The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 7, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1892
Page 2
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, JUNE 7,189a. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OFFICIAL PAPKR OP THE PEOPLE. THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A* lj. HI'ONSLKR, Killtvr. TKltMN Or HlinSCUIl'TIOM. The NBWR 1s delivered l>y carriers In Hutchinson. South Hnlchln«on, and all Hub- urhs, at ir, cents a week. The paper may be ordered by puHtal card, or by telephone (No. .'!), and will be served early and regularly. Vlcase report any Irregularity o( service or change of address to the NRWK office lmme* illately, and It will be rectified. liAii.r—nVMAifj. One copy, one year 34 00 One copj\ six months... ..' - 00 One copy, one month r »o WKEKI.Y. One copy, one year 81 00 One co,vy. six months (10 AdvcrtlslnR rates made known on apptlca. (ton. Telephone No. .'I. In ordering the NEWS by mall, state Issue wanted, dally or weekly, glvlnir name, city, county and Htate. It subscriber changes place of residence, give former addreBs as •well as present, and state Issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. Chicago oBlce, !iT0 Konkcry building. G. E. SIDLINGER, THE Y DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main (Street, Hutchinson. held on Thursday. July 21 Ise ordered by theprccf" By order of committee, lHIIIJ. unless oth rcclnct committeemen A. U. SPONSI.EH , Chairman. MORTON Ai .BAUim, Secretary. ANNOUNCEMENTS. FOH nisTiturr ci.KitK. I hereby announce myself aB a candidate for the office of District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention which meets July J 803 W. S. VKAOEH, Sylvia.-Kan. KOll n-IHTMUT OMtltK. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the ohlce of District Clerk of llenft county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. K. W. WIIIHV .11Y. roH marine r Cl.ERK. lam a candidate for the office of clerk of the district court of this county, subject to the decision of the Republican convention. J. A. I .KWtS. KOll COUNTY StIPBItlNTBNDBNT. I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. OABI'KJt EDWAIUIS. Grove township. TOn RDPBItlNTKNPBNT Of PUBLIC INSTItllCI- TION. To the Republicans of Reno County: I am a candidate for the office of County Superintendent of public Instruction, subject to the decision of theRepubllcan county convention. W. W. PAYNK, REPUBLICAN CONVENTIONS, Oonjrresslotinl, The Republican Congressional convention for the nomination of a representative for the Seventh district will be held in King-, man, June 15,1HH". State Convention. The Republican state convention will be held In Topeka. June .'10, lmm. County Convention. Tne Republican** otReno county, Kansas, will meet In delegate convention in the city of Hutchinson, on Saturday. thc2.'lru day of .lulv, inns, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of placing In nomination candidates for: Clerk o! the District Court Probate judge. Countv Attorney. County Superintendent, One Commissioner from the Third Commissioner District. Delegates to the convention shall be elect- by the several wards and voting precincts at primaries duly called bV the county central committeemen of, their respective wards and voting precincts. The basis of apportionment of delegates to the said county convention will be one delegate-at-large for each voting precinct In the county, and one delegate from every twenty-live (25) votes or fraction thereof, and one alternate for each delegate, cast for Hon. Frank I*. Marion for Judge at the November election, 1SII1. Under which rule delegates are apportioned to the several voting precincts as KOH SUPERINTENDENT OP PUBtitC INSTRUCTION. I hereby ancounce myself as a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county conven- tlon, to be held July S.'l, 1802. CHAR, P. DAWSON, Abbyvllle, Kan. Westminster township, FOR TOOMATB J (TOOK. I am a candidate for the office of probate Judge, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. .» J. A. KONTUON. FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY. I hereby submit my name to the Republicans of Reno county for a renomlnatlon to the office of county attorney, subject to the decision of the Republican convention. Z. L. WISH. follows: Albion... :i Arlington ."> Hell.. :i Castlcton ~ Center 4 Clay Enterprise S\ Grant 4 Grove .. (I 1 Haven . .». ."» Hayes .'I Huntsville :i Lungdon. 31 Lincoln Little River Loda Medford- 8] Mednra .... Nlnncscah. Plevna Reno North 'i Reno South... : 4 Roscoc :! Salt Creek 3 Sumner :i Sylvia It Troy 3 Valley 4 Walnut iWeslmlnster ;* Hutchinson— First Ward 12 Second Ward 7 Third Ward ...... 8 Fourth Ward 11 Nlckerson— First Ward 5 Second Ward fi Third Ward...... 4 The committee recommends that the pri marles In townships be held on Thursday, July 21si, 1808, from a to 4 p. m., and In the cities of Hutchinson and Nlckerson on Thursday, July -.lint. 181)2, from 7:30 to H:30 p.m. And 11 Is further recommended that at the same time and place, the voters elect the same number of delegates and alternates to nominate one member of the legislature from the Seventy-sixth legislative district; and one member of the legislature from the Seventy-seventh legislative district, and as the Third ward of the city of Hutchinson is in the Seventy-sixth district, that the legislative convention be held In the city of Hutchinson on same day, viz: July aa, 1BI): and that each voting precinct elect one member to serve on the central committee for the ensuing year, By order of the Republican County Central Committee. JNO . B. VINCENT , Chairman. J. F. STOUT . Secretary. The Republican county central committee having recommended in the above call that the Seventy-seventh district Republican convention, comprising the townships of Hayes, Sylvia, Grove, Hell, Loda, Langdon, Arlington, WestmlLster, Plevna. Huntsville, Enterprise, Salt Creek, Reno, Grant, Med ford and Walnut, and the Third ward of the city of Hutchinson, be held In Hutchinson Saturday, July sard, we, the committee elected for the old Ninety-third district, ratify said recommendation and hereby loin In the call, and name the hour of 1 o'clock of said day as the hour a< meeting, and that the various townships and wards shall be entitled to the same representation as they have in the county convention as above. A. U. CltAHIIS, M. H. POTTER, OBO. AVBIIY, Committee. Senatorial Convention. • A delegate convention of the Republicans of the ThtrtysLxlh senatorial district of Kansan will be held at Hutchinson on Monday, J uly 2fi, 181IS, at 11 o'clock a. in. to nominate a candidate for state senator from said district. At said convention each voting precinct In said district will be entitled to one delegate at large and one additional delegate for each 100 voles or a major fraction thereof cast for Hon. William Mlgglus for secretary of Btatcln 1K00-. Provider! that no delegate can give a proxy to anyone outside the precinct for which he Is elected. varlouL ireclncts are entitled to the following nuin- Under said apportionment the E reclncts are entll cr of delegates: Allen Belmont Hennett Canton 1 Chlcaskla 1 Dale 1 Dresden 1 Kagle 1 Brans 1 Galesburg 1 Uoosler 1 Kingman 1 Liberty I NlnneBcah 1 KINGMAN COUNTY. 1 1 Peters ......... Eureka Rural Richland Rochester Union Valley Vlulla White City of Kingman— First ward Second ward Third ward '.. Fourth ward....... PRATT COUNTY HaynesrlUe I Carml 1 luka -.a WestNaroil 1 KastN»run 1 McClelland 1 Logan 1 North Valley l South Valley 1 McPheraon II .Saratoga.. .... North Center.. South Center.. Richland Runner Sprlugvale Oraul Kim Paxtou Gove Albion Arlington.. Bell ..... Castlcton.. Center ... Clay., nleri IIKJIX) COUNTY l Enterprise Grant. Grove , . Haven » Haves ....' 1' Huntsville l bangdoa, i » Lincoln Little Jflver 1, Loda J Meiltord J Medora 1 Nluucscau l, Plevna 1 The primaries for aald convention will be North Reno South Reno.... . Itoscoe Salt Creek iSumner ISylvla Troy Valley Walnut Westminster.... Ntcki rson— First ward Second ward.. Third ward Hutchinson— First ward Second ward.. Third ward.... Fourth ward.., At Minneapolis. The .situation at Minneapolis is still full of uncertainties. The Hr.AlNK men have stored the first victory in the selection of KABSKTT US temporary chairman, unci arc making the most of it. The HARRISON men still preserve a bold front and profess great confidence in the nomination of their man. Inasmuch as the selection of temporary chairman was made by the national committee, ite significance scarcely extends beyond that body. A hopeful sign is u. disposition among the leaders on both sides to counsel harmony. Nothing Is more, certain than defeat if the convention adjourns with one faction embittered against the other. But the wisdom of the delegates may be depended upon to find a solution that will be acceptable to all. Whoever may be the nominee he must have the undivided support of the Republican party; and it is reasonable to Buppose he will have such support. It is characteristic of Mr. BLAINE that he has never questioned the wisdom of his party In the selection of candidates, nor failed to support them. His admirable example, will undoubtedly be followed by his admirers. On the other hand, Mr. HARRISON and his following would be ungrateful,indeed, if In the face of ULAINK'B efforts in the last campaign, they should fail to give a hearty support to the man from Maine in event of his candidacy. If perfect harmony cannot otherwise bo restored, it will probably be brought about through the nomination of some new man. The great mass of delegates are undoubtedly imbued with Hie full force of the Republican doctrine that the party is greater than any man in it, and that however personal preferences may lie the highest duty of the representatives of the voters is to select the candidate who will be the strongest at the polls. most in this grateful duty, would commit the anachronism of postponing it until 1BD3. The only theory on which the celebration of the great event might be postponed is in connection with live world's fair at Chicago. This is understood to lie in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America. The date of the anniversary coming so late in the fall, It would lie inexpedient to inaugurate the main exposition at that season of the year. Therefore it is proposed that a formal opening be declared in October, but that the fair proper be delayed until the spring of 1803. Congress has awakened to the mistake which would be committed by fail ing to provide for joining 'with Italy, Spain nnd other nations in the ceremonies and honors of the 12 of October, 1892; and the result of the pending resolution, if concurred in, will be a very widespread celebration of. that day throughout the land. It will take the place of action by state legislatures, most of which have left the initiative to congress. Hut it has been suggested that'the holding of celebrations in all parts of tlie country, as the pending resolution recommends, may detract from .the concentration of glory upon the par. ticular celebration which Chicago had designed for that day. namely, the dedication of the exposition buildings, which congress had already provided ior. It has even been said that congress might better change the date of this Chicago dedication to October -1, which, it is further added, corresponds in the Gregorian calendar with the 13th of October in the Julian. Thus, it is argued, the landing at Plymouth Bock is celebrated ten days after it really occurred, in old style; and so it was the last celebration of the founding of Boston. It might; boansweretl that the events thus spoken of happened between 1!>83 when ten days were first dropped, nnd , when England accepted the Gregorian calendar; so that in all the events of that . period we have the double dating, whereas the voyage of Columbus occurred ninety years earlier than 1,182. But the main point is that the 12th of October should be celebrated everywhere in the country, and the more exercises and ceremonies the better. This will be the effeetof the resolution of congress. • last presidential campaign .have 20 votes, making a total of 444 votes in the whole electoral college of 18112. The number necessary to oleot is 223. The new states, with the- number of votes to which they are entitled, are as follows; New Klectoral States. Votes, Washington 4 Wyoming II New Klectoral States. Votes. Idaho .1 Montana :v " "" " :i 4 North Dakota.. South Dakota 4\ Total 20 In the three following groups are given the states which arc conceded to lie surely Republican, the states which are surely Democratic, and the doubtful stnteB, with the electoral vote of each in 1802: SVJHB REPUBLICAN 8TATRS' JSI.KCTORAI. VOTK. California 0 Colorado 4 Idaho II Illinois 24' Kansas 10 Maine It Minnesota..... ft! Nebraska 8 Nevada M North Dakota a| SUKR DEMOCRATIC STATES—EI.ECTORAI. VOTB, Ohio 2a [Oregon 4 [Pennsylvania..... as Hhode Island 4 South Dakota... . 4 Vermont 4 Washington 4 Wyoming... :i Total 157 Missouri 17 North Carolina... U South Carolina... 0 Tennessee 18 iTexas 15 Virginia Total. Alabama li; Arkansas « Delawarc< ;v Florida 4! Georgia Kentucky 13 Louisiana...» 8 Maryland 8 Mississippi fl DOBUTrNI, STATES—TIIBIlt ELECTORAL Connecticut fl| Tndlana in Iowa llll Massachusetts 16! Michigan 14 Montana 3 .1511 VOTE. New Hampshire.. 4 New Jersey 10 New York :)8 West Virginia.... I) Wisconsin.....' 12 NOTICE. Commencing Monday, June 6, we will close at 6:30 p. m.. excepting Saturdays. New York Republican journals which have been savagely fighting HiiJ. are looking forward to CI.KVK- LAND'B probable renomlnatlon with a good deal of complacency. The jSew York Tribune accurately expresses, the opinion of unprejudiced outside i :observers when it says that "for Republicans it is a fortunate thing that the party they have to overcome has thus fastened upon it a candidate so wanting in positive strength, and who is rendered so offen- 2 to many Democrats • by the conduct of his supporters!" ''Undoubtedly it>is true," the Tribune odds, 'that he will command the votes of some one who would not support another Democratic candidate. Rut it is equally true, as his party is likely to discover, that he will drive away from it many, thousand voters who would heartily support almost any other Democrat, and will fail to have the earnest and zealous aid of a great body of Democratic workers." They may be wrong, but it is a fact that intelli gent New York Republicans generally seem to believe that it will be easier to beat CLEVELAND in their state thun any other Democrat who can be nomi nted. , A Columbus Holiday. The senate last week passed a joint resolution directing the president to issue u proclamation recommending to the people "the observance in all their localities of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by public demonstrations and by suitable exercises in their schools and other places of assembly." The title of the- resolution declores its purpose to be to proclaim a general holiday on the 12th of October, 1802. There can be little doubt that the house will concur in the resolution and the United States will com mevnoratc the great voyage of COLUM HUH at the proper time. The New York legislature has made the 12tb of October a holiday for that state, and a local committee has already published a programme of celebration, oxtcndlng over several days, which shows that the gicut occasion will bo worthily commemorated tkero. Rut it hud pusbibly been doubtful What the notion of congress would be. And without a national celebration of the day on which other countries will pay homage to the memory of the gruat sailor, America, which should ho fore- Tota! ta-t Whole nuutberof electoral votes....... .444 Necessary to elect ../^S: 1 Thip, as will be seen at a glance, gives the Republicans only 367 votes that they can count on, and they will have to get ilU votes from the doubtful states to elect their candidate. West Virginia, though considered debatable ground, -is generally carried by the Democrats. New Jersey is usually to be counted in the Democratic column. The Dem ocrats carried Indiana by about 20,000 majority in 18!)0, although the state was Republican in 1888. New York, .Massachusetts and Iowa have each been carried twice by the Democrats since 1888. The new states which nre considered surely Republican are Idaho, 3; North Dakota, 3: South Dakota, 4; Washington, 4; Wyoming, 8; a total of 17. Besides the closer vote in Iowa, Wisconsin. Massachusetts and Indiana, the Republicans have to contend against the new law in Michigan, by which the presidential electors are to be chosen by the congressional districts instead of by the state at large. Unless this law is declared unconstitutional by the supreme court the Republicans will lose six or seven of Michigan's fourteen votes, even though Republicans carry the state by 30,000 majority, as in the past. The change in the low was made by a Democratic legislature, and the districts were altered at the same time to make as many districts as possible Democratic. Crediting the Republicans with 8 votes in Michigan and ir >7 in the states indicated in the foregoing table as "surely Republican," making 165, there will still be lacking 58 votes of a majority. These 58 votes may be obtained from Indiana, 15; Iowa, 13; Massachusetts, 15; New Hampshire, 4; and Wisconsin 12^ —total 59, and the Republicans would win without New York, Connecticut, New Jersey or Montana. There are cue or two other possible combinations bv which the Republicans might win without New York.but in these, as in all other combinations looking to Republican success, it will be necessary to regain at least three of the five states which have been carried by the Democrats since the lost presidential election. nere is the rub. To select the man most likely to win back again these sister Btates which have strayed from the fold since 1888 is the task set before the Minneapolis convention. Bargain Days, Friday and Saturday Bargain Days, Friday and Saturday. Bargains in Every Department. J. W. JONKH of HutchinBon, candidate for congress in the Big Seventh, spoke Wednesday evening at the opera house Mr. JO.NKS is thoroughly pOBted as an uncompromising Republican, and if nominated will make a good congressman, ilis speech wus logical and Ids solutions of the business question of the day clearly demonstrated that 1 the gentleman has given much time and thought these questions.—Brcensburg Banner. The Anthony Republican urges the appointment of J. W. JONKS as statu railroad commissioner to succeed QEOHOK ANTHONY". Impossible! Mr, JONKS is booked to represent the Sev enth district in. congress for the next few years. - Some would-be leading Kansas papers are waiting for their plate edito rials to get in, before they express an opinion on the BI.AI.NK resignation. A Presidential Tabt«. From the New York PreBs. Every politiean from Maine to Texas and from Florida to Oregon, and that includes for all practical purposes every Amerloun citizen, will soon be engaged in scanning the rpll of tin states, classifying them as Republican. Democratic or doubtful, and estimat ing the chances of election of his party's candidate for the presidency. In the electoral college of 188B there were 401 votes, of which the Republicans received 233 and the Democrats 1H8. By the new apportionment the states which wore Republican in 1888 have '.'40 votes; the states which were then Democratic aro entitled to 1™ votes, uud the now states which buv been admitted to tho Union since tin A. J, L.USK, Pres. The Kespeoted tho Flair. From the New York Press. ; ' The officers of the steamer Miranda, which arrived yesterday from Central America and the WeBt Indies, brought the news of a fierce struggle between revolutionists and the government troops at Porto Cortez, in the republic of Honduras. A party of insurgents approached Porto Cortez in an armed vessel and threw shells into the city, killing many people, both civilians and soldiers, and doing much damage to property. Lying in the harbor waB an American schooner, which had arrived to load fruit for New Orleans. One of the shells fell into tho water within half a dozen feet of the schooner. Tho explosion was terrific and drove volumes of water and fragments of the shell over the vessel's decks. One of the schooner's sailors immediately ran up the Araeri can colors to her masthead. The course of the shells was at once as to bring that vessel out of range. The American flag, it may be seen, was promptly respected by the revolutionists. They concluded, without any parley, that it would not be safe to en danger the lives and property of American citizens. They had discovered that the United States bad a navy capable of enforcing respect for American rlghte, and a government resolute in enforcing those rights. C. H. MENKB, Cashier. JNO. CHAPMAN, V. Pres. HUTCHINSON NATIONAL ~ BANK, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS: CI Capital, $100,000. Surplus, $20,000. Hutchinson's Wholesale Houses. R UDESILL & DAYKIN, Wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Cutlery, Lanterns, Fruit Jurs, Etc. Close prices to dealerB. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. 1 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue East T\ARKER & UPDEGRAFF. I I Wholeaalc Dealers in r Butter, Eggs and Poultry. PROP'RS OF QUEEN CITY CREAMERY- First avenue east, Woodard block, and 417 South Main. B ALLARD, SEVERANCE & CO., Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods. "No. 10 Second Ave. East. Close Prices to Dealers. H UTCHINSON HARDWARE and IMPLEMENT CO. Wholesale Dealers In SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE Farm Machinery and Salt Supplies- 114 Worth Main street. J Telephone ITS. Licensing Kuirlaeors. The question of licensing engineers is being so agitated in every state the Union that within a short time, for tho protection of human lives, will he impossible for anyone intrust­ ed with steam to hold or secure a situation without passing a rigid exam ination and obtaining a license. Ste : phenson's Illustrated Practical. Test has been published to aid engineers preparing to pass such examination, and as it embraces all the questions asked on the boiler, pump, engine, dyr nitmo, Corliss engine, etc., it has. already met witli such a demand that it is now In its fourth edition. This work, which only costs one dollar, can he obtuined of the publisher, Wulter O. Kraft, 70 Lai Hullo street, Chicago, ALL & WALL, ~— Wholesale Carpets and Draperies. Only Exclusive House of the Kind West of the Mississippi River. No. 24 South Main Street. UTCHINSON WHOLESALE GROCER CO., Wholesale Groceries. Second avenue east. w Telephone No. 79. For large returns for money invested advertise in the Daily and Weultjy NEWS, E. VAUGHAN & CO., Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring /Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Sup "Mes. 406 North Main St. S 0 ^" p ? ndence "°J{ clte .f ^ , Mall orders promptly attended. P 111 pi FOODRUFF & SON, MA.NOTA0TUBER8 AND WHOLESALE DEALEBS IN THE .WOODRUFF GUITARS & MANDOLINS Ofltce, 11 .ind lis Sherman street e^st^Uhtnlon ^ttntaa ^ yy • , -' J • J ' ,| ° • Agents wanted In every town In the United State* H. WILDER ~ WHOLESALE DEALER IN - ICE CREAM AND CANDY. , . border. V ^^m ^n ^h^am^any quantity „. W ,e. mm

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