Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 11
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 11
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1944 ELEVEN B r i d e- E I e ctj Honored With; Shower, Party ^,5;^. Robert LeRoy Critchfield vie her daughter. Mrs. Worth D. Coble, •"'•• entertained with a mls- cc'iiaJiVous shower. Friday evening .,• ihe home of the former, Cleve- j al ..(j avenue, honoring Miss Alice BMirisley Williams, bride-elect. The home was decorate! In a color scheme of orchid and yellow, with bouquets of asters and other fall flowers and the same color ti-.cine was carried out in the gift K:.ippings. A mound of orchid and yfliow asters centered the refresh- jjiens. table. A program of piano nii;=ic, Including six Chopin prelude. 1 , was played by Mrs. Mar- ;-:i-!ite W. Richards. Miss Williamsr-dauphter of Dr. iud Mrs. H. Ralph Williams, 813 Gfpnart Drive, will become the bride of William Rankin Holland, jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs. William R Holland. 762 Payette street, in the verv near future. TbE guests were Mrs. H. K. Wil- jiMiis, mother of the bride-elect; Mr.=. Carl A. Sander, Mrs. Millard Svncier, Mrs. George A. Diehl. Mrs j' J. Tipton, Mrs. Prank Wright Mrs. Richard Penfield. Jr., Mrs \V;!l!!im Wiley, Mrs. Duke W. Bur«:•. Mrs. Russell Brewer. Mrs. Otto •iiv.ish, Mrs. Herbert Platt, Mrs, Kcvinan Rainalter. Mrs. Thornton" Race, -Mrs. Wil- •!.».m B. Stalnaker. Mrs. Lola Scott Mr*. L,. O. Miller. Mrs. Howard 3].ike. Mrs. Richards. Mrs. Ralph Lepley. Mrs. Robert M. Poe. Mrs Miibni S. Pope, Mrs. Russell Hard-! sen. Mrs. J. B. Whaling. Frostburg.i srriMidniother of the bride-elect, and| Miss Gretchen Williams, Missj George-Anna Diehl and Miss Mary: R.iinalter. Ttoo Recent Brides And A Bride-Elect Of Next Tuesday Five Initiated I nto Wome n Of The Moose The Women of the MOOM\ Cliap- . ler N.i 9H, held lU regular mw- 'ine Thursday night at the Mcxve I home, corner of Bcall and Snuill- [woort Mreeus. with Mrs. Helen 'Pettie. publicity rhitirman. holding jher chapter liifiht program. Five i new member* weie initiated. 1 Mrs. Gertrude Williams, hi'adiiiiir- rr?om. g:i\e n ivpuii on Uio NatK'iiHl convention held last month in Milwaukee. Ross Cartel, Washington, supreme secroltvry o! the Women at The Moose, appointed Mr*. Alice. Payne, ixvoidei. to tinibh oui the yeiir tor Mrs. Aria Wnrnlck who resigned. The Women of The Moose Bowline l^apue lias postponed its opon- int; inriefmllely. Md. Singers Awarded War Bond Prizes Club Calendai Photo by Goicume Mrs. Walter Stimler, a bride of late summer, the former Miss Shirley Roberson. Photo br GoKlfnu. Miss Eleanor Gerkins who will become the bride Tuesday of Clarence L. Lavin. Mrs. Thomas R. Rowan, who before her marriage September was Miss Dorothy Broadwater. The Baltimore and Ohio Women's I York City. Music Club will hold its regular! Seaman First meeting tomorrow evening at 7:30 ; has recovered from a recent appen- ; detomy in St. Claire's hospital. Key Class Louis C. r,r o-^nl Griggs returned to the Great Lakes I'ciock at the Queen City hotel, -:t!i Mrs. Alvin R. Serf, Sr., direct- Naval Training station after spending a week's leave with, his parents, Mrs. Lewis Metz, 31 Humbird Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Griggs, Louisi- The regular meeting of the Mt. ana avenue. Hoyal Parent-Teacher Association will be held tomorrow evening at ;::c school with a panel discussion n "Helping Children Find Them- Cresap Chapter, DAR, W Resume Meetings i to the Government. i No further contributions for I "Blood Plasma Equipment" will I ncccpteri through ihe Red Cross, as, ^.Engagement Polly Robbins to ,ru^s, ai . i i i . t or e Te>Richard Lowndes Announced Mrs. E. R. Kellough and heri There are ten and possibly twelve street, is visiting her husband, Pvt. hostess to members of Cresap Lewis A, Metz at Camp Wheeler, Ga.j Chapter, Daughters of the Ameri_ Miss Virginia Reel. 576 Prince |cnn Revolution, Wednesday after- •e'.ves", as the topic for discussion, j George street, is visiting friends in}noon at 2:30 o'clock, at their home, daughter, Mrs. John Robb. will be|permanent hospitals located in! Plasma" equpmcin it for money to be used for the hospital! libraries and other project?, including ihe upkeep of the "Blood M VS - Leo Bozell. Omaha, Ne->abeth L. Lowndw. nnri Ta.«ker The Miirvlnnd sinprin nf FIOM- burp fiinic Ti-.u'lu'i'j. Cc-ilepc :iii<: the M:\:->l,i^ri College Glee Club i .'. Luthervillr \VC:T :iwmdcd prize.'- \-\ S2S fiich in Win Bond* in the Donald Voorht'fs NuIios'.H! FYrii-raiiii:: of Mustc Club* ComeM foi thr nmateur miu-ira! pro^mm brs'. H'V\ • mi: the wur ctfort. it v.-ns. nnnmitici <i yr>ieri!iiy by Mrs. Ailn Holilinc Mil- iei. \Vav PnvKt- Cl'iiiirmftn »t \\\r meenns "' the Bosirri of Dirocwt.- nf UIP Nntion;i! Fi-dernnon of Mu-if Club? In 'l^ils.i. Okliihnmn. The Fra-'.ljury: group diiectpd by Maurice Matte.=on. M'oti its iiwart; for n scries of conoer'.s given in wur limn inirfli;.so.-, iii'.c: to Uise H'-'"'' nuLsic tn is^lati'ri com- nuuiuii-.'-. The !_•!'hcrvillf prirc w;i> uivrn for !hc Cn.^nr Glee Cluij. 1 'concert nt Abpi'.iepn Piovir.t Giound. Cut currot. 1 - and other lonp t.ablp.s Jcn^thwisc Ti^cir led by Miss Winifred Green, ir.nry supervisor of schools. pri-j Baltimore. 800 Washington. f The Past Councilors Club, Pride (Carder, 214 Central avenue, ve- cf Altegany Council. No. 110. D. o f! turne d fr _ om s ? n Fi'ancisco Calif. Mrs. Ksie Nield and Miss Helen Miss Fan Lloyd will preside and the hostesses will be in charge of the program. This will be the first A. will" meet tomorrow evening at| whcre the5 ' visited the former's j meeting following the summer re•'•e home of Mrs Charlotte Shaf f- i husband, Earl C. Nield. S. 1-c.. U.:cess and plans will be discussed for .•r near Hyndman. A corn roa-st willi 5 - Nav - v - „ ! the coining meetings, and the year 'eiture the recreational period : ^' rs - Ed'th Smith. 212 Central; books containing the proeram will I "court Cardinal Gibbons No! 5 29. !aveilue > returned from Fairmoiu.jbe distributed. C. D. of A. will meet tomorrow i w - Va - ^I'ere she visited heri One of the War Projects of the evening at 8:15 o'clock at the home.! moi ! ier ' .. . . ', National Daughters of American ' various sections of the country, and brnskR. has announced the engage- ; Lowndes. 27 Washington street. No long and Irst o! ihr luilrlcnt r,un\:- Thc monthly message of the prcs- mem of her sister. Miss Polly Rob-. dntc !lns bo * 11 ' scl {or Ul ° < vedd ' t! S- tie-, will escape in oookins the national D. A. R. has on handjldent general in the D. A. R. mag-ibins. head of the dramatics depart- A graduate of Pomona College. — at present, in its War Project, Fund.;azine will contain information re-' - - —> ---. ...~ T,.. : .... ., .. . a sufficient sum to build three hos-|garding the progress of thr hospital at present, in its War Project, Fund.iazine will contain information re-'ment of Evanston (IH.i Jr. High Cal • :ln(i lllfl University of Nrbrns- o f yoar.« He wns Uen: !»Pt on t Schuol. to Richard T. Lowndes lil.! kl >- Mi - s s Robbins also attend™ Ol T| lsll)tl ,,| his nuHher'5 fuui' IAM Febninn-. Hi? father r.icd pitnl libraries. This is entirely a; libraries and other project*, which D. A. R. project, with fund. 1 ; going | will also be discussed at the local directly from Ihe National Society j chapter meeting. son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Lowrides. Clarksburg, W. Va.. and a nephew of Miss Eliz- Northwestern University. Mr. Lowndes. a graduate of Yale. IMS. th<' >.iine year has resided in Evanston a number lalher. ilic laio dfn i_.'.oyt! U::ion street. The usual party will ' " .. pfc - Gau „, . . TT , Norihcraft, U. S Revolution is the construction of be"held this' evening at the "homei Marincs ' R^™ 110 " 11 - FIa - is .spend-. permanent libraries at selected'gen- || &• 8-30 o'clock S illg a la - da y furlough with h;sj era i hospitals throughout, the United!! A supper will be held on Monday, mother, Mrs. Edith Northcraft, 212; S utes. according to a letter receiv-jl September 25. by the B. and 6.! C 1" tral . n y em :?'„_.___ __., ed by Miss Lloyd, regent of Cresap || rlub at o^ocl (Central avenue. i Mrs. John T. Dorsey and daugh- Cathcrine Bernadine. Grafton, . 0,-ens and Mrs. E. C. Kilroy will bej^- Va visited the latter s :r. charge The Loomis Bible Class of the IMiss Ann Dovsey, 205 Fayette street, enroute to Baltimore where she will enter Notre Dame College of Maryland. Mrs. Raymond Weathcrholt, 309 Water street, is improving! at Alle- First Baptist church will be held at the church Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock, when class sisters will be revealed. Members of the Junior Volunteer I gany Sen-ice Corps will serve as hostesses; at the servicemen's lounge during! In doing the family marketing. ihe coming week. [look for full-bodied, plump looking The Young Peoples League of i vegetables. Pods of peas and lima B'tr Chayim temple will meet at beans should be moist and leafy chapter £rom al Julius young tomorrow in the vestry Talmadge. president general. The libraries will conform to the hospital architecture and will be permanent memorials to the sick and wounded battle casualties. There is no doubt, according to Mrs. Talmadge. but that books contribute much to the recovery of patients. These government hospitals arej .filling rapidly with sick.wounded | and nerve-shattered patients, and some may be compelled to remain in them for indefinite periods. They'I .... .. _ need these quiet places, where theyj| vegetables are best if the leaves are \ find peace and comfort to help young, unwilled and free from yel-jthem through days of pain and I homesickness. , STORE CLOSED MONDAY — HOLIDAY — SHOP TUESDAY AS USUAL Never Before Have Selections Been So Largel So Varied!. . . So Important!. . . Magnificent lew 7:30 p. m rooms. Mrs. Quita Barren, president of I lowness. the West Side Parent-Teacher As- j .-ociation, has called a meeting of' i i x I i i A •he executive board for 7:30 p. m.) /\/\ T Ann AA T^ A Tuesday. Plans for die fall and'' T(l - / M i vj /»!.->. /\. winter programs will be outlined. j ^^ , ^^ . , The Happy BirUidny Club will T ,-. ()hiCdr\/d (r\\r\dn :ncet tomorrow at the home of Mrs.) I O W UbeiVe VJOKJeii El?ic Nixon, Bedford street at S \ v. m. The Maplcside Homemakers Club •v:ll meet Thursday afternoon at '. :30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. O>n Brotemarklc. 703 Oldtown road. Willi: FOR DRESS SPORTS OR CASUAL Personals Mr. and Mrs. A. C. WiiHson, 201 Payette street, will celebrate anniversary of the board as superintendent of county .schools by a unanimous vote. He was "Wasted «> accept the office their friends. Both Mr. and Mrs. Willison are natives of Cumberland, the former Miss Ursula Lindner, daughter of j the son of Mr. orvi Mrs. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Lindner, j Willison and the latter the daughter Bedford road, and Miss Doris Gep-'of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Smith, both Harrison street, left during i pioneer families of Cumberland. fiftieth anniversarv of their - mtietn ammeisarj ot tneir . {hc ]ate Goy F dv!m Warfield. riage on Tuesday with a family : He laler hixd charge of construction party and informal "at home" to! and supplies. Mr. Willison was assistant editor and business manager [I of the Evening Times when it wa.<si| located on Baltimore street. With i I the exception of six years, when the J family resided in Huntington, W.J Va., where Mr. Willison was super- i intendent of a steel mill during' World War I, the couple have resld-!| '-he past week for Sacred Heart I They were married on September College, Louisville, Ky., to begin! 19, 1894, at the home of Mrs. WiUi-l'ed in Cumberland. their freshman year. (son's parents by the Rev. J. \V. Prof. H. W. Davison and Mrs.JFinkbiner, pastor of St. Paul's Lu- D.u-ison, Greencastle, Pa., are visit- theran church. Mrs. WUlison was Their two children, Miss Dorothy I Willison, head of the music depart-} ment of Allegany high school, and Q o T l :ng the former's sister. Mrs. J. H.;MiEs LUHan Smith. I Leon A. Willison, with Mrs. Willi- ^ichtenstein, 317 Washington street.; Mr. Willison served-as president.! son and their two children, Marjorie over the weekend. of the Allegany County School and David, Huniington, will assist Miss Ruth True, daughter of Mr.; Board until later elecled by the 1 in receiving. ar.d Mrs. William True, :24 South Mreet. is a patient at Memorial Hospital. Miss Bessie B. Kirby, 23 Brown- :r.? street, was called to Kitzmiller ..wi week by the death of her cou- •••ni Mrs. Lavina Keller. Mrs. Gloria Dennison, Aberdeen, Mri., underwent an operation in Ailegany Hospital Thursday morn'•'•'•?. Mrs. Dennison is the former Miss Gloria Jones. Her husband. S-Sgt. James E. Dennison, is with ihe Air Corps in England. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Young. Hyatt.sville, visited the former's ;-arents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Me- ' . v . „ . . j. Kenzie, 328 North Mechanic street. 11 Miss Eleanor Fleming, Ridgeley. W. Va., has entered the University o.' Tennessee at Knoxville. ! Mrs. Lena Decker, 606 Maryland! Avenue, is visiting her husband, Pfc. •William B. Decker, Jr., at Vero Beach, Fir.. Pvt. Charles "Pete" Berryman, U. •S. Marine Corps, is home on 15-day ^ave with his parents, Mr. and Mr.s. M. R. Berryman, 617 South street. f-vt. Berryman. -.i-hn lins been in the -Marine Corns for two years, partlci- :>.t:ed in the "D-Day" invasion and •i!-o the invnsion of Southern I'i'.incp. While engaging in the for- n - rr assault, Ihe battleship Texas. • : :i which he was .nerving, was badly <»i;nageri. Pvt. Berryman will re- r-rt to New York. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brown, v-.—» ,-- r I-I.TIU • t . _ _ Hills. Ml. Lebanon, Pitls- ^-s-" s tti«.i* I >IOO , are guests over the weekend cf Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Crltch- f.eld .Cleveland avenue. Mr. Brown ^ » brother of Mrs. Crltchficld. Pfc. FYnnklln TwiRR, stationed n( f'-olimibus. Ga., and Mrs. Twigg, are inipsts of '.heir parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. ^'!ank C. Bloss, Rt. -4, city, nnc! Mr. *nd Mrs, Edward Twigg, Rt. 1, Mrs. Helen K. McDnnough rr- '-riied from Washington where she '•' t* Joined by her son, TViomns J iommyt MrDonough. who hiul' "fn visiting in New York, and who, FRANCES DEN-NEY Unforgettable! . . . the only word ihat truly tells the Beauty of lips touched by FRANCES DENNEY soft—so inviting—so alive with brilliant color... a choice of twelve shades, to make your lips truly Unforgettable! and !50 plat fox 47 Baltimore Street S :i No matter what you want In B coat thi«. Fr-ll or winter, you owe it to yourself to see the tremendous collection at the Cumberland Clonk nnd Suit Store . . .Eiich coat wa? especially se'.cctod with a .super-critical oye ns to it.' Fashion-Tightness . . its Quality . . . iu Tailoring 1 . . . Then priced to reflect the prealrst sn 1 inc.s over offered in R season-opening collection. Shop . . rompnre . . . *oe for yourself whut, wonderful buys coats are.— regardless of the price you pay! FUR-TRIMMED COATS... Luxury routs . . . Sujirrli of fabric anil furl *Varm, iuu'"v wooi ijinrir.^ ^*iih iniRF fur roil;ir^ or RraccdH Tuvfiios ruiminp front ro'.'.sr to hrra . . . Coals with fur ruffs . . . (.'oats rich in ralor In mRk* you a hriRht picture scainst a winter sftllnjr . . , Scores of black, hrown and navv, loo! I-'or juniors, misses, women am) larger women. TAILORED COATS.. Trim. Ullnrcrt Chr.strrfldcK iiilh man> nrtv fashion Irfrlts surh as the new flaiiRr collar, rtrlarhalilc vclvrt rullsrs, slii-1) pocket* nnd fly front* . . . IlttPii ami i-;isiial ro.tls dial turn >our vnit Intii an rxcitinf ni'-rmnir . . . iurV r >.vonl falirirr.. r:i li antJ asrni . . , HnM of rolor nr ill r\rr Mii^irt W.irh, na\\ aiifl stay. So vrr'Hlilr . . . m prarllr.-il. (hry'll lir llir main'-trty of vnur «inter «;irr1rnt>r. T'or Juninr«, missr<, womrn auri Lircrr «omrn. A SMALL DEPOSIT WILL HOLD YOUR SELECTION ON OUR LAY-AWAY PLAN CLOAK i SUIT STORE 48 TO 5^8 BALTIMORE ST. CUMBERI-fiNO, MflRYLUND

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