Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 12
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 12
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TWELVE SUNDAY TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1944 f^oininrr VTClllllJLli* Is ._. -_- y- -~^. ^- _ ,_^ _ ,. In Kev State Of California AXJ. A*_\_y J k_y t^t-Vl,!^ V_^ A VJC* M.M.M. V/ A XJLJ.CC B. & O. Group Will*' Kr»nii«nv o i u ii s i) i are publicity. Earl Conn, W. P. lYarnall and J. H. Manning; enter- c R M11Ier Conn and E - Gainer, 'Mouse; house .committee for the Candi (lute's Appearance, in Sun Fnmcinco I.os An- . pries May Halt Trend By GEORGE GALLUP Director. American Institute of Public Opinion J Princeton. N. J., Sept. !6—Head ttii; Into California next Wednesday,! Thomas E. IV.vey will invade state whose voiex may be the deriding factor in Ihe 1944 presidential elertion. California, with in, 25 electoral voie.i. pr^eiiLs a tough nut lor the ii e p U b rrrrrrrs—te- crack. President .Roosevelt is not only running ni'.fad of Governor D e w e y in ixipiilavity in fhe h'.ite. bul h.ts In- crea.'pd his lead s!!i;htly during l h f past few Week.-'. r>r. Gtarif Gallar County Students To Compete For Essay Prizes Purinton and man J. Glenn Beall; of the Sixth | Constitution District, and singing by the B. ancijUie 157th O. Women's Music Club of cumber- 'adoption of the Constitution. land and the B. and O. quartet ol Day, commemorating anniversary of the Eyes Sore? Tired? Baltimore Baltlmore Tomorrow Designated \ : O'Conor urged cooperation wlUii"" 8 '" prompt rellcr ' B * th ' « y " f I Lavopnk- Burning. Inflanimnlon. K t< civic and educational groups in pro-j llrell , rtllut _ , lch ing (r om io»i inn, grams stressing the Importance of| B n relieved, cools, sooi'nes teirnhn er • • r» j"yils document in the American money refunded 25 vesra success, t As Constitution Uayjhome so that our people may be! D1 - thousands, oei L»voptiic totUy. — , j increasingly familiar with its con-[cup included.* At «n druitgists— AA\ Annapolis, Md., Sept. 16 (A>)—Gov-;tent£." ' .mfni. Preparation for In- ernor O'Conor Issued a proclama- rio final judging on the papers. Clifford E. Gainer, vice president of the Men's C.T.P.. Is chairman of the general committee in charge When Governor Dewey enlers California next week on his cam-i of the corioest, and is assisted by Cook. Raymond James Fisher. The program at F\>rt HU1 High School wili include a 30-mlnute The Baltimore and Ohio Men'sisound picture. — r -.- . . Co-operntive Traffic Program will vaslon"; an address by Congress-; tion • today desisnating Sunday .as sponsor an essay contest among ,•" " " . .- '' - - "" junior and senior high school students of trie public and parochial schools of Allcgany county. The theme of the essay Ls "How the Railroads Can. Best Serve the Public in the Postwar Days." Papers will be judged on the basis of the best ideas presented. Three prizes will be given to the three best compositions, a $25 war bond to be awarded the winner: a pen and pencil set valued at $10 to go to the author of the second best paper, and a $5 pen or pencil ito be given 10 the third best essayist. ! Judging will begin on Monday, ! October 9, and en Friday, October '20. a public meeting will be held in the auditorium of-Port Hill High School, at which time winners will be announced. Representatives of (lie railroad and business men will In oarly August !he Institute re-'pai&n (our, he will invade a state where Roosevelt has a subslanlla.1! c -. F - Hare, president; G. M. Gcm- jxjrteri CAlifoinia in Mr._ Roosevelt's,popular lead at this time, accordlnz to the latest Gallup Poll. The Pres!-!™ 111 ' d J Visl01 Lj_ re ' Bhhlafgen]t: . kR ' L J The n Ts'«' h "urveV °r!f "lhT "™t '• de " 1 aU ° lMdS '" Oklahomi1 . lhe state whlch Dew «r wi11 vi ' U next ^"I.T.^TlVlleTchie'f cterk icAhe mast- rompleted ju*t prior to Dwy'j tripji'"""^ Caafornla - ; er mechanic and superintendent of< the following- """" -•• __ ..-.-.-^ ifhops. The committee will meet • the soldier vote. Moreover, the flg- c av r P ,. n , n ,, K TUM,™ eacn Monday night at the Queen CALIFORNIA ;.„.., rin n n, mn.Mti.r. , «r.rtir»inn J OC1 1118118 UsUlg Cily Hotel until October 20. Au*. TODAY |«;««>» noi coMtitute. prediction Neutral San Marino Other committees and members Knosevr.1l 53^ 55 ,- c ! of the November result In any state.; - Pfn-ey (7 45 jbut represents sentiment only as ofj The Roosevelt ,the present time. New state-by-1 Rome. Sept. 16 1.^1—Allied head-: D ... _ . . upswing on the; Rta t e surveys will be made between!quarters formally charged today! Pacific Coast Ls undoubtedly a re-, Ilow and election dav. with flnal',hat the Germ us were u^ine ihe ! Jlecuou c,f the continued good T»ws forecasts publLshed shorilv before! . , Geimans 7 ' pre uslng ine Irom the European fighting fronts, ^o election " .neutral republic of San Marino and the fact that the President; During the past week the Tnsti- wedged within Eastern Italy, fo;- himself visited the we:-t rec-^f me ) uxs reported sentiment in six '.supplies, gun areas and motor eiui - v - ! states on Dewey's campaign sched- transport. Governor Dewey's present cam- vl]e . A .summary follows: •: paign trip with Its attendant pub-j Roosevrll Uewey: lie appearances may have the effect JMIchifian . 45<~i 5 rt ' of reversint; the Democratic trend. j 0 «a ......'.'.'.'...' 45 55 The Republican candidate is;Nebraska ..'..."..'.'..'.".. 34 Rfi schcdulrci to make two majoi i^aim ....'..'.".'.'.. 48 5 1 ' j=prDches In Culifornia. one In San! \VashinVtAa '.'" 55 45 Francisco nn Wednesday and the^orejnn .'...'..'.".".'. 51 43 other in Los Angelea on Thursday. OKI.A. LEANING TO F.D.R. i After leaving California the De- ; •wey train will head back east. wi:h n. major stop scheduled lor Oklahoma. In this important "border" state, with 10 electoral votes, the poll- t:c;U situation looks nip and tui:k lotlny with Ronsevrtt holding n sliEht advantage. The Institute's late August report showed Oklahoma leaning toward Rocvsfvclt, his percentaee being 51 per cent. Latest results from the state Jho\v no change. Public Service Mkt. Closed All Day Mon. Sept. 17th Tues. Sept. 18th IN OBSERVANCE OF JEWISH HOLIDAY! WILL OPEN AS USUAL WED. A. M. Mary Louise Snyder announces the re-opening of her Piano Studio Fall Term Starts Monday, Sept. 18 BEGINNERS ADULT BEGINNERS at 36 Greene Street Phone 4532 Cumberland, Md. ASPIRIN n»n<<pvclt OKLAHOMA A11 c. 51 r 4D TODAY All percentage above civiiian voter* only, not apply Ration Roundup Menu, faU. etc.—Book Pour rrcl stamps AS through 28 and A,i through G5 valid indefinitely. Processed foods—Book Four blue stamps A8 through Z8 and A5 through L5 valid indefinitely. Use of blue tokens will be discontinued Oct. 1. Sugar—Book Pour stamps 30 through 33 valid Indefinitely for !ivp pounds each: stamp 40 Kood for five pound* for home canning through Feb. 28. 1945. Shoes—Book Threo airplane ?t<imps I ind 2 good indefinitely. e—In northeast and 11-A coupons Rood fnr ihrcp gallons through Nov. R. El.'-pwhere. 12-A coupons gixxi Inr three gallons through Kepi- 21: 13-A coupons in new basic "A" gasoline ration book cooct for four gallons each froir; S^pt. 22 thro\ieh Dcr. 21 (ration tiiichnnfied despite change from 'hree to four-gnllon val- ii^ 1 : K-.t. B-4. C-3 and C-4 cr>i:- lifiii.- ijcMxi everywhere for five K .»i Ions F-.icl oil—Old period tour and Jive criupoiw valid throughout cmirnt heatiiiR year new period or:e cfnipnn.s also valid now nnd cocic: throughout heating year. NO HEAI* NO MACHINES The Mlnc'i In Pcrmintnt WATiflf Classic Beauty Shop 111 BrdTord Si. — Fban« SElll Mn. Myrtle Si niton. Trnprlrtor THIS MANTEL MIRROR /WAKES MY ROOM LOOK TWICE AS LARGE •;; •?xy>--x 1 -:'>.St'-:-TT7^v c '?!rs xpecttnqa Rfothfr'sFr, helps bring and comfort to *rpfrt3nt .^others. M OTHER'S r B r r. N D . «n e <'l u M i t (*1 y pi r- ti-**fi:S !n nil conril- t:n:M ^-SiTe a bland, mlltl Anodyne m«?- : «ri~c mcrthirn In ?V:in lufcrlcallon Is cle-• »Lrprf. Or.« condition in *hicn women f fr-r ir.o.-f ihan 70 rci\rs hnvr nsrc] H \* tin ; ^p;)'. i<~--* 'ton for ma i|i .«a^lntc 'h'? bc<lT rt'.ir-' In? pr-KURiu-.r ... It- h*->n* -t-rp th'r *Xin *ofr, nr.ti pltahlr . . . thu* A\ i n;dlnff un- TiTp.^'^ry discomfort <\\ic to dryne-w and t!^htm*v!. H rcfrc5h*^ >nd toncfl the, *'< !n. An Men I ma.t*ftgr a pp! Ira lion for ; fhfl numb, tingling or tomnlnif nen^a-! tiorm of th? *ic!n .. , for thr^i bftf^ Tir.;i'':I^^ nr rrnn-.p-Ilke* padu In lh? ifff^. Q'j!'V:1v Ah^orlied. I^llj:h'ful to u.«ff. Mother's Friend r|ni«i-ii! fr-r Mr-t riranL. Try it '.oa Wall Mirrors make your rooms scpm larger— brighter. Many different styles, j shapes and si/es, Made of genumc Pittsburgh Plate Glass. From 514.38 Sun-Proof House Pair:t For top-notch durability anil economy. | use Sun-Proof Two i Coat Home Paint ! S>-item. Paint Brushes Renew Floors with fau-ilrying Watcrspar V'amUh. Apply st nijht - u«o fioor next morning. i We carry » full ; line of high - ^rarle ', paint brushes.{ Choice of shnpaii and iiz?j. | From 35' „< unnnnc MEMORIALS Ouf Of The High Rent District No Sales Commissions All Work Guaranteed Satiifactorf Rrtnre You Deride Sre Italph Gpntt BEDFORD STREET MONUMENT WORKS Brrlford St., Cumberland O.inlt, Plmnc 29fi.lV Auto Glass Broken? [ Well fjXMClfly replace it with] Piipl.ile Safety! Plfllc CilaM. Give! your fnmily the pro- ' lection of fine lafety ; Th«y'r« Tops Add gin mour to your ftimirurs with top*. Cut to order. Prom^S. 50! Need These? Fully Knifr Sanilpaprr Ol;is< Cutler Slrrl Wn»il I' (Hue Pnllr Yes, we have the latest patterns in WALLPAPER Only 25c to 75c per roll Are you going !o repaper this Fall? Then be sure not to buy any wallpaper until you have seen our wonderful collection of patterns. We have a wide choic* of Colonial designs —lovely florals, stripes and plaids—the smartest wallpaper patterns lhat ever came to this town, (n our low-priced group, w« have a large selection from 6c per roll up. Under one roof, this store offers you a complete interior- decoration service —the famous Pittsburgh Paint* for walls, floors and woodwork—and a wide choice of wall mirrors, door mirrors and plate-glass table tops. Coma in today. QUEEN CITY PAINT and GLASS CO. 15 N, MECHANIC ST. RADIONIC HEARING AID Acetpttt by American itedlcal Association Council on Physical Therapy MAM BY —Complete with crystal mlcrophont, radionlc tubes, batteries and battery- saver circuit. One model—one price—one quality—Zenith's lines:. No extras—no "decoys." as easy to adjust as a pair of binoculars! Investigate this nationwide crusade to lower the cost of hearing. Come in for a -demonstration. You are the judge of whether you can hear or not. Demand is greater than supply. We sell only to those whom a hearing aid can help. No high pressure salesman will call on you. FRANKLIN L SPEAR Optometrist 80 PERSHING STREET PHONE 2812-W Kneehole Typewriter DESK We Have Only a Limited Number Sliced walnut veneer on front and waterfall top. 3-ply ends. Balance hardwood finished walnut. Six drawers, two extra deep. Holds standard or portable typewriter. Top. 42 x 20 in. Heigh:, 30 in. Shipped by freight from near Louisville, Ky. $ 44 95 Here Is real chair comfort . , . big, roomy, deeply relaxing. The simple pre.ssure of your weight against the back tilts It to just the position that Ls most comfortable. Seat and back heavily pncicled, ottoman has pillow top. Hardwood frnme. s. o SCATTER RUGS your home take on a new, bright look with several of these longwearing, distinctly styled scatter nigs of varied styles,' colors and sizes. Prices are so low you can easily buy two or three at a time. Swell for any room In the home! S 6.95 RUG DEPT.—2ND FLOOR Save on Long - Lived Enamel Floor Coverings! PHONE 2432 179 BALTIMORE ST. CUMBERLAND, MD.

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