'.•.*• ? r i-n 'P;.- inounlalnr-rrs fitid H.! '. I SoiiiPWhrri' tin ihe fur* 1 r-,i tijr \.i ; -i Pacific tKea.'i Frnnris M Pan-.u.'-o. S. 1-c, of FiT'-lburi!. made Irffncl' with the Jap child in lus aiin. 1 -. Tl-,n! i hey are friends fan P-iici!!y l.v riL 1 -- i-rniPri from tile r-titisfu'd pxpyv-i-.u: on the lutle mi's fsu-i'. by air from Clnvksbtirc W. Vn to KnoxviHe. Trnn. The ban i,n huntinc in Grcrn fiidee .Stale Forc.'t reman^rt ::'• el-' fret n'- Hi''- .vQ'.nrrrl .--eii.'-i.ti oivnetl Fndnv. Si;' Gerald W. Grady. hav been rrlcn.'ed frnm a Prir-finfi •.if War c.unp in IBiilunna. aiu! I. 1 - h: F,.]-; Hi!! Sia<iiu:u. K>.".:" >,i:v. Kovi Ashbv '"W. \'n :,i |iirisp;i-v. unil HfdtVi:-?! • in^ Hulilintl Towusiiip M 'uj-il Stmiiuin. !'>< Knd Of Hnsohnll i KA-C H-, -( ICH:.-IV. IHIM- dry.-!, i mtfrfcrr Curnlxi! Fii'-n;i-:i i.ini Fn'i':b:iii: I oi'i.-.n !f,i:n~ nr-- lo rn.i-' ! .Marine Corps In the for combat nc- ;tion. He Li the 1 son - In - law of Mr. and Mrs. ' George brcakcr, of Shnllmar. His 'reside at Wiley Ford. W.' Va. /• Pacific war A r ornicr pm ployc of the Union !';• Tannery Company at Paw Paw, \V. !','• ^ Vn., Pfr. Charles •:'• K. Fredmaii his;., been in the army;"sine* October 22, . 1942, and is now'" stationed among ,\ the Hawaiian;' Islands with an' assault signal; company. He u,p niRii in hLs class at the. car- wife and riaugh- btirctor school In Chicago. He is now ler, Judy LotiLio. stationed in San Diego, Cnl. 'nwfllt his return at Oakmont ZiJilrnan Williams Hi!l Top No. t;oa. Panlar.o. sino, Salerno, Rapido river Anzio are some of the. Wattles Pfc. James R. K a r n s has fousht through with the 34th DIvLslon since going overseas last August. He has been awarded the Good Conduct medal Pvts. John nnd Clayton Williams i Rnt! ihe Combat will.'.. Twelve volumeers to the \\-.\\\ ncrf sent tii iial'.nnorr j«^t \\cek. Three linv* as many picnics a.-ever before were held durina t he- summer in Constitution Park. I rout the Commiiiiitv f'hr.-t Archbi.'-liii!) .Spi-liinnn'.'. iiilnc on lu.s iiuu'if trip Inim Naplr. >'• !!:••::••: i: i.- revealed. w;is ra|,' John J Hownn. this r-l'i. J. Freil Wallnn !•; tiie H"« <-Oju- •VI-1 !-,!• T hr nnd attendance at tho swlmmini: iiuinder of Foil Wn.-liinmni-, P(..i nl 'lie pi,i\i>n !i> I!:I.,P!I. iik. is tiu- P' :n:ri ihr ojH-nint pni ol pool broke all records. -. Olsnbird Ametirar. V>rri-nn.- and . Despite a WPB order rrlea.slni; 'his city. more nmmunition tor hunters, there Ciiinbcrliuul i.s .*«-ekmii title from is a lornl shortage ns bad as e\rr 'he federal Hnscrnnirni m C. »V O tin: ti in eily limiu <: The OPA in Maryland invesli- Canal pri;perl>- Katod Sins allej-pc! violations Mnce; January 1 r.nd took formal action) Pvt Fi'tienr Cr.iblrrr. --on nf Mr in 246 cases. ^and Mi.'-. Norvnl Crab'.vrc. Paw Paw. The Cumberland flood control . W. Va.. i.s taking bn,>,lr tiainuiK nt mocic-i at Vicksburg. Mlw., Li about Camp Rlnndlnu. Pin.. v.herr ho !>• •completed and will he inspected • as -''l8i 1 ''rf to lnr infantry next mnnth by a local delegation | Mr. nnd Mrs Mlcliflfl Christmas packages for overseas Ml. .^nvnsp. were Kdviw:! : servicrmcn and women iiro reach- nritv!>l 5 ol their .«on. Ptr. ins tho locnl post ofTlcr in gren' Flnnigan. in Franro. numbers. ' p\i. Honry H. Huu-.tihrey. of th" .inmr.'. tan n! the son of Mr.; arc from Zihlman. the sons of Ellas' I n f R n t r ynian • 'An 81 yenr old fJnvb, W Va Mr aivl Mrs Henrv T Hiimphrev^ and ,,Irs. HRV- J. Willlnms. Pvt. John is with the i badge. Pfc. Karns i.' thr :mi of woman, Mrs. Flcirmt-o L. Smith, i. Rnwlint: Giofn. hn« brrii iiiir,.--tf>i- 1.109 Frederick ^ Ihr oldest pnMrncrrr over tn fly nn irrl ,'rom fiheppnrd Field Tex. to mnnri Frrdman, engineers in Ihe P.iclfie wnr ZORP. Mrs. Violet K.iri«, of Paw Paw. Ipvt. Clayton is on duty in England, i street. la Pa. Central Alrli'ir.«. plane, B"lng Truax I'(e!d, Madison, Wif.. oner. II,i« afiTn CVr.l*-r\i]!<\ v.hrir tlic I?rd^ !io.-' tn Quren Ciiy }3rr-.vrr.' tity. Gnnir.'- will be p!nvp<i nn lowing »Si)ndfiys itpn! nnr- top.rn T lliror rnn]<-^ The IrriBiio piayod * split hrt with Corilr-vvllip wli-Mi'.'iv llir half nnd Otirrn Cl'v Ihp trroi-'d. Noxl Sundn> the fianir will IT pl.T.- oel nt ihr North End ground.-, h'!*, .>.'- tlir nrrwrn. linmc u«mr Tlip two clubn have mnic jii.'t till', years (Jile. f<: rai ii h,in won a lii!" tr, Hie lonRii^ over il:« p.-i't (br'r year. 11 Tn l°4^ Qvirrn Citv v ii : ; (I'.r clininpi'in nn'l }-\.--r -.rjii ('>nf( *. llir ^-f>n -n TlT 1 ;^irr^.^*, ri«'n; Ln-orto i'T mfljorns nf Mrt'>r- Jlovn yoRr.-..

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