Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 9, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1909
Page 8
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##*######* *#$##••*## I Social (Hews; * # *######*###*####** Mr. Joseph Thomfjson eTilf:Hfiirifi<J his Sunday-school claws of fourteen hoys in the Presbyterian Church hnll on Wednesday ovnniiiK, hftMistf'd by Mruca. Htovrjns «nd NVflllori. A doliclons supper WHH served arid «nrne.s played. Mr. nnd Mrn. James Moots onter- tairied on Tuesday evening In honor of their (i'mght'T, Mr, nri.l Mr«. Chan. A. Price, who left Wednesday for their new home ah Mtockton. About, twenty of their young ftiendn were present, arid a very enjoyable evening was spent. HefreshrnriiilH nt cake and cocon were nnrved. ,_ The Misses Herrun of Kowlfind MVM line entertained informally on Tuesday evening, the ifiic.itH beiri^ Mesm.-t, and Mmes. Prathr-r arid Cook, Mrnes. l(. I 1 '. (Jook, JJurpee and Taliim, Ilie MisseH Cook and Jlfmtin^R,and Messrs. Hpr-ii.te, Walker and J'noley. The evening was speii', in playing "flvr- Jiundred." JJelieioiiH refreshmentH •>vei'(! served. A surprise family reunion dinner was arranged by the ciiildien of Mrs. J!. Crtjiiso of< .!•',. San Henuirdinn road on New Yearn day. Mis. Stiru-s of Ontario with her liuHbaud and .son, Oha.'i. Harris, brought l,wo Jurgu (urke.vs r'-ady for the oven. Others present, who all brought, goodly con- tributioiiH to the feast, were Mmes. JJe)l nnd Parks of Jjos Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Maker and children of Olendora, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Arrnol and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Hay Crouse, David Cronso and won Lester, Messrs, Will Hhadel and Paul Mrnes. Evans and .Huff were yesterday at a lurifheen Riven by Mri. Wmidfnrd of Claremont In honor of Mrnes. Hnnrn-l and Chnm- herlen of S-'Jitlle. Tl.r; quests were all members of the recent Fruit K.v- ; (.'hango excursion to Knrifins City. Mr. and Mrs. H, A. Kich were host and hostess at a dinner giv»!n by them on Wednesday evening at, their ! home on Outer street. The gtiostH j were the Revs, and Mmes. White, j ring's and Stevens and Mr. and Mrs. |J. W. Keefer. The Kev. and Mrs. j('onley were unable to bo present | owing to the illness of the latter. A i birthday cake held fifty candles and j Mrs. Rich .said she was so proud of [having lived half a century that, she I wisher) to shore her joy with our ' popular, worthy anrl united mluisl.ry. The Philathea Club of the ChriH- inri Church r e on Wednesday even- i ing at, the borne of their teacher, Mrs. ! Imogcno fiilmore. Out of the cbiHH j of thirty-four, twenty-five were pres- ! ent. A basket, supper was enjoyed and a very pleasant evening Npcnt. This club was former! of the girls of Mrs. (,'onley's bihle I'laf-s, Mrs. Conley retaining thr; boys. Its object is three -fold, bible study, Christian culture and the development of a spirit, of interest and cooperation in till kinds of church work. I MOW TO 1 KADI'. A XI) WIIKKK TO TKADK. \W r;dl the ,'itirntion of our fc.nli.-r^ llii-, we); id ilic |;n'g<: display advertisement of I larris I'ros., 2<i<> \V, Secoiel :-.lrc('t, I'omoiia, ;iimoiincing a reduction Announcement. '! he < il-ndora Worn.--;i'-. Club d' -ires to announc'- th;it it li.'is -ertjrrd ih<- noicd I'aurngardt lerinres for four even it!:? 1 - in ( liend'ira. The first will \>>: given in ill'- (jleiidorn Opera Mouse, i ; rid;iy evening, January 2>->th. 'I he -ubject will j lie "N'orw.-iy, the L;ind of the Midnight Sun." The lectures will he illustrated with mo-it e.vct ili'iif stereopticoii view- in color-. Mr. I'aum.yardt i^ a far-dna'- ing speaker and education and ei:(.-r- lainnient 'haracleri/e an evening with thi 1 - delight ful travuT. The valley i-j fortunate in having Mich notable l<cl;ire-j available Ticket-, on sale at Clapp 1 ; \ iJrng Stor.-. Sing!;: tickets, ,3.-c; season tickets, $i. DELINQUENT TAX LIST. Of hniN ami lots in the <"lty of rovina, ("guilty nt I .OH AiiK"l'->. Xlali- fif Caiiioi- nl i, for I In- flMi- il v '-:ir I ii'is. Ix'vvli M. Ahlioll., lloJli-ltlcr'H A'M., I'll 7. lilk. 1; t;ix<'M. $1.::.; \> -nsilly. )!'•; <•« I. il^l'iM 1,. Illan'-h-U'l, Sl,<-rw'j«i.l 'I'luet. t :!.'; I.IX' •, ?. I. l.'i. |,.e|,:illy I |e.; en-'l, tot .1 $11.73 K. ('. Hmltli. 'iris-wold 'I'ra'-i, loi^ »:< an-; KII: taxejj, $|i|.55; pi:riiilly $1.0*5; e,,Ht. ?l.oo; if,tal *i:;.r,i .\t(>!ti u H. \Vii<<i>M A. <'.<>., l';,!rn 1'la.fv- O>- vlrin, lots 1. 2, '.',, r,, 7, n, '^ \t, : n, 12. i::. 17, I*. \'.i. !)ik. l; tr>tM r,, ]n. 11, \2. l)lk. 2: t.-ixff, J.'it.lX; jx-Dnlty, %?,.\'l- r-nxt $!i.50; tutal " $!(if," OrlHWotr) Tract, lot fl; taxf«, $l.t*!; penalty, lor-; eont, .VK:; ?2. |.'{ K. K. WIN )M. Ifiehmond Tr.-u-e, lot 33 lilk. 3; l-ixe-, $1.7H; penalty, !8e; oosr •">M'-; total %'i,\c, ft. Mear«, personal prop'-rly; tnx''.», $2.8;); f-'-riiiHy, 2!»e; /-out, fide; total $3.04 N'oUe-<. l« h'-rehy «lv(!ii th'it default having l»-en rnadf. In the paynK-nt of Ifixey dm. <','lty of f'ovina, \r. f.ow Angeles roiitily, H(jit<- of Callfornlri, for tbf itsen! year I!IOS. upon the properly herelnbe- l,,r- d« •!«••) lli"fJ, I, .VI. f-. M.-lmeit, (;|ts- MiirHhal aiifl i-x-riffl'-io City fax am! l,i'- ,-i-nH,' '.'oileetnr in and for lli'> City of (,'ovlna, by vlrtm- »i the tiuUiorlty )n m" v,'Hted l,y IHV.-, unIe f -..< the taxi'-? dellri- qneiil toKetbr/r with e'istu and pere<;nlai<''H :if.- pair], will «el| tie- real r>foperty upon willed Maid laxi-n are a lien, on Monday. .Jan.iary ^',tt\, l!i(i!l, (it Ibe liour of |(| o'eioek -i. in. it' that day, at the otlle<- >f Hie- hoard of Trn. u t<-(>« of the City of 1 "Vla-t. KI-I.I! JJIoek. In M-ild ''ii.y i,i'i',,- vina. In til'- -nan/ier provided by law. I'aled Ibis lull day of January l!ii):i M. !.. MKHN'KUT, City Atarnlial and ' ex-r,|||,-io Tux . u ,d l.i"<.|i>--e Cnllecior of the City of (,'ovlna. The pretty bungalow home- uP Mr, and Mrs, (J. ¥. Preston WHS the scone of the happy reunion of a number of I ho former's reh.tiveH on Sunday iast, Klowcrs and dainty table appointments added to the enjoyment, of the five oonrse dinner and in the afternoon orchestra! music was plcnsntly rendered. Those present, were Mr. and Mrs, II. R. Preston and two children of Kau Bernardino, Miss Preston, Miss Marie Preston and Mru (j. A. Howard of Los AngulcH, Mr. and Mrs. Mailes of Orange and Mr. and Mrs. Tripp ot Covina. lar price on a uf one-third off ilie •,-•,; sale nf Mi-n's Clothing. U'e always have and still advnraie the principle of dealing with the mer cliunt.i of your own town, for only hv this moans can we ever hope for Covina lo heconie (lie c.onimeraa,! center which ils location, eonihiiierl with ils natural lesourccs warrant. The /\rf;u-, how ever, does nut hesitate lo say thai after you h:!ve thoroughly iiHpecled the ex ceili-nt slocks carrie/1 hy ihe local mer chants, and your tastes are such that you should fail to liud what you waul in tin line of stylish suits, ihe place to x<> >'•> lo Harris I'ros,, of I'oniona, a ivcog- ni/ed leading house in this line, 'I'lie reputation they have established is a sufficient guarantee ihat this is a genuine sacrifice sale, viud it will pay you to read their advertisement carefully. If-rli'-M ]>. HI.-Mi'-luiMl, Coyina, lot IX. blk. :;; W. r,ii II. of tut I <. I.Ik. I I ; lot ]:>., I,Ik. si.'.'.n, tot/ii '.,...'. .',',..,'.. ,'.*LM.:;'i AJrv. f)i:"i. A. I) ml.-I.--, fovlri;i, lot !l, lilk. ',; t;iX'-.-<, ?7>l; pi'ii.'illy, IHi-.; cost ~i«<-; lolal , ' ?;i |- Ailiinr .J. lO'-klf-:-:. N'i-l/,ey Adil., lot ^n; lax.-f', .>l.fil, |.»ii:i|tv IV-; cost, 5i|r; t.u- 1.11 ,$r,.p; ,/MO. I!. (•Jjlllt, Alld. I. TovVII of CO. 111.: lol'i "i a;icl S, I.II;. I; l;ix";;, $t.t;ij; p. n . oily. !?'•; .-o:-'l, xl.nii; |.,i i( | .».;. |;; 'J' n. s\', I'll-itiiti.:-', I'ovina. to. r.r, n. (lr'.-,i. M. of X. 7.', ft. of lot III, I.IU. 7; las*-'. Sl.'v,; r-nally, !!)••; co«t, :,0-; lot il. . .:;.r,i i \V. I.. 'Jooilii.-li, lili-hiiioiKl Trfiet, |(.i IS, lilk. I; laxe:-!. |.",,'',l; i..';nalty, f.Xf- co-l !",')••; total ;fi;.:,j Ali'X. A. lloiinhloii. i"'Hina, lot I.'!, lilJc. i;, l.'ixi'M, J.'!'; p. nally, c,iie; e', r.iic; lolal , $7.'i.j Jn.iriei- \V. l.lltli'lli'lil, fVu-lnii, lot ,S, lilk. 10; ta.X'-K, ,?<.70; pi-nally \,~,c; eo:i|, r.ric; l'eat-1 H. /lini'-oM',' iioRlcilll/i-' Ai.liJ.. lot V',,^ I; lax'-H, $r;.i::; i.en.-ilty, (ilr:; c-OHt, Cai'lllc [,I«iit. *• I'owr T'o., Co\-|ri'a lot I"!, lilk. L'; taxeiJ, *i;s.OI; pfnally t;si';; • •OH), .JI.iiO; total .,;..,., ,,$'r,.f,ii Mai tlf T. Klc.-. Aild N./, I, (,'ovlna', lot 'in, I.Ik. I 1 !; liixc.u, $l.!Hi; p/'iiall'/, !'.!/•', rtut •"''"•: lotsil ' , .$2.",!> l.iii'liKl.'i Ito/'hwi-ll, Covinn. lot. 17. |,|k ->• t.'ix.-H, :$Ki.l'l; piMially, $1,OL'; cost, :,')<•; No. 13, 27:!. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORDER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY SHOULD NOT BE MADE. tn the Snp'-i'ior Court of Jhe State of California, in and for liv Ci;::nl.j : ; ; ;.,.,>-• Ani?i'I"S. r In the Matter of the iOstal- of Gilbert I,. ))a\i:~, I JeeiM>>cf|. II IH ordf-ied. by Ibe Court, that all per- HdlliJ ltlt'-re.-<t'd In the e-late ,if said ll'-- eca.-v-d, appear before the said Superior ''o:irl on .Monday, the Hl.h day of l''ciiru- ary. i:in:t. at. In o'eioek a. rn. '"( nald day. at the Court. Room of said Superior ''ourt., l;».p:ti l.rii"rit 2 thereof, in lh" Court llouH", In fiiUl County of l.os Ariseli'.M, State of California, to .-ihow i-.-.'nse why an ruder should not li" Kianted to the- exeeuloru of said eslafe to '-'ell all of the real estate; anO Jier.sonal property of wild '.lee.'il.Hl.'-.l, And that a eopy of thi.M ord.-r be pnb- HshiMl at |(!-iMt four Hucef-Hclve weeks In Ihf) Covlria ArRim, a newspaper printed and published In said County of J,OH An- goleH, JAMKS C'.. ItrVRS, .li id Be Of the Hup'-rior Court. Dated January 5. 1!)0(). THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET carries everything that a good grocery ought io sell. Besides the best teas, coffees, spices, pickles, olives and canned goods, we carry a f ne supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also the best creamery butter and fresh ranch butter and eggs. Meat market We carry a good assortment of government inspected meats, hams, bacon, etc. Try some of our fresh oysters in bulk. Fresh from East each "week. 20c per dosen. ROBERT CRENSHAW Phone 22 BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yarc' West Cypress Avenue Telephone 4037 A. M. . AUXKIl Af/KIlED DAVIS, \V. At. GUtSVVOI.n. ExectitorH of .said Kutate. . Atlorni-y for nald Estate. 11 takes a good deal of Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing? That's what we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite S. P. Depot Home Phone 289 Covina, Cal. Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and ftiake things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to be better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, GAL, Sacrifice Sale of flen's Clothing Any Business Suit, Dress Suit, Tuxedo Suit, Overcoat or Rain Coat. 1*3 Off NOTHING RESERVED 1,3 Off H ERE is a tremendous clothing opportunity, a chance to make your selection from the most carefully bought stock ever shown in Pomona. We are forced to sacrifice not only all profits, but part of the original cost, as we have an enormous stock on hand and we MUST convert it into money in the shortest possible time. We venture to say that from the time our store opens at 7 a. m. Thursday and every day until this sale ends, it will be a scene of CONSTANT ACTIVITY for we are bound to do the CLOTHING BUSINESS OF THE TOWN. $15 SUITS NOW $10. $18 SUITS NOW $12 Off $20 SUITS NOW $13.35. $25 SUITS NOW $16.50 BOYS' CLOTHING 1-4 OFF. 1-3 OFF ON ALL MEN'S HATS. 1-4 OFF ON ALL DRESS SHIRTS. Reductions and big bargains all over the Store. Make your selections now for this Clothing is bound to move at these prices. HARRTi^BROS. 2 Doors East of First National Bank, POMONA, CALIFORNIA _ We will allow a discount of an additional 5 per cent on all cash purchases to defray railroad fare. Bring this ad.

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