Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 17, 1944 · Page 10
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1944
Page 10
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TEN SUNDAY 'nMES t _C.UMB.EJ8LAND.. .MD-. SUNDAY, . SEPTEMBER 17, 19-14 Recent Bride Honored With Shower, Party J£ot;jliy at U'r hur,\,>, J56 i'uik St.- Mth a tni'.rtjnanpou.'i !-i;ov.-er in lion- OT til M;-< IJoU-n. I ouis A!t.s!ett'r.'' '.:•.? i.'riiu-r Mte Hfh'i: Eh.Mix-th Dx;;si. ulio vz* m.trrii-il Jujy 19 The rtfnicj; wsin .-.ptiii in playing' Some Brides Of The First Month Of Autumn T.'jf iioniir -.vis 'U-ivraird *tth f;i|! p ii.AWiv iir.rf the t:«b!r with f.tndei- • i:.'K< ni :;ill \viiUi; upcr.s !ind !.U! Il'jvu-i.-, us me cep. :<-rpie;V. F.ich .'..Mall nuibreUd.-:. c.vcrpt Mr*. Her '•-•: l tJ. Lc!:: AW! >JL-^ Ruth !_*• wno \\tvrf-_uif- brides molds. _ u Utvor "vTjiiie""Mis. Ali'-unu-r rfii'Ut-a ;i Miiail wruit hS'in i:u?hior. •* rth a go:d wedujnt: i ::!*' n\ the cuu:<=: . AinoisK ti!Q.>e pi-f.-viti \^r:-- Mf.-s- ct.*n:e.> Ki-!int>;ii Edwards. Granij- viile. Md ; Jarrie.s Hjrf. Xo-i HAVI-H Con;; . Raymond Uercmi-r; Hetlx-n. D. U-h;. Keuaeth Rohi:-..«tr.. Whit- :r.* l.:nubun:, Willarri B.u-;!eu. Ma? Cupels mf, C. W. Sh.ifrrr. MLWr.- Marjor:e ZaU. Kisth Uv Du:.-:. Pi-. 1 . Ui> Copeliiiiti. Fior«i;ct'- Shufftfr .1 :-.<.! Dorutny Copelnnd. Ch.irifs !.<•- -•i.v Wilson. Jr.. si-.n tlie hvx-.'.^.'x- V>:-e.-«: tied Die bride iu.s Ki:'- with J ' *"• " J ' ' "r. . - ?,*. : . A lt.-vf r t trr TTIT rrrr 01 m:tny in' B ittner-Bi rd Wedding Told M:-.«. Ann M. Bird, !1M LainK avenue. <u:naui:<:es the in*! rlitge of licr datiEhter, Anus,, to Pic. James S, Bittmr. son of Mr. and Mri. James P. Biimer r>l Bow man's addition. The ceremony was solemnize Wednesday mominK. September 13 at the parsonage of St. JohnV Lutheran church, with the pastor. Rev. Edward P. Heinze, officiating.' Pvl. Blttner recently returned! from serving twenty-eight, moil Mis' [Mrs. Ritter iNamedHeadol Mizpah C!as< Pl.n;o bv (.iolcifir.s Mrs. Donald Palmer, the former Miss Elaine Drumm, bride of Srptemher 9 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. Photo by Goldflr.e Lt. and Mrs. John H. Pfeiffer, married in Central Methodist Church Sept. T. Mrs. Pfeiffer is the former Miss Johephine Blumt. Photo by Goldftne Mrs. Ottavlo Barcniesi who before her marriage on September 11 iii St. Mary's Catholic Church, was Misa Nancy Mary Pranze. a ,Mrs. Margaret McMakin New ; Two Artists Will' Be PresentediCommunity Sewing Group Rebekah Social Club : ln War Benefit ConcertlResume After Summer Recess •s. Rrnest E. hostess to the Mizpah Bible tv Friday evening, at her liorw Bowling Green, with the ope:' prayer being given by Mrs. D. t Grayson, Mrs. Victor Alhey har charge of the Bible study, and t roll call being answered v,'iui verse from the Scriptures. The election of officers wat !>j at the business session and j,;. Harold Ritter \vns named pie; its'-, Other officers who will serve";' the coming year we Mrs. CU:;r Blaeblin, first vice-preoiden; i program chairman; Mrs. j c Clark, second vice presider.i charge of membership; Mrs. Go:c- Miller, third .vice president' charge of missions; Mrs. GU-: Gannon, secretary; Mrs. R-^. Wentling, treasurer and Mrs. Ktr T. Humphreys, personal : : j : , ; chairman nnd publicity, with ><• Victor Athey as assistant persx service chaii-man. Gifts and cards were "slmtins" and three Christina;. &:•'., will be packed, with Miss EUzai McGullough in charge, to be . to husbands of members ier, overseas. Mrs. Athey gave the ,v Ing prayer. —A—funny-hat-" -stunt-featured social hour. The hostess was a.v_. • ed in seizing by her two daugtv.? ILois and Vera McCullough. Others present Included Mrs. G don Miller. Mrs. James Hup.-Mrs. Gladys Gannon, Mi>. ?.-. Suanski, Mrs. Frank Hinzt. v. Henry T. Humphreys, Mrs. .v.:. Mrs. Carl Godwin, Mrs. R._- WentUng, Mrs. Harold Hitter, M. Grayson. Mrs. Morion Miller, y John Clark, Mrs. Harvey \V:V i Mrs. Frank Wadsworth, Mrs. G.-: more Rice, Miss Elizabeth VcC- _ Members of the Rebekah ScK.-lal|the All Ghan Shrine Country Club. Two Artists, a pianist and a;she appeared Su all the productions ; The Community Sewing Group;come. Radio Toda While the hours are from .„ anyone may come forj an hour. Mem-j(} i r . _ _.._... , _ sandwiches and cookies: V_^ U ,as n-s.-ii-.tant hostess. The election of .man assisted by Mrs. Verna Hicks. | be given on October 2 in the audi-Uhe Maryland State Federation of, church house of the First Presby-;for lunch, and coffee and tea are: tujNtiAv iFo-rcunsro -t • ofrl "' rs vvas helri and P'ans made for :;\irs. Bertie Ranck will be in charge; torium of Allegany High school. i Music Clubs contest in 19-43. Iterian church, Washington street.'served by the chairman and her SUNDAY, t-tHT t.MBtK 17 - the winter activities ol :he club. of the musical program, i rhe njapj^t Eugenia Halli is a' Miss Greiher has appeared as; The orrar.ization was started on!assistants. H"U? U'CWT' 2-H,T"or : MvJ- 0n ' Ml ' s - f. al "Saret McMakin was nrun-. At the recreation period following ( native £'Czecho-Slovakia, now liv-isoloist with the Defiance Civic Male December 10. 1940 by Mrs. W. Carl: Mrs. White and Mrs. Lichten-, if* (.->' t< in pl T ltim j : , ^ r ^, \ prnrv Hlc Sv" ce ! the ™ e ^ ns - ca rds a » d garner fea- iing jn chicago s! , e t^^an her nuis ., chonw _ Defjaj^^ oh io: and on the.\Vliitc, its present chairman, and;stein will be on hand Wednesday: •uieMcent: Mrs. Catherine ^Aldrtdgc.,tured^Prizes were won at cards byi lcal studles whcil a chi i d lu odenaJ-'Nieht. of Melociv" concert at Wy- has been one of the most success-!morning to welcome back members! Tlie next meeting will be :•: October 20 at the home of M: Grayson, 508 City View TP.-=. with Mrs. Gordon Miller a«:--= i hostess. een C'-.n t'jr* Tt projrc'fij f: t currcci -f -i .1 6y t-.f'^-o''', i ^i*n to ws.fjraic.t .^ecrctary and Mrs. Edith BiIler,:Mrs. Edith Biller and Mrs. Aldridge; ! ukrsl "i, le .where she was "born. LaVer'iman Park Dell, Baltimore, last-July, iutl war relief groups in the com-1 and newcomers. The group is non- Jo>*?Dhln« Hoiwton Sov I. uheran HaU-Uot,-.- H..r\.c 12 - 1 3—Andrini ic UK iJJluineiiMLs—l>iu 1:00—V.-'.ce at ihf D.:'.ry Knrm'r—rrtc Tne Church of :h» A:r Si>rnori5—ci.'-- Joba H. Kcnn^iy in Corr.rattit—M'u .Sianiey D[xon rn Civnin?u:u.rv -rpt.— »:15— ,V^ -NUC 13-nilr... R*c:tii—nDc Jos«f llartni ^o]kl^r^' &—blu i!nn> Cboir and Girl^' T:U> — m'^* ere comptetpd <or holding, Idella Hnrtsock, Mrs. Laura Wood- s'JT^'o' ' ?! ' lp Annual hnnciwt on October 4 nt yard and Mrs. F.uby Reed. , , sllldted at t, he state Conserva-^She has been soloist with the Balti-imunity. Mrs. Joseph H. Lichten-: denominational and meets every Esthei Class To Meei "'Again Oct. 1 tory Rt pj..i gllei where she rcc eived:more Symphony hev master's degree in 193A. At the; guest soloist at the Roland Parkj supported entirely by voluntary! , .. _,.. ^ -------- ...... : ,.. „.....,. ..... .-__ ~ ...... ,. Orchestra andjstein is co-chairman and treasurer. | Wednesday at the church house, , —^ T A I \ i \ r ' ( } \- A m Hv r /-\ f s^ h. A s~-\( s-^ >-\-r i ^ wi Amorose /v\ci\enzie Pi II ll-c . B^nnounc-TTaT'inT— 'b'- iui) TCo:ir.«, U'r-jj.i.i. SeV.— ebi Jinx. U.S.A., Ai a bp3 " slfl!i ceremony in S3. , bride's rcv=es »nd white gladioli . ;ir.d Psul Catholic church. I bloom tied with inallne and mother in 1940. For two years sheiadmitter free to the concert . was accompanist for Rosa Raisa; nnd her husband, Giacomo Rimini.! . Cliicago opera .stars. She was also! D in member of the Chicago Piano Col-; D faculty, appearing in recital and e r Ch a y . blu j Vay«ite .=tn»et. Mi.<vs MarKaJrt Ann 1st reamers. " S ro-]o>!n"torrvS riauahteT'o'i .\a«» o! me World: aont? Sixit— .-rb* ! Arthur F. Youny. 31'J Mrnd Cumberland of bei-nmn I'M bridt- The maid of honor wore a gOTO SAtUii w l' n orchestras as soloiat. /- • I I i In a letter to Mrs-. Henry C. X I C f p f h O'O M Bown|Sv.'eai-mgen, president of the Music i -* ' ° ' ' I I v^ v-/ VJ UK Rj.iio— bin i ''''' :mf"iiin s of Ambro.«e Raymond mberland j of aqua blue, made complementary j alKl Arta Club, Miss Halij wrote, "I: .11. i T«sterdny (o the bride's. She carried a co'-i an! ^PP.v i° be able to play on the : LJ ^- ,-J itnr^n ond Mc-j!nnial bouquet of old-fashioned | W!lr Benefit Concert program In I I (J I U l_ U I I L. I I , • _« __ /.i. ____ j , __ __ . _, r . , 1 f^nm r./»rTn i^rl Tl • Cross, both national and local; as- ( sociated chajities; American Friends !Service Committee; Relief to Greece iand Creegan Hospital in China, and j wherever there is disaster locally.; A new project of making hospital shirts out of old shirt.s will be ~T ! added to the other projects of 1 Oi ma ' :U1 " bandages, sponges, bath I robes and slippers, children's and rty H lArmy Inducteej Mrs Sanule i W elskettle £•" '• cauir street was hostess V • Esther Bible class on FT. - r c • evening, with Mrs. May Grov: I -J K\]a ': Nllp.nd as co-hostess. Opening with prayer, a whi:c ;. 'pliant sale was held ac the clc.-- ithe meeting. It was also decir.o.: , hold a rummage sale at the i-::'| October 6, beginning at 6 p. ir. A party was held at the home of i Th e next meeting will be \:-:'.-i Carl Growden, 103 Virginia avenue, ; t home of Mrs. Sterling In honor of Richard Wagner who-319 Pulaski street on October 1': left to Join the army. Dancing fea- | Those attending were Mrs. Lc. tured the entertainment and re-1 Hoffman, teacher, Mrs. Rnyir.: Su.'iday Ves llilf-Hour Inr .s. Y. i-!iiih»rmij!-.'ic!>-—ut,«.' K«T.7i«r. %on of Mrs. Catheriiit E., flowers with red roses and feverfew! Cl; ' The mezzo-soprano. Oigu Grether.) the Pea body Con-i The B'er Ohayim Sisterhood ! baby's layettes. There is enough j freshments were served. I Wertz. Mrs. Harvey Aurvil, Mrs ~ ! material to start with but the group Those present were Misses Betty Ibert Llewell>Ti. Mrs. Charles " welcomes gifts of new and used j Owens, Evelyn Wright. Phyllis Kell-. Donald. Mrs. Frederick Gro«'(materials. All arc tised to tlie'ei'. Rose Mary Erode. Lois Mason, I Mrs. Virginia Zembowcr. Mr; '. advantage. [Thelma Growden. Patricia Ann I Hughes. Mrs. Charles Dectz. M ; "» t^i.i u-*. |j-_k.ti.i yjiLirv ov*.v lUiiTirt iwiu i Corns from C.tiif -,.n-i.i— nib, '. Knv. father Peter Hohman O F. carried a small colonial bouquet of! A i, A , ' ' • ' and old-fashioned flowers :/V\ 9 fl V f\ T *"'''?Tv^- r 'Ko"--'"'.'-' r -'c'--'".- ! t^-''-- M - C:i f- "ITi<i:itins. PTcc-cdir.g'the'P"^ T'i* ivoriii *• ^'.,,'i '-ii;">, r.i^.'j t,'-i i-'r''inon.v Prof. Pt^pr Schumacher-! witl1 a nintchlng flower hair onin- A=--. •' — ir.i.» - nb.vixl a program w" nupt.inl music, 'ment. t 1: p traditional wedding! Mm. Yoiinsr. motYior of I.OO—NBC Svni!>!ic-nv. lir. yjiir.Iy Tlni« A; !'3:rK-« t'3-ri't Tskfl li \\ith Von. T'i:4y—mbi ; prrino, MIUJ4 P-ri-rMH-e M?-?'-rl^a^vf^Dr'fivi^-rnh'i '' and "Pailis . niiirohes. Mrs. Rynn Farrt'll. RO-j 1 MiUard's "Ava Marie' An^pllciLS" before Hie f> »>—t *:CO— -flu C <T5« S:ir.,' inCymi>j,arj- . attin-d in »- dre«; of with which she wore a large black luU. shoes and gloves. A round ; ';«,"».Si ver Wedding! " BJtlmo7e"'w"h7r e; oi^ii i" fall aiid winter season with! More helpers are needed, especial-(Walters. Doris Growden and Paul .Bruce Stotler, Mrs. Nina Ba:~: " • '"• , a luncheon - meeting Wednesday!^" women who are skilled as cut-!Davidson, Arthur Hoyle. Carl Grow-1Mrs. Britten Shaffer. Miss Gertr. ! afternoon at the temple South Cen-' ters - A u newcomers to the city! den. Tom McKee, Ralph McRay and (Shaffer and Mrs. C. Williar.-. '•! d 'tre s'.reei.. Mrs. Harry^ Bcticraan' an > r on ® wishing to help are wel-'John Squires. iDermott. a guest, '^"ill preside. '• • — ' Plans will be made for the full: 5 BERIAND • LAZARUS, CUMBERLAND • LAZARUS, CUMBERLAND • LAZARUS, CUMBERLAND • LAZA?.i-S, and winter programs. Tl-.e commit- ~" "•Event Here 1 ^ 1 I'jucn C!c«" .1^.', Uin C Dick 1 Coinmtinion and "O. Lord I Am cor.-iage of red rosPs and feverfew f—'\" e ' N'ot Worthy'' at the Communion.! was woni at her wnUL .JZsi* ' Pa:il Yoiin:,'. youns of the! Mrs. McKenzin. mother of the- •—nihB'brido. served a-; iiluir boy. A-s Mre.i bridegroom, -srore a black crppo More than '200 guests attended ir— , F arre ii . saug "Qn This Day O Beau-i dress, black hat and acre^oriF.i and tl ^ e sliver wedding anniversary ^n\_mb' j tifnl Mother." thp bride left her: a corsage of pink roses. '. ol ilr - » nd Mrs. James Stemple,, ' '---—----- ,|til4 Mar>'land avenue, which was! tee in charge of the luncheon in- ; > eludes. Mrs. Max Spier, Mrs. Joseph i wi" '.Klawan. Mrs. Bnmey Gross. Mrs.i^ ouis Lutz, Mrs. Snmuel Schwab 1 ^ and Mrs. Robert Kaplon. ^ Store Closed All Day Monday, Sept. 18. Open Tuesday As Usual Mrs. G. Frank Lippold. erand- drwa with black hnt honor for ! 5i.-,k-. mid Marv I* •: accessories ami a corsage of .. - : M .jisented with numerous gifts amons W. C. T. U. Wi ?!Hold Annua t Friday o z p P v_^ ^> Or.- -Man-. Bciarrf _ inbj t v p • • - • 's tjiv-T— 'biii \oiuiE i foii.v> a you.iger sis- ; Dram^-nbc ' t«r *- as ,. } , e jun.or bnd«maici. Pa ulj ro«bu«te. VI 3 % -<t of the ^ n-55— !-ive \fl3iiT»a Xriri Ptriod — cbi » CO — Sunday's llfrrrGo R"iind — nbc • M.ic.= ?in» Drarr.o. Ccnri.! Na^el — cbs ;|-» Broxdc«t — hlu > ' '^^^ »"<! G. toy Lippold uncle the bncp. and John Fishell were quln Hotel for members of several Individ-j The annual convention a |ual members of Henry Hart Post.' Allegany County- Women's Christian n _!V_F.W., presented by Thomas Whal- iTemiierance Union will be held in a large tablecloth and napkins; the First Methodist church. Bed- bridal party and families. The tablei fr . om ^ u "J ai ^ C i n! J ter ;,. N j?' j^'^° rd st ^"' ,F ridla >;_ wiith ™°_J?* was decorated with white asters and' 01 , tlle °"""'~ """ Hear t Auxiliary, and|sions, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon _ Tile bvide. who was gi-ven in mar •«.-s*i-« N-.%m- of t;, B SP-e Qnii—rch^ ! r i nse by her fatlier wore a gown i, B C , """lucu *iui a. mui- * ij_TK.«in s-.i-»« an,! f« .M-i-ic^-bia V * ,,, „ 1 , L, B J, Mature bride and bridegroom. Fol» = w-A:h : .m «f r-- n .mi!iAr lf,«ic- n hc i ?' pu5sy wl, ow wffcta fashioned on towj u breakfast Mr and Mrs II ll.T XJLVVJIti\.l_ti nib«J. 1V11JK. UOL^. J O ilil\4 « ., - I j~nrt-l (tall white tapers. The tiered wed-i*. lHrEte 5llver , tra >" fr ° m ' he State and 7:30 in the -'dtag cake was adorned with a min-j 2£»,?»«««L =: "^^ ,^P e :, * I . TS - f,? h ?J?^°^' J^ llt ^. & H.-»U nr, '"•• i:-;.^ f'o'^cr'fl ^Or • : J 5—.l|:nnii-» rii!:.-r> .. lo--:o—P»-II sp'rsh'v Jt n I-hM n-ikrr Tj»-'l- «- L-.IT. ):—• bw ! long torso line;:, with a net yoke n. round r.ockline. long. •'Vrrm-nt—mh» ! en dinc in Hr!:^woo<!—Mu . . H;-l '<>.-rh.—rbc (1 " lu • <!!t ' ov _.-... . - L-.iTt ):—-n« in a f-liort swef-pinif train. I ,. r -., r '.''- P ; ! '''I.- x ". d u''u 7! " \ H '~--rlT^ b M . ""sertip-lriiKth veil of bridnl illu- ie >.T—!'i Tr-r-.iiVr.f-. j. <::. i ; .on—ril-o ' ••'Ion was hpld with R coronet of Heart order No. 122. Mrs. Stemple!dent, will preside at both sessions, was presented with a beautiful-Others on the afternoon program handbag containing S25 silver dol-' include Mrs. Wesley C. Light, who Inrs. from members of the Ladies;will extend greetings, and Mrs. es and full skirt ending! ^ decor at low were Va^Tor' ted'faTl 1 Auxili ">' of the VF.W.. by Mrs.; Edward Grim. Frostburg. who will - ---••» Her ^-1,° e ° ^ td fall lCatherine OToole. president and'have the devotional. 2 W* T V I^ lvr.|ilf. a OI]»T ?!io*v—•rb^ lace. :-*l[ny F"r-M*: N>-^-« }> T!r.*» — h!-j —— '"•—T-I H» M" n-..)—TII>>» XV— V.i' --v ar.d N'r-i-, '.- : a -n —-?N •f.-'-.-r-. t 'J l.'-fl V J ,-•'"-.•' I - h 1 —.T i H'THO nir;m.rc;ms TOUAV She rarriefl bouquet of if tnorn o.iP^t~ IMr - Stemple was also presented a: The Medal Contest for youtiR ; "".r p,fvJr« !slft b >' Mrs - Sadic Smith on behalf j people will feature t; IC evening ^'M« B/nvirrtl 01 tne ^d' 05 Auxiliary. | session, opening with the flag . ?\ t .:... \ A three-tiered weddlmr cake iced? salute led bv Miss Helen Mamie. O. E. To E I" 6 r I" 9 ^ U flowers. Among- the out-of were Mrs. Gray Huffman. *-.«.-.-;„, the Ladles Auxiliary. \ session, opening with the flag r Rork w^hino-fnn anrt \rr^ Tr, ! A three-tiered wedding cake iced?salute led by Miss Helen Marpic. ' ' =y^'Jw. ,„;,„, 'In white and decorated with silver [Taking part in the contest will be i> westernport .leaves, centered the refreshment ui--William - - '. tc of Ursuline Business C.,ri Fnrrady. Esther Bucy. „ f' H!>°^ ^r-H Til fn?f hle - Mf - and Mrs - Stemple were as-:Rebecca Ann LeFcw. Rosella Lewis ^ Voh~,i u „,„ ^f f i-^ted in receiving by their daughters, janrt Carolyn Rir.gler. Tlie address Vftfnn Vnit^r s M r ••'«• Ja "ies Morgan of Frost burg i will be eivrn by Miss Bertha Tyson. ,;. .1', •.'.'• and Mis.5 Audrey StemolP. this cltv.! Mrs. A. E. Keseckcr will be in r.r Q : ..r.rt-r-,1 .NBCl. i . - ;PC . r^-n .**: P»IJ: Past Offi 1 Nc-n Nil'" - 1 ; '.. <- Air. M t r' * •••t S>»«. ••» v-.;i»r F.-rvir- •and Mis.5 Audrey StemplP. this city, j Mrs. A. E. Keseckcr will be in _. . .. c / lap 7 !I ' 1 Another daughter, Mrs. P»'-l V/bit-icharge of the devotionals and Mlfs i pni aoronty Mr. MK- :rord rMidc , in i^ A ngele.s. Calif.,!Annetta Yatcs will be the vocal a graduare of LaSalle - Bnd ft 50n , James i s at home. !soloist. school and is employed as a| Amon(5 the out-of-town guests! Besides Mrs. Cook, other on I foreman at the Colar.cse Corpora- : were Mr RMtJ Mrs Grovcr c . Stem-iinrlurie. Mrs. Frank Dayton, Cumberland Chapter. No. 56, Or-j ™ QT travelling the hrid- ware ai^' 6 , ^ \^' Rich(lrd Stcmple of |president; Mr.s. Kerecker. recording ! • ' der nf Tlip F^iprn Star will honor! i«a«umg tne onae wore ai Oalc!and Md Bnrt Mrs Dorothy i secretary; Miss Irene Johnson, ~Q •\" DH? matmr^ "nd DII.« n»t?5S ^"H" COS , T C », Of , !lRllt ^redni and Mrs. Edith Shivley of I treasurer and Mrs. K. W. Yates* ! of : thJ^'chn-xer^or" F?id?v Pn ^[ I wo ?' Xdrp5 - s wi:h xh ? n corr:l1 coat Baltimore. 'corresponding secretary. =2 oi trw cnn,xer on *Tiany nignt.j anc j brown nc?es.sorie.s. A corsage i. « September 22, in Masonic Temple atj of Johanna Hill rc*es completed he-i 8 ,1-rIock. with Miss Margaret Flur-, ro . stunle . Following their wedding Muf.7. worthy matron, snd Olwer itrlp Mr> , nd Mrs ^cKfnrle will trlp > :Miirton. wnrrhy pniron. prc.iidinp.j rpslf1< , on "Dip inltlrtfori- work will lie evrm- ' .street. •-•• Or-hn'r 'Hit P.IT>/!» . At the cloti- of the meotlnsr a nvu-j *ic;\\ program will bp given. Re-1 i frfsrmienu will i>« .«?rvcd with Mrs.! '•(.aura F"liir«hijt r pnrf Mr."., Alic? .-\:'<K!.<on In Party For Mrs. Beeche T 'I • ••* 1(1 :.1 11 .111 i: ••'< Lowery-G off We d d i n a Told i^- «• ' ^ I to r'Mrtp. A fsr«!»-»U parry W»A irtven In honor of Mrs, Enrl B*eche, Frtdnv by Joint «>ct»tle« of fit 'tiin churcru Mr* U leaving for Mtuml. t- wer» R>v. anrf Mrs. i ha.<; bffn made ofjEdwnrd P. Hrlnzr ar.ri ton Ron»ld. :li" m;irrln?»! r>r M!M .rune Goff.jMrs. Lota--- flc«che Grim, Mr. snd rtBiighirr of Mr. and Mrs. Porter Mrs. G. A. Hansell. Mrs. Charles Gaff. HO Independence street. tojzimm*rmnn. Mrs. S. H. Welshans, i ] .1 • I ! Tlinmns H. Dowery, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert txiwtr>', 510 City View which took pl*ce on July •••> ViC'T tJa-;J iNRT) IS. The ceremony p«rform»d et Firs: Methodist parxonaK*. B«l- J.-ifl t. with Ihp R-sv. G«<rgr H. !l:ii. :hin.i»! offlri.iflne. Mr. Ijowrvv Ls ;•»•> Nv.-v at B^Jnhridgp, tt Angtist »«. Mrs. E. Fred Avers. Mrs Herman Heller, Mr«. Jolui E. Praley, Mrs. Edwurd Hohn». Un. Helen BJennsn. Mr* R&rtttl, Mr*. /.!±sander and son, Eugene. Mr*. P. W. Mrs. Ornce Broad- j iNSCI. J^ resklina KMh lU-f up. Mrs. Glenvood Tucker, ; Robert Afeyprs. \frs, Mne v!th ^lieiMr*. Fred Lnnqhorst, Mrs. li« beilbeth Bartik. M1.V, Hilda Mo^er, STLss . ' r-drw' , I K"*? 'VVl}li«ha*i', flfirt CLOSED MONDAY f . . HOLIDAY OPEN TUESDAY 145 Baltimore Street CtXPACT I • SPOTLIGHT GREEN • SPOTLIGHT FUSHIA AMBER NOW IN COLORS STARRED for its super, size and lightness nnd wafer-thin to fit a war crowded purse—• the new ZIEG F ELD GIRL compact makes iti bow to the feminine world! Pancake Hat, it's encased in sleek tortoise plastic—has a huge beveled mirror and soft puff. Alvvayt ready to reflect a lovelier you! $2.95 PONY GIRL SIZE $1.91

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