Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 6, 1969 · Page 1
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 1

Mt Vernon, Illinois
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Monday, January 6, 1969
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TEMPERATURE Saturday high 20, low 2 above. Sunday high 30, low 5 above. Rainfall Sunday .08. Downtown at noon today. 38 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS MEMBER AUDr BUREAU OF CIRCULATION SQUARE DEAL FOR ALL —SPECIAL FAVORS FOR NONE A NON-PARTISAN NEWSPAPER WEATHER -1 Southern Illinois — Considerable cloudiness and cool tonight and Tuesday. A slight chance of snow flurries. Low tonight upper teens to mid 20s. High Tuesday upper 20s through mid 30s. VOLUME XLIX—NO. 82 MOUNT VERNON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 1969 40c per Week — Single Copy 7c CONGRESS GOES TO WORK -o- -o- -O- -O- -()•• -» TERRORIST BOMB KILLS HIGH VIET SAIGON (AP) — Education Minister Le Minh Tri died in a hospital today,, victim of the fii"?t terrorist attack against a major South Vietnamese political figure in more than a year. Cut down by a grenade explosion that demolished his car on a downtown Saigon street, Tri was 46. Across the country, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese generally avoided battle, as they have clone for several months. U.S. and South Vietnamese •forces reported more small clashes, arms finds, air strikes and light shellings. Fifty to 60 larj,e-scale allied sweeping operations were under way, including a drive by 5,000 U.S. Marines and government troops around the abandoned fortress of Khe Sanh and a U.S. Army- Navy push in the Plain of Reeds w»s.t of Saigon. Spokesmen said the big sweep operations are designed to keep the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong off balance, to ferret out thtir supplies and to prevent any massing of the enemy for an offensive. So far they have encountered little resistance. Hospital officials in Saigon said Education Minister Le Minh Tri was in "extremely critical" condition after an explosion demolished his car in downtown Saigon, killed his driver and wounded two bodyguards and a pedestrian. One report said a Vietnamese on a motorbike threw a grenade into the car and escaped. But There was some speculation that the blast might have been a time bomb secured to the car. Tri, 46, studied at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He was appointed three months ago to- head South Vietnam's controversial education ministry, considered one of the nation's most difficult jobs. Many of the students are Viet Cong activists or sympathizers. 32 Reds Killed On the war front, U.S. headquarters said 38 enemy were killed Sunday, 32 of them by aircraft, in one engagement about 70 miles north of Saigon. Spokesmen said a reconnaissance patrol from the 1st Air Cavalry Division ran into an enemy force of unknown size and ca)led in helicopter gunships and tactical air strikes. No American casualties were reported in the 1%-hour fight. US. Marine units reported kiiling 29 North Vietnamese in two clashes about 20 miles southwest of Da Nang. The Marines ran into the enemy troops while participating in a sweep called Operation Taylor Common. One Marine was killed and 13 were wounded. Artillery fighter-ibombers and ground reinforcements were < sent in to help the Marines rout the enemy force, which was dug into bunkers and trenches. .South Vietnamese headquarters said two small Viet Cong attacks on hamlets about 50 miles east of Saigon were turned back with "insignificant casualties and no' fatalities" by the regional and popular force defenders. For Kennedy Assassination Si rh an Trial To Start Tomorrow PSYCOLOGIST AT MENARD CHESTER, 111. (AP) — Terry B. Brelje, a clinical psychologist, will succeed Bert Rednour as superintendent of the Illinois security hospital at Chester, the Department of Mental Health said Sunday. Chaffee New Navy Secretary WASHINGTON UP) -- Secretary of Defense-designate Melvin R. Laird today named Rhode Island Gov. John H. Chaffee to be secretary of the Navy and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Robert C. Seamans Jr. to be secretary of the Air Force. In a surprise reappointment, Stanley R. Resor was nominated to stay on as secretary of the Army. The nominations must be confirmed by the Senate. All three men appeared before newsmen at a news conference held by Laird. It was the second round of *>igh-level defense appointments made by the new defense chief for the Nixon administration. Earlier Laird had selected David Packard, multimillionaire head of a California electronics firm, to be his No. 2 man In the Defense Department as deputy secretary. Chaffee, 46, leaves office as governor of Rhode Island Tuesday. He succeeds Paul R. Ignatius, who has been civilian head of the Navy since September 29P7. North-South Bus Schedules Changed Here The Greyhound Bus Station at 225 North 10th today announced several changes in schedules of north and south bound 1 buses. Greyhound has five departures north , five south, four east and four west each day. The new schedule: Northbound: 2:45 a.m. instead of 3:05 a.m.; 8:08 a.m. unchanged; 3:25 p.m. unchanged; 9:40 p.m. instead of 9:35 p.m.; 10:15 p.m., a new schedule. The 1:45 a.m. bus was taken off the schedule. Southbound: 2:05 a.m. unchanged; 3:05 a.m. instead of 5 a.m.; 7:20 a.m. instead of 8:50 a.m.; 2:35 p.m. unchanged; 8:50 p.m. instead of 10:44 p.m. St. Louis and Evansyille east and west departures are unchanged. East bound departures are at 3:40 a.m., 9 a.m., 4:15 p.m. and 10:10 p.m. West bound departures are at 4:10 a.m., 8:00 a.m.; 3:20 p.m., 9:55 p.m. 3 KiHed~OiT" RR Crossing ELWOOD, 111. (AP) — Three members of an Elwood family were killed Sunday when a passenger train struck their car at a crossing in this town seven miles southwest of Joliet. The victims were Kenneth Schaefer, 25, his wife, Nancy Virginia, 26, and their son, Scottie, 2. Their daughter, Robin, 6, and niece Darcy Schaefer, of nearby Wilmington were listed in fair condition at the hospital. Authorities said visibility was poor at the crossing. The engineer for the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio train said he failed to see the car until he was upon it. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a 24-year- old Jordanian charged with murdering Sen. Robert F. Ken- nedy.goes on trial Tuesday in a heavily guarded courtroom where windows have been reinforced with steel as a security measure. Sirhan, dark and slight, is accused of shooting Kennedy in a narrow kitchen corridor of the Ambassador Hotel June 5 minutes after the New York Democrat proclaimed victory in California's presidential primary. The trial may last more than two months. Both the defense and the prosecution estimate nearly 200 witnesses may be called. Because the small courtroom in the Los Angeles Hall of Justice can accommodate only 75 spectators, accredited newsmen will view closed circuit television . of the proceedings in a room four floors below. The defendant's mother, Mary, and two brothers in the Los Angeles area plan to attend the trial. The father is staying near Jerusalem. Superior Court Judge Herbert V. Walker, 69, dean of Los Angela's Criminal Division, will be on the bench. Twenty-one years ago, he decreed the death penalty for Caryl Chessman, who died in the gas chamber in 1960 on kidnap-rape convictions after a 12-year legal battle. There will be three prosecuting attorneys and three for the defense. The chief advocate for Sirhan is Grant B. Cooper, 65, a former president of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and an alumnus of the Los Angeles district attorney's office. His greatest • reputation is as a criminal lawyer. In a related development Cooper, who recently defended one of five men convicted of conspiracy to cheat wealthy members of the Friar's Club at cards, has been ordered by the judge in that trial to explain how he obtained a secret transcript of grand jury testimony in the Friar's case. U.S. Atty. Matt Byrne told U.S. District Court Judge Francis Whelan last Friday that Cooper refused to explain how he obtained the transcript. A hearing was set for late today. Cooper's aides will include Russell B. Parsona, 69, a veteran of nearly 5,000 cases, one resulting in a landmark California Supreme Court ruling that illegally obtained evidence can not be used against a defendant. Another is Emile Zola Berman, 65, of New York City, best known for his defense of a Marine sergeant who led 75 recruits on a night march into a South Carolina swamp where six died. Staff Sgt. Matthew C. McKeon was convicted of negligent homicide. May Make Lesser Plea The lawyers, barred from commenting publicly on the case before it goes to trial, have not indicated 1 the grounds on which they'll defend Sirhan. They are expected to plead Sirhan guilty to a lesser offe r.;e than murder, one which will not involve the death penalty. Sirhan pleaded innocent to a charge of murdering Kennedy with malice aforethought. The plea can be construed to have meant simply that he was denying malice, say legal authorities. 580 Passengers Safe El Capitan Leaves Rails At 90 MPH HOLCOMB, Kan. (AP) — Part of the Santa Fe Railway's El Capitan with 580 passengers aboard was derailed in this southwestern Kansas town early today, but nobody was injured seriously. Twelve double-decked passenger cars in the rear section of the eastbound train left the rails. Six low-level cars plus the engine units remained on the tracks. Cause of the derailment at 5:15 a.m. about seven miles west of Garden City was not known. The derailed cars came to a halt near the roadbed and all remained upright. Dr. Robert Fenton, Finney County health officer, said nobody was injured seriously enough to be hospitalized. Train crewmen estimated the El Capitan, bound from Los Angeles to Chicago was traveling about 90 miles an hour when the accident happened. Man Questioned In Lustig Robbery Case; Is Released An unidentified man questioned in the beating and robbery of a Mt. Vernon woman was released from the Jeffers o n county jail this morning. The victim, Sadie Lustig, failed to identify him as one of two Negro men who choked, beat and robbed her about 3:30 p.m. Friday. Miss Lustig, owner and operator of. Lustig's Shoe and Clothing Store, 707 south 10th street, is recuperating in the Good Samaritan Hospital. Miss Lustig told police the two men involved in the brazen daylight robbery took a $900 diamond ring off of her finger and also stole a watch and an undetermined amount of money. Officers said the men grabbed Miss Lustig and used a man's tie to choke her: THE 91ST CONGRESS held its first work session today. Above, Rep:, .lohn MoCormaek receives a standing ovation after being sworn in to start his fourth full term as Spiv.ker of the House. (AP Wirephoto) Arrington, Smith Tell State Plans Central Church Calls Minister The congregation of the Central Church of Christ Sunday extended a call to Hugh W. Vork of Beloit, Wis., to serve as minister. He would succeed Herbert Wilson, who resigned in October. York, 43, is an uncle of Central's assistant minister, S t e- wart E. York, and has been pastor of the Beloit Christian church 14 years. He is expected to start his duties in Mt. Vernon within 60 Cays. News Quiz Explores Congress A new Congress is meeting, the ninety-first in our nation's history. It will bid farewell to an outgoing President and welcome a new leader. The Ninety-First Congress will be making a great deal of news. How much do you know about our nation's Congress and how it works? Take the News Quiz on Page 5A to find out. The News Quiz is one of the VEC Instructional Materials that are sponsored by The Register-News as part of its* "Living Textbook" program for participating area schools. SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP). — A comprehensive legislative program for the incoming Illinois General Assembly was announced today by the top Republican legislative leaders. Sen. W. Russell Arrington of Evanston. GOP majority leader, and House Speaker Ralph R. Smith of Alton, slated for reelection Wednesday, said in their statement they were not attempting to usurp responsibility of Gov .-elect Richard B. Ogilvie. "Mr. Ogilvie will be a great governor because he has already put his finger on what Illinois state government needs most—management, reorganization and control over its wide- ranging operations," the statement said. Arrington and Smith said they conceived "the responsibility of legislative party leadership to be to seek out and identify problem areas." On the overriding problem of state revenue, Arrington and Smith made no definite tax proposals. While they agreed a complete overhaul of the Illinois revenue system is needed, they said they would await recommendations of a revenue study committee named by Gov. Samuel H. Shapiro. The GOP policy statement agreed with Ogilvie's position that the federal government should consider sharing its revenue with the states. The leaders also agreed that state budgeting should be shifted from a year-year to an annual basis. On the subject of reducing crime, Arrington and Smith said one are "which desparately needs improvement is our treatment of juvenile offenders." "We must do away with the simplistic motion that the average district or municipal judge can enter his chambers and perform the functions of a judge with no loss to the juvenile in the process.' - Tlie two leaders recommended that state aid to local police forces be increased and that qualifications be set for new policemen. On education, the statement said the new Illinois junior college system needs review. SLEET, FREEZING RAIN AND SNOW IN ILLINOIS Snowbound Three Weeks In Trailer STANDLEY, Wis. (AP) A lonely ordeal of nearly three •v.eks ended Saturday for Mr. ard Mrs. Carroll Willmarth when a sheriff's snowmobiles rerched the couple's snowbound trailer in an isolated Clark County forest. Willmarth, 56, and his 50-yoar- cld wife used squirrels and a prrqupine to bolster their dwindling food supply. They converted a farm milk can to a wood-burning heater after the fuel supply for their trailer's heating unit became exhausted Christmas Eve. Sheriff David Bertz and three deputies, using two snowmobiles, pushed more than three miles through snow nearly 30 inches dee]) to reach the couple's trailer. Bertz returned the two to their Holcombe home, reporting thorn to be in good condition despite having been trapped in snow and sub-zero weather since Doc. 16. The couple had gone to the trailer Nov. 20 for the final rounds of the archery deer hunting season. Willmarth said he was able to travel from the trailer to his home until snow became too deep a month later. T Iolcombe postal officials eventually asked relatives what should be done with mail piling up in the couple's box. Relatives tried to reach the trailer 15 miles southeast of Stanley, but; could get only a mile off the road nearest the trailer. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Snow, sleet, freezing rain and gusty winds plagued most of Illinois today and driving conditions were hazardous. The tower controller at OHare International Airport near Chicago said there were no delays Ihis morning, but at the height of the snowstorm Sunday night 40 airplanes were divert«'i from OTIare to Midway Air nort. Midway Airport repdiied 3 inches of snow at daybreak and O'Hare 2 inches. Some schools were closed in central Illinois. The storm, which was centered in northern Illinois, moved ONE OZARK FLIGHT CANCELLED HERE Sleet and freezing rain which covered southern Illinois this morning caused cancellation of one Ozark Air Lines flight in Mt. Vernon. The runways were clear late this morning and normal service was to resume with the afternoon flight. Police reported that traffic was crawling at a snail's pace here this morning and that no major accidents were reported. Mt. Vernon city employes worked through the night, spreading rock salt on the main streets of the town. Wife Won't Let Him Keep Book LONDON (AP) — A London bookseller said today he received the following letter from a customer: "I am returning the book a (.cut, mastery over women which I ordered 10 days ago. Unfortunately, my wife would not let me keep it." toward the Indiana-Michigan state line at midday. Temperatures in Illinois ranged from 24 to 33 in northern Illinois in light snow, to the upper 30s and low 40s in the southern part of the state. Northwesterly winds were blowing at 25 to 35 miles an hour. Temperatures tonight were expected to drop to 8 to 16 degrees in the northern part of the state and 20 to 27 in Southern Illinois. Colder weather is due Tuesday throughout Illinois and the Midwest. Illinois State Police warned motorists driving on secondary roads to exercise extreme caution. Travelers warnings were in effect for the entire driving area within 150 miles of Chicago. The mercury dropped to 19 degrees in Chicago and Dubuque, Iowa, before dawn and 20 in Rockford. Quincy had a high of 37 degrees. It was 22 in Chicago and Dubuque. Hospital Fund Drive Ends GOOD SAM EXPANSION TO START THiS YEAR Certifies Nixon Election DEBATES ELECTORAL CHALLENGE WASHINGTON (AP) - A 91st Congress lenders indicate is likely to take on the belt-tightening, middle-of-the-road character of the Eisenhower years waded into the real work of its first session today. After a joint House-Senate meeting to certify Richard M. Nixon as President-elect and debate a rare challenge to the Electoral College system, the House hoped to take up proposed pay raises for congressmen. Cabinet members and the President. Among the Senate's first order of business are pre-inauguration hearings on Nixon's Cabinet nominees—and the biennial effort to make filibusters easier to cut off. Senate Democratic leaders also plan early work en the nuclear nonproliferation treaty hold over from the last session although there appeared littJe hope for ratification before President Johnson leaves office Jan. 20. Along with its first delibera- tiur on legislative proposals this week. Congress takes up the workaday business of making committee assignments end filling party organization vacancies. Senate Republicans, expecting increased committee assignments to reflect their gains in November elections, began set- tins up a GOP committee in parly caucus to sift their candidates for committee posts. But Chairman J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., wants to cut the? size of his key 19 -member Foreign Relations Committee and efforts are under way to trim back the 26-member Senate Appropriations Committee as well. Prosbects that the 91st Congress would see a period of reassesment following years of innovative social legislation—reminiscent of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower's administration—was seen Sunday by three ranking congressional figures. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield noted the voluminous Great Society and other legislation passed during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and pictured the 91st Congress' tenure as a time to reorganize. "I Ihink perhaps we may have passed too much legislation, spent too much money," Mansfield said. "I think it is time to reorganize, tighten our belts." He was interviewed on CBS' "Face the Nation." House Republican Leader Gerald R. Ford said he believes the 91st Congress will be more middle of the road than the 9Cth — and one that will respond to what he called Nixon's broad range of domestic and foreign programs. "We'll get some help from liberal Democrats in some programs," Ford said, "and help from the more conservative elements" in others. Fcrd appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press." Sen. Edmund S. Muskie, D- Maine, said there should be a minimum of partisanship between Republican Nixon and the Democrat-controlled Congress but added, "you can't give him a blank check." Muskie said he does not believe Nixon will try to repeal much recent Democratic legislation just as he said President Eisenhower did not try to repeal any New Deal legislation. "I don't expect it now," Mus­ kie said. "I do expect proposals to modify it, to improve it, to THIS IS HOW Mt. Vernon's Good Samaritan Hospital will look in late J97i.\ when a $3.5 million expansion program Is completed. Drawings and specification* for the expansion will be completed in March and construction contracts are expected to be awarded in May. A new three-story wing will be built across east side of the entire present hospital, facing 12th street. The project will provide 50 additional acute care beds and expansion of many departments. \ (Delo Photo Craft) Good Samaritan Hospital announced 1 today that the expansion fund drive has been successfully completed and plans are underway to proceed with the $3.5 million building program. In addition to the amount raised locally, other funds have been secured to provide the total amount needed for completion of the expansion and' target dates have been announced by the architectural firm of Fields, Goldman and Magee. Drawings should be finished by March, 1969. letting of bids will be in May, 1969|, and the ultimate completion of the expanded facility will be end of 1970. Three -Story Wing The expansion will be a new three-story wing across the entire 12th street side of the present hospital. It will provide 50 additional acute care beds, expansion of laboratory, x-ray, physical and occupational therapy d epart- ments, intensive care unit for personalized attention to p a- tients following major surgery, a coronary care unit, emergen- (Continued On Page 2 Col. 3) Continued On Page 2 Col. 6) DILL! JESi •CAN YOU HELP ME OUT, I'M IN A BIND ?

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