The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 7, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1892
Page 3
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 1892. More than One Hundred and Thirty- Four Millions ot Dollars Arc behind the indemnity we offer, Look at the. list: ncnnan Im C«. Kreeport, 111. 3 '!,07l,'..'"l 14 Itoyal Inp Co, Liverpool. Kng. :w ,74;:,403 1 )0 American Ins Co.Newark.N.I 9.188.431 (10 Unvlvton InH Co.ltonton. Mann lil.">,HOIi 00 HritlHli American InnCo. To ronto. Canada All .85* 00 Concordia I>"lrc In* CO. Milwaukee, wis iiaa.ooti oo FarraRiit Fire In»Co. NY... :1H7.7'!:I 00 Hamliurt' Mrcuien InH Co, Certnanv l.(M18,:ilir, 00 Milwaukee Mechanics In* Co. -Milwaukee. Win 1.8.-.4.K.0 111 New Hampshire Klre Ills Co. New Haven I.Sim.WH 01) I'rovtdem-.e Washington In* Co, || I .. l.4Hii.ini:i on I'eoplcs'Fire Ins Co. N II S^4.:171 11 (juccn Inn Co, of America... :I.OIIH.470 00 .syndlcatelnsCo.MliineapollH :III:I,." IU 4 00 Si Paul F anil M, St l'aul. Minn -.Mil 7.8114 00 Metropolitan I'late Clans ... :i(l-J,ill)4 00 Lloyd's 1'late (llasn. N. Y :S0'J.(II>4 00 Fidelity and Oasuallty. N. Y. I,(i87,0(l7 00 Union Central l-lfe Ins. Co.. OlllII. O 8,00.1.883 04 Commercial Union Ins. Co.. London, Kng iri.ri70.0114 00 Northwestern National 1,11:10,843 00 WilliamsburgCltyot N. Y... l,r.37,17;i 00 Westchester of NT V 1,«8».MI1 00 HurlliiKton of 401.lit! 00 Manchester of Manchester. Kng 8,047,(114 00 Franklin Fire of Phil, Pa. .. :|,17!I,477 00 -Ulna of Hart ford. Conn :ii 1 :ill?,'.!:i8 oft Employers Liability l,77Ii.7(>0 00 American Casualty Ins. Co... 8,208,500 00 THE BALL. CLOSEING OF THE GRAND ENTERTAINMENT AT RIVERSIDE HALL. Total $ia4.:i41 !,r ,HS »!l In these companies we injure nil kinds of property ntfiiinst fire, lightning, torniicloes, eyelones and windKtorms: insure plate (flnss against ac- eidents; write nearly fifty different plans of life insurance policies: insure ajfaiust accidents of ull Kinds', issue, oc- eident tickets, and do many other things that lack of space prevents our telling here. We also Insure Growing Crops Against Hail, Winne & Winne, TELEPHONE NO, 11 CORKER AVENUE A and MAIM. Hutchinson, Kan. Hoard ill Kdueiitiou. The regular monthly meeting of the hoard of education of the city Hutchinson was held in thuoiliee of Moore >v Chrihinnn. A. W. MeKinney. president, in the chair. Roll was called and the following members answered to their names: C. A. Kyker, ,lohn Chapman, T. V. Leidigh. A. \V. MeKinney, K. II. Chrisman. Superintendent Minnieh reported on the. Columbian fund showing $li;i as net proceeds of the effort in that direction. Further time was granted him to complete other details of his annual report. The report of the school enumerator was received and placed on file. It shows an enrollment as follows: Hoys, 1.173: girls, 1,321: {miking a total enrollment of 2,4114 in the school age. Of this number 02 arc colored. The finance committee reported the annual statement of the treasurer correct and on motion the hoard approved the same and ordered the vouchers Hied. The action of the clerk in issuing orders in payment of the teachers and janitors was approved. A number of hills were allowed. Hon. \J. Honk addressed the board in the. interest of introducing a special teacher of elocution in the schools. No further business appearing the board adjourned. F. H. CIIUIBMAN. Clerh. There's u patent medicine which is not u patent medicine—paradoxical us that muy sound. It is u discovery! the golden discovery of medical sci! It's the medicine for you—tired, run-down, exhausted, nerve-wasted men and women; for you sufferers from disease of skin or scalp, liver or Inngs—its chance is with everyone, its season always, because it aims to purl fy the fountain of life—the blood upon which all such diseases depend, The medicine is Dr. Pierce's Ooldon Medical Discovery. The makers of it have enough confidence in it to sell it on trial. That is—you can get it from your drnggist, and if it doesn't do what it's claimed to do yon can get your money buck, every cent of It. That's what the makers call taking the risk of their words. About One Hundred uml Fifty Couples 1'iirtlelpiltP III the Koot.Sliiikc—The Clnles Were Still In Place, uml the I.IMIICR Danced In Costume—The Second KeRl- meiil Funiltilieil llio Mn^lc—Comments, The (lutes and everything connected witli them are now things of the past. Many pleasant recollections of the occasion will long linger in the minds of all who attended them. Hut as brilliant as was the success attending the production of The (iatrs, too much can not be said concerning the ball, with which the whole business closed last night. At the proper hour the band struck up a inarch, and pretty foreign ladies nudjbrave Hutchinson men marched arm in arm, Young Tjoehinvur and his fair lady in the lead. For many hours the bund played and the people danced. It was the first occasion upon which the entire band ever played for a ball, and their music WHS found to be peculiarly well fitted for the spacious hall. It demonstrated the fact that for music in Riverside hall the. Second Regiment band is the organization above all others for satisfactory work. The boys were the recipients of many pretty compliments for the manner in which their pro­ gramme was rendered. The programme was us follows: PmilillAMMK. Grand March—Corcoran — Sousa Waltz-.Vislons of Paradise Bennett Quartette—Declaration Wiegand Holka— Pl7.zac.ats Strauss Lantzlen—Mountain Belle Schlepegrel Waltz—Meln Tliuringcn Klesler York-One Heart One Wind. .Strauss Quadrille—The Evergreen Daniels .Schottisch- -The Princess Royal, .ltosenlleld "Waltz—Remembrance of Naples Bennett Quadrlll—Flowers of Spring Ripley Waltz-Auf Welderscln "alley Rye Polka Galop—Cadi/. (Mexlcana) Pedro Bravo Waltz—Loves Dreamland Roeder Polka—Siiucgcr Casey Quadrlll-Popular Medley Schott Schottisch Military—Mountain Echoes Christie WalUr-Maggle Murphy's Home.....Graham Now that The Gates and the ball are things gone by, let us take a look at what has been done. iV short time ago a lady came to this city in the interests of the ladies' department of the world's fair, and par ticularly that part which will be occupied by Kansas. She called together a few of the ladies of Hutchinson, and to them explained what ought to be done. A club was organized and ofiicers were elected. The work of the club was explained and committers appointed to see that it was done. Money was needed. They did not want to burden the few who became members with raising the money, so their brains were searched for a scheme. "The dates" wns happily alighted upon as a feasible caper. It was a big undertaking, but unlike the men, they knew no such words as "impossibilities" or fail." Work was immediately begun and the public knows the result. They now have enough money on hand to make a very commedable showing, while they have established the tact that in union there is strength, and not only so, but that the ladies of Hutchinson have laid down a pattern worthy the emulation of other counties in the state who are confronted with the same trouble that confronted the ladies of the Hutchinson Columbian club. Our ludies have made a successful start, and others can do likewise Hut it has cost much hard labor, and our ladies deserve limitless credit for the pluck and energy shown since the organization of their club. We wish them no greater success in their future undertakings than that which lias attended their labors in the production of The dates, and the ball with which they closed. rock or any other hard surface they arc always loaded. Throw thefm out in the street, and thus save a lifcoor a limb. The boy, or man cither, who will wantonly throw such murderous things on the sidewalk ought to he punished with the same degree of severity as though attempting to take ifi. Grand Preparations. The management of the celebration for .luly 4th. is in good hands. A few very important things have already leen done which go a long ways toward assuring a successful time. The Second Regiment band is not now considering any outside propositions, but when asked where they are going on the Fourth of .luly. they look wise and say; "We arc going to stay at home and help to give one of the grandest celebrations that the state ever bcr held." From among the dignitaries nt the big Minneapolis convention a selection of speakers will be made, and if we do not have the finest orator in the lund it will be because he can not be secured We are in the swim to stay, and when the sun smiles down \ipon Independ- dence day it will behold the grandest spectacle that was ever seen in the statu of Kansas. Already word reaches us from points more thnn a hundred miles distant, that crowds of visitors will throng our streets, and fill to overflowing the trains on all the roads leading to Hutchinson. The great liberty bird is being fed on humming-bird steaks and tin whistles, and when she soars aloft on .luly •I, and sends forth her shrill notes, the booming of the cannon can not down the sound thereof. Let her feed, and let her scream. We will celebrate in royal style. A Fine Lecture, liishop Taylor, missionary to Africa lectured at the First M. E. church last night to a crowded house. It was estimated that fully two hundred persons came to hear the lecture who were unable, to gain admission to the building. The bishop has spent many years in missionary work in Africa, is a good talker, has 'observed extensively and gives an account of the country, the natives and their habits that will interest any one. He gave an account of the progress of Christianity and civilization, showing the good that has been accomplished in a way to encourage the missionary worker. His lecture was well received. (TRADE PATENT LEAVENWORTH. KANSl Try King of Kansas Flour, 81.25 a sack. Price List of FOR WEDNESDAY. , • • ' • j " n • " L '"' '•' %f «ij Star Clothiers' Cut-Pnce Sale No linen coats for coats anfy Tiny, little, sugar-coated granules, arc what Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets | are. The best Liver Pill over invented; active, yet mild in operation; cure sick and nillious headaches. One a dose. •150 CnbbaKea. The Hillside (Mich.,) Fair will give this year for the three largest and best cubbagcB on exhibition there 8100 and 850 t« second. These wo believe are the largest vegetable prizes ever offered in America. This fair also offers 840 to the best five varieties of apples for market and 820 for second, and the rules require only five apples of each vuricty to be shown. Like premiums are IIIBO offered for the best live varieties of apples for desert and also the best five varieties for cooking. The above and other premiums offered by this popular society are open to the world for competition. Entries will close September 87. Fair October a, 4, fi, 0 and 7, 181)2. Ia your hair fulling out or turning gray, Try Hoggs' Hair lleucwer. It acts lige magic. Sold and warranted by A. J. Bttumhardt. Political Speculation, The street corners were lively places to-day, as the little sqads of men would meet and speculate on the possible outcome of the Minneapolis convention. Among the throng can always be found the "I-told-you-Ro" man, who has known for some months that Blaine was going to resign, and at the same time can give positive reasons why Harrison cannot be nominated, as well as to enlighten you on the subject of McKiuley's candidacy. In crowds such as you find on the street corners you can always find those who know how and where it will end, and in the mean time the level heads arc awaiting the result of the balloting. The NKWS will furnish you all the latest word from the convention, and of the authentic sort, coming direct from headquarters, Boveral hours In advance of any other paper that comes to the city. Kellinve the CailHe. Another of the cows which were hit- ten by a mad dog some time since if showing symptons of hydraphobia. Every precaution is being taken to prevent the animal from doing any dam age, but steps should be taken to see that all the others are constantly kept in a safe place. What is the cause of all this trouble and uneasiness? One insignificant, worthless cur was allowed to run at large, went mad and we all know the rest. Such thoughts as those are causing the dog marshal to endeavor to regulate the dogs of the city, and we are happy to note that he has been rather successful. Regulate the canines. A Correction. Through a misunderstanding between Mr. Weiner and the committee of clerks, whose announcement appeared in Saturday evening's paper, the announcement of the Grand was made to read June 13, when it should have read June G. See correction in today's paper. This was a most com mendable move upon the part of the Business houses of the city, and one which will be appreciated by the tire, clerks and their many friends. Election or Office™. At the regular meeting of Hutchinson Typographical Union No. 243, last n ght, the following ofiicers wer elected; President—B. O. Wible. Vice-President—Geo. S. Walker. Secretary—W. B. Shawhan. Treasurer—F. ,1. Altswagor. Sergeant-at-Arms—W. L. Hedrick Executive Hoard—E. Brumback, II E. Hauna, M. Broughton, A. L. Cossage and K. .1. Mealey. THE CASH GROCERS. 21 South Main. SUGAR. 20 lbs Granulated 81.00 1 lbs Light Brown 1.00 22 lbs New Orleans 1.00 COFFEE, Arbucklo 8 .20 Midland .20 Santos 20 Mocha and Java 3SJtf CANNED GOODS. 3 lb can Tomatoes 8 .10 3 lb can Pumpkin 10 2 lb can Corn 10 2 lb can String Beans 10 2 lb can Lima Beans 08% 2 lb can Succotash 08% 2 lb can Peas 08% 2 lb can Blackberries '10 2 lb can Raspberries 10 2 lb can Gooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawberries 10 3 lb can Peaches 15 2 H lb can California Peaches... .20 2J-3 lb can California Apricots..: .20 2 }_ lb can California Green Gage .20 >a lb can California Egg Plums .20 i lb can California Pears 2f> lb can California Quinces 20 ii lb can California Cherries... .20- Gallon can California Peaches.. .40 allon can California Currants.. .40 allon can California Gooseber's .40 allon can Apples 25 lb can Mackerel: 10 lb can Salmon lf> 1 lb can Oysters 10 lb can Oysters 17!_ SUNDRIES. lbs Beans 8 .2.' lbs Rice 25 lbs Oat Meal 25 lbs Bulk Starch Sour Pickles, per gallon Hams 11 Breakfast Bacon , .11 Lard :. .10 1—200 doz men's summer 15c, worth 50c. No. 2—300 dozen men's flannel vests $1, worth $1.75. No. 3—260 men's pants, your choice for $1. They are worth from $1-50 to $3. No. 4—3O0 boys' moleskin pants at 50c each, worth $1. No. 5—50 dz boys' waists at 10c, worth 25c. No. 6—10 dozen boys' pants, 5c, worth 15c. No. 7—50 dozen boys' pants, 10c, worth 20c. No. 8—100 dozen boys' pants, 25c, worth 35c and 50c. 9—70 dozen ties, your choice for 5c,^ worth 10c to 25c. W No. 10—20 doz men's shirts, 30c, worth 50e. No. COME EARLY. We have never offered such bargains before. "We need the room for our coming fall stock in July. m of the above articles s ^}<^- LEADERS Wk> OF LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS THE Hutchinson; Music COMPANY. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33% inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 18U2. WH ERR ELL CURE. DEALERS IN Pianos and Organs. LARGEST STOCK West of the Missouri River. Only first class goods handled. All thoroughly guaranteed. A full stock of sheet music and musical merchandise. Several branches,trcat andcuRS the LIQUOR, MORPHINE and TOBACCO habits. These institutes are the only ones authorized to use the original and gen- TSRMS, $6o for the Core, ot »is a week. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, | CAM no N. Main St. _CMoridfi_ of Cold Remedies. Alt remedies used are absolutely safe and sure in action. Piano tuning department in charge of J. A. Me GAUGHAY. Write for terms and prices. Hutchinson, - - - Kansas. 22 North Main St. It Wan Lontltul. On the sidewalk on South Main street to-duy, un old lady from the country was slowly walking along, when her foot struck a banana peol, throwing . her violently, to the stone walk. Her injuries were not serious, but are vory painful. The wonder is that bones were not broken, A banana peel Is absolutely harmless when lying FURIVI AN'S. I ou t ' ie ground' bl it when found on a G-ET YOUR STOAWKfcRRIES and RASPBERRIES This week at Married, The friends of Mrs. Dr. t'aylor, who was a citizen of this city a few years since, will be pleased to hear of her happy marriage to Geo. J. Sheffel of New York. Mrs. Sheffel is quite a literary lady, and has written a number of very interesting and valuable works. Her nom do plume was Wenona Uillman, by which namo she will be recognized by many of our readers. Attention, Ladles. Attend the special salo of dress goodB at the New York Racket, in the College block on Thursday. On that day the Racket will beat all bargains ever offered in Hutchinson on dress goods. They diave the stock and are determined to sell them. Don't fail to attend their special sale. Murrlotl. Ed Sanborn to Miss Ella Kinney in Junction City last evening by Rov. C. Rowland Hill. Both parties are well known here, and will make their home in the city. May their star of happi ness never be dimmed.—Chapman Howitzer. Low Shoes for Hot Weather. All the New Styles in Ladies' \ Fine Bootees, Prince Alberts, Oxford Ties, Southern Ties and Opera Slippers. G-entlemen's Oxford and Southern Ties, at YOUNG BROS. No. 12 North Main. KOI! TOBACCO CURE. J. H. IF 1 . PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a full ine of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTHJMAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. 1 If so, see L. G. DUPLER, m GBMffi OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. He has just received a large invoice of BLANK BROS.' FAMOUS CANDIES, THE BEST MADE. Srt «L 1 ift?.^ 0 .7? 1 S kno j: the(}BAND TBuTHB,thB Plain Rio* tha «ob» K ,.ti™i. ffiii MKN ONLY." Touyearawt nun w« will iMlSina sopy KuUrtrtj *r*e, In plain MaloOoover, "AnXune froratheSwta!" THS ERIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, N.

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