Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1912
Page 8
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8 'fHE rOLA^DAILY REGISTER, FRmAY EVENINg NOV EMBER 15,1912. ^-^ ' • 15th ANNUAL LINEN «ALE Begins Saturday, November Mfh and lasts, Till Wednesday Evening, IVovember 20tli Bnj- .vonr llitiidkprrlili'fs nt lliJs big sale— while )ou liaVt' a larvt- a»or1r:!:-iit to choose Ihem from. Ladies' Handkerchiefs in plsiin linen, embroidery corners and Initial, spciial, each.. .10 Other. Ladies* Handkerchiefs in plain and fancy, each ' \Wt The best llnp of Ladies' Handkerchiefs we have ever shown—worth a great deal more— Thanksgiving ^al«» iiri<e Men's Mercerized Initial Handkerchiefs— special . 1(>(* EXTRA SPECIAL! 25 dozen heavy Bleached Turkish Towels, 23x41, bought expressly for this saU>. w<->rth doub price, e the ag Sale... .171/20 TABLE LINENS. ^ 50c Table Linens, sale price -42^ THc Table Linens, sale price <j2^ 85c Table Linens sale price -67<i $1.00 Table Linens, sale price -Wit We have the best line of the most beautiful patterns in 11.00 Linens we have ever shown, such as: Pansy patterns. Rose, Panay. and Stripe. Fleur de Lis, Dots and Pansy, Morning Glory Fiern and L«af. Ma- I)le Leaves and Plain with floral border; Thanksgiving Sale price, yard 82* $1 .'J5 Table JJnens, sale price 98* $1.50 Table Linens,'sale price $1.19 $1 .75 Table Linei^s, sale price $1.45 $2.00 Table Linens, sale price.— 91.67 $2.50 Table Linens, sale price $12.10 NAPKINS. $1.25 Napkins, per dozen 98e $1.50 Napkins per dozen $1.19 $1 .75 Napkins, per dozen $1.43 $3.00 .Napkins, per dozen - $1.67 $2.25 INapkins, per dozen .-_$I.«9 $*J.60 "^Napkins, per dozen -_ $2.l« $2.75 :.Napkins, per dozen... . $i3I $3.00 ^Napkins, per dozen „. $2.65 $3JJ5 Napkins, per dozen $2.72 $3.50 Napkins, per dozen... - ^^—$3.10 $3.7."» Napkins per dozen. $8.25 $4»00 Napkins, per dozen $3.15 $4 .."iO Napkins, per dpyeo $3^ $4»75 Napkins per dozen $3.9S $tiiOO Napkins, i)er doz«!n Jl-$1.15 EXTRA SPECLVL! Twenty Wool Dresses, all the season's styles; in bnyn'n, Iflb and black, also five Silk DresseiiiUf^ styles. These dresses sold regflWr up to $12 .50 Tlianksgiving Sale, choice S5.4il9 Tliese are exceptional values. PATTERN CLOTHS. and Napkins to match. A beautiful assortment to choose from, such as Rose Border and Dot Center; Petunia and Ribbon; Narcussus and Scroll; Anemone and Scroll; .Tasmine and Bow Knot: Tulip or Poppy l)atterns; Plain Bar Striped; also a lot of Lunch Cloths with Napkin.s to match. $10.00 Sets, on sale for...-! $7.K9 $4.7.-> Sets, on sale for , : $:t.98 $3..=i0 Sets, on sale for $:{.10 $6.00 Sets, on sale for . . $4.9H $6.50 Sets, on sale for $•1.48 $7 00 Sets, on sale for $.'».98 $8.0M Sets on sale for $0.98 $9.-'". Sets, on stale for $7,S9 Wool Dress Goods in Serges, Novelties Panamas, etc.— a good assortment of colors, regular prices $1 .50 $1.25 and $1 a yard, on sale, per yard 69* Wool and Cotton Dres.s Goods, most all colors regular .50c and 65c value, on sale, yard 25*" SHOES. • Thanksgiving Sale prices. l.adies' and Misses' Shoes button and lace, kid. patent and gun metal, new styles our regular $2.50 Shoes Thanksgiving Sale pri.e $2.11) EXTRA SPECIAL! Twenty-five Silk Messallne Petticoats, new stylesi. all shades, i)ink, blue, black, jstray, yellow, emerald, green, etc. Rc.srular price $3.75 to $."..0«. ThanksRivin;; special S2.88 Come with the Crowds to the One Big Thanksgiviflg Sale and take Advantage of the Big Savings TOWELS AND TOWELING At Thanksgiving Prices 15 dozen IJcd I'.order Tuf^vels. UxSO inch, regular price 7^'c. sale irice. e.ach . - -I .- - -5* Ked llorder Hiirk TowPlitiK. regular 7lf ;C value. Thanksgiving Sale price yarti . 5* Barber Towels. i>er dozen 45* One lot of Linen Hurk Towels in plain and scalloped .edges, regular price il.'n-. sale price ... 25* Red Ilordcr Hmk Towels, -=!-.i? ISxSB. very specfally priced, each - 8* SHEETS "lOc Sheets. Thanksgiving Sale price..t.: 65c Sheets, Thanksgiving Sale price S5c .Sheets Thanksgiving Sale price i $1.00 Sheets. Thanksgiving Sale price PILLOW CASES 1.5c Pillow Cases, sale price 17V3C Pillow Cases, sale price 20c Pillow Cases, sale price 2.5c Pillow Cases, sale price . 3oc Pillow Cases, sale price -42* -12* ..i.i* -17* -20* --2i5* EXTRA SPECUL! 42x'.<6 Pillow Cases, good quality, bought es|ieclally for tlii« .sale worth 15c: Thanksgiving Sale, each 9C vBED SPREADS Thank.«glving Sale of Quilts In plain cut corners, fringed and scalloped—a wide rang" of patterns to choose from. $1.25 Spreads. Thanksgiving Sale price ..-' 9H<^ $1 .50 Bed Spreads for. ..$1.19 $3.0" Bed Spreads for $2.6-'» $1.75 Bed Spreads for.. .$1.45 $:;.5ti Bed Spreads for .-.$3.10 $2.00 Bed Spreads for ..-$IJ!9 $4.«>i) Bed Spreads for.. .$3.45 $2.25 Bed Spreads for .--$1.79 $1.50 Bed Spreads for .-.$3,'<0 $2.50 Bed Spreads for _..$2.I«» $5.«0 Bed Spreads for ..$1.15 SUPPLY VOUR CHRISTMAS NEKDS NOW in Scarfs, Squares. Center Pieces and Dollies, in Plain Linen Eyelet Work. Baby Irish Cluny and some very fine Imported pieces included In this lot. Read the prices: 2.5c values. Thank.sgiving Sale i>ricc._^ 20* 30c values, sale price 25* 35c values, sale price 27* .50c values, sale price ^ 42* 75c values, sale price ^J?^ 85c values, sale price 67* $1.00 valuae. saie price _ _ . 82<^ J1 ..50 values sale price $1.19 $2.00 values, sale price i $1.67 $2-50 values, sale price . $2.10 $3.50 values, sale price ...--.SiCJ.lO $4.75 values, sale price ..$3.98 $6.50 values, sale price .-$.'5.48 EXTRA SPECIAL! One lot of Arit Squares, Center Pieces and Scarfs, bought especially for this sale, sample lot, worth lip to $1.50, your choice Saturday at 10 a. m., only. 69c EXTRA SPECIAL! One lot of Dainty Swiss, fancy White sir.i>ed Voile.s, White Waisting et<-.. value? up to r.5e yard; Thanksgiving Saie price, tier yard, only - I.!* LACE CURTAINS Thanksgiving Sale of l.ace Curtains: s;>e(ially priced from per p.-iir . -- $1 TO $7..10 FANCY WHITE APRONS fjico and emlToldery trimmed; Tliahksgiving Sale prices. 25c values on sale at 2 <»C hOc vrslues on sale at .-.42c 3-5c value."; on .=ale at . ... 27c • 75r values nn sale :it 62c 4ric values on sale at 3"r O.'.t- values on sale at_. ...Sic Ttaanktiffivlngr Sale of Furs. Our pricp« will Kave you from ft^A to (7.50 on a set Buy now while the a(>hort> meat IN large. Black Coiiey Sets. . Tbunkspiving Sa'e price-s from • . • .iM.50' |o $22.50 Brown Coiiev Set.*;, cperially priced from ..1 . W-IMI to $15.00 White Fox Set.^ $10.75 to ?"27«.0 Isabella Fox .'<i'ts $l«wO Russian Mink Sets 7.50 to $2U0 Black Mink Sets. --.•*7.50 Jap Mink Sets $25.00 to $»n.00 Black Fox Sets at.. Red Fox Sets at . . China Sal)lc Sets at Black Russian Wolf Setj. Brown Beavc r Sets at . . American Mink Sets at. $75.00 $25 to $33.M $75JW -.$25.00 -..$65.00 -.$250.00 Many others at special i)rices. SWEATERS ~ One lot White Coat Sweaters.xolled but a little water will imake them like new; wortli regular up to $5.00. Thanksgiving Sale 82.49 SILKKIMONAS. In plain colors aod fancy Japaiiese patterns, the latest s^les; ralaes up to (.S.50. Tbaiacseivi |ig.SaIe _ft3.88 In Our Ready-to SUITS Thanksgiving Sale of Ladies' Suits in all the latest modes and weaves. Every Suit in the house goes in this sale— these are the greatest bargains ever offered you in Suits Note the prices: |35.e0 Suits, on sale I^O.OO Suits, on sale $27.50'Suits, on sale $25.00 Suits on sale ISS.50 Bult«, on sale $20.00 Suits, on sale^ $17.50 Suits, ou smle $15.00 Suits, on sale $12.50 Suits, on sale $10.95 Suits, on sale 1 «23.50 $19.75 $18.50 --—$16.95 .-v-.$l.'5.25 $13.75 $11.75 -$10.00 $7.98 .....-$6.98 Wear Department COATS Thanksgiving Sale of Ladies' Coats. Everything that is new. Prices like these have never been attempted t>y any one else at this season of the year. These Coats are under marked from $5 to $10 less than you would have to pay elsewhere for similar ones. Read the reductions: $30.00 CoaU. sale price $27.50 Coats sale price..$25.00 Coats, sale price .$22.50 Coats, sale price $20.00 CoaU. sale price $17..50 Coats, sale price $1.5.00 Coats sale price $12.50 Coats, sale price...: $10.00, Coats, sale price $7.50 CoaU, sale price. $6 50 Coats sale price J2.50 .75 19..10 W7..'50 m .'S.OO $13.25 $11.25 —$9.50 --$7.50 —«5.75 --$4.50 Boys' and Girls" Gauntlet Gloves— warm lined per pair 50c Children's Yarn Gloves and Mittens priced at _ I5c, 25c, 50e Girls' Kid .Mittens warm Imed. on .sale, at — 50e I .Hdles' and Children's Kid Gloves in -black and colors. Thanksgiving price, pair $1, $1.50 to $a;,50 THANKSGIVING SALE OF BLANKETS Blankets priced specially at ;.1c, $1. $1.25, $1.50, $2..>0 to $3.50 pair. Wool Blankets $5 to $7JW> Beacon Blankets, lair $M8 Comforts on sale $1 to $8.50 Outing Flannels, yard 5c, 8)»c, lOc Callcoe.s ^11 colors, yard 5* EXTRA SPECIAL! $1..50- colors s $1 .25 per yard ank] $2.00 Broadcloth, most all pjeclal. yard —98* $1 .00 Broadcloth, special. add lianksnving le^er trimmings, value, sp^ial. .....7 2f EXtTRA SPECIAL! / Sale of' Hand Bii^ ith jgilt and bmaze Bigs wi new shape, {egular »L25 • each. ^^..^_„_9S* I

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