The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 14, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1977
Page 6
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I I'AGK ft—NAUGATi;CK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1940 On The Air Today WOK— "Winy Ari'n" Oilier HtHlluhl*—,NVw» Hill) n. Ill, WIlllY—Itiiiinhilll Scm-i-n H:I3 i>, in. WIIIlY—Vine,-til I.U|,.-K, Nvlull Thin WAI!f.'--*.|i'nrii Talk WJ'/J—liitlixl nil.I Aliiiiri WATK — N|i»rl« KuvimUll. \VOK--"On the l>mury" W I-; A !•'• —A uirrli'ii il Snrriikilt tl;',!0 |i, in, WATIt-^CockUII s«ri-n,i<lt- ni.lo u. in, WlillY—.NVwii. |.J. Christy Ki k WAMC' - UUT.V CUM- WJ7, — N'.'WK: Hvatt* W'l'li:—llnli Sli-fli W,\T ft — .V.-W*. lfic»rluil" flf-10 (i, in, WTir—-Klvc.Mlnuli, Mynifry IMS i,. m, WMUY-U'AHr—N.-VVB '"III N'uiv W K A !••• \VT I f'- •• I,« wi-l I Thumii K WJ'/,--.|li>ri'-H Miirmin WATfi-.fl.,iiiiiir« «nil l:\,tit \VOK---MIIIII l,.»rnitx T-Mi li. HI. wnnv••i.iic.-iiiviii Ti>..ivi..r WAfK-'-.tViiltlrr fur Ulnyiiai \VJ'/, — lll'IKllllli. Mlllllll H'o/l.WATK • •(•'iilli.ji 1,,-wlM. Jr. W KA !•'• W'l'li: • -,Mu nii»r Club 7113 li, ill. WJ'/r -Klriu.r UAVIH \VOll-Alll.WIT .\lllll V/ATff-~Allvimlur«« In Kllylbu WKAF,WTK--~,I..hri Viiiiil.n-in.k V/ATK — NI.WJI 7::ill M. in, WHKY-WAIM 1 - .\|.-l,,,Iv ]|,,iir vvol(-..Arllnir I Inl» WWAK-WTU; — W B nli. WOK - Arlliiir Hull. WJX-WATIt -fliiHli.ii llluil<ln ll'IA p. in. \VfiH — IriHlU" of Npurti \Vfllt - Nluli I "in 14.M- \VJX-U\\Tll — «nil Al.nor , WATU—I wuni ii ji.b W UK Y. WA Hf'—'I'ht'lit,-!- .if Flomnnc,' U'K'AI'MVTH.'—Diur Wild Jiuly WJX.-.WAT11 — Kuliiiny Kiij-ii WOlt—Thi- l-'flli'i.ii K:.',.'. ii. Ml. \V Illl V- W A III-' — Ili-ni 1. NYWH lllllO li. 111. WJlHi'-WAjn:—Ai-lhin- 1'luvlfrcVii Tnlcnl Rise Of Naugy Grays In Pomperaug League Sensation; Team Riding Crest Of 4-Game Winning Streak NEW BRAVE By Jack Sords Addition Of Armonaitis, San Angelo, DeCarlo And Claghorn Aiding Grays Baseball Standings AMERICAN LEAGt-E. W///. r /S^f/ty/ By THOMAS FfTZPATRICK U'ATK • Airoliiillc Aiiunyiiiiiu* Phillies vs. Friday, July 5, 4:30 p, m MUNICIPAL STADIUM Waterbury- : ADMISSION' $1,20 (Inc tax) JHII.DIiKN 7C< : (Inc twx) \V«HliifHilay NlKtit, Hl-18 rniHooH - Atlanta Cruck<>rH PODGE "8AM5S — SKKVICIC Hotchkias St. Oarage 47 JIOTCIIKISS STKEET Tol. B727 J. T- MAXILAUSKAH, Prop. WOF;— Oiibrli'l Ili-utlur SVJ'/.-WA'I'K—I [.-i-f-'M AlorKUIl ll:l.-> ti. In. \Vuli—H,.-iil Hiurli'.s WATK—l.lKli'li Cu'Anil CtrnnkT ,'JX--T.-il Mnliinu l)::i(l li. in. WllllV.WA HI '-.|.;i|,:,,i-,. Tll.-lllor W.IX-WATII —l«.v:liir» Tivlk WKAK-WTH.'—|.'r,-il WuriiiK N WOll — AiiK-lk-liii I-'IM-KIII II :•!.'. u. in. WJX-WAT.H— KVIK.T.I.- H:vli-.l l>;.Vi o. in, WJX-WATH—Niiiu-iM IIDIill ii. in. U'lim'-U', 1 .!«'—.Vli,. l.if,, W,IX-Chli iu:<> J'Kin. VV«I-;AI-'-v."ni •—,\it(fi c'niii.d x WATU-- lUI-n .Mi-Muli.Ml I (I.-HO li. Ill, U'AYH—UII'A. Sllinliy (;riil« u'oii—-"'r.ikc 'i'hw» .Vutvn" Hl:'JI> a. 111. WIMV-WMii'--!) i ik-urlnir Wi 'H - ."H; in|,hitn.,lh." ll'JK-U'AW—li.-iii-r Unit 11:00 ii. in. Olli»r Stun,,nn — N-VVII ' ll:lr, n, in, wj/..WATU—lint. Horkuy-H On-h. Wuli—N..U-II WllltV-w.llli:'" ll"k-liiimn "un-h, U'KAI-'- .|li,|..| |.:,|| U ,,,, u,.,.|, WTU'--l'u;i»h uri-ti. wj/,.\VATH—HI-MI,,; c'livinim-,,^ orch. i A It AC 1C ON . i't. n. i,, July a—tup)—A totul or 33S • yachts left Newport ycHtcrday In tho C35-inllo race to BcrmuUa. One of tli favorites I'i the 72-foot yaw! Ba::-una, owned by Henry Taylor of Cold SprinfT Har bor, New Vc.rh. which won the I'Ker boat division In J MS—last tlmu thu nieo wan held, VVJi; FKATIJKK COMI'I.KTK STOCKS OK VACATION SLACKS Men'3- Pants Shop -Boys' r EMBRUSKI QL^^^^^^^^^^^^^ny*E3B^^B3J^?T^Ty 4C1 Nu, Main St, Tel. ;jX07 Union City 10 HI Ail SWAN ELECTRIC CO, Cliuroh St, Nuiitfutticlc, Conn Telwplionc 2574 SWIM SUITS . PEDAL PUSHERS T-SHIRTS Ani Miiny Morn Itcni«t Kor Summer mid Vacation Need NAT'S 410 North Main St, Union City TJ5L, CISfl The current surprise In local baseball circles is the rise of the Naugatuck Grays, In -the Pomper- auf; league; a league which they wore given no chance of oven corn- In/r to winning, .several weeks aj',-0, when they svorc in last place, with an 0 and 3 record. .Now the Grays have only one game separating them from winning the league title, for the first division, and with the strength which has been added to their mi In recent weeks, 'they will probably bo favorites to take the second division 01' the league easily. The team, at present, is riding the crest of a four game winning •iM'fmlt, which brought them from liolr last place position, and has them now surging to the lead In tho first division. The additions of mich High school stars of this year's championship team as Ar- munaitls, DeCarlo and San Angelo has aided them immensely, and also the addition to .the team of Clag- liorn, will be a determining factor In thrjir second division bid for the title. Regardless of their position at Hit; I'iirl of thessasoti, though, they have proved to the locals that they, the Grays, have what I', tnlti's. and we congratulate them for their I nccompilshmeiKs .thus far this year | and also wish them good luck for 'Brooklyn the remainder of the season. ' Yeittorday's Results Detroit 2, Chicago 0. Cleveland G, St. Louis 4, Only games scheduled. t&f ••"?.#•'.'?> %£& Boston New Yorlt Detroit Washing-ton .. . St. Loula Cleveland . —. Chicago Philadelphia .. The Standing W. L. 50 19 ' 42 28 8T 30 33 33 31 37 31 38 26 39 20 46 Today's Games, Pitchers Chicago at Detroit—Grove (S-4) v«, Trout (7-5), St. Louis at Cleveland—Kindfir (0-3) vs. Gromek (4-7) or Reynolds (2-10). Washington nt • Philadelphia—(2) —Leonard (6-2) and Hudson (5,>) vs. Fowler (S-G) and Marchildon '(3-7,) Boston at New York (night) — Harris (11-2) vs. Chandler (11-3) NATION At, LEAGUE Brooklyn 11, Philadelphia 6. Pittsburgh 1, Chicago 0. Cincinnati 5, St. Louis 4, Only fames scheduled. The S L. 23 WICUbING GIFT SI'KC'IAL I'XKCTKIC J'j;i«,'Or,ATOICS — with chrumo truy, NiiKiir uml i',r»'i»n»rr, (COO O^L con,,, * ^, —^ F as GRAND ST., wiTmir. VLAMTIfJ nn<1 GALVANI7KD 8CRKKNINO C. K. KI.KCTKIC CLOCKS STAINT.1JNS STJCKL KNIVKS und FOHKS FAINTS • GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAFLK STKKET (Auro» from City IJukcryJ Ki-eo DwUvery Tolnphono BU44 So/t l/.i for your VACATION LUGGAGE UmhrrlluM Ilecovertiil. Krpulml FISHERS ; 111 !•>. Main Ht., Wiit«>rhur.v C-JH71 All KlnjH of Trucking—AxliI'N. Ktc. ICoinovod McNamara Trucking 1 Cc. 31 Wc.Ht Nniiffiituck TrI, SOBS Merry Morticians Issue Challenge , The Merry Morticians '.'idn.y is- I sued a challenge to any and till I teams In the urea to Softball games. It' liny of thCMC teams wish to play the strong Morbid Mites they can contact the NEWS sports f.'ditor and he will .make arrangements with the Mortician squad for contests. Coach Jim Riggs Im.s announced thnt the Mortician ace hatter, who doublus in hurling when their oth- i. l r ace, Eiii Ratio, is unavailable Cliighorn, has received fctelers from tho Mexican League to plaj with their Vera Cruz orga.'iization "dag" has stated -(.hat he wil ignore tho offers and will, rlav th< ri-.'iimincler of tho season with th« Merry Morty squad. St. Louis .............. 37 29 Chicago ............... 34 29 Cincinnati ....... ...... 30 32 Boston ........ ........ 31 36 Philadelphia .......... 2834 Pittsburgh ............ 2737 New York ............ 2839 Brasscos Well Fortified For Phillies Match Fri. Samoska Announces Signing Of Walt Gatham, Yale University Pitcher Pet .657 .561 .540 A84 .463 ,'152 .422 .418 Canada's Income taxes were in creased by S7G pur cen-t in the period 19-10 to 19-13. ALCAZAR Today - Wed. - Thiirs. If Voa Wiuit to Uuy or S«» REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Te], 4233 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE »S Sprliijr St, Union C«v Tel. Nuup, 0111 — >Vut. KKI.TX NARDKIJ.O, J-'uil Ntuvk or Mcrl mill wimil rvpNirvd, ro-lnpnl, IN MAGNACOLOR Montr Adrian HALE-BOOTH DOB NOtAN A THf SOUS of tho PIONHRS PLUS ALUM ' .. 'HAN LANE-ROGERS Also "The Day.s of Buffiilo Bill NOW MGM'S MUSICAL DELIGHT Worn n A TfffC • •-* ^ — •- — GRAYSON-ALLYSON C-WAN HOME, YOUR MUDDER'S CAIUKM MELCHIOR Jimmy DURANTE Peter LAWFORD *> Tin ••a-win Homt, Y«l( MuddtftClllln' Th* thov Md •thtt hit .A thrilling- tnlr ivltli <ju»n<-ii«r und dnnirrr PASSKEY TO DANGER Today's Gameu, Ti New York at Boston—Kennedy (S-4) vs. Spahn (0-1), Philadelphia at Brooklyn—Schanz (2-2) vs, Hatttn (4-5). Pittsburgh at Chicago—Bahr (32) va, Chipman (2-3). Cincinnati at St. Louis (night)—Heusser (6-5) vs. Barrett (1-2). Local Boys Named As life-Guards .."Four, lodal boys have been named as a team to be life-guards during] the summer a.t Hammonaset Beach'-, near Clinton, Connecticut. Thp tuam is comj)risud of John Daikus, captain, and William and Bushnell Rodenbach and Robert Nixon. All of the local athletes are ex-servicemen. Three -of 'the' boys have announced 1 their future plays when the uiimmer ends .with Bushneli Rodenbach expecting to enter Yale jniversity ' and' brother William along with Robert Nixori'planning to re-entur Ohio Stule, where they matriculated prior to their entrance into the service. RAY BEr.VG CRITICIZED Boston, July 2—(UP)—Elmer— the violent—Ra'y is being- heaped vlth criticism for his failure to Jattle Pat Comlakey of New Jersey, as scheduled at. Braves Field July 8. Instead Bill Weinberf,' of Chelsea has been signed to slug it out with the veteran heavyweight. Promoter Snm ( Silyernian aQcusos Ray and his manager, Tommy" O'Laughlin, of "running- out and taking- the first road of-escape" from the Comiskey bout. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today -Wednesday WRrcoopiS' -JHaitoPolo BASIL RATHBONI SIOBID'OUHII Also "The Phantom Thief" Sports Chatterbox By JACK DARBY •^OBMBIB* ' M^^HB^^^M The All-Star Game AJo see by our. ca'enuar lhat Baseball's Annual All-Star s only a week away, and there- ore have decided to give the "exerts" sonic competition in select ig this year's crop of stars to le American and National Leagu quads. The contest is schedule or next Tuesday, July 9th, at Fan vay- Park in Boston, and wit! oEt-war bneeba!H enjoying a grea> boom" in attendance and per ormnnces the game should offe blowers -of our National Pr.stimi . great many thrills ' and ; excite meriti It is fitting that the game is to be played in the Red Sox home park, as we pick no less than six Boston players on our 20 man American League roster. As foi the National League it seems only appropriate that Brooklyn's beloved "Bums" and -the St. Louis Cardinals should dominate the player! lists, and as we see it both the league leading Breaks and the 2nd place Cards have six men apiece on the alJ-etar team. Now here are the lineups that this column thinks can offer the bost in both offensive power and defensive strength for- the two leagues, maybe you won't agree with us man for man but you'll have to admit they are both pretty strong combinations. We are picking two men for each position along with four starting pitchers. For the American league (Who we pick to pin) 1st Base: Greenberg (Det), Vernon (Wash); 2nd Base: Doerr (Bost), Berardino (St. L); Short-stop: Stephens (St. L.), Pesky (Bost); 3rd. base: Johnson (N. Y.), Keltner (Clcve); Outfielders: Williams (Bost), J. DiMaggio (N. .Y.), Labbs'(St. L), W. DIMag- gio (Bostr. Keller (N. Y.), Spence (Wash); Catchers: Hobinson (N. Y;), Rosar (Phil), and the pitchers, Harris (Bost), Feller (Clove) Chandler (N. Y.), and Ferris (Bost). -The above team averages better than .320 in batting percentages and the hurlers have a combined record of 46 wins and 13 defeats. - 'Now. -for the National League we have selected the following players; Isl Base: Mize (N Y) Muaial (St. Lj; 2nd Base; Stanky (Brook), -Shoendiest (St. L.)- Shortstop: Marion (St. L), Reese (Brook); 3rd Base: Hack (Chic) Kurowskf (St. L.); Outfielders:' Walker (Brook), Hopp (Bost) E n - nis (Phil), Holmes (Bost), Reiser (Brcok), Slaughter (St. L); Catchers: Musi (Bost), W. Cooper (N Y ) Pitchers: Higbe (Brook), Passea'u ' Ch jf'' Pcllot ^t. LJ, and Lombard! (Brook). The.National League g'; ou P 's batting about 12 points lower than the American. whil2 their pitchers have chalked up 30 victories and lost but''8 times. In case you are wondering why v.'e arc picking the American League to win, we will quote so'me very interesting figures 6n that all important subject, home runs. The junior circuit lads listed above i have clouted ISO so far this sca- ison as against a mere 66 for ,the National League boys. Also the "Runs butted in" out-put for the A. L. is aU-out 25 per cent higher than the senior circuit, and .these lire the things that win ball games you know. Now that you have all the nu.m«» and statistic:; in mind, just let us remind you that in Baseball "Anything can happen," perhaps that is why the game is our National Pastime, but anyway with all these stars on one field you cun be sure 01' one thing-, and that is there will not be a dull moment next Tuesday in JSVnway Park. Incidentally it will also be interesting to see just how many -of the players we have selected above are actually picked by the rival league managers who have the last say on the "" Jine-ups, Joe Snmoska, manager of the Bnisscoa, announced last night the signing of Walt Gathman, Yale University pitcher. Oathman teamed up wi-th Frank Quinn to pitch the Ells to the JSustern Inter.-collegiate 'League championship this year and will be discharged shortly from the Navy V-12. He will con.tinue his studies at Yale and join the Brass- cos for Friday's game with the Phillies at 4:30. With three important clashen this week Mgr. Samoska has a well fortified mound corps, including Gathman, Kenny Ketch, Bill Knfta, and I.efty Bill Wheeler. Wheeler, former rooundsman for Minneapolis, is expected to face the Phillies here Friday. Kufta will face the Atlanta Black Yankees Wednesday night at S:45. The final batch of advance sale tickets for the Phillies game went on sale thlis morning: and from ull indications, they will b'e gone before game time. The advance Larg-est Selection I of Kiddy Furniture In Town o'n Our Second Floor • FULI, SIZE CRIBS • YOUTH BEDS • SAND BOXES • SWING OX METAX STA3VD • HIGH CHAIRS • METAJ. BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S ISO SOOTH JVIAIX ST. sale closes Wednesday the Stadium. Tickets are m j at the BrasHCOx downtown 11? * office in Eicn«r- 8 and at ' Shop, 2-il North Main St. Eddie "Rod" Sheehon, ai u , h outfielder, is loading ih. i.;™* hitting, according to flgurl ' leased today. Sheehon ha, C^ ed 10 hits in 22 trips to for a lusty .45C. and lead 8 t«am in runs batted in wm Five of his hits have been extra bases. " Billy Moore is the next regular on tho squad, safely on.U of hiu 26 for a .423 mark. STRATTON'S, RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Plac« CLOSED JULY 1st TO JULY 15th FOR SUM.MEK VACATIONS YES, We Have the "SAIL BUG" This sensational new Sail Bug is equipped and operates just like a regular sail boat, It has a sail, rudder, sturdy mast, inflatable tube -with canvas seat $13.95 BEACON KIDDIE CENTER Tl GRAND STBEET Wuterbury LITCHFIELD SUMMER THEATER! Opening Night ; WINTERSET July 1-6 Seats T5c, $1.00. $1.50, «,oj plus tax CURTAIN 8:40 serva'tioiiH Tel. Lltchfleld I HOLIDAY LIQUOR SPECIALS AT J. K. STORES CUT RATE, UQUOB8, WINES, BKKRS S»6 > T . Main St Tel. ittt JFrce Delivery Anywhere U Borough FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or MIGHT Independent Cab Co. 10« South Slain St COMERCIAL } HEFJUGERATION SERVICE ? Electric Appliance Co. | J 1344 ll.llilulD St. Wilt. — Ti'l. 4-T.M2 FRED'S HI-WAY GK1IJLE 501 Soutli Sfaln St Regular Dally Dinner DOc up A La Carlo ' Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Lt Full Liquor J.lcenne SUMMER SCHOOL STARTED MONDAY, JULY 1st Accounting, Shorthand, Typing, Comptometer n:id other commercial subjects. Brush-up course for stenographers and typists. Regular courses for those desiring permanent post-war employment. ENROLL NOW! ' , POST Junior College 24 Central Avenue, Waterbury Vacation $A Wednesday: "THE GREEN plus "FREDDIE STEPS OUT PpLKA DANCE ^ WEDNESDAY NIGHT l^ LAKE QUASSAPAUG BALLROOM "ZIG" BONEWICZ AND. MIS ORCHESTRA ADMISSION 60o (TAX INCLDDBD) LAST BUS LEAVES LAKE 11:30 P. M. The Coolest..and Most Beautiful Ballroom in Connecticut CLIP SLATER and HIS ORCHESTRA THURSDAY NIGHT Band 5 P. M. NEW CLASSES July L Write, phono or coll for 194(1 Bulletin 26 PC. Service for 6 LIFT TIME STAiNLESS STEEL 0 KNIVES 0 FORKS 8 TEAS 6 SOUP 1 BUTTER 1 SUGAR Complete With Chest GARDEN TOOLS OF ALL KINDS WHEELBARROWS FOOTWEAR PLANT EMPLOYES ARE NOW ENJOYING A TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION Work Will Resume On July 15h UNITED STATES RUBBER co. Footwear Plant il and before you leave there will be various |. social obligations which you can best discharge •with an autographed photograph of yourself-, It ie the yon of TODAY that, your friends want to remember and a visit lo onr studio now will avoid much last minute hurrying. YES -WE ARE TAKING A VACATION TOO) WE WILL BE CLOSED THE ENTIRE PEfelOD FROM JULY 4TH TO .JULY 15TH. ' Bl Neary "Bldg: Church St.

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