Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1912
Page 2
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THBJOLA DAn.Y REGISTEI^ SATURDAY EVENING,IJOVEMBER 16,1912." O UR Big Annual Thanksgi^pg Mi^n Sale startecj this morning with a nigh. Come with the crowd Monday. See a^ Avp Maria! bli 'ssod bo llio hour, Thp tinip, the CIIIIIP, I1H' siiot, whon I 80 oft Kavo f«'lt iliat moinont tn tta fiillogi iwwer : Sink o'or tin- «>nrili so bi'iititlful :iiul Foft: WbllP Rix 'unK til*- tl«'<'H b4'U ill till' distil III lowpr. Or tb«' fatni dyitiK day hymn stolf And noi a lir<\ntb ')^MOt ?ttiroukli OK" rosy air. * ^r/T^ A« And ypt thp forest .-.<(B |ive8 seemed siirrrd with prayer;?* " ^ Soft hour! which wakes the wish and nM>]ts the heart Of those who sail the seas on the first day AVhen they from their swivf friends are torn apart; Or fills with love the pilgrim on his way. As the far bell of vesper makes him start, SeeminK to weep the dying day's de- ray. • —Ixjrd Oeorge Noel Gordon Byron. Fine Choiiblaks^ LIC(JETT'S ^ ; FENWAY'S and HUYLER'S BURREirSSfggE TheBeuilSton A group of plrls gave a very de- Tho most Important thing in prcpaii- In^ fooil for the sick is to, have good material well cooked and aerx'od in an attractive way. Another rale was never to force a patient to eat, except In oases of nervons disease, wliere the mind is apt to be as weak as the body. In cooking the daily food the princi pal point is to get a balanced proportion of the five food essentials, starch, prolien, fat, mineral salts and water. So one food contains a sufficient amount of all these .materials | - Uichard .<oD "8. Brown assisted iq-the *riteitainmentland Dorothy HendritAs : Befresh- with two readings, "dridj'a ^Ooat;" j ments suitable for t'hi*''younR guests and the "Poiato.'Bug." UjOV^MlPtchicti -| were served, were appreciated .by tbiiC..,. audience. 'The numbers given by tHe Qiiarlette * *• * The Cherryvale Republican makes Zltl^^'^!''^'^'S'^}}^ ''^^'^! note of a party Which was given for J \*,°'i2r '*f 'he bachelor club. It was In the tar ChratnuU.^* and a solo by Mr. Wal-, ,orm of an unplanned reunion. Some ^erHnmlUon TTie feature of the even „r the irtertlb^ra htid not attend.Kl a ing was "The PIqua Quartette,- >» party of the club since th.y had cm- bur osgue In cOstume. The members J ,,arked on the matrimonial voyage of the qimrletie are: J. W. Reynolds,; Rome elglit years ago. Among the Charles L. May. (I-.-orge U Uaite and'^iozpns guests mentioned Is Mrs I. It \N alter Hamilfon. Tlie accompani-; Stevens of lola stnents were ula.ved by JIrs* T^iwrence; ^-(JUst. ' **• • •> —HIB Heiluctlon on all Millinery |)ood8; iTi'X discount on ali Trimmed I Mt». W1I.\T STYLISH .S.MAHT Mt:y .IRK W'KAHI.XJ. Walking on the brr id streets and RVat 'rnf MrsTeflFs! 109"R . MadTsTn/"y''""^'' " Wnin v -nno , 'ook at and then o >ser>e a little more closely, the thrbngs of fashion- ola, Kans. • + • Ro£coe Ponsler csme ih last night from Schnectady, .V..Y. on a business irip .ind for a visit with his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. I.. I.. Ponsler. • * + —The strongest. i>olnt In Xewen's work Is the message that he brings to! hbly clad women that surge through them. And it Is extremely Interesting to note what It is that they, thesti disciples of .Madame Iji .Mode, favor most strongly. Well, It Is naturally the street costume that Is most In evidence when walking. So we have the suit, con- hl.=! audience^ At Presbyterian church, ^i ^ung „j „ p^at and skirt. The s:vU. -November LSth. j „f garments are so varied and most of them so charming, that the * * • Mrs. F. A. Wagner and son Raymond, who have bee;i; spending ^ month with Mr. Wagner, in Oswego, returned home this morning. * + * — Big shipments or New Coats and least they deserve Is an individual description. Another costiiine that one sees much worn and liked by the smart woman. Is tin- coat blouse suit. There is somethlnK Irresi.sillily pretty and lightful handkerchief shower for: iherefore. It must be the study of the Suiis bought a, a big reduction In y.^^^j^n .hi; .nilde' oV |.i i.e. will go to you In the same way. | ^^.j ,„p fabrics that are to l>e had now. are splendidly adapt- housekeeper to prepare each meal so as to give the right proportion of each * • 4 The Clinker flub ineml>ers will give a dnnoe at their club rooms one and this will in a measure reduce i next Monday night. Announcements r. the, high cost of living by eliminailng I have been sent to members and a ' feature is embodied besides linvlni' 3 the purchase of food that contains too 1 ^ood attendance Is expected. Shield's j '"^'^ ' miKmieu, oesiues iiaxing - iinuch of any one of them. Two gen-. orchestra will furnish the,niuslc. M Miss r :va Hail, 41C South Kim last evenln.g, the occasion being her fifteenth birthday. Games and music, were the diversions of the evening. . Those who particinated were Misses Vesta Page. Ix)la Osborne. Daisv De- . ^ . . Haven, Fay^Powell. Katy Root. Gladvs i eral rules to be observed in cooking I . I- T • Marsh. Margaret Drake. Fay Gammon.: are: that all protied and fat produc-f —3)0 llarr.some iTats all go in a Evelvn Jacobs. Blenda Smith, Ger-'lng foods, eggs, milk, meat, etc..) big sale at 2n per cent discount, trude Smith, Louise Bradfield, Km-: should be cooked in moderate heai Itichaid.son's. ma Rousselo. -Ada and Pearl BoUng. \ while all starchy food should be cook- * * * Kva Hall. Messrs Elmer Rutledge. ed in high temperature so that the j Miss Minerva Reap. Miss A r. starch granules may be broken into. f^raig and'Mrs. H. H. Chapin were tli.' digestible form. In speaking of meats ' <llnner guesjs .vesterday of .Mrs. F. A ed to it. Of courst; the cutaway outline Is found in the best styles, and is use<l and favon-d universally. In 'he coat blouse Illustrated here, that FVancIs Ferrll, Ixiring Black. .T. D. Alittlebach. Kenneth Robinson. Harry Cook. Earl .\elson. Berry Ridge,! Mrs. Simmons said that the finer cuts 1 C<«rtis, 60t South Kentucky street. Oscar Demoret, Arlo Woodslde, Arthur Milburn. Tommv Ostwrn. Mrs. J. R. Perrlll, Mrs. R. B. Boling and Mrs. J. M. Hall. Ar a late hour refreshments were sened by Mrs. Hall assisted by Mrs. Ferrll and Mrs. Boling. —Cut Flowers. chr>>santhem<ims. were really very little richer in food . 4. 4. value than the coarser cuts, the only' —Big Special Table Linen Sale for difference being in" the toughness of: Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday — the connecting fibres and these caa' l!icIiariI.-;oirs. he made digestible by Careful cook- i <• + + -ing. To cook a round steak, break 1 Circles .\o 1 and 10 of t^e l,;idi *-8* Aid society of the Flrsl M. E. church . will give a reception to the member* < jihe fires by pounding It. preserve ^ .the meat juices with a small amount yellow, white and lavender, at jl..'.Otof flour, sear It quickly then cook it ; •'•nd friends of the church next TUe.s-I !<nd $2.00 i>er dozen. Phone 99.".-ri.—i covered in a moderate heat with a lit- day afternoon froiii 8:30 until fi-.OHJ .Peckler\s Greenhouse. itle milk for forty-fiv« minutes or an,^' the home of Mrs. A. A. Mosher. 4. ' hour according to the size, and seas- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plnnell enter-Son to taste. Mrs. Simmons called tained the V. C. T. five hundred club ihls a fricasseei but she laughingly last night. The members who were ; declared that the name was only for In attendaiice were: Mr. and .Mrs, j the purinis.. of making the men lie- Guy Garloick. Mr. and Mrs Tlra Ga- I lieve ihey were gefting something for natsey. Mr. and .Mrs. W. n. Shorb. nothing. She clo8 «>d her talk with Mr. nnd Mrs. K. l^. Robertson, Mr 1 plea for sUuider meals, that Is r .«w.-r .ind .Mrs. Earl We.>kly and Mr. and articles of food at each meal, with Mrs. Harry Slfers After some time i more time s |H <nt oJt the cooking and had b«»en spent with the club game; thought as to the prtJjMT amount of the hostess servvd r «>freshment9. ! each food essential. <• ^^^^ • 1' —Exi>erienced salesladies wante<l I with good r»»coinmenrt—Richr.ri!«on's • * • A large crowd greete«l the Boosfei i Quurictte last, night at Its first pub- I lie entertainment at the Vnlted Breth- I ren church, in a coticert given under the auspices of the Endeavor socie- f ty. Many of the nttmbers were en- I cored which made a pleasing varla- tio iiln tht; program. Miss , Mae —Big sp« sale of Elegant Mil- linerv Every Include*! In this big « sale —Rlchardsom's. •+ + • Yesterday afternoon at the K. of P. hall Mrs. Mary Simmons, of the -Agricultural College, gave two short lectures on "Food for the Sick," and the "Dailv Dietry." both of which were wonhy of a much larser audience than was present to hear her. r lH \v«iriii{;-<if it Piaiuoiul is tlw* Imflj;*^ of s«cit\<s. It di^ utitt's .si'If-jv.'jjK'ot, nidt>|K'iiidt'iiiv. suliil worth. l>i>iiiioii,]s itM* theonlv jV\vfli-y tli:it iiii-ivjisf in VJIIIH ' wiili titiu'-, iti fnct theiv is no iiivt'Sitlueni so suit' of in-ofitaliU'. Tliev d.mhlv in v;ilti«> ;il»ont evorv tiv«» vt»;ns nml ;nrvjitnf iiioii' rjniiilly in liiiitl limes thnii : IT tiny other linic. The v;ilii«* of :i Diainnnd dejuMids ujKm its •imility. siuue aiv tvoi-th $!)(». a i-arat. othiM-s Jt'.W. IMaiijontls liavp a llxed ..-standatnl valm'—they are as srajile tis {;ol"d. It is a siiiiliH* nvttter for y«nt to see thaf yon hav«» nothinjr to gtiin by hiiyin;; •away froni home and rln» advantaj^'s of h«yin<: front some one* '.yon know to lie it»liahle are tit oncp ttpj amit. Send for now fatah)jrue. It is fi-<4*. Mo. Pac. Santa FetoiaTrf.^Kf. & T. Hvatcli Insi»e<tois. 416 East Jackson, llefreshments will be Served. No charge will be made. * • + • I The regular meeting of the Wo-. man's Relief Corps was held yes-, terday afternoon at the G. A. R. hall Routine business was atlend«*d to ami i idans tor the dinner or sup|>er which! will given Xovomber S5. Insix-"*-! tlon were discnsaed. A meeting. will b# held next FViday to completer :«rr«ng«»menis for this event. • • * .\bout fon.v mothers and their ha- bies who l>elong to the Cradle Roll' of the l^resbyterian church, were en- , , o v-^ . ^n^r tertained yesterday afternoon flt the J." '*°^P'*I"J^."''^t home Of Mrs. C. K. Scott ^ the Mis-, ^>»*»^»'- somehow, a garment ChriHtttilt tlinrrh. The meeting continues with Increars- | Ing interest. .A large audience of attX'n j tive listeners every evening. Pastor! Allen, xrt Ft. Scott, will conduct all | services Sunday, while the pastor of 1 this church will supply hi.5 .pulpit , there. I Sunday morning subject. "One Day [ tVith Jesu.s." Evening subject. "A Building that Will Not Burn " Some other subjects for the week, "Man's Extremity Is God's OpjKjrtnnity," I "God Calling for I.aborers." "God Call-1 Ing for Guests," "If a .Man Die.' Shall j He Live Again." "Cat* a Man Be a 0:iristlan and not Be In the Church," "A Good Cultivator But a Bad Cal- t-ulalor." A live Bible school at !t:."!0. Classes are striving to excell each other in points of excellency. Young people's prayer meeting 6:4.'i- Bapiismal service Sunday morning and Monday evening. Several to be baptized. Strong sermons, gooil singing and a welcome extended l>y the members to all who will attend. The railed Rrpthren Cbnrrh. Sunday S<hool i»:4r> a. m. Preaching II a ni. and T:?." p. ni .Mr. Morjtly, the pa.sior. will preach morning and evening, yiis subject in the morning will be "From the Oar- den to the Cite." In the evening he will give an adilVess. "Tlie Man Who Wa.snt as Good as His Word." Miss Ella been will lead the senior Christian Endeavoi" meeting at 6:30 Ladies' Aid Society meets Thursday ;:3n p. ni. at the church. RIDGE CAFE RE-OPENS The Ridge Cafe Opeim Saturday with a Big Dinner—You Are Invited. MKNU FOR SUNDAY Haked Chicken with Di'e.»^.<;ing- ^ Roast Pork with CraiihtM'i'y Saiipe Snowilake Potatoe.^ Cauliflower Sliced Tomatojes Salatt Radishes Tea Coffee Milk slonan- Society of the church. It was one of the most enjoyable affairs that has been given In 8om« time, the children themselves giving the program. Those who recited were Rnth Ewing, Charles Scott Jr.. Dorcas Miller. Esther Kratz, Elizabeth Burrell BEST TREATMENT FOB -\LL rOJTPLEXlO.N ILLS «. * (Prom Wiiiman's Tribune) 111 tell yon my panacea for all complexion troubles- If the skin be color- ess, sallow muddy, over-red. If It be •ough, blotchy, or pimply, there 's no- Lhing that will so surely pverconie the "ondltlon as ordinary mercolized wax. The wax literally takes off a bad complexion—absorbs the dead and the near-dead itarticles of surface skin so gently, gradnally. you experience no inconvenience at all. A new complexion Is then in evidence, one so clear, spotless delicately soft and t>eautiful .vou look many years younger. One ounce of this wax. procfurable at any drug store, will rejuvenate even the worst complexion. It is smeared on like cold cream before retiring and removed mornings with warm water.' The mercolized wax habit is' a healthier and inorejeconomical one than the costnetic habrt. If the skin: be wrinkled dix flabby, bathe it daily In a solution tm'adc by dissolving an onnce of powdered sax- ollte m a half pint witch hazel. This acts immediately, affecting- even the dceiiest wrinkles.—Elsie Desmond- nowadays seems to l>e.. toneless- There is the full-length sleeve too. that is so well suited to this mode, and the turn-back cuff as well as the foliar can lie made of pale amber cloth of a Ifght weight, while tbe coat •s of blue serge. Buttons are used a great deal for trimming purposes, and they can lie of all sizes and shapes, always of course, with an eye to proportion and^ harmony. In this case the buttons'tnay be covered with the St. TlmothyV Eplwopal fbarrh. The 2«ih Sunday after Trinity, Collect for the da.v. "O. Ix)rd. we beseech thee absolve thy people from their of- reiice.i; that through Thy bountiful soodnesg we may all be delivered from till- liands of those sins, which by our Craily we have committed. Grant this. O Heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ"? .•uike. our blessed I,onl apd Savior .\men." Services tomorrow will be:' Communion at S a. m. Sunday School and Young Pi>oi>le'» BIbIa Class 9:t5 a. m. I .Morning prayer and «erinon by the I RiHtor on the subiect. "The Influence of a Con«eerated Ufe." at 11 a. m. Events of the week will be: I We«in«««dav S p. m.. Iccturv by the 1 R«ftor on "St, Albans Cathedral." at ! which a slU-er offering will be talten. •. I Friday. 5-30. the Dangltters of the • King and the Woman's Auxiliary will > have a joint meeting at the residence * of .Mrs. C. A .ir. DeSaulIes. Tbe annual election, of officers ' will take place at this meeting. Friday. 7 :?.»>. choir practk-e. We earnestly invite all strangers to join with us in the worship of Almighty God CARL W. .VAf. Rector Acorn and Hooster '• '. - —- ^— - - " - - i—Smoke Burning Steel Ranges, Cooks and Heating Stoves. No others like them. Let us show you. :o get still other souls -saved- All are invited. A. U SA.MPSON, Pastor. Klntt A. E. Charrh. Preaching at 11 a. m. by Pastor .Object "Christ Revealing Himself." Cla-*,«» meeting at 12::«o p. m : Sunday School at 3 p. in. l.^t the twrents come and bring their children with them. Evening s««rvlces begii;ii"}at T;l'. p. m. with song services Preae'tlng at !S:l« p, m. by |ia.<tur. Sulijeri. "Continued Prwyvr." C,>me and hear our Senior and Junior chorus sinit. Senior choir at m<>rning service. Junior choir at night. -All are welcome. C A WOODS. Pa .MoT. First MethodUt EpL^ropal fbarrh. the morning honr the theme will be "The irnturned Cakes" and in the evening hour an equally interesting sermon-will be preached by the pastor. The Sunday Sj;l»ol will be held It 9:4.'; and all are invited to be In MONOLOGIST Second Number of Lecture Course, at . Presbyterian Church. Monday Night November 18. Admission. .35c and ^5&; their classes promptly on time. The iugly chic on the amber cloth collar. Y"},^'' conducted at 6:30 p ra.. theine The skirt with which this blouse is \ Personal Evangelism. It is hoped combined, is of the three-piece type. ";«tj- larger attendance *ill be at all having a plain front gore, and a pitat-!^"e.e servlces. ud back gore, with the pleats turned [ one way. To maintain the desired narrow effect at the lower edge, the pleats are laid in quite safely, so that the width of this skirt, for Instance is only about one and three quarter yards, in size 24- The material for this model, may be the same as that Presbyterian t'hareh. First Church: Rev- S. S. Hilscher, •he pastor, will preach morning and evening. The evening sermon will be the next in the series on the Revelation. These messages are great practical message.^ for toda.v. Evangelical used for the blouM,"" blue serge." as'«'*'">KeIlstic. Everybody Is Invited together, they make an unusually good-looking costume, that Is both serviceable and becohiing. BHE-VKS rOLD WlTHOl^t HELP. PiipeN i'old Tomponnd Cures Cold.<i and (irip|>e In a Few Honrs. It is a i)Ositive fact that a dose of Pape's Cold Compound, taken every two hours until three consecutlte doses are taken, will end the grippe and break trp the most severe cold, either in the head, chest back, atom- aob. limbs, or any part of tbe body- it promptly relieves the most miserable headaches, dullness, head and nose stuffed up. feverishness. sneezing sore throat, running of the nose, mucous catgrrhal discharges, soreness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges- Take this wonderful Comiiound as directed, with the kiiowledge that there is nothing else In the world, which will ctire your cold or end Grippe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or bad after^' effects as a 2.'>-cent package of Pape's Cold Compound, wbich any druggist can supply—accept no snlistltute—it contains no quinine- Belongs tp every home. Tastes nice—acts gently. Ft Scott Tribunes Samuel C. Mead or. n day laborer of lola. this morning fllad a petition In voluntair bankruptcy in the local division of the federal court, through his .-ittomey, (A. F. Elorence. Mr. Meador indndea CbU liabilities as 11.041.80. witb\aa- Vaets amounting to $550 practically Wl of trblch will be exempt to bim. to hear them. The subject this week will be the 'Sealed and the Sa\ed." "«atbath S'-h^ol at 9:4.5 a. m. C. E meeting at C:30 p. m- Llttle Builders' Chapel: .Mrs. E. .\. Jones. Suiierintendent- Sabbath School at 2 p. m. Teache'r"' Training Class at 3 p. in. Yonng People's meeting at t;:30 p. ni. Bassett Chapel: Sabbath School at 1« a. m. Flrit fhnrch of Christ SelenUst Sunday School at 10 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Subject. "Mortals and Immortals." Testimonial service ^Ved. at 8 p. ro. Services are held in the church at the corner of East and Sycamore streets. The reading room adjoining the church is open from 2 to 4 p. m. each week day. You are cordially invited to attend these services and visit the reading room- First Baptist Charrh. Sunday School 9:4.*» a. m Dr. Hendricks. Supt- Baracas—Do all the good you can. by a41 the means you can, in all the ways you can. as long as ever you can. Begin no-; invite all your friends to our class.—Howard Ritchey,.Pres. Wanted—100 yonng men for the Baraca class of the First Baptist church. Wages are intellectual stimu- lous, social purity, friendships and Bible knowledge- Come, we need you- .Sennon at 11 a- m- "A Live Church Versus a Dead Church." B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Sermon 7:30 p. m. Theme. "Coming to Himself." This Is the first of a series Qf four sermons to young men to l>e given each Sunday evening- We invite young men especially with the public Prayer service Wednesday evening at 7:30 in charge of the Ladles' Missionary Society. Mrs- J- O. Major, Pres- A season of prayer will follow the reading of the Scripture and song for our own missionary. Dr- Woodin. A good program Is being prepared- We ask every member of the church to keep this missionary prayer service by- attending. If you cant attend pray at your homes. LaHarpe. Sunday School 2 p- m. Sermon 3 p. m. Prayer service 7:30 p. m. TTiursday. The pastor Is engaged in meetings at the Star school house four and one half miles southwest of lola. Eight, so far. have made the start. Will nreach at 3 p- m- We invite the public to 'dear the word- G. W. SHEPARD. Pastor. Tha U^MtpoIat ot WQBui'a hap> Plnesa la r«aeh«d oolr thvm^ motk- •rbood. In UM claapinc O( b*r cUM within ber arms. Yet tba BM>tb«r4o> b« te oRaa (aftrtul ot utnT **a ortaal and abrinka froa tb« tufftriac incK d»at tt> Ita conaumnattott. But tar natnrali fJOu and diacooilorts natoM proTidaa remcdlaa. and In MotWk ' Friand la to b* touad a madlciaa «f great Talue to aTary axpectaat Botbfr. It is an •mnlalon for anusal appUcatioa, coaipoaad of ngradiaats wbi<A act with ^eaaflcia} and aoo«b> ing effect on tboso portioas of tba ' ayatam Involved. It Is ^tntaadat' to preparo.tba systeia for the critt^' aad thus teUeTe, In great part, tba •dffar*' ins tbrongb wblch the mothar naually paaaaa. The wgnlar oaa ot llotbar's Friend win repay any motbar la tb* co3ifoTt it affords before, and tbe baip* ful restoration to health and strength it brings abont MtUr baby coma's. Mother's Friend is for sale at drug stores. Write for our .free book for expectant mothers which contains much .valtiabW information, and many suggestions ol a helpful nature. IIAOFniD tECULATOI Ca. JUi^ Ga. MESS' JIEETIXG AT THE Y. M. f. A. WORLD'S GREATEST CATARRH REMEDY Rer. Moody VUl Caadact Oae at % O'clock Tomorrow. Rev. G. E- Moody, of the United Brethren church will hold a mens' meeUng at the Y. M- C. A. building tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. It baa- now been over two years since mens' meetings were held at tbe association rooms and it is hoped that the attendance will be sufficient to warrant their continuance. The meet ing at the building last Sunday was well attended and all who were there are requested to attend tomorrow and bring others witb tbem. Trinity X. E. Charrh. (East lola) Regular services will be held tomorrow as follows: Sunday School at 9:4a a. m. Morning service at II' a: m. Junior league at 3 p- m- Epworth League at 6:30 p. nx- Evenlng Bvingelistlc service at 7-..30 The Interest In ohr revival meetings la steadily increa-ting. The attendance has been very good during the week an dthe spirit of conviction lias been deepening, the Lord truly "adding to the church daily auch as should be saved." The meetlngB will - continue throughout next week, tlje object beiner Worid's Greatest Catarrti Remedy ISp Just breathe Booth's HYOMEI for Qve minutes and the penetrating antiseptic air from the Eucalyptus forests of Australia will soothe the sore Catarrhal membrane an dgh'e wonderiul relief- Being such an efficient remedy: absolutely free from harmful drugs C. B- Spencer is willing at the maker's re quest to guarantee HYOMEI for Catarrh- Croup, Catarrhal Deafness. Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat and Bronchitis or money back. The little book in each package fells how simple it Is to ffet rid of all these dlstressslng diseases- Complete HYOMEI outnt including pocket inhaler, $1.00: extra bottles, an cents at ilealerB . everywhere. Porto Biro'!! >'ew Wander. —From far away Porto Rico come repons of a wonderiul new discovery that is believed will v^tly benefit tbe people. IRamon T. Marchan .of Barceloneta. writes: "Dr. King's New Discover}- is doing splendid work bere. It cured ine about five times of terrible coughs and colds, also my brother of a severe cold in his chest and more than 20 others, wbo 'nsed it (H> my advice. We hope this great' medicine will yet be sold in every drug Wtore in Porto Rico." For throat attd> lung troubles it has no equal. A trial will convince you of Its merit. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteeid by. all druggists. Ottawa Herald: Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Ellis and Mrs. H. P. Gray ot tola sp^nt last night as gueste at the home of M. F- King. They left this morning on the train, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis going to Topeka and Mrs. Gray to Denver.

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