Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 16, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1909
Page 6
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TRV THE ft' COVINA FURNITURE CO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF \M\\M or FLOOR ((WRINGS SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE , W. Q. CUSTER, Manager Yosemite Valley. Yosotnite Valley is now reached daily after short and plonsant trip via Southern I'ar.ilii: to Moiv.ed. Yoscmitc Valley Railroad and 12 miles stape ride. Information may he had at Southern PacMic office. IMPERIAL VALLEY THE EGYPT OF CALIFORNIA The Re-survey Will Throw Thousands of Acres in the Vicinity of Imperial Junction Open for Entry After January 23rd. Up Until June of 1908 the output of the Imperial Valley, embracing all lands below Imperial Junction, was as follows: Barley, $450,000; hogs, $200,400; cattle, $353,800; dairy cows and products, $325,000; cantaloupes, $225,325. The cantaloupe crop for 1908 was a little over 1,500 carloads, more in fact than could be shipped from the valley, owing to the pioneer condition of the Southern Pacific railroad branch. Deciduous fruits and grapes are being planted. Citrus nurseries and citrus orchards are being contemplated. One man has 320 acres of grapes, half zinf andels and half muscatels. The re-survey now nearly completed by the government has throwa open a large amount of unpreempted lands, which may be taken up at any time after January 23. The government is also figuring on contracts to conserve and divert waters for irrigation purposes in the interior of the' Chocolate mountains. The homesceker ig an earnest individual. A new country, strange conditions, and the lottery of assuming the responsibility of life on untried lands, sets a mark of dogged determination on the face of the pioneer. lie is making a cast into an unknown sea, and there is no way of determining what the nets will contain when drawn. But the do- sire for a home of his own is old with him, old as his remotest ancestors, and he wanders far afield, searching and scrutinizing the unpre-empted acres that a free country has to offer. He is the Western Empire in its nebulous state, the possessor of green acres to be—or a failure driven out of Eden, as circumstance decrees. I watched with unfailing interest the faces of the homcseckers at Imperial Junction, the gateway to the great New land of Desire, last week, as they thronged out of the dusty coaches of the transcontinental train for Yuma and New Orleans—watched them with a growing warmth of admiration as they grouped themselves about the desert station, waiting for the little spur- track train that was to take them to the lower Imperial Valley and their destinations. I had been instructed to get the facts for the Argus concerning this near-virgin territory, and here were facts, such ones as preface the story of a struggle for independence and happiness and domestic fidelity and and the town has sprung up like a town of ureiuriK, almost, in the time a man might pass that way. Other sot.tlcinents caused the train to pause a moment, and then such towns ;\s El Centro, the county seat of this infant, county prodigy, and Imperial, which lost the county buildings but gained in its population without, cessation—always running through lands where the irrigator was busy checking and working the water over green crops, even though the season was the midwinter of the valley. Small and cheaply constructed buildings and tents straggled out, on the edges of the towns, first domiciles to be called home by the settler in the Valley of the New Desire. New and Old World. On another little, spur-track running ut of El Centro is the town of Holt- ritte, named for the indomitable little nan who has carried Imperial Valley n his shoulders for many years until low his private car is switched on to road in the country. Around this own much of the government land still ipen to the.homesecker lies. And at he American terminus of the line is ,hc border town of Calexico, the de- markation between the old world or omnolence and happy poverty and the nervous upward progress of the Western . world, the border town between Jnited States and Mexico, filled with shack stores that contain the finest up- tion, but jnnn has not yet ventured within easy distance, not through fear perhaps, but because the country has not attracted him. Jfow the government promises that water is to be developed in the Chocolate mountains to the north, and the land is being looked upon by the homoseekers with covetous eyes. The concluding chapter of a sketch of this country should in reality lip the preface, so far as the prospective home- seeker is concerned. A visit to the land-office of the United {States govern• ment on the fourth tloor of the riiMin- bcr of Commerce building in Los Angeles, will open the eyes of the dweller in those civilized eommunilres. All day long the clerks of the ollico hold !i reception. Tho little ollice is filled with earnest men and women, who pure over the maps and plats of this recent resurvey, seeking the sparse information which may be obtained in (his manner, asking questions of the attendants of n nature running the giiimit. This is the starting point, and armed with the localities and tho conditions existing in regard to these government lands of the Imperial Valley, the men and women with the land-hunger faro go forth on the quest. That is the reason for the influx into this new valley, whore so many arc succeeding, and where a. few, it is true, exercise the divine right of the incompetent to fail in any enterprise. No word-picture has any particular effect, as regards description, except that it brings to the render the fact that there are lands to be had for the asking in 1ho Imperial—desert, entries of ;i20 acres or homestead entries of KiO acres. The land office supplies the minute information, both through printed matter and instructions from Uncle Sam's votaries. Start at the land office, and then go and see'the lands as hundreds of others are. doing. For it is written in the sacred work that the desert shall blossom as the rose. HENRY L. MARSHALL. love and eternal hope. An hundred and sixty acres for a few dollars of expenditure and the courage to reclaim from th* -desert, the monster desert that remains so seemingly indifferent to the whims and desires and fancies of humanity, but which warms sometimes into a fellowship incredible with man. Out of the sixty odd men and women waiting on the platform, it was a simple matter to segregate the half- dozen commercial travelers, omnipresent in all countries. A few also were already landed proprietors returning from the holiday week in the count.ry of civilization.* It was easy not to mistake them. They knew from which side of the station the little train was bound to appear. Across the track the Japanese boy on tho veranda of the hotel pounded monotonously and hideously on the triangle, attempting to beguile in western fashion the hungry and the ones who had no place to lay their heads. But tho homcBcckcrB had no gnawing at the stomach. Their hunger waa land-hunger, and their weariness came of long peonage behind counters or upon lands not in any sense their own. A woman gazed out, at the purple hills and the whitened plains as uncomprehending as the baby she held in her arms. It was a new land. She did not understand. But she trusted in the man at her side. Working and Waiting. After a decorous wait, even as the society woman dallies a few minutes ere greeting the caller in the reception room, the important little train accepted its passengers on equal terms and started off mim-ingly down the valley. Immediately the transformation began, and the eye brightened before tho introduction 'of green patches in the plains, alfalfa fields flooded witl brown water, dotted with cattle and turkeys and hogH, with hero and there a man (or woman) guarding the taps and* checks of the irrigation system; the earth brown and the water loaded witl the silt of the same color, but the al falfa green as the first Bight of Ire land's hills, striking a glad note of promise in tho midst of Nature's un disturbed chaos. "Now you see," said the tall home- seeker, rising to this bait like u ravenous salmon, "you see, mother, thiw is what happens to this land when the water's put on. These fellows have got the water and the land comes right through with crops. This is the same as we've been passing through for some time, but here they've got the water system working, and you can see the alfalfa and the hogs they're raining. It's no lie, this country. It '« all herfc if you can stand the first part of working it out. " It was an even simpler task to pick out the homeseekers now. Windows) were pushed up, and eyes scanned the: trend of the turgid river as it meandered through the deep cut* ff brown earth. And then intu lirawb-y, which San Pedro to Become Station. Big Naval a Si-utsiiiiiii liruw bit of the 1 in th - .n. : v.--t. -y, whi was iniylit well say a t.ivvn, anil the hundreds r.-s mi cverv side, ci.vt-i-cd wit I, .ihm-k.- crowding e;i<-li other nn ,111) — --Kalftr I'.irn and Kan~a< 'lent, ni/.ed by th.- bn-i./.-d h'.nit -.•••k--r . ,.;,,-. -.til.- -••'• Ill' i CI.,]| "'• •''••'• -'•'< t't.-r tii.- eanti-1'..ii.e., l<:"i l'--'-n : -"" I nil.I -i-iif "ii' in'.i 11..- u "i ei "' • ,•;'. ;ii/.ati'..'i. II,-r<- ' "•• l : 'i'd •''!' tv in- i,.-any black to-datc goods to be obtained in California, owned or operated by American or Americanized men of ability and acumen, possessing a three-story brick hotel with prices per day that a Los Angeles tourist need not be ashamed of, and a cosmopolitan street scene of red-kerchiefed Indians \and Mexicans, muddy-booted cow-punchers and range men, a link in the chain full of virility and color—all there to force the desert. ;o give up its accumulated wealth and ease to sleep the sleep of countless centuries. At. this season, when the valley is supposed to be resting from thn labors of the burning summer, it is. a hive of in- lustry in every town. Back on the return trip I stopped over for an afternoon at Imperial Junction, in the eyes of the homeseckers at, tho present time because of the re-si:rvey recently accomplished by the. government. Here the lands for twenty miles on each side of tho track are sectioned into a railroad tract, one-half of each (MO acres being taken by the Southern Pacific under the desert reclamation act apply- to railroading. The land has lain in doubt for twenty years, owing to the obliteration in part of the first survey stakes by the passage of time, the settling up on desert, claims without proper and authoritative landmarks, and its final complete confusion in this especial region when tho Colorado river went on its gleeful rampage and swelled the Sultoii Sea to respectful proportions. I chose a homeseekcr as a companion, with his consent, and walked the three intervening miles from the station to the edge of the Kalton Sea, and it was well worth the while. Over level lands, thousands of them without a mark of the hand of humanity, white on the Hiirfaee with the sediment, of the receded sea, but absolutely devoid of alkali and coven d thickly with the vari-col- ored sage and desert, clover (which is mis-naiiKil and not edible) to the ocean edge, where the water lay still as a frozen lake of tlic Hast in the absence of breeze in the shut-in valley, where we tasted the water and found it brackish arid with a nirong savor of salt. Around us >n every side lay the debris of the mountain timb'.-r and the pieces of railroad construction that went down before the assaults of the escaped river. Great girders of new timber, once a part of the bridge above, lay in the sand forgotten, hundreds of ties flung up by the flood, arid drift-wood of every description, with here and there a flat- bottomed boat, alho a forgotten derelict on a shore where men seldom came-. From the marshes rose thousands of mud-hens, and the familiar cry of the teal and mallard and sprig was heard everywhere as the birdu circled their disturbed nesting (ibices. One lone man, a hunter, met. us with a barley sack on his shoulder and his shotgun. He informed u-i that he hfi'l "got the limit ,,f' ducks," and grinned n.t we surveyed his bulging sack. <Ki-r and around the eights' miles of thin silcnl inland ,->a th'-f- i- no habit!i>i-.<- inai'.ilJi in< d tiV the ifn- on iti iiit'-ri"r -hore*. SAN PEDRO.—Belioviug that the United States government will establish a mammoth naval station iicre if some concession can be made in the way of a site for the proposed torpedo station in the outer harbor, tho San Pedro chamber of commerce has written a letter to the board of city trustees, asking that negotiations be opened at once with the navy department. The communication will reach tho trustees officially next Tuesday afternoon, but already much interest has been aroused here, for it has become knoWn that the government will look with greater favor on this harbor as the basis for its Pacific coast torpedo station if the rights of- the city to the 150 acres of tideland, lying between the government reserve and the breakwater, can be set over for the use of the navy department. In any event the San Pedro chiunbnr of commerce believes the project, is worth working for. It. is known that the government has appropriated- $1,000,000 for a torpedo station on the Pacific, coast, and that the choice of location rests largely on the examining board, which already has examined tin. harbors of Kan .Francisco, San Pedro and San Diego, ami also Pngct. Sound ft is also known that the forty acres in the government, reserve here are situnte on high ground and can nut be used foi the buildings required for the Ht.oragr imd repairing of the torpedos, and that the tiile land adjacent would not b< sufficient for all the needs of the, naval station. Possibly the government, would want to use part of (he concession for a liij, drydoc.k, but. in any event, all tlie water frontage secured could be used to ail vantage. Although this is the last ncrcagr there is to be, disposed of in the onti harbor, (lie people believe that it' UK land is utilized at once by the govern ment great, benefit will result to this city and port. Elaborate plans for fortinVatioriH, wilh batteries from tin- reservation around the bluffs to the light house at Point Firm in and huge mortars in behind the hills, have also been sent to Washington, arid it is now believed to be only natural that, the government will look with favor on this harbor as the logical place for its torpedo station. DELINQUENT TAX LIST. Of liimls and lots In ttir City of Covlnn, County of l.os Angeles, State of California, for the flsonl yenr l!>0i<. liewlt M. Abbott, llostotllcr's Add., lot 7, V>lk. \; tnxt'S, J4.S7; jn-vmHy, 'He; oost, fiOe; total *r>.'1l Thtirston I,. ItUincharil. Slier wood Tract, lot 32; taxes, »1.43; penalty He; cost, fiOc; total $2."' Herbert 1). Ulnno.hnnl, Covlnn, lot 18, blk. 3; \V. 50 ft. of lot IS, blk. 11; lot 13, blk. 13; taxes, $1S.OO; jionnlty, fl.SO; cost, $1.50; total J2I.30 Mrs. Chns. A. Uiuilels, Covlna, lot 1», blk. R; tuxes, $7.S-t; j«>ui\lty, "So; rust !ilV; totnl *!I.12 Arthur J. Kckh's, Netzoy Add., lot 20; taxes, $-1.51, iH'imlty -Ino; cost, fiOo; total $r>..|r, Jno. H. (Sivnt. Atlil. I, Town of Covlnit, lots 7 ami N, blk. 1; tnxen, JUKI; penalty. -I7c; cost. Jl.Oil; total $(\.\'.\ t}(>o.'\V (irllllths, t'ovlim. K. i>5 ft. of 50 ft. of N. 7T. ft. of lot 13. blk. 7; tuxes, $1.8fi; lirUiiMy, l!»e; cotM, iMV; tnt;il.. .".Fi-l \V. I.. Cooclik'h, Klebmoml Trad, lot IS, blk. 1: taxi's, J.'i.St; penally, f>Sc; cost. fiOc: total $ti.!'l! Alex. A. HoiiKlilon, Covliui, lot Ki, blk. (1; taxes;, $'..'.>'.'; itcniilly, lUic; cost, fiOe; total $7.0.1 nmos \V. 1,11th.Held, Cnvtna, lot S, blk. 10; taxes, Iff)."!'; pi'iniHy f>7<-; cost, fide; total $11.77 earl S. Mulooii, UosU-Mlcr Atlil., lot Id, blk. 1; taxes, $(i.KI; pennlty, tile; cost, BOo; total $7.2-1 'iiclfle Unlit & Power Co., Covlna, lot It!, blk. 2; taxes, $t;s.(i-l; penalty, ti.Sli; cost, $1,00; total Vi'ti.tiO \Iattle T, lilro, Add No. I, Covltu;, lot 20, blk. 10; tuxes, $!.!)(>; penalty, l!(o; com, fiOo; total $!l jiiclndii Hockwell, Covlnn. lot 17, blk. I>; tuxes, $10.21; ijvniiUy, $l.«2; cost, 50o; total $11.7:: i. H. Smith, (Jrlswohl Tract, lots C>!> and (10; taxes, $10.55; penalty $).(ni; cost, $1.00; total $12.(il ilm-rls II. Wilson & (',>., 1'ulni I'liioc, I'o- lots I, 2, ;i, ti, 7, S, !i, 10, I I, 12, , IS, 1(1, blk. 1; lots I!, 10, 11, 12, ; taxes, $111.IS; penally, $;I.I2; CON!, $!; totnl $.|(i.(i(l .iflHWdld Tract, lot (t; tiixt'H, J1.-1H; penalty, ir,c; c'ost, 5(lo; total $2.111 t. K. Wilson, Richmond Trace, lot 33, b!U. 3; taxoH, $1.7,S; |icimlty, KSe; cost, BOc; total $2^(i R. Moarn, pommnl projierty; tuxes, $2.85; penally, 2!ic; cost, BOo; total $3.64 Notice IH In-ruby given Unit default h,;V- ng been made In the payment of taxes Itio City of Covina, in I/OH A.MKO.IOH County, State of California, fur tho linen! year 1IIOS, upon the property horelnbn- 'ore deHorlbed, I, M. I... Mchiiort, City Marshal and ox-ofllolo City Tax and license Collector In and for tin; City of Covlnn, by vlftuo of tb<; authority In me vested by law, unle.sH 'the taxo.H delln- Itient together with costs and iieroontngos ire pa 1(1, will null the real property upon which said taxes are, a Hen, on Monday, February 1st, 1900, at tho hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of that day, at the ottleo of the Hoard of Trustees of the City of 'ovlna, Heexl Block, In said City of Co- vlnn, In the manner provided by law. Dtitud this 9th duy of January, taO!>. M. L. MBHNBKT, City Marshal and cx-ortle.lo Tax and I-lcunue Collector of tho City of Covlna. Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogdcn Personally Conducted Tourist lOxcursions from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Washing-ton, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the ICast without change of cars. Thronph the wanner climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of M'J, and across Great Salt Lake—"going to sea on a train." D. B. SCHKNCK, Agent. Covina Home plionc 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona Home phone 61; Sunset Main 70 Southern Pacific LOB Angeles Office, 600 S. Spring St., corner Sixth No. 13,273. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORDER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY SHOULD NOT BE MADE. Court of thn Stnto of fur the County of I,OH In tho Superior California, In nnd Angeles. In the Matter of the Estato of Gilbert D. Dnyls, Dt-coasRd, It IB ordered, by the Cogrt, thnt nil persons Interested In the fHtute of said de- censed, appear before the said Superior Court on Monday, the Kth day of February, 1009, nt 10 o'oloc.k a. rn. of said day, at the Court Kooin of said Superior Court, Department 2 thereof, In the Court Mouse, In mild County of Los Aimeles, State of California, to show eaiiso why an order should not be Ki'iuitcd to the executors of siiid estate to Hell nil of the real entitle and personal properly of Hiihl deceased. And that a copy of this order be, puli- llHhod nl least four HiieecsHlve weeks In the Covlnn ArKUs, n newspaper printed and published In wild County of ),OH An- Kclos. JAMKH C. HIVKH, JndRc of Hie Kupi'i'lor Conrl. Dated January H, Kill!). AUNKIl AI.KUKn !)AVIH, \V. M. (JUIKVVOM). Kxeeulnrs of said Ktilule,. A. M. I'KNf'K, AlloiiM'v fur said Kstnto. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY If you want the BEST WORK at the MOST REASONABLE PRICES give tu a trial. 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At the name time a eorpn haw been norit to Ogilby Htation to work went- erlv, for the piirpo.Hc of aHcertainirig whether a feasible route i p an \tit obtained through the Hand hillo which H(-[);iratc the valley main line. The nand hills to the went, of Ogilby narrow down to their leaHt width, HO that it in coiihidered ii favorable, protl- pect for the new line. However, in i".;'-;- pitHHiige through them i-i foniiil ini- practirjibl'-, il \- n b«-|ievci| the linn will pimn thfoiiyh Kl ' i-ii anil thn swerve t</ th to |,a--. ;iri\ni'\ the h main liiH- of the Siy Mome Bakery Slcveus A Miitncy, PropriotorH Bread, Cakes, Pies, Tarts, Biscuits, Doughnuts ASSOKTKI) (X)NKKCTIf>NKKY Daily delivcrioK in Ooviu;i and vicinity in our new wu^on. CITKIIS AVK., t;(JVINA START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT WITH New Tools Twomcy & Dillcr Coolinan Jtlock, Opp. H, I>. Depot, Phone 2<J Orchard and Farm Tools OK ATJ, KINDS F. E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , I y arge and complete stock of everything in the line. 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